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You love about the bachelor romance hot tubs Chris Harrison and of course the drama drama and more drama but with musical strings attached twenty single musicians. We'll step inside the bachelor mansion to embark on an incredible to find love through the power of music. The harmony of the couples will be tested by their relationships and judged by some of the biggest names in music like Jason Mraz Kesse and Bachelor Nation Fan favorites. You will see Jason Myself on their. Which are these new bachelor. Hopefuls will make beautiful music together who will strike the right note. And who is there for the song reasons the bachelor presents? Listen to your heart. Six episode event starting Monday April Thirteenth. Eight seven central on. Abc podcast. One percents off the vine grave. Therapy Kaitlyn Bristowe. Answer your questions drink to your concessions and you have to say about anything bachelor. Let's shake it up some more years. Caitlyn I'm your host Kaitlyn Bristowe. My guest today. Is someone who you I got to know. On the most recent season of the bachelor she started off the season with a little drama. But it wasn't your fault champagne gate. That was so dumb but definitely one over America. After standing up for herself post break-up knowing her worth though she may not be the next Bachelorette I have a feeling. We will definitely see her again. Either on Paradise if that's going to happen or you can just follow her on instagram and talk and all those fun things that we're doing these days while we're bored so please. Welcome to the PODCAST. Hannah and how are you? I thank you so much for having me. I'm doing well at noon. Well I mean this time. Is You know scary. And full of uncertainty you. But I'm doing really well. Good where are you right now? Are you in? La Yes so. I moved right after a Har- so I was slow now. I said I'm packing two suitcases right after the show tonight apartment minutes. Oh Wow good for you. I like a little risk taker. Is that usually how you are in life? Are you a risk taker? Or is this like a big move for you know? I'm a taker. Oh you are yeah so like I mean thinking about it. The poss like ten days has been like such like. I should show in a sense because like I moved out to you know I finished airfare. Finish the season move into my apartment. I had never seen before in person I found out I was getting a roommate earlier than expected and I had never met my roommate before. And then find out now that. I'm being quarantined with my new roommate being clergy allnight like Monty Jones Kitchen. So I'm quarantined into my power. Goes out for three days. All my meals get spoiled. So it's just you know it's been a little rough but I'm surviving Jiang. That's that right. There just gave me anxiety. I can't handle the thought of living with somebody that I don't know like. That's very brave of you and then to be quarantined. Do you get along. Yes it's actually has been seamless. It's been perfect but like I'm taking a step back. What the crap like the past two weeks three weeks of my life and it's just been crazy wait. I'm so thrown off by this that you'd never met her. So this is a girl is a girl. Yeah yeah we talked into bone but like we never met a person like you know a lot about her but she honestly awesome. That's that is a high risk high reward. Move right there because what if she suck and then look? How did you find her? What if she was like a fan girl and like was super creepy about it so she was my friend's sister but I had never met her sister before my friend she? She seemed like really nice. My shoes really like my best friend's friend on so I'm I'm a people person. I like to be friends with people you know. I'm very social and so I I thought you know she was really nice and then she was like Kamal. My sister's looking for a roommate. I'm like well maybe maybe may. I'll have a move in so that was like the plants get here and then I get a phone call from my friend. She's like my sister likes to move in now. If off on a Mike while shore I said it in the moment I say shore and everything was started happening like oh. Wow literally my friend. Drop me off apartment. I had never seen before like say God. It's like nice good landlord. But I'm like what like what a freak wrist acre. That's great that's great because I think that's what gets people you know. I think that's what brings success. And that's what's going to get you to where the places that you're supposed to go by taking risks and like not looking back. It'd just be like I'm going to do this. And I don't care I was when I was nineteen. I moved with hockey bag of clothes so Canadian of me. I had hockey bag of clothes and just like moved to a one bedroom apartment with four people shared a room with a guy a bedroom with a guy who I ended up dating and like just went for like all these random things but now I'm like looking back every crazy. Step like that you take is going to lead to like five five or ten years from now or you're going to look back and be like thank God. I did that because that opened so many doors for me. Yeah I mean I love that you know. I try to be as independent as possible and like I've lived in La for like certain instances of time but never had my own place voice unlike a sub lease but like walking into like an NBA apartment. And I'm like wow like this isn't really exactly where I thought life would be. But it's where it's at and like as just keep it moving forward. You know so really. Moving out here was a was a great first to like a new beginning absolutely. That's kind of NEAT. That after the show. How did you end up going on the show? Because I know you're friends with Hannett so many hands Hannah G so was she like. Oh you should go. Or how did you decide to go? You've probably told the story so many times. I'm sorry. Oh Gosh no not really so last April so this time last year Me and Hannah we. She was in Alabama. And I was in Alabama as well. 