Tigers back, Augustas dormant, Westwood continues, & Brooks flexes


I would look at Boston. We'll Tom and look at this stuff that they pose to some of. It's like such quite quite amusing stuff like that. That is what we need to get people until turns goal. Nice to be your boys. Congratulations on all that. You're doing as mediocre as it is very much thinking about getting so I don't give that people together. Thank you brag dump butter knife my wed.. The newer younger Hitler Barstool Sports Tigers had the three factor one fusion. We welcome in from Barstool sports rigs and Trent guys. Welcome to the show for the it's obscene in the in the studio right. mcclay just gave Frankie breaking news. What do you mean you lost in Ping Pong Lurch Walk into the studio so he said Adler loss and ping pong? And I don't think I can do show anymore. I'm upset I'm sitting over here. I'm sweating and flustered. What the fuck happened? It was terrible it was terrible. I I don't even want to go the route that everybody knows about to go so hang. Can I play three games I want to I lost one did you dominate the first two. Oh the this is gonNA sound pathetic. And I'm not what I don't do excuses. You only have the padded paddles in there. You don't have the hard sandpaper paddles or like the just one. The thing of rubber and those are the paddles us. I am not a spin player. I'm pure power hitter. I couldn't at the table. So that there's no excuse to because you show up Ping Pong Bars and always have the cheap Powell's which they have the cheap and the good and the cheap are the ones that I like now anyway looks at home need to understand. Yeah we have this room suite game room in the in the office table. Everybody's you know who's good everybody's got a buddy and this guy thinks they're good and we talked lurch at the end of last week in this office. Like Trent said like Roger. Federer was about to walk in here. We were saying he could beat everybody lefty he. Dummies people people left the essentially. You were a mythical character in the world of Ping Pong and then you go out there and your first showing and you lose to Hank Hank early good no I know I saw. Hank poll lurch to go back into the room and play and I was like. I can't wait till they get out here. And the look on hangs face is going to be like boy with this guy is dominant. Then he is a once in a generation player and I saw them walk out and there were no facial expressions whatsoever and come in here and Lurch tells us that he lost and I knew Frankie was gonNA have a shit fit. Did he like was he thinking was he. Like I just couldn't keep the ball so my players just to get out to my forehand and then just wall from corner to corner. I couldn't keep the ball on the table so then I wanted to snap the racket and then I was just overwhelmed with frustration and I got worse and worse and worse and we must be a pretty solid player. No He's real. I think you'd beat them. And I think you lay you play today I could have beaten. Yes what's yes. I couldn't keep the ball. Are you nervous I I just. You're not a big time player. It's impossible to overstate how much people were talking up lurch a week. It's impossible to explain. How when lurches on his game he's unbeatable beatable? It's impossible to explain how much you ruined. Our reputation is my reputation. I'm new I don't care about your reputation. I care about trump right. We have no. We don't understand how the university at one point he beat people with his foot he can put the tournament because it'd be unfair. That's actually true new loss to you know. I know it was terrible. I should've stupid part on my part was that I won the first two games and I kind of just snuck out of them like it. Really just not impressive ping-pong just getting the ball back and he just missed more than I did and then I was like. Let's just play one more because his rig came in we still have more time before you got back from The pizzas I was like. I'll just do one more game. Oh my God and I think he was out to attend to start or something. I was glad lab. Couldn't I couldn't get the ball on the table with any sort of thought it was me. I was a problem so I walked. I even say a word. I just slinked out of the room because it was so embarrassing. What was happening? And then he came out and I was like how go he said not well and then you walked in and now we're talking about. Wow Wow a stunning vicky. We're GONNA come into this room while high and mighty with chest popped out after a couple of wins slump down and pathetic but now you're just a shell of a man. Yes I might be lost in your your thing. I told your games in Dzhambul. Yeah you told me Friday and we were at the Bar Ping Pong is the best thing that you do. I still but that can't be true. You can only play with the cheap paddles the right like professional ping pong players. Play with the real paddles. Well no they have they are puddles red light if he walked in hang has different string tension than like like a raw funded all. They have to look at the rack. That aren't like standard like they. Were you need to have him Ping Pong tournaments. Don't hold you to stand it to use a certain. No you can use. Is Your own racket really. Yeah for sure. And then I'm sure even in the ping pong world and I don't even know this that some come like that with probably a softer foam than others because some out assume if you plan a lot of spin you'd probably like a very soft foam right but very happy so you can cut the ball shit nightmare nightmare. Did you realize late in that third game which you lost that you were delivering was going to be like a monumental disappointment for four point. I mean it wasn't even thinking that far ahead I was just thinking about myself. And how pathetic his losses. I was so upset with myself when it was ten to I was like I can't believe I'm losing. And then he was taking these wildcats the ball and they were going in and I was like to suck he all kinds of confidence. You planning incompetent lert. Yes exactly this. Where's the first two games Probably Twenty one. I was just thinking out of twenty one seven one seventeen and then maybe he beat me. I don't know twenty one. Fifteen eighteen got to hope that just becomes a ping pong product. That's fine what's going to happen is I'M GONNA go get my paddle. I'M GONNA come back on Wednesday. I'M GONNA go right over his desk. The man that we play beat the shit out of them. Then come back in here and CA- and I don't think he's going to get the ten points I want that for you and I want everyone in this room Reputation is in shambles. I mean we talk all time. I listen incompetent. I couldn't get the ball on the court. When you show up the five five iron they have the heart paddle? They have both a lot of places usually just have. Both Hank even thought you guys had both. But you don't have we a small search. Have we been watching you play against. It's like fucking Stephen Hawking like who. Why have you looked so good to us all the time? I don't know what to say. I can't defend my position. Okay I mean I'm I'm foster movie furious. If you get even a wink of sleep tonight you'll be thinking I don't deserve. Oh yeah until Wednesday and then hope to God. He's at his desk. Because I'm going right over there and I'm going to tap on his desk. He's a busy guy. He works for a very very popular. podcast you better. You might have sleep on the couch. Tonight Pajama Catch Buddy. anyways I guess we'll talk off now similar of you ox. Lurch sucks sucks. You shouldn't even be allowed to have take the rest of the show but that's okay you can. We'll talk off different sport. Try to get your mind off. The fact he got beat by Hank in Ping Pong A lot of talk about tiger woods is playing this week. First term of the year for tyrod always declare this in my own head. I've always kind of thought of. This is the first like real week week of PGA tour season. Since I've been following golf pretty seriously for whatever it's been fifteen or twenty years because this has always been when tiger woods starts doesn't start out in Hawaii. Hawaii always feels weird. Because is there a different time zones. And they're in fucking Hawaii. It's fake place in the American Express last weekend. No fence that term but only got really moves the needle and then booming at Torrey Pines lines there on the cliffs San Diego Tiger Woods. He's won their million times. This is when the PGA tour season really really starts and tiger woods is starting his year. His last asked Appearances that we've seen. He was basically the best player in the world. He's the reigning masters champion. So it's a lot of exciting things to get to. I want to Address really quickly. The barstool classic twenty twenty venues and dates will be announced next month in February I get a lot of requests so rather than respond to all of them. I'm going to tell you now if you're listening to this show probably Early to mid February we will go live with all of them. Fourteen different cities Fifteenth include the championship venue which would be a multiday thing so stay tuned for that Masters Commercial yesterday during championship Sunday and football. This is always when the hype gets going people