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Alison Brie & Brian Austin Green


Welcome to the bravo clubhouse for the podcast addition of watch what happens live with me. Andy cohen and in the wrestling ring show make you quake and he's still makes your ovaries ache. It's watch what happens is with allison brie and brian austin green. We now welcome to watch what dr everybody i m euros. Andy cohen in the clubhouse but you guys who have a real nine. Oh two one go to them. Get it. You know i guess from community madman and our efforts to keep the spandex industry in business on glow season three is streaming on netflix now. Welcome back our our friend alison brie on you and years ago. He's starting a little teen drama. <hes> you may have heard of called beverly hills nine. Oh two one oh. I don't know he's now back wednesdays on fox in be h o alongside the original cast and fingers crossed david silver d._j. Skills as well say hi to brian austin green just you have you ever met her. Ormat never met but i'm a big fan talk and cats back. Stay ready to go have kiddie kiddie but i'll share. You're really talking about it but i was. I was talking. You're listening fair enough kind of a claim school dramas from h._b._o.'s euphoria which is already been renewed for a second season. It's tonight's bartender al g smith dude congratulations on the show. It's all anybody is chani. I am assuming that you're old enough to be drinking beer. Sure let's get started started. Your questions for allison and brian are coming in before we get to those. Here's what three things. I'm obsessed with tonight. I when alison famously left her life as the rightful heir to the breed. She's his fortune to pursue acting never did she think the two worlds would collide yet here. We are so here's what hold onto your shark uteri board because we're about to play allison brie alison you want a type of cheese from our trae and then inspire jesus inspired questions about one or more serve your co star. Please pick cheese. You're not actually the heirs of the breed. She's fortune by the way thank you clarify what people coming break into my house cheese cheeses smell grade with the goat's the goat cheese all right many consider sitter your the post co star meryl streep the goat. What is the most normal person thing about meryl streep yeah well. I'm glad you asked because we gab for hours. She told me everything about life. No i think the most thing i don't know i guess we're onset together. We were often flipping through the period magazines that they had that were real magazines than we were talking about fashion and she was started like i feel like you could where any of these things today i was like i do. We like these things. She said to me. That's amazing. Pick another cheese. Please our celery. Ah okay let's go with the blue blue cheese. Who has the more memorable sent like blue cheese. Emily really blonde or rebel. Wilson memorable sent is a complimentary thing to say <hes> gosh you know. I think that emily was great. There's like a facial spray by charlie that i still use since she recommended perfect. Pick another cheese these allison brie sharp cheddar sharp cheddar leading the one and you keep avoiding thank sharper wit of re plaza were bark maryland. I think marks might be sharper for and aubrey's is like a little darker one more geez allison brie. I think your husband former co star dave franco has ever said or done for you. Oh i knew you were dying. Task about take too cheesy. Thing doesn't do think he's very cheesy. I mean we're very romantic guys. She'll kill let me if i say anything to intimate. I mean i guess when we first started dating. There was a very sweet moment where he asked me. If i i would be his girlfriend it was like very old fashioned after i met one of his oldest friends and he was very nervous and was sort of like officially be my girlfriend. It was is not that he said officials super-swede second win brian and his co star shot to stardom. I'm in the nineties. They have throngs of rabid fans with little to no boundaries so at the risk of sounding like one. Here's what i've around the questions for you about those days and a._g. Which of your co stars got laid the most ho one <hes> probably this one. Did you ever have any with a rival teen dream bad blood. Who was your biggest rival at the time like any rough on the show or joe jennings general. Was there anyone coming out for the same rules for you know not. There were like twelve of us. I think i think mario lopez and i had we battled for muscle. On what teen heartthrob did you have a crush on the heartthrob nicole eggert nicole eggert okay biggest celebrity to freak out meeting you the biggest celebrity for me with this guy named stevie caballero who is a skater skating. I'm from the the valley and so he and his wife wanted to take a picture of me and i was like i can't stevie. Kevin name denied the photo taken the photo with his wife. Let me take a photo with you named one fellow ninety star. We'd be surprised surprised to hear you oust on a date or vice versa sir. I think i think it was probably tiffany. Amber thesis and bright didn't really asper oscar on a date and then we dated but i i always sort of played the like i wait until someone comes to me because i don't do rejection. Oh ooh probably never got rejected. Thank you very much brian. Greene original guests know their way around dated fashion in such as oddly large blazers and synthetic fabric. I think it'll probably flammable but here's much like one. Oh do my guests think any of these trends deserve of a reboot. Let's find out with throwback or totally wack french. Cotton leotards and spandex is a deserving of a reboot re good. I i totally agree. I it