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Out of the ashes. You will rise if you feel sad. Loss depressed finances are in the gutter social life. You're lonely out of the ashes ashes. You will rise here my garage. Invest in yourself always be curious. Don't be a cynic and sleeping on a couch in a mobile home with only forty seven dollars in my bank account when everything's burnt to the ground when you're sad lost depressed and and everything is at rock bottom. You get to rebuild the sack and precise way you want the damn thing. Rebuilt Health Wealth love happiness each of these four goals. In case. You missed the last episode. Make sure you go back and check it out. Here's what went down. You want to be the old man in the Ferrari because I live live in Beverly Hills. There are some old asmal pulling up an event doors. I don't want my first Aberdeen at eight hundred coming up today. So many people miss out on life anything like you said that they haven't heard growing up they'll be like I don't want to try you look at everybody. WHO MADE MONEY billionaire? They experimented with something. When other people thought thought it was crazy Gracie Jiu Jitsu the Gracie Diet and today? It's amazing. I have pointy Andrei. See here his father. WHO's actually right? Here is the man who created Brazilian Jujitsu and and son here on brought Brazilian Jujitsu to the United States was the CO creator of the USC in Nineteen ninety-three which is now everywhere. You go you've got mixed martial arts and it really comes back to his family so he's nice enough to come by the house and I wanted to just share with you some very important things. Not just about diet. But about philosophy on life overcoming stress. Worry how to discipline yourself how to create a daily routine you know really how to transform your in life so thank you for coming my pleasure tenth ninth degree Red Belt. This belt right here is the highest bill. You can get his father. There is a tenth degree. There's only only the founders of Jujitsu the brothers here and so there's only a few people that have the the red belt nights degree that's correct. Yeah it's a handful of people and then you have in your son's Hanner is he's a bill. It's become a red belt. You'd be at least fifty so they have always to go. Yeah because the coral belt comes in between correct yeah. The black belt goes up to six degrees. Yeah and then seventh and eighth or coral bureau belts and then ninth is read Israel. Okay I am not. I am a blue belt so I have a long way to go but What you advance your you gotta read built in other subjects? No not already maybe. Maybe a brown in some other areas is one of the most common questions I get is how to overcome procrastination discipline yourself build a daily routine that's productive. Your family came to America. What was it? When was it ninety four? You started the UFC. Ninety three extra ninety-three nobody could beat the Gracie family. Everybody was doing karate. They were doing boxing or or wrestling. I remember watching the first. UFC One two three and a skinny gracie family member became. And just nobody could. How many did he win? He wants or UC's differs. He won the first three against people. That was when there's no weight classes right. No Way Class Glasgow time limits. No time limit people were elbow. It was vicious and he was about. He's your house he related to. You is my little brother. That's your brother okay. So heus is Came in and he's probably a hundred seventy pounds. Something like that right seventy five or something like yeah. It was a lettuce county event for sure but was a very good example of what trump technique and do so in in debt on ice show and ultimately changed the world the the change the world. Now there's your family. Your sons have schools schools around the world. I train I was just down in San Diego. I just trained now I found a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Kademi train there. Almost every country in the world has something I was in Norway they're doing gracie he ju Jitsu. So what's the story for someone who doesn't know the back take us back over one hundred years ago. Okay thank you for the opportunity to thank you. Former jujubes ministry came to Brazil about one hundred years ago in one thousand nine hundred. There's a need to the Japanese immigration colony. Was He from Japan from Japan. Okay in my grandfather. Gushed was very influential man in Brazil at the time so he helped Japanese gentleman gets settled in northern Brazil and to show his gratitude. The Japanese instructor offer to teach us into to my thirteen year. Old Uncle College was the oldest of eight kids. Five of them were boys. Uncle was kind of a wild kid but I wanNA start. Learning is usually found himself with failing train under the Japanese instructors for a few years and when the family moved from northern Brazil to real he then started started teaching. But he's friends and of course she had him and his brothers right. My Dad Elliott was physically very frail child. It was a small one was younger than the other. There's also eleven years younger than my college but still had a very three health. you run up stairs and fainting spells. Nobody knew exactly why so. The doctor said the time recommended he be kept after we from any kind of physical activity. Wow So my dad used just watch his brother's practice. You've you've got nothing else to do. No television just spend a day watching his brothers until one day when he was sixteen years old. I student came for a class in my uncles are not around to teach the class so my father offered to teach a lesson in the guy agree okay. Let's play my to step in and talk to him in a lesson showed up very apologetic. I'm sorry I'm late. Let's have class. These students said listen to a little brother alien. I liked it in fact the wannabe. He's from. My Dad was promoted to be a teacher by his student. Wow what man. Soon realize is that the techniques he had memorized require a certain amount of physical ability and strength breath and speed. We did not have trial and error. He started modifying the traditional Japanese techniques. That the brothers were practicing and give you more emphasis with natural body. Movements Simpler shorter moves. Better tiny better leverage and so forth and that modification is what gave birth. What's not his usual Brazilian ships? Yes so my dad did not running venues you. He just made it easier for the little guy. Like you'd like to explain to you in order to test this changes in martial arts. You can't just few resonable debt. So he's issuing challenges to everybody in Brazil and becoming very successful in the charge mix against different styles. Although he would just fight he would put A. I heard he would put something in the newspaper. Anybody anybody come fight me or something like that if you want to have a broken arm. We're a broken rib called me dress. You know that's GonNa get men Macho Watch they're going to show up they like but ultimately my dad's side challenge everybody in defeating everybody and became the first sports. ICON in Brazil's history. Wow now backing the thirties. Pelletier soccer player wasn't even born. There was nobody else in terms of sports. The Brazilian used to root for like. I said you'll conic figure this beyond anything else. And he's a for people who know belt system you see him and his brother and the brothers are the only red belt tenth degree. Yes that's mainly and you're a ninth degree red belt which is the highest. You can get this. Because I'm not gonNA gigs