WWE Hall of Fame to Induct nWo & Dave Bautista


If you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just US one dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. Awesome Channel One fifty six. Welcome to the busted open podcast. This is Dave league-record today's episode. WWe Hall of Famer Bully Rain. I talk about the releases from the. WWe Sing Kara the ascension blue carper where they could go next next. We talk about it on this edition of the busted open podcast. Also we get into the breaking news the N. W. O.. And Batista are going into the two thousand in twenty class of the Wwe Hall of fame. Is it too early. Has it been delayed too much. We'll get into that as well. Also my favorite segment of the show. The Dave league-record quintessential pro wrestling powering all that. Today's edition of the busted. Open podcasts. You you are in a world of Shit how my wife acting like a wrestler and just putting all the B. S. all the personal. Bs Up on social media. I mean it was unbelievable. I have a fight with my wife I go to the store to rectify the situation. As best stike good I come back and all these tweets because my wife actually went to social media to air her grievances. She's like a WWe superstar. It's unbelievable. She's like Lana. She's really a if she's not careful she might be like some. WWe Superstars the stars and B. Future endeavored. And you don't want that before the holidays bully you would never future endeavor the lovely Perogie Making Violeta. That would never happen. There was no parole for league-record this weekend because as you said I was in doghouse over something silly it was something upton really really silly now now there are two sides to every story And obviously Violeta felt the need to tell the entire world. Yes Sir side of the story. It seems as though you had a to-do honey honey to do on the list said go get your Christmas. Cards printed rented yes. And you've got the wrong Christmas cards printed of the family portrait that in did not include the family animals well thus thus rating your wife ridiculous thus making her WanNa go to south social media and thus burying you not only did she berry. It's like she hit you the bus and then she put the bus and reverse and backed up over you. First of all for the D- it's on her for trusting me to get this done. That's on in her because she should know by now. That somehow was going to screw that up so for people who don't follow the lovely veal at dodd social media. Let me explain before we get into smackdown and believe me. I probably had the same a feeling in my stomach from seeing the social media. Hate as I did watching smackdown back down on Friday but we'll get into that second. Trust me your story with Violeta was much better. Spent more entertaining. Hell of a lot more. I you know because now the in thing with Christmas cards holiday cards is you. Don't just buy like a box holiday cards. You gotTa make the thing with the pictures and everything in a family. So I picked out a nice picture of us like how the four of us myself my wife my daughter Abigail and my stepdaughter Sarah it. It was not the picture she had chosen. And by looking at it. It was a horrible picture. My wife has her eyes closed. Sarah's looking in a different direction it was a terrible picture and I just like you know I didn't think it out and I sent it and they came back. We got the Chris fits their picture and then she said she wanted the three pictures she picked out the pictures and she wanted the pictures with the animals that I forgot about that too. So what are you gonNA do. You don't leave that to the man of the the house my job. Every I botched I botched I take all I take it but her going social media. That's a problem. That's that's it's a pro. That's an issue her. I don't know if it's that big of an issue because when I read it last night I popped and well well. I know how starting to show tomorrow. Well I have to admit that's her way of she's angry but not really angry. Go into social media because you know if my wife was really pissed you would not have tweeted something like that. Ah backhanded way of saying you know what you're in trouble but you're not really in trouble but you know what I want everybody to know about the mistake that you made whether holiday cards so violeta is like a passive aggressive tweeter yes. He's a passive aggressive tweeter. We should get it on the line just to see how she feels about this whole thing. She's got a job that you can't get to the phone. She's got like a real job so she can't get to their phone. Yeah so Did you apologize. Of course at first I didn't it. I did the whole thing with this is the pitchy wanted tied the playoff that that I could try to pass the heat like I was like what are you talking about. This is the picture you picked. And she's like that's that's not the picture I picked and you know that gag doghouse. I is the best thing about it. They turn around so quick they had done in in the same day. So I wound up wasting like thirty bucks but you know what we got the pictures that she wanted. That's all happy wife happy life. I know that you're going to send me a Christmas card. I would prefer one of the Christmas cards of the botched one. I saw you get one of the botch Christmas cards. You know your Dan but you're not really that I WANNA botch card. If you want to snap a picture of a botched car to put it