The Milo Controversy


We need to roll back the state, we've star on all of our citizens prisoners flooded with non violent drug offenders. If you wanna know who America's next enemy is look at were funding right now. Everything one of problems are resulted government way too. Yes. Hello. Hello, greetings, and salutations. Welcome to a brand new episode of part of the problem. I am. Of course, the most consistent motherfucker you know, Dave Smith the truth. The voice in Seoul of liberty the big picture, and I'm joined by as always excuse me. Never said I was a perfect wordsmith. I'm joined as always by the king of the Cox the fire Robbie Bernstein. How are you, sir? Doing. Well, man, it's good to see you happy Memorial Day. I know this is a big day for you. You, you celebrate. All those people who have died for Jewish interests abroad. And that's that means a lot union family, always, they did things for us. Yeah. They really pay tributes. Is it not worth sacrificing one of your eight fat kids for the survival of Israel? Yeah. I mean come on priorities people and these non Jews are expendable. So it's a good. A good trade. Yeah. Even if you Jews are expendable I think one for every nine non Jews. I dunno. It's in the Tomlin anyway, welcome to the brand new episode. Everybody we, we've got a lot of stuff to get into tonight. And I have to start with all of the controversy that's been afloat over the legion of skanks the, you know, a podcast that let's just say, and I don't mean this to insult my own show at all legion of skanks is one of the things that I'm most proud of in my comedy career, this is a show that we started. I, I mean, we may have recorded the first episode on a fuck in cellphone, if Bobby Kelly hadn't given us his old equipment that he wasn't using anymore. We used to record it in Lewis's tiny apartment, where he was living with, like, his, his girlfriend and a dog like. Conceive James, just trying. It wasn't even he wasn't even thinking about James when we first started leading gangs. In fact, the fucking I think the episode that he found out. I think one of the first, like five episodes was episode where he found out. Beatrice was pregnant, and he doesn't mention it on the show. But if you listen to the show Lewis acting like a real cut the whole time he was stressed out, and by the next episode manner chain down, so she couldn't aboard it. He was an early antiabortion. She was every, every few minutes, you'd get in there and be would like wrestled a hanger out of the closet. Yeah. No, no Beatrice put it down. Anyway. I love legion gangs. We built it up from absolutely nothing being this huge platform that being said, if you take legion of skanks very seriously, you may have an empty life. It's, it's possible that maybe you need a little bit. That's been my predominant source for news and philosophy. And for just generally understanding, how men should live his life, by the way, leading skanks better news source than most mainstream media outlets. But that's more comment on the news than it is, on legion of skanks. Anyway, if you guys don't know what's going on. What, what the controversy has been over the last week or so. I don't know. I don't know how to sum it up, so more or less. We invited a gay guy on the show, and then a bunch of faggots online lost their goddamn mines about it. So. Milo Yiannopoulos is the guest on legion of skanks tonight. It will be at an undisclosed location. It will not be at the creek and McCabe and it will be it'll be aired right here. You can watch it live for free at gas, digital network dot com at nine thirty and tune in because this is a cool location. We've never been there before we had to get a secure bunker related to get a place at the fans couldn't find. So if for nothing else just tune into a different setting. Yeah very good. So there is. But I'll tell you it. It's been a really crazy thing to watch this all unfold over the last the last week or so. And look. I am obviously, I'm the most interested in politics at of the skanks. I'm the most political of person on the show. Lewis, j are not guys who really exist in the world of politics and it's funny because our last episode we had Michael Malegaon, and he was talking about his new book, the new, right a journey, the fringe of American politics, which highly recommend go pick up a copy. And one of the points that he makes over and over again, in the book, is that the left is essentially in evangelical religious movement, that is hell bent on dominating every aspect of life that they are totalitarian religious movement and it's funny to see litter in the week after we had him on or during the last week, where people like Jay and Lewis were not political at all, are it's almost as if the left forces you into a somewhat political world. And then you have to choose sides and you could be ninety percent in agreement with them. Doesn't matter. You're not see your Nazi unless you're one hundred percent agreement with them. And by the way, you also have to agree to not speak to anybody who's been excommunicated and, and Milo would be one of these people who I guess, has been excommunicated from from there. Their religion, I think Jay's wardrobe would be fun for Nazis, like if they were gonna take on new uniform. I could see that work for them chain while it's the big short side. No man, I mean, I got a lot of criticisms of Nazis, but I was the uniforms were pretty point. Yeah. They needed any improvement in that direction, I think, Hitler's up there with knuckle gloves fucking Yellen away. Nine nine nine. I just don't get stuck in the chain while trying to hail that's genuinely dangerous. You got executed for that shit, not just can't be risking not being able to hail real quickly, so anyway, so Lewis j are not super political people, I probably I would venture to say that I know more about Milo and also just in general, like the state of. The kind of politics in America, whatever than than Louis j do. Say I was I was a bit surprised that the reaction was this intense now I knew. That obviously Milos very controversial figure. But truthfully speaking mile, this is like all the stuff basically with him. I think went down in two thousand sixteen. It's two thousand nineteen now this is this is years old. I didn't think it would really be that big of a deal that, that Milo was coming on the podcast. I thought that we'd get some tweets about it. We'd get somebody some pushback from open mic owners who are left wing at the creek in the cave. But, you know, one like golden rule of life that applies to every single aspect of life. Is that whatever open mic? Comedians, think doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to anything. You're literally if you're by O says comedian, and you work a day job and you have one hundred sixty followers on Twitter, just know your opinion means nothing. It doesn't mean anything. That whether you have a good opinion or a bad opinion. It is completely irrelevant. Nobody cares. So it's like who care, I didn't think, and maybe this is because I almost like I exist in a logical framework, and I, maybe I project that too much onto other groups but I would just think that, you know, Milo was the big bad wolf. But this was like before Charlottesville before, like people saw, like who the real white nationalist. And those guys were and I just would have figured they would have moved on to other targets by now. And you know, they did a lot of damage to my lows career. So who cares, like I, I did not think it would be such a huge fucking thing, where, you know, whatever. All these people are so upset, because we, we dare to fucking have a guy on the podcast, whose views you disagree with. So it got announced that Milo was going to be on the podcast in the same way that we always announce our guests and. It right away. A lot like what happened was a lot of people started, you know, just getting flooded with tweets about how you're giving a Nazi a platform, your hate speech needs to be deployed formed, basically all the most boring. Just repetitive. Regurgitating the dogma of this bullshit, religion that is social Justice warrior ISM. I, I don't even know what to say, but it's we started getting a lot of what I must say that I was surprised by was the amount of comedians. And again comedians in air quotes, let's just say like this, right? If you. There's a weird thing with in the comedy world. Everybody who's a comedian has been there is that when you start doing stand up comedy, you call yourself a comedian, like that's kind of your title. Now, Jerry Seinfeld wrote, a great piece about this in, in, in this book called I killed and he wrote the forward and he said, being comedians like one of those jobs. We're just day one. I guess I'm a comedian and he compared it's being a pirate like when you're a pirate, you're just like pirate, you know, like if you're if you're a surgeon, you go to school you go. You know, there's a whole process, but with being pirates day one, you're a pirate and being a comedian since day one your comedian. So there's always people who kind of call themselves comedians now but there's way more than ever before. This may not sign films being there's way more than there's ever been before. And there's just not that many positions available. There's way more people applying for the position than there are actually positions available. So there are all of these people who call themselves comed-. Jeans, but really, they do an open mic once a week and they have some fucking job. They're not actually professional comedians, but they all were weighing in with a pinions, and then some people who are actually professional comedians are just I don't know. Weak minded people or something like that. We're all were tweeting me and Louis j and all this stuff. And then some people who are, like, I don't know how to say it comedy, adjacent like a few of these chicks. I don't even know exactly what they do. They kind of hang around comedy, one of them was a producer on Adam verse or Adam destroys everything. Not sorry. Confuse it with Adam destroys everything and good ideas. Yeah. That's right. You know, like the Joe Rogan podcast, did you see him on there? So she's a producer on the guy who went on and just got fucking barest when for the first time he was met with some pushback on any of his insane ideas. But anyway, so a lot of these people have been tweeting us and they're very upset. And what happened immediately was. They went to start pressuring Rebecca and Rebecca, you don't know, is the, the proprietor of the creek in the cave. And she's somebody who's been very good to us and to a lot of different comedians, and somebody who I have a special place in my heart for who's always. Just been very good to me throughout my career in comedy, and I very much appreciate Rebecca for all of that stuff. But right away, they started targeting her, and threatening boycotts. And anyway, to me, as if you followed my Twitter feed, you could have seen. I really have. I can't even put into words how little respect I have said, I there's no group I have less respect for then comedians who get their panties up a bunch about someone saying offensive things, I mean, this is, and let's just get real like you guys are all full of shit every one of you guys who and I hope some of you listen to this, you're all full of shit. All you guys who are like, oh, you know, myla's said offensive things or he's, he's a heeds. Speaks hate speech, and that's why he can't be on legion of skanks. It's like have you listened to any of our podcasts? Okay. So how about we just had David tell on recently, David tells made nigger jokes, midget, jokes, faggot jokes, all things. You could think of where you guys have the balls to protest him Ohno. You don't care to protest him. Right. 