okay. Anyway so my dad start challenging every body becoming this huge guy. In Brazil very popular family became very defeating very successful and and then for the longest fighting history one round of three hours in four hours. who was that against voter a former student of his the academy Japanese guy? Twenty five years old. My Dad was forty three years old at the time the fighters just crazy long anyways who won ultimately guy one on to fight but it took three hours and forty minutes and my father lost resumption. Eventually he was just so tired. I couldn't take it anymore but anyways There was a very impressive the fighting for both of them and stuff like that. So let's talk about something that is talked about once in a while in business but not enough I was talking with Alex. Business Partner about scaling This new business we've launched and he of course is always was a little bit more. How do I put gung-ho than I am about scaling and so he's like let's go let's go let's go? Let's let's get the company of an animal. I quoted quoted something that I read. I can't remember the exact words now. Basically said you can only scale a business as quickly as you can hire. You can scale hiring and there's a lot of truth that because I don't care what business you're in. The hardest part is not product development. It's not marketing marketing. A good product is easy. You know if you can't market it's usually because your product is in good. Nobody wants it you know. You can't sell underwater basket weaving to the world. No matter target marketing skills are if you pick something that people want like Uber. Pick something that people wanted just sold because you know Uber and Lift People Wanna I have to get a taxi and they WANNA cards so if product and marketing heart business especially when you want scale. What is the hard part? In my opinion. It is growing your employee. Base your assistance your marketing team. 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This could cost hundreds if you went to the doctor or pharmacy somewhere else. So go to four hymns dot com slash ashish tie. That's F. O.. R. H. I. M. S. Dot Com Slash T. AI FOR HYMNS DOT COM. Tom Slash my name tie So my dad becoming this huge I in Brazil for me it was growing up. As if I was living with Superman right. Everybody knew the old man like a movie star. Whatever he goes very popular that kind of stuff and it was great to be born up in a family like this you just everybody knows very convenient stuff? When I'M GONNA sixteen years old? I decided to come to the United States so save money for a year teaching my private class last week to start teaching very young and the negative family. You don't have much of a choice of how early you start doing some pretty much grandson grandson. That's how old are ten grand children grandchildren. They start artists. There's a diaper and then there's a Kimono hiding diaper anyways. So I started saving money but you should classes at seventeen I came to the United States is being on month vacation I found that right before he came name that if I was a member of the YMCA. I'd have a one dollar discount commute. The time was a load of money so sitting down and stuff like that I still had to Hollywood. Oh really yeah so you mean to sleep to sleep. I'll go to the gym. No no no no to sleep a little hostile the time people would sleep so I joined the YMCA. I'm seeing Brazil a month before it came so I could get the idea and become a member so I came here and stayed at the Ymca and for security reasons. I didn't want to leave my cash in my return ticket in my room room with the receptionist to put on a safer the company which he did a week later when I went to get some more cash I find out that the reception is had stolen cash ticket so I called a manager and he said I'm very sorry I'm GonNa give you a couple of bucks to buy a sandwich but I'm not buying a new ticket called airline company which I did. They told me that it's going to take them six six months to make sure nobody use my ticket so he could give new one. Wow so I did not want to leave my father. You know worried about it so I call my dad in Brazil. Say Dad Guess what what I love. America I'm wondering here for six months so feet I didn't tell you old man that fading. Yes I didn't tell you what man that had. No money don't take it didn't speak English and knowing about you'd have a heart attack so I learned very won't very early on in my life that seventeen so you weren't even eighteen when you're in a new country that's right no money yes. I learned very only on in my life that all bad things happen for a good reason no matter what they call a hundred percent no doubt no doubt. I'm a living example. But do you think you have to recognize that and turn it into good because sometimes people something bad happens and they get so depressed they never learned from it. That's right that's the trick. If they can turn around and say what's the good in it for me. It changed immediately. Yeah all these all look at all different How does it crossroads in your life for something? Very very bad happen ultimately is for the goods creates a new opportunity. That's the way I see. It has happened to me many times anyways but just a question of looking at things he wants to see a particular glass half empty business. You see the things for me worked out well to understand understanding except that mindset so I find myself eventually looking for work and find myself flipping hamburgers White Castle Burgers August and then my trip. That was GONNA be a month long trip. Stretch out to be a yearlong trip. That's nineteen seventy five myself for a few days literally Struggling no money ben hand on street corners for spiritual good. He'd sleep in the newspaper on the sidewalk. All that part of growing up in old monthly after one year go ticket went back to Brazil. Everything worked fine but all I could think about is America was just good. I got hooked. I love the idea of the land of opportunity in deal to support myself at seventeen eighteen years old three year. And that was fascinating. So Jimmy Anderson Concert a couple of times yes and So when he was a great excuse meet some good friends and then I spent two years after we turned to Brazil. It's been two years humanist could come back to the states which I did seventy to visit some friends for a few months and then back to Brazil with the law school in Brazil graduated law school. Attorney oh I never practiced law but I have a law degree and then after finishing low squeeze seventy eight. I decided it was time to come back. Active United States and sure does YouTube. They're my family had perfected with the rest of the world. That was my dream came back. I I stayed with his friends of mine. Whose whose mother was an actress? So I would stay. You know should go to work in studios and I'll be home alone okay. But I can't be doing nothing so I have to do. ASSUMPTA from Washington windows. I'm cleaning the bathrooms cooking dinner. Cutting the grass anything to show appreciation for her. Let him stay at her place and before you know it is. I'm looking for work. And she said what do you I WANNA do it. Anything doing a clean other people's homes that of course so I started calling her friends. She started calling her friends. Hey My friend who lives in green clean mobile but he sound clean. Everybody's house right a whole bunch of everybody's nobody's business and eventually I live on the house of a woman whose husband was the assistant director on the TV shows starts get hurt in thirty