on social media if you get if you get the card were closed you know you're getting the defect so you know what you have to send me the Violeta Card because how funny would it be if I take a picture of the Violeta Card and be like. Oh my God thank you so much Violeta and gave me this Christmas card and she sees the picture of the wrong card on social media. It'll be all it can happen but speaking king of botches and we'll get into smackdown and a little bit but I talked. I kidded and said that my wife would get future endeavored because of the way she's gone to social media and all honesty honestly we have seen now some future endeavors when it comes to the wwe some surprises some obviously not Lou carper sink. Kara the ascension. I gotta be honest with you. You could've told me the essential where let go six months ago and I probably would have believed you. I can't remember the last this time the ascension was on TV. And we also got the I guess the official word on Friday that MSW assigned Ach. Ach No longer longer with the wwe. As well. So kind of strange that you got so close to the holidays but I think Luke Harper are per wanted outsing. Kara wanted out. I don't know if the ascension wanted out but they are no longer. WWe Superstars seems like Alcatraz has granted some pardons yes. I was actually surprised by name. That wasn't on that list. And that's Mike Canales because I know Mike Analysis has gone to social media asking for his release. I guess I guess he hasn't got it yet but that's storyline with his wife. That went on for weeks We haven't seen that play out at all I think that's Kinda change over to the rousseff. Lana storyline once. That was buried and forgotten so I actually once we started seeing those names of those releases. I thought we were going to get my canals. That did not happen. I've heard rumors And Not Internet rumors dirt sheet rumors. I've heard some mm talk some scuttlebutt amongst boys that Mike and Maria might have misled the. WWe We when they're new contracts were signed. I don't know this for a fact but I'm saying maybe the WWE didn't WanNA release them because they want to keep them around awesome. Warren maybe get their money's worth out of them okay. As far as Luke Harper and Sin Cara are concerned. I'm happy that they were released because they just didn't want to be there anymore. And if you don't want to be there anymore and the company's not doing anything with you anyway in get out of dodge. Get the hell out of here. Let him go. What are you going to keep them around for? I mean does the wwe think that Sinn. Kara or Luke Harper is going to go someplace else and it's GonNa put a significant dent in the wwe absolutely not so. Why keep him around? That's not to say that Lucar and sinker aren't going to go to another company ready and make an impact for that company. Both of those guys are talented and can do very well for an aws impact a ring of honor and m. l. w. a. New Japan Dan anywhere but it's not like by releasing those two guys and the wwe that all of a sudden they're gonNA pop up and it's going to be a major major dent in in the WWe armor as far as the essential is concerned listen. I don't remember the last time I remember them. Doing anything with the ascension is when they brought them up from an X T. And how long ago was that year's those years ago I mean. When I first saw the ascension I felt bad for those dudes because they were put in a gimmick that was never going to succeed a bootleg road jarrier gimmick it was never ever ever going to work because it was just a cheap version of the road warriors those are two good dudes? I got to work with the ascension when I was in W W D bond a couple of years ago good dudes but you could tell every night that I we were working with them that they were just all the air had been let out of ourselves they just. They didn't have their hearts in it anymore. They tried as hard as they could but they knew that they were just there to do absolutely nothing and they would get ready and getting their gear and put their face paint on and they would try as hard as they could but they would just dead in the water and they were dead in the water. They were dead in the water because they put I am a road warrior Gimmick on. Yeah and you're just not going to work anymore. And they were day or that night number one like you said in an and exterior had a little bit of You know dominance in annex t but as soon as they went to the main roster and that if you remembered and maybe pobably people have forgotten by now because it's been so long ago They add vignettes leading up to their debut but once they had their debut right away like like you said they look like a bootleg version. They even mentioned the road wars. Once you mentioned the road. Warriors and the ascension in the same sentence you're done and they actually did that in their vignette one of their vignettes. They mentioned the roadways once. You say that you're finished and night number one. They were done and they were never able to recover recover. I mean they were. They were relegated to like the dark matches or every once in a while on main event. And sometimes you'd see them in the background of a of a skit on raw. Just I don't know how those guys feel about being released because listen. They might need the work they were still getting being paid. They were both making a living for their family. So