'cause I was dating a guy from Alabama and we were going for my birthday. And we like took a picture and someone from shows or she's Q. And he knows like wow she has a boyfriend and I was like yeah. You know her right now. I don't really know always taken and then about a couple of weeks. Later me in the boy broke up and I was. I can't I'm single now. And she's like okay. Let's get it going so not necessarily like a whole like casting process. How do you know everything anyone else would? Yeah there you go all right. Do you own or rent your own home. I'm sure you do and I bet it can be a lot of hard work. You know. It's really easy. Though is bundling policies with GEICO. 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You seemed like you were being authentic and yourself and that's hard to do at a young age on national television and you know be dating in front of the whole world when people usually make really big mistakes in those times but Yeah I mean some people go through that show and the people that are portrayed as the villain or sometimes they aren't that person and they go through such a hard time and you know the Internet is can be a really toxic place and I'm sure you dealt with some online bullies. And how do you? How did you handle any kind of negativity or criticism coming your way that really hard for you or were you like thick skin? Well coming off the show it you know. My situation was very different from my past seasons. Where the show is still ongoing. Now you know I was engaged Peter but it was still ongoing. There are still issues So when I was getting you. Some online hey. I really wasn't even focused on that because I was trying to save us. You know the where my attention was. People can say whatever they wanted about me on the Internet but like that couldn't absorb any of my attention because the life has been sucked out of me trying to make this work for him and that was like all where right tension going towards And like I made certain decisions in the beginning when we were together I was GonNa Watch the show as Guan social media like making all these hard choices to where like I could be like. You know mentally and emotionally strong so that we could work this out And so that really helped me in the beginning but also I was going through. Hell trying to save US IN RICE. Engagement so relayed all nine hate. Didn't affect me that much. Yeah you had other things to worry about that. Were heavier than the trolls online. Oh yes much much heavier. Yeah I found it so hard. 'cause I mean we didn't really get to see too much of like how you guys do the happy couple weekends and hang out like that and we didn't see much of that. Did they. Film a lot of your happy couple weekends. Or how many did you guys have before that like? We just Kinda saw that one moment and it was kind of confusing. Yeah yeah and we had different videos filmed unlike pictures. You know from our happy couples. But you know that wasn't able to be show which it probably would have made a little bit more sense that you know like a nicer transition. But that was unfortunate. Maybe not really for me because I don't really want to see any of it for the audience for them to see like art connection more Any Navy Kinda like get an inside of more breakup probably helpful for viewers. I agree because I was so the whole season to me was a little bit confusing. If I'm being honest like it's choppy. It was so choppy and. I'm like wait. What is happening? And then for you guys to get engaged for us to not really see you know probably more than there was like you probably want more moments in connections and things going on that we didn't see and then all of a sudden they were. Kinda like and here's one really shitty moment from the happy couple of weekends and like now he's going back to this person like it was so choppy and so weird and I just it. It was confusing as a viewer. So I I was wondering from you like how many times you've always got to hang out and if it was kind of like I know you said it was. You went through hell. And there's a lot of hard times which of course the and that's a lot of couples that come out of the show you go through hell together while it's all being aired but did you have moments in those happy couple weekends where you thought it was going to work or did you kinda known your gut that this was doomed. I you know it was really kind of after we got engaged and then I found out about you know maybe girl that's when I was like. Oh this is going to be hard To to work through but I was very committed to making it work and so We had a couple two or