ACS (Part 1): Dave Mason and Halloween Talk


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This is the Adam Corolla show Adams gas today, then online dot h Dave Mason Gina grad on news involved Brian on sound effects, plus listener Halloween stories and now have respect just for today. You blow Brandt about dodger dogs. Adam corolla? Yeah. Get it on got to get it on get on mandate kit it on thanks for tuning in. Thanks for sharing. We love when you share good day Gina grant. Shall I pop in a breath mint before I give you a blow job? I'm in. Do I have a riddle for you guys? Ooh. I'm curious where you come down. And I will include Dawson max pad. I got a vote from everyone can vote on it. I'll tell you that second. Also, I so I had this. So we went out of town last weekend to STAN apply. Thank you guys coming out. It's good shows when up there with the atom Ray and did our base cable commentary had a lot of fun flew out on a flew out of Burbank on a Saturday and flew in on early Sunday morning. Had a couple of things this is where the riddle starts to kick in. I the first riddle sad for max Pata. I riddle was last time we're outta town. Or last time I've been going out and doing something every Saturday for like the last three or four Saturday and Mike August had left his prescription sunglasses in case inside my car. He was driving my car back from wherever we were. And he then said to me my son glasses or in your car. Can you return them to me? No rush. But when I see in axed, can you get them to me, I because I have a system I systems people, I then immediately removed the sunglasses from the door of my car, and I place them in the middle of this table and our entry area here. Adams table, Adam stable with they grouping, various, magazines, and sweat, jackets and swag. And things of that that our mind that I'm going to need to sort through business. Bell your business business mini bottles of liquor for the airplane things. That's right maxi bottles liquor for the ground. Well, it's the opposite of me. So I then have that there. And I look at it. I pick it up a few times, I sort of have this notion about what are we going to do with these? But I also know Mike August is gonna meet us up here on Saturday. And we shall all be wheels up about two thirty on the way to Burbank airport. So I just let the sleeping shades lie, and I leave them on this table. Now, there's always a little curveball at some point. I do collect the magazines and the spare this and that and I put them all in the sort of grocery satchel, and I walked them over to the other place. Pausing. Yes. The spread them out on the table to sort through some things that it's a little twist, and then at some point nine don't know if I have the glasses. I don't I'm not sure what the status. This is. And then at some point it's me, Mike and max Pata and Ron a southwest flight and Mike says where my glasses, and I say they should be on the table in the front of the studio. That's where I had them all week. And he says they're not there. Max Patas is an accurate rendition of the story. Yes, sir. I say not there. That's right. Had them all all week and no one else's monkeying with your glasses or mostly anything on the table. And he says, I searched they're not there. Then I do what I do. I internalize. I think to myself, I must've packed them up into that little satchel bag things earmarked for the other shop that with mine aim on it, and maybe I brought him over to the other shop, and I left them on the table. But on the other hand, I don't remember seeing him on the table, and I might walk into the shop, and he didn't see him on the table. So now, it's vaccine, and I go really a search that whole table and the answer is yes. And it is not they're going to give you my first most things must lodge Lancer didn't see glasses because he was looking for glasses, and he ignored or didn't notice glasses case of that would be so sad. Wouldn't that be on brand for? Mike, but Mike knows there in his case. And it was familiar blue case, but not bad. And this isn't even my puzzle. My puzzle coming this, how insane different ocean. So then I don't know max Bada maybe it came up two or three times where the glasses. Sure. How are we going to find the glasses? What happened to the glasses me the whole time? I just put him on the table. And they're there they were. And now they are gone. But when we get back to the shop, I'll look on the main table because I may have mule them over to the other shop. Yes. Pretty known here around under this roof that that table is Adam stuff and the things you need for travelling or for what are often car parts. Accessories, cables, never touched. Yeah. And can we eliminate it looking like a chew toy for a giant black labrador? Yes. Okay. Yes. Found something sort of endearing with fill the other day, which is one of my flipflops and he's got range because according to Sonny he went top shelf and goddess scrambled eggs the other day. Which is he went Mike kitchen has a thirty six Tchaikovsky top. And then it's got like a forty four forty two inch high bar stuff on the bars normally safe, but when Phil gets up he's six foot long, and he wants it and he won up and got. So she ambled. Very endearing the other day, which is so I will put myself up on a shelf. But it feels really got it in his head. He'll go get it. Found something. I don't know why found it's sweet. But I have a flip flop, and I found one flip flop, and I found it in fills cage with no bite marks. Oh. He's wanted to sniff my feet or something. I don't know why I made me like the model little more. The foot must have a real essence of the person. 'cause Charlie all who bring our slippers just want to be around them as the house slipper with him. I think it all, you know, shit rolls downhill, here's your feet. So now, I'm confused because we look on the table when we get back and there's no glasses. And now, I have no idea what's going on. I have no answers for my. Although I do feel somewhat responsible because I was the one who was told. Hey, you need I got these glasses on the one took him out of my car and put them on the table and in a world where no one else has any business with your glasses. I can't figure out. What's what's going on but match you can fill us in now. Okay. So while all of this is going on math onto Lear comes to me on Friday morning saying, hey, Mike, August called he wants his glasses. Matt has the glasses? In his hand. And Hanes to me saying you need to give these to August when you guys fly out to Phoenix next day, and I say short, so I grab it, and I put it on the coffee table with all the stuff I plan on bringing to Phoenix all the gear for the base, cable commentary all that stuff. And and there's also the big merch bag that we have we filled with books and shirts and everything glasses. And now, well, so so I put everything that we're bringing it Phoenix in that bag not in the big merchant of the big case, and when one fell swoop also the glasses are in there as well. And this is where I underestimated myself. I just think you over. Now. Now, I'm driving. I'm driving into work, and I gotta grab them merge bag and all the stuff and bring it over to the shop. We're all going to meet in August calls me goes you have my glasses. Right. And in my head. I put him in my backpack. Something. Yeah. I got him. No, no worries and I searched my backpack, and I can't find them. And and so I do another another round around the shop. Like did. I did. I forget to grab these. And then so I don't know where I meet of August. I cannot find them the warehouse has just recently being cleaned