Tuesday, May 7: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski & Common


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And the co host picked the looks. They. They couldn't take their eyes off of plus hot topics are getting a jolt of morning, Joe when Joe Scarborough and Brzezinski hit the T-ball, plus Grammy and Oscar winner common reviews. Michelle Obama became his relationship. Guru owned what she said he's doing wrong in his love life. Let's fire up off toppings with Whoopie. Oh, be huntsmen joy Behar, sunny hostage and Meghan McCain. Now, let's get things started. So let's start with this. It is national nurses appreciation week. And I am honored to welcome the, nurses who truly did save my life. When I was sick. Will you guys? Please stand up. Please. You know, they took care of me. They didn't let me scare myself. They really kept me laugh, and I kept them laughing. We kept them fed because you guys can bring stuff from the view. And so we would do. You made them laugh a few times too. A little while though took a little while for me too. You know, because again, the Monja don't you don't wanna fool with it. It sounds like it's light Mary. It is not it is something that will kill you. And because you know, you have have doubled. Well, Joe forget the senses. Yeah. I never do anything. It's crazy. But thank you guys. And welcome. Thank you for helping. So one of the biggest nine thousand fashion in New York New York yesterday at the met Gallup this used theme was based on Susan Sante essay notes on camp. She's been finds camp as the love of the unnatural of artifice and exaggeration. So what does mean to you guys? I never went to camp. I never wanted to at least knew what it meant to Saturday in the meeting. I had no idea. What I was. I always thought it meant chair that that will camp kind of can't be. Yeah. I was trying to explain it to Paloma yesterday because we were watching it. And for me, it's just like exuberance and exaggerations everything that you are. But big bigger and very irreverent, you know. And I think of share I think rocky horror picture show. I think right. I think of John Ritter. John ritter. The last night it was waters move. Yes. Dr queens too. And dr. Went to the slide away. You gotta get invited by. You know, it's also amount of work. It is all my line of where maybe guy, and he's all many outfits. It takes me a half hour. Just get out of my Brazil. It's changing her outfits five woman was camp lashing. If you wanted to find the words. She's also one of the co chairs as his hair styles. So they helped define the theme. There also one of the first show up. So she came pretty early in the night. Imagine having the follow AGA. It was eight month. Fifteen minute performance. I must say Kim Kardashian. We have picture because that dress was so tight you could see how full Opie into. Beautiful looking. Yeah. Yeah. She would say nothing is wearing. She was thanks, of course, set. The designer that that made hers was and correct me if I'm wrong, but Terry Moore glare. Who came back from retirement to make her dress? He wanted because she's California go wanted it to look like she's coming out of the ocean. Does she was very wet looking. No. That was that was okay. So leans was we'll go on. Selene wore an Oscar de LA Renta dress. And it said it took over three thousand hours to create by fifty two master embroiders weighed in it over twenty two pounds. I love her though. And I I think Meghan loves you even more than I positive, but she was we didn't see much of her for for a while. Especially after husband has to win the last two years. It has been full on selene. The she is owned every moment that that we see her as she looks absolutely gorgeous. I realized Christian Syrian created to dress this last night, he told Janelle Monae. Oh, yes, campy? Yeah. And you can't be I love that. I get back. Back. Yeah. She got she got that one right? I mean, I feel like so many of them went with the fem-. They really went with the thing that he created another one with mine. So my choices were rupaul before earning. He was actually wearing Zahle D, which has stylus. And by the way, this is the first time any drag queens have ever gone to the met gala islet Chachi and aquaria who are both winners of rupaul drag race. And I think they all nailed it. And every way, and my other choice was Natasha Leone who's wearing John Paul got ta and I just thought she looked incredible. And nailed it and every way, and I love I love this theme so much. It's my personal favorite aesthetic across the board. And I just think there was so many good people off. Yeah. And I missed one I missed one. And I can't remember what it was. It was a Cardi B's. No, wasn't Cardi B Haiti. Well, is that the Syrian that is that is that Syria. No. Well, yeah. That was that was fluid. Yeah. Lewis gender fluid. The idea is to have fun with close. Yeah. It's. When you think of oh, I just wanted to mention too as well, Ciara and pizza. I just thought they were all guy pizza had this sort of game of sort of hunger games meets conduct and I really enjoyed her with the afro picks the gold