start tweeting. About how many days until the masters and then you see the mashes commercials. I love the original ones that they usually do which are very abstract and vague. We talked about the head like an eagle flying. Slow motion Just a couple like slow motion shots of of Rae's creek and of aiming corner and And now we got one with full with higher of the return to glory tiger with his with his hands in the air. It's just such a beautiful sight to see when you're watching. Football job cuts away for a second booming at Tiger Woods. Sexy so sneaky you in and around. The course of Augusta has to do with that beautiful music and then they're just like April. It should be a contentious and like douchebag ARY but it's not like you should see all right like fuck off your play music this many a you know what I mean. Yeah but like it works somehow. It works like you're doing this three months in advance. And you're so cocky cocky. Can you be just like play a little piano. The Ano- Jingle and just show like a couple of flowers and everyone's like fucking over. His jaw hits the floor but it works. It never misses flawless. They thousand on the commercials marshals. That would be like if the NHL in like July just like tweet out a A close up of the Blue Line and I just uh-huh coming in October. What do we know when it is for some reason rink buddy? The masters just gets a pass Astin. I'm I'm for it. People get for this very reason people get all. I see on twitter when the commercial areas of people tweeted. Did you guys see it. It's coming also New England. Play so well all too. 'cause you're in like just this awful cold weather right now and you see those beautiful flowers and that green grass just golf season's on the horizon just plays on so many different aren't levels. It's great. It's really exciting time in. It's you you pair. That with Tiger Woods get ready to start his year which feels like the beginning of the climb towards the master's towards trying to peek at Augusta. It's just beautiful time to be alive. Couple things we got a circle back on Brooks Kafka Buried Bryson Shambo so when we recorded The show Oh Bryson had essentially chirped Brooks Capco Brooks. Kepco had not responded yet but we on the show. We're talking about what we thought he you might say Frankie was very close to nailing it spot on had the essence of it for sure pretty much the same sort of tone saying like yeah. It may not have the APP so I got the trophies. Something like yeah crush. Yeah it was funny too. 'cause I was telling. Trent like my brain's been mashed potatoes recently. I just can't think of words like the other day with the losses to the Rangers. No the other day something to me where I couldn't think of something so I couldn't think of like the word train station was something that we go on home. Go on home. What's the thing we're about to like train train station? Someone's like what's the nearest the. Where do you take it? I'm like the nearest and I started like snapping years. Train station is westbound so call and that was nice to get the brand. What I was meant to say was like when I was doing that? Bryson thing I was trying to think of a war where it's like. Where like he was like he almost had the six pack? I was trying to think give it and I just couldn't like that was in my brain. I almost call it word for word. I pictured him like standing in front of like a mere like with the trophies stopping seeing the expect to visualize. Oh Yeah I don't have a six pack but I'm close. You know what I mean if you're standing behind them being like oh it's not quite a six pack but if you would've have like a half hour our only thing about this I was right there. You would have known that like the trophy sat like that in his home. Oh that would have I to help trophies or should have taken a picture is holding them all in front of shirtless body of his and been like yeah. I am actually close to a six hundred. I'll be there soon. That yeah looking yoked. Yeah he did say you arrive at Bryson Shambo. I'm too short of a six pack back and it was just his four major championship trophies. A couple US Open novels weird that he keeps them like underneath the stairs. Where bazaar if he that's where he keeps them Meghan maybe some of the theories that he just put them all in one place to take the photo to them which is a funny thing in and of itself like the thought of Brooks Kapka grabbing different major trophies? It'd be alright babe. How are we gonNA do this here? I think I think right here we could set up. I'm GONNA treat this and like the amount of effort and time that he goes into staging really funny content to Roast Bryce Asia. I don't know what that whole process looks like. But he buried him alone. Yeah I like to think that that's right when you walk into the house so you know yeah like the doors right there. Maybe they're stairs that go upstairs. And whatever man he gives the welcome. It feels like that's the first thing you see so welcome and the best part is like the the trophies all make a little heart right there see that yeah. Let's beautiful. Yeah that's really beautiful. I didn't notice that all right. So lesson learned Bryson. You got is this Wisconsin. Did you guys see response. What did he say this is? Why your world number-one yeah? Yeah I mean he's got nothing else. Oh next page. There's nothing else elsie can. But this is why Bryson gets himself into these things sometimes because bryson thinks he is bigger than he is he really does. I love Bryce and we have on the show all time. We've said all the positive things to say about them. But like you have to know that if you're going to take shots at Brooks Kapka he always has the trump card over you like. He has won four majors. You've one zero. He's world number one and you're just not Brooke has not proven the last year or two to be quiet. He's going to respond respond. And you know you're GonNa get toasted and you know it's going to end up having to be like ha ha. He's that's why he's world number what I also think he's got tunnel vision on the APPS and like lifting things so he's looking at. Ah but I do have better odds than him like so I did when that one. Yeah he's got more trophies. But I still have the better apps when everybody's just like it doesn't matter what you're absolutely if you can fill fill a trophy case that's what matters and Bryson for some reason doesn't quite get your spot on rice and my. Yeah he's genuine in his head he's like. How do these people not see that? It's it's unfair that he took this off of Ab active right now like it's one to one have he's got more trophies. Came for match. We'll see what happens. We'll see right and also why did he change to the trophy thing with your ABS. What is he talking? When the rest of the world was just like googling coffin open gifts and like dead and buried? And he's like well. It's one one tie game going back to price. It's got home ice. It's what putty it's over it's over it's unless you go in five major championships. It's over just another great story line for golf these to like chirping at each other which I still think my theory about it being about people being so quick to be like Brooks can beat up. Bryson I don't think this is going away anytime sometime soon. Bryson might just become the most Jack Person in the world. Yeah and just a punching bag for Brooks capterra whenever he wants and captain knows it plays right like roasting Bryson d shambo place. It gets all the all the gifts. All the scrawl Moji gifts all the death the coffins all that stuff it gets it every time and he knows he's he's GonNa keep going back to it also so spot on for both brands like Bryson says this when he's playing fortnight video games right brooks comes back with just four master uh-huh four championship trophies. Right next to a stairwell. It's like this joke it is it's spot on it. It was right in line with a love. The gaming slander there. But it's okay no but I mean like it's on brand for both personas. Yeah it's perfect it is. Yeah Bryce in and people that just four Nile time or fucking NERDS and Brooks captors out there like banging is missile and and walking by his major champion trophies and in his free time being like you know I go out on my boat and I just I don't even care about. I don't even really like golf. Yeah so that part of Brooks despise right. I know it's okay. We've talked about it at length. CAST which I understand. But it's okay but he's got but he could still use the dam and he might haul out that trophy picture again. It'd be like he'll always win always win. You're attacking him on golf. Who always win? He has to be a bad guy for you to even have a chance into the upper hand. Yeah and even then cares like you know what I mean but you'd have to be like a cooter thing not tipping the caddy for you. How blogger to average hits to beat him? Yeah Yeah Yeah that is if you ever attacked them on sport. It's like do you sit behind a desk. And yes there's probably nothing in the world that Brooks Kapka is worse than any of us can react boy. Just can't stand on allegheny. What did you say? There's probably nothing in the world that like that. I think people would ever actually care about