Episode 123 - Tactical A**hole Volume 2 - Running and gunning with Bryan Callen


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So if you're interested in optimizing your human performance the flesh vehicle that you walk around every day in on it dot com slash hot and go down this episode number one. Twenty three is with a good friend of mine. Brian Cowen and before we get into the description of what I would recommend if you WANNA get the most out of this episode this one is probably more for the visual crowd more so than just the audible crowd because this is the tactical assholes volume to running and gunning with Brian. Cowen in in this episode. I played for him. I think it was four clips from movies and asked him for his tactical breakdown expertise and it should be noted that he has none of those things no tactical experience or expertise. But don't let that fool you. It doesn't stop him at all and that's all say about that. He gives full and complete debriefs whether or not they are correct or incorrect. We can get into that into the episode. But if you're unfamiliar with Brian He is I would say probably considers himself a comedian. I and maiming actor. Second and podcast. He plays coach Miller on. Abc's schooled in the Goldbergs. He has appeared in TV and films like Kingdom two broke girls right along hangover one and two sex in the city. Old School Mad. Tv Entourage California kitchen and many many more he is like. I said probably speaking for him but he'd say a comedian. I the veteran headliner. He plays theaters and comedy venues. All around the world. He had a special come out recently called complicated apes and he is additionally the CO host of the PODCAST. The fighter in the kid. He is an amazing human. Being one of my favorite people. His lack of knowledge on any topic does not stop him from talking about it in a wildly educated perspective. So that's also episode one twenty three tactical astles volume to running and gunning with Bryan callen. Coming at him. Smoke north of one west of the smoke. I'm looking at danger. Close now again and we're going on. We're here we're here. It's good to be on cleared hot. Shit my favorite fucking podcasts. Shit you had referenced your phone to remember what the name of the support. The troops guys support the truce. Surprised you remember what it was called. I told you I listened. I've listened to your podcast CEO once. Now that's not true. I've listener a couple of your episodes. Now you listen to one episode over four different occasions. That's why you're out of order and I think I called you. I said I think you're very good at this. And you see you should take it more seriously and I think you could make a lot of money with your podcast. But how do you take it more seriously? What does that even mean? I don't know dude I mean you just keep doing it. I think that's what it is. I was looking at the episode. You guys posted five hundred forty two. Yeah we don't fuck around. Well let's say you got a volume breath Longtime to make money. I didn't I hung. I've been podcasting you know. I started the Bryan. Callen show made exactly zero dollars and will did you start to make money or just started because you like the idea. I wanted to talk to people smarter than I was so I wanted to talk to authors and professors in people that were the leaders of thought in various fields right 'cause La and a lot of ways intellectual wasteland. And I I made I did four hundred four episodes of that I think of your. Oh yes something crazy like that with. It turned into mixed mental art. Because I I what I realize is my partner hunter. Maths and I realized that we will talk to these really smart people. So you talk to somebody WHO's an evolutionary biologist? Or You talk to somebody who is working on longevity. Who's a scientist? Or whatever and one of the things I noticed was that and people including people that right seminal books like the you know whether they're about the history of the world or whatever and we they all of them would say yes which was fascinating because apparently. I was an actor in Hollywood for them. That's all they hear and it's like well. Why not and what I noticed. Was that a lot of them. Were very myopic. In their point of view and their outlook in general because they had to be because to write a book to write a series of books and be sort of the leader of thought in your particular field mile deepen an inch wide. That's exactly right. It's very difficult not to be not to turn into that to an extent right so you would see this. And you'd see them who. The professors had zero idea of how commerce worked how capitalism worth how the marketplace work. They just didn't live in it. They teaching those aspects though they were not necessarily teaching those aspects would bother me was they were criticizing any actual touch points. A