on Friday as well. So maybe somebody put the glasses somewhere. And I didn't realize them calling people wondering seeing if anybody would answer and no no response. And then Adam says, oh, I think I grabbed him. So I deleted from my memory thinking, well like Adam got him. And turns out they were in the merch bag. I did bring in Phoenix and back Mike made the whole trip with this. Yeah. So they were in the merch bag the entire time. All right now. Here's the thing. One. You gotta have a system 'cause you're busy. And you're not that good. You think you can set your commuter mug on the bumper of your truck? You cannot or you're paying or your baby. Don't do it right community. I'll go your baby. That's a good point. Do not do it people. You have to have a system and the system here's what this system. Does. It does two things in a neighbor's you to check things off and never have to commit any any hard drive space in your brain to it because it's a it's a system, and it stops you from a whole bunch extra calorie burning when you're calling the cleaning crew wanting to know if they found this, and then the multi multi discussions fully like like. Like if you work at a Keebler factory. There is going to be an acceptable amount of P con sandy breakage cookie. That's acceptable for the the factory like going down the bell. Right X amount. Or just going to be broken to be picked out thrown back onto the grist for the mill pile or something and recon crooner fed to the crows whatever it is. But I feel like I'm about forty percent of discussions. I should never have to have again or figured out a way to get around it or made some I worked on something to not have to deal with this. And it's back, and we're into it. I mean, Mike and also it does weigh you down because I'm sitting there next to Mike going is wasn't on the table. And he's going now you search the table because it sitting on the table. On the tape. Was there multiple times? I it's not there now, and I'm like, and I'm doing I'm spending hunt time, I should have been thinking of jokes. But I'm sitting there going. Do those classes I'm trying to figure out. Oh, must have brought him over to the other thing. They must be on the other table all this. The world's worst keep our factory. All right. Didn't Milana's everywhere. Well, this shop, and you and the people here are the reason why it is a normal thing. Now for me to put my car keys in the refrigerator that is Dr Drew's idea. All right. I have I have my question. I have my riddle Riddell. So how did you guys find it? You guys came back Lear. He came back here. We didn't find it. Yeah. And then when I saw the merge like, oh, I wonder did I and then I looked in the small patch and the merge bag in there. They were I could have taken back in here hit them and said, I found him here. But that's right. Yeah. You're that. You're. All right. Thank Quicken Loans for this half of the show rocket mortgage dot com slash and put your box Butch box comment around bet online dot AG, enter code podcast one. I'll tell you about the riddle now, the riddle and. As we speak. Mark garra guesses crack team is trying to shed some light on this. So I got Garrod's involved glasses. No, okay. The riddle the riddle. That's coming. Now, we're bad, by the way. So we had this next thing. Which is we pulled up into Burbank. We I was driving. We valet aid. I got out of the car, and I'm very I have rituals, which is like I'll give you guys, for instance, my room key in this case max, Pat is room key because my keycard didn't work, and he just handed me. His thank you, my room key is always in my rear left pocket of my jeans. Always when I go out any show anytime on stage, and he city I'm in. If you wanna know where my key is I'm sitting on it. It's my left, but oxyde it's just always there. And when I come back to the room because you're traveling you're on the plane time, whatever you hate that feeling of like feeling around. And did I put my backpack in the backpack has too many pockets? So the same thing with movies like the. The parking ticket. Yes. Oh, it goes in the breast Paul, right? Otherwise, you're sitting in the seat belts. You're sitting and fully reclined can astronaut in there. Now could have fallen out of your pocket and you find yourself searching around a sticky floor. So I kind of do the same thing with the valet ticket stub come out. And I go I'm gonna put it. But this particular time, I got out of the car and Mike August said gimme that. And I said what do you want for? And he's like, I'll take care of it. I'll come get Mike very good at that stuff. So he took the he took the car the valley, and we went to their port. And when we're coming back. I think Chris and max paddock got off the plane a little head of MI south west and all and I'm like walking through Burbank. We laughed, you know, meet in the lobby at seven. Am phoenix. Stay up all night. You're out you're out partying with geez. There's a huge comedy festival. So bunch of comedians were there with like, Ian bag. He's been on the show bunch magical. Theo von was there Callen JR. Brennan Shaab Br. Steve Byrne was singing atom Ray. Of course, he was on with us based cable commentator massive Pat out drinking with with the boys. Yes, they everyone got home pretty laid back and. Now, we're walking through I'm walking through the airport and see the Pete's coffee. And I think. I deserve a coffee. We've left Phoenix seven thirty in the morning. I haven't had any coffee, so I stopped the pizza, and then I think to myself, wait a minute. Where's Mike and Chris? And I think oh perfect timing. Mike, Scott, the stub he's picking up the car and valet. I'm going to grab my lot day. And I'll just turn the corner. The car will be waiting there. Perfect time at Mike Scheffer. I get the call from Mike saying I lost a step, which is interesting. So and we're not got to the real yet. So now as I walk out max patta, it's it's light is a very slow day. Sunday morning at the Burbank airport. Phoenix this morning. I did way. Damn right, sunny and walk out. And there's just too cars like in line at the drop off park, very close to one in first car and second car that means the first car pulled up and then the second car pulled up. I don't know how long after the first car pulled up. But if it's right behind it. It was within a few minutes because they're probably be another car backed up in there. And as we pass by I take a look at the cars. Now max Bada you made a pass the car. Mike made a pass the car. You guys didn't notice anything. I do not believe cars were there. Yeah. But I got my head on swivel. That's right. And I study everything, and I was looking at these SUV's and a tickle look and they both had vanity plates, and they both had. Custom vanity plates. Now, the first one. Says what Jean few can hocken me Hawkin me HA w k and e hocken me Hawkin me. And I go. Interesting. I know something the second one's me and hawk. I'm gonna lose my mind. The next one. Oh blow it up a little bit. So you can read it. Oh. Hockey kings. I would imagine h k y K n g s and look at the frame kings kings fan, right? So I stare at these two things, and I go I wonder if these things that the to park right stack together at the airport. I go today. Now at this point. I'm not even reading it. I just see this hawk in this hawk and this this thing, and I'm like these people know each other, and then I make a huge fatal air fatal air three times a year. I temped to talk to human beings in Los Angeles. You know, like ask for directions like, you know, the shit shit. People used to do back in a simpler time when you could go ask