three happy couples and we had. It was a happy couple. You know we had some really great times I think viewers miss out and seeing like our connection and seeing you know how in love we were at that time. So seen just the break-up piece of the break up it was for like people at I wonder what we're going to think about this because they will probably be confused. A record definitely didn't come out of nowhere you know we had some like you know difficult conversations leading up to it that we hosted by. We're going to try to make it work You know give us a chance because it was only Danda January or do we were together for two months and for me personally like when I was on the Bachelor I thought I was in love and I would have said yes. If got engaged to that bachelor and then it didn't take me long moving forward to look back and see that it was just like you know you're and I hate to use the word manipulated but you are a little bit manipulated. Because it's a show they're making it didn't take me long to realize that no that was not my person and I was not in love with him and it was a show and I wish him well but whatever do you look back now and be like. Oh that you know I was just in the moment in this show or were you. Do you truly feel like you were in love with this man and wanted to marry him. Yeah I look back. I feel like you know me moving forward Peter would have let you know. Let me go. Cryer turn engagement. I would have been months able to recover and really see the light so like when we were able to break up in January. The shock of it had to work through. And then Kinda like the anticipation of I'm going to see an F. R. is going to be single. What am I going to say to him? It was kind of like still ongoing and so now the past three weeks I feel like has truly been like a break up to where like unreleased from you. Know Him I don't have to act like I'm engaged or not engaged. I truly has been times. Like really think about over the last week like however really felt towards him and if we really could have even made it work and I'm not ever going to discredit felt toward San like I stand by. I was in love with him but see him and Judah scene where my life is at and like more of the women. I have become I you know. I do think that there's someone out there. That's when you more compatible for me the different traits that I'm looking for yeah. I don't think you know worth it right. No I'm happy. With where life is that you know. That's that's good. I think we're all happy and the most humble way I'm trying to say I'm very happy. Of course no I understand. Are you guys? I've been sticking close to home these days and I hope you are all doing the same. 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I would have greatly appreciated that but no Y. Like what I don't really understand. He wouldn't he have wanted that to you. Know just to like go in like kind of you think you would think would want you know a heads up or I know some sort of pre conversation but I mean that's what I always were leaving prior to the breakup cave for bringing a break up. Just let me know like you know. Give me a heads So the affirmation who had no idea he had seen Madison after you? Oh no I had no idea. I had no idea so. I was sitting backstage hearing that for the first time I had spoken to my dad before after the final rose and My Dad was like hey like he proposed national television. You broke up with our national television. Just least Lau her like this moment in private to hear your with someone else and he said he couldn't answer that so I kind of knew I had a hunch like Navy. Something's going on but still had a did not know anything. That's so wild you were so composed and such a boss out there for that. 'cause I mean I think I think a lot of people would have just wanted to lose their minds and you know turn turn the finger pointed at them and the love what you were like you made it like really about who you are and how you've grown and what you deserve and I just I thought that was incredible. I mean the Firkin Kardashians thought it was incredible. So you know what that was a win for us really cool and I was thinking about you in that time because this was the first time in a long time the season hasn't been spoiled which was again confusing to me. Because you guys were together and people didn't know how and and that must have been really really lonely for you to not be able to have. I mean you have a support system as in your family or but you probably couldn't tell a lot of people because that's how it doesn't get spoiled and how incredibly lonely was that in that time to be going through such a hard time trying to make a relationship work everything being exposed on national television people thinking they know who you are but don't know it all and you're just having to stay quiet. It's been and it was so so hard because in the beginning I came back and I was processing everything but it was all excitement. You know like I couldn't tell my best friend I was engaged in. That was an exciting secret to keep and then really what was the most difficult was when we had the break up really in between our engagement to our breaking up towards the end when it was like hell with us it was so hard because people everyone in my life even my parents even know what was going on they could set something was off about me and then it was just so lonely. You know 'cause I just felt like I couldn't tell any like because I wanted to like not ruined a season. You know that was my worst fear. Is that people will come. She ruined the season for us. And I never WANNA do that. 