it. Bryson or that Brooks is worse than any of US know yeah right not to the level where people are like. Oh he got they got you correct like somebody could be Rigs is like a little better mens league hockey. Nobody gives a fuck. It would have to be like anything. That's real. He's like jacked very good-looking tons of money. Pretty funny in like in Wigan Dust People on twitter enough he got a ton of money he wins major championships. She got a great looking girlfriend. What got me every side of the coin? Yup Teeth or white hell. Great teeth underrated teeth. Edgar that especially against that complexion. He's got a little bit of time on the boat right with this really hot girl. You know damn the whole thing speaking of which most guys who tried to ways last longer but thinking about I don't I'M NOT GONNA I'm GonNa say thinking about Brooks Cap. Could I actually make you last. Last shorter probably lasts a long to go live from the lookalike guy over that. Yeah he probably does does. But thinking about Frankie's dies does not always work. The folks at Roman online men's health company told me okay it was really great. The folks Roman an online minute. My thighs I I might go in for a week. I'll never have sex again. Reason up has a joke changing. I I can't even look at you got it. I like well you got to do is put her little too little Things of paper on either side of my thousand. That's just a Matzo Ball. You know the ones you get at You just you. Why don't you could squeeze it in? The milk comes out. You've got a freshman at L.. Ball dude I I mean that's what I'm saying. Why are you have to do this? Freshman Belleville I'm not gonNA say fresh Mozzarella Ball and you can also get into whatever I'm just saying that's what my thighs like Roman sweitzer clinically proven to last longer in bed. They're effective easy to use an fast acting but do not require a prescription. When you go to get Roman dot COM mm slash four? You can get your first month of swipes for just five bucks when you use when you choose a monthly plan. If you use link get Roman dot com slash four that is get Roman almond dot com slash four. PGA Tour warned cameras. We got a bunch of headlines and a bunch from the galleries are GonNa jump all over the place here but PGA tour report Hort coming out from my guests. Australia Golf Digest which. I didn't know it was a thing I thought it was just called digest everywhere. There's Australia Golf Digest. They came out with a report that essentially says according to a source and official for the PGA tour spoke to Cameron Smith about his remarks regarding Patrick Reed and the cheating situation essentially issuing a warning that he would be fine in the future of. He made similar statements. If you recall leading up the President's Cup Time Cameron Smith said if you make a mistake maybe once you could maybe understand but to give it a bit of a bullshit response like the camera angle. That's pretty up there as inexcusable. I don't have any sympathy for anyone. The one that cheats. I hope the crowd absolutely gives it to not only him but everyone on the American team next week I know pat pretty good and he always has been nice to me so I don't want to say anything bad about him but anyone's it's cheating the rules I'm not up for that. Those comments folks are responding to this latest report of the PGA tour basic going like behind going off-the-record to Threaten Cameron Smith that he's going to get fined for making comments like this. The tours always had a little bit of like a protect. The Shield thing doesn't get nearly the the publicity that the NFL does obviously 'cause it's a PG to oversee NFL but they don't go public public with With like suspensions they don't disclose those types of things disciplinary action. They don't disclose that type of stuff. The only time it ever gets out is when it leaks and then and here they are doing these kinds of things so the PGA tour has very clearly always been a little Almost like dark behind the scenes in trying to control the narrative and whatnot. So this isn't surprising but it is like it's just a bad look got to be there. The part they have a problem with gotta be. I hope the crowd absolutely gives it to not only him but everyone on on the American team next week. That's gotta be what the problem is right. They don't want them to be like inciting like if people end up taking that too far and then the fans can be like like well. Cameron Smith told us to do that. I think that's the issue that they don't want people especially players on the PGA tour. Saying I want the crowd to be vicious and mean two golfers on because that can if you play that out it could get to a really bad place right and I think that would be something. That would be understandable. MOST PEOPLE'S IS I. I think what a lot of people take away from this is that the PGA tour does a lot to protect this image. That all of the guys that play on the PGA Gitte tour are like exceptional human beings that the PGA tour is like this Were were as good as it gets in terms of integrity and an and defending the honor of the game and everybody calls penalties on themselves. And so therefore you're out there Cameron Smith calling another one of your co workers colleagues. A cheater sure that that doesn't look good like the fact that they have Jay Monahan the commissioner slugger white and the rules officials coming out and saying like no no Patrick read. Couldn't I've been more of a gentleman the way that he handled all this this that I think you could really look at that as them. Making a very concerted effort to make it look like there's no cheating leading onto the PGA tour and everybody's very good and they all his own selves this that when in reality it's like the complete opposite of that a lot of minds like Patrick read clearly cheated. He should have been disqualified from tournament instead. He just like a two stroke penalty and then Patrick read being talked about cheating afterwards fouled up with like a cease and desist from Patrick Henry going to Brandel Chamblee the PGA tour cracking down on Cameron Smith calling him a cheater and that they're kind of like reaching all their tentacles out there to bring in any potential headlines Headlines and chatter in the in the public space that Patrick Rita cheater and I think that's a bad luck cheating concussions for the NFL they just want that word. Nowhere no where close to the shield or the business or any of that when in reality like I don't know if it necessarily helps but it certainly makes it more interesting like total if you look at play Barstool like another one another co worker calls. I don't know the coworker. That's great for business. That's great for business because it gets people to talk about it the PGA tour tour takes the complete opposite approach. where it's like no no? Everything's good everything's fine. There's nothing going on here. This is what the NBA's very good at right like the that that is half of the excitement in the NBA. Yeah it's like the player drama back and forth off the court stuff the way that they like each other. Don't like each other former teammates getting new with each other in the locker like that drives a ton of of interest in the game and I think golf to a certain degree is ben is definitely going to benefit benefit from it now. I think eventually it could get to a point where it's but I think all of this is is a no brainer positive golf right now. Like you said you got one guy calling another guy like a cheater and the pair them together for sure. Yeah Bryson and brooks like brand new a pair them together for sure people what they want to or had their way with brooks embrace and they'd be like both of their ads fantastic. There's nothing going on. They both looked great. But it's like it's far more interesting when they're snipe at each other. It's far more interesting for Cameron Smith to be like. I think that guy who I'm on the same tour with who I could be matched up with at some point is a cheater. That's like imagine. Imagine if they got paired up together it'd be like Holy Shit it'd be every single outlet would be Dr- dragging back up the comments. You know these guys are playing right next to each other for four and a half five hours. Yeah this is exactly what they said about each other. And it'd be great and you'd be very excited you'd be more likely to tune in. I guess the reason the tour does it is because maybe their sponsorship dollars and the type of companies that work with the PGA tour financial institutions. Insure all these places are like very clean and they want to represent like his clean of a you know. I don't know what more sort of backbone of washers companies incredibly honorable definitely. That's definitely a good call on their part. I still gotta go ahead but yeah I guess that could be part of it just seems like I don't know it's not to to a place where it's detrimental in any sort of real way. It's just with me like a fucking shooter and I'M GONNA call him out in the public space. That's really it. which in our? I think everybody on this shows opinions great for professional. Yes makes it in instantly more interesting more drama. That's what you want. Google Google Earth