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Saddam with a year on seven hundred twenty spn presented by progressive. Insurance guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. If you missed earlier we had Lindsay therion Bob Nightingale Bob Nightingale Reporting Major League baseball considering realignment to try to play in the CACTUS league and the Grapefruit League basically instead of going all the team all instead of all the teams going Arizona. They would get split up into their traditional spring training sites and play the season that way and they would play in different divisions and it would be weird. The dodgers are being a division with the angels which kind of cool but also with the white sox the Indians and the Cincinnati reds. So that would be a lot tougher than playing in the division with the giants the padres and the rockies right now so not as easy around for the dodgers it was previously and I'm curious to see how people feel about this and we had some calls the first hour and feel free to chime in at eight seven seven seven. Espn eight seven seven. Seven ten three seven seven six. And then Lindsey was talking about the rams and let me ask you this greg and maybe the callers if they want to chime in on this too they can at eight seven seven seven ten. Espn eight seven seven. Seven three seven seven six and I will get to the Jackie macmullan about maybe some hope for the NBA. In just a moment. But do you look at the rams and you think them going all in because Lindsey and I were talking about some of the risks. They took from a contract perspective right. They win all in and traded a lot of assets to get players who they've now given up on and still dealing with the cap occasions of it. They did get to a super bowl. Do you believe that it was worth it? The juice was worth the squeeze. Yes I absolutely do think it was worth it because they made it to a super bowl and they should have actually made the playoffs this year as well especially if they would have all been how it is right now but yes is absolutely worth it. They went for it. They went all in their just. Got Back to La they needed to get the La Fan base back. It was the absolute right. Move even if they're just GONNA be a fourth place team next year. Yeah I one hundred percent agree with you. I think you you needed to capture the audience here and I think they did that in a big way. And they made big strides remember that first year with Jeff Fisher who that was the cure for insomnia. Okay and then Sean came in and there was like a different energy. His energy is fantastic. And it's it's why I think he and I get along really well because we both are light kind of high strung and very passionate kind of Taipei's do a little bit but but but also can show a softer side. Okay anyway but yeah like I I I agree with you. I had to do it and I'm curious to see if anyone thinks otherwise because look it doesn't mean you can't be critical of them. Particularly the Brandin cooks stuff like that one is kind of like. You're looking at like girly again conflicted at the time but understood it because he deserved it and you wanted to create this atmosphere. We're going to reward players now. That is that also can be dangerous. Because you're in a situation where you missed the playoffs last year. You're probably gonNA miss the playoffs again this year. Unless Sean can be ultra creative which I believe in like I'm not counting them out of the playoffs because I believe in Sean as much as anyone in this league that he can pull something together when no one is buying into them like. I actually think that they can surprise some people this year. Because they still have Cooper Cup right. They still have Robert Woods. They've got the two tight ends who were ignorance fantastic last year and I think Everett's still can develop. I think they can do. Running back by committee Henderson was a home run hitter in college as long as the offensive line blocks. I think that they can still get creative on offense. They got Aaron Donald. They'll have to be aggressive on defense. Maybe take some chances but the Guy Jalen Ramsey back there and John John Third. Yeah so they've got some pieces that I think can make them more than just competitive like I don't think it's a wash by any stretch of the imagination. No this is the biggest thing for me. Is that now you've done this. You've done the whole Gulf War it and made it to super bowl now. It's time to figure out how you're going to sustain success. Now now you have a bunch of young bunch of guys that are not really deep into contracts besides Aaron Donald Jared Goff and now it's about making yourself a team kind of like the Like this the Seattle seahawks where you're constantly in the in the playoffs constantly fighting for a super bowl and just maintaining that. It's not about going all in every every other year. Now it's about making sure that you can stay the same throughout for year after year and be like a Patriots Type Organization. Right right agreed. That's that's what you want because I think you've got the right coach to do that. I think he is a stable coach. And he's a very good coach and he's a creative coach and I think that offensively he to me is one of the more creative guys him and interestingly enough Kyle Shanahan who also happens to be in the same division so and by the way they run similar styles to some extent Both are variations of what? Kyle's father did Mike Shanahan. I remember we had when I was doing the afternoon's March. Lara came on with me. A buddy of mine who calls games for Fox and Super Bowl champion with the Denver broncos played for my Shanahan and played with John. Elway and told me Sean. Mcvay is running different variations of the Mike Shanahan offense. He told me that so. It is interesting that those guys kind of come from similar tree right. 