'cause it's not about making jokes about saying the wrong thing. It's that Milo doesn't share your politics. That's what this is all about. None of you guys give fuck about having like anybody. If Milo shared your politics, you would love him, you would love him because he's an outspoken gay guy who makes people laugh and makes people feel embarrassed. You would love having that guy on your team in a second. It's just that he has the wrong politics. And guess what? I don't share your politics. So I'm not gonna play by your rules. Here's the thing, that's funny. Is that I get so much shit from these same people. That will say. They'll say things about me like they'll be like, you know, Dave is Dave a Republican. He just won't admit it. You know, this is the criticism. They make of libertarians they go. You're basically a Republican you. You're just too embarrassed to admit your Republican, and own it. And so you, you go this libertarian route or something like that. And it's like, oh, okay. Yeah. Sure. I'm a right wing Republican who just happens to hate the military in the cops, you know, they're fucking religion like literally that's that is the right wing version of their religion that you're not allowed to speak ill of, is the cops in the military, and I've been saying for my entire podcasting career, especially my entire career and political commentary. Fuck those two groups of people I actually think there they do more damage than anybody else. Now not to say there are some good ones. Particularly in the military. Who you know, give money to antiwar causes, and don't want to be caught up in that bullshit. But I'm like, not at all supporter of the military or the cops. I've been consistent on that, my you know. For over a decade. So shirt. Yeah. I'm just a Republican whatever I'm just a Trump supporter. I've heard this before you know. I mean, sure I'm advocating that he be impeached and locked up for prosecuted for war crimes, but I guess that's just your classic Trump supporter move. It's like here's the thing, right? I actually hate the left-wing and the right wing in America, I find both of them. There are things they believe in that. I think are horrible like both of them. But the reason why you guys think I'm more of a right winger is because of this, this is how much these lefties fuck and suck. Like just tell me, maybe I'm wrong, honest question. But rob, can you actually imagine could you imagine any scenario? Of a left wing guy. Let's say we had a left wing guy on legion of skanks like a real left-wing. I mean I don't know think of the guests we've had on. I mean, we had Jamie kill Stein on the show. But let's say we had Jamie Kelsey non at the height of his social Justice warrior leftist, period. We had those the girls from guys we fucked like, the they're like superfeminist checks, but I mean, imagine any other left-wing person who we had on, can you? Imagine a bunch of right wingers, boycotting the creek threatening to show up throw milkshakes at us. Can can you imagine that happening? I, I'm not asking you a genuine question has that ever happened anywhere ever? So if you guys are out there like why does Dave criticize the left more than the right it's because of you? You're the reason why because of bitches like you just just the most Sheild est childish bitch shit. I could imagine. I mean to the point that they have no sense of irony there, actually talking about throwing milkshakes. Like what grown man is pissed off at another, man. And that's that's where they go. I'm gonna throw a milkshake on. Okay. Get creamed. Yeah. Really like this. I mean, this is you could expect better behavior out of an eight year old if like an eight year old boy was, like, I'm going to go through a milkshake on someone. I'd like you'd be like be a man. That's what you would tell that eight year old boy you you'd be like, either. Like, I don't know maybe challenge them to fight or something, what are you doing your eight or maybe like talk to them? Also milkshakes are expensive. It doesn't even make a lot of sense. Yeah. Gonna store. Wait in line. Get where you're gonna have to get to. 'cause they're going to eat one in route. You're not just gonna go pick. It's got to be really unsatisfying by milkshake. Not take one sip and throw it. Yeah. They're getting a few sips. That'd be Larry's. It's all fat us, and they show up like fuck. We finished our milkshakes. Yeah. That'd be great. Well, look. I mean, here's the truth me. Louis j are probably not the guys to throw a milkshake at and think everything's gonna be okay like what we're just going to be like. Oh, no, they threw a milkshake at me. I feel so embarrassed. Forget me I'm not even trying to link on some tough guy. I'm not a fucking. I don't know. I'm gonna dolt man. So, yes. If you throw a milkshake on me, you're probably expect to confrontation after that. But just forget me take me out of the equation. Do you think you're gonna throw a milkshake at Louis j Goma's? Why? And that's just going to be like, oh, yeah. Okay. That just happened. You think there's not going to be an altercation after that? You think you're going to waste perfectly good milkshake in front of big J, O, Carson. And there's not gonna be an altercation after that against his religion. But in all seriousness though, I mean big j will flatten somebody if they came to. So now what's going on? Right. Is that? And this is the craziness is that these, these guys who have like a big knockout whining hook. It's definitely not a straight. It's like an uppercut uppercut and move. They will grow up. Jay is a very boxer. Oh on. Oppor on you. He'll he'll go grab your arms throw an uppercut or he might thrown overhand. But Jay Jay is very strong. He's actually a lot stronger than you would think jazz like grapple around with Jay. Even though he's real big dude. And you're like no big freakishly strong because he good hitting movement. But with a big winding hook, that's where I seem knocking people out quite possibly. But it really you know, let me just say this, because I've got a lot of thoughts on this, and I don't wanna get too out of order. Let me say this to the fucking comedians out there, the in quote marks comedians at their who have been talking shit to legion of skanks is threatening to boycott the creek in the cave, just know like we all see you. We see what you're doing. It's fucking pathetic. And like, don't think you're not going to run into us at some point, and this isn't a threat like you're gonna run into I'm gonna beat the shit out of you. This is like I'm gonna fucking embarrassed. Hugh verbally the next time I can see you. And then there's another group a subgroup after that the ones who are fucking advocating, people bring milkshakes to the show, which this is the new thing of the left. I mean do you guys own mirrors at home like take a look in one what a bitch, you are. You're advocating throwing milkshakes at people anyway for you guys that straight, that is that is an assault, and you're advocating people assault me, my friends, and the guests on my show that might be a whole different situation when we can run into you. And by the way, there was already one of these guys who had to deal with a situation like that last night. I'll just leave it at that. But he knows who he is. And he walked away looking at as fuck and feet not feeling great about himself. So anyway, what another thing that I've seen people doing I've seen comedians doing this is that they tagged. They started. Tagging antiga New York chapter in their tweets. Like to bring in the fuck in the arm. Army of bitches behind them, so that now they're trying to create a situation where people are going to show up with things to throw it us at the creek and these anti fa guys these, these fucking gender. Studies majors who throw fucking black mask on their face and show up with the fuck in padlock or whatever. And they're going to get into something, they're gonna show up to all because we're having Milo on our show. Now, I see the arguments themselves that these people are making are almost too stupid to even combat. Like I saw one person, you know, and this has come up quite a bit. But that they say that the creek is an inclusive venue. And this is why we can't have Milo there, which I mean they just unrelentingly will be like we want. We want this to be an exclusive inclusive venue. So we have to exclude this guy to be inclusive, like, okay. The, the other thing that, you know, is that his, his speech is dangerous. That's the argument that the Milo of the Milo speeches is going to threaten somebody. So in other we have to deep platform this hate speech because this could lead to violence, and I remember some of those speeches. He gave two years ago before they basically got rid of, you know, all of speaking gigs. Those those turned out terribly. I mean horrible things people melted in those audience. Yeah. Things that were problems at some of the speeches because these anti fa motherfuckers would show up and try to cause all these problems. Look man. Here's a thing if you want to say that there is dangerous speech or there are some of these people like you wanna say Milo is so racist and horrible that his you know, he he's going to him. Speaking is going to lead to the possibility of violence. It's like okay. So that's your starting point. All right. So even if I were to accept that what is calling everyone you disagree with the Nazi. What does that lead to? I mean, do you not think that provokes a certain degree of violence that anybody who you just don't like is now a Nazi look to call? I've watched a good amount of Milo videos, back in the day, you know, around two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen when he was getting big. I've read a few of his pieces when he was writing at Breitbart dot com. I disagree with him on, on a fair amount of stuff. But truthfully speaking, most of the things I disagree with Milo on was just like that. He was far too moderate, and really. Was kind of like even though he was like flamboyant, and Laird, and, like, provocative, he'd kind of come back to his actual positions just being a typical Republican, and he was like a big fan of Rudy Giuliani. That's kind of my beef with Milo. It was like, if you're going to be this dangerous radical be radical, like actually stand for something different, but to argue that Milo is a racist. Is a pretty difficult argument to make in my opinion. I mean first of all, I know this isn't mean anything to the left anymore, but he is married to a black dude. That still for me. And you and people who still exist in the plane of sanity that, that kind of indicates, you're