afro picks in her hair. And then CRO wins for best hair. Right. I mean, it was just she really embodied that that sixties camp. I thought and I really her Katy Katy Perry. Harry. Oh, yes. Oscar's right before that for the officer. Can I can I also say Billy porter really really good really actual van. That's what I'm talking about. Yet. B also looked amazing and Cardi B. Yeah. Body natural of artifice and exaggeration. Yeah. That's fun camping taken too seriously. Yeah. It's about the fun. Yeah. And so because we are also fun. We're gonna be right back with more top. Later, Madonna at sixty she green she's being punished for getting older. Do most women get the same treatment. Or does the material girl needs to grow up? Promise that you'll never find another like me who never find your fears strong, independent women, then right here on the view five women done sweetheart. View deficit information in this may just look who's voicing their view Ahman Anne Hathaway, Amy Poehler era, come into Droppin debut, her hot new video purpose in your. She hiti. What job for Howard Stern? Gayle king. Eric Stonestreet, Allison Williams and Nathan lane love as the twenty twenty race heats up this table heats up to with these voices, come into rock, our political view. This is what this show does proud of it. We're the view on ABC. Morning. Joe host Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski hits a hot topic stable Ross, Grammy and Oscar winner common gets personal about his childhood trauma and learning to let love have the last word. Rog, amac, so Madonna's on cover British vogue, where she says the people have always been trying to silence her for one reason or another that she's not pretty enough. She's not talented enough. And now she's turning sixty. She's not young enough. It seems to be, you know, something that happens to everyone and you have your time in the sun. And then you move into the shade. And somebody else takes their time in the sun doesn't work for happen everybody. I mean, the Rolling Stones are on Lipitor at this point. They're still dance. And you know, all the guys have still doing the road. Yeah. She's got a real complain. Oh, so we're not really she's still producing music. She's still on going on tour. I'm sure what the new album, but she needs to reinvent herself. Because you know, because she came up as this sort of like rebellious comic classic camp figure which is hard to do when you're in your source. She just needs to see the glass half full. I found this interview to be really unrelatable to women. And no humility I mean, she has been so lucky in her life, and every step of the way, she said, I have no living role models up to because nobody does what I do know one is raise six kids as a single mom and have void one is on. Yes. I I actually people Ross was actually one of the people. I was going to talk about is like there's actually a lot of women in there on that are doing make creating amazing music going on tour. Pat Benetton, Diana Ross selene Dion shared Devi Knicks. So like big Stevie next. I ride no Harvard. I love I love you. Oh, I didn't know lays from suggests comes down. Is great and still rockstar. These are it's okay. Like, hey, I don't care about age. We're all different ages ages just number trust me. I you guys hustle harder than anybody. But but this is different ways. Dada. And let's say, Diana. Diana was always elegant Dhamma was wearing cone Broncos, actually. The transition from her Jones. Sharon, she. Yes. She wants. John's this. She didn't raise Joe different chip. Madam with Donna. And I do think that what about their ages his real when it comes to women? And there is a difference between women and men, and I think she she didn't put it. Well. Yeah. You know Atlantic. I don't feel sorry Madan land. Well for me. I don't, but I will say what was strange to me strange. But she did say something that landed for me. She said that her kids have become too inundated with imagery and have started to compare themselves to other people, and it's been really hard for their self growth because she's raising kids in the time of yes. Well, this imagery when we even her kids people have are dealing range in cancer. And she was part of that they have are part of that game was up. I live up to listen. Yeah. You can still be the rock and roll that you are and the great mover and shaker that you are. But you can't say that no one else has done it because amazing women in rock and roll are still doing it. And there's still doing. Great john's. Apparently hula hoops every day is that. That is the Queen. A wreath is also quaint. What is the whole thing? Madonna. That's right. Yeah. We'll be right back. Joe Scarborough and Nico version ski thing Joe Biden can win the White House. Do they regret all the airtime? They gave the Donald Trump back when they were friends there live on the view next. You still feel the Oprah back that view your deal dot com. We partnered with enders for at least half off her latest batch of favorite things. So get to view your deal dot com. Now. We know that the view at the White House right now, we know you're