'cause Shanahan also was in Washington. Don't forget about that when Shawn and Shawn was in Washington so there's a lot of similarities to those guys and what they do. It's interesting because when you think of Mike Shanahan off at you. Think of Terrell Davis running the football and running the football down people's girly. Yeah yeah but I mean he was also used out of the Backfield as a pass catcher a lot as well so then to make this. Always Terrell Davis. Yeah well that's true but so different time like yes right different era so there's not as much but definitely was still being utilized out of the backfield right. Yeah that's just. It just seems like it seems different. I'm not saying it's not different than stink. Would know better than anybody. It is but it was very much. It seems when I think about it. Mike Shanahan offense. I think of running the football when I think of a a Sean mcvay offense I think of throwing the football I mean think about Denver had some really good guys even even Sean told us the other day that everything got started with girly like they played the pass off of girly basically. The play action was the reason that they were so successful. Passing the ball. So it's just the way the game is created now there's still utilizing the run to create the pass. Yes that's that's what I'm thinking missing from this year's team and maybe maybe it'll be wrong. Daryl Henderson CELCOM Brown could very well be great. Pass catcher out of the backfield and be able to open holes through a hopefully better offensive line. They did dive headfirst though into the market after the Jeff Fisher thing and then they really loaded up and look sometimes you have to pay the Piper for. It doesn't work out and that's just kind of where they're here. They're lucky they've got a guy like sean to make it all work. I think Which will work speaking of diving headfirst? I have a boy and a girl and my eighteen month old boy is at the stage where he's really boy like my daughter at that age would do like like stuff. That was kind of goofy and silly like you know. Run around and jump on the couch. But this guy's like not only running around and jumping on the couch but then he'll stand there and go. And then he dies onto like the pillows on the tackling them and it's just like man so different having a boy and girl. It's pretty hilarious. And like he'll do this for like ten straight minutes like he just like he'll entertain himself that way like it is funny when Wrestlemainia with him and he was diving rope now no but he wants to climb to the top of the couch now which is a bad deal because there is the other side of the couch where he can fall so it's very strange but anyway love it. Look no fear coming up in the next segment. We're going to have our senior shoutout today. Kaley Santos Basketball player here in southern California High School Basketball Player. She was a fantastic basketball player. We'll talk to her. I WanNa Talk Lakers with her a little bit too but speaking of Basketball Jackie macmullan on the wind horse podcast. Hoop collective was talking about something. She saw personally in her own neighborhood that gave her optimism for the NBA and sports. In general. Well let me just tell you what happened today if I may my friend. Her family owns a car dealership and she had to go to work today and she happens to work right next door to a CVS pharmacy in Lowell Massachusetts. And they opened up a drive through testing facility today at the outside the CVS law and you drove up and you waited in line a very very long time and they handed you a swab and use self administered the Swab and you waited fifteen minutes and according to my friend you got a test result. This is shocking to me. I didn't think we were this far along. I don't know if we're this far along. I'm not sure how accurate the test is. I think the one thing I was looking for Bryant because it was the only thing that made sense in order for all. These leagues to proceed was very simple. Every single person involved had to be tested. Every single person every single player coach. Gm trainer referee named the people that we're going to be in this arena media there whatever and that had to be done because we've been taught we've we've learned over and over and over again that many people that have this virus are a symptomatic the NBA could not afford the one thing they could not afford was to restart their season and then have someone come up positive and have to shut it down again. It's the one thing they absolutely could not have now. If this test that I just described to you and this is I mean I guess I have to say it's hearsay because I'm hearing it from another person who's not a medical person who simply witnessed what I'm describing to you. Right now. Literally witnessed out her window. If the testing can be done in a way that you know everyone involved what their status is that gives me a little more hope than what I had four days ago. It's an interesting story like self administered tests. That are being handed out by professionals. And you wait the fifteen minutes. We know the fifteen minute test is approved by the FDA. We also