I'm not sure how they feel about being released but I just wish them well and hopefully they are happy today about their release because they get to go do something that may be brings a smile to their face and are still able to earn a living. So that's my take on the postage especially the Luke Harper and this entire thing like I said they did not want to be there and listen to it to an extent even though you have a contract you could look at it as them being held hostage. I mean seriously. What's what's the point of not releasing them there? There is and like you said like I where Sin in-car GonNa go where he's going to be a threat like if here's the thing and this is going to sound terrible if I may e w are you touching sin Kara. Are you touching the ascension. Now Luke Harper. Maybe they loo- carpet. That's that's how that was never really truly tapped into you. Know when you had the whole Y.. Family Man I. I thought he was the most talented of of of all of them and they never really used him the right way. But even if I'm an MSW do you touch the ascension. You know if I KINDA WANNA keep those wrestlers at arm's length because it almost like you're taking the WWe leftovers dovers. That sounds terrible to say because there's a lot of talent there but perception is reality in that case I'm GonNa look at it from the other point of view I'm GonNa you mentioned in eighteen. W when it With regard to the Ascension Sin Cara and Luke Harper. You can really e B The baby face of this whole situation if you're eighty W let's say you sign those guys to minimal deals not you're not you're not going to give them Jericho money. But let's say you take care of them and you got a couple of veterans on your roster now and all of a sudden you're able to turn around and in the next couple of weeks or whenever they were to debut they all we'll have a ninety day clauses. What have you were actually able to do something with them? And that showing the world that hey in Asia W we're willing to give everybody a chance chance and look at the talent on Lucar. Look at the talent on sin. Cara look at the talent of the ascension we hear W. can get these guys over while the wwe. Couldn't I think it's I think it's a good idea. I'm not saying that they should sign them. But if I were to sign any of those guys guys I'm signing with the intention of proving to the World Hey at W. we can get these guys over and with blue carpet. It's not a question of getting Lucar over. Lucar has has been over already. You've heard me talk about Ray. Cons wireless ear buds and how much I love mine. 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O. in its earliest days Hulk Hogan Kevin Nash Scott Hall and Sean Walton and they will be honored on stage April Second Emily Arena in Tampa Florida as part of the festivities? He's surrounding Wrestlemainia. Thirty six. It will be the second hall of fame honors for each of the four men recognized as part of the N. W. O. Hogan was inducted. It has individual in two thousand and five followed by Scott Hall in two thousand fourteen and Kevin Nash in two thousand fifteen and as you may remember Sean. Walton was honored as part of D generation nation x last year in two thousand nineteen. They go Curious that they're doing this early because usually start finding out about hall of famers for especially that class at Wrestlemainia like around royal rumble time or after royal rumble. The fact that they're doing this in early December. It's kind of kind of interesting that we're finding this out this early. Maybe they want to sell tickets brother. I guess so gotta sell tickets. I well deserved and W. O.. Going into the hall of fame. Ken Argue that. Where's version buff? Bagwell and then ten DB Aussie and big show and every other member of the if if you inducted everybody. That was a member of W. O.. You have more people on stage and actually in the seats in the arena. Are you crazy in duct all of WCW that would be kind of cool visual though like seeing the stages filled up with twenty five. Thirty guys is all getting inducted. That'd be Kinda Cool so David me ask you this and Alex to not so much you girl you guys does that hat do anything for you the NWF getting -ducted. I Yeah I actually think Eric Bischoff should be part of that. Maybe they made up saying like you. You Know Eric Eric Bischoff idea. He was part of the N. W O. I mean like to me Eric Eric. Bischoff should be a part of that. And I'm wondering if Eric Bischoff may be goes into a hall of fame this year on his own curiously enough nowadays no longer part of the wwe. I'm wondering if that would have happened if he was still part of of the wwe. I think it's a no brainer to have Eric induct them. I mean he's the guy that created them why not have him in duct them and I don't I don't think there's any bad blood between Eric and the wwe. I think Eric knew that the position that he had could come. Come and go at any given moment. It's a very rough position to be in and him being the quote unquote head of smackdown or head of creative or whatever. The Eh title was and then busting out. Four million viewers and dropping down to two and a half million. Somebody had to be the fall guy and I'm not quite sure if it was just because the ratings whatever. I don't think if anybody understands that it was just business. It's Eric Bischoff and I think the WWE and Eric. We're going to do business in