five years ago she says. Hey you're not a bad looking. How come on in the movie business to try to help them? Not Just said take some pictures ticket to a casting office and you start doing extra work. Can I say hung up and I started doing extra work fantasy island street blues heart-to-heart output files. Quincy you know love Vogue Brazil right to Hollywood a Hollywood so now I'm doing extra work in movies having fun with that in the same time. I left elitist house. Richard Haass some friends of mine. Put some Mazzi my garage and every we personally met the invited for a free class. So I'm working on the movies as an extra five days a week and teaching says in Sunday's okay as my schedule got busy and I start. Working more here is like cutting down the hours working movies and teaching more classes right so first glasses on the house I happen to be an amazing shift. People are GonNa Fall in Love Seles for sure. Yeah and then if you like it you bring a friend who got another free class if you bring ten friends and get your ten free classes and that's the word was spreading around. It was not uncommon. Common Glad my garage for Nineteen seventy-nine that somebody who's my former confused director karate or taekwondo. were wrestling boxing. Judo does not believing. He thinks that I'm wasting my time with you. He wants to challenge to which he wants to fight. Challenge you fight. Would you accept that sort of course bringing in so the guy would bring martial arts destructive to challenge orange me to a nose fighting my garage of beach and of course I'll tell my students Tuesday night eight o'clock some conflict. Have everybody come in. Watch some of those are on Youtube is it your brother Hickson six Excuse my brother. Yes because I've seen some challenges. There's some guy I always loses like other martial arts all good just don't possibilities you know it's not completely round right if someone had to be number one I just I was just listening to the audio book. Titan Rockefeller Kafelnikov. Everyone should listen book even if you know not. Everyone Likes Rockefeller Right. Because he's controversial person but there's some very interesting takeaways for everybody and one. One of the things was Rockefeller. He started his first real job. Outside of his upbringing was as an accountant and he always said none of my competitors know their numbers. Better than me. And it's my competitive advantage. He understood his businesses numbers. I was like after I read this book I was like I gotta get even better. I mean I know my numbers but he knew his numbers in and out in and out and he basically considered it his number one. You know competitive advantage so in the modern world that was in the late eighteen hundreds right when he kinda rose up early. Nineteen Hundreds Rockefeller alert. For you and I- things have gotten more complex. The IRS code is more complex than it ever was taxes accounting systems. Now we use use software right back then. They would write in ledger books and most entrepreneurs that follow me when I talked about their accounting accounting. It's all over the place. Okay all over the place so you got one system for sales at one for accounting one for inventory story too much time to many different resources and is hurting your bottom line. 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At least take me out to steak dinner. So the bottom line. Is this guy. Some different socialize kept coming to the house in challenge over and over and over hundreds of times on the ten year span. Wow really that many times hundreds of times. I'll be bringing someone tonight great. Did you win every every time. You is what I know the sport I mean not the sport the skill as you say in Brazil in a blind man's Land Hugh has one is king right because the striking martial arts karate khufu boxing taekwondo they rely on punching. Yeah right and it's okay that you can punch someone. If guys bigger having stronger you can get knocked out grief. But if you'll find someone who's bigger heavier and stronger than you and you rely on a punch. Even if you're facing British knows that doesn't mean he's going to stop right to get a hold of you throw underground. And if you don't know how to deal with the grappling aspect of it you're limited in the realism that my father had adopted and implemented on it is useful techniques that we do is to deal with the person with bigger and stronger and wants to crush on the ground. Also because that's usually the most dangerous situation for get attacked by somebody for women to of course. That's a realistic situation. You don't WanNA fight a little five year old kid is the kid's father they will have. You heard about the guys big strong and wants to beat you up so you have to know how to defend vendors sell from that. There's not even a question on beating them up but knowing enough that you won't get hurt. Yeah that's the science of shoe specially anyways so the guys would come and challenge Humbert bunch of challenge matches and like I said after ten years dawned on me that I could not be in a garage challenge one person at a time for sure would about. That's not the way to go. GotTa you know then. We rented a little screen doors. You know degreaser still known that's still in Torrance. There's it wasn't also yoga. Yeah and people say Gosh. How come you stayed in Torrance? You know and I said I have so many friends do a classic new garage you know and I said you you know. These guys are my friends. Sometimes I lead food. They go faster than shoot in this topside harder. Go slowly getting out of this time. So that's kind of what still owned neighborhood would anyway. So after one hundred challenge match like that he'd dawned on me that I could be doing this with one on one and a garage or even a small school in Torrance. That's the view talking about once. You have the academy in Torrance or the first one challenge matches yes in some degree in action. DVD's we have. So what happens after those. Don't I can't do this so I came the concept of you'll see we put showcase to the world different styles of martial arts fighting against one another. You know three three five elimination that'll eight fighters they fight a Shabbat. The lose out they keep fighting to. We have a one guy defeating over by the dead night and now is when there's no weight classes class it was. How many years was that? That was the first five I five five years which when I was involved in those days and because for me me was really important to allow different styles of martial arts to do anything and everything they WANNA have rules. The idea of the Octagon for example. I've seen denied enough flights that you can see guys get beat up. He wants to run away between the ropes. Boxing Ring but the idea of the cage. You can't run away. Yeah in fact movie director Joe Millionaires. Who was a student of mine at the time? John inviting you to be the creative director Jordan and I came up with the concept for for the Octagon You know we thought Motari alligators. You Know Shark tank around so this guy wanted to run away who get chewed out by sharks stuff but ultimately we settle for. I'm going to turn out to be a great idea to call octagon. Yes yes so. He worked out great so so with that said. Of course I think mission to you I I was so this is one thousand nine hundred ninety four when you start at three forty seven. I'm forty eight. Yes so eventually thing of course exploded caught a big time. It was a very successful experience that you know and and just turn out out to be a great show