heard that from Baxter homes this week that they're trying to develop a blood test. Where you prick your finger much like you would a blood. Sugar test like a diabetes test. I think that those type of technological advances along with the stuff that Jeff Passan told us that earlier this week where he was told by baseball folks that they believe they'll have more testing and better testing as we get to. May I mean look? There's at least hope for optimism Greg. I know you're a little pessimistic on people administering those tests properly but but again just the ability to do it. I'm sure there's someone showing you and standing in front of you saying here you can do it. Here's how you do it. Keep GOING KEEP GOING. Keep going right. Yeah it's it's not so much pessimistic. I just wonder how well it will work in that way. Just because if you from what used to be and I know that Baxter said that do the prick your finger but it with the swabs from how I understood. It was that you put in your brain. Yeah basically put it deep deep into your nose to get what they needed and then and bring it and bring it down out of still know how people doing it themselves. We'll do that correctly but it look if it's working that's great. If we could find out that that it can help move things along faster and everybody can be tested much faster. I'm all for it. Yeah and I just think it's an interesting step right like I think that it's something to keep an eye out for and I'm glad Jackie brought it up on Brian's podcast. We've got number mania going on right now numbers six and seven. There's only twenty three minutes left. Each one of these polls guys only lasts an hour number six right now is Eddie Jones Deandra Jordan Steve. Garvey if you don't know what number mania is who is the best person to where an individual number in La sports history and the options for number six. Where Eddie? Jones for the Lakers. De'andre JORDAN FOR THE CLIPPERS Steve Garvey for the dodgers and then other so right. Now Steve Garvey is got a pretty big lead fifty percent of the vote on and you can vote at Espn Los Angeles on twitter. Eddie Jones and second thirty four percent of the vote deandre Jordan. Just about ten percent of the vote in third place in other six percent clippers getting no love in any of these polls to be honest none zero. They're not going through a Steve. Garvey is the absolute right answer. Yes so if we go with anything else that's going to be a little disappointing. That Eddie Jones. I loved Eddie Jones but we could bring that percentage down just a little bit and Yeah come on and then In number media we just released the number seven so you can vote there at Espn Los Angeles as well. Lamar Odom Steve. Yeager and other and right now odom running away with eighty three percent of the vote for Lamar Odom. This is like the Laker fans are coming out strong. Yeah yeah well. It's a very laker heavy station twitter. But Still Lamar. Odom was on two different teams ad-dusdur Clippers to he was technically clipper. So if you're voting for him you could you could technically say you're voting for a clipper to he. I think Modem is the right call here was fantastic but the recall agreed. I would agree so you can vote at. Espn Los Angeles coming up next. Kaley Santos High School Girls Basketball Shooting Guard at Rosary. Academy and FULLERTON A two-time champion. She's going to join US IN A second Saddam. Show here on. Espn seven ten presented by Progressive Insurance Progressive. They're making things easier. Help you bundle your home and car insurance together so you can save on both learn more at progresive dot com or call them at one eight hundred Progressive Kaley Santos joins us now here in our senior Shaddad if you WANNA nominate a senior high school or college you can do show at. Espn LA MARKETING DOT com. That's the email address. Espn LA marketing. Excuse me at. Espn DOT COM ESPN LA marketing at ESPN DOT. Com is where you nominate. Someone first name last name City School and Sport obviously or you can send a video on instagram or twitter with the Hash tag seven ten senior shot so each and every day at eleven fifteen or so we are chatting with one of our senior shutouts. Kaley first of all. Thank you for joining us. Congratulations on such a storied. Athletic career and I would imagine a story that academic careers. Well what was it like for you this year considering everything that you've been through in your high school career from an athletic standpoint okay High Misano thank you for letting me be on this radio station So they're out this senior year. It's kind of been a tough one for me personally. trying to see different perspectives on everyone since we did lose a lot of people and due to injuries or transfers but throughout this whole process Of My senior year. It's been a really hectic one if I do say so myself Just going on with corona virus. It was really disappointing in the end. Not Finishing my senior year with third state title. But you know we don't know what's going on in the world and we don't expect anything and this is God's plan for us and if he thinks that we were supposed to have this and I can't really jo-john but I'm glad that I was able to at least know that I was going to make it to that state title again and let me ask you this. How was the news broken to you and your teammates about how this was all going to unfold? I believe early March where they told us we were ready to get on our flight to Sacramento. My team was ready. I was in my