the future. Eric would do it with a smile on his face. So I'd like to see Eric. Duck the w since it was his idea and Eric Eric Bischoff to be should be in the. Wwe Hall of fame. I I know it's like a weird scenario. Oh because it was that war that we still talk about the Monday night wars between WCW and the WWF and Eric Bischoff was that guy behind WCW. He W he was the reason. You could give a lot of credit credit for what took place between those two organizations and he was beating their ass for eighty three weeks weeks so Now it's all said and done. I think Eric Bischoff is a should be a hall of Famer without a doubt. You know I've said it before. The wrestling business owes a debt. Gratitude to Eric Bischoff especially wrestlers. Because if you think about it before Eric Bischoff came around there was no downside guarantee not there was no guaranteed money and pro wrestling especially in the wwe if the wwe did well then you did well if the wwe didn't do so well you didn't do so well there was no. There was no comfort zone. Eric came along and he said listen. I'm GonNa pay you this amount of money no matter what. And that gave wrestlers wrestler's the guys the gals the boys ground to stand on so that they knew that if things didn't go so well for their push or if things aren't going that great with the company nobody whatever they were still going to make their money guaranteed money. And that forced Vinci's Vince McMahon's hand to give his talent guaranteed aren t money the wrestling world also Eric. Thanks because Eric was the only guy that was able to put the gun to Vince his head and what happened. Even if Eric Bischoff doesn't present the type of competition that he did to Vince. Do we ever get the Monday night wars. Do we ever get got what we got in pro wrestling twenty five years ago. And it's funny Eric. Bischoff story and pro wrestling is such a fascinating one. You know he was just the. TV view is TV. He was a he was an ad salesman. I mean and you know to be able to do what he did with the AWA and move on and become like a TV TV personality and then the guy who kind of orchestrated everything behind. WCW and really completely changed the landscape. I mean that's a guy that it should get a lot more recognition than he does unfairly. He gets a lot of blame about what happened the WCW but you almost have to give him all the credit when when it comes to the success of WCW absolutely and to think this is the guy that had the balls to tell Hogan I wanNA turn you hill and it worked and you think anybody. I don't even know what Vince McMahon could have convinced whole Cogan to turnhill now probably not who didn't want to do it. He did not want to do it but it was because of the reason he left. WWe went to WCW and notice how the landscape was changing and honestly from what year was even supposed most of Yoga and supposed to be staying. So it's it's interesting how that all worked out by the way on a really quick before you had. I'm looking I. Ah We may need to take the whole three hours of a show to kind of go over every single wrestle with that was part of the. NWF Let's do it it. It would be impossible to to list everybody. That was a part of the N W too many guys. I got Scott Scott Hall Kevin Nash Hulk Hogan Ted pig show sting You know obviously we know about like the guys who are getting inducted. The four that are getting inducted but Miss Elizabeth Eric Bischoff buff bagwell big bubba Rogers Scott Norton Randy savage great mood cone incurred ending Rick. Rude I mean Br Scott Steiner Nick Patrick Bread hard I goes on and on. It's impossible list every body. There was a party N. W. O.. Where do you draw the line? They drew the line with those four. I would draw the line at those for water down on the N. W. got but still. Hey listen we're talking last week. What are the t shirts that we see the most and wwl bullet club and what what was the other one eighty w now right? Yeah I would probably say E W S club for sure yes and you know. NWEA was kind of like when when you go to a New York giants game. You still see fifty-six he's still see Lawrence Taylor jerseys you go to any wrestling show. You're going to see an N. W. O.. Shirt and now. It's probably can have to happen more now. That they're going into the hall of fame. They made an impact. That's for sure. And listen those those that unit I believe deserves a spot in the hall of fame and listen. It's smart business also greatest faction of all time. No absolutely not just asking a question. Yeah no I I listen. I much prefer D generation x over the end. wwl Oh my God. You're so wrong with that opinion. You're just saying you're just saying that the start it up conversation right. That's not truly hi Fi. Listen listen I'll go a step further. I'll go I'll say. DX It's really not a step further to mean road. Dogg and Billy Gunn. Were entirely too entertaining for me not to love deacs. More than the end wwl they were very entertaining. And the stuff that Sean in hunter did before all those guys got together was awesome. It really was to me. It was very entertaining like I liked. What Scott Scott and Kevin did I like that whole invasion thing with hulk out with them and hell of a turn at Bash at the beach is going to who side of his the on? I know it gave it away son of a bitch. I mean I just as a wrestling fan. I thought that D X was more entertaining. I I don't think that's a