images of Augusta national have surfaced in the last couple of days so If I take this correctly google earth updates when they're going update but when they have kind of the most recent images from certain areas they'll just obviously update it and when you're scrolling through Google Earth You might all of a sudden stumble upon it. Will somebody in the golf twitter world did that in the last couple days and noticed holy Shit over Augusta National. It's all doormat. which a lot of us I have seen if you've been to different parts of the country certain times especially somewhere like Augusta where they do a bunch of overseeing so the rumor? Is that these photos of Augusta National. If you have not seen these google go look on twitter. These aerial satellite photos of Augusta national were taken in September which is win They basically overseas aid. so. The course looks like that. It's doormat stuff. Dies they overseen and then it blooms and it becomes Green as hell from October through the rest of their season which Augusta closes closes. I think from May through September and reopens in October. So the rumor is these are from September Some interesting takeaways. You kinda go look at it. And it's fun to look the course from the aerial vantage point into see doormat and Brown when it's usually green. It's interesting I don't like seeing it takes like I'd rather in my head think that it's always a uh-huh Wonderland and it's always heaven but it looks look at these pictures. It's just horrifying. Yeah you're right. I don't like it but it is interesting. It's hard to like not look at it for sure you know you're kind of intrigue the biggest takeaway that people are raving about is the space behind the thirteenth T.. So the thirteen T.. Use Tobacco right up to a hole at Augusta Country Club which Augusta Country Club borders Augusta national and Two thousand seventeen. I believe Augusta national paid tens of millions of dollars to buy real estate that allows them the opportunity to extend the frankish computer. Sounds like a spacious fucking exploding exploded. All I did was pull up. I Google Earth. Miss you so much like processor bandwidth. 'cause I went to go plug this. This thing started humming so behind the thirteenth thirteenth hole is five hundred ten yard par five Dogleg left you know it with raise creek creek running through it. Maybe the most iconic par-five in the entire world the problem is that literally the eleven whole is longer. It's like thirty yards longer than the Thirteenth hole it places as the easiest home. Of course almost anybody in the field now can just. If they hit a good drive they have like a mid to short iron. And I've seen bubba Watson pitching wedges in that ain't a good par-five. Everybody knows that that so Augusta has thought for a long time. What are we gonNA do about this? Do we move the way back The Fred Ridley. Who is the chairman of Augusta has said yes? We purchased The Ground Land Behind the thirteenth hole. We now have options. I think people say they could they could lengthen it at least up to seventy five yards. They could they could lengthen at ten yards. Seventy five whatever the HELL THEY WANNA do. They have said that they're going to wait until the US G. A.. And the Joint Report on distance in golf comes out which I think February fourth. That's two weeks from today is when that's supposed to come out So they've basically said we'RE NOT GONNA make any decisions until they report on. Distance comes out he. He has made the point. That like Amen Corner is one of the most sacred places in all the world of golf so to tweak it and like bring bulldozers in like lengthen. This that is is a bold move that they're not going to rush through however you look at this aerial shaw. There's a fucking road and a bunch of dirt that has been built behind the thirteenth hole and a lot of people are starting to wonder what the Hell's going to happen in a thirteen at Augusta national. you think somebody Google Earth got talking to a call from national being like. You guys can't do this. You can't update your Google Earth with our pictures North Korea. How to North Korea? Where they're like they're missiles are missing and then they're like pointed us and what does that? I was wondering when this came out like if you could set up an alert and just highlight like an area the map and be like when this gets updated. I WANNA know about it. I wonder because because it is neat. Like you never get to know anything. What happens really at Augusta? No and they're actually take pride and it'll be in you. Remember when they built they built that new the merch place. Yup they build this huge thing and people were like. It wasn't here last year and we just showed up this year and now it's here. Yeah won't talked about it. We didn't know about it and I think the like that they like changing things and then when people show trump the next year boom. That's when people know so famously. They love this that to give people a little bit more insight into it is that they want to say you know. They've obviously made a lot of course. Changes changes over the years and one time they lengthened the course by like two or three hundred yards and just didn't tell anybody and didn't change the arches so people like on the on the T.. See where like this whole still says forty hours but I know it's like four twenty four thirty and didn't change it. I don't remember the exact year. The exact specific goals but like like everyone in their caddies new like no the whole just longer now so the point being like they don't publicize it. It's like when you show up on Monday of Masters Week. If if something new it might be a new ten million dollar merchant can prochet and you might just be like Oh my God. Where did that come from? So that's why. This is sort of so intriguing. I think behind sixers brand brand new building and then I was just looking into it and reading one article about it. There's actually forty two Greens on property which is like a ton eighteen hole course on a par three track track. You know There's just a bunch of interesting insights that you look at it and everybody obsesses with Augusta. Obviously for a variety of different reasons Just cool to see anything any tidbit that you can get on that part of the fun total. It's just like sort of these. Pictures are super interesting. And I think there are like you said I don't like see I don't black bunkers because they just dig them out. I just do not like seeing Amen Corner just like this feels like a POC elliptic world looking at this picture right right here in front of twelve dead in front he box twelve is just like look at. Raise creeks dry. There's like a dried up like rock bed in the middle of. ooh What does that then. This is just going to be like perfect. Come in like a couple of months. It's it might be perfect now. This isn't September. They're saying that's crazy the eleventh green Lena's perfect. How would you think that like how do these people know what to do? How would you think this is? I know it gets crazy. No you're right. We we walked onto that. We'd be masters in so much trouble. We are in so much trouble. ooh Who are on this one. We're GONNA show up are they. Don't throw up down right like I look at that and it gives me anxiety because because look the course behind it. What does that because the country club just doesn't do? The Club is just green. Goes about their business and then right behind the trees is just a wasteland. It's a barren wasteland it looks. It's like the desert except that's a Gusta do because there's going to be a lot of people seeing these pictures for the first time like most people don't look at Augusta on Google Earth. I know some people do but like they're they're gonNA be looking at it and like what is wrong with the course what's going on and then by April March April where it's going to be perfect. Yeah Augusta's like none of people are going to look we. They need to release a press. Release and tell us what. What's wrong with Augusta national? None of this is. We've been doing this for eight years as what we do. So cocky to like to let this happen in the golf course and the No. It's just going to earth one years just like no. How about the first year? They tried it like no no like some guy comes to the meeting. Eating is like this is what we're GONNA do this year. We're going to let everything like it was like fucking Frankie Borelli popping around the now you said it dead then like the second I got a little more research on it. They're like okay. The first guy for ten years totally for decade on like like one little special trip of grass. That's like no one could ever find it because Google doesn't exist. Yeah you can go do it over there behind Bergman's rockin cabins cabins cabin go. Oh do that. Your little method didn't work killed him and then like somebody can have the balls five years later back all right. I know Tim tried this thing. You guys killed them for it. But there's some better scientist scientist and then finally got to the point where they do what they do. And Augusta's the greenest place in the world. Love to know the salary of the guy who does this. What are the what do you think