classroom for my first period and all of a sudden over the intercom that school we got the principal told us the basketball team needs to come to the main office We were expecting like what time we would be leaving or what to expect but unfortunately when they brought out that say. Is has cancelled all of the State Games in general We were pretty heartbroken. uh seniors for as well especially because it is our last one and it was really out of the blue. We were all shocked and there was really devastating. Things that was happening and a lot of us were pretty disappointed sure understandably so Kelly Santoso seniors shoutout from Rosary Academy in Fullerton. She's committed to cal state. La Basketball Program. You played shooting guard. I would imagine there was a lot of fun opportunities for you to score the ball throughout your career. Is there a moment or a game that you think of the most when you think back at your career yes I A few games. That I've been played. I was playing in. I would get a pass from one of my point guards and I would just shoot the ball and act like it's going in shape Just wants didn't goes in a really an unbelievable Moment right there because to me. It's my part in playing the game. It's my job to shoot the ball and being able to contribute points to. My team makes everything much better. Is there anyone you tried to model your game after? Yes I do. I model my game based off my teammates because they do push me to the best of my abilities. My coaches and future I NBA stars or Wnba Stars who are your favorite NBA in Wnba Stars K-league so MBA. I would have to say Kobe. Bryant was my first one growing up with him going up with his number of just seeing him always on TV because we're such Laker Fan and my Wnba Star would have to be either Diana to Rossi because my club team is based off of her. And Yeah Yeah and she was as basically the equivalent to Kobe. What I'm saying the women's game in a lot of ways. Yes yeah she had that Mamba Mentality. There's no question. What are you a fan of Sabrina? Us Q? Two of Oregon. You Watch her play a lot. I'M NOT REALLY. I didn't really watch a lot of women's College Basketball. I mostly watched NBA or WNBA. Gotcha what did you make of the Lakers season? Thus far this year I mean we're talking a lot about trying to get the NBA going. How happy were you? Were the Lakers. Were this season. I was really happy. Just Watch. Keep watching them watching all the replays as they've been putting on in the past few days It's been really exciting knowing that of what everything that they've been through it's been really hectic for them. I know But just seeing all the success that they put in the season. I'm really happy for them. Yeah for sure I would imagine you want to see them. If possible right like clearly. Everyone needs to be healthy and safe but I would imagine you're anxious to see if the season could continue. Yeah I think we all are. I think we all could use the escape. I think right now and you know. I know you love Kobe but have embraced. Lebron no I have not yet. Oh okay why signing there but. Kobe has been my number one in the ever since I was little. So what if what if they finish? The season and the Lakers can win a chamber of Lebron Cuban Championship. Would that would that bring you to? Tim? Bracing him a little more for sure. Yes kenmore me but I have covy first of all I hear you I hear you. Who is your favorite current Laker? Then on this particular roster is there anyone you like your big fan of no. No no just waiting to see waiting to see waiting. I'm still looking. I'm still watching the game so I got no problem. That's all you take your time. There's no are trying to rush you on that Kaley Santos with this year of Rosary Academy in Fullerton. Let me ask you about academics real quick before we let you go like what how is. How are you working out academics? Right now and while you're at it. How are you working out as far as athletics concern? Is there anything you're doing in regards to training and things of that nature while you're at it as well and we're all home? Yes so I my online school We've been doing online schooling for about a month already and we've been going through zoom so seeing my friends over over online. It's pretty fun Just seeing my teachers again. It makes me really happy. Because I been really missing them a lot lately and thing again my friends in makes online schooling much more fun and then the workout that I've been doing I've either been working out with my older sister or I've been doing my own routine workout that I been making or my coach has been sending me and then I would just go on some mile runs. Gotcha let me ask you this. You'RE GOING TO CAL. State. La which isn't Cheryl Miller. The coach there no she actually less a year before. Wait two years. I think I cur sure about that. But the coach right now is Torino Johnson and he the really high coach over there awesome awesome show. And Will you continue to play shooting guard there? Yes okay great great. Well we're looking forward to continuing to follow your career. You've had such a great career championships. You want as a freshman in his junior. You were headed to the championship for the third year in four tries. You've had such a great career. You've been such a great student. Were super proud of you and again looking forward to seeing the rest of your career play out at cal state. La Kaley congratulations. Thank you so much for the time and stay safe you too. All righty Take Care