probably not that big of a racist, if you're acted bang in a black dude, you're probably don't hate black people. But this is literally where people are at that I've seen, because I've been following stuff inside of you quite quarterly. So I mean, at least I don't know who's inside a who. But that's my guess, so there is a watching these people on Twitter and stuff. It's really funny where they'll be like, you know, they're like, well, that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter even if you marry a black that doesn't mean you're not racist obvious. They really believe in love, and they know that he raised, but it was this one guy, so special. So anyway, it's it really is something. But this is like they'll go. You know, like, when the proud boys were getting accused of being Nazis and the response that a lot of them had was, they'd be like, but we have like black members and Latino members and all this, and they'd be like that doesn't mean anything they can be Nazis to all. And this is like the new thing where you're kind of, like I don't even know how to wrap my head around it. You're like so you're saying Nazis are this big problem. But they've gotten pretty inclusive over the years and they don't hate minorities anymore. So, like, which one is it? I don't know does that is it not when you when you call someone a racist the term racist and we were talking about this last week or last episodes. Michael mouse, it's this broad term that can mean like there's a huge spectrum of what being a racist could mean so racist could be the Nazi is, systematically, executing Jews, or it could be slavery or Jim crow. Or black codes or like something like that. Or it could be crossing the street when you see a black guy 'cause you're nervous about him, or it could be, you know, saying the blacks instead of blacks, like it's there's this huge spectrum where it can be like the worst offenses in human history, or the most minor offence that everybody is guilty of committing at some point. All right. Let's take a quick second and thank our sponsor for today's show, which is blue you can go grab some at blue dot com. Blue offers men performance enhancement for the bedroom, wouldn't you like to last longer a few extra rounds? Well at blue dot com. 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You get your first order free. You just have to pay five dollars for shipping. So it's great deal. A great product start having some better sex enjoy life. More Baluchi dot com. All right. Let's get back into the show. So there's this spectrum between the worst shit that's ever existed and something anybody could be guilty of, and so you just hear the word and it's brilliant propaganda because it almost empl. Is the worst thing ever. But then they can label anybody. They want to be racist. Okay, if you're talking about the worst Shet the reason why the word is repugnant to most decent people. You're talking about the really really bad stuff being married to a black dude, kind of eliminates all of that. So if you mean racist like he's politically incorrect. He's been critical of black lives matter, like, okay, I guess, maybe you could level that at him for most reasonable people, I think you'd have a pretty hard time making a convincing argument. That Milo is a racist to say that Milo is a Nazi is fucking insane, just insane. And I don't know what else to say about that. There is nobody I will put this open invite to anybody who wants to come in on part of the problem and have this conversation with me have this debate with me, if you think you can argue that Milo is a Nazi come in and argue that with me. It's just insane. And this is from a guy who disagrees with them on a bunch of stuff that he said, I wasn't a Trump supporter. He was a huge Trump supporter. We have lots of disagreements again for the people on the fucking left. Right. Here's the indifference. I have lots of lots of disagreements with Milo. I, I don't know. Exactly. But I bet we have major profound differences, like he's a Trump supporter. I'm an anarchist. My guess would be he supports the military. I don't my guess would be he's, he's in favor of Rudy Giuliani. I bet he's a real cop lover. I'm not really major differences. Guess what we're going to sit down tonight and do a podcast. We're gonna laugh, we're going to have a good time. And I bet you will leave fucking like we're cool. That's the difference between him. And you guys I have disagreements with you guys. It's like well, you're a Nazi then or as I've been told recently, I'm a Nazi sympathizer. There's another angle, by the way. If you wanna play this whole game of being offended by words like someone said something, that's so offensive, which is really what you're playing. That's all that Milos done is he's said some. Things that you find -fensive like, okay, fine. Well. At the risk of almost sounding like one of these left-wingers like I don't wanna get too much into playing their game. But let's be fair. There are some things that are actually really offensive to say, like I'm not against that. I I've never seen my low actually do any of that shit. But like I could imagine a certain thing, like if there was some, some white guy who walked up, whatever walk down the street and saw a black guy and was like go go pick my cotton nigger and some left, he was like that is so offensive. I'd be like absolutely, yes. That is a horrible thing to say to a black guy. And I'm sure there's other examples of things too. But, like that's just that's a horrible thing to say to somebody. So there are some things that I think it's like appropriate to be offended by that. Let me say this, calling me a Nazi sympathizer. Somebody whose family was slaughtered, by Nazis, pretty goddamn offensive thing to fuck and say, and you will just throw it out, willy nilly, like whatever. It doesn't matter. I'm just repeating the pop. Our political talking points that are completely safe that won't get me in trouble. Well, you will just say the most profoundly offensive thing. Somebody me who's a Jew of German descent, whose family kind of got fucked over by the Nazis literally my grandfather's, the only one who made it out alive. The rest were all slaughtered, whatever I don't like to play this chord lot because I don't really like it's not really relevant because what they're saying isn't even real Nazi is just a term for who you don't like. But just say that is way more offensive than anything that Milos ever said the idea that you would just use the term Nazi us something that real people suffered under for whatever you don't like I'll just vote, you know, one of the worst groups of people who have ever existed just to, to score some political points. That is so much more offensive than Milo Yannopoulos saying feminism is cancer, or whatever else, he said he told he told his story of. Having sex as a teenager with an adult man and said he didn't feel bad about it. Okay. If you shared your politics, you would say it's victim blaming to blame him for that situation right. It's just it's fucking insane. So the same the same group of people who will say that Milos words are so dangerous will now say that calling everybody disagree with a Nazi is okay. That's no big deal. And also throwing milkshakes at people is funny, somehow like that's just funny. You know, a lot of people that I've seen online have made the point, because they're actually, as argument, you really can't believe it. But again, I've said this many times before, if social Justice warriors cared about being logically consistent, they wouldn't be social Justice warriors. So there's almost no point in even talking to them about that. But just for the same people who are listening, the same people who will argue that, you know, microaggressions are violence will also argue that throwing a milkshake at someone isn't violence. That's just fine. And a lot of people on Twitter have made the point where they've been like you know, there's people who have had like acid attack. Wchs. And when you're being attacked, you really have no idea, whether that's a milkshake or acid. You don't really know it kind of takes a second to see that, but. And it's a fair point. But leave that aside. If can throw a milkshake on somebody and just think that's okay. Like they're just going to take that tell you something. And I said, this is somebody who's committed to nonaggression if somebody throws a fuck and milkshake on somebody, and that guy beats them unrecognizable. I completely get it might be a little bit of overreaction. But I don't think anybody watching that video is going to be like, oh, no. That was, why would that guy do that? You're a grown man and you go and throw a milkshake on another man be prepared for fucking confrontation. So anyway, here's the thing, right? And this is like what it really comes down to is that the situation for all these people like Milos a Nazi, which is just fucking ridiculous. I really I really think it comes down to the fact that people have people used the term racist, so loosely that it holds no wait anymore. So now they have to go to Nazi. But it's just, you know, like I said, trying to argue that Milo is a racist difficult argument trying to argue that he's a Nazi is just downright stupid. I mean and it's just it's, it's so dumb. It's I don't even know why spending time responding to it. I guess just because it's been said, by so many people. But you're going to argue that it's dangerous to give this guy a platform. That's, that's what a lot of people are saying and. It's not as if we're plucking Milo out of obscurity, and giving a platform Milos a pretty big person, you know, he's been on Rogan. He's been on Bill Maher show. He's been on a bunch of big shows, so it's not as if we're creating my low, we're booking somebody who we think is an interesting, guess that's going to be a funny podcast because by the way, that's the agenda of legion of skanks, the only agenda that shows ever had is to put out a funny show. So you can say it's dangerous to give this guy platform. Here's what would have happened if none of these people had reacted the way they had, we would have had Milo on, we would have had what I'm assuming is going to be a really funny show. Maybe not a funny show. Maybe we all would have left friends, maybe we wouldn't have gotten along. Maybe it wouldn't have been great. My guess is would have been really funny. My guess is that the show tonight will be really funny. And that's that that's what would have happened. You guys have now started advocating that people boycott the creek in the cave, giving Rebecca all this shit putting her in a really shitty situation advocating that people show up to throw Milkins now play this out in your head. What are you going to happen, when people come in and start throwing shit at allegiance, gangs, podcast, the, it's going to lead to some type of physical altercation in which real problems are going to be caused. I saw these fuck and comedians like. There were there were comedians who are tagging as I said Antea on their tweets. Tortoise, if your one of these people who was tagging antifa, and you exist around the same scene that I exist in walk the other way, when you see me man, because