old man Drucker on the corner. I have some directions or whatever the interstate LA doesn't work that way. And the reason LA doesn't work that way is because everyone who works the people who are sort of doing the jobs working now, not I'm not talking about in an air conditioned office building. I mean accessible to you. You could go downtown go to thirty fifth floor, some financial advisers building and probably get some answers from somebody inside, but outside laboring, re don't have anybody who really speaks English who works outside. But I still have the I hold out hope hold out hope. I see one woman get out of the car one cars completely empty the others. One middle aged woman gets out of the car and just scurries toward the Alaskan airlines Kate and I start to like. Going to run her down and find out if he has some relationship to this car in front of her what's going on. Is it possible that H A W K is like license plate short for hockey? Well, there's a lot. There's a lot on the table here. There's a lot on the table here. I don't know. But I need to know now sleep deprived and Mike August is waiting for me to show up with my to go inside to get my car outta hawk pardon the pun because he's lost the ticket. I need me in my ID, get it. But still carve out some time. Double back. And now, I know what's going to happen. But it's just me in the fifty five year old valet guy. Trying to figure out how to word this. So I go to hey, good, sir. These two cars are do they come in at the same time or the shame family. And he goes this car is different points at one car, and then he points at the other car, and I go back. I knew but it's my fault. Right. It's my. Extract any kind of information from any human being who worked in Los Angeles better. I should I know there's nobody who could provide an answer for me, Mike and max of Pat had sailed past the two vehicles it with glee and skip in their step. Look, I was just wondering where the car was. I was told that the car be ready by the time. I had to I to wait at the baggage claim and get our and get the merch bag without a August sunglasses. So I'm waiting in August at he was getting the car. So I'm just wondering where the car is. That was the plan so Langley. Of course, I missed those cars. All right. And what am I doing just being carried by some clear package shoulder soldiers in eating grapes fan by palm fron? They're in their checking the tickets address looks to me goes did you notice those cars like shit? So I said go back and take pictures of those cars. So then I had the second part with the valet guy where I went. Yeah. But the license plates are like almost the same. And he goes this one is different. Okay. Now, I'm done. I've tried God. I tried to have a fucking conversation with human being. I just missed that. I missed a simpler time when Murph of union seventy six guy named Goss with just standing there going oh talking about the Johnson and the Miller family top you off then he put up put onto the coffee. I'll tell you all that Oscar mom, number one soccer, mom, number two. They're not related, but they live on the same coal of sack and. Stay hits attending a hockey tournament. That's in Portland. So they did take the same flight. Yeah. But no, there's there's no gleaning information. So then I brought Mark arrogance in here this morning. And I said what's up he decided that the families weren't connected. Oh, wait a minute. I might decided they weren't connected what based on what might might retarded logic logic, which is regards based on Brian. Now, this is consuming our ride back to the shop. I wanna I wanna answer it spilled over in today's show. I said my are these two related or are they not related you? Remember his answer. Mex- patta. I just remember him saying they weren't like they don't know each other. They weren't related because I family wouldn't be app to get. To vanity plates. Which is why I know it's Mike August logic. One begets multiple like it would be zero or multiple it wouldn't be one. You know what? I mean. That's the way I thought about it. I talked to Mark Garriga's Mark Arum. I never knew this about him. But had a family full of vanity plates. I think. I I believe our own porcelain punisher, Matt find a Leers dad's got the same Saint oh same plate. Yeah. The mom had Matt and back kids names file that under my parents live ten thousand lives, and they wouldn't get angry if one of their kids random initials was on the plate like. Accidentally issued from the again. Give me some gaffer's tape stat. No. But you understand just randomly half of. It's only so big they're gonna personally license late. That's like G four to six eight nine z. Just like a random, right? Make sure they don't have anyone in new like right one is underdog. That's Matt's dad who's a Hera lawyer fights for the underdog. And then there's that. And then caregiver explains to me that he comes from a long lineage of custom plates as well. She critiques Christie's family does too. Right. So the trend. I'm now saying you're is more of a familiar I yes. Based on. Yes. Observations and personal experience. Yes. All right. So now, we are there is a little bit of a connection there. Curious. Did we find garra guses stuff? He hasn't sent them in. But I'm listening. He he rattled them off of memory on reasonable doubt. Which will be the Saturday. I'm listening right now, he is his son. Of it was like Armenian stuff, but his dad had like twelve in the box or something because his dad was an attorney. Or two. That's tough one super. Yeah. Yeah. Something like his dad had like attorney stuff this mom had like Armenian stuff. They committed habeas corpus. They were into it. And they also had Expos facto they had like the license plate frames that said like other reason driving this Honda's because of the money went to the kids college. You know, my other cars, a horse all that stuff. All right. Let me. Like everyone to weigh in. Did these two are these don't answer dosing? I need your course of logic on this one as well. Do these two cars know each other. Let me tell you. 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I I said they were connected. Okay. Dawson. They're not connected because first of all the Subaru can comfortably carry five to six people. The Audi SUV can comfortably carry five to six people. These people have vanity plates there. Obviously people have means if they needed to get twelve people to the airport. They would have been driving an SUV. But they are driving a big one of a frigging suburban where everyone that would need to carry. All right. That's why like the logic included. I'm gonna stick with my answer. But when we in the car, initially, you ask if they know each other is if they know each other now are they related are. They know each other a connection between these two or this is completely random Gina grand. I would love for the hawk in metoo to mean hockey in me because I'm so into hockey. But I don't think they're related. I think that if that was a I think he might be some sort of a Falconer, and I think. If if they were related they would both have the plates that go around whatever that's called the frame, the frame would both be hockey. References not just one hockey reference on the one that's hockey kings. Can we possibly see what is on that frame to the right because that is for instance, it's not just a sitting license plate that said if it was just like you said partner each other the only two at the airport. The one point one percent chance they know which other but both with personalized license plates both possibly related. I'm not ruling