Kaley Santos with us here on our senior shout out here on seven ten. Espn I coming up next. The first time are boy. Gator has been on the Sodano show. We'll talk to Chris. Mcgregor McGee of spectrum sports in just a moment stick around. We're back in a couple of minutes on this show on seventeen. Espn Sodano with the here on seven ten espn presented by progressive. Insurance guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. If you missed any part of the show earlier make sure you check out the podcast on apple podcasts. The ESPN APP spotify. Wherever you find your podcasts thanks to Kaley Santos who was our senior shadowed. She was fantastic. Although very honest Kobe was still her guy but she has yet to embrace Lebron James for as far as her leaker phantom is concerned but look she was honest told her if he wins a championship. I think she'll embrace him. But she did agree. Lindsey theory joined early to talk rams and of course Bob Nightingale on this story. That's ever changing with Major League baseball about their potential to return. And how they may just do it. Cactus League Grapefruit Grapefruit League now with a play in Florida and Arizona. But now we're talking to Chris. Mcgee Peters joining the show for the first time. I'm very excited. First of all I apologize. You've never been on. I just know that you work late so I don't want to bother you. You know what I'm saying. What's up George? How are you? I'm in but now that we're all in a pandemic together? There's no excuse for you not to come on the show. There's no excuse and the first time the only time I was on your show. Actually the camera. Eski filling in for you and it was in the afternoon right and and I made a joke about. Wow like the only way to get on the Sodano show is when you guys are hosting and you know Brian and they ran with that. Yeah I don't count that as a win. That's not me being on your show. You weren't on it. I mean I love the key in. Yeah Yeah Yeah well and I. I went on the other night for game seven right. They were doing the You know watching game seven live either we can. Have you answered about fifteen then? Sodano is coming on. So we'll boot you and I was like you gotta be kidding me. I can't even get on with George. Well you're here now and we're exciting your have you. Is everyone healthy? Safe and sound everyone healthy safe and sound The kids are doing great I know you have kids as well. my two daughters million. Luca twelve and nine years old and the hard part for them recently has just been you know the social part of it and realizing they're not going to be going back to school this year. I think there was some sadness. We're supposed to be in palm desert this weekend for Easter. You know we were leaving today. Taking a couple of days off Getting Ready for the NBA playoffs. And Yeah. So that's the sadness around this stuff but I'll tell you were healthy. Were happy doing the best. We can and You know we're thinking about everyone out there and there's so much sadness to the NBA and all that stuff. And I know there's so much more going on for me in humans what we do talk sports right Yup. So it's it's been tough. Yeah no doubt I mean. It's it's funny. You mentioned that because I have a five year old whose birthday is in. May and to her credit and she came to us and she told my wife she's like so my birthday is going to be cancelled right and then yeah crazy and my wife was like well. We're not GONNA be able to have a party because she knows it's caught. She calls it the Germs Right. So the because of the germs. And we said Yeah and then I overheard it and I said well look. You're birthdays not cancelled. Your birthday is always going to be may sixteenth. And we're going to have some fun here with Mommy and Daddy and your little brother and when the germs go away maybe we can have a party again down the road. You know we can figure that but just because your birthday party will be cancelled doesn't mean you're birthdays cancelled so yeah I hear you. Yeah I've got an idea for you. Okay all my instagram. My daughter's ninth. Birthday was a couple weeks ago and we did. It was one of our old neighbors by the way we always call our second grandparents for the kids. We used to live next door to them. They don't have any grandkids that kind of Doppler radars. They had an idea and did a parade down our street for her birthday and we had all her friends drive by honk with it was one of the coolest things ever see. I WANNA look into that. Yeah so that's a good idea. I will talk to. Mississippi Donahue communicates more regularly with the other parents and maybe the kindergarten teacher and we'll work that out because that is a great idea. Thank you for that we can do that. That'd be fun. I'm she would love it. She would just go nuts. It would be hilarious to watch but thank you for this this suggestion. Yes please do please do. As a matter of fact Bergman gets texts McGee my number and we can go. We need to start communicating unite eaters. Like this needs to happen. I absolutely do so. Let's talk about a couple of things before the basketball with you. The other thing you and I have in common I I love for Holly Ball Okay. I played high school. Wally Ball. Yes I go to the. Adp Hermosa event every year. Since I've been here as a matter of fact last year I missed you because I had the kids. We rented a hotel right down the street at the Beach House. Peach houses right there on the sand on the Strand and we had the kids with us so they needed to get done for