makes me very <hes> excited. Oh man giant hair scrunchy ease throwback or totally italy mullets totally why has looked on john person. I what that hair on andy it may be wouldn't. Doesn't you know what that air doesn't work on ju. I'm gonna tell you wash jeans acid wash jeans. I kinda work very good. Blazers was shoulder pads. Oh totally back. Yes okay parachute m._c. Hammer or you could carry them off. It's mario lopez. Does this ask ask pants and attack. Yeah okay homicide. Oh totally wack. I think oh my god. I have so many of them so mack okay. I'm sorry and we just met overalls have never got out of style. I agree completely neon outfits. I'm into neon. That's all right okay. It's gonna be zona with question for alison courtney which question hi andy love of you. I was saying be honest honest. How realistic would it be getting a community movie one day. How realistic any chance you think you know. I think that a a lot of us are on board for it for sure. I think it's tricky because donald glover's superstar if we ever like lure him back in. Did you did you you see that happening. God donald was playing his first mix tapes on set and they were immediately. We were like wait what i think you could always tell that his mind worked in a different magical way and it's exciting. It is exciting. Let's go to rachel from the jersey. Hey rachel l. Hey i just want to say thanks so how much you're being a world tried this year. It was really great to see all the bravo liberties. It was really amazing how to blast my question sir brian how how did you react when making socks wrote a bunch of poems and sharpie on your wall during a fight. She revealed that on our show really hard to paint over. Thank you thank the five or six coats for it to go. It was the fight about. I don't even remember. I don't think she remembers she was just upset about something and she wrote in sharpy. Be well which again is not what kinds of thing unless you're doing the whole wall and sharpy into what kinds of things that she right by the way she was she wrote a poem form which was would have been sweet sound sounds beautiful except it was a little girl who had never had a broken hard until took a turn over this you know and then of course it wouldn't go away. The next wouldn't go away. It is okay. Let's go to katie washington katie. Hey andy ellison and brian question for alison okay. What was your reaction. When you heard the fake rumor about krissy mets calling you the b word. Oh my god that on the show. We felt so bad for her more than me. She's such a sweetheart. It was such a crazy thing and the way that i heard about it was so weird because i didn't really know it was going on and and we were at the golden globes and i came out of the bathroom and a journalist started talking to me and then suddenly was like very high school like did you hear we'll. She was like like i don't want to tell you. If you haven't heard and made me coax it out of her. I was like what what are you talking about. What's going on and she was like crecy. Mets called you a bitch aw and i was like just in shock and i think i was just like that doesn't sound like something she was. I was like in what context was in joking. I think honestly my first reaction was did i do something to her that i didn't easily on a ranch six it just kidding. I made that up. I made that i made that. I made that out <hes> w wants to know do you have a favorite memory of working on knots landing landing as donna mills son knots landing in it alone no i was. I was like the token kids so like they would. They would get a puppy or something and then and i'd walk through a shot or i was in that scene. Where we're donna broke down the door. I got beat up by a drug dealer at one point when when my older sister was on drugs it was fun it. I <hes> total stike kraus's sit elizabeth case that i loved you on madman any thoughts on a spin off her madman movie. Oh wow i've never heard anything like that had suggested on my god a madman movie. I think would be fantastic all right guys. It's game time nine to one zero when donna martin almost didn't get to graduate because she got drunk at prom but then all their friends protested and swayed the powers that be if not what were you doing with your life in the nineties anyway. It's time for who's getting their degree with tori brian. You're gonna head over to the green screen dot and this is. You've got to put on this cap. Gown and ramona is from okay. Yeah okay okay yeah. <hes> donna martin is over there waiting for you there. She is going to be joined by various. Ninety celebrities at graduation nations alison brian clues to help him. I d seven right in sixty seconds. Okay you look right here. Clues are going to come there and let's go seven evidence sixty seconds now zac loris more paul also oh buffy the vampire slayer player three names sarah michelle gellar wait oh dawson from dawson's creek. Oh oh james vanderbeek fresh. Prince of bel-air baby will smith so ridiculous in party of five and she was in like. I know what you did last august was like what are you waiting saw campbell gamble the middle one is like not hate but opposite not. Hey the oracle but also we started with alive. She was us kelly say by the bell and she was on ninety days. Let's go back to the phones mary mary from kentucky. Hey mary what's your question handy. How are you great. I have a question for brian. Okay yeah c._q. Witness did you embiid missed. The infamous fight between shane jimmy when things almost got physical original set amid talks about that one yes i did. I was a part of that. You were a part of nuff. I said oh you mean. We're fighting over. You know no no no. You've made so much more out of it than it was okay. I know