they get paid? But what I picture him to be like not a human being and he just walks out there when I when a ton enough I think I think like the April first or or maybe even like a week before that the guy just walks out into the grass just raises his hand green and all like. He's the fucking Nike doing. He's like he just walks out document. Hatton Manhattan is the fucking guy at Augusta national the greenkeeper he walks onto twelve and he's just like start chirping just like her so music. Yeah let's go the only reason I was able to pull that references. Because I watch watchmen team all weekend. I watched the whole series. Good very good really one of the best seasons of a TV show. I've ever seen On the contrary which. I'm not saying that this isn't as good but I had a much worse. Viewing experience watching the outsider. We'll why just as it scares theory but I like it. I like it too but I couldn't couldn't like how many third tonight I couldn't sleep last night. I can't watch scary stuff. It'll ruin my life for a couple of weeks can't dream I can't sleep sleep. Can't everything is just all my notes actually terrible because so my brother's wife congratulations them. They just actually had their second child. Fantastic school grateful to congratulate so I was babysitting their first born and she made some noise in the night because they were still at the hospital and I thought of the outsiders I jumped out of bed and I'll tell you what I was up when she was up at four. AM wherever she made her noise. Yes there was no shadows going right not not to go back to the stuffing Aubrey about having kids and not having kids but there are scenes in the outsider where it's solidifies my decision because there's a little girl who's just screaming on the end of the bad thing. There's a man outside would rather not knowing how that guy killed me in my sleep. I don't need that defense. Stretches walks up to her and throws her out the way. We'll go to him I'm done can have you can have her middle wife. It's like House Little Jenny. She's gone hustler man outside there was no man everybody. Just let her walk into the street. You know what I don't have time for prefer that man to be able to stop through my house maybe sleep and he just sticks a knife in my judgment as is opposed to having a little girl being like there's like dogs and pets dogs like bark at goes solar time what you never seen a dog barking at like a darkness in like the corn dogs barking at spirits can letter different. Dogs and kids are different. I can leave the dog at the apartment or the House and its files. Outsiders outsiders is doing a really good job of just being scary. Yeah it's scary to a point where we're going to start to find more things out and it's going to become baby more scary but a little bit less because you knew. Don't worry about it but right now there's a couple story lines of people that you don't really know how they kinda mix in. Yeah you know. And like it's just scary and the guy in the hood is maybe the scariest creature ever created the TV. It's a really interesting show. Jason Bateman is in a direct sit. I'll say this tragedy. It is significantly more scary. Like like being scared of being killed in actually just being killed right. I don't unders- I. We talked about even like weird in the private jet and we thought we were all going to die was like I I would rather just die a crash immediately on takeoff than if you get up for a while and then things start to go south and you have a several minute crash where you know you're going to crash that's just kill me right away. Can you might like I mean being in the Dr One of my biggest fears is like people like if you're in the woods psychopaths ones just kill people. Don't hear bad guy. You like her begin to try to kill somebody and you stumble upon lurch how unlucky that is a weak little bug. Idiot humor that video dabbles area and he has. He has a loaded gun in every single room in his house. It's like magic just like a fucking drunk idiot. That stumbled into that guy's outs house Khlong. No matter which room you wouldn't just just putting bulletin. You just always laugh at that scenario. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa throughout this guy's got a loaded golden every single corner of his. I think when I wake up at three or four in the middle of the night. I'm afraid of the dark. You're like I'm normally. I'm not when I wake up randomly in the middle of the night. I'm like I'm terrified that it's dark and you ever been deep deep into the woods. No that's that's that's where I get like I don't maybe it's comforting during the day but at night. Sometimes I'll tell you what you hear a little white brand. That doesn't scare me as much as much much like a branch cracking. And you're like what made yeah that thing crack at that time. I've seen the Blair witch project. I know it goes on out there. It's not because you WANNA hear a story Roy. My grandfather flying. I didn't tell you a story that would scare at believe it or not. He was what timeframe this was probably back in the sixties and so he flies. He's with his buddy and they're playing right up in the Bush up in Canada sums wrong with the plane that they need to take it down. And then he's everybody's looking at me like I'm a psychopath but anyways these are by far my favorite story so I'm pretty sure they're all made up the I'm gonNA give. You is bucket. Something something is making him need to lay in the play. And he's with his buddy so they take it down. They find his pond and what he does At this time little Halio he drops rocks out of the plane window to see that. It's deep enough so he can land on floats. Does this finds upon that. He can lands pulls the plane up to the beach. They can't take off that night. They're going to figure it out the next morning. Bring Tent on kind of hunker down for the night. Put a ten up. The here's some noises out in the distance and they're in the middle of nowhere in this tent right tariff line hearing noises don't know what's going on. Then they kind of start. I hear voices. But then they dissipate there in the tent. Just he and his buddy. They're sitting back to back. 'cause they're absolutely panicked. I don't hear all noises throughout the night. They don't they don't go to bed. They can't do anything like paralyzed inside their ten but absolutely panicked they get out the next morning. There's tracks all the way around there. Ten in a circle and then the tracks go off into like you know. I don't know the brush where. Oh you can't leave tracks anymore right gotten playing. Got The hell out of there. Absolutely one of the scariest nights of his life foot tracks footsteps around his tent and like multiple around around the ten human human footsteps. Who told you a story my grandfather? Yeah sounds right. That's like the Blair witch little. There's little stick piles outside the OH. That's grandfather was a drug addict. You take that back. I will say in the mill that story. I didn't want to interrupt. You had an a plus pause. Yeah you get to the point where people who are listening are definitely GonNa look down at like. They're at their phone and be like all right. It's still gonNA pause the way you guys look at me. It's tough to tell oh story because you're looking at me with not like Oh my God. What's he going to say next? It's more of a look of like this guy's lying through well. It's getting to the point where it's like like your grandfather built the bucket of Empire State. Billy's barehanded yeah. I hope they're all true. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA post post a picture of my grandfather please. You should legendary check. That would be sick. Let me ask you this They throw the rocks out of the plane and see how deep the water is based on the splash. That's nuts but wasn't it nighttime. You said when dusk. Oh yeah so. They couldn't they they weren't gonNA take off the rocks in the plane. It happens yeah old. Bush pilots amazing. What have you just? You know I'd be like so the drop it into the water. They splash and then they go back to that where they dropped exactly. So then. They're telling you if you keep going deeper where you keep going could be right. I mean can you drive another one there and see if it's a couple I guess but yeah that was. That was a strategy. Do you can you can you hear it. Based on the plunk maybe how it is to you know could cause like if something is a certain amount of feet deep. Isn't that just going to be big. splashes no matter what yeah I mean as long as the clearance slash should be based off the height that you drop the rock off of not the depth of the water. uh-huh I would have just trying to alert the science behind that right. There has to be an answered. Go there has to be. It's two inches deep outside with a floatplane. You probably only need two or three feet of water for me. So that makes sense so like you're only looking for a minimal like you don't need much water clearance but I would agree with you. Hike would definitely affect the split. I wonder how how are they to some point. Then you're getting to do Max Pete whatever that nine point eight meters. The second is whatever that means television. It's acceleration but television. Okay Then I would say the splash. Ashby remained consistent regardless once. You get that high. I think we should get off this topic I think. I know the splash going to get higher based on the speed that something's is coming in and How high it drops for example if you have a rock that's the size of these rocks? These guys are dropping but it's like a fucking meteorite from space it's going to create a crater aground. The grandfather dropping one is just going to splash water. That's because there's a difference in those speeds correct one comes from fucking millions of light years away and then just wham hits the birth another one. We're due for one of those comes from trapping dropper. Try to for one of those With Robin Hood You. You can invest in stocks options and ATS. Right from your phone. 