out that the second one says version of hockey number two the both have the same. So California's Peter license plates and the block with the gala writing is Florida way less popular or less common than other generic white one with the blue newest and most pricey. Yes. So this was this. Eight point eight. That they know they some I was hoping I said to Chris I'm assuming on the on the windshields because if they worked together, for example with the kings or something you're gonna have the same parking passes or they live in the same building. But he says no dice, but I'm giving it a twenty eight point eight minutes higher than nothing the discussion in the car, which is not only the California vanity plates but the throwback plates, which is the black with the yellow riding from the fifties. Or before then certain point they want the old school stuff. They went from black and yellow than at a certain point. They turned to blue and yellow basically Rams colors really spot on Rams colors. And then they went to white and like a darker blue or different blue or whatever it is. Now, you're able to get the old ones which is good. And they didn't offer it for a long time. And it always felt bad for the guys who had the cool vintage cars hot rods. In the fifties in the forties. They wanted that look big part of the look, and they had this weird modern reflective plate that didn't look anything like the era the carbs from. So I'm glad they have it. But I said in the car that I bet you the lion share of people who get a vanity plate in California. Now are newer vanity plates. Do get the California old school styles long as you're there. And as long as you're you've made the effort to get vanity place. You're probably going to get the cool. And I don't know if the cool one is more or not, it's California. I'm guessing it is, but and what does vanity plate costs these days, forty bucks. I've made it more. I think it used to be about that. But I think it's gone up. And then. I think we can agree that as neighbors. We would like to have a vanity plate family, but not as lovers. Hold on picture and manse, Dan. No on let me picture the dearly departed, MRs Garriga's. So yeah, I do I am jealous of the families. And I now realize it's a family you're in or you're now it's at Disney thing, it's not like everyone goes to Disneyland or no one goes to Disneyland. It's like I got one kid who goes the Disney like it's going up in the mid west. That's way to flash you think way too highly of yourself and people would talk like, oh, yeah. Absolutely. All right. Whenever you figure out. Whenever Garagan gets you his whole family plate. It's an interesting trail. Someone listening to the show has to work for the DMV. Just look up these license plates the same address. Oh, we got garra guesses guy. He's got guys guys for this play. And play. Well, I'm curious. Well, I think everyone here is in. No, correct. It's it's yours. Yes. It's a seventy percent chance. They don't. But it's it's a there is a world where these people definitely on the same flight or friends or whatever Dawson says, no, no, they would all the same damn car. I don't know. Why would there be two cars valeting? Tune airport. I don't know I feel like. Co-worker co workers to something Dawson friends, they're going from places or going to the same place. I still feel like it's cheaper, especially if you're just going for one night, or whatever valet. Valet might be co workers or something was going to Pasadena. One's going went to charter arts at least one hundred and fifty bucks. Right. I mean, a a limo or big time suburban or something, right? You can get a Uber black for pretty cheap. If you're bringing one big family, but Hooper family the necking to take ten people. This. Why went true, they know they might not be a family. But you're basing your entire argument on hockey sounding like Hawkin me. I don't think those two are related in the slightest. It's just a coincidence. It's Jessica Winston says Dawson Dawson, I'm putting together theory it guaranteed. People listening to this know, these people your voice sounds like, you're right. One hundred percent of the time, but you brain in the in the single digits, but tell me tell me where my logic. I don't I you're the one basing an argument on I Don kings your lot. Logic is if two families we're going to the airport like I'll give you for instance, I have a family, and I have my friends kids in their four four and four to parents to two kids. They got a place in Portland, and blah, blah, blah. We'd go to their cabin or whatever it is. If we're on the same flight. I don't think we charter a car. I think we would just drive in Valais. And I think they would drive and valley. Okay. No. I understand that. And now if there were family members that might that might change things. But if I knew them or we're getting on the same flight same place. I feel like we just take two separate sure vehicles. All right with that said, I still think there's zero percent chance they know each other. Well, I I don't think you can say supreme confidence zero. I didn't say it with supreme confidence. I said I think there is era percent chance they know each other. Well, I'd say using the numbers zero is the supreme part. I'm talking about. See if you say Lowe, okay, I can supremely say that. I think there's a point five percent chance. They know each other any better this. No, I'm now based on this. I wanted to why methodology preemies that it's point five percent. Okay. So statistically almost impossible that these two know each other dos. I that's what I think I think Dawson thinks he's right? I think one hundred percent. I'm torn and I think of Moore's coincidence, but I could never go zero percent. I could get down into the low twenties or something like that. I think we at least agree that there's one hundred percent chance you'll let this go before it's figured out. I'm not letting it go. I I got CARA guesses team. Do you know so many cutback on line four hold? Look, I somebody told me many years ago. Paraphrase. But there's you know once in a while like people go like he's fit to be tied or can't win for losing. Or even concern? It you go that means, but when somebody said, I've traveled to my life when somebody said, you wanna get something done give it to a busy man that is fucking spot on the people. I know who have nothing to do all day never get around to Jack squat like the people. I know that fucking nothing, but time can't get anything done and a lot of my own family. But a lot of guys I grew up with the the simplest tasks like, hey, could you just bring in this yearbook or something like that like now days and weeks and months Garriga's busiest guy fucking planet, and I will go to that guy. And I'll go ahead and eat some legal advice. He play weekends holidays. Texting? You back getting on a plane research, it'll get back to you like bam. Bam. Bam. He's a busiest man on the planet, and he's also always ready to go. Yeah. Just wanted office plate done or something. Right. We have. Oh bet online dot H E tell you that in a second. We're gonna talk to someone from. Talk to Dave. I got my feelings hurt the other day. Somebody tweeted me a. Let's see Twenty-one celebrities. You didn't realize we're Kar nuts by Adam shoebox? Or shuck pronounce that? I know what she calls a say. Published earlier this month and car and driver. Twenty-one celebrities, then realize we're Kar nuts. And I thought oh. Well, let's see how many down we get to mine. Say this all car guys, e do a people who write about car guys chronicle car guys, you do an insane disservice to real car guys