i was i was there. I wouldn't were there. Where were you like myself popcorn literally. I was a little more involved in that but yeah it was a popcorn or are you trying to break it up up. Were you on flustered. Did you physically have to restrain people eighteen right. I was eighteen year old natalie. It's time for moslem. Today goes to the snake that was rescued last week after swallowing almost half of its own body if you are interested in more information about this story just be careful because if you google the words big plus snake aac plus eats plus get some suber interesting videos that have nothing to do with this story. Trust me on wall. We're talking news other dick news tonight. Shacklock goes to this new makeup ad which features flesh josh colored lipstick shaped like eighteen s now this ad mostly gets the jackal because the lipstick and pena's combination makes eggs. We involuntarily think of dogs dick and i don't need to see i wanna thank god allison. Brian internet zero has the giggles at i'm here for it is on season three of global netflix brian austin green show be h nine. Oh two one. Oh i think the highest rated. It's the head of the summer. When the head of the summer watch <hes> euphoria season one on this first single and music the video all girls matter is out now congratulations man melissa from florida's on the line with a question for alison wicha question hello andy you're my phone shine on the late night mall. I have a quick question for anson giggling question for alison without giving too much away. What do you think of the big cliffhanger this season aglow and what do you want to see happen with ruth and season four <hes> <hes> i love the way this season ends mostly because i hope we get a fourth season but i think this show always comes back to ruth debbie and their relationship and this season was a lot about ruth kind of trying to find herself in that moment is sort of her kind of taking ownership of herself alphen her dream that she still wants to pursue so it's a heart breaking but ultimately exciting ending and i don't know i hope everybody reconnects in season season for if we get a season for you're getting this season for two big hit york connecticut. Hey laura lean. What's your question. Hi andy indie <hes> my question is to brian is what did you think of two three embassies and not being part of nine. Oh two when a reboot yeah brian yeah <hes> well the reboot was the original cast and she was in in the original castle so that was sort of our idea going back was it was the original group of people were there at the start. She came in. I think season four or five. That's fair sounds like an easy way to exclude her from new york mark. I n d i am so excited about bravo con to get tickets. Yeah okay <hes> my question is for our in house i high so my question is what was the best and worst part about getting directed by your teeth franko. Oh my goodness. I think the best part was were so locked in with each other. That communication onset was very easy. I feel like our notes were sort of telecommunication and also i got to call the director like babe and honey which does not usually frowned upon in the film as well. He's not no exit and there was no worst part. It was like goddamn dream. That's awesome lis elise. Have him come when it comes out they will you love him here. Let's go to tiffany from california and by we i mean me eight tiffany hi andy this isn't tiffany thesis and matt about brian's answer. Thank you no. I'm just kidding what your question tiffany. I just really want to tell you that. I've been a huge guy ever. I want to thank you so much for being an amazing advocate for surrogacy and infertility community <hes> your show and you really got me through <hes> felt. I react treatments. When i was on bed rest like you were but early the only thing that can it makes me laugh and just zone out very sweet regard for. I really appreciate that. Thanks yeah actually graduation on baby. Be back durable and i love seeing him and i love being together. <hes> <hes> alison i. I love you on that ben so much and but my question is brian. Boxer briefs here comes the importance of good. Don't really i'm a huge math and i loved you alison scott tonight. It seems like you don't love since you don't have a question for me. She'll be <hes> so i just wanted to say like i'm a huge fan and that scream dance episode. I was obsessed with it and the dance that <hes> brian. I've always wondered if you can still do it but my question. My question is before you start looking at forty. Six question is did you ever what harbor romantic relationship off the thing that that you know. No we <hes>. She said that toys that we did. Tory said that you guys hooked up. We hooked up we did but it was we were young and it was so that's what young people do in the beginning where you were like who who on the show and i was like okay just before. Are we leave okay so you hooked up with tori. Did you with shannon. No we know you hooked up with stephanie season yeah tiffany and i were dating before she started doing okay. Jenny regards hook up with now gabrielle gabrielle right okay got like was she like fifteen years older than when you guys at that time older than them she was older. She's the head of our oh yes. I was always like she's in high school. What that's all i mean i'm not. I'm not being ages. You seem too old to be high school. Everything's cool alison brian algebra. Everybody thanks for listening listening to the podcast. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes. Go live monday through friday at four pm eastern time. Make sure your subscribe hyped have a great rest of your night.

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