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Today's episode of Bachelor Party is brought to you by state farm state farm agents know that in life. Anything can happen. You might buyer dream car on impulse or come to a broken in apartment. Maybe say Yes to a proposal from your significant other started family or find yourself in a fender bender. When you least expect it whatever happens when it comes to home auto insurance state farm agents are there to help with over ninety thousand agents neighborhoods across the US. There could be one just around the corner so contact an agent today because no matter what neighborhood you're from or whatever stage of life you're in checkout state farm dot com today to find an agent in your neighborhood state farm talk to an agent today Come to the right reasons. I'm Juliet led the now David Jacoby. Hey Mr last week you know what we tried to make it at the time scheduling in workout. I was very busy very busy. I was traveling three children. It's cool and I just live my life being busy. You know I may not may not have three heads but say welcome to the right reasons. Yes I did. Oh Okay 'cause this is like Bachelor party to check. It's the B sad but we also actually we. Did we did a bonus batch. Yesterday we did batches this week. So it's good. We're here beside chick anytime exactly exactly so. We didn't miss an episode last week. It was the culmination of the Miami trip was a whole lot of nothing kinda except for the draft this a week. If you're going to miss a week vendor pump. That was the one to miss. Yeah I agree everything that was going to happen in. Miami happened in Miami so it was more just like the residual aftershock of the fights. Which wasn't that big a deal. We got a good scene. I feel like they know when they're dressed up in drag dressed up as old people as they were in this episode for those of you. That are listening. The didn't watch it weird but They stage a fight every time. Because it's fun to watch e. Yeah Yeah I agree and I do think the fall the fallout and the ongoing Fox and Kristen and the other witches of we hose. But they've definitely for the cameras because like no one. No one likes going to a sit down dinner and like having the person next to them. Not even me and I like awkwardness and I like fighting. Sometimes not even myself from the table. And let's just do this somewhere else outside one hundred and I also think that the the Tom Tom late night drunken dressed up as old people conversation was there's rooted in reality share. It's rooted in reality. I feel like Tom. Sandoval does carry. Most of the tom-tom. Wait at Tom Tom. However I believe the amount of weight out of if there's if there's a hundred points of wait to make Tom Happened. How much of that lives on the shoulders? Schwartz insatiable I mean like I can total seven percents like not that much. I think centrally marketing. You know what I mean. That's really what they are. They're like they're like marketing there because people are there because they wanna take instagram stories of them being there with them. Yes I totally there. The marketing budget has value. That has a lot of value. I'M NOT SAYING THAT IS NOT HAVE I. I drove by Tom this week in Los Angeles and I was like too bad. They're close. I would love to go in there. And if I've passed a lot of bars driving Angeles did not feel that way about any of them. Jump Facet earlier this week too and I was just like yeah. That's the spot. That's that's the Mecca of West Hollywood. Now it's cool it really is it is but I also just think Thompson of one of those people who is really noisy about how hard they're working and I don't care for those kinds of people. I'm like Tisco shed. When there's a problem let me know like the best kind of person. WanNa just take handles it and gets a diet and doesn't show you how they're sweating life lesson for everyone listening to this. That works in a real place not Tom Tom Being the annoying sandoval look how hard I'm working. This is so hard actually. Gets you farther in your career? Which is one of the most annoying training in America? It really is is very much A. Don't let them see you sweat person you remember. All the years we worked at GRANTLAND. I held the video and audio department together and try to make Lee look easy totally. You are the definition of A. Don't let them see us that. Don't let them see you. Sweat Kinda Guy. Yes your approach in a work environment in a work environment. Basketball Environment Very sweaty. Tell Your Dad that was well. I got this. Here's what we're doing today. But I completed my wife all the time about it. I with you on the ferry. It's not the way Tom Sandoval Rolls. Though suitable roles the weirdest and like Mos Vandross sang about last week's episode which they showed in the teaser or the last time on this week was the dress up. I mean the old guy dress up was so absurd like I spent a lot of money on that and then I would never apply anything to my face that I couldn't take off. Well I mean that was actually one of the more interesting storylines was I did notice in Tomonori on his room. They had like big shipping boxes. From you haul. Yeah and they had. I think they'd packing slips on the music. Oh all of this stuff the outfits and the and the the The wigs and everything was shipped there in a box by like a true Hollywood costume department at believe they're also flown out there and then they I remember. I think he name is violet. The makeup artist. Like when you come home call me. 