case yeah opportunity. Forgers end the message into dream ahead of making people realize the importance of knowing who it was done after the first few vent the US calls me up and said Mr Grace who showed the little guy beat the big. We need to learn this and asked me to the program for them which I did that for. The last twenty five years has superficial hand to hand combat his program for Army really yes secret service the DA border patrol every major federal law enforcement agency in the country three and a whole bunch of what. PD's well I mean and special forces by. Yeah it's all things officials all over the place which is great. Yeah Mass Nice Group of friends. Who Have you know? That's right so once this stuff exploded and dreams this. I'm like this. You know what so a few years ago as you know. The boys came up with the idea of Grace University. Yes which is allow has breach online school online school that you can learn online has reached. You know ridiculous. I wanted people The United Nations has one hundred ninety three countries affiliated to this university has a hundred ninety six countries more than we're going to be more countries than the United States which is an amazing idea. Brilliant idea that boys are very dedicated. Pushing the a button to make it happen and so forth but for me is like who's on the fast track now. What yeah in one day five years ago had this epiphany? It's the health the health the health because one thing people should understand. Is that Jitsu people who practice it. It's not just fighting. It's a whole way of thinking about life. A discipline Jujitsu does impact your level of confidence right and when you are confident. It changes a lot of the aspects of the prospect that you have in life. I mean the whole thing changes one thing. Is You walk insecure. The other one is a businessman. If you're confident on your possibilities you the meeting of the way. They're very different. Yeah so the confidence aspect of is usually really impactful in one's life so there's that site with and of course the exercise fitness all that good stuff but the Diet is beyond that and so you wrote this book would you write this Four and a half five years ago go five years ago your diet and I've read this before and you brought me another copy you've and the key thing one of the things people there are so many diets out there. The unique one of the unique things about this guy is it's big on food combinations diets say don't eat bread. You know if you're if if you're ketogenic don't eat fruit or eat lots of fruit or and yours is much more about. You can eat it but not together. That's correct yeah. The concept of the idea. Yeah of Greece Diet developed by my uncle cows. As soon as my dead ends brought US getting involved in the early days in competing fighting much running the academy uncle Carlos was the first one to learn you. You just abusive family took a step back. became the manager for the brothers and start studying how to keep everybody healthy right. Not Big strong is they couldn't afford to have a headache before to fight. Yeah of course. Stomach ache heartburn. She's GonNa Fight. He's GonNa impact or performance. He realized very early on the close close correlation between good health and good performance. Yeah if you have to speech tomorrow and you have a one grain of rice on your shoe is going to mess up your speech right because that little the rest becomes a distraction let alone also or heartburn or headache so you can't just wonder if that's going to happen or not. People are so accustomed to feel good one day and beverly are good. They don't readings of your food. Okay therefore if your body's alkaline great the whole time there's no headaches there's no stomach aches and everything works perfect by sometimes people just are guided by the pleasure of the easy in pleasure becomes the determining factor. Why the eat this or that because he he liked to eat now remember? Food is a very cultural thing. Great Grandma Grandma. Grandma taught mom mom taught us and we're going to teach our kids while we liked to eat. Bottom line is not everything you like is good for you. Yeah with modern food. They put so many things. Oh yes hundred percent absolutely right so people like to smoke. But doesn't it's good for them right. The people who use drugs. It's not good for them. So the fact that you like it doesn't mean doesn't mean it's okay. Yeah so the concept of Greasy Diet is to learn like what's good for you. Unfortunately I was born in a family. Well Michael Kara. who was not a doctor? It's been sixty five years to study food combined little using the family as guinea pigs. We we had a very big house in place called. Did is operatives an hour from downtown Rio twenty one bedroom and bath. Wow we counted one time. Thirty seven children all relative stained with some of the crazy stuff but the bottom line is you would love fun time. Yes Wonderful Times so all the music prepared. According take that to the kids would just eat what we have. This this launch right here have no choice. So there's no there's no such a thing that's like a little army you know very sparking less now traineeships enjoy eating right. There was a very unique and you saw health change as they start doing that. We just grew up like you grew up. See ooh this is it about the other kids at weren't that were just visiting for the summer for the first time. Notice a difference those relatives your family. Anytime we head people out they would just fall into the grouping eat like we ate. There was no choice of taking Junkin Coca Cola in the fridge ever. Yeah no sodas and stuff like that. No it didn't exist in everybody. Nobody just eight right and learn to eat right and bottom line so when I wrote this book my idea was to share with people because while teaching classes on my garage I Lotta people came seahorn. Tell me about what you eating now. What kind of Neil is that? You're preparing this. And that and I kept giving him some tips but it was never enough so I decided to write. The book explained to everybody how follow into it and then little relieffactor left in a positive way. Let me read some of the. There's a few. There's some there's a lot to go out and buy this book. They can get on Amazon Amazon so the Gracie Diet in a nutshell here for juicing apples melons pineapples carrots. Use A juicer. This sorry let me. This is the juicy big on juicing. You've seen your fasting you fast food combinations is the main thing actually. Here's my breakfast that I was gonna eat and then and and I ate a little bit but then I feel guilty so we had bread was okay rather than the butter and the Kale. Kale was great. But I had at this and you said I shouldn't have this at the same time. What's the what's the reason? The reason is is because these are a citrus fruits. Strawberries and the blueberries right are acidic fruits. Okay acidic foods should not be needs to be anything else so you eat that alone you. Strawberries have a bucket of just strawberries. Make that meal out of that. Same thing with blueberries and blackberries blueberries and strawberries no only one god of acidic fruit for Neil nothing else because what happens then if you read them at the same time it brings us System Yeah okay. That's what you want. How come if you just have one? It doesn't bring as much as city. Okay we all need gasoline. Yes yes we all need fire yes. Don't put them together. Yes you know what I need but is important. We have gasoline important. Episode device of different fruits is great to have a variety