real world experience and advocating a tax rate of eighty percent. Because they would look at the you know ten mark in the eighties or something and I kind of realized after a while it was like you have never been outside the walls of your university. You just haven't and it's not to say that they don't serve important function or purpose but you need people with practical. It's exactly like being a guy like you who spent enough time in the field and then combat when I come in and I asked You I remember calling you saying Dude When is your weapon on full auto? Because it's like when you're laying cover and you're like never i. I know but if you're if I got to open up I never never. That's never you know I. I was talking about how you working industry where that seems to be the only setting that it has that Steve. It's for assholes and actors and but again it's it's like anything else when you have experience and practical experience so I did a podcast called mixed mental arts to be mixed martial artists. You can take a a great boxer. He's only boxed this guy this this this very very rudimentary. Jujitsu high school wrestler. How will grab a whole? You'd never done anything inside of his range. I'm I'm in the managed and that's what I love about mixed martial arts versus any orthodoxy The same thing goes mentally. So we called the podcast. Mix Mental Arts I don't know how many episodes but made zero dollars. Then then did the ten minute podcast. Which has a cult following rebooting that But back then we didn't make any money and then finally fighter in the kid but we didn't make. I don't didn't make money until you know the first three years or something so I just started episode one fighter in the kill. Yeah and just built it from there and he goes to a week to week. You've been never have never stopped. And so I say you just be consistent because I think you for whatever reason. Have this you know. Look you've already gotten you already made inroads in Hollywood without being Hollywood which is crazy unlimited access to individuals like people that I think are interesting or at a different would be the best way to describe it. They're they're in a different orbit of life. That's bullshit to me because I that's what I was saying to you is I. I don't agree with that. I think that you actually are just as intelligent as any of them. You're likable and in those terms. I'm talking about probably more than anything. Social or the world that they operate inside of but but again I have access to some of your other friends have access to that world. So it's just going to be a matter of time. Everybody wants to talk to dude like you. So it's you you you have promised you fucking guys are like a number of you sealed guys the problem with being a navy. Seal the all these all you soldiers you tend to be a little too modest Or or low key for your own good drives me nuts. It's like Hey fucking Urine Navy. Seal your seal team six. Just let me do the marketing. I'll fuck and get. I'll go and tell them who you are the problem. Is you say some wild shit. Yeah you like make up numbers. Yeah things other than say we're in the field together does ask me ask me ask me if. I asked me how I know how I know Andy. We played this last get. How do you know India? Any he's brother of mine. That's all I say. I thought I was down now again. Asked me what I what Andy did in the Military Brian. What did he do in the military this and that really nice? That's my favorite thing. Asked me ask me this is this is I mean this was respect? Anybody who's been combat but asked me What what what Andy had as potentially gay question. What did what did anyhow for his equipment. Radio weaponry and a little SATCHEL Siebert right there. You're just GonNa get aired out as a liar and somebody. Who does nothing with notice how my voice gets all kinds of? Oh Trust me. I've seen a lot of shit. I notice it. I think everybody wants to which birth the idea. The last time we sat down at your house. You're talking about how you keep your gun the safe and basically it was a comedy of errors. Your your plan is it seemed to be would be defense your firearm at night with no ability to aimed at night. I like to use the expression. Fetch with you and me. Is You go you fetch it? I I called my my boy my house by Jeeves. Please but Polish it. I I loaded for me yeah. I decided I'm going. I'm going shopping. I need a tactical shotgun. The difference between a tactical shotgun regular jazz buddy. I need a shorter muzzle for maneuvering inside the home. Okay you understand how short well as short as I can. Legally go understand go. So so. That's that's the first first thing I need a and I need seven shots. I think in in La Problem here already. Suss it out? I understand how a shock and works right. So there's sure the tube and then underneath is the magazine two