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The Free Stock Program is subject to certain limitations annual percentage yield A. Py On uninvested cash is paid by program banks and is Correo robinhood. Financial is not a bank again. Go to four play DOT ROBINHOOD DOT com. Today are farmers insurance open. Tiger Woods is the third favourite in the field. Roy mcelroy is six to one. Jon Rahm is eight to one. Tiger Woods is ten to one. This is tiger's I started the year it's important to note. Tiger Woods won this tournament in Nineteen Ninety nine two thousand three two thousand five two thousand six two thousand seven two thousand eight and two thousand thirteen. You also wanted this golf course professionally at the two thousand and eight USO. I don't want to sharp side do their job. But you gotta make tiger favorite. I mean just for the the most just for the theatrics and just the most money's going to come in on him if he's the favourite and probably is going to anyway but I think it would be much more if they just making the favorite. Why wouldn't you and you get headlines? It's tiger woods the favourite entering like. Why would you not do that? Third favourite behind romme Chanda crazy person. Jon Rahm he has one here before he got his first. PGA Tour in here. I believe but still but I mean those numbers you just listed off. Tiger Woods is one here a bunch of Times nineteen ninety nine two thousand three two thousand five to six thousand seven two thousand eight and two thousand thirteen. What stretched stretched a five to designate? He just wanted. It's pretty good Jordan spieth fifty to one. I said he would win this tournament months ago. I don't know why I said that Jordan speech was going to win the farmers insurance open And that was before you know I was even thinking about. Who else would be in it? You Know Tiger Woods Jon Rahm all these other guys that are absolutely gonNa smoke during the speech. But I'm sticking by fifty to one odds I'll put some money on that. Yeah Peter Peter Senator from the gallery and said was just wondering. Ride Frankie to bet on speed this week And then also have this guy here. We talked about last year around the The Majors Got Mike McClure. He does like that ten thousand simulation thing. I feel like he always comes. Comes up around this time of the year because we're always when Tiger's playing I always want to see like what the odds are that he's GonNa win all these things. He has a couple of major surprises. Apparently for this week. I'm not willing to get to the third third one because I'm not applying for his Simulation thing so I'm going to read catcher. You know you have to subscribers it gives you a couple of tidbits and he's like Oh subscribing. I just I'm just too lazy to do that. Okay but he does say the tiger. So he's guest the last two out of three major champions correctly. Wow Pretty fucking solid and he has tiger stumbling Ling is we can barely CRA- cracking the top ten. which is not that great and then he has Tony Female as a twenty two to one shot to make strong run at the title? So I don't know who ends up. He says the model also has two other golfers with odds of twenty two to one who will make a strong round of the test so he's expecting three underdogs to make a road. I'm such such a bad gambler that I'll take that as fact like now. I'm just GONNA put a price on Tony. So now Tony's twenty two to one and then these other ads have like Patrick. Read at thirty three to one Gary within thirty three two one like these maybe the guys he's talking about so you're telling me this guy picked Gary Woodland Shane Lowry to win last year. Yes that would be fucking so his in his model silver of golf. His model predicted Gary Within First Career Major Championship at the US Open. Even though he wasn't a favorite entering the weekend the result will unhelpfully charging brooks kept going one by three strokes. The model also called kept US historic victory at Twenty Nineteen PJ championship predicting. He'd hold his lead in the home stretch but did he picked. When did he? When did he make these patients that he makes predictions the beginning of the week? Those little blurbs there make it sound like he predicted that Gary would hold on the weekends. It went like we'll know show. I think they're saying they're they're writing all sexy being like. Oh and this is what happened like okay like it was like a battle to the end and like his model knew it like you never wavered the model in all the advanced computer model has nailed a whopping six majors and during the weekend entering the weekend. Yeah that's I don't know that. Just manage reading there so you tell me why he does this little. Probably any picks the winner and he's gotten six out of how many I wonder how many that's out there. I don't match subscribe to that type of information so he doesn't like tiger to win this week. What more e Tiger Woods is one here like I said had eight times professionally? He grew up playing here. He loves his fucking boys more than anything last couple of times. We've seen him out Presidents Cup. You went three owned and captained the team you might heard of it. United States team defeated International Demon Melbourne Australia. We were there fist-bump very cool thing. He was excited Tiger Woods. Nearly one the hero world challenge. You had the lead on the back. Nine on Sunday Sunday. He hosts the tournament very busy week and up coming up just short and the tournament before that zone championship which is only official star of the nineteen of thousand nineteen thousand twenty season. He Won. It's actually one for one on star so far this and he's playing at Torrey Pines so I you know I like Tiger Woods Chances and Dan I liked a lot about this the floor whatever. I don't care what you say. I don't care what your your metric says I like to take. My three. Bets are going to be tiger woods. Tony fee now Jordan. Spieth I think you have putting the most unspeakable yes. I think you have like like one of the favorites. You have a long shot and twenty two one and then you have a hope and a prayer Jordan speed that fifty two one slash. I love taking speed to it. Like a top ten because there's still a ton of value there you know Kinda Kinda odd. I think you get there probably. I'd probably say five one. Wow just top ten that I like that too Roy. Domino will put an rory's favorite. Cover your loss of a win Roy. He's always good tonto. Because usually sneaks in there even if he has a dog shit I part of the tournament back doors talk tons of homework. He's actually great after his blow Brown to take him for a top ten. Yeah aw man I'm pumped for this week I've fucked. PGA Tour Live cranking. We're going to have they're going to be on the cliffs over there in San Diego. I never been to that area of the country by never been go for many many guys ever been to southern California. No in that crazy. None of us ever Not you alert on really only ever GonNa California was when we went for Pebble beach me too. I was in LA quickly. But that's it. Oh I played a trump national out there. La Trump course accounts America. Great again. Build that wall. Just you know so funny even so far so good you you know I. I like Curb obviously everyone loves. It's like almost like the office where it's like you say you think you're cool to like Kirb kirbs fucking fantastic and the old curve. He had had a storyline with the wife. Ex Wife and like the whole thing right and like you know And Leon and like you just had a storyline than last season. I thought curb. Every single scene was a punchline. Like it just went away from like it had a little bit of a storyline was just like Oh this scene. He can't get through the door the next scene he spill something on his pants pants next scene he hated hyper. In fact this episode I thought was great. Like jumping on. It was too fast for me but then it slowed down it was released. I need is like those party scenes and even like the make America Great Hats good so so funny guy. David can do something agreeing with. I didn't have seen it but the reason looking like that is because partially the reason you like to show as much is because that's how you live your life you every situation you feel like complaining get caught when you have some serious Larry David Yeah. It's so good too. Because in short basically he is the big goodbye