it's going to be a real if you literally I don't think you understand it. You start tagging antiga this borderline terrorist organization to come down and start fucking harassing. Yeah, there's, there's antique a tweet about it. The New York antifa branch, these fucking losers. You start tagging them in it. You're saying you're basically, inviting men with fucking who wear, masks, and assault people to come down and storm, my fucking podcast, I'm just saying walk the other way when I folk and see you the next time because it's going to get really weird. And I remember exactly who these fucking people are who did that. So I'm just saying I'm not being like a dick. You're look. Man me Louis, j were all fathers. We got we all have kids, I got a baby girl, at home, and they're, you're creating a situation intentionally that is going to be a situation that, like just steer. Clear of me to all those people. Who are out there? So anyway, I, I don't even know what else to say on this, but it's so clear that you guys have created the situation that could really potentially turn into a violent situation. And so automatically I was glad that at Milo's request but contrary to what some people are fucking putting out there. It wasn't at the creek's request the, the creek requested that we moved the show, we said, no, we're not gonna move it and they accepted that. So we were going to do it there. No matter what. But Milo was like, look man. This has been like announced there's not enough security. We got up move this to a new location. And I think he's right about that probably it's best that we don't get into a fucking situation like we got kids and shit. We can't be out there, fucking getting these fights. But at the same time, by the way, as a father of a little girl, I also can't let her grow up in a world where some dude throws a fucking milkshake father, and our father doesn't beat the shit out of that guy. So it's a fucking difficult situation. You gotta, you know, it's like it's a balancing. Act. But it will be, you know, it'll be interesting to see how the podcast is received, I guess, at the end of all of this, I would just say, like. It really is a thing about the authoritarian mindset. Here's what you have to understand. You don't get to control. What other people say you don't get to you don't like Milo. That's fine. You don't get to control whether we have him on a podcast or not. We decided to have him on a podcast because we think it'll be a funny show. A lot of people were saying, oh, you're having on the show just to piss people off. It's like no, we're having on the show because we think it'll be funny. That's it. And if it pisses a lot of people off too bad deal with it. I think part of what it is with this creek people, and it's a little bit sad is that they have zero success in comedy. They're not. That funny, not that I have a ton of success in comedy, but that's not the point I'm trying to make they identify with the comedy scene. Yes. And so if the comedy scene itself isn't something that they feel like they can be proud of then they got rely density crisis, where it's like I just the only thing I have is that I'm a part of the scene that's it that they can claim to be a part of the scene. And if the scene has all sorts of things going on that they really don't like they don't have anything. So they're trying to police, your platform, so that the creek in the cave where they do an open mic is still a place. That's reflective of what they think is their comedy. But the real solution is go right? Better jokes. And actually, you know, do what you actually are trying to do, and find fulfilling because it's other things just I don't know. It's counterproductive for your own career, and it's just gross. Yeah. No look. I completely agree with you. And there's something that's really interesting about the New York comedy in that is very like. Like exactly what you just described. It's emblematic of that exact like you have this weird world. I followed Dave Chapelle at stand up, New York. When I was, I believe a year into comedy, maybe a year and a half into comedy. And just he just happened to drop in on the show I was doing. And then I went up after and this was like Dave chappelle lake right after the show. It was real fucking like it was insane. And lots of people have stories like that. And there's and I have no business being on the same show him like what was I? He's the biggest name in comedy like a just started doing comedy, but it was a fucking poster dog show as we used to call them Lewis produced and Chapelle dropped in and having to be at a big comedy club. And so that's the way things go and you have this in the comedy world in New York City, particularly, where there are people who are nothing at the absolute bottom there. Very close to people who are doing real things, and it's not, not as big a contrast is a year comedian, Dave L, but at the creek in the cave, you will have in open mic. That's coming in right after legion of skanks. So we'll be doing a show in this room that is broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people. And then after that some person who's been doing hominy for three months. We'll come into that same space and tell jokes, you know, and like there's something kind of beautiful about that. I kind of like it. It's, it's, it's, it's there's something cool about that. But then there's also something where like you said, there are these people who really now they've been doing comedy, three months year two years for years, whatever, and they have nothing and they identify as like creek comic, and I hang out at the creek and I do the mic there all the time. And then when this thing about skanks comes up there like will, you know, as a member of the creek community, and it starts to make them feel like they're a part of this bigger. Thing. And so it's almost like they want to get in on it, and you don't want to actually take a ballsy stance that might actually get you alienated or get in trouble. So you just take the, the, the easy stance of well, I don't think Nazis should have a platform like, you know, whatever you just kinda wanna feel like you're a part of this thing. I mean my first reaction when I actually saw that people were talking about boycotts and, and, you know, posting the map of the creek, and then where the nearest milkshake places, and all this stuff and, or is it the diner? Now there's a bet. There's places closer than the diner. Rob classic mistake you too far for your milkshakes. But when I first saw that, I mean, just as a human being forget, which, which we're all people first before whatever our politics, were people and my first thought, and maybe this is just because, like I have a six month old daughter at home. I go right away my mind I went, I guarantee no one doing this has kids no-one no-one, who's doing this has kids, but because you just don't do stuff like this. If you're a parent, if you're like I don't know, to do got to pick up diapers on the way, I don't have time to figure out where the fucking milkshake places. I have a little baby that I've got a rock to sleep tonight, and then should probably going to be up in two hours, and then I got a rocker to sleep again. And then you know what? I mean, we just like we just introduced oatmeal and then tomorrow, we're doing some focus week potatoes. So I don't really have time to worry about what's going like, did a podcast have someone. I don't like on them. And by the way, I'm way more. Critical than any of these people are the any of these people who are protesting, legion of skanks could not sit down and discuss politics with me for five minutes before it would become a parent that I've read way more than that. I know their argument better than them, and I can defeat it easily like, I'm not even trying to brag. There are people who know their shit way better than I do. There's people in the inner circle, no shit that I learned from them, and I'm like, oh, shit. This guy made a good point. This guy had a good article about this. But the people who are protesting Milo being on skanks. They know nothing. They you're not even in this world. I'm way more invested into my political opinions than you are. But I got a kid. I don't have time to give shit about who's on someone else's podcast. I, I simply don't have time because I have a life and this is what I start to wonder about some of these people. And this is the point you were making that it's kind of sad. 'cause if certain point you just go like, do you have like, do you have a girlfriend? Do you have friends? Do you have a net flicks? Password, like do you have anything else that could maybe? Fill your life. They are you this empty that you actually are very concerned? But somebody I disagree with his going to speak on a show. They're giving him a platform. You know, by the way, how many of these people, I think Zack Emeco posted something along these lines where he said, and zag amigo, by the way, is a guy who's, you know, I haven't had a lot of deep political conversations with Zach. But from what I understand, is pretty left wing guy. Like, would probably in some ways, be sympathetic to the anti Milo belief system. But he said something like where he was like a instead of throwing milkshakes. Why don't you guys take that money you would have spent on milkshakes and donate it to like a good cause like how many of you people for all you people like it's so easy to virtue signal online? What do you do? Do you go work at a soup kitchen? Do you send money to some 'cause that you fucking care about or is it is this all just a game? Just be honest. If any of you guys are listening to the show today. Just be honest with yourself. What is this really are you really standing up against fucking Nazis, are you. The leader of or are you a member of this fight against evil or you such a good person is that what's motivating you that you're so noble, and the rest of us, just don't care enough. Or is this just a nice way to feel that way about yourself? This just a nice excuse to feel like I I'm doing something good. I'm in this Brealey big struggle. What's your struggle against I dunno. Some flamboyant. Gay dude, says, politically incorrect shit, who's by the way been D platform on pretty much everything you could think of, who you've gone away, this motherfucker. I can only imagine what Milo actually has to live through like after seeing a like a week of what this heat is like coming at. You really something gave me a new level of respect for what friends of mine, like Gavin and like people like that have had to go through where you have to, like legitimately. Have security with you. If you like anywhere you go, if you announce that you're going there, there's going to be people like hell bent on fucking assaulting you or fucking common right up to that line. You know that's a weird. That's a weird fucking position to put somebody in and like to all these all this fucking energy. And I know I've made this point a lot of times on the show. But, like, I really do believe that the left has a role that they're supposed to fill in society. And it's just it's so disgusting to see them waste all this energy on this. Look energy passion