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Hello and welcome to the PODCAST podcast. That takes ten ten minutes to get you smarter faster on the Clinton Tech Business and politics filling in for Dan primack today. I'm axios editor in chief. Nicholas Johnston on today's show facebook's Decade of dominance and an increase increase in. US Life expectancy. But I the NFL bounces back. It feels like there's been a delusion bad news news for the NFL starting with the flood of stories about concussions brain damage and football with the latest research. Finding that concussions aren't the only way football damages the brain as those stories spread. There's been a notable audible drop in highschool football participation Reuters. Half a million. Fewer highschoolers played the sport in two thousand eighteen than the year before. And it's not just brain injuries. The NFL has had other scandals in recent years from from domestic violence. Incidents to kneeling controversies. And they're coming up on a deadline to reach a new collective bargaining agreement ahead of two thousand twenty one through all of that. NFL Ratings had been declining until to last year. When a ratings rebound began after hitting a low about fifteen million viewers per game in two thousand seventeen numbers have climbed back above sixteen million higher ratings are translating into a higher prices at the Super Bowl with store franchise and the forty niners facing the chiefs? Who Haven't played in the big game in fifty years interest is unusually high to Pixie? Oh Brett Goldberg told Yahoo Finance that the usual drop off in prices after teams are announce. Didn't happen this year in fifteen seconds will go deeper on this with extra sports editor Kendall Baker but first this there's more news out there than ever before but these days it's harder than ever to find it and to know what to trust axios. AM takes effort out of getting smart by synthesizing. The ten stories stories. That will drive the day and telling you I. They matter subscribe at sign up dot axios DOT COM and now back to the pro rata podcasts joining us. It's Kendall Ndo Baker sports editor at Axios to talk to us about the NFL's Comeback Hello Kindle. Thanks for joining us so like I feel like for the last couple of years. We've been talking thing about the end of football. It was losing prominence in America's culture. The ratings are down. Nobody wants to play football. Another ratings are coming back and everyone's excited for the Super Bowl like what is the trend that you see here yes interesting you know. Obviously as you mentioned the conversation around football is interesting last year at the least and I think when you look at how that hasn't impacted ratings. In fact ratings have gone up. I think the biggest thing for that for me is just how that shows how ingrained football is in our culture and even more specifically like how how great it is in their media cycle in the fall and winter. You know. It's one of those sports. That is has his weekly cadence to it and then there's games on Monday Thursday. It's just it's just so ingrained in how networks program their content during the year and it's just such a part of our lives Sunday owned by football even Saturday's football. It's it's just very hard for anything to really negatively impact ratings in a season season basis. Yeah I mean even when the audience down there still massive. It's like fifty million people all tune into watch random Sunday game something like fourteen of the top fifteen television programs football games. Yeah so I mean it's crazy. So how does that translate into the business missile football. I guess the NFL is booming. Yeah for sure I mean I think they have. You have obviously right coming up in the next few years. NFL One to watch going back to again ratings being up across across the board there whereas viewership another sports down and it's all business definitely booming. And I think You know the the the like any sport would like to have maybe one more slightly bigger Martin Super Bowl but this matchup is great for them. So if any sends like the reports of football's death were greatly exaggerated. It's interesting right like I. I still think about this all the time and I look at it as a as we entered this new decade the divide between the the grip that has our culture with the Science Bahamian concussions the science behind. CD of that clash. I think is the biggest question in sports and maybe even outside of sports over the next decade added that gets resolved. What we see happen because those are two really strong forces that is? It's very hard to see kind of coexisting or not. You know changing or first shifting and then one way or the other yeah you see that spillover into youth participation which is down like half a million off of high I mean. Is there a worry that sort of the football pipeline. Hi Blind is going away. That's a big. Maybe that is the biggest sort of everything if you look at you've participation numbers going down if you look the equipment there's some mm concerning conversations going on there where youth football helmets are actually the least safe of all helmets. Football aren't UH specifically designed for youth and they're essentially in in many cases just these protective shells and so I think yeah when it comes to the future of football most of the concerning and realist conversations quite honestly are about the youth level. Because 'cause that's where a lot of parents are educated where I felt players know what they're putting their selves into so yeah. I think I think that it's going to be the center of the conversation. But before where you see those two corners happened an and the the outside of that I mean that's not GonNa stop hundreds and hundreds of millions of people from tuning in on Sunday. So let's wrap it up with your pick. Who Do you like? Chris fought against to be really good game last. If you're ended up being I guess it was pretty boring game. It was a good game but last year. I like wasn't convinced there's going to be a good game though so this I think the teams do match up really well and it's really we're gonNA come down through like what's defense. Stop either dominant offense right. I'm lading chiefs just because I think the niners are maybe the better overall team but for some reason and in a team sport I'm just going to lean towards the individual and go with the best player in the field which I happen to think Patrick Mahomes so I'm taking the niners plus one and a half off and I liked the over the offense role in the Super Bowl. I definitely looked over as well. All right thanks a lot Kendall talk to you again soon. Thank you my final. After this axios gives you the news news and analysis. You need to get smarter faster. On the most important topics in our unique smart brevity format we cover topics from politics to science in media to tech subscribe to get smarter faster at sign up dot axios Dot Com and now back to the program podcast. Now it's time from my final two despite an onslaught scrutiny scandal over the past few years facebook closed out the secondary to the millennium stronger than ever the tech giant brought in nearly seventy billion in revenue for twenty nineteen up more more than twenty five percent from the year prior more than thirteen hundred percent from two thousand twelve the public. That's all despite the threat of new regulations and increased competition and slowing user growth in the US and Europe. One key data point success however it squeezing more revenue out of each user now more than forty one dollars each year in the US not bad for a free service second a new report from the CDC found that average life expectancy increased by one month last year. That's modest but significant because it marks the reversal of a four year trend. This gain speaks to two who important health stories. Death rates are going down in the. US from cancer and drug overdoses are also declining for decades expectancy had been on the rise but fell a suicide besides and drug overdoses increased from twenty fourteen to two thousand seventeen by the numbers the current agency for an infant born in twenty eighteen. Seventy eight years and eight months for women minutes eighty one years and one month and for men seventy six years in two months. And we're done my thanks to producers Tim Show Shaven and thanks to primack for letting me take a spin on the pro rata podcast chair. He'll be back here next week.

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