stretch at all. I just think like N W oh you look at. How really changed the landscape and how really? They're they're the reason. WCW else became what it was because of N. W. O. C. D. C. D. X. shirts when I go to when I go to wrestling shows US wonder jude. De- was a huge merchandise than they were but it doesn't have the lasting legacy like the W. O.. Does if you see somebody with a D.. Actually you probably want to stay away from him and W. O.. Shirts though you still see like you said probably probably still wanted if not the biggest t shirt out there right now so right now. You don't deal with roles and marks on social media who are bashing me just because I like somebody better. I'm not bashing you. I just know that you really don't believe when you're just starting. Oh no controversy and a talk show I believe that. Hey Hey listen. DX only needed five members the the N. W. no need fifty five members. I would say they needed fifty five. It just happened to turn out that way. A Third World country. Do you think Luger sting staying in Conan show up and with the wolf pack shirts and try and get gnashed defector in the induction and then they try to induct the wolfpack. I think just to kind of make a storyline for next. That was a great thing to the Wolfpack in all honesty. Though like I put a little tweet out about the fact that they were being inducted and a lot of people are commenting on it right now and I'm seeing a few that are saying like Oh you know. Wwe Hall of fame. They'll put anybody in her. They're really running out of people to induct or whatever and like listen I get it the Wwe Hall Wwe W. E. Hall of fame is a bit of a PR vehicle for for the company. But if we're talking honestly the new world order was enormously think about the moment at Bash. Should the beach think about how much heat they got people throwing stuff into the ring. If anybody of any of these groups should be going into the hall of fame it should be WWL I. I want flair to go into the hall. Tame again as a member of fortune four fortune four to go into all the fame and listen the the biggest reason why they're putting them in the hall of fame as Hogan and lives in Tampa so they don't have to spend money on Trans Derek Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy. Talk Talk 'n news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars just go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted offer available to new siriusxm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is quite the morning gentlemen mm-hmm and but I can now reveal another inductee into the twenty twenty way of the wwe hall and the Condom wwe. This one's this this guy. This one's a biggie. was someone's a big. He's been in the news recently. A Boy Dave. Do you have a guest zero zero. No clue I I have. I have a guess but bully. I think you might no no. You didn't send it to me. All right guess guess bully I just going with the fact. ACT THAT DARING TAMPA. Am I close. Yes Ding Ding. Ding circle gets the square johnny. You tell them what he's going to the hall of fame already. Officially being revealed by People magazine. Dave Batista has officially cemented his place in. WWE W. E. history the former wwe superstar who competed in the ring. Batista Dave Batista will be inducted into the wwe hall of fame in April people dot com reveals. Wow I just retired at wrestlemainia. Do you think Dave Batista's a first ballot all famer. Why not hidden hidden lustiest creative? He had a great career. He had a hall of fame career. I don't know if I would. I would have him be a first ballot hall of Famer to me that the elite Dave I hate to. I hate the burster bubble but there aren't many ballots cast for the wwe hall of fame. There's only one ballots cast dammit. My vote is the only one that counts and if I want gave Batista in. He's in Dana. Make sure you look good. It is not a first ballot hall of Famer. Bats that you don't believe that. What a horrible take you think I'm just saying for talk show fodder purpose purpose? Yeah I don't know if I were put these thin right away I make. I'm waiting here. Why why not? I don't think tearing hamper Kampe Mad. Goddess other doesn't need a hotel ally with it. That's he's got nothing to do with. It has a lot to do with it. We're GONNA let how much money we're GONNA say Maan Trans with these guys. Well let's see Hogan lives in Tampa Batista lives in Tampa. Where does Scotland? What is he's in Florida seconds? B. Y. brought in players from Tampa. All they're all go in this year. They're all dry throat. This guy is great. Does Not Knocking Batista. He's a hall of fame. He's not he's he's not a right away. Get in Guy. I can't say because you said there's no he's not a right away getting guy. He's a right away getting on my ballot. Damnit he's not to get in right away. Guy Is not come on Dave stop it. You're embarrassing you. When you say Dave or are you talking to me or day Batista you? You're embarrassing harassing yourself. Come on you're what you're gonNA WANNA give the ridiculous the X.. Over and W O take just ten minutes guy if you if if you would hold on Yes yes I do want history to put up a poll between DX and the wwl would-be split down the middle. It really would I might do so. That's why I that's why can't believe you're like I can't believe you take over the end. You're like one of those. You like one of those trolls on social media. I am