so seven rounds stacked up back to back to back to back. Yeah you're looking for the shortest barrel so you're going to have a short barrel long magazine. Tube sticking out underneath it. Hey Bro look at me. Whatever it takes all right. I mean you might be better off. Turning around unloaded and beating somebody to death with this is going around that broomstick all right so let me go back to five. I need five shelf. I if I need more than that could get a Benelli m four. That actually might not be legal in Kelly. I want something short. I like the idea of having a tactical. I like the word tactical. I like being able to say that but I get you a fucking over under bird. Hunting Shotgun we call it tactical bullshit dude. I'm not doing a fucking over under a shot. Bunch of birds out of the scarf that bullshit. I got fucking loaded. Get Out of here. I need to be able to go. Couscous couscous. Couscous semi auto one. Yeah now the big question is do I use double lot or do I use bird birdshot? I saved per shooting birds. No then why would you use Percha? Well the only reason I'd use double lot I have. I have a lot of you. WanNA use a slug a slugs good that I you know. Sometimes you miss. You can miss with any three of those rounds. That's true but I think bird shots probably better because he's got a wider a wider group. They're super tiny. Have you ever cut one open? Just poured it out there incredibly tiny. Yeah but they'll do the job at home. What job you want to say. Probably NOT GONNA kill unless you like. Shoot him in the eyeball. Is that true? Birdshot full disclosure. I've never shot anybody with birdshot. Yeah I think they'd have to be really close. Where the grouping would still be tight from my understanding. It expands rapidly. Yeah but if they're if they're first of all I'm not taking a fuck and shot till I see the whites. They're fucking is stuff. I feel like you would. Ad Into the ceiling long before you saw the whites of their eyes. Well it's funny. You say that because after I take them out. I eighty in the ceiling. Do you know what eighty means accidental discharge accidentally this year. I that's my warning shot after I've put them out and I say the cops. Hey I shot in the sealink. I will keep birdshot for birds. I don't so you'd use doubleheader slugs myself personally I would use leads all right so I need. I need a couple stores. Okay how many do you want? I need to get one free. Chant like where you're going so far one free hand now. Don't shoot well with my left hand so you need one but since she said that I like it I was thinking I keep one of my belt I reached now what if I could shot in the arm and the right arm. I gotTA use my left arm so I should be training for that. We used to do that. All the time where you would have to You know I'm writing so obviously right eye dominant will not there are people who are left eye dominant but shoot right handed? It gets a little wonky sometimes But we will do drills where yeah you have to transition or unwholesome or reload which is difficult racking the slide. There's a lot of things you can do. You can rack off your boot. You can take any put the slide in between your leg. Ejecta magazine like. There's a lot of stuff that you do shit that's mansion. Fortunately I don't know anybody who has ever actually had to do that because it's extremely slow and at that point you're thinking worst case scenario and it's like hey where's the rest of my boys. Can you please handle this form? Because I'm trying to shoot pistol left handed so therefore a danger to everybody within a five square mile radius of me right because I can shoot pretty good one handed. Yeah but left-handed excited. I actually would probably my pat him look like birdshot but like as Lieutenant Grossman says you sink to level of your training. I love his books. Yeah it's people will say often you know I don't need to They think that they're going to find this other mode. I hear this often from people when they talk about their ability that they're going to have in a physical like a fight in a bar or St. They're like not. I don't need to train dude when the chips are down like I'm gonNA. I'M GONNA HIPPIES MODE. Now you're not you're not you're not you're not going to rise to the occasion you fall to the level of your trained well but if you get cracked in the face. That's what's good about boxing. In that we have to measure distance. And you actually get hit. And you don't have to keep your eyes open. All that Shit is getting it in the faces of humbling experience dude uncontrollable like you get clocked. Good you're actually like I'M NOT CRYING. You're crying you're crying and can't stop it and and I wear a bar 'cause the I'm I'm a called a bitch bar across my head gear. I wear Barscott. Can't break my nose because I can't be on set like sorry. My nose is all broken. Hashtag