when you put up guys like David Beckham who owns a Rolls Royce ghost. And a Bentley Ben tiger, whatever these are rich guys. They're not cargo is under your definition, everybody with money's a car guy because your fucking multimillionaire, and you live in Bel Air, and you drive a Bentley that that's not that doesn't mean, you know, anything about that car. Doesn't mean you can fix that card. Means you have no expertise. You're just a multimillionaire driving a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar car. You're one of the Kardashians are not car people. But they drive expensive cars. I don't like it. And you putting twenty four inch rims on it makes you less of a car guy. In my world. But first up it's David Beckham. He's got a rolls ROY car nut. Yeah. Hold on. Janet Jackson has to has to Lambridinis in Bentley in an acid Martin. These are just dumb people who buy super expensive cars that are literally worth half as much for years later. That's out. Goes you buy a new Lamborghini? You spend two hundred grand you keep it for five years. You get divorced. You get eighty one thousand dollars for it. That's how all these guys role in a way sort of the opposite of car guys that asks and Martin Bentley the two Lamborghinis combined total one million dollars after the divorce five or six years. You get three hundred eighty thousand dollars back from that lump that you push out investment. All right. John sina and his two thousand seventy four GT that he sold. It was sued for selling cat damn Christ Justin beaver. He's got a Cadillac C T that he had themed. Like batman. Konya west lady Gaga Miley Cyrus ship Barton. Eventually get to us going to be why don't the guy fucking racist. The cars. I got far looking Troy trails takes him to the track and actually enters them. And Missy Elliott, Measham Barton, Nick cage whose nuts Paris Hilton. She has a Barbie pink. Bentley. Car guy, by the way. Do it doesn't need this information need to be brought to my attention. Oh, I guess I was all wrong about terrorists Hilton. She has she. Yes, angeline. She's a car girl. She has corvette coding, by these standards and vanity plate. Oh, man. Paris hilton. She's got a Barbie pink. Bentley. She's got a Rolls Royce who Cadillac Escalade. Obviously. Now, there's there's Patrick dams any of these people fit your definition, Patrick Dempsey. I was going to say, yes, you're Patrick Dempsey. Now he races. And there's Ralph Lauren he's got a collection. And there's there's guys on there that are you know, beyond say's gotta Mercedes Benz limousine. Like, I don't know. I drive that. I well first off can I say this? We're fucking up every list by going. There must be an equal amount of men and women on every list the word car guy. It's got the word guy in it stands to reason that there might be some more guys that are into it and Lino inherent this sort of how we roll, pardon the pun every single list as I go through it must a be split, gender wise. So you can have your. Eric bana? That's fine. But you better make some room for Janet Jackson, and you can have Jay Leno. But you gotta make room for Miley Cyrus. Like Michel Barton. And Missy Elliott like you have to make fifty fifty and there's a sort of black and white fifty fifty thing too. We need. We need Representative representation we need cultural representation. Car guys are basically first off their overwhelmingly heterosexual, white males. That just kind of who car guys are don't know how got that way. But that's how it is. So if you're gonna make a list like the list to be factual instead of representing every fucking group like every fucking list that comes out now just has to be some sort of even handed. I'm going to represent everybody. Then you're going to get a list that isn't really that accurate. And you're gonna leave out hate and honky like the ace man, I'm gonna make you feel better feelings feel better. This is a list of celebrities. We didn't know Congo's everyone knows your car. Yeah. That was I. Alone. Who doesn't know your I love where your head's at lever that Paul headset. But right, if you're asked the imprint sees its Twenty-one celebrities, you didn't realize Kar nuts parentheses and a few you did. So. It has kept my namesake. Adam was going to say. He's actually going out of his way to not bad. All right. Put myself in a better mood. Stay Mason on the blower. Yep. He's right here. Dave with me. Yes, sir. I'm here. What are you on? What say what island or are you on right now island? I'm Alan I'm in Central America. We have a land based on north into the south. I go back and forth. Costa Rica, Panama what's going on with that March? Coming through your town those migrants marching. Caravan era. That's a little north of us. So listen pass India, go all Mexico to pastor. Were you watching all the football games yesterday? We got smoked. We we got destroyed in NFL's. We college was great. But NFL is just brutal. So yeah, I was watching. I was cursing whole Sunday. You know, what struck me? I was watching my Rams with some interest. I say my Rams now 'cause they're winning say the Rams. But now I say my Rams there were there were two it's like fourth quarter third fourth quarter. Fourth quarter Rams like trying to March back trying to get back in the game. Aaron Rodgers always dangerous playing the always dangerous Aaron Rodgers their two plays back to back where the quarterback made a great play hustled out of pocket through it on the run receiver. Just slid his hand of the ball made a great catch. The sideline official the wrath like wiped it off like not a catch. Not a catch. They reviewed it. It was a catch. It was like for thirty yards. The next catch was Todd Gurley making amazing. Like the db did what used to be face guarding? They have a roll-call the ball hit his hand caromed off. He grabbed plucked it out here. I'll put it this same ramp was like, no, no, no. I thought what if we didn't have replay like it would be the same guy taking to crate individual efforts in just wiping bride off and the Rams right back on their twenty and probably Pontic. Right. It's crazy. I love replaced, by the way satisfying. Yeah. You gotta have it. Now. I mean, this it's it's not perfect. But it's better than the alternative to just amazing plays back the back and also whoever that ref was let's take them out to the woodshed and give them a little little Kane. You know what? I mean. Like, hey, buddy. You're Johnny on the spot to back toback place. You call them both wrong. I think Dave might know this. But for the first time in the Super Bowl era, basically nineteen sixty two or whatever it was they fired a referee midseason never happened. And how. Two weeks if you knew about that. But yeah, I don't know if they explicitly said why because he was just not a good wrath. But like, it's really really rare. Obviously it happened like two weeks ago, right anyway, good. Thanks for that. Thanks for that tidbit. Who do you like this week? Now last last time we talked to you said if the bills beat the Vikings you'd eat your own flip flop. I think oh will. I get my dog ate at for you. If you like. Assortment put into Vitamix and liquefied, but it within look very good. So I kinda copped out on that one. But yeah, this weekend looking forward to my Rams playing Casey and a couple of weeks. I think Mexico City or something like that. Who's can be fair. We'll be in Mexico City Rams to and what do you say, Dave? We actually we actually had that up a couple of weeks ago, and we had the Rams minus three three point favorites versus Casey. That was a few weeks. So that might go down a little bit. I mean, the