so he kind of shunned somebody all night long but then and gives them this big Dubai's feel like he really likes that person. Whatever the guy calls them on the Big Dubai tells me needs to go with lunch with them? Larry does not want to go to lunch in this person at all so he goes to this very diverse restaurant and just pulls out the make America great again. Hey guys the then the guy does I wanNA have lunch. And everyone's looking at really very good. It's a good move. Andrew Landry gets PGA tour win winning the American. Express this past weekend and Just to Kinda show what we talk about here on this show we talk about the massive dispersion. You might have around around how you might play horrible often often great golf. You might shoot thirty seven fifty five whatever it is. Andrew Landry had missed seven of his last eight cuts and then he just wins on the PGA tour. He just goes out there and he wins. He almost tried to try to run to blow it on the whole back. Try to blow to move back. That's why build yourself such a lead couple bogeys and all that. And then he played very very close. Ended up getting a couple of stroke win. Birdied the seventy second hole They have that seventeenth hole. That's an island green that's longer than the actual island during that T. B. C. Sawgrass. There's awesome nervy shots down the stretch but he got it done and again. That just goes to show you. You can beat a hundred and fifty the best players in the world after your last eight starts. He missed seven of those cuts. So you just never know golf. He did have a quote where he said. You look at guys like Tiger Woods. They're playing a limited schedule for a reason didn't love that he said Tiger Woods isn't going to show up the harvest heritage because the golf course does not fit him. Every golf course fits him. It's tiger woods. He hasn't played the obviously heritage. Because it's the the masters and obviously tiger woods has way bigger things to do. You got to focus on the master. He's not going to go play the heritage. His point was clearly that like rather than playing everywhere. And hoping that you just kind of throw shit against the wall and that it sticks that like you can actually focus bear down the courses that suit you more. That's what Kevin Kisner does. He doesn't like POA grass for example so he tries to play his few tournaments as you can with that and and so he makes a decent point with that. I just didn't like when he said Tiger Woods is gonNA show up the heritage because that golf course does not fit him again. Every golf course fits him. Congratulations to Andrew Landry Second PGA EJ tore win and Cool to see somebody come from not playing golf and boom. All of a sudden they went onto our fantasy that a pretty good amount I also saw. What did I see? See Well Kim. I don't know how it's the the other thing. He shot like an eighty seven and then withdrew the art. Where he's just like I'm out of here you know it's always tough to tell with those? There's always a lot. Yeah true. Yeah he literally on Thursday shot he shot eighty seven cards incredible. He says par bogey par quad par par triple part double then he goes good stretch here. Par birdie par par triple par triple. Par has money's worth on those triples and doubles. Yeah no he really did and then withdrew so I just thought that was interesting. Lee Uso. You've got a lovely I would be don't and it's probably a you issue. Lee Westwood Wins. The twenty fifth European tour tidal for one point. One six million dollars. He's one in four. Different decades brought tears out. Actually actually we're talking to him about it afterwards just an all time. Great Guy Lee Westwood just very well liked. He's been on a million he's I think he's been on ten different European Ryder Cup teams and one almost all all of them because the European in our lifetime Europeans have just killed the Americans in the radical which fuck it sucks. He's now the twenty ninth ranked player in the world. I think he's forty six years old. Now the The twenty ninth player in the world. He said I cannot believe. I'm that old. His first one came in the nineteen ninety six Volvo Scandinavian masters. It's it's getting harder. It's just nice to come out and keep proving that you've still got it. I likely Westwood too. But it's always going to be like well you know. Never WanNA major under jared and just so close so many times I likely Westwood. Just one hundred. He just won a million bucks. That's great but it's always going to be that thing. They could still happen. It's crazy to have that kind of success and I'm sure that's still kills them. This is what I'm saying. It's like he's been so successful. They think you'd sneak in one one or two maybe and it just. It just hasn't happened why it's crazy to think too. Like bubba Watson has a couple of majors like like Webb Simpson has a US Open right boring nuggets and Lee Westwood decorated as it can be just doesn't have one like Padraig Harrington has three major championships Lee. USA Run was so fun. I love the best. Part of that. Run is my mom and my aunt absolutely love project. They love the Irish axe. And they're just like I just love when he plays well and then yeah that stretch where it was just incredible. Yes I liked it. They love him. It's very funny if you go on Any like notable Golfer wikipedia page. They always have results in major ager championships and they just list like in a in a in a grid all of their starts a major championships and they put in yellow anything. That's a top ten and Lee. There's so much yellow orange yellow. He's got a t six t seven t ten t five a fourth a third t thirty third a second a second a third T. he eight t t t three eight seven a t two and t four been. Do you think stroke or two each round just as guy just built like a house. Just as big Ole heroic looking guy just can't quite get over the edge and win one broad-shouldered shoulder jolly nice fuck and British chap who people would see Westwood on the Like leaderboard and I think it's woods for a second and then like notice like shit. The United States always lived his life. Because I know I've done that where like you just glimpsed at the TV on Thursday all like A lot he's just not going to get it done and he's forty six. Though he was humane member he was at the British Open. This year he was right in the mix areas got his new girlfriend on his bag and all that also rocks. I think Iraq's Peterman log year which I really like so Lee Westwood very cool thing to see that he got yet another winning twenty fifth think. He's like seventh or eighth or ninth or something like that all his career career earnings have to be just mammoth. Yeah I'll look that up quick. So he's doing fine. Yeah what do you think is what he thinks. Oh okay for reference when any Kevin Kisner at like twenty million I'm GonNa put a Lee Westwood at like forty seven million dollars. Take the over on that. I think he's GonNa it'd be like trying to pull it up right now. I'm just enough very good Internet to really. I think you'll ever get to that. You will I might not Achieved he must say fifty I will say is a little hard to navigate. You really need to like this cannot be right hundred ten career earnings on the PGA. A tour this just can't be right. I WanNa know what I'm so surprised at. What is now? He's one everywhere else. Except the major teen million. What you you know what? He's won twenty five European tour event. So that's gotTA BE GOTCHA PART OF I. Yeah that's that must be. What because he plays a lot of your upper euros prisoners made more money than on the actual actual PGA tour way? Unlike all his world tours he just one one point one million that doesn't count dollars announces converted at International Victory. You converted it appreciate you just type it in your type this two euro. I didn't do it in my head. Come on I rely completely on the Internet the I'm trying to figure out. What is his career European tour earnings? How come on the third? It's harder to find than you think you know we can do. We can do a tantalizing Little ts here. Why well I talked about? CB because he really MD is committed to providing you with high high-quality THC FREE CB oil products whether you're running for a raise or an Olympic gold medal. You need to stay at the top of your game. Look we've been rocking all their stuff for months months and months. Now actually I rock the their freeze GEL. I've been playing a lot more hockey now. It's the middle of winter in a couple minutes league teams my body. 