of fruits and vegetables and stuff. If he's great the trick is how to combine them right. This should not be called a diet. Should make a point of saying that clarifying this because it's not limiting right. Look at the list of yet you. Ah No pork is one thing. We don't eat pork pork. Yes I was just a little bit less like you said like dairy. have some cheese. He's but not a lot of milk and things that's right you don't need new less nuclear drink. The better but he liked to drink gets okay. Yes you're not. Forbidden for meeting. Regular milk is just. I don't drink milk. Oh yeah good looking lady in a bathing suit or strong looking guy stood a little milk mustache right. They want to sell milk right as usual wars. You know it's also you need. Then this is a this is kind of a quick overview of the groups of food right. That's right so you have. We'll take some close ups this we we have the vegetables Veterans Day so group a you can combined all of these things with one of group. B With one of group be which is here or it can be grouped with itself of course all with each other so for example in group a have vegetables green beans Kale AOL mushrooms he can have like a salad with one meat or seafood. Jewish three or four okay three and you could also have fat and oily foods. Avocado Avocado melted. Cheese on you can combined with one start with Rice not rice and beans or PASTA ASTA but not. You wouldn't have this bread and rice correct. Now group-c sweet fruits and cheeses So these can combined with a starch as long as you don't have fat on the starch. which ones fat there but oil or butter here? If you say you could have just say they lentil soup with fat. If for no fat no oil do nobody no nothing then it could have then. You could have apple an apple right right. You're going to have watermelon juice. You can have Dates you can have Papaya and you can have some crackers. And now it's D is is also acidic. Fruit trees are just sitting food. What was see non sweet fruit? Oh sweet for you separate suite from acidic. What about this green tea? It's okay to commute and everything everything you want just like water just like water so you can have water with. ABC THEIR ABCD. Yes okay okay yes so then. You're so deep. Things acidic fruits do not combine with each other so this select for example. Mango usually eat commingle. Not a mega with a whole bunch of meal really. Yes but that's only mango grapefruit. Same thing same thing just have some grapefruits. That's correct now. Groupie is is interesting is just bananas. No this is Robin. None of combined with these foods by so you're big on bananas. People should eat bananas. You know what's interesting when I track my died in my fitness pal. Almost all and I eat pretty healthy. Potassium you don't get 'em bananas give you that. Potassium Sodas coconut water. Yes most people. If you track your diet you don't and potassium is one of the major things you need. So you can have Robin Anna's with this DIS apple but not with honey honey yes or bread and you're not big on sugar in general like so much sweet stuff already from the fruit that you don't need to put the sugar so get your dessert from some fruit group not desert. There's no desert okay because there's no desert because you wouldn't eat a meal and then have fruit just happened as a dozen you now. The other thing that you talk about in the book is is that every you should only eat. Actually let me do that. So Group F is milk what you can have with milk and you. Yes so don't have melk melk with fruit and fruit and stuff like that those correct. What about milk? IS HE GONNA milk. WIT can have milk and cereal if you want Melville we notice a lot of them. Are Joanne homemade homemade. GRANOLA bread made from whole flour and Tanabe consumed. Oh you should wait. Let it twenty four hours before usually when you buy bread somewhere has been there for twenty four. Avoid sweets canned food pepper clover cinnamon pickles and don't eat pork correct now. The other big thing is you should eat every reform half hours meals at least four and a half hours that you have to eat out. Okay what did you have to be ever space in between meals at least four and a half without snacks in between no. What's next in fasting? You were telling you about Nobel Prize. Winning Sixteen Thousand Sixteen WanNa Nobel Prize is along this. What your what your father knew uncle new one hundred years ago? We've been saying that for a long time. The idea for autophagy described the Japanese scientists. Explain screen that when you fast you literally help your body by not consuming to clean house. Yes eat from dear old cells and things. It's like yes. It's a great cleansing process for you and helps you. So do you do that. Yes once a month I do fasten just twenty four hours. No you don't drink anything but just water your drink water really really do but for someone new maybe they could just have to begin. Yeah let us all you can do without water. That's pretty impressive just resting or did if you don't have to work or anything like that just a little bit that book and relax now for somebody watching us you were. We're telling me how sometimes it's too overwhelming to go from the modern diet to switch to the so you created a system with the belt ranking systems where you do it in levels to your black belt correct. Each one about two weeks we start out with white belt. Yes which is just drink water. I in the morning. It's also big on sanitation. Wash your hands before you eat. Doesn't hurt the amount of mediation and bacteria that you're going to avoid but just simply washing hands. Yeah stagnancy should do that. Noise why uh-huh I actually read. There's an interesting book. I read years ago on. They just did an experiment with the average person and they said not only when you wash your hands but put soap under the nail it does. It's the nails that carry most of the so And then okay and then so then get in the habit of writing down what you eat on the first first week only. I'm going to have to do it every week. Okay so wash your hands inside it why do you think what's the benefit just people start to see. How much crazy things they eat? A trade if you're right to everything that you eat during the week he helps you keep you accountable. It's like the person who has no idea how much money you're spending if they right. Don't every penny they spend. Let's let's see well. I wasted so much money and this and this and that yeah in the same thing with food if you start writing down what you need to realize that I'm eating more than I need. Whatever you can use if you like to use APPs there's a Grayton free APP called my fitness pal that you can enter your food that counts too right? Just keeping workforce one hundred percent so then then after a week or two you go to blue belt which which you continue to do everything you did in the white bell washing your hands drink water rut you don't you don't then you start eliminating desserts sweet or fruits. It's after cooked meal after cooked meal. He's not that you shouldn't eat. So you can have fruits desert as their own four and a half hour later exactly exactly and then you can drink water carbonated water coconut water. They deduce ICT. But no lemon or sure then after that you do that for a few weeks then you go to purple ripple built. which is the third belt? You do everything that you were doing before and now you start to do the combination but now you've already been a month of changing your hat size. It's not so hard not so hard at all. That's the idea you eliminate pork in