ten o'clock at ten o'clock on Wednesday I am I am. I don't think and Batista's He's GonNa have great credentials because Alex GonNa throw it out we have power rankings coming up in just sixty sixty seconds so get killed more by you. I just don't think he's a cat in right away guy. I think he should be here. Michael you're hearing catch busted open live live from Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the series. XM APP. I I say yes you say no Alec says yes girl. What do you think sure? That should be the shirt. The hall of fame. Batista's sure he takes Nice picks up his tattoos on twitter. Sure you go and listen. I'm a fan of Batista again again. And now people are killing me on social media. Ready when I think of when you excuse. I'm sorry Gabby when when I think of somebody that gets in right away. Okay when I think of definitely does I'm going to make you wait. You put on it. I you have to look the sorry That's my wife. You're talking about bully. I agree with you. Got It before sticking David Rule number one uh-huh no what are we talking about Teesta. He's a hall of fame. I just don't think he's a I bow famous. I don't think he's a guy that's for the icons of the icons and I don't think that's for the ric flair's those that's David like you look at it when you look at like the careers of a lot of wrestlers was that are in the hall of fame that had to wait it out before getting in again. I think you wait a year for Batista but you know what Billy honest to God before are all the arguments of whether he's a I bowed or not should. He weighed a year. I think your reason is probably the biggest reason of all it's in Tampa like I. I get it because we've seen that a lot. What happens when you know the wrestlemanias in Texas? They they induct the funks. They induct conduct von Eric's I think location has a lot to do with it. And Listen Batista's GonNa give a lot of crossover mainstream mm appeal also because police doing really well in Hollywood. So they're going to be all over that so it'll be it'll be a big deal and listen with those being local guys they'll have a lot to local fans also buying tickets. It's business Dave. The hall of fame is business. It's a feel good moment for the wwe and the WWe universe. I but it is business. Trust me and I get it and we saw when Wrestlemainia twenty-seven was yeah Wrestlemainia twenty-seven in Atlanta Abdul the butcher got in and a lot of people Abdul the butcher y you know he never wrestled in. WWe Blah Blah Blah. He lived in Atlanta and they knew there are probably going to get a lot of people from that area to go to Wrestlemainia that go to the hall of fame because Abdul The bunch Abdul the butcher was getting inducted and to me Abdul the butcher was hall of Famer Liam or anyway. But you understand where I'm coming from. Yes and I would like to hear I would like to hear produced his credentials and we will meet w due to power rankings. Oh Oh no no I go ahead. Alex give us his credentials mazing stall tactic Bubba all right so the credentials credentials of Batista in the World Wrestling Federation I guess this was the wwe that there was. Yeah it was wwe right world heavyweight champion four times. That's the big Gold Belt L.. World tag team champion three time two of which with Rick flair one of which with With John Cena he was a WW champion two times. He was he was he. WWe CIA TAG team champion. We Raid Stereo won the royal rumble twice in two thousand five in two thousand fourteen in other areas like pro wrestling illustrated traded. He was the most improved wrestler of two thousand and five wrestler of the year. Also in two thousand five and he was nagged number ranked number one in the in the PWA Pwi five five hundred in two thousand and five and also wrestling observer had him in feud of the year and five with triple H and feud of the year seven against the undertaker. That lasts credential doesn't account that's an unrecognized. I'm just you know just throwing some other stuff but think about it. I know like we we buy into. I know for myself by into you. Know the pro wrestling wrestling illustrated awards and he was most improved wrestler wrestler of the year in two thousand and five and he was ranked number one in two thousand five two thousand and five a a major year ear for Batista. That's when he was getting the major push and you know You know he had some memorable matches at Wrestlemainia. There's no doubt but when you look at you know you know the world world heavyweight championship four-time. Wwe Championship two times. This is also an era where the championships got tossed around a lot and again I'm I'm not saying he's not hall of Famer but don't forget when he came back. A lot of people rejected it. They didn't want Batista. You know back at that time. He's a whole famer. I just don't think he's a first ballot hall of Famer Emmer to me to be the first ballot hall of Famer. That's the best of the best I don't just put. I don't put in that category. Is he a hall of Famer. Yes so again. I'm I'm telling telling you right now. In my opinion he was a great professional wrestler. I just don't think he's a guy that gets in right off the bat after retirement. I just don't see Batista. He's the kind of a light I don't heading out to the nation on the old twitter machine merch. Freak says David Greco. You should be ashamed of yourself. Dave Dave Batista is one hundred percent. I