'cause I'm staying in this hotel and I will remove this for. Yeah people care about their skin. The way that Jackson Tom Tom I'm shocked. They did not use violet at the end of the night. I have to say. I think they're aging well. Given how much they drank. Oh sure give me how much they drink but also. I think that Tom Sandoval cares more about his skin than I would say. I mean he's not if not top one percent. He is top zero zero zero point. One percent shaves his head. Yeah we've seen it in their face routines before they go to bed like my wife does. Yeah sure it's smart. I need to get into a good face routine. I don't have do not have a face routine. I do now so ever me neither I need to. I will splash cold water on it. Because that makes them feel good and then wipe it off the go to sleep. It sounds like a great night. The has not been washed for two months. That's mess. That's so gross. Jacoby God save space with but many people listening like ten of them Anyway they just came home. Kinda like Miami trip trip ended with a whimper. Whatever they're back it's fine. It's pride and then this was read so just a little bit. I was shocked when James Kennedy referenced. The terrible terrible things he said about Katie and said and that was just a year ago. In real time I was happy they played back. What happened because it was actually meaner than I recalled. It was like. Oh Yeah I remember being mean it was really mean I really felt for Katie and a lot of people hate Katie. I think out there but I don't and we I think yeah people don't like Katie. I mean she's she's not the most vibrant personality on the show like I don't know I think if you're drafting them to pick up game. Kitty wouldn't go first. But there's not that much negative about Katie. I think she is just like not that Nice. She's particularly mean to kristen and I don't know but I I like I've never had a problem with her but a lot of people don't like her. I like her but it was really mean. Dj James Kennedy is really me? It's but on the other hand it's really hard to genuinely dislikes. Who has the fucking gall to wear a white bathrobe? Oh it was such a thing about that bathrobe. It's not an LA bathroom. That's very much. East Coast Bathrobe. It's very thick very very thick and absorbent and blue and just like you could tell he wasn't comfortable because if you remember privates really hot that day. What time of the year is probably the only like late July? Yeah they'll look mid-july Los Angeles in La is dry heat. It's a very comfortable city to live in. That'd be the the weather has been well documented as being some of the best of the planet and yet and yet you can bake you. You always say. The weather still underrated here underrated. It'll change everything and that was one of those days whereas a car that feels that must feel great out there. The Palm Springs is too hot. I hell is not too hot. Absolutely hate palms wrong. Take we can have that debate on a different podcast absolutely incorrect wrong. It was a very hot day so you know he's like I have to wear my white Khania bathroom because this season that they're gonNa try to cut me out of it and they haven't done a lot of shots la shoots in my home so this is the only once I get my way on your embroidered. And if you didn't see the episode is a is a royal blue because he's a king. It is a very very thick and yellow embroidered white. Kanye so fun I think you know. I love a personal monogram. I've no problem for myself Question did James by that for himself or was it a gift from Rockefeller someone else. Raquel doesn't know how to Spokane Yankee. So she's off and it is definitely one hundred percent positively James Kennedy. I don't think anyone else has called James Kennedy White Connie besides white. I forgot that he was Kinda had to be honest. But you did never forgot forgotten. I ever studio session. It's just like so funny every studio session. He has wakon. Yeah I love it. It's so it's so good anyway James. Back because he has to. Dj at tom-tom for Pride and James Dean back was wonderful because it meant that my favorite thing. That's ever happened in the Van Pool. Cinematic universe was brought up. Which is James and law had to address the Fossey situation with Randall? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I'm so I'm so happy before we get into which is a perfect. The best thing that happened in two thousand nineteen one of my office friends. Because you know I'm always best friends with the people that are next to me in the office yourself included she. We talked about various roles so much or at least I do that. She is starting again from episode. One season one. Oh Wow some getting to like live it again. There's so many people and things you forget like Miami girl in like in this other girl Jackson's dating early on and she's like season two. She's like I just met James Kennedy Season Three. Maybe she just met James Kennedy. He got fired from Sir in the back of my head. I'm like that's GONNA have first time every other episode. Yes I think he's going to get fired from Sir so many times in fact last week he was fired from Sir in twenty twenty so he is back but continued because we need to talk on fifty it. Just it's so good so basically. What happened was back in April of last year at the end of two thousand. Nineteen fifty cent posted all these tax on on instagram. Between him and Rand Lalas man and He posted all them and it was not flattering full at all for for rand. Basically hold on. I have to interject. Here don't follow fifty cents on Instagram. Do you now see I do this. Is He went through a phase first of all he has an excellent excellent social media. Mastermind like he uses social media. Innately like he didn't go to college for this. He just has a real feel for what's going to work. And he went to this phase of collecting debts so he would just whatever sort of person would whether any level of famer. They're a huge rapper. Or Randall. Who you need to Google and like go to page three to figure out anything about the man you. He was just collecting his debts on Insta- and he wants turned his attention to rand. Who I believe is some sort of tertiary producer on power right. Yeah he I think. The implication thank God Machala Power and out now know rand. Works is actually like a quasi successful producer. We've worked on the Irish man. He was he in lower sitting Jason's Meryl Streep at the Sag Awards that went to the Oscars. All that and hear some of the tax. I mean