watching Donald we also know that Trump gets up really early to yell back at the TV while watching our next two guests on morning, Joe. Please welcome. Joe Scarborough and make a Bridgen. So you to love lovebirds. You wouldn't talk you about our history cause you to have been in bed together, which we? I had no idea. I had I had a show besides this. I had both shows HSEN. And then of course, they cancelled me, which is the show must go. And we did a little bit in bed when I was in bed with John. Like Bob Newhart show and she woke up, and I was her. There. But. And now on married married last time you came here. Well, you you weren't. So is there any different people? Always ask me this difference between before you married. And now that you married. No. It's fine. He's lost about fifteen pounds. Yeah. She makes me exercise way two miles a day. I don't like exercising. Workers as much as I used five miles belt breach. Those serious all that time together we've gotten a lot better at sorting through differences. That's good. And so we actually get to the point where we say, you know, why don't we jump ahead to how we're going to be filling tomorrow today, and it helps that's good. I find that. I say things in anger sometimes that I have to take. Never never done that. All right. So let's talk about topics cat. I have no arguments. That's good. So now, we have four hundred federal prosecuted you mad when now saying that the Mola report is correct that he should have been indicted except his the president, and you can't do that to them. And the mole report, basically corroborates that whole thing I think don't do think. And so now what he sits there. And just the the thing goes on your frustrated. I certainly am. Well, what more do we need to impeach this guy? Good quest-. I was supposed to happen in real time. We actually Republicans that will stand up for the rule of law. Your dad did your dad was alone for the most part. Let look what happens to them. Look at what happened to what's his name corker and. Jeff flake are gone. But they pushed down the thing is they go half way. If you're gonna go when you got to go all in being race at home, though, if you do that you got to win reelection. I think you can hear here's a Bill. We don't know what happens when a Republican stands up to defend the rule of laws against Trump. We don't know what happens other than Senator McCain. And I'm not just saying that you would I'm not saying you're here. I'm saying that because when I went to Capitol Hill after Donald Trump is an office, my staff, they say where do you want to go where you wanna go? I said there's only one person that matters on Capitol Hill. And it's John McCain because Senator McCain was only Republican who said I'm going to stay conservative. I'm gonna stay Republican, and I'm going to speak my mind. And no other American is tried it. That's right. So we don't know what the money on anybody minus reelection for whatever it's worth it did work in Arizona. I would've let's make the same gamble. Just worked in Arizona too because he embraced it. And he said this who I am. And the thing that insults me with these Republicans is none of them will trust their constituents. Like, you know, I was part of the coup eleven of us through Newt Gingrich out of town. And when he was speaker enough and everybody thought that that was going to be terrible. I held town meetings. They said, listen, this is why did it? Do you have I on any Republican that you think? Okay. This will do it that what? When mitt. Has actually been been surprise. Now. He's been he's not price. Because I mean, I love mitt, and I've always loved myth how seriously when he will beg for job for him before he comes out and I saw that differently. I saw that at has him trying to contribute everybody. When Trump was elected everybody, or I think good people try to step up and try to help out and be in there despite all of his failing to at least be a part of trying to keep things on track. I think that was his. He doesn't need his conceptual. His constituents will vote for him. He who knew but Republicans are Republicans who actually cure the rule of law. But I will just say about mitt that a lot of people were calling him and saying we know you don't like Trump, but you need to go talk to him. Because if it's not you it's Rudy. Exactly. So opposites family talk to him, whatever it's worth, I think there are some. I just think I I agree with the argument that it looked like pandering, but let's move to twenty twenty. We had Joe Biden on the show the day after he announced that he was running for president. He is obviously sitting on top of the polls right now. This is crazy one that came out this morning. He had met forty percent. How can any democrat catch up to them? Or is it too soon? I think it's gonna be very tough for anybody to catch up with him. I think there are a few bright shining stars. But it's such a huge field. I think it's gonna be really hard to break out for anybody to really impress. Kamla? Really impressive mayor p you could go down. There's so many lives. Yes. Got the strongest message when Elizabeth