Hall of Famer Bully Ray. You should head into the studio right now. Put the Greco to through a table first. Ballot Matt four-time champion. Hell when he was a tag team champion. He beat the Dudley's not BUBBA Devan. But still I again I it's APP. It's it's probably nitpicking here. Because at the end of the day a hall of fame is a hall of Famer. I don't think twenty years from our going to be saying well. He got in soon as he retired. Ah I don't think that matters once you're in the hall of fame. Listen there's a bunch of guys I at the top of my head who I could tell you definitely do not belong in the wwe hall of fame just based on their credentials. Dave has the credentials to back. It up okay. All right we again. We agree that he is a hall of Famer. I just don't yeah. I think he could have waited a year or two all right. Are you ready for. I think he's stalled long enough. I think it's now time for to quit. Central Dave pro wrestling power rankings. Please now the landscape of pro wrestling has changed sh so it's only fitting that we change along with it even our rankings. Thinks it's amazing. How these people decide with you? Welcome to the new and improved. David Greco pro wrestling power rankings. Let's see who's up. Yeah and WHO's down from raw smackdown. Aws and the rest of the world of pro wrestling in this week's dave pro wrestling power. Rankings my power rankings this week and W. O.. And David is that's it now. Of course I I think you're actually going to like my power rankings bullied because just like last week. I'm sharing the wealth a little bit. It's not just a wwe wwe for the longest time it was just wwe and then it was wwe in a e. W but I think there's more love to go around. Because the landscape landscape has changed so it's more than just one or two companies. There's a lot of companies that we talk about here on busted open and I think it reflects him I rankings uh-huh and it definitely ranks IM- by like definitely rent it definitely shows them Iraqis at number five schoolgirl. GP CHAMPION UPSET ODEP to spare tire and number five I have od. She gets a win over. Tie Your knockouts champion. It was a non title match. She gets the victory. What a great show This last week with impact wrestling winging it was oh. DB appreciation night. It was in New York City and then the main event. ODBC gets a victory over tie. As so I have od bay in at number five number four. This is a name that you've been hearing each and every week since the Wednesday night war started. It's definitely one of the big superstars. You need to watch on Wednesday nights at number four different Jack Avenue and it seems like we keep talking about keithly Lee and why not keithly in. It's in a six man tag. Gets the victory on Adam. Cole gets the PIN on Adam. Cole and now keithly is somebody. You'RE GONNA look at as someone who could challenge Adam Cole for that annexed championship. We'll see what happens. I'm playing this. I was actually thinking about putting in keithly higher but I have a little bit of a wait and see attitude when it comes to keithly because I hope they push him to the moon and what a month keithly has had had these last four weeks have been tremendous for keithly and I have him at number four number. Three is somebody who's already a main event and somebody who should be challenging. John ging Chris. Jericho Your Awa world heavyweight champion at number three. If you have any doubt in your mind that there is some. PG VERSION OF MOCK Walk Sleep. Forget it forget it tax revenue diddy t cover her. Jon Moxley is a star. You can make the case that Jon Moxley is the star when it comes to e w and when you look at Jon Moxley you know what I love about him. Bully is that he's doing it his way I mean he does not want the PG version of himself that he was for for years in the wwe and like it or not. He is going to be this guy that gave you that match at full gear against Kenya Omega. That's who he wants to be again. He's showing it right now. In a w the next to a little bit of a spoiler alert then next to our tag team wrestlers and in at number two is actually one of the bright smart bright spots of smackdown from this past Friday. Toss it with a big uppercut shortages proteges rocks for the moment Dawson's legal. You're going to say the the revival are going to say they're going to challenge for those tag team championships held by the new day. And I have the revival at two because honestly honestly when you look at the revival each and every time there in the ring they don't take days off and a always excel and then this is a tag team that we should be talking talking about all the time here on busted open and the wwe puts them on the back burner. And that's a shame so you know what I'm GonNa put them high on my power rankings. Because they deserve to be they are a great tag team and honestly if you look at two thousand in one thousand nine hundred there on that list of maybe possibly being the the tag team of the year at number one. This is a tag team that many times have been called the tag team of the year. They I've been tag team champions many many times as a matter of fact they are now nine time tag team champions and there might number one on my power rankings for the whatever the rock and Roll Express. Now you're nine time. NWEA TAG team champions in their mind number one so let's do it at number five od bay at number four