Rams are there pick them this weekend at Saint? So that's a hell of a game on Sunday afternoon. Yeah. The saints are great. And boy, the more I realized the more I sit around and watch life with sort of drew Brees. But I felt the same way about Doug Flutie. And all this kind of stuff forget about the guy stature forget about his size like is he a winner and drew Brees competitor. He's just a crazy competitor. And I feel like that's always good for that's good for like eight to thirteen points every single game. Every time repre- shows up. It's like it's just good for ten points because it was crazy competitive nature. Absolutely. I mean top-five quarterbacks all time. I mean Heli these east definitely definitely worth six points. And that all fence. At least absolutely is the Rams, look, you know, pretty mortal for the for the first half. And then just started getting together. I love the team sport. I love the fact that with essentially the same personnel. They went from losers to winners with just this McVeigh, which is the coach. And I remember rich Eisen saying to this beleaguered Rams fan a couple years ago. He's like, oh this Sean McVay. This guy is sharp and he's going to turn that team around. And I can remember going really really, but Jesus Christ. I think he's like a screw the number up nineteen and six or something or whatever this whatever was like a pretty amazing for a team that was foreign. Twelve or whatever it was the year before and I- garbage two years ago, and they turn around. And I mean now, we're in the conversation. We'll go into feed. I mean, we have a prop up there. There's plus seven hundred ago sixteen in this year. So you're you're right. I mean, two years ago known even thought about this and two years later, we're talking about an undefeated seasonal, actually. So is that one hundred bucks, and you get seven hundred bucks. If they go undefeated, plus your one hundred dollar wager back so seven hundred opera offer yet that feels feels interesting to me we're halfway in. You know, also kind of makes me realize that instead of all the jockeying for the quarterback out of college or the wide outta college or the shutdown corner. Maybe it should be a lot more chocking for coaches, absolutely. If I were I don't know how long McVeigh's contract is. But when it's up well, there should be the Brinks truck backed up. You look at the Cleveland Browns who fired their head coach. Like, they have talent. That people joke about the Cleveland Browns. They tell on that team but poorly poorly coached. Dave, absolutely. Absolutely. Fired him today. And he was plus four hundred to be the first coach fired, and we actually have for the next head coach hired Lincoln Riley Baker mayfield's coaching now. Go home, he's a plus two hundred favor long. Exact Taylor their blows plus two hundred to get the next gate the full-time gig that Taylor. Speaking of the Ran's around coach Bill bell checks in there. Jim Harbaugh some big names, but make it Riley Zack Taylor favorites. Who's the highest paid coach is bell? Check the highest paid coach you'd think he is. But it doesn't always work this way. I don't know. Sometimes whoever got nice out. Yeah. Would think it'd be Gruden made with that? I mean what he's ten year million dollar contract. I I can't see anybody being over that could be wrong, but that would sake route. I bet my money on grew. Well, I liked this new trend where older rich white guys make even more money and the young uneducated man from Kipp black kid from the streets. We devalue. That's good. I like that. You gotta pick for this this week what he wanted. Hi. How you doing your contest? Oh my God. I don't know. I gotta ask max, Pat. How are we doing? Let's see five picks for the week four and one lakh. Well, why don't you give us for picks in your one lock? All right. Let's go to. I mean, you gotta look at this spreads here. So we pick it up, by the way day, straight straight up. But as far as picking straight up, you gotta still Inc spreads air. You wanna you wanna pick the gains at the biggest spreads right now that she's at the Browns has she right? She's minus a at the Browns and everybody's betting achieve. So that's gotta be your your lock. But like I said, let's get this lock thing goes so well at the Viking, so but chiefs gotta be your lock Panthers versus bucks spreads not up right now. But it's going to be right around six and a half Cowboys versus Dennis e spread six and a half. So that. Got to be in there. Vikings minus five versus a line. So that's a pick. You gotta put in the patriots should be your fifth even though they're hosting the Packers. That's spreads still gonna be around six. So straight up. You got to pick those five games that she says as your lock what's the spread on the chiefs right now, minus eight three point favorites at Cleveland? That's one of those things where it's like you go eight points. That's more than a touchdown one. This final scores. Forty two fourteen. Go not not a bad about about as you think. This is going to go. Thanks, dave. We preciado it. All right, folks. Thank you so much have a great week to Dave Mason at bed online dot AG sports net challenge so much fun. If you want to get involved. You can get involved as well. Go to bed online dot AG pick them or you could win twenty five K use the code podcast. One. Receive fifty percent off your welcome bonus. I'm gonna need your help making picks so way in and give you give you five and five you're going to get one hundred bucks for your picks, and you can get it. You get a hundred bucks worth of credit on bet online dot AG. What do you got Brian? You do need help making picks because every week. We get the Email. Don't forget submit your picks. Don't frigging your pick Sunday slate only and you insisted on picking a Monday game you pick. The patriots won a year win, so dealing. Dealing. Credit for that. You had a good week. Otherwise, you want three and won you lost in the lions. But one on the Steelers spares and both the chiefs embarrass chances to brag on this. But I went five for five this week, including my best bet which was a bit of a bold call 'cause I picked the colts over the raiders in Oakland from behind. So I got I got to be able to control in here. I can't put the same games everyone else picks. So the colts five five hopefully going to get back into this week. Check it out online dot AG raking make your picks. You guys we've talked about this before when things are put in the form of an Email. This is like make your picks but not including Monday night game game, the batting average of people wearing that Email and moving past it is it a general concentration thing too many devices the whole thing overwhelming. So you just tune it out like is an anxiety thing. Oh, I hope that's not the case. I think it's I think there's something to do with earbud. Buds and screens and in just a general information. I don't know like I can't. Trying to talk to max Pat today. I had this made this mistake. I did this move. I don't know if you guys have done this move. But I was coming here to work. And the should we hear give me the coaches names? Would you please? Oh, Hugh Jackson. Hugh Jackson, always started on the screen on too many names run around Jack, Hugh, Hugh, Jackson Jackson, the painting. This is the former coach for the Browns. It's a thirty two second clip. This is hard knocks. And he's basically explaining to people you wanna sit where I'm sitting you gotta do things the right way, or whatever. But at the time, I think he was like one in thirty one. This is free season. I'm pretty sure someone was suggesting a