outrage. These are all finite resources. They are finite resources you only have so much of it. There's only so many hours in a day, there's only so much energy, you can expend in twenty four hours. Okay that this is a finite resource and. We are involved in the longest wars in American history. Like we lead the world and mass incarceration. There are issues go focus on them. This is supposed to be your shit, not Milo coming on legion of skanks. You fucking children grow the fuck up man like go deal with something that matters, like lefty issues, like by the way. I'm in theory, I should be just as aligned with the left is the right. I hate both of them. But like they both make some good points. You wanna talk about Trump being a fascist, like okay. Yes, he is guess what? They they're pressing charges against Julian Assange, using the espionage act from World War, One like you wanna talk about fascist shit. Okay. There's one go for. But guess what? The whole fucking media apparatus, the whole fucking like like scene is not targeting, you at them so much easier for you to just repeat your muggles. Nutsy. Okay. All right. Fine. It's like I don't know. It's a it's really been something. It's been something to say. So anyway, I dunno I guess, more or less, that's my, that's my rant on Milo being on skanks and you guys are just not gonna like you're not gonna bully us. I don't know what to say. It's like that's I remember I was a I think six or seven years old. I used to get fucking bullied on this block like we moved to this block. That was kinda shitty and they had like a lot of real like, like white trash and a lot of kind of Puerto Rican thugs Brooklyn in like nineteen nine Lewis. Yeah. And then we can started a podcast. Yeah, it was really early margins. No one was doing. Nobody used to get bullied every fucking day, and it would be like, like twelve year olds, bullying me when I was six, and I don't know h gap. That's tough. Ooh. There is nothing scale. Carrier than twelve year old when you're six it's just like a fight. You can't win like it's, it's they're fucking like they're just huge and your and you could hit him with your best fucking punch and they're just going to end. I remember. Like, actually, I remember the day when I made the decision that I was like, I'm not gonna fucking get bullied by these kids anymore. And like I'm just gonna fucking like literally, they have to stop me into the ground if they're going to fucking like keep 'cause I can't live like, you know, it was just one of those, and I was like, I didn't have a father, I was raised by a single mother and an older sister. And like I didn't really have those that skill set. You know what I mean? Like, really taught me how to be a man at that kind of figure it out for myself, which was the story for a lot of lot of guys in my generation like didn't have father figures, single motherhood had to figure out how to be a man on their own and fog in whatever I did I got beat up a few times, but I figured it out and just not not being bullied is something that I've carried with me since then. And if you think like if I were ever going to be bullet now as a fucking of man in my thirties as a father and a husband, you think I'm going to be bullied. Now. Let me tell you. It would not be by these left-wing policies. These guys aren't going to be the ones who folk and bully me out of anything. And I know the same is true for Lewis and Jaso will do the podcast. We'll do it with Milo. My guess is we're going to have fun. We're gonna make dumb gay jokes. We're going to do about that three. I don't know. There's those who don't listen to the show. We do a battle of the bad, bad ass bans. So we're going to do that. And you guys can all fucking deal with that. I guess the only other thing that I should address on this before we move on, and I apologize. I know spent a lot of time on this. But it's, it's something that I cared about, and damn if I can't vent on part of the problem, then what the fuck what where can I vent just yell at your baby? She'll Zorba she doesn't wanna hear I'll be honest. My baby does not allow me to say whatever I want to she's pretty quick. She interrupts very quickly, but I should say there was something about the that Rebecca put out a statement from the creek and I was I was a little bit disappointed in it. I just think that. You know, I love Rebecca and I feel for the situation that she's in and it's you know they can try to play it. However, they want to we didn't put Rebecca fucking bad situation. We do what we do. We were booking fucking show that I saw one person like say, like, you know, the creek gives you a platform, and you do this to them, and it's like okay, first of all, the creek never gave us a platform. They give us a space. Let's get fucking real. The creek never gave us a platform. We give the creek business like, who do you think makes money off that relationship? You think we make money off the creek? No. They make money off us. They give us space in abasement as we could easily do this show at any fucking place that we wanna do at were the ones who have the platform. We built it. We have hundreds of thousands of people who isn't every single episode. We could do this wherever we fucking want to the we like nothing but respect for Rebecca, but let's get real. She didn't give us a platform. She gives us a space. I like the space. I like the creek a lot. I think they do a lot for comedy. And I appreciate everything she's not she's done a lot for me per. Personally like before legion of skanks, like Rebecca's been good to me. And I love her. And I understand she's in a difficult situation. We didn't make it a difficult situation. All these, you know, Astles trying to boycott her dead. And I think Rebecca put herself in a little bit of a difficult situation. 'cause she says these things like, you know, Rebecca will say that the creek is a safe space for, you know, L LGBTQ people, and, and it's, you know something like that. And then she'll also say the creek is, is like a free speech platform where comedians can say whatever they want to, and you gotta understand those two things are diametrically opposed. They are with, like, I mean, not literally speaking, if you're saying, the creek should be a safe space, where no one gets a salted, like, yeah, of course, we all agree with that. But when they say a safe space for LGBTQ people what they mean is, it's not a free speech, but it's not a place where comedians can say whatever they want to. That's what that means to those people. I mean you can't say something that's offensive. And that's not the same as being a free speech venue. So you you've kind of created the situation where you're one or the other. So. Rebecca, you know, had to put this letter out and kind of virtue signal about how horrible Milos that's more or less, what she had to do. Right. So she had to say I was unaware of who Milo was late Thursday. When I found out who he was, and their plans to have him at the creek. I asked the producers to move the recording that is true, but whatever it's leaving out some details, which is that we said. No. And then she said, fine, do it here and then Milo was the one who decided. So that's, but, you know, she's got to say what she's got to say. I don't even know. I don't wanna read the whole thing, but it's more or less just her saying that myla's a bad guy. And she finds views repugnant. And then she does go on to say that me Jane Lewis aren't Nazir's, which I appreciate. But, like, does that really need to be said, does it need to be said that I needed to clarify there was so much noise on Twitter. I was starting to get concerned. I was like, why am I working with these people? Yeah, so I just, you know, I don't know it just kind of bothered me that. Like the tone of the whole thing, which I you know, I understand she's in a difficult position. I really do. But. Look to, to come out and have to say, like Milo so horrible Milo is never done anything horrible, as with all these people who are targeting the creek have done my Milos. I whatever he trolled, Leslie Jones. That's like the worst thing he's ever done as he's a troll who gives a shit. She's the fucking victim here this fucking millionaire celebrity is we're all supposed to feel bad for because she's at meeting said about her on Twitter. Head mean things said about me on Twitter, grow up, who cares? Get a few people who can tweet like shit. Talk me. Almost daily on Twitter. I find it entertaining. It's like like they're not even good at it. I wish they were a little bit like funnier with it or whatever. But it's like I don't know. It's it's a compliment in his weird way. It's like if you if you tweet something shitty at me a hundred times a month, you're much more concerned with me than I am with you. It's like okay, like I don't know what to say. It's like what I said before get a girlfriend, get, get a friend. Get a Netflix password. Get something figure it out. Anyway, I was appointed in what Rebecca said I think she's put herself in a difficult position. The scene has put her in a difficult position. It's just it's really week stuff and. It's, it's embarrassing. I guess the thing I would just close with, and then, then we'll move onto some other stuff. But it really I'll tell you what, hurts me is that when I first started comedy, and this is about twelve years ago, I fell in love with the scene, I thought there was something so cool about it like the art of stand up comedy, which I still love to this day. It's still, you know, might just my favorite thing really is my passion like to just like get on stage with nothing but a microphone and to, like poll, this very specific emotional reaction out of people, which is laughter, which is very like it's different than other reactions. It's like laughter is something that people kind of open themselves up to. Okay. Let's see if this is funny. And then if you hit something you actually pull it out of them, like people don't decide to laugh right now, you say something, and you, you summon it out of them, and it's this positive thing. Every it feels good. Everyone loves to laugh like it's just this positive thing, and it's amazing that like you could just be a stand up comedian. And you don't you're not up there with a band. There's no instrument. There's not a big smoke show. There's not a thing. It's a guy with a microphone, giving you his thoughts and your slapping, your knee and laughing and it's just this beautiful art form. And I thought the scene was so awesome. And at the time, it was kind of, like it was like the end of like the kind of like tough crowd crew day when I first started comedy, you know, it was like it was like, Patrice, and like, Colin Quinn and David towel. And like all these, these guys were just like looked up to so much, and it was like other something so bad as MC, Greg Giraldo, and like these amazing like, like talented, creative people, and it would be, like this is so cool. These are people get up there, and they don't give a fuck, like they'll say the most wildly offensive shit, and you'll be laughing, even though you don't wanna laugh at it because you're like, oh, this is be like God. Damn that's funny. And it was just great. It was this