working actor and but like even that when you get hit properly. Oh Fuck your head your everything. Everything sucks and when somebody knows how to throw a punch. I mean you know if you get caught correctly. It's a terrible day. It's so easy to just you know. Change somebody's life but if you don't train for it then there. There is no rise to the occasion. Yeah you fall to the lowest level of the training that you're proficient always use brock listener. Whose a complete animal in a beast but when he came Alaska's if you if you watch that he was a wrestler as whole life tough a monster Brooklyn Brock. Well both came wrestling Asu. But when you if you watch that fight you'll see cain throw punches and brock. Does what any human being with do. Who's never been really hit by Kane? He put his hands in his face. You what you do instinct. Anybody I don't give a shit anytime you start boxing. The first thing you do the first year usually start getting hit and you you you you go your face goes into your hands and you you turtle and that's exactly what brock did and he just got started getting hit me when he came down like that and that was the end of that in because you lose sight of everything. That's going on right. You just hitting you get hit in the fucking is you and with a guy who can really throw. You don't have you can't think that fast your brain's getting rattled so you're like what the fuck her and you just you panic and and unless you've been doing it a long time you you really can't find your way out of that. That's a very difficult. That's a different speed different. You know it's similar to To how we train though. So you know talking about an offhand magazine reload assuming that that's not the scenario you know if your primary runs dry you go straight to your secondary if your secondary runs dry. I was she had to go through some reloading. But what you don't do. Everything is in the box in front of you you basically Wedge Your Elbow into your body and you keep everything up in front of you so you can look past the problem that you're actually trying to fix or reload so you can actually keep looking at the things that you need to see. I love this. If you dip your head down you sitting there and you know you're indexing your magazine putting in and then you lift your head up. You have to reorient yourself to shifting battlefield. And that's what sucks. Whoever has done you need to be looking if you need to. You can glance down because you don't want to do is sit there like an asshole and have a magazine bouncing around the magazine. Well which we've all done but you learn it's easier just to slow down for second glance down and put it in and then you're right back on target. Well I can't wait to drop that knowledge in the next Cocktail party I'm at where nobody's ever served any time the military or been in a perfect place for you to do it. I asked you should hear me hear me. Brennan Shop Walk in the other day I had a bunch of meetings and I was throwing punches and showing them how to check hook and he came in he went. What are you doing right now? Says No he wasn't this was in Arizona but but he tanning. I always tell Chris that he could train for ten years. You wake me up from a nap. Having been in Tacoma actually and and I'll still beat his ass never forgive him for that picture he posted it himself and Fucking Desert Storm. One flight suit as if he was some bad ass wearing some Viet Cong. Fucking chest. That was when I was trolling movie. He's doing I know I was like that's great. What's this movie stars actors and then he got twisted and came back at me. I was like he got mad at me. Who's this guy is Tom Your? He's my boy relaxed and you met him at a restaurant one time. Did I said all right? Well I don't know if he was being Dick I'm like well. I was absolutely being a Dick. I just wasn't being serious. He so sensitive. I was surprised. I'm like Oh oh paper thin on the skin a little bit. Mr Jokes can't take jokes so bad. All Right Deli I fucking number. I make fun of him for it. Why is he always jumping up on stage? When you're performing well sometimes you know the people love it so it gives the people what they want so we tend to roast each other. He did that the other day. But you know daddy can handle it. I I'm not coming to one of your shows one day and do that. We DID STAND UP TO I. Don't tell jokes though so you better. I'm just going to come and just like kick you off the stage and start telling tales just fucking just just hip push me. Just hit me in the morning shows won't tell I won't say shit this walk behind you very slowly from one side of the stage the other and go back to my seat and I'll just like this I as you walk out of the news cast on both producing estrogen right now. That's the problem. Is it actually probably wouldn't fuck you up you would just roll with