has a she knows what she believes and she goes out and she says every day, but yeah. With twenty two people in the field and sitting there. It's going to be hard to catch. Can they just skip the primary and put Joe Biden in there? It's not possible. How you doing stuff like that? That's when the loss. The people. This is still. Let word we'll say time and time again. But when you have you have people that try to fix it get through the primary process, the best thing that can happen is you'd go up against five ten fifteen people and the strongest survives, and we'll find out whether Joe is learned from his first two races where he's sort of stepped on his own sort of landmine that he threw down there, and it will make him much better. When you runs against Trump, and in terms of running against Trump, you have Trump calling Biden, I think sleepy Joe retweeting over sixty negative Biden tweets and Joe said he doesn't want to get in a mud wrestling match. But called Trump a clown. A no good SOB. So we discussed this the other day, what should side and strategy. Be. Should he be taking a higher road? Or should he get into the mud with him? I think you should do psycho. Joe? Yeah. You do what gets Donald Trump out of office and sometime. Sometimes that means taking the high road, and sometimes that means taking it to him. But you can't Lewer afraid to fight. I get that's when your dad again, I go back to your dad like your dad, and I would go your dad one time said after the risk, and he was sunk in Pensacola bay, the only thing he regretted was you said that they didn't change Scarborough to the deck when it went down, and we had our differences, but he was a fighter right? And you know, you I mean, whoever ones against Trump has to be a five generally, they're ready for something. Tired of those nickname those insights, though, they should do people want to get to your place. Are you surprised how much betas underperforming? Yeah. No. I mean, I didn't understand the Vanity Fair cover. I didn't understand Barack Obama's sending his best people debate. Oh back in December. I don't I don't get it. I I don't understand why everybody. How long you better? Listen, I'm a talion. That's. To that. You guys are sticking around. We're going to have more with with Joe and beacon a minute. Stay there. Better. Help offers licensed professional counselors specialized in wide array of issues like depression, anxiety and grief connect with your professional counselor in a safe private online environment. It's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash the view fill out. 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That's our A K U T E N dot com. We are back with Nathan. Continuing know your value in with a brand new book for women just starting out in their careers called earn it. And I've read your earlier books is you've you've written a lot about your own career. And this one's really for the next generation coming up it and how they're dealing with challenges that you might have not faced exactly because there's so many messages coming in. There are so many different ways you get messages. And also, I think a lot of them are very confusing for young women starting out. And so they're trying to be so many things at once. So actually, I was thinking of the concept of doing a know your value book series when a young producer from morning Joe Danielle up here. Bravo who is? Approached me, I had recognized that she had done such amazing work on the show. She was so fast, so serious. In fact, her nickname was at a role. Which is very intense, and we were on the plane together. And I asked her story turns out, she's a dreamer. She grew up with her four siblings and Lima, Ohio and figured out how to get to New York by applying for thousands of jobs and lying on the resume saying she lived in New York City because she knew if she wrote Lima Ohio might not call her in got called in for a job at P, Diddy, entertainment, they said, can you be here tomorrow, and she got on buses through the night cleaned up mortis authority went to the interview nailed it. While you really wanted to get out a lot. Four other jobs and did all this then restarted again at morning, Joe. And then work like heck for two more years. And I thought this is the path. This is the scrappy like don't give up path. And so we decided to take this project on together. I was inspired by Daniel Danielle. We just heard that story if you go back to those early days when you first met me, what advice do you have for for women at that point in their life. Right. Yeah. Tough time anybody is when starting out, and what I found is that no matter how many knows you get or closed doors, if you work hard, and you continue to put yourself out there in some shape or form a yes will always follow. And it has. You know, I want. Now, we did you book. But I'm thrilled for you. Like, a really you. Don't. To get back to politics. No, no, no. Hey, I like the title because I really it's already too much. They are young because you'll have to keep pushing and you have to be desperate at a certain way for something money or something