they were iconic the most famous one is. I'm sorry fifty. I'm heading to the emergency room. I'm not doing well. Please don't text me anymore. I'm sorry for everything. This is too much for me. I'm so hurt and not feeling well. It just became a name and it was so fucking funny Fathi. He started re referencing himself as in conversations. That had nothing to do with rand later on like he just took that on as a new moniker like rapper. Says add monitors took on. And here's the thing he made it. I'm sorry five. T T shirt that he sold. They should they should have sold more. Here's a limited run of ten thousand like Nike puts out sneakers. And here's another thing is if fifty cent. Curtis Jackson Jokingly text to you semi series about money. Om You get to the point. Where that shakes you to your core that you go to the emergency room and you're not doing well. I don't WanNa work with that person. You know like Isaac is producing this producing this podcast at the levels. Get a little squirrelly in the middle of podcast and the Tom Schwartz making a cranberry vodka. He just runs out of the room. She was like you know what maybe this isn't for you like Rand Hollywood's GonNa get a lot weirder than this and you're going to put pressure on you a lot more than fifty cents posting about you owing you know twenty thousand dollars like maybe this is an emergency room where the stuff just throwing that out there in no disrespect self-funding and also known believed it. It's just it was an incredible incredible situation and overtime. I began to believe they were playing it up just for the attention but at the moment it was great and then it seemed like Lalla really validated that. It was embarrassing for her. And Randall. Because what happened was she had just unblock James that we saw them in the music studio and then she had to reblock him because James like joined in on the fun posted on social media like making fun of Randolph. So Lala blocked him again and that validates this whole affair to me so I appreciate knowing about it. I disagree with you about a few things number. One rental and fifty cent were not in cahoots with each other in that. That was very much a private conversation that became public. That reynolds scrambled into every had to do to pay fifty and then maybe they might have sort of like tons and tons of tongue in cheek. Like okay I agree because this was bad for Randall. And Randall was legitimately shook when Curtis fifty cent Jackson not doing well. He's heading to the hospital right right. Was He really a complete look up medical residency? I do not believe that he ever to the emergency room. And if you go to that window or whatever like so what's going on? And he was like listen. She trying to shake me down for forty grand like. I'm having a panic attack like dude. Here's this annex away. Yeah seriously that Molly Molly Turkistan. Exactly yeah I I agree with that but I just think over time that they all leaned into it and became like a bit they were into but at the athletic I started. It was real. It was real fifty cent. Was airing out Randall's dirty laundry and I have a lot to say about this topic. So buckle up. I'm ready hit me number one. I have a lot of life philosophies mottos just sort of like you know just sort of like a the Ten Commandments. David Jacoby and I think the mother is about we get along you know one of the many one of the many. You're about to say I love you and you and I cut you off L. I don't like to get close to people crack that's not true interesting things One of my commitments is. You can be mean if you're funny right like you can be mean if it's worth it for the joke. But James Kennedy's posts was terrible. Terrible wasn't funny. He's I think he's been the showed it quickly. I never really saw in real time. I think he's holding up a shoot to his ear like a phone right in asking for one of his friends for money via caption quote. Emma wrong that's correct. That's the joke. Yeah that's the whole bit. I'm a hold a shoe up to my ear and pretend it's a phone and then ask for money from stranger hard to believe. James is not funny. Who would have seen that comment? He's funny when he's me he when he's drunk though it was definitely a sober joke and so it didn't work out. Did Not play did not play and he didn't really have an excuse for it. You know he's like. I'm sorry he didn't even try to play it off in a smart way. Though he it was just a total with he didn't really was it was he didn't know what he was doing it was. I just enjoyed that. Lalla blocked him again as a result of that absolutely and then we have sober James Right. Yeah and he's got this Gig at tom-tom pride it's his set and people that are deejays. I'm not a DJ. But they're set is very important to them. You know what I mean. That's that's the that's the now that they use. But did you see my set comes down? I set my set went pretty well. My set didn't go that good. He during his set he supposed to be sober. Lisa under the conditions under with James Kennedy could go. Dj there one of which that may not have a drink. Yeah Julia it did not pan out. He didn't even really try to hide it. No but I. If you're going to get a sneaky drink on the side Max gotta ask of course Max. Mack doesn't give a shit and actually doing everyone man. He's IT WAS. Toyota's care the way he asked. He's like hey man in the middle of the set he's got this like listening to the beat rock back and forth while he talks thing he's like yeah. I need a drink like Some soda water with Lime and something a little something. We know what that is. It's called a Vodka Soda Dude in the box. Front for reason not call it a Soda Lion Vodka Soda Lime Buck is like no dude Azra Vodka Soda in London. They may call it a soda lime vodka or something like that. Maybe by the way did you know that really close up shot on the Casa Migas Cup. Of course okay everybody. Let's get paid with this placement. George Clooney's making somebody Clooney's mall is making some money off of off of non Cindy are eating said together. Raising a glass of CASA migos to James Kennedy breaking his over at like before noon on Friday so so rough and then La district calls him out on it and she was just like what you WANNA taste. My drink tastes. Yours is just not. It's not fair to have sober Lalla in this college last year. It's not fair. Yeah SOBER LA. La Is really hard to keep up with. I mean she has. She has the moral superiority pretty much all the time. Oh she's on moral high ground at all points like during that weird dinner table fight from the previous episode. Lois has got this look on her face. Like what are you doing? If you're in a morality fight just find Lila because then you'll be on the higher ground just and she was also the remember. Britney like I don't WanNa go back to the previous ability. Britney got involved some people taking shots. 