it? Oh I'd be like his hair. He's got a strong jaw. Archives IS GO ON FOR DAYS. I get lost in them. They're they're black pools of onyx. Where do you? What do you come up with this? Shit right. Count comes out on the cleared hot dog. Are you ready to test a little bit of your tactical knowledge? Yeah let's get serious here because I'll be honest. I get hit up at least once or twice a week with people telling me that you and I need to start a podcast. All we need to do is either watch movies or drink wine and review both if you lived in fucking. Ls fucking lived in La. I'm seriously yeah well. My favorite thing is is that regardless. If you know what you're talking about or not you completely own it and you just go through the door headfirst which is about ninety nine percent of what you actually. It's very important. It's like when I'm in the field and I'm loading. I always loaded with my elbow here and I load the gun in the box. I call it a box. Magazine has just what you need to be paying attention to it. You can make this nice. It's what I always say. The Tony Bauer. Spear fingers can be extended. I love Tony. He's my boy. I saw him at shot. Show This last year. He's in my stand up now because because he his dog died. I talk about how a man can't I have this whole thing on how men cry unless it's very specific circumstances like if you won the championship if you lost the championship and I'm like if your dog is too but Tony's dog I was there when his dog died and his wife Jess she got all she's emotional? She's a woman she's with it. I said you. If you're a man of your dog dies and you cry in front of me. I'm never going to judge you and I do this joke. You can't cry if your cat dies. I mean you can but I'm never going into business with you. 'cause you're fucking unstable and you should own a cat anyway correct but the dog with the dog. Tony goes like this he goes. I'm giving away like my buddy goes. But he goes. His wife goes. Zeus heart stopped. She started to cry. And Tony I was there and instead of cry he wanted quite he went up and he just made his neck fuck. He's look up in the sky and held it there and I was like hold. Strong brother holds strong. He loves his dogs though. Oh Yeah Yeah I think I record the fourth episode of this podcast at his house and they were just really running amok yeah. I've known forever since I was working for cross that he was doing really defensive stuff with like years ago. Early two thousands. Wow John he gets around that kid. He's slut yeah alright so not a slept by the way loves his wife. Just don't fuck in Spain and sold out. Jesus Christ he's inseparable with his wife by the way we'd one of those guys he's one of those dudes we're marriage works like I was like how Well I think the secret to that might be just gotTa make sure you find the right person. That's exactly right thing. It helps a little bit with that. Let's get the fuck off that topic. Let's go yeah. You had enough conversations. Yeah so we did our Episode at Your House and every week can you ask Brian more tactical questions and I started. I have an instagram page. That I have completely dedicated to making fun of people doing like the post a picture the day the guy had a loaf of bread in his pistol holster. I mean these are the things that I find on the internet fantastic. Oh yeah they actually the last one. I put up apparently deviated from the instagram guidance. Because the guy was looking down the rifle and blew his head off. I guess you can't post. That had not allowed to do that. I laughed hard deep belly. Laugh for at least thirty minutes. I couldn't stop sometimes dark humor in life. Not even the Tannock Andy comes out all right but like I said people reach out in. La Foreign. They thought half the people thought you were like very tactically savvy. The other half though the real guys didn't operators like Oh my God. I hope he doesn't actually have a glock at his house. That's the guy says to do better all right. Well let's go see but this I get four things for you to view. God No fucking. We're going to we can stop. I'M GONNA play it out and for the people who are watching. I'll put it up on the screen and they can. We can judge. We'll play it through. And I'm GonNa let you debrief to me what you hear. See How he taught me how much you feel if you want them not. GonNa put you. I'm not GonNa put you in a box. Let's go you ready for me. Have you seen the movie SICARIO? I have seen that movie a while. Back okay this is the second SICARIO. I have not seen that opening scene. Favorite activities freefall. Let's begin now. You gotta come in at night you gotta come in you. Don't pull your shoot until you're very low now. This is where it gets scary. I can't have any noise. I pull my shoe when I'm below radar. That's the first thing okay. Now I'm communicating with my guys right now. I've