'cause like the show it could be so much more fun and exciting at the Indian wasn't spoiled and I wanted to like always like you know. Honor thy honor my contract inside and it was so hard especially after when we broke up you know going. I'm like grieving. The loss of this future. I thought I had without and no one can know about it. No one can know that like every day. I'm hurting everyday. Like I take times or I just might. I'll be out to lunch friends. I'll just like go to the bathroom. Just cry and then come back and like I click. Everything's fine 'cause you still hard like you just can't be select trusting. I can't I I mean that's so impressive to me that you could do that because I thought I was strong when I came off my season with everything that I went through and I could not keep things a secret. I couldn't I needed to like rely on friends and people and I told things and I screwed up so badly and ruined my whole season but like i. That's so impressive that you were strong enough to do that. And just have you. Were kind of your own rock. And they're for yourself more than you probably even realized I mean because I felt so betrayed by him. I just kind of like wanted to shelter my own cell in just like I think honestly it probably did make it harder that I wasn't able to tell anyone it really made it a lot harder now. It's like now it's been nice because it's like the whole yet like every like me like openly talk about it and it has helped me like forward. Yeah they will at least acknowledged like the hurt. I felt at the time you know it. It gives you a little bit closer to that. You know you. You weren't just like out to lunch thinking that your you the the whole world doesn't know the story but from what they see. Everyone's so supportive of you know everything that you're doing and everything that's happened. So that's that's nice to know you can now you've gone through the thing of it? You came out the other side and there's so many beautiful things to happen in your life now in in the next few years from this. So it's I mean I'm really impressed by you for for being so strong because that's it's it is hell it can be hell and people don't really understand that but Especially going through what you did and and I was so nervous for like everything to come out like just the it was the weirdest feeling just knowing like I remember a week before after thunder rose. It still hadn't gotten spoiled or anything and I just remember me thinking like I was with my friends and just thinking like wow the whole world's going to know I had my heart broken the whole world's Gonna. I got engaged like this is something that will follow me for the rest of my life. And everyone's going to know about it and that was just such a scary moment for me because it's so cry that wants to feel Harper gain or rejected or no betrayed. And just knowing everyone's GonNa see that and like maybe have their. You know. Have their own opinion on how I handled. It was terrifying. It was a scary time. It's it's so terrifying. But it's also very relatable because who hasn't gone through a break-up or been hurt and It's probably probably really inspiring for a lot of women to see how you handled it instead of you know breaking down and thinking of like poor. What did I do wrong? It's like Okay No. I don't deserve that. 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Could you know talk on the phone because I need to like move forward and just you know isolate ourself anyone close to him because I was really at that point and just like I love his family? What grade do like I just? I really what what he's done to me so horrible. I just can't do it. You know I can't get involved anymore either. Like let it go like I have to accept it and there's no changing this you know especially when I knew what he had done was going to be like. This is all over the world like there is no like second chance there. You know right or no hope. I was Wondering like with the wave. Barb obviously loved you and that was the whole thing and then the Madison. Is there something? And you probably can't answer this or maybe you can. But is there something that we were missing as viewers with Madison as to why there was so much anger their disappointment and like was there something that we didn't see about her? Though that we're missing because everyone D- I don't WanNa say she got a great edit because maybe she is. I don't know her. I've never talked to her but I'm just like is the. What are we missing that his family was just so against this and obviously they were somewhat right because it didn't work out and his family did not have very nice things to say but I just found it interesting as viewers? We were so again confused. Yeah Yeah No. That was very like that was all kind of choppy. You know this coming out of nowhere and you know I think If I had to it would be. I had a really great connection with his family. My family has had a really great