different way to do things. And you kind of explain hey, man, heavy is the head that wears the crown wanted thirty one. Good guys. I'm a sad again. But jessica. A little different. And I get to watch from a different lens. I think you are respected and the end of the day drive this bus, and I'm gonna get it the way I want it. That's just how it works. Okay. I'll talk me a long time ago. What was it out? Give it to me. But you're taking to help you. Positive per second. This guy was driving a bus in your kids around and a thirty two attempts to get to the school. He'd only rive one time the other thirty one time she went the sweeter after went off a mountain road. What you would you sit in here lectures from that guy about driving a school bus? Everyone's updating their resume around the table. He was one in thirty one when he gave the space so get how tuned out and checked out. Do you have to be to give that speech? Well, he's check down. Now, that's for that's for damn Cher. All right. Just going to complain about something. But I forgot the US's offensive coordinator during their worst season ever to quite a legacy. Fond place in my heart for the so I strive in here this morning, the ramp from one freeway an x Ray waves. Like unusually an alarmingly backed up like way up. So I just went like I'm not getting into this something happened there. There's an accident whatever. So I turned off the other ramp and now found myself head in the other direction and scramble the hit my phone hit ways in work. And then it's max paddock called me. And we're going over the show. And then the ways was talking the whole time the whole time, and I know of screened about this before there is no microphone with a slashes like nothing you can push. It's it's all three pushing to the left to seven ten north and. Damage check coming in. And he's bobbled the and I can't hear you there mile. It's the other direction and getting off the freeway, and it's not. It's not head it won't stop. And I can't fucking figure out ways. Do they just must come up a lot? Yeah. Come up a lot. Why don't they have a silence slash through it and just push that. Well, there is a. Sibel by the human eye speaker at some on this thing, then turn left point. I searched screaming at max, Pat. Oh, what do I do? And I get myself to the part where it just says stop and I hit stop. And then it says, stop navigation navigation, and I hit that. So now, I've hit stop and hit stop navigation and it won't stop. It will not fucking stop. That was by far the most. What is going on? Why what is this like in the middle? Is it why? In the middle of explaining Ryan down the show with Adam exchanging ideas, I Adam going, stop stop stop. And I'm thinking he tells me to stop. And then, you know, he's clicking stop and he's ways. And then I can't hear me half the time one thing just says stop and you hit that. And that brings you to stop navigation, and then you hit that. But that's not enough. It just continues on and then make exacerbate everything in this. No one else experiences this, but me, I don't know how to do it. But anyone from waste could you just put him Hunkin? Hunkin? Microphone on just put a mic on there that you could just meet just it'd be nice one click is right now, it's three clicks to get to the speaker off. Well, what's the point of the stop button? What I don't. I don't know. No one can explain that. Could just be me. What the heck's? But the here's what way here's what you should have when an incoming call comes in have the Mike pop up there, the blue whatever. And then you hit the mic, and then the screen goes to the visual. Yeah. Cues? Yeah. The mute Mike and then put the mic in the lower right hand corner. When you're done with the call hit the mic again and go back to whatever wise issue. Why three clicks away three? And if you click the wrong thing opened up a whole new pants swipe the right I really start screaming. All right. We'll take a quick break. Well, do some good sports. Come back with your calls right after this. And now a quote, real mangroves testimonial. I'm Mitch all my life have been a little guy and by little guy. I mean, I'm legally dwarf that was until I had my first taste of Adam Corollas Mangueira once I cracked open that beautiful bottle of original orange. I knew my life would change I used to stand at four foot four. But after I got down to the bottom, I bottle shot straight up to six to now. My mother loves me, and I no longer need stepping stool to brush my teeth. Thanks. Thank you, Adam head to Corolla during dot com and enter promo code little guy for twenty percent off orders of three or more bottles. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the. Hi, jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song what the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Hey trombone goes Wah, and you say we'll be fine carbo jopstone to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at you. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing. Coverage match limited by state law. Task one sports network visits goods sports, sports fans. Welcome to brand new episodes of good sports here on podcast one sports. Dave damage Shakir Adam Karol over there ace day to Tuesday. But really it's day. Two of what figures to be a series of you and me listening to the greatest theme songs associated with sports programming out there shall we press on yesterday. We did Monday night football right out of the gate, a hard one to beat the clarity the all time classic. I say also some good Cosell talk. You know, what's funny about Monday night football. I think about it. Isn't it weird that it is kind of the gold standard the many, but they had in their in their golden years. They didn't really have a proper play by play man in the booth. Isn't that weird? Yeah. That Cosell personnel. They dandy. Don, Meredith not former player kind of dandy. Don was to Monday night football. What Jerry Reed was. Perfect king the band perfect. Not really an actor. He's kind of a singer. Hey, I may or may not drive a truck. He likes dogs. I he was half the movie, but didn't seem to have the credentials to be there. But but help at pain. Pain is on played with Tom Landry knows what he's talking about. I don't know about that doesn't sound like he did. Also, those guys would do Fairmount of drinking up there. Lots of great stories the booth. Well, first off it was back where it was. It was a simpler time, which is if you said to someone I'm cold, they'd go here have some vermouth. But I'm driving a school bus doesn't matter. They'll take the children the whole if you're gonna be me on the road for like ninety minutes. Kick the bottle like y'all do announce your cold or something on you hurt? Someone just Haniel flask. It's cold, and my bunions are acting up. Okay. Here's some Jackson. But I'm working with special needs kids. Yeah. Here go there's enough for them. So you just you'd be up in the for some reason the booth was called the poof, but it never really was an official booth because it would always be the same temperature at Green Bay in the booth as it was in the stadium which is freezing. Yeah. Now, they're in climate control. Not right. Then they were all bundled up like the rest of us. And then I think Cosell would try to, you know, take a little the edge off that the winter. Father winter mother winters old man winter with there and take a few nips. And by the time he got to the fourth quarter star to take it's toll. But for here. I don't understand this. This is one of my ongoing complaints now in the twenty first century sports media. Shame the devil. Yes. The greatest