your living report. The concept of combining foods is the most important for a lot of people say only organic food tasting. Organic is an important step debt. You are becoming aware of what you eating. It's very smart but if you don't combine foods properly doesn't matter it doesn't matter yeah. The Reaction Still GonNa be acidic in your system and that's going to bring unwanted results now the next Brown belt where you continue to do everything even learning but now how you start spacing the meal at least four and a half hours and you only do this six days a week and you get one day cheat day. That's right six days a week I can take Saturdays for. I always do Saturday from my cheat and the reason I recommend you do that. Is that if you spend six days of the week Eating Reich Spezia mules combined on your foods properly properly other deal the seven day you mess up you feel so sick. You're going to see. Well what the heck was doing you stop doing it. Then he's sweat automatically revolver to the Blake belting eating everyday correctly so then when by black belt venue start doing this seven days a week and teaching others. You'll feel so good it's just so this this is this is about to it's interesting. It takes for those who in my sixty seven steps it takes about two and a half months to change old habits. Scientists have found University College. London came up with a study. They used to say you can change habits and thirty days. Quit Smoking Change Your die. They said you need about sixty seven days and this is interesting. This black belt is right around sixty seven danger so you kind of found out ahead of the scientists now question for you what are the. Let's say somebody watching this buys. The book starts implementing the Diet. What type of results have you seen? Weight loss getting a six pack feeling better disease. What have you seen all of the above? Yeah any stories you can think of. That are just stand out to you people. Yes I have a student WHO's Augusta corologis Torrance Memorial and Had A student head up a patient who was morbid. UB's she was an eight month program to have the stomach stomach reduction. She was diabetic. She had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Yeah he gave a degreaser that book six and a half months later later he was in his office and the woman came to thank him and hug which he did not Norwood a personal lost fifty two kilograms overhaul bounds and she was no longer diabetic. No longer I blood pressure no longer high cholesterol. She cancelled the procedure. She didn't have the stomach reduction. Happy Fifty three year old woman so I was very happy to seat at most surprised eatright. You'll be fine. You know what people should not do is forget that eating should not be something getting data. You'll live for that. Eighty something to nourish your body to keep going right is your drive. You Co two freeway in a little red lights bleak humor panel. Do you put a band aid and keepdriving driving or you pull over Tony Kennedy and say what the heck is that right of course. So if you have a heartburn and you take a medicine or Zeneca whatever it is to stop to hug burn. Don't don't think life is good right just putting a mandate for somebody who's watching you know what about combining. Let's say somebody wants to start doing view. Jitsu can do. Even professional athletes follow this type of diet. Do Shirt the ones that are not should be doing what I'm saying. Jitsu are there some the people that practice one hundred percent visit and your brothers. Yes all of them got you. Don't see all of the things we do Hickson Gracie Hickson is one one of the the he ever lose a fight. No thank you guys do much with him was he when he was younger. You you know. Of course I'll play with him but then issued an older brother who is the hardest person you ever all into family really guys who just eventually eventually somebody's GonNa catch up with you. Know this is part of the tradition is always the changing the guard. That's the old miniature little babies born to be nice 'cause tate. What about things like I saw a documentary on Jujitsu and it had Hickson Gracie doing some yoga greedy. Do you think that's type things. Wonderful wonderful. Yeah he's stretching. All uncle colleges receive that as long as you have flexible. You're young. Yeah so make sure that you stretching trashing keep exercising that kind of stuff but more important than all of that is eating right. Yeah because so many people go to the gym all the time and he they never might so. I'm going to say interesting story. I never told you this. My Dad was one of the first professional bodybuilders in the world and so when he was born Orne he had I think it was rheumatic fever. Something with his heart when he was a one years old and so the doctors told my grandparents. This boy will probably live twelve years old. He's probably going to die. This is in my that was born in Harlem in New York and they were poor and they they said whatever ever you do. Don't have him do hard exercise. It'll hurt him well. My Dad just sat inside until he was about twelve thirteen and then he found on an article on bodybuilding any started to lift weights and his diet. My Dad has had a great diet. No my dad didn't have a sweet tooth at all. Never each and he went from this kid who was supposed to be dead at twelve or thirteen to by the time he became Mr Canada. Mister Puerto Rico. You had the world record bench press so so so many times in life we have things outside of our control who you're born to where you're born poverty. You know abusive parents and things like that and if you just focus on what you can control of big ones diet. I don't care if you can die lifting acting ways you can do if you're in prison when you control everything with inure control. I tell this for entrepreneurs and business people say how can they make more money I say well are. Are you optimizing what you actually can't because some people go if I could just get an investor to give me a million dollars I'd be able to grow this but I say if I came to your office right now how is it optimized with. What's around you and we all humans? We think at least myself. There's a natural bad habit to to look outside for the answer when you realize it's simple stuff like diet which everybody knows but nobody does. What do for for somebody watching this? That's worried about willpower. What are some things you've found because we live in a world I go out? There's pizza or you go to the movies. There's no good food. Even if you WANNA eat healthy how do you build the discipline. Is it by fasting once a month. Is it just long enough doing this. Do you have tricks. Did you bring your own food with you. I A lot of times. My traveling has to do with what I'm going to eat when I get there. Okay so eating for me is a major aspect of any project that I do. What am I gonNA eat okay? Worst comes to worst or just fast. Anything is bad stuff. I just won't eat how I don't have to go to a movie and eat dinner and then I go to movie. Yeah we know food pop pointing soda. Yeah do know Sammy. Why should I have to eat? That's not contrary to get used to certain things into triggers to re educate yourself breath and learn the good habits because as difficult to break the habit right so if you can get into good habit and that's the trick. What about one? One thing that I've found who you're around matters to of course. So if you hang out with with people that go to a Jujitsu Gracie Gracie Jiu Jitsu. School is going to be easier because there might be following