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And he's like where the fuck are you what what's wrong with you and like that's in media break-up like even sober even if you're drunk that's the kind of thing you politics talk show. He Jacoby that way. You'll be shocked to hear this. I do not talk to Joe Jacobi this way whatsoever. I think I've got it what he says like. Oh yeah he he's says. Go F yourself thank yourself and it's like that's your girlfriend. Also just just some context if you didn't see the episode again weird like there's a the main stars stars of anti-trump rules are on the in the parade. Is The pride parade so you don't you don't try out the barbeques you know what I mean. They could try out the people that are on the show so the the restaurants are staffed. It's all planned in Kells on the parade. Do you parades are. You're in a car but you're going very slowly. I cars moving at a glacier you. You're not zooming through the streets of Hollywood. You know what I mean. Raquel can't control when she gets there or not but also time management not strong definitely. Not but like James like you're a bad person. How are you comfortable being this kind of junk in the world? Sometimes I get drunk and the next day. I have so much anxiety about like regretting my drunk behavior. I would never do like one sixteenth of the Shit that James Does. I'm just worried about being annoying. He's telling his girlfriend to go fuck herself. And he's like not reevaluating everything in his life. That's a serious problem. I don't think it's an alcohol related. Oh that's not true. I don't think it's purely alcohol driven thing. I think that he's got psychological issues. Childhood trauma things going on then. He used alcohol to know. I think he I think he had a few drinks. Like I don't think he was slammed. Like coked up James. I just think that like after a few and he starts get loose it unlocks it activates like some of this part of his personality where he will literally like the only person that was stand by him on the planet like literally that person he says. Go Fuck Yourself. Because he's not there to what? Listen to your. Dj set my guy and object bar like you want me to listen to you transition from like some other producer to another good. Dj's track to another good track. Put my hands up in the air. Like I don't care like that's not. It's not exactly like you're you're having surgery drive you home. Like isn't real life support. It's me listening to you. Play other people's music and then talking to the microphone about how dope you are White Konya. Come on. Yeah I I. It doesn't make any sense and he's just he's a deck. I jame sucks like he's kind of entertaining on TV but like you know it's important to remember this dudes and astle. He's got issues. Nothing's Caldo why does she get back together with him soak? That's at least like a one week time out. If you're if you're not gonNA go full break up. I I don't get it. Oh so how does she reacts? We don't even see them making up. They don't even show that yeah. She rushes over. We don't see the apology. We just see them like being okay and her and her explaining it away. It's really bad. It's a toxic relationship. And then we see James James Jack. Don't go over to Lisa's table Guy. He's an Zuid. Don't do at least got the prime table at Tom Tom by the window. It's very hot out but you can still keep your eye on the festivities outside in line and feel like you're part of the outside party and part of the inside party great table Kens there. You can't such a sport from wearing this ridiculous stuff that he wears. Gygi some ridiculous stuff. It's time out time out time out. That wasn't Gygi girl was it does puffy. Oh my God. I don't think Gypsies coming up the House. I have dog face blindness genius coming out of the House. I think okay. Puffy looks a lot. Like you know what? How do I explain this face blindness? Oh I don't know I. I'm not an authority on this It's like it's like when the chiefs had Alex Smith and they're like Patrick. Mahomes sit out this season but like it just to come in because that's what Puffy is to. Gygi like puffy looks at Gigi Looks Puffy and they both know how this is going to pan out over time. Alex Smith for sorry. Yeah I'm sure you've got a long career ahead of you in the XFL. Maybe it's just. The whole thing was ridiculous. But I'm glad you rob Lisa her role with these people as a leader. Because I want to talk about this situation. This was the weirdest part of the episode which I did not care for and breaks a lot of my roles personal code of reality. Tv Reality TV and talking about it for like I don't have reality TV code but doing this. Podcast I'm like. Oh discuss this. I'm GONNA give you the floor. I'm ready I'm ready. So Arianna says that. She's depressed and she tells Lisa that she had she. She basically say that she needs to find some reasons to get out of bed in the morning and put on makeup and brush her hair and like feel good so our seems like she's struggling with depression and that's really serious. I feel for her and I think it's something that I I hope. She is working through. Currently