a little while but Allie Clifton and her husband had come by to hang out with us and then they went to go. Watch some of the matches While we were dealing with the kids so I had just missed you that day. Apparently too so I'm glad we were able to get together because volleyball to me is one of my favorite sports in the entire world. Like how did how did you get involved with the crazy George's because growing up here and so cal? I grew up in the valley and you know boys high school volleyball was only the beach communities really back in the eighties and I was you know. Eighty seven eight nine on my sophomore junior and senior years and boys volleyball. Kinda hit and all the high schools started getting it so i. Was You know Basketball Baseball football my sophomore year? I just focused on hoops and we started a boys volleyball team which was in the spring so I played in eighth grade. I loved it. I said you know I'll do this to to play after basketball to keep in shape for a few months before Summer League starts and there was senior year about I would go play hoop some somewhere. Small School and I had a great volleyball player on my team in Ken Lynch. We're both getting recruited and we both decided to go to northridge. I spent five years at Northridge went to the National Championship game. I wasn't good enough to play after but I started coaching and teaching and getting into the volleyball I. I don't know how I started announcing beach volleyball. It was like a gift from God. I swear because it led me to wear amp today but a couple of my buddies. A Lotta guys I play with and against for on the pro tour. The tour was going through some changes late nineties. They needed a guy to Kinda help. Nc I grab the MIC and I had it for eighteen years that craziness. Yeah it's crazy. It's awesome you do a great job at it. I love it because I. I'm I'm a huge. Vp Guy. Fan and by the way Mrs Sodano also went to seaside. Yes got a lot in common. I knew this would be a new relationship. Alex is trying to hide you all the time but I told her listen. You GotTa get down to Donald Show. I love the guy from all time. Yeah so in Clifton. You cannot hide this. We've just become best friends mcgeown idea and I are now in a bromance. You're going to have to deal with it Clifton karate garage now yeah for sure I mean all time. Let's talk some hoops here. Real quick man. I mean clearly. The Lakers season was just incredible. Were you even surprised how quickly they yeah? I was for sure and I hurt Kaley speaking before. But what a great interview by the way I it's funny when when fans are like not yet embracing Lebron or this Laker team or finding a new best player. I I find that hard to believe with the way they were playing this year up for me. Georgia was weird. I you know I knew they would be good because I kept going back to all right well every night. They're going to have two of the best you know three players on the four with ADM Lebron's I know they're GONNA win game coming off the last year. He just didn't know which Lebron you were going to get So I was real surprised. At how quickly? They jailed on and off the court. The chemistry is fantastic. You GotTa Give Paul Anka and that staff and a ton of credit frank. Vogel the coaches for the way they were able to put that together. A Dwight beat the resurgence of Dwight. Howard the way that team pulled for each other even bench guys. You're w they just have the perfect kind of chemistry and then you gotta give the credits Lebron. Ad Those guys the way. They played selfishness. I tell you George Business so much fun man because this is the eighth year of our network and I was there from day one left Fox came over. Start the new network James Worthy of the two guys have been the whole time. Robert Ory We we we've been through a lot of losses. I mean we have not won a playoff game since the Lakers. So it's been a tough seven seasons. You're the first cases the people see after the losing season of all time the longest losing streaks of all times this that so it's been really brutal so this year man was so much fun and I guess we'll give you you know just straight up answer. Yeah I really was surprised I I. I thought it would be midseason after Christmas. They start kicking into gear and look the tough part of this is they. Were playing so well before this pandemic really affected us here in this country that it would be a real shame if some way somehow he couldn't get this thing started again. Yeah and and you know I think especially for LAKER FANS. I think the media and meet meet me to all a minute. I think I needed to see the way. They played Milwaukee and the clippers right before the season suspended. The game was officiated a little differently. You have the physicality of a playoff game reminded me of a game in May or June and I saw the way the Lakers played in. Never forget that clipper game you know what forty it less than forty dollars after the the bucks game around thinking myself. This is a team that has legit chance to win a championship. And you can only say about a couple of teams and they're one of them but I think I really started to get excite him excited all year George but after those two games for the end right after. That was such a bummer man and and I dunno George Longer. We get away from it the harder. I think it's going to be. I mean I did hear Jackie's interview the sound bite. You played That's interesting I agree. I mean the only way back going with the testing gets gets consistent