the same died. I've always found it hard to a hundred percent relying willpower if mine vitamin is messed up. It has to do with that but sometimes you wanted influence and change the environment convincing. In how How much conviction conviction you have in what you're doing in many environments that I said you know what this is we should be before you know it just people falling in learning and yeah? I came here in the garage. Nobody knew anything about if yeah okay everybody now so I was able to because of my conviction stadium I believe into a handle. The team literally changed the words back in that time. was there even any Jujitsu. Do People in America dangerous with the Japanese users not Brazilian food. In fact that's why did your other family start to come other Gracie's after the AFC Eh twenty years later also in mid nineties so you had already been here. Twenty years Pioneer kind of yeah. That's good well. This has been awesome so I wanna just kinda close by saying one thing that I've found in life whoever experiments the most wins. So this might be something you haven't heard before experiment with it. You can follow this simple thing. It's two and a half months now. If they buy the book. This has all these inside those issues. If so if you buy this book it's not. How expensive is it? Twenty dollars and Try it just try it because so many people in the personnel. There's something called the Hexagon Personality Score. You take a test. It tells as you twenty-five things about yourself okay. This is the newest scientific test. Came out in two thousand and one of the factors in your personality that prediction success zest. It's called openness to new experience so many people miss out on life because anything like you said that they haven't heard growing up they'll be like I don't want to try and and one way you make a heck of a lot more money if you look at everybody who made money a lot of money billionaires. They did something they experimented. It was something when other people thought it was crazy. Bill Gates you know people doing computers at Twelve Elon. Musk starting in the car. Company Tesla even some of Charlie Munger. Warren Buffet told him he shouldn't do it but he saw something and was willing to experiment so try something new. I mean die in his at the end of the day. If you don't have health I know a guy that's got a billion dollars but he's so overweight he can't even get out of it all the money in the world. You wouldn't want that you'd want if you could if you could have if I could wire you one billion dollars now but one condition you'd be so fat and unhealthy that you couldn't get out of bed and you'd have to play in a hospital bed. The restaurant nobody would take that deal even for a billion dollars. Because you can't use the money can't move. I often tell my kids that I'd rather be on a crossroads. The road in China in the middle of nowhere. They're shorts shirtless in the rain at night completely lost with good health being a castle. We'd all go money into that my disposal. We'd better health. Yeah we'd good. Health contain any situation can handle anything new. Yeah that's what it is. That's the trick one. Last last thing I was Gonna ask you. You said earlier. That stuck with me. If somebody watching yesterday I posted on my snapchat. Have you had something happened to you. In Life Life something bad recently and when I do that about once a month I post my social media and every time I'm surprised by the literal I would say I it's hard to count but ten thousand or more people write me in one day with sad stories. I mean it's its own. I can't even look at them all the last one I was looking at you know it's mom died. Sister has cancer little sons dying buying all this things and you were saying earlier that in your experience which Jitsu the Diet and just your life. There's malware there's always something good but how in the midst of that when it's so hard and so painful. How do you have the faith to believe that? I guess you said all right there. I mean the faithful believe that I believe. It's comforting to me to see that way so you don't think it's random and insist I took many years ago. I took a balloon trip. You know to me up and I drove two and a half hours together like leak Perry or something like that Have to be there. Six o'clock so that you can see the sunrise at six thirty on the balloon so I drive two and a half hours in get there in the balloonist philly up with helium and hopping in a little basket which is like pretty much very small thing. There's a couple that's me and a friend in the pilot and it turned on the gas in three minutes. Three thousand feet very quiet over there and as I'm looking at I'm looking down from the balloon very excited to win and stuff like that I see the freeway. He's like a little line like this with thousands of cars going towards downtown and I looked like little ants and I'm looking gash little ads on the car. I'm thinking well each each one of those little cars like when aunt as a person who knew which is smaller than that. Each person has a head ED smaller than them. You can barely see point in each head as a brain on it and each of those people on those cars. Thousands of people has the worst worry. The biggest more stress than anybody on each one of them thinks they have the worst problems on their shoulder. Everybody thinks Gosh. My life is every single one of you and I'm looking over there. The took two and a half hours to drive to that location. Delake that I drove around. He's nothing but a little pool of water. The Mountain I drove around. It's just a little pilot our dirt and looking for more there. I said Gosh each one of those little tiny thing so worried about everything. It made me realize that we don't have the rights to worry about anything too significant on the big scheme of things that we don't have to worry about each person has all my gosh. I've got a list. Everybody has words only time. Don't worry the thing just relax let it cruise by wait. Do the right thing trying to cheat and do the you know the people in whatever do what you to your hotels is the right thing to do and things will just fall in place one hundred percent I came back from a trip. A different person. realize that I would not worry about a thing in my life. Never worry about the thing. My son a young son told me one thing very interesting. A few months ago that I got up you really captured my way of looking at things he said when God pushes you off a cliff. He's going to catch on the way down or give you wings. Did you how to fly. So what happens if you feel like it's your fault like God. It didn't push you off like you did something stupid. Well learn from that if you learn from every stupid thing. I tried to learn from the stupid things. I don't do it again and again. Yeah but if you learn from every stupid thing you may you did a mistake. You'll learn the lesson we move on. Yeah that's what life is about. It's not a question of falling as he's getting up and moving on again. That's what the whole thing's things about falling is okay. Are you going to get up and keep going or you're gonNA quit on that fault. Yeah and ultimately that's what it is. I mean it's been a very interesting experience for me to believe that things happen one for a reason. Dental alone is okay. So many experience that I've had to see that and win the things all fair everything else about to collapse you just say hey. I did what it could be the best I could. Is it going to happen. And if it's meant to be it's going to be I'll try