amazing thing. It's an amazing thing, particularly with the offensive jokes, which is what we do at skanks a lot. It's like that you can take the darkest things darkest. Tragedies in life, and make them something positive find the silver lining in them. And this is something that's in my blood, like my, my grandfather was a holocaust survivor, who had a great sense of humor. Like that's all you fucking have when you're faced with such tragedy. And I thought the scene was so cool people were so fucking ballsy, and like, really like and man, just to see what the scene is today. It's just sad. Oh man. That's just sad. It's Michael mouths as the cathedral, and it's like infiltrated the scene to the point that people are just virtue, signaling people who couldn't defend their positions. And by the way, open invite to any of the fucking comedians, who were trashing legion of skanks to come on part of the problem and have the fucking conversation with me, see if you can fuck in defend your position by. The way that's where I'll take back. Any veiled threats that I have before you're willing to come on the podcast and defend your position. Be happy to have the conversation with one of you. Let's but none of you will doesn't think none of you will because it's indefensible you've got nothing and, you know, saying with the comedy, I mean, you know, about the stuff better than me, rob, but it's like the really has been this kind of like this social Justice warrior infiltration of the open, Mike seen everything that's horrible. Yeah. I don't even. For my brand of comedy. It's not fun to do an open mic. So I'm like these people are just going to be annoyed with me. Yeah, like that. That's the state of comedy. At least on the open mic level. I'm like they don't even get that. This is a joke. It's fine. I'll, I'll always like next up in front of a real crowd. Yeah. There's not the kind of comedy, I wanna craft and my you know, my thing with them 'cause, like, yeah, it is crazy. But my thing with them is like, look just at least at the bare minimum, admit what you are. Yeah. It mitt what you are, like this is what bug me about the people being like we just want the creek to be an inclusive venue. It's like no, no, no. You don't. You want it to be an exclusive venue. That's what you want fair enough argue for that. But that's what you want, you want someone to be excluded by definition. That's not being inclusive. Words have meanings. So let's just call a Spade. You want the creek to be an exclusive venue, that does not let right wingers in or anybody who's gonna make fun of social Justice work that, that can't get in right. Okay. Fine. That's your. But let's just be real about what you are. And the other thing they'll be like, let's just be real. This isn't about being offensive. That's not what this is about. It's not that this could be offensive or that this could hurt somebody's feelings. That's not what this is like, I use the example format Michelle wolf. Did this thing on her show where they legalized abortion and Ireland and she announced it, and there was a standing ovation in the room? And she was like go. I are Lind, and everybody cheered. And it's like okay now look, she has every right to do that on our show, wasn't particularly funny. But whatever she has every right to do that on the show. That's fucking her show. Michelle wolf is a very funny comedian she has every right to do that, on her show, but understand that is wildly offensive to fifty percent of the population, but whatever who gives a fuck if it's offensive to them, they don't have to watch. If it bothers them, you have a right to do whatever you want to, but let's get real. You don't give a fuck about being offensive. That's not your criteria. Right. You could go up there and do any pro-abortion joke, you want to it could be the most graphic brutal Joe, you don't give a fuck. If there was some prolife person in the crowd, who was offended by that fucking care. You're not against offending people what you want is not environment where people feel safe. It's not an environment where people aren't offended. It's not an environment. That's inclusive. What you want is ideological conformity. That's it. That's what you want. It's a politically motivated belief system. And by the way, that's fine too. You can have that, but let's just be real. Let's just be honest with each other. That's what it is. You have this worldview. You only want people who believe the same things you believe to express themselves there. That's it, it's just harder to fend that than it is to say these nice words like inclusive, and blah, blah, whatever. So that's my fucking around on the Milo situation, did not think I was going to spend an hour on that. But, you know that's. Yeah. Well, Brian says he did he's right. So hard to argue with that in hindsight. I mean he's clearly right? But I don't even want, you know, we're not this is not what in gangs is going to be even about. So I think this was a better platform to talk about it on. 'cause we're just going to have fun because that's what we do. That's a comedy show. And this is a show about fucking, politics and philosophy. So seemed appropriate to me. So I'm trying to say is happy Memorial Day. Thanks, buddy. 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So you text the word problem to the number thirty thirty thirty and get full access to open fit all the workouts all the nutritional information totally free again. Just text the word problem to thirty thirty thirty go take control your health and your life. You're gonna thank me for it. All right. Let's get back on the show. All right. Let's which gears speaking of Memorial Day bullshit wars, which was were based on bullshit. Rob which one correct answer? All of them. That's why you're here. You just got re-signed. There we go. Robby. Click lesson on why World War t- was bad idea. We've discussed it before. But I need I need a little refresher. Okay. All right. Sure. So World War, Two the here's how I would start by breaking it that you can't really understand. In World War without the context of World War, One 'cause they're basically continuations of the same war. You know, it's not like a coincidence, that you just happen to have this huge World War. And then we just happen to follow it up with another one, right? So here's what happens in World, War One. Woodrow Wilson gets us into a war completely based off lies that we never should have been involved with a war between struggling monarchs in Europe that absolutely nothing to do with America. And there was and the conservative wing of the Republican party was hardcore against it, and it was a disaster. And so you had World War, One which was almost certainly going to be to a stalemate and the German subs were, like fucking up the British, and they're there they were doing really good. There's who knows exactly how it would have ended. But there's no question. It wouldn't have ended in a complete and total surrender by the Germans without the fresh Americans this newly industrialized power coming in at the last minute, so we basically let them fight it out for a while in Europe. And when everyone was cold and dying and weak and ready to probably make some type of truce. A fresh America came in and pounced, and it was very driven by financial interests. I mean, there were a whole bunch of people like, you know, the financial ties between like America and Britain, there's a whole bunch of people at their like, look, we need them to folk and win because we've got a lot of outstanding debt in this country and they need to be able to pay it back. And anyway, all worser bankers wars. So we get into this war, America pounces, we dominate we force Germany, to an unconditional surrender an insane on conditional surrender that just could not be justified like they had to take responsibility for the entire war pay off the entire war, dead of every country and also just be publicly humiliated. Take very proud German people who had been an empire, you know, this had been the German empire the Prussian empire the precursors this was a proud people and just humiliate them in front of the entire world. So. Germany signs that we force the this for side treaty on them. And just they're just getting completely plundered. I mean now, by the way, also in the first World War. So the Bolsheviks that the commies in, in, in Russia had tried a revolution a few times, and failed, and then they're troops when, when the military was all had left because the military had held off the revolution. And in the military all left and got extended out into World War One, and then they add revolution it succeeded. So they fucking. So one, the first hiccup is you have the Bolshevik revolution in Soviet Union. Then we got this treaty of Germany. The place has been demolished by war. People are, you know, if you can just imagine like. Fucking in the nineteen twenties. With nineteen twenties, medical innovations, and a whole bunch of people injured from war now they're fucking starving. There broke throughout the Weimer Republic. You had. So, so more or less, the they couldn't meet a lot of the terms of the treaty of like they could. They sometimes they would default on payments owed the French, so the French army would just storm into Germany, Germany, and just take shit. Just take Cole take things from people check a German in fuck inside and take the shit that he had in his pockets, just literally just humiliate the fucking people over and over in order to meet the terms of the treaty of her side, the Ymer Republic governments are printing money printing tons of money and say, you ended up having hyperinflation this literal wheel barrels of cash to go get a Cup of coffee like real deal hyperinflation, and in this environment. The Jews thrived so anyway, Jews doing pretty good. And then there's a lot of other parts to this. But just quick recap of it. And then you had the, you know, you had fighting in the street between the commies, and these other like crazy workers parties, and the Nazis ended up rising up and. Taking over the fucking country in this environment, which so right away, the Bolshevik revolution, and the Nazi revolution almost certainly could not have happened without World War, One like this is the result of in the same sense that you'd say ISIS almost certainly couldn't have happened without the war in Iraq and the war in Syria. The same thing you know, it's like you have a war. There's chaos this terrible groups rise up from that chaos. And then, even after that, there were lots of opportunities for the British a really good book on this subject is Pat Buchanan's, the unnecessary war where he just kind of talks through how the Nazis never even really wanted war with Britain Hitler, actually really admired Britain. They were so white. Well, yeah, exactly they're up there with the whitest and, and they the war pact with Poland was a disaster. The, there's lots of different stuff that you could go look up about whether FDR actually allowed Pearl Harbor to happen or not, like they kind of knew it was coming and they wanted their excuse for war. But the idea that you would ever let it get to this point was just fucking insane. Also dropping