quick. Yeah Yeah and Jeff. Passer was on this earlier in the week and he thinks that baseball is feel confident that they'll be more testing available to both of them and the general public. So we'll see. Yeah I just man. It's it's it's tough you know. Think Allen might tweeted something yesterday about you know if if there's no basketball the rest of the of the year and they they cancelled the season with this a success and and you know the responses are absolutely no the Lakers are about championships. And I kind of had a different take Jordan. Ah It's been a huge success obviously. It's disappointing. Yeah what it's a biggest bummer ever especially for Laker Fan. But a lot. Good thing for sure Lebron the same. He said the same thing. So gator before we let you go could goodyear man. I was just shocked. It was like recent that people were starting to talk about him for. Mvp He's been anyone for me. Yeah I agree I if I had a when we did a mock vote on. Espn DOT COM. I voted for him. I he was number one guy so I actually had him. I put Chris Paul Third. I had to see I think the day yeah. He was incredible in the fourth quarter and they've exceeded expectations but real quick. Before I let you go and have been lions on for our weekly movies this week. We're doing top highschool movies of all time set in a high school setting. What is gators favorite high school setting movie? What is by the way? I Love Ben Lyon. I can't wait to hear this man favorite ever highschool right away. I was GONNA go breakfast club because I was kind of going back to my youth Breakfast club definitely up there. I WANNA go sports. I'm going Friday Night Lights. It's good up there for sure All the right moves off your remember that Tom Cruise on awesome from back in the day. I know I'm dating myself But Man Breakfast Club is like my generation and we sixteen candles breakfast. Those John Hughes films. Those were the classics for me. And Chris Yours Oh for me. I look dazed and confused as a good one fares. Buehler's Day off is a good one. Yeah like those are probably like my top two seeds for sure for Shaw. I can't wait for this interview. Koepenick said hello. I will listen. Chris. Mcgee of spectrum. Sports. Gator when there's no more also distancing we'll do karate and the garage brother thanks coming on. George Thank Mapra me on and Love Love Love your brother. Thank thank you brother. We'll do it again soon. There is Chris Mcgee I ben Lyons joins US IN THREE MINUTES. Sodano whether you're on. Espn thanks to Peter for joining us. There thanks to Kaley Santo Senior Shadow. Thanks to Lindsey theory thanks to Bob Nightingale Ben. Lyons going to join us in a second. If you missed any one of our interviews today check out the entire interview on Demand Section for the Sadan. Show podcast on. Espn APP or Apple. Podcasts spotify Google wherever you find your podcast brought to you by capital one quicksilver card earning unlimited one and a half percent cashback every purchase everywhere. What's in your wallet? So we've got about seven or eight minutes here with Ben. Lyons for weekly movie review. We've been talking about the senior shoutouts. So Ben is going to top ten list of the best high school movies. Ever Been Lions. Hello how are you great to be back George? Thanks so much for having meetings continuing to do what you do and jeeter. If you put those karate lessons up in the garage on livestream my wife and I'll sign up for your classes because even trying to do some martial arts show to eat doing karate and the garage by go go in high school movies of all time at number ten. Can't hardly wait all star cast from jail L. H. and Ethan embry fats. Tonelli theft green great party great cameo from Jerry. O'connell at the end of the film can't hardly wait at number nine. It was Peter's favorite John Hughes Classic. The Breakfast Club little lower on my list because I'm a little of a different generation but definitely an all time classic. I go even further back with with Fast Times Ridgemont. High Number Eight aloha MR hand. If you love the Beastie boys like I did growing up you recognize a Lotta the samples. Sean. Penn is for coli that here in southern California. I think everybody had the poster George of Fat Times Ridgemont High I'M GONNA go with mean girls at number seven written low hand. It's hysterical in that movie. I'd love for them to several tries to sequel or something Rachel McAdams very funny. Amy Poehler the cool mom at number six. I remember seeing it opening night and then playing football on West End Avenue Afterwards Varsity Blues Recipes. Paul Walker's Land Tarver. You've got James Vanderbeek set in Texas. I go with our city blues over Friday Night Lights in terms of movies because Friday night live. Tv Show is better than the movie varsity blues gets on my and Varsity blues not to interrupt but varsity blues also just more clearly way more. I mean Friday night lights was very serious. Foresee Blues was a blast like it was just a great comedic value to Scott Caan tweeter. Everybody remembers the Vanderbeek Line to Jon. Voight I don't want your life like Dad. It's the best. I love his dad. I don't want you and then the whipped cream bikini allie long. Yeah it higher up on the list but yeah number six varsity blues at number five. I'm actually in this movie. If you blink you'll miss my cameo at seen it duper bad with Jona Hill and Michael Sarah. You're in that movie. I am when they when they're at the first like adult. Frat party with Joe Rubio and they're in the