again. I saw when I was creating the academy few years ago I had A. I brought a guy who do the stuck outside of building. If you'd be so what had a big huge open door. It was before it became the academy. You was a car parts storage location. Okay so we had the big rule up doors. Metal doors in with Cinder block around was a big Samir Square. Like this in the guy came into the stuck on a Thursday. He said. I'll be here Saturday to cover the hopeless. What are you going to do for a door? I Said said I'm GONNA put a glass door. which is what we have now? He said he's GonNa put a glass door. You have to put a bean would be. So did you screwed metal frame of the door and then put your blessing. I had no idea we needed that. So I said I'm GonNa find a beam that's on a Thursday on Friday called hall. Nobody had to be available because he said three day process. Right you have to order. It takes three days industrial sites sixteen by four saw little for that your home depot so I have to call a lot of people. Nobody had people find the someone said I have one on here. Somebody ordered a month and a half ago they never picked it up. I said it's mine. I'm up so ended. Picked up the beam in order to be. You need a shoe a metal show like this that you screw to the wall and then being sits on top of this you know what I mean to however if you put does the cement frame if you put the beam cashew both of them. There's no way you can put the put the shoes against the wall. You can't fit the beam into Do you understand. You need one shoe that you can screw this way. Put the beam. The other shoe have to be able to screw from the outside. That's GONNA come to hold it. Yeah to follow him. But this reverse want didn't come to be my head to that came with the beam. Seemed like this okay the same same. That wouldn't work so my friend said. What do we need to get this rehearsal so we ran to home depot and we get that isolated Selena you have one decide sixty four? She said No. We don't carry this. I said where do you carry the big. We don't have this guy we'll check out. I'll eight but that's we don't have that so I go to Eilly. I saw looking and I find one being The Big One only one I brought to the front dance inches said well you follow on. I said yeah phone in. She runs this deal bar code reader. She said it's from year is it that you can think of for free so I took it home. Put it in there the next morning to put the whole Tuck the leftover one. I had I left it in a way I did and I said somebody must be trains Russo in heaven even in other words it was the last thing for me while we before the grand opening everything is already happening. I didn't find that shoe now. Go to 'em any home depot the country. You're gonNA find what yeah isn't that interesting. Yeah Yeah that whenever thing for me was the lesson to support that stuff a week before the grand opening they don't carry but somebody left one for me. Yeah I I mean for me. It's like hey doing the right thing. Yeah all right. Here's a special. You're watching this video. Say whenever you see something like this if you've watched this far You know things happen for a reason so shake it out. Change a life I forever. Nothing like this. Leave a comment below. If you've done the greasy diet or questions you have and let me tell you I knew people that. Watch your stuff. Yeah these Oakland for your name on the Book Book Yeah Get. The book. Tried for two weeks followed the guidelines of the book for two weeks. If you don't feel better I'll buy the book back from you. Yeah homedepot everyone give the money back. Yeah good conditions in Viterbo back. Nobody gives a money back guarantee on your book only do it for two weeks a hundred percent and I like that you have here by the way if you're at the cheesecake factory. What you what you should order so? That's pretty practical cheesecake factory factory. Some things you shouldn't so you think so. Orange Chicken as deep fried chicken breasts. Sweden said Deep Fries Taller Roy. Here's the problems problems sweet and spicy. I'm going to give you the tips on how to water the food. Okay what do you do on Orange Chicken. It says deep deep fried and served over white rice and garnished with vegetables. What is the pass on the wheat rights doing debris that's good because I've always been skipping? Orange chicken sticking my weakness. That's also. This is such a cool book tips for losing weight. which you have managed carbs if you if you eat right? Losing weight is the natural consequence. That's the trick. Yes like the the headache. Why should people have a headache? Because you're thinking too much come on your head was to take. This is interesting. Take a fifteen to thirty minute nap. Everyday I tried to do everything support and take a nap. Changes Your Life. I know that's something even a short five minute net. If you can't don't have the time that's right in here you you have some meal plans you're paying can actually be followed breakfast. You have oatmeal raisins apple juice lunch. You'll have looks like a salad here. Then all the wash is so. This is just vegetarian right here though. This is salad that should precede your entry so Camilleri lunches to okay so you have south okay so you think three meals a day. That's all you need now. What if somebody's watching and they're bodybuilder? They're trying to say just eating more the question that you could eat as much as you want. Yeah within reason. Of course we don't want to do sick after you eat so much. The question is this. Do you want to get bigger and you want to be unhealthy right. That's the plan so some people you think are too big and I don't think they have to decide for themselves right. He's not meet sometimes guys huge. What do you feel sick all the time or they're not that athletic whatever dinner? I like this watermelon. Juice cottage cheese Rye bread raisins dates dates. So is this. I need that. The meal all meal another meal under the meal each one of them can have so not necessarily for you. Don't happn meet. It looks like at night at night. Now you have fruits for breakfast. Yep and I have Cooked meal during the day. 'cause more active easy-to-digest US at night. I usually have fruit or veggies or some cottage cheese avocado leap better if you have a lead of you at night instead of having cooked food. Yeah I love cottage cheese. Just try. This is week two weeks. There's stop you and son. You're big on could get enough sun whereas Brazil have to go to the visuals man. If you've never been to Brazil has some of the prettiest women in the world eggplant quiche. I'm getting hungry actually watching this house win four and a half hours yet. Well thank you so much also should thank you if you want the chance to enter into one of my free giveaways. Here's all you have to do. Number one subscribe describe to my podcast and then secondly leave an honest review of my podcast. What do you think of it? All right I pick random reviewers to win either an iphone seven ago pro black a Mac Book Air IPAD kindle and then. I've been doing these once a month. Free Car giveaways giveaway Mustang or Camaro to one random social media follower podcast followers are entered into that too. So you you get your free chance to enter. Just leave an honest review and make sure you subscribe to my podcast all right. I hope you win. One of the GIVEAWAYS dougherty soon they make subscribe to the podcast and I tunes or wherever it. Is You like to listen so that you don't miss out on any new episodes as they come out.

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