connection. They really believed in love. Pete me and Peter Together and I think they were just really rooting for us and I you know he comes from a really great family. I don't think Peter I don't think his actions are have like ill intent to them and I think they were just probably disappointed by the whole wishy washiness going for me to net someone else like he becomes a really good stable. Nice family and I think maybe that's where has more of that was coming from yeah And just knowing that they weren't gonNA work out. I mean obviously happened In again so that was another weird thing like. They had zero chemistry on the couch at the end. And I'm just sitting there being like. Hey wait I'm so confused because you guys were engaged. It seemed happy okay. Well maybe he wasn't so as happy as we thought that he went back to Madison. And they're sitting on the couch. You would think for him to leave the engaged relationship. He must be just head over heels for this person that he you know. This must be the love of his life to do this. Four Zero Chemistry and then it was done two days later. It was again confusing. Yeah I think there is so much happening with the family with them and such a mess and I like you know it was painful for me you know having to break up but like I got out of it and like I can start like to work on myself and not be involved in all of the the mass erased such a tornado seriously. Now does that jade you a little bit foregoing on to Paradise? Not Saying you would go on Paradise. Are that you are. We don't know anything but does that. Jd If you were to go on. And I mean yeah once again. That's like an putting myself out there to not only dating dating on such a public while I'm I'm just really happy with like my life right now and like where am I really just want to focus on me and like my friends and like my job right now. I don't know I would've never say never to paradise but at the same time I really liked the my rhythm like I'm doing right now. Good that's great. And what are you doing now? I mean let's pretend the quarantine isn't happening you move to La. What is your plan? Now what would you love to be doing? What are you going to be doing? What what what do you got going on? Yeah so I'm going back to prior to the show which is being a model and model out here in La prior to the show. So I'm just going back and doing you know what it had prior and it's nice because it creates like stability it creates me like like my career hasn't changed that much regards like what. I did before the show so I not really excited and You know happy future is. I've gone through like literally like but the show ending I I look back and I was like. I literally hit rock bottom like where I felt like. A bunch of broken pieces like after. Leaving the break-up I just felt like a ton of Burke's where am I going to go from year? Like how am I going to rebuild myself and so it's taken time and like I am working on it? Yeah of course you'll be working on that your whole life sister like keeping up with you know the pieces you'll always be trying to figure it out and getting better in your year off to a great start. What do you feel like because I I will say when I came out? The show's really really bitter. For a long time at producers at the show now I have a way different outlook on everything and so grateful but one thing I will always have said as I've I've learned through that show so much about myself and grew so much as a person and What what would you say that you learned the most about yourself most while I'm really good Cedar Keeper. That's you are way better than I was. No terrible that thing I learned most about myself is I can be content on my own right. I just completely content with myself in you. I am and not needing a whole lot. Not Needing a person to add to it Yeah that's that is. I can be like my own rock. I could be my own stray my Iraq. And you've proven that to yourself. So it's that's you know I I find that That's when you'll attract the right person as well as you know when you don't need them and they just add value to your life they don't you don't need them. Yeah yeah that's great. I'm proud of you. I don't even know you that well but I'm just so proud of you and then for for anybody listening. That could be going through their rock. Bottom what advice would you have for them? Don't feel like you have to depend on other people's to be your own strengths. Because I think that's the most important thing that I learned is because I could have had to be very picky about who I would open up to even like my mom and my sister just because it weighed so heavy on me just like keeping this in the ending or just any kind of like eight hundred opinion on anyone on the show just to keep that very private because I knew how explosive things can get on the Internet and just how mean patrols were and that was always a fear of mine and so my biggest ice would be just never doubt like how strong you are and not just like make just being like like disciplined about it and for me as I myself on a schedule and setting goals and like making hard choices like not watching this show or not going Sean Media. This Day you know making those hard choices really helps like create structure and so at least for me it creates structure to where like it's a it can be a constant when like everything else in your life interesting out of control like you. 