back of your fun all around my neck in like right in the middle of the fight so super bad Emma Stone Joanna before they all pop that movie. Put It on this weekend. You will not stop laughing. It's ridiculous it's on cable right now. I was flipping around my guide earlier last last night. It was on somewhere I was going to stop on Rabat. GotTa be on premium cable. We're not going to do. No no no no he was. Yeah it was. It was like either showtime or Starz or something. I don't remember what it was. Yeah because that is a hard are as they say in the business. So yeah I think is Represents to me like the Raunchy sex comedy high school which is of course porkies in American I and so many of those kind of movies. The super bad my favorite of the batch there and just as my number four choice. George Scream represents a high school slasher movie. I must have seen this one when I was in high school. Ten Times in the theater of course drew barrymore opening sequence being I contact with Lillard and You know he'd Aldrich and rose McGowan A kind of a satire two of the genre. I love the original scream number three. I appreciate it more and more as I live here. Los Angeles clueless Alicia Silverstone Donald Phase on Stacey Dash Brechin Meyer the late. Britney bursary. I've ever seen it at a Kid. But then seeing it more as you live out here and the references to Pico and the Valley. It's just a time with classic and my one two punch just like yours. Georgia number two dazed and confused from director. Richard Linklater mcconnahey. Ben Affleck to Parker Posey. It's an all star cast and I love the the chew experiences of a high school that are represented in the film that turning seniors and the incoming freshmen and then of course McConnell. Hey with the iconic I keep getting older they say to say and then last but not least number one is fairness dealer. I mean the premise loads the stakes are. He's cutting high school and from the from the musical numbers to to Fairs looking down the barrel of the Lens Matthew Broderick so perfectly cast great high school movie of All Time Yeah and still holds up like you can watch that right now and it still holds up between the sausage king of Chicago. I mean this is so great stuff in that movie. His whole look to is best friend with the Red Wings Jersey. On and yeah. There's there's a hammer moments in it too. Yeah when Cameron like crashes his dad's car and we've all been there. Yeah Yeah and when she jumped into the water and the her her that fringe jacket. You Know She's beautiful movie. Yeah you said definitely still holds up and I I've always said they should make that Broadway musical. I think that'd be great on stage. Big numbers they're wonderful piece of his room but every kid cut school growing up and made up crazy. Excuse he just did the best number one here Ben here a couple that that I would have had on my list or that. I thought could at least maybe honorable mentions. I'm curious to get your thoughts ten things I hate about you. Yeah of course it'd be Julia stiles dancing on the table to Biggie hypnotize Keegan. Like I said Church a Keegan. All in on that. How about our Ba- who's really offer is it's hard to narrow it to ten. Which is why you told me you had to do ten. Because we'd be leaving wage magnon out if we did the normal five that we've been doing on some of these conversations. How about our boy Freddie prints and she's all that I know I felt I felt bad. I put this list together and I go. Oh my God. This is an F. T. J. free pop. Ten Highschool movie like that guys wanted the high school movie. Gods like I can't believe I'm doing this but yes she's all that it's fantastic. I had a tough time leaving. Rushmore off the list. Well as another Matthew Broderick movie election which is terrific with Reese Witherspoon You know moving and more serious movies to George like dead poet's society school ties or even Lady Bird or short term twelve in recent years. These are all movie that really stood out for me. I was trying to put this list together. And then of course big comedies. Like House Party and bring it on and you know those kind of You know silly movies project x you know. Those kind of movies are a lot of fun to survive genre for storytelling and remember the titans. Don't forget that that was a good movie to sports. Movies hoosiers over not on my mom. One of my favorite sports movies but then high school obviously and ten. Yes standing delivered dangerous minds. You know easy a bring it on. Let's goes on some fun genre abandoning so that'd be digging it. Yeah Ben I got like thirty seconds here for you. Matt Berry posed the question. What's the movie that everyone universally loves? That you either. Hate or think is overrated. Give me one go. Recent years twelve years a slave not into it. Sorry I know. It's a critically acclaimed movie. I'm supposed to appreciate by find it difficult. Watch and then off the top of my head and you hoosiers aforementioned Hoosiers Hoosiers. Get Out of here with that movie stink. Yeah it does. Yeah Sorry Ben Acklin Fan Ben Lines. You don't stink. You're the best. Thank you Buddy. Thanks man what week. Wnba draft. I WANNA be scouting for sparks snake. In the later rounds I'd see thanks to Ben. Thanks to Peter thanks to Kaley. Santos our seniors shoutout thanks. Lindsay Theory and Bob Nightingale. Thanks to Lauren. Greg and you guys are listening calling in we love. You have a great weekend talk to you Monday at ten.

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