broadcasters of all time, some who would be held up at least as being that Harry. Carey the cubs, obviously, legendary announcer provincial. Dave will point out Myron cope Doppler yoy. Pittsburgh Steelers are poised to strike all that stuff. Pat Summerall like a famous luck dried he and Brooke Shire went on famous twisters together. And they would now though, I my first time at the at the Super Bowl in Super Bowl forty five Steelers and Packers. I may have mentioned I root for the Steelers as an exciting evening for me to be attending that Super Bowl as an NFL employee. And I was in the press box and early in the game. I express joy or sorrow. What I probably was sorrow since Aaron Rodgers was good in that first half. I said, hey, hey, hey, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Got to keep it down in the press box. Can't can't can't express Mariah what? And then I was told. I said why don't they have booze up here anymore and people? Oh, they used to have keg. They have a keg beer in the press box. Now. Shame the devil that you would ever have nip. What what are we doing? We're not doing ocular surgery. We're doing we're talking about sports. I concur. I concur. It's an outrage. But anyway, yeah, Frank it was he was as close to the play by play guys, you could get, but he wasn't really that. That was a great booth. Any who let's move onto our next song? Let's since we've already heard the heights. Let's go to what Corolla has mentioned as as the bottom of things here. Gary play us one of these country style theme songs. The party. Non alcoholic. What is? And lag reunited. We're going out gangs all year. Party then bio do. Hey, can we write a song where to talks about getting ready now hottie? Two. This. This is taken this. This is taken to John rose this country. I've never big fan of country, but it became but it had its place. Yeah. Nelson and the rest. Yeah. Yeah. But then became weaponized when you started making sassy modern country, you know, what happened with country tell. Here. Mark the day. I will you can Mark on your calendars where country took a turn. I'm not gonna say went south because it was already there. But I'm saying bad turn went north north. When we started caring about what country singers looked like it, formerly it was fat guys with grizzled beards and spittle flowing out of their mouth. And it was it was a mess then the chicks big behind hairdos and outfits with rhinestones on himself. Then all of a sudden, it's like Kenny Chesney, hey, that guy's working out. Nobody Merle haggard never worked out Merle haggard like kinda sobered up and they push him out on stage. And he looked like he'd been ridden hard and put away wet, right? Then all the sudden it started with Kenny Chesney Schneider twain. Twain all sudden next thing, you know, the guy's pants are getting really tight and their arms are getting a little bit bigger. And all of a sudden now we care with these guys. Look like, it's completely ruined the music. I agree. I think it is. I think you can if you point the finger at one person Shania Twain who kind of emerged as a sex symbol, and then the country music world paid. Oh, if I work out, I'll be a pop hit rather than a pop star rather than just merely a country star in right? Yes. I their way. Listen nice effort there Carrie Underwood. But it's not under what? Yeah. It just ain't for me. Yeah. Pop so country met MIR and that didn't help country music, and then we tried to like live in it up. And that's basically like when my poor dead grandpa would make a frozen dinner for me, and then he'd like spring Kalanz some grated cheese on top of it to try to like. Turn it into something. Wasn't it just made it a Saturday experience for this young podcast? It's like, you know, what's funny when you say the evolution of country music is kind of on display at least to some degree with. What the original Monday night football theme was not the original. But the country song like. You know, what's his name? I can't think of his name junior. Hank williams. Hank Williams junior. Yeah. That was like that's kind of old school country. And then Carrie Underwood is is what you're describing find me a picture of ROY Clark at his fattest. I really Clark with his biggest pork chops and his swing and his banjo all show Sunday night. That's what country music use that. With the face and Giles chins of country music back. Joe standing up in the cornfields crack in wise. All bet your ROY Clark who when I was growing up. He was one of the hosts of he haw. I had him like grown-ups like that's the fattest man in America. I bet through today's lens of morbid obesity everywhere, he doesn't even rank. Like about five pounds overweight going to look like a husky do like I had him as I had him as. He's he's a. Bag as now, he's a big boy. When you're wrong. You say you're having standing and playing the banjo anyway that was the face of country music and outs. Kenny Chesney, please, oh, we can also blame to white yokum tight jeans and a hat lean forward, though, I like Dwight on a personal level. Let me tell you about the bed online dot AG. Having so much fun with bed. Online dot AG. October keeps getting better World Series. NFL college football NBA NHL truly the greatest time of the year drama with the Lakers. Toronto Denver off to a hot start Lakers there right in the ship Alabama. And of course, the Rams dominating. Now. Like to say my Rams before he sa- say the Rams Nashville starting a strong and hockey is only one. Place to get it all get in. And all the action, Ben online dot AG. Don't wait. Use the promo code podcast one for fifty percent. Sign up bonus that's podcast one. Get a fifty percent. Sign up bonus. Ben, online dot AG, promo code podcast one. You're Online's sportsbook experts podcast one done bet online dot AG. Azure. I now see that one makes them look not as bad. Yeah. He's up now tweet that one out there, Gary if you don't mind, so the people are Google yourself. All right. We'll we'll continue to roll through the best of music and sports on tomorrow's good sports for now. Adam Corolla, Dave damasec, good point. Stylized lounge presents an evening progressive box. Oh, what a great. That's Jim the lights for this next one too much there. It is got to get things. Just right like aggressive name your price tool. Tell us what you want to pay, and we help you find coverage options that your budget. And now the mood is right. Wait, the lights are back on again Trudy, can you? And it's completely dark casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing coverage match limited by state law reaction to Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute. President Trump and first lady Melania Trump. Visit Pittsburgh tomorrow to mourn a synagogue massacre that left eleven people dead leaders of a liberal Jewish group in the city in an open letter to the president right that he is not welcome until he denounces white nationalism. Rabbi Jeffrey Meyers with the tree of life synagogue, says he fears the attack is a symptom of something even more sinister symptomatic of a larger bigger problem. That's my fear that there's a lot more hate. But in the end level. We won't let it win accused gunman Robert Bowers faces twenty nine federal counts, including hate crime charges. Prosecutors say they want to pursue the death penalty. Former vice president Joe Biden Nettie campaign event in Ohio calls on political leaders in the country to stop the inciteful rhetoric. It's on our leaders to set the tone dial down the temperatures store some dignity. I'm Tim Maguire.

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