anyway. But I want to talk to you about is this Russian thing. So so the other day so much we're going to talk about Putin. Now. Go ahead. Trump talking to put in for ninety minutes on the phone. He's smiled was face. Timing him. It's on the phone. How does he know his smile? What you as well? What you as my question? No him. He goes on television. And then says he discussed nothing about Russian interference with them. And they let him get away with that. Who's the Republican party? Right. Okay. There you go. We have to call these people out every day have got to step up. I know Meghan doesn't like when I say the Republican party. And I don't mean you, and I don't mean talking about you lead a shop. So actually the party line. This is really important for you to just say though, the differential you can talk about elected Republican officials in Washington DC. Right. So let's focus on them. And over the past week. They've allowed bar to lie under oath, right, commit perjury. Which is by the way, why we it's criminal voted to impeach Bill Clinton because he committed perjury grand jury. Well, so we have that we have them ignoring statute treasury to turn over the taxes, which by the way, this isn't a constitutional crisis. Now, this is a high elation on. All right. I'm not crazy. This is. This is how this guy Steve Mnuchin. They're coming for you. How ever you said that they're not he's not really in the tax returns. Oh, he's on getting when these from his job jaded on Trump's numbers just went. They went up a few in one poll last week spoils us in the thirties who really knows where his numbers are going to be jumping around. But here's the reality. And I say this as somebody who a lifelong Republican who is still a conservative for more conservative than my former colleague on spending on small government on all the things that we used to believe in as a party, unfortunately in two thousand nineteen the Democratic Party is the only party in America left to defend the rule of law in Washington DC, and that's strange for me, all these people that I've politically been fighting against my entire life. You actually just set the Democratic Party is because what you all s questions. It's republicans. It's all about marijuana to take care of America. And that oh dad, I am the American. Leave it right. There are so happy. Gotta really married in the book are thanks to Joe Scarborough. And Mika Brzezinski members of our audience, you are going call with a copy of the book burnings. Hey, what's up is common? I hope you check out my new book. Let love have the last word for the fun notice show. The ladies are going to have the last were right. I'm up next. After selling triple platinum records marrying a Super Bowl winning quarterback where the Sierra to drop debut her next big music video on the view of for Friday. Don't miss the exclusive only on the view. Oscar and Grammy winning superstar musician and actor an activist common is spreading the love and getting personal in his new memoir. Let love have the last word. Please welcome back the fabulous under mazing common. Doc, the common to adopt Leah. Commencement speech at your alma mater, Florida, am and you look real. They didn't know you get in the doctorate. No, I didn't know I was getting it was such a full circle experience because I went to family a historical black college had one of the best experiences of life. But I left there to go to pursue my career, those kind of work undone within for my career to take me back there to be able to speak it. Ceremony and to get honorary. Doctor I would have rolled for all through the airport. They let me keep it up. I was going to sleep. I'm susan. This one on monumental moments in my life. Yes. You have another monumental moment. You have a new book called let love have the last word. And I think it's interesting to make the subject about love. Why did you choose that while chose because a lot of the topics that we talk about like when it comes to politics, and the divisiveness, and and you know, the corruption is going on in different things. I feel like those conversations way down on us and love for me has been one of the biggest solutions to when I am heavy like just find it. And I'm not just talking to floaty love. I'm talking about like practicing as a as a human being like finding out ways to love myself and. Turned then in turn like that. That helps allows me to love other people in love people that are different from me. We don't believe the same thing. I still don't want. You don't have to spew out hate to be against that person. Not. And I think as thing we got a practice in these times so overcome these that's how we rise above it is do practicing love. So that's why I wanted to talk about it. And like talk about their p talk about things that black men. Don't don't talk about sometime like. Stigma. To say on one is you know, like if I told my friends that they look at me and be like, you know, why you're going to there is what's the matter? You look like everything everything is good, which you while you're going there. But we all need that mental health support