got night vision. I've got probably I'm looking at myself right now. I've got at least body weight plus fifty pounds. Oh Yeah I'm in the Gulf of Somalia. There's no water now. We're water operations. We got a problem that look at though. We're about to get it on. Okay now down. Probably belly crawled a little while heart's racing controlling my breathing do my combat breathing right now. I've got a sound suppressor. Did you just call it? Sounds Presser. We'll get back to that. Call that sound suppressor. Now that's the century. There you go. That's what you do right there. You take him out now. That's a hard shot. I got a problem with that. Probably GonNA shoot him in the I I gotTA take his head out. But that's different than again. Might make more noise K. I wish they played music. Like this for Real I was GONNA say now. These are grouped tight together. I'm not sure if that's a good idea. But maybe it is unless they're going to breach door right now. I don't think breaching door makes sense. There's no prisoners here other taken any prisoners. Oh Jesus Christ Wa. That's very very final. Gay couple of things. We don't even need to go past that because that's enough. I mean it's almost over two. Yeah so you were you. Tell me what you saw there. You like that well. Here's the thing. Here's the thing obviously were there for a high value target or were there to get rid of some very bad guys so it's a shoot to kill mission. Now here's the thing I didn't I gotTa have a second. Have somebody trailing me when I take somebody out they might. They might shoot me in the back so I gotTa have somebody second. I gotTa have somebody kind of need a number to me. I need a number two. Yeah I didn't see too much of that. They're all right but I liked. I like it was going on. I think they were using them. Force probably a our platform could have been a four sixteen. Could have been a four sixteen that at your cocktail party. Two four six eight four sixteen is just sure. I like them when they have the GEL caps. What title five hundred okay? So I what I saw was that now. I don't know how you if it looks like they're capturing this guy. Yeah for sure my problem is. I don't know if you can see that that quickly sir in the dark you killing these guys. How do you know that's the guy you gotTa keep? You really. Don't write this whole thing. Is that is a dumpster fire from soup-to-nuts go backwards right okay? So he knows all these guys are shooting. Yeah Gino's any Ireland's are coming off their weapon giving them the ability to actually aim lasers. Well that's how you aim under night vision goggles. You have an IRA laser or you can look through a red dot. But these guys heads were above the optic level on their guns. Yeah so they were just blasting lie. Only thing about that is that don't lasers can't you see lasers? Did you hear me say our? That's infrared. Let's the spectrum that your eye doesn't work and because night vision exists outside of the military. We have what's called Ir Light Discipline? Meaning you don't just turn the shit on. Wave it around their internal into buildings. You don't necessarily highlight discipline. Yeah I fucking low these terms and they had the night vision goggles down which is appropriate. But they're also wearing the dust covers which is like that's a fucking no. You gotTa have a guy like you onset. Well I don't even they weren't even on because you get a greenwash against your face because what you're actually. You're not looking through the tube. You're looking at a screen in the tube. You can't actually see through the actual night vision. Goggle to it's a sensor that displays that on a small piece of glass of you and glass so you're actually watching a video of what's in front. It's real time it's your but your it's not if you turn the lights on. It's not opaque. You cannot see through like you could scope you. GotTa train with that. Arise gotta be weird. We train all the time. That's why the kill House that we had had the ability. Whatever time of day was we could kill the lights and go to total darkness? But you don't wear the dust covers because your field of view as already reduced drastically on night vision goggles so people who are actually using them you're going to see him always Shifting their head left and right up and down because you have such a narrow field of you put. The dust covers on shifts yet. Your periphery sucks and night. Did you notice when they put their night vision goggles on no right at the door before they went in? Do you notice how fucking dark it was outside too dark. And when they put it down it goes. Booed makes a spool of noise. No it doesn't do that. No doesn't do that. So you would have been on the entire time because it's nighttime and the stacking of the door was fine Moving up to instructors is a lot like an accordion. You can get