the nukes after the fighting in Europe was over was absolutely horrible targeting civilians was terrible, so that, you know, the one of the main arguments that hap- you can and made was that the holocaust, which is used of course, to justify World War, Two in hindsight. Which, you know, of course, was like this horrific crime against humanity, but it's Pat Buchanan's said it was a crime against humanity, but it was also a war crime. And if you don't have the war, you probably don't have the holocaust, you probably have a much better situation like Hitler deporting, all of the Jews or something like that. Rounding them up and kicking them out of the country. I mean, look, my grandfather got out of the country in nineteen thirty eight there were a lot of other maybe thirty nine I'm not sure there are a lot of other Jews who got out around that time not enough. But a lot of them did the problem is that there weren't enough other countries, they wanted to take them from their perspective, at least, but it's not as if he he went genocidal, once the war happened. And so if you're looking at history, you'd be like, well, you'd want to avoid the rise of Hitler, and you'd want to avoid the war, and it's not as if anybody stopped the war, and forget, just even the genocide, which is horrible. But the tens of millions of people who died in that. War. I mean, something approaching one hundred million people died in the war at least between the two world wars. It's just a goddamn nightmares shit show. So the idea, and then, of course, even if you wanna go like Hitler was the worst person ever. And so we have to, you know, we needed to fight that war, and the holocaust, which was never the reason, anybody was fighting the war, and we didn't stop the holocaust from happening. We partnered up with Stalin who killed more people than Hitler and handed him half of Europe. If it was after it was over. So the idea that it's just this noble war is I don't know. It's simplistic and kinda stupid and just what people are taught to believe. So they all believe it, and I'm sure by the after that whole Milo rant. There's your thing for people to be like, David Nazi to right? There you go. But yeah, all wars are horrible. And that one was bad as well. However, updating to a more recent war. Let me in the last few minutes that we have on the podcast. Let me spend some time patting myself on the back because there's one more thing that I got. Right. It seems so. I was one of I gotta say, I really do think I was one of the only people on cable news who was adamantly saying this now, you know, me and you were dead on the money with the whole Russia collusion. Nonsense that was going on. So there's been some things that we've some pretty big stories that we've gotten. Right. But if you guys remember in two thousand eighteen when I was a contributor on unfiltered SE Cup the thing that I would argue with SE Cup the most about was Syria, and I was on a television. I believe two days after the supposed Dumai gas attack or chemical weapons attack, and I argued on on television and to the, you know, to the outrage of SE Cup that I did not believe that, that, that, that Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people and the truth is going back to it. It's like it was just so obvious. It really was so goddamn obvious. I mean why would Assad? A week after Donald Trump announced that we were leaving that we're leaving Syria. Why would he guess you know? A few dozen people, which would serve no military strategic interest for him and would just, just be the impetus to get America to send more troops to not take our troops out. And I mean this is a guy who's been fighting tooth and nail for survival. Why would he possibly do that? It just seemed on its face like you. If you're saying he did this. You must have some really good evidence to suggest it, and they're like, no, we have none. But we know for fact that he did it and so more or less anyway, cutting forward what happened was. Just a few days ago, the OPCW, which is the if I'm getting the acronym. Right. It's the. The organization to prevent chemical weapons believe is what they're called. So they're kind of international organization that, that. Yes. The organization for pro prohibition of chemical weapons excuse me. They, they go round, and they do these fact-finding missions, and they, they're the ones who kind of determine what chemical weapons were used in what wasn't and they put out an official report that, that said that chemical weapons had been used by the Assad government in, in Douma last year. But now there's a fifteen page internal memo, which was, which was released it leaked essentially, and this memo, which was an internal memo did not make it into the report that they put out and basically, showed a bunch of people at this organization demonstrating that this does not seem to be the case at all. And in fact, the likelihood was that the weapons were they are in the city of Duma and not dropped from the air. Now, this is crucial. Okay. So what's going on in Douma? Right. Was. That there were it was a city where there were a bunch of anti Assad rebels as they're called. Okay. So it's the people fighting Assad are holding down this city. Right. So this claim was that Assad dropped by plane, this gas attack on these people who are Assads enemies. Now, if it's dropped by plane, this is done by the Syrian air force, only Assad has an air force. So if it's done by playing this would clearly have to be Assad, and he's dropping it on his enemies, the rebels kind of make sense on its face even despite all the other should I said the bombs were tucked into bed with a lullaby next to a nice glass of milk, and they were like you can't just talk a bomb if you drop it from air. Well, that's right. But that's more. So what they're finding out now is that at least this internal memo seems to suggest is that it seems that these bums were not dropped from the air that they were there on the ground. Now, if they're on the ground that means that they were in this rebel control. Old area. So this seems to be one of two things happened here, either Assad, bombed area where these rebels were hiding out and there were some chemical weapons on the ground. And it ended up in advertently went to the bottle and say, look, yes, or it was a whole false flag to begin with either way. The point is that the United States of America last year. Okay. Forget World War, Two forget, Vietnam, forget the fucking war in Iraq. Forget the war in Libya, the war like all these wars, which are all based off bullshit. Anyway, I just know now it's not even like anyone argues this, this is just a fact last year. We were brought to the brink of another war off. What is now pretty clearly bullshit? And by the way, was obviously, both at the time this is why was arguing on national television who's, obviously bullshit at the time you just look at this, if you have any sense of all these things you can just look at this and be like Yemen this. Another fucking bullshit. Play look into that the bullshit of it a little bit. So here's what fascinates me. Firstly. Go, Google news, Syria, comma chemical attack. You're not going to see any mention of what we're talking about. Also earlier this week in the New York Times, MSNBC were all running an article I forgot who in the government made a release about it, but they made some statement about that. There's new evidence of Syria chemical attack. And so, that's what the that's what mainstream media is running with is, oh, we have to further look into whether or not we have to go to war with Syria, because maybe they stepped over this chemical attack red line. So that's weird. You have mainstream media, Google news, make no mention of this, and then you have this information, which is not even in the report, it was redacted from the report mysteriously leaked online. And then all of your non mainstream media places or pointing to the fact that there's an MIT expert who did a whole whole breakdown on the whole thing to suggest it's not possible at this chemical attack happened from Syria. So here to me is the issue. If you wanna find out what the actual facts are. Your left kind of saying, what's the world view that I wanna buy into don't wanna buy the world v where I think the US government will lie into war. And so it's very likely that this redacted report is actually true or I think that the government and the mainstream media are mostly honest, and so clearly redacted report, only being published by non mainstream media is probably conspiracy. Now you can look at this either way, an either viewpoint is somewhat reasonable you. And I look at follow this more. And so there's more evidenced us suggest. Hey government, allied us. And this is more likely the true thing, but here's what pisses the fuck outta me how there, not some sort of a court to evaluate what is legitimate truth. You're so that we can kind of a full understanding. This is not this is too big to be left to. Oh, the government gets to say it story. Deep internet gets to say it story. It's also like look, I, I hear what you're saying. But it's also like it's not just that the mainstream media, you know. Feels this way. And the government feels this way. It's that let's say, okay. So let's say the two hypotheticals you laid out there, right? Or not hypotheticals of the two worldviews that you laid out there. There's like one world view is our, our. But let me just finish this point, one world view is argue that governments lie into war. The mainstream media is complicit in their lies and don't trust anything. They say it's all bullshit, and here's more evidence than its bullshit. And then the other view is like the government is doing the best can they're being honest. The mainstream media is genuinely honest or you know, the journalists and reporters, and they're trying to get the information out. And you know, this is just some redacted report. One guy saying that it's not in the official release of, of the fucking, you know, the OPCW or whatever. Okay. If that worldview was not our world view. The other one if that were true. Would you think that after getting so many of these things wrong after the let's it's not lies? It's just a mistaken honest mistake, like we really thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. You know, we really thought that was we really thought Ghaddafi was about to go genocidal. We really like all of these things were just honest mistakes. Wouldn't you at least by the fuck nineteenth time we're being pulled into war? And some people are saying, hey, we think this might be a mistake at all. Go, okay, let's hear those guys out. Let's make sure this isn't a mistake. But instead of that, it's that if you were around and believe me, as someone who is doing it. I felt this. But listen, people like Tucker Carlson, and Tulsi Gabbard, obviously way bigger higher profile than may who are out there saying these chemical tax didn't happen. Look at the treatment, they get it's not just like a we think you're wrong. It's like your evil. That you, you're in a sod touting or whatever. Tolsey Gabbard was called. So why would they be acting this way? Why does everything point to our worldview, being