people experience so much even when things are good. You still have things that you've experienced in life that you may not know carrying which you really got up through therapy learned a lot about how reacting relationships so and I and I really like no from going to communities how much trauma to the young people go through and someone is depression and anxiety. And I'm like man just gives them help. Just get some support. We all need it. So says I have a friend always says, it's an inside job. Yes. It does. Like, it was it was good for me. I saw Jay Z talking in a conversation about how he said how the hardest work he had to do. He said, you know, I've hustled off did different things. I've even been shot at, but he said, the hardest worker had to do the work on myself and. That's what I've been feeling like the work. But I, but I feel like the work on myself is helping me to go out and be a better human beings other. Book. It's so beautiful. Your book is so beautiful and beautifully written. And for me. It seemed like a love letter to your daughter. She's here in the audience. Striking to me you write about your relationship with her. And she's and you write that she called you recently. And she said that she wished you had been there more for her when she was a child, and how did that make you feel and how did it change you as me in many ways, it definitely at the moment of other discussion. It definitely I felt hurt a felt angry in a way. I felt these different emotions felt disappointed in myself. And I was really trying to explain myself. It'd be like, well, I thought I was there, you know, trying to give these reasons or excuses and just trying to give my side of the story. But what did change the way it changed me? And it's prominent in the book is like it made me I look and say, hey, I need to just listen to her. This is her perspective. This is what she experiences. No matter. What I think I did. And didn't do this is how she feels. And it really showed me. How to love in a different way. Because love is that being able to take in what somebody even if you don't agree or you think you write about this. And I couldn't fix it at that moment either. I just had listened. And I think I look at that relationship, you know, our relationship as it grows and not think that communication has been helpful. But also apply that to individuals now. Like, oh, it's a society. Like, I need to listen to people like when I've been going to visit the prisons and talk to people in prison. I listened to him. I'm not like they're just like this is what we do. Because I don't know everything that they may be experiencing and where they may be hurting. And I feel the same way in society. Like, I'll lead us should be listening to the to the communities. It says to the people that are serving but. Right about in the book about your love life. And and how Michelle Obama is your mentor on then tell us about that? She gave me a little love it by C C. I mean, she really I actually had to experience when they were when Michelle Obama President Obama win in the White House. I had to experience the sin down talking with them. And you know, she was asked me he's like common you you're not married while you're not married. And then I'll, you know, we've got into the discussion, and she was like, no, you're not approaching it the right way. Because at that time, I think I was looking for this perfect person. And I'm not the perfect person. And she started breaking down like, you know, what it important things to you. Make sure the person has those things because you're not going to get everything in that. And I was thinking well, President Obama got everything you though, but. But, but you know to hit that come in from her was really important. It was in Scifo because you just think they perfect people. Or? Yeah. More with what is being? Crazy. Do you love, nurses? Hello to nurse nurse gang. I love that. They took care. You know, my mother just had a surgery, and as I was going through the hospital and being there the people working in the hospital. I was I gained a swear. I thank you. Dave really doing God. For those are some of the people that are like. Give back to Our Lady. I love a woman who is carrying like open hearted. Like cares about people has spirituality to it. You know believes in a higher power. She has to be able to have fun. Like, we gotta be people think I'm just all talking to serious all the time. I like to joke. I liked to have fun like to go out to dinner have wine. And I and I think you know, I like all right. All right, ladies dot com. You. You have to come more often have to come here more on. And we'd thank you. I love you love it when you're here. So is new book. Let love have the last word is out today. And you know, what y'all you have been so good today. We're gonna give you a copy. He's gonna be doing book signings today at Barnes and noble bit that move from one to two thirty and leading evening in down scrum. Hey, everybody. I'm a great day everybody and take a little time to enjoy. Whatever view you happen upon.

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