I don't know on her current state but it's come up a couple of times as episode this season so far and we've seen her consistently go to Lisa these problems which and to say. The problem is also just almost too dismissive. I it's I don't want to be dismissive at all. I think it's really serious condition. It's a condition and it's a struggle and I feel for her however I don't think going to Lisa is the answer and I don't think using these like setup sit downs with Lisa or picking up more shifts at Sir is the answer like I'd prefer to see Arianna. Doing something off camera said it. Preferred not see it at all where. She's getting the help that she really needs. Which is seeing it there or maybe going to group therapy or just getting resources on strategies to feel better. Maybe even includes medication. Like I don't know because I'm not. I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. And neither is Lisa. And as far as I know none of the neither the producers of the show and so it's pretty uncomfortable and irresponsible to be navigating. Rem is depression. This way. And it's irresponsible I think for her. It's because I'm worried. She's not going to help the G. needs and also irresponsible to suggest that like your boss could be the the solved there. That's actually not a good solution and I find it uncomfortable to watch. It reminds me of like all the Times on MTV. When Dr drew was trying to help the team moms and it's like dude you're always TV special talking for ten minutes in public like not the answer and this is a very serious thing into depression. Effects like a huge a huge percentage of the population. And I think that to address it is one thing but to address it in this manner and to suggest that like picking up a couple shifts a week it sir is going to be like the solve and also think that you have to look at it from a producer standpoint. I think they're trying to bring a little at Gravitas and wait to the program and show that these people are just like you have real lives and that's fine but if you're producer you're saying if I'm a depressed person watching this right am i. Am I helping them by saying it? It's good to discuss it by the way that Sh- that she discusses it and tries to solve. It just seems counterintuitive to how I would want someone suffering from this condition to do so. Yeah and I just think like reality. Tv's not is not really a good forum for working through depression so honestly Arianna. I really hope you're feeling better. Hope things are getting better. Hope that you're getting the treatment that you need and I hope we don't have to continue watching us on the show. This season is not appropriate. Then also think that maybe she is battling with depression. But at some point you have a conversation with the producers and the producer's like okay like we're gonNA use it as a story on the show because you can help people in. I think everyone's intentions are in the right place. Yeah but like even if she threw it Kinda has to like. There is an element to everything they say and do that is fake right. Everything every single thing I think the fights are somewhat based in reality but not one hundred percent so it somewhat fake and I feel like this is an issue that serious enough that I don't want to bring the fakeness acting part of reality into it. I agree and I do think there's a lot of value in her acknowledging that she has depression and I think there's a lot of value in acknowledging it like you can see them like you like this glitzy. Glamorous still feel really feel and still be prone to depression like that actually is definitely valuable. Money Fame yes relationship that she's checking all of the life boxes but yet she still doesn't feel like herself and I think that is an important message. It's a nice message to put out there but this show this way this environment. These two people. It doesn't it doesn't feel appropriate completely. Agree on the flip side. One thing. That happened Arianna this week. Which kind of like went under the radar but I was like. Oh that's new and that's cool. I don't think Arianna has ever said on the show before I'm bisexual and and I you know it was kind of like implied. Also doesn't really need to be discussed. Whatever it's up to Hershey obviously in the car with Santhal Driving. But she was like. I'm bisexual. This is my first pride as a B and I thought that was cool. Good Job Arianna to. I don't want to say good job. Like she accomplish something but like it's just cool that it was just a pretty minor part of the episode. She just kind of set it. We all moved on but I just wanted to acknowledge it because I thought it was like. I thought it was a nice moment. She she actually related to the wind. She did so by being like every year. I'm this thing being pride. And she's kind of in the closet. I think pride of all environment is the place where the payment were accepting of like totally. You don't have to be fully down the middle by you. Know what I mean but there's a party that you feel it and like just be you and that's you to use your term sexy flexi flush sex flexi sexy flexing sexy. She's very much flexi sexy. It's called I will say like there's so much to make fun of about these people and like so. Obviously that's what we do. I have to say this kind of made me remind me that like Oh these are only pretty like generally open minded people and was like. That's nice although next week when we have to leak Warren Jackson Pastor there at the end of this but like I do WanNa make a hard transition to something. That was really fun. Rebels time management. Oh my God. She's on the parade she's late to go see. Dj James Kennedy Set. She gets a. Wake is DJ. Wait Kennedy set and she gets there and then wait kind. He goes over to talk to Lisa. And Lisa's where's Raquel? He's like Oh she's over there and they said well. Why isn't she sir? Like she doesn't have to work at Sir and it's just he's a dig himself in his whole she's like I know who has to work at