correct, and this worldview being wrong? And this is not, you know, this is like a non a small man. This is a matter of life and death. And why is it that we've got Wesley Clark a four star general saying, we're going to overthrow the government in Syria in two thousand three and all these years later. We're still getting propaganda pushing us into this fucking war. And also, again, just look at what I said, on the face of it, it makes no sense. You're saying Assad who fought tooth and nail for his own survival would just for fun just to gas. Some people for no other strategic advantage. He would just go let me guess some people and risk everything. There's no strategic advantage for him. And there's everything for the rebels. So I I it the framework here that this can become a he says, or she says, when obviously, there are actual factor in the facts are gigantic. I mean, if government worked at all, there should be a congressional investigate like these are these this is facts. This is yes or no. It shouldn't be. Hey, we're the conspiracy people over here saying, we think this is what happened in the government's official report is over here in the majority Americans, go. Well, it makes more sense that I would just go with the government official report versus the isn't. And it's like this is buried information that if it's true should be addressed. This is not sweep under the rug like stuff. Yeah, we're talking about a green new deal and Trump's tax returns and all these other things. And it's like we can't we can't get to the bottom of this. Like everyone washing if Washington was there to serve the people at any sense of priorities priorities wouldn't everybody be like, what we gotta get to the bottom of this. This is really important like. We almost went how did this come out, by the way, is this just this last week Justice because I've seen zero mention of it Wall Street Journal new Carlson segment on his show about it. That's cool. Tucker Carlson did a segment. He had totally gabbert on. It is the only mainstream coverage I've seen of this, that there was a really cares. Article in the intersect it took me. Yeah. The intercept article was really good. But it took some digging before I could find this stuff. It wasn't like you could just throw it into into Google and the first New York time, search result whoever made the statement from the government that there's new suspicions of it wasn't even bowl terms and his new suspicions or some like loose term for why we need a reinvestigate or armed. It's, it's unbelievable. How sick the whole thing is. I mean you like if you if you think about the fact that you have this system where the Democrats and Republicans they're at each other's throats, and, and, you know the they couldn't be further apart. And like Nancy Pelosi. Donald trump. They hate each other. And what's what you see playing on a loop on cable news is like Donald Trump tweeted out a video, that's edited of Nancy Pelosi looking like a retard. I mean, isn't this a crazy story? Let's talk about this all day long, but all the sudden when when this chemical attack happened last year, all the powers that be get together and go, we are United in one front, and that's that we need to bomb Syria. I mean, just think about it logically for for a second. How would it possibly be in in two thousand eighteen this is last year? One year ago that America us the greatest superpower, that's ever existed. They go we need to drop massive explosives on the people in Syria in this little country, that has no power influence economy, military anything to speak of, you know, it's so. An everyone agrees that the whole elite class all agree. We need to go to war with Syria, and there can be no discussion about this. And even the people like Brian Williams, who will just bash Donald Trump every single day about, how dangerous and horribly as just talks about how beautiful the bombs are right. Even these, these guys on CNN. It's just like, oh, this is the most presidential thing Donald Trump's ever done that was when he bombed the year before two thousand seventeen but right. Like. It's really hard to not entertain some conspiratorial ideas. If, if you just had to guess, out of your ass, or talking terms of percentages. Do you think it's that the rebels actually somehow got a hold of chemical weapons restoring at these sites sites? Got bombed in the CIA goes. Hey, we can spend a good story here or do you actually think that you have some CIA or some people in the rebels who are linked to the CIA? They see their opportunity to may be stir up American actually get into war, and they actually and the materials often say, hey, we needed to go put these into a couple of the bomb sites. I have no idea. I mean, that's, that's just my guess would probably be that look, I think that. I think the government isn't one thing. Right. Right. So I think that the CIA and other organizations have assets all in these groups in all, I mean, this, look the Saudis and the CIA are the ones go, Google, if you if you don't know about the shit already. Go Google operation, timber, sycamore, and see that it was a plan. I believe it started in twenty twelve that the CIA and the Saudis decided we were going to overthrow Assad. And this is when we started the civil war in Syria to lead to, to ousting, sharla, Saad, because this was this was part of the redirect where basically, you know, we've talked about this on the show before. I know. But basically, when we went and overthrew, Saddam and we installed the Shiites they started realizing pretty quick. Holy shit. We just turned over this whole region to around and now fucking we got Shiites in Iran, Iraq, and Syria, and ran has. Tremendous influence over all of them, and Israel, and Saudi Arabia, really don't like ran, so they made the redirect where they were like we gotta start working on the side of the SUNY is now. And we gotta go so they fucking they had this operation to lead the fucking SUNY. Militant members to overthrow Assad. And of course, the fucking, it ended up being like who are the fucking radical Sunni militants? Well, they're al-qaeda, and they're ISIS these fucking really bad, people who actually pose a threat to us. But so we started funding them, and they were CIA Saudi assets imbedded in all of these groups. So. Who led the decision to do it, who the fuck knows? But probably the rebels decided we can pin this on a sod and the American interests were just thrilled to jump on board with that, you know, like Scott Horton was talking about on the last podcast. Here we had this asset this rainy guy who is telling us that he knew for sure that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction now where the Neo cons getting played by this guy because he was Iranian, and he wanted Saddam to be overthrown. Maybe but my guest tends to be that they knew it was bullshit. They just wanted the excuse. So that's more or less, where I, I guess, but it's just pure speculation. But the point is that look man, even if did guess zone, people it's ridiculous that we'd have to go overthrown you would think even if we knew that Assad gasp. Let's say how insane is it? There's a war where five hundred thousand people have died. By by most estimates a half a million people have died. Right. And millions of people have been displaced millions of lives have been ruined but sixty more died due to chemical weapons. So obviously, we got to go to war. How does that even make sense? How do you have a fifteen page redacted thing that totally changes the entire world? You have this stuff from, I guess, the most important organization then gets like what happens there just seem like weird. Yeah. You have you have dishonest people in the inside and who are at the top of the organization, and what you had was somebody who's honest in there, who's trying to get this in there. So you have somebody who's honest, who's, like, well, look, we have all this information there, and they're like, oh, good work Johnson. We're this probably isn't getting and you don't end up getting promoted in someone else does because they told them what they wanted to hear. And then somebody in the organization it was like, well, I'm gonna fucking link this shit and they week it. This fucking power corrupts man. Like you see, like look dude? Even just a tie it back to all the shit. You see with the falcon the Milo shit being unleashed gangs, most people will just run around and follow orders. That's what most people are doing. They're just like I've been told this is what makes me on the right team. I will repeat exactly what you say, you know, this fucking comedian who J confronted the other day and fucking left, feeling like a woman. He's started saying these things to him. And he was like a well, I think Milo's Nazi, and Nazis need to be deployed formed. And you're like are you are you pretending this original thought that you're having right now? You are just repeating the dogma. But that's what people do. Right. I mean, just look at the nature of religion and how many people it's like one guy gets up and goes, this is what we believe. And everybody else goes, this is what we believe. That's how people are they just repeat the shit? You tell them to repeat. So when you have these org. And by the way, this is what I saw in, in the mainstream media in the time that I've been there. It's not that everybody in the mainstream media is a member of the CIA. There's some there's definitely some like, there are some who straight up our but you don't even need everybody to be because most people just come in, and they go, so this is the deal. Okay. I'll repeat the deal. This is what I need to say to move up the ranks. Okay. Well, we're animals, and we've evolved to survive and to make our lives easier. We didn't evolve desire truth. More people giving out jobs, spores great. I think the gold standard was foolish, and that's really good. Take take take out more money and give it to the poor people. Yet now, go say that on a platform that matters, and you're gonna get one of those jobs this podcast you just lost your. Burns not being the platform everybody. This is an hour h d platform burns, everybody hashtag de platform the fire, we're we're going to get this thing done. That's hate speech, and you're a Nazi. And that's how we're going to end things today. Sure thing let's let everybody know, make sure you check out Shannon's podcast, which is coming up next. If you're watching live, go listen to Shannon's podcast, which, of course, is called BA thing is today, the clock with Shannon and it starts at eight o'clock. And I, I, I know that, that's the hangman on my. That's what the thing is. That's the thing is with Shannon who's who's does a lot to help the network. So go go check out her show. It's very funny very entertaining. And of course, tonight at nine thirty is the dangerous episode of lesion location secret locates in tune in to find out where it's actually I'm pretty excited to podcast from there. It's going to be cool and okay. That's it for today. Go listen to run your mouth podcast with rob Bernstein. Follow at Robbi the fire on Twitter. We will be back on when this day piece.

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