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He cleaned up on the European door. Twenty five European into her wins. It's thirty eight million thirty eight point seven million pounds and it's whatever that's an astounding number. Yeah so he's doing Lee. Westwood is a okay God good for the US. Would I like him. Shout to the People's Euro Golfer Matthew Fitzpatrick tied for second for a five hundred nineteen thousand dollar payday pretty good. He is getting a little bit of an issue happening where he's finishing second all the time. couple runner-up finishes last year. A T to couple strokes back this sweet over in Abu Dhabi but Matthew Fitzpatrick playing golf he will win a European tour of this year. I believe if not multiple. He's playing that good a golf Really ever since I started hanging out with him. So you're welcome out. Patrick Tiger was legion. Fans are standing. The stands are not happy with four play. I just this one guys tweeted. He responded to a Tiger Wood. Legion AKA US tweeted. Thanks the four playboys and tweeted out our little clips the PODCASTS. We talked about the whole saga very funny stuff. And this guy responded to it forced to publicly apologize Ellum. FAO ALL CAPS embarrassing. You're wrong frankly. Just screen shotting the DM. Oh my God you're so famous and cool. You couldn't just accept apologize. He would feel. How would you feel if you were in legion shoes? Pathetic Attic thought. You guys were better than that and then went on to say yeah. Let's name the podcast Frank Force. We apologize even though they were wrong. And discredit the best tiger account. What a joke? He was not forced he had. I do apologize which is actually being forced to apologize anyway because they were addictive seriously. My reputation was on the line. How does so mad how would you? How would would you feel if you were in legion shoes right now? You're not like all right. I'm not sending. This is something something oil boy. Internist got away from me. Yeah Yeah we'll get some fresh air and just take a few deep or do you feel if you're in legion shoes doesn't man. I'm not trying to act famous and cool cool. I just thought it was insane that the guy. Dm All of us going crazy on twitter instagram. Any so any form of social media being like you have to apologize. My integrity is on the line. Because you guys guys joked about one of my tweets correct bike. Awful point was that it's not that serious. Nobody is literally looking at what we say on this podcast. And we're joking walking about Tiger Woods fan account that we get into it with and being like you know what that account has no credibility because Frankie Borelli and the guys cancelled it no chance. That's just we're not. We're actually actually discrediting ourselves. We're not that we have no influence on that. We're not to be taken that seriously. The whole thing was funny. We're just joking around everybody. Settle Down Last thing I got on the headlines this is no. We're not going to waste management. We're not going to be there. We get asked a lot. Yeah if you're wondering if we're going to be there the answer is no we will not be there franken. I will be in Miami for Super Bowl Week doing radio and none of us are going to be at the waste management. So we've been foreign. It's fantastic if viewers thinking about going you should go. Trent Daddy and I went for the first time two years ago. Let me tell you to this day. I would say that Saturday that we had on the sixteenth sinkhole waste management was probably the most fun I've ever had at a sporting event. It's definitely up there. Top two or three for sure. It was awesome. If you go you gotTa and do it right and the only way to do it right. You gotta get up gotTa get there fucking early and you gotta get in the bleachers at the sixteenth hole the waste management. Because it's the most when we did the day before we got there. We had We had like skyboxes tickets corporate tickets on sixteen but we were like in the sky box. We're just chit chat is not as cool scene. Don't get me wrong. Getting free cocktails tells you know the crowd. You can hear the crowd on being in the bleachers. Getting there we got there at like five fifteen traffic out there. Legit like five fifteen yoke gates open at seven everybody. Nobody runs like a mile little a mile further than you think. It's going to be a miles way longer than you remember from back in like high school. You'RE GONNA it's GonNa hurt it's GonNa hurt but it's GonNa worth it. It's GonNa hurt but you can do it. You can really do it and then you run there right at seven when they opened the gates you get there you snag your seats. Then you're once you're in. It's like its own little stadium once you're in you're in for the whole day they got Pacers porta-pottys beer food concessions all. That's there once you're in so that's way to do it. Get there really early. Make sure there before I would say six. Am You stand in line for an hour. Everybody's very excited. You sing the national anthem. Probably did you do shared run in or did you guys did she. Did it That we wanted to document people running so rigs ran and I stayed back video the chaos so we kind of split duties. He got there and he saved a couple of consulting in the Sun. MM HM any shade. You're going to bake a little bit. You can't go. I mean a little bit. If you're out there for you get one of those umbrella hats you know. That's the only way out now now because then nobody will marry hide. You Owe at that point about my safety. It's in front of you. It's just your fault. I'm wearing that that you're not a desert dweller. No see me when I go to vegas with Dave and I mean there's been videos dropped the grapes that hold onto those grapes. I I mean you're the dead purse you you were. That's you that's as close as you've been to death. How about when we talked about? We put out that clip of me being a dead person last week on Social Media My dad. DM that to my girlfriend was like Haha whereas like anyone into anyone into me. This isn't the dead people and she's like. I think your dad just slid in my number one number two. Is this like about a dig emeals. Ah John Smart John Smoltz the two S K seven he used the standalone punchy. See the clerk. Yes it's not the guy reach out to some other some other seven rain to legitimate. He looked like a caddy walking around player. When you stay over the ball and the catty Kinda like surveys raise the green is like no? I think it's a little bit more. You just do that. But for your Potter your putter stands there and then you survey the green that putter standing there. We'll get a laugh at one hundred times. It's just sitting still so I got my dad for his birthday So he has a spin doctor since nineteen eighties. Whenever the hell that thing came out and whatever and he said that he actually lost it and like he needed a new one so I got him a brand you spend actually? I don't think they have a website anywhere on Amazon came with a fifty-six sixty degree it's got he's now has to spin doctors with different types of inserts. So like you can insert the type of spin you on on on the on the Blade Komo on like yes. He's got all these different inserts and their brand he's like you know my old one was i. I lost it but it was worn out. It wasn't getting as much spin wasn't catching as much. He's bad boys are gonNA bite to these things are going to bite like. You wouldn't believe ball's GonNa come out of you. GotTa you gotTa see the face on these things. It's like it's like blinds on a window. It's like they they. You know what I mean. Yeah you roll your in your other rubber. That's just crazy. Talent love to go to the range and hit. We need a full Demo Day with Mr Borelli. Yeah Spend DR S K seven and If you listen to someone in the industry of like Gimmick clubs I really really. I'm not going to spend the money. Send it to us on the one where the explosion happens and you can hit the ball. Three hundred yards that sent to us. We will do a video for you like a one hundred percent then. I will do a video where my dad is on a par five. He's like two hundred eighty yards out in the fairway and he takes his club hits a button and the ball goes the all time video you know. Send us any gimmick clubs you got just in the moment Gimme clubs. Send them all away. Email us. Look up our address fucking find a way to get him to us because we gotTA DO DEMO Mr Bradley we have to do it but yes John smoltz him him making it too and it broke a good amount clearly needed to line it up properly was it was perfect. I sometimes think that that's the biggest reason. Why Miss Putts is? I'm not lined up correctly at all. That's why I want to start putting radio think my eyes can't lineup. I think I need to get this thing bag to line myself up yeah. I'm just trying to think that Guy Pinga said there was five in the field. This is definitely not a lefty one. This is how the world works. I bet they don't make a lefty one other Gimmick club that they didn't make a lefty one where strikes i. It's crazy it's like the only club I need in the world. It's like hey can you not hit a wedge. Here's here's this perfect club for you. It's like they don't make lefty one. What a world where they don't make them in left anymore okay? I think we're done here and you have anything else. No I gotta go to Peter Interview. I gotta go do radio. I'm a half hour late. Probably yelled at. But that's just the way the World War 'cause you text text. Okay get no response all right. which I think's good? Yeah you're working working working working hard hard work we We back on Thursday. Which is the same day that tiger woods will be beginning? Twenty twenty seventh. Hand Rory's also in the Field Jon Rahm like you said those are the two that are the favorites ahead of him so get jacked up with watch. Some golf heated Har Hard. I hit it in a EH.

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