surfers. What these you barely know your own shoot scheduled for your four TV shows and then and then he lies right to Lisa's face for just a straight line right sewer face like no. She's not back there like my guy. You just set us back to twenty seconds ago unless she like S- climbed out of an air vent. You're lying okay. And then gets to sir. Yes she'd US and Peter was like. We needed you three hours ago. Not Right now in the sit down where he can barely keep a straight face that so so fake peters not the the best as being out there now he's not then she was like is it doesn't make a difference. I work right now. He just doesn't response. We're slammed in its pride in this whole the whole. Show all complain about how understaffed they are. Here's someone who literally works at the restaurant being like. Do you want me to work now. We're good it's like wait a second. Wait a second. You're telling me you don't want her in there right now. First of all in real life. The second she sews up. He's like get your uniform on. Get out here. That's how real life works. You have the conversation after the shift is over Lou like the next day. You don't go to the back to like have a sit down. Yeah it's like Peter. You shouldn't have time to be like yelling. You out of your employees. Right Allie. Just deal with it later. There is no busy day at that restaurant in limbo. That's harsh punishment is to make them scared. Yes very much so peers. That's a really good management technique. Those like you know I'm mad at you but we're not gonNA talk about it. You'RE GONNA suffer for like a day you're mad. We'll discuss it tomorrow at sucks it really does. Oh my God. We're CAL cal. I just have no interest. She's not even fun. She just likes ridiculous ridiculous Let's talk about Sheena versus Dana? The fight that carries on a pace and SHEENA crying about not being jealous so okay a couple of things. First of all the beginning of the episode Sheena and Danika and a Brat and a couple of Lisa's home Villarosa to make signs for pride. It's like they're going over to their camp counselor like bunk and they bring the markers to like work on the sides. Y What I do is I always get my car in. La Traffic and drive ninety minutes to some remote hilly location to like make a sign for party tomorrow. Remember that time that we all went to bill's house to make some signs wait. We would never do that. Let's insane it's insane but they're obviously doing it for the show and part of it is least confronting Sheena about her treatment of Dana. And I gotTA say some. Yeah I think. I Love Dana detail. Gina so Dana notably doesn't like to wear bras but she looked really great and that Pink bra-top so Dana. Maybe we can just do it. Well she's like. I don't wear bras in lettuce share. Yeah I'm only wearing a bra. Yeah but I think data's like she's direct. She's sexy she's funny. She's got a great speaking voice. Yes she's SMART. Nice is like yeah. She's great I kinda like Dana. Okay she said she had a day job. What is her date of? I thank you for bringing that up because I was a hold up. Wait a second. They didn't edit that out. I know you have to edit that out that you would do not use that bite. Do not use that bite. No I want to suspend disbelief. I want to believe Dana. Eat Sleeps and breathes her job at Sir and she wants to be a lifer like Jack's like that is what I want to believe the idea that she is like an assistant at a production studio in Santa Monica all day long and then the twice a week is no. That's not what I want to believe. I know I just. What is she doing that? Like what are what are the other things we know? She's a stand up comedian. That is definitely not during the day job. That's the evening one hundred percent. That's a once a month. You have to bring five friends. No Yeah I'm just like what? What is her job? Is it like an audrey situation where she does? That was what I was modeling that entire thing after but coach studios or whatever and like says hello to people that come in exactly the great the great job from the hills. I mean I have a lot of questions about it but that was really weird to me and I was like okay. They're really have a hard time. Threading the needle between creating the the real world of of the show and the real world of outside of the show. Yeah because if we'RE GONNA if we're going to sort of like that's not the Fourth Baltimore just like the doggy door to the fourth wall. If we're GONNA open up the doggy door the fourth wall like let me in you know what I mean. What else is going on in these people's lives like what is her day job. Do a one shoot. There live round out her personality. Does she have friends? Where did she grow up where it's going to college like college? If we're GONNA WELL WE KNOW. We know dented. But if we like if if you're going to do this producers and editors you can't just kind of slip it in there you know what I mean. It's like being like on the eighth day. And they're like yeah. I was married for a while but no not anymore. But anyways it's gone it's just like what like what I'll along these lines and other things. It's become really clear. Is that Brat who sheena hooked up with allegedly works at Sir Tom? Tom Account Remember. It's usually says trainer. And she was like put him on the show because every time they grow every time I talk about Brat at Lisa's trainer and then he he's just her trainer. I guess he's attractive. I wanted to put on the show for that reason. I don't know but he's not. He's not a real hospitality services guy. I think what's happening is Brett. And Max is previous. Tweets have had them revisit. The edits and I believe that Max could not remove right. But right yeah. I feel like they've just like let's just take as much brent out of this as possible. I haven't seen Brett's previous tweets. I don't feel like fully comfortable speaking to a microphone Dot Com but I've just heard that they are equal if if not worse than Max's previous tweets and like just google it because I don't WanNa get into it but like I think that there is a part of the production had to like you know go to Audrey Studio in the reopen all the finished the finished episodes and sort of reimagined them with his little. Max Bread is possible right. That's a good point and they definitely like downward importance to the restaurants. Yes because I think I didn't think about that. That's a good point. 