keithly and number three Jon Moxley at number two the revival and number one rock and roll expressed to me rock and roll express without a doubt number one Oslo. Honestly bully if you want to say oh. DB should be two or Jon. Moxley should be to our keithly. Shouldn't be too. I couldn't disagree with you. What two three four and five ever interchangeable to me but without a doubt the number one is the rock and roll express putting the rock and roll express at number one? It feel good moment. Nine time champions is a big deal especially those guys at their age winning gold again. I agree with your number one. I'm glad you said two three four and five or interchangeable. Obviously you're covering your ass because you know you botched your order right. Listen you said that you WanNa talk more about the revival and we should be talking more about the revival listen. The revival are a strong solid tag team but in the world all the wwe. You're only going to get so much out of them because they're just wrestlers. They need more than that. So that that when it comes to the revival you're only going to get so much they're only gonna get pushed so hard they make great opponents for people like not use shows they make great opponents for people like the new day because the opposite of what those tag teams are those tags a lot more colorful a lot more entertaining and the revival five or a lot more traditional ground pounds so the polar opposite you never gonNa see the wwe run with the revival unless of course they listening today as they do every day eh and decide dammit berry revival. Let's put them over so keithly over Adam Cole. The champion Keithly deserves to be number two. I listen I can't doubt in my mind I mean Moxley over on Giannella so let's let's just look at strengthening ranked opponent right there so Keith Lee. Beating the champion is a lot more powerful of victory than Moxley beating Genoa Allah and who'd at the revival beat. Well I mean the the several tag teams in that match but I look at it this way. 'cause bully I'm going to be completely honest with you. When when I first put the list together? Keithly was at two in the revival was actually at five and then I actually moved up to because she got a win in a non title. No match on on the champion but I have to look at it realistically Od Bay. I don't think you're going to see more of of ODBC. Don't I don't think you're GonNa see championship gold around her waist but she deserved to be on my power rankings this week because she had one elvin night and she deserves the recognition. When it comes to Jon Moxley so you're right? It's Joey Danila Joy. Gino has definitely been impressive since coming to eighty w John John Moxley's His trial by fire will be against Chris Jericho. And we'll see if a w looks at Jon Moxley and his style of wrestling as somebody they want as a champion so there is a lot of question Russian marks there when it comes to keithly. It wasn't a tag match. It was in a six man tag match so yes you can say. He's number two. I have them at four because it was was a tag match. But with the revival I actually see the revival having that match with the new day until see and I actually think the revival can become your new tag team champions and honestly I look at that match and I think it could be the match tonight. There's a Lotta IFS and a lot of questions when it comes to. TLC On Sunday we could be looking at that match being the match of the weekend. Listen when it comes to the revival and the the new day let me give you the business of what they're trying to do in the wwe. If the revival were to beat the new day I wouldn't for the for the WWe tacking championships. I would not be shocked because they would be doing it for one reason. Do you know what it is that because they want the new day to become the most decorated tag team of all time. WHO's currently the most decorated tag team in the history the wwe? It's the it's the deadly right. And they want. They want the new day to have that spot. So they'll flip. You talked about when when you when you talked about Batista and flare and that era when they flip flop and tag team titles. I think that's what you're going to see happening with the new day in the near future. Now do I am. I guaranteeing them going to happen. Absolutely not do I think there's a good chance. Yeah because they want to get the new day to ten because ten breaks the Dudley's record. Listen there's has a team out there that deserves to break the record in my in my mind. It's the USOZ or the new day and I have. I have an idea that I've been playing with my mind. I'd love to see the Russo's get to nine and the new day. Get to nine how. I'd like to see the hardest get to nine. I'd love to see a big three way. In which the three teams are at nine and one team are going to break the record. I have I have I actually have an idea for for the royal rump. Not for the Royal Rumble. I'm sorry for Summer Slam next next year because next year summer slams the twentieth anniversary of Tlc so the new day getting ten the ten big deal because one one of those home grown wwe tag teams deserves to be the most decorated team of all time. Thanks for listening catches says Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine A._M.. To noon eastern on Sirius X._M.. Channel One fifty six the busted open odd cast.

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