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That's ten percent off during your first three months at ritual dot com slash fine. We'll be right back with more off the vine therapy from the network. That brought you the cold case files. Podcast comes. I survived the classic stories. You know with new interviews. Updating each woman story with everything that happens after survival. I survived because I convinced him that I was a person. I survived because I was a smarter person than my assailant. I survived because I believe God sees me. Surviving is just the beginning of their story. Subscribe Wherever you listen to podcasts Austin vine grape therapy. Now we'll get to more fun stuff not so serious. I WANNA play games with you and we're going to. You obviously have to confess because that is part of off the vine as you gotta give me a good confession so let me have it. Okay this is. This is really funny when we did the photo shoot in Costa Rica with. The waterfall earned that for her. Cosmo me and say the name of the other girls probably can make me the girl we didn't Shea Osho. We had to wear Bikini. Kill you know. Oh My Gosh. That is like fear my own. No so what did you do? Just keep your arms down. We were like a like begging. Everyone like razors and they found his but literally it was like right before and we like it was terrible and they got so mad at as they're like they're like well girls like your increase or Rica. Like should've known like we did not understand that we were having to wear. Swim Zoo. Model it on national. Tv and it's going to be in a magazine like this adds up all my gosh. So they got you razors and then you probably had like. It's like what what is worse. What would you rather hair or razor? Burn showing yeah but we're in the middle of the rainforest so it is so hard to get. Luckily it was raining so it was like they push back the shoots. They're able to run out and get US raider razors but I was literally freaking out like. Oh My Gosh. Like on the edge of that stuff out. I mean they did some weird shit though with you guys with the bathing suit. Bottoms like the way they showed. Your guys butts was so weird. They made it seem like the bathing suits. Were like way bigger than they were. Yes yes they yeah. I did not like their shots. No those are I mean. At least everybody knew like everyone's like what what is happening here. And then it became like a thing on twitter okay. I have a couple of games here that I WANNA play with you one. You're not gonNA like this but one's called plead the fifth. So you have to tell me. I'm going to ask you three things you have to tell you. Have to tell the truth about one K. Okay so and then if I don't want to answer I say plead the fifth. No you just have to answer one way for okay. I'll I'm gonNA tell you saw I'm GonNa give you three options k. Okay what other. Okay listen hear me out for all three first one. What girl other than Madison from Your Season? Would you turn and start walking the other direction if you saw her on the street to what vegetable most accurately represents? Peter's manhood or three. What's the last text you sent to? Barb? You can only pick one and okay. The vegetable. That represents Peter's manhood would be cauliflower because it has no taste. That's good do forget that power needs like a lot of flavor needs like it's just like there's no taste so very accurate. Okay I I accept that answer. I was thinking more of a limp asparagus. But cauliflower wins yes but it's very good though I mean cauliflower Flan yes I am so into that answer okay. The next one. There's only two to choose from who someone from the House whose character you thought you knew but changed after the show or would you rather be corn to in with Peter Madison or Hannah. Abi Matson because we would probably have a lot to talk about. That's fair you guys would have a lot to talk about Then you'd have to do like a podcast or instagram live so that the world could hear what you had to say. I'm sure you guys don't talk right. Yeah I mean no me and Madison are cool. That's great because I find that through situations like this. You could probably bond over something like that and when it's all said and done like you were on the same show you know stuff like that you can get through that kind of thing. I find more so with women like you can come together through that and be friends at the end and I and I respect the hell out of that. Yeah we don't have to marry each other now. You know like it's not like we're friends you know it's not like it's not like one of us is different than dating you know. Friendships are very different. Inundating so yes. Yeah we're cool okay. Next game is just the last. So I'll ask you. The last things of these things kept so the last person from the franchise. You spoke to Victoria. Oh Spicy Victoria. Okay right is that is that the one victory yes? Yes yeah yeah okay. The last text message you sent last to my roommate to tell him to the dog out out. Well it's your sister's dog but I love to watch it just like recording Thi. This is nice to have someone like excited to see me when I get home. Absolute that's my favorite part. Now that I have to. I'm