'cause like clearly clearly just leads trainer and I think that those are the things you can't edit him out of you know what I mean like we to Lisa during the parade like Kelly. Shoot around that totally. There is with stackable. Extra Seating Sofa beds extend tables and multipurpose poofs Argo selection. Stylish furniture has exactly what you'd be. 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Discount will be automatically applied at checkout. That's our little dot com slash bachelor to get fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more also some more New People Danika. Let's talk about her. Loved loved her pride outfit. It was like me too. Skimpy Pink Bikini underneath a hot green fish nationality said there was a thong. Look if she was in the locker room of a strip club. The girls would be like okay. I'll go for it but again like as she told us she just graduated college twenty minutes ago so I want to have that for a second which leads the her. She's clearly young 'cause she literally said in an interview because twenty minutes go yet. They're making me the manager of the restaurant. Which tells you a lot a lot which tells you not just about the restaurant but of the show like I feel like there is an entire infrastructure that actually runs these restaurants that do not appear on the television show but occasionally we see the partners. That actually do a lot of the work. But there's like a whole like this. The Peters not really running the show. There's a whole staff. There's a whole managerial staff lick when they have their off site senior management meeting. There's twelve people. There in two of them are on the show but to that point. Lisa was like listen. Peter is going to be on the on the float. You'RE GONNA have to run the show during pride and she says I literally Graduated College. Twenty minutes ago and they're putting me in control of VP's restaurant in the second biggest city during the busiest day which is insane. But then I was thinking to myself you could tell just graduate. 'cause my musical 'cause that's a hard outfit to pull off. Yes really. I mean. That's a hard outfit to pull off. And she did you do it while you can. We Danika yes. I support you the window. A small on that one. You gotta go. I considered positive angles. Judge me judge me not for what I think about doing but for what I do. I'm glad to hear it. I'm glad to hear it a lot on her instagram. There's a lot of her with the other new old Brett. Which is her boyfriend who Yeah that that's real. At least I suspect that's how she ended up on the show. Her boyfriend probably already worked there and so they are like more more. You probably know more than the instagram. But the first thing she said when she was like I graduated twenty minutes ago. Mkx What College you. I'M GONNA write down my answer. No one's looking at me but I'm just GonNa just say you trust me. I don't know but I have a feeling we're going to have the same guests without saying we'RE NOT GONNA. We're not gonNA have the same guest. We're not at all okay ready. Let's say it on three one two three airs. I want Western vibes like big. Ten goes to football games and stuff like she's got no accidents Acre all to me. She's like she's got no accent. I know but that's a perfect Arizona. It's hard to maintain that body in the mid West too yeah absolutely Arizona state like what about San Diego State as tech. You know what I mean. I could see some like definitely like warm region. Yes she's A. She's a warm weather girls where she learned how to wear all those outfits you know I do. I do have to say this though is I. Do Find Danika Dana and Charlie kind of attractive and a lot of that is is because they're new. You know what I mean. I Dane Israel attractive. I think she hurt her and Arianna or like in a different class of normal looking very pretty people on the show again. This happens all the time to me is like there's like two levels of attraction. There's like I look at you for the first time like literally a picture in a magazine. Feel like Arianna definitely. Check that box with Dan. It's more like once. I understand your personality a little bit better. You get more attractive to me. You see what I'm saying. Yes happens for females. Do this can't be gender-specific so it's like so. I think that like knowing what I know about Arianna. She's been in my life for nine years. So it's like it's like I'm over her attractiveness but data's new so exchange student. That comes cheat yes basically because you see someone new and you're like. Oh interesting. Okay I'm in I'm interested in you. Know I kind of like the New People I also. I find that like the forcing of some of this stuff to be getting annoying so I would rather just I would just rather they find a new group of crazy people and keep she who's also crazy and that's why like she not Danika in Dana are the are the more interesting part of the show or more entertaining I think they were relying on maximum breadth for a lot more. They just didn't go through their old twitter. Yeah have you ever gone through your old twitter layers i? I don't think I've never done it. I don't think there's anything out there like I remember. I started the two thousand seven. So I'm like twenty nine like I'm I'm kind of past the dune super stuff. You're twenty nine two thousand seven Yeah since I met you like you were like I don't know thirty three. I guess I feel like that's when your life started like I. I know a lot about your life. It's hard for me to think about like what you were out doing out in the world before we you know zero for us. Jesus exactly this two. There's two distinct areas of time before Julia and after Juliet. Yeah there was the guy who talked to my favorite podcast Arrow about Jersey shore and basketball lives. And then there was my buddy Jacoby. You know. I think I've built my entire career. The entire Jacoby Empire is been built on like one good appearance about Jersey Shore. Honestly you guys were really early to it but so a guy I had already seen it and I was like yes. They're talking about it and it like it was in. It was in December two thousand nine. Let's START I vividly remember it. I didn't know here's later with. I'm doing the same thing. That's the everyday man pump dream. Espn two or to Jalen and Jacoby. He got listen to the podcast subscribe. Exactly that's how you that's how you promote podcast. And other podcast. Talk about them subscriber. You have to listen to subscribe to get the numbers data. Just click on it and subscribe doesn't take any date in your phone. No downside so does searched jalen Jacoby push subscribe and then screen shot and tweet to me and all respondents it. Thanks man a couple of final notes before we got here. I just want to say I'm still. I know it to be true but I'm still going away. When confronted with the fact of how much thompson edible loves to dress up. I don't think I I'm a personally passions. I don't love anything as much as he loves to dress up. He's so good at it. Though you know. What the ORCA RESPECT. I have for Tom Sandoval. It's going up. He's trending up when he's like. I'm laser focused detail oriented laugh at that but someone had to get those suits fitted. Someone had to imagine of the chest plates with the B the Rainbow Beads someone in the world. Put the the graphic on the back end so tells me that that was him. Yeah I great staff. It's he's a he's really good addressing. Those suits were fire. I did have one concern though. Okay white dirty no no not at all sandoval. Put the helmet down dude. Who you mouse. Garret the helmet down. You don't leave it with the motorcycle. Your you need two hands in order to effectively poor to stand on the bar to get up to the bar you need to enhance deport liquor bottles into you. Know girls from from Arizona's mouth while they're sitting there like you need two hands you carrying. The helmet around was not helping you look whatsoever. I think when you're pouring out one of those bottles it's like a mixed thing it's not as hardcore that seems no not at all. Oh yeah totally ribbon. Shots of grey goose. It's it's sorta line vodka otherwise known as the White Con- you definitely have when I open up our name. I'm going to name a drink. The white kind of Kosova the white card. Yeah remember who tried to at least drink? I know you're excited and it's like it's like a high energy environment. Let's Lisa Vanderbilt for the camera and doing that. Yeah I totally agree that next time on next time on. Yeah what happened next time on? Oh it's the pastor the pastor yes I'm more interested in the behind the scenes at the wedding that anything else that we're going to the season so I I can't wait but you don't know anything about the winning right like you just completely stay blind. You have no idea of any. No I think I actually went to it and I'm confused. What's real what's not as it relates to instagram. Not share anything. Did you know about pastor gate already? Read something about it. I read something about it. Came across my desk desk my feeble and pooping and I do. I do think that this was brought up in Wisconsin version. I totally get it. But like I don't know man Great question they ended up Atlanta Bass Marrying them so that's how about it. He doesn't pass doesn't get the call up he gets. He does yes because he was going to be. My question is like how much of acceptance is accepting people's acceptance like as part of acceptance accepting intolerance essentially. That's an interesting question. And I'm like no no definitely not. Let's best is GonNa get you more clicks so might as well with that. It's not what it's now at least a stance for at all but I'm excited to see it play out. I don't think the Brittany's family loved that call. You know what I mean like guy that you've been going to church every Sunday since you were born. Yeah we're replacing him from an insect. Actually you know in insane. Come on we're chasing with someone from doing older than you. I know I know it's fine. I'll sleep boy bands or my passion passions. It really before we go I wrote. It really bothered me. They didn't remove the makeup. It's just really bothered me. It's just like sleeping and being in the hot and humid in Miami like waking up with that kicked on your face like absolute disgusting. Just take it off before bed. Jakob's you're GonNa Watch survivor this season. Have you heard? Oh Ooh I think you should consider it. It's war it's war of the Winter War I saw Austin Robertson. There and bus rob gained a couple. He did but you. He was dominant last night. It was it was awesome. I owed recommended episode one. Yes it was to our joey in order for me to watch. Joel Yes to watch okay. And like my. I was obsessed with your quantity dozen six. My brother and I and our friend. Kurt were Jewish. Other Kurt obsessed ran out so happy to see him back and it was good. I recommend that get back into it. Okay a text forthcoming. Thank you all for listening. And of course thank you today sponsors. Don't forget to check out article and thank you to state farm and Bud lights out there and of course hallmark. Sometimes when I say I love you feels like a habit you know when I say I love you a hallmark card. It feels different. Lovey could hold onto Valentine's Day. Is Friday February fourteenth? That's tomorrow visit hallmark dot com slash bachelor and find Valentine's Day cards for everyone. You care about and use the Promo Code Bachelor to get twenty percents off your car for just. I'll be back on Monday with Rob Mills. Talking Bachelor Talk to you then.

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