like how did I come home to nobody before? Like before Jason or the dogs like I was just coming onto like a big empty house. It was like okay the last the last thing you searched in your Google Search. Oh how to take off debt. Nail Polish. And did you find an answer because the people need to know no I did not I got acetone and it like it has not worked my nails so Roger? I won't even I refuse to show anybody else right now. They're discussing the last date. You went on disappointment last day. I I had kinda like facetime gate because real quarantine worked for in Queens. Had someone dropped me off the Coffee Zanjan Coffee but since times are different you know like I guess that could be considered the day not literally be like the show. Yeah no wait we. We know this person. Are we allowed to know who I call on? Mystery man a mystery man okay. Would we know who he is or know? Some people might. It's not from Bachelor. Okay okay. That's fair when when will you reveal mystery man? Oh well I'm not going to be exclusive with anyone for a while. I'm just like you need to know different people. You know as much as I can like virtually during the Corinthian because it's weird because you know I got off the show. I was engaged then. I was single but couldn't go out. You know couldn't go on a date or really texture new on because you know people no I. Wasn't you know age? And then after the show we go straight to being coordinated by all my gosh. My dating life is like so goal. Seriously you're gonNA fall in love with yourself after all this. That's crazy cave. We'll does mystery man know that you're not committed and that you want to date other people. Yes Oh yes yes. It's just like a nightside little cord team playing quarantine fling. You know. Everybody needs one of those. You just keep it fun and flirty. I'm into that the last thing you ordered in for food. Oh California Pizza. Kitchen a lot there or pizza. But with lots of different spices and flavours taught two different spices and flavors. And then the last time you were star struck in you know. I was anxious for this interview. I'm like oh my gosh like seeing her and I've been bad well. That is so sweet. That just made me love you even more. Thank you for saying that. I'm lake in a greasy ponytail sitting. I tried to give you some good lighting for this interview but Very good lighting. Nice eyebrows. Scan you I was GonNa say the same thing about you. I'm like I love. Your eyebrows is such a thing for girls to say isn't it? I got them to. My friend just turned to them for me. Ranked Orlin tinting eyebrows like trying to learn how to like do nail. Have you heard of this laminating eyebrow thing now what is that okay afterward on this interview just go Google? That will be your next. Google search it will eyebrow laminating. It's like a new thing that keeps them lifted bushy and upwards. And I want to do it so badly and you can do at Home Kit. So look into it really. Yeah we need all the at home beatty kits. We can right now. I I am not a do it yourself kind of Gal with when it comes to like beauty but I did cut my own hair the other day and I I think some people that listen to the podcast know this but I did. I took care schooler cosmetology for like three years so I'm not terrible but I'm trying to convince Jason to let me cut his hair because it's getting so long he refuse really. Yes he refuses. Let's talk about Lacroix. Growing Lacroix sparkling water delivers refreshment flavor and sparkle with an innocent twist zero calories zero sweeteners and zero sodium. There are twenty seven lacroix flavors and the newest additions to the family are Leeman Cello. Pass Tech. Which is French or watermelon. Lemon cellos literally tastes like sunshine and account it's citrusy Sparkley and delicious and honestly it might be my new favorite one. The Corey sparkling waters are Gluten Free Vegan. Kosher and non. Gmo whole thirty approved. An environmentally friendly lacroix cans are sustainable and recyclable. And they are the first on the market to be produced without BPA liner so enjoy. Lacroix sparkling water a healthier alternative for you and your lifestyle. The sparkling water is available. Nationwide so for a full list of retailers visit. Www DOT lacroix water dot com and for more information joined Lacroix community on social at Lacroix water. Okay just to wrap this up. I wanted to ask you one more. Actually no wait. I have a couple couple will will do a couple questions from listeners. And then we'll wrap up because Oh yeah people really want to know what you think about Peter and Kelly hanging out that's like everyone's main question l. l. Yeah no everyone. I am just Kauai. Oh Cool I guess I. That's super happy before right as a bachelor going back to like this person. I don't know I feel like well. If you look at like an no shame Hannah beach. She went from Jed to Tyler. Peter to Tyler. I don't know what's going on there. But they all I feel like a lot of people go back and like talk to different people. I don't know I don't know I'm going to say that this happened before another shot. Yeah that would be really hard to do but yeah. I don't know who knows how much they're hanging out. Probably know more than I do but everyone to know how you feel about it where it's so hard because it's for for me. I'm like I've been visit horns like you want to move on and you want to not you know or care about it so you're like I don't know what to say well and the thing is is that like I met Kelly through the show and so it's not like and like I'm cool with Kelly like we're not going to be best friends or anything but I'm definitely cooler but so it's not like Oh this is like my best friend like from now. She's dating like my ex fiance. You know right. He met through the show such a weird thing though because in real life. If that happened you'd be like bitch. What are you doing but in bachelor world? You're like well. What can I do that you know? That's just like part of the show and it's just such weird thing to say out loud like she was my friend and we're cool but she's dating my ex fiance's so whatever like just you know like we aren't going to be best friends or anything but she's she's always been nice to me so yeah yeah okay well. I mean. I'm not going to be angry about it. You know like I'm not going to be angry about it because like I'm just GonNa be elevate you know like I'm not missing anything. Yeah exactly you're like have fun. Have Fun with that one. I bought that one. Yeah if over that and then Katie said at the proposal part of the final rose. Typically contestants will give one final spiel to the bachelor pouring their heart out before seeing if they are the one or not she said. I noticed you didn't do that. How come I did did? They just didn't show it. Yes Yeah I did. I was so proud of my speech to like. I literally poured out my heart and when I saw like all learn it. There's so many of those moments. Yeah I'm like I didn't really know because I guess it would have been like more may more sense for like the audience or for the audience to see like more mine and then his but I guess I didn't have. I guess that was one thing I had to like see. Was there one thing from your whole season. That you wish. They showed that they didn't was at that moment. Maybe probably that moment Moments of being excited after proposal really just my inner are his interaction with my family and then my interaction with is family. 'cause like we have like a lot of time there and like some really great moments that would have been cool for audience and be like okay. Yeah we definitely see connection because I feel like For years it probably just seemed like a proposal came out of nowhere you know. There's a lot of built up a lot of serious conversations about our futures and like real life conversations that people getting unfortunate because I I feel like that would have been better for us to see that not not I mean. It's tough now looking back because it didn't work out so it's like well we didn't need those conversations but just during the show or during the airing of it it would have been nicer to see those moments especially because. I think we wanted to see more of those moments from you like. I don't think they showed enough of your real conversations and not you know I just think people would have liked to get to know you a little more. And they could've by hearing those conversations so anyways they can now because now you can you know do interviews go on podcasts. And like tell your side of the story and then and then the real. The good stuff happens when you're out of contract that's all I'm saying. They're real juicy stuff. I'm always like wonder people's contracts and I want to talk to them. Okay so at the end of my podcast. I like to give away an instagram. You were I tell somebody like a really good account to follow that kind of just you know in the in the mindless scrolling. I think a lot of people get frustrated or you know. Do the comparison thing and so I wanted to give a shout out an instagram away to the COM APP. Do you ever use this for meditation? Oh Yes yes yes. I've heard of this out amazing day. Get the APP but you can also follow them on instagram. They have a really great instagram account. It forces you to pause take a breath have a moment to yourself. Their instagram account is just at Com. There helping people to less stress less than live better. And sometimes they'll do a live looking instagram. Live where you can just meditate. And I'm obsessive meditation. So I love that and I'm going to give them an instagram for the podcast today. We're GONNA download that. Yeah you got to download it. Well thank you so much for being on the podcast and once this is all over. We'll do another one in person and I'm out that way all the time so We'll get to paradise absolutely we'll have a glass of wine will hang out and is there anything else you wanted to say before we go to. Everything's good now yet. Everything's GonNa be just thank you so much for having me. I can't wait till like see. You have glass of wine and like really that soon and let's hope in the next couple of months so stay safe and you're doing all the right things and you're you don't need me to tell you you're a strong bad ass woman because you know that. Oh absolutely thanks for listening to offer Vine Raith therapy tune into here new mini-stove every Thursday. Check out new full episodes. Every touquet exclusively on podcast. One Dot com the podcast one APP and subscribe on Apple Podcasts TV.

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