stretched out and then you'll have places where you wait and you collect your team and that had accordions out so that would be the initial entry point. You're going to have people there you'd go in and then it would go out. The internal clearance was dog shit. But I mean yeah. We'll leave that as the thing The door lock the door if I were them. Probably maximum nowhere but here. Here's here's the other thing with all that Is there is the see I can see? Most Americans saying those guys were sleeping and you killed them. Anyway I think we get down to the nitty gritty. You and I've talked about this before. I don't know if they were under the rules of engagement. Is Dad allowed the gray area so I'm not a Jag and his are always what our Roi engagement and you're GONNA have rules of engagement. Then you have theater specific guidance and you have the Geneva Convention and all the other conventions that United States is sign on the line for so are always Roseman gauge. -Ment there at least pinned. You always have the inherent right to self defense. Which doesn't apply in a situation where somebody is sleeping on top of that or it may not because there are some ways. I think where you could justify. Inherit right to Self-defense. Say somebody sleeping with the suicide dust on which happens. Yeah so is sleeping with the chest rack full of AK47 mags and their weapon is on their body as if they were to wake up. They're able to use it. And you know that's where you start getting into the area of need to be able to articulate. Hostile actor hostile intent the combination of both or at least one of those. I don't think in this video. They were actually sleeping. Well here's here's how I look at it as civilian Yep. I'm nervous as fuck going in there. I don't give a shit. How much training you have is a man. Of course you're always nervous your your life and death here so and and I'm a good moral guy and all that if I have a job to do if I if I've made it through buds in which is a huge if and most people can't but let's just say I'm I'm a seal team six guy or Delta. Whatever the fuck it is. I'm not I I knowing me. I'M GONNA shoot that guy who sleeping not because I think it's the right thing so I don't. I can't take a chance because if I wake him up. I'm going to have a struggle and I'm GONNA be in a firefight if he's sleeping with a gun. I gotta I gotTa believe that the minute he wakes up. He's he's pulling that trigger sees me so there's a reason why he's sleeping with a gun as well. That's right but it's easier to say that you would do that than actually do that. I'm not saying I'm saying theoretically what I'm saying is I. I understand somebody who would say I'm fucking too afraid to let that guy wake up because I know I'm going to be. I know the minute here wakes up there. It's you my shoot somebody but first of all when you shoot somebody in the movies bump up and the Guy Falls and dies I am sure in combat you can shoot somebody three times without fucking 'em for and for whatever reason because of adrenaline because it didn't hit the right. Oregon's whether that guy can squeeze off three rounds of you it depends on where you hit them. It does but I'm saying there are times when you don't hit him for a thousand reasons in vital areas and he might come and who knows maybe on crazy amounts of drugs whatever it might be. So they don't even have to be on that that you five six NATO five six round is actually if you look at the size of the projectile. It's not that much bigger than a twenty. No I mean it is bigger but it's not that much kick right well. Yeah that's a portion of it. Plays going so fast that it it will zip it it punches holes through and if you hit vital organs or bounce off of bones in that it can interact those vital organs but if you can still move you can still get have a very much sort you very much so the only way to get around that is to put the lights out. Essentially I talked to compensate shouted dude. He was on drugs. We said he shot the guy in the face. The guy kept come so we'll get shot in the face as interesting as well because the school is thick enough that it can deflect a lot unless it's truly square on. I've seen it. Go breaks graze off of foreheads? Side of the head from the front. If you can get you basically you have the triangle from just above the top that your mandible to just above the Danton. Your forty and makes a triangle. The nothing's going to deflect a graze off of that. Well that's the point is that you are not you are when you're in those situations and everything is moving at vision everything you don't know what the fuck you're hitting like. It's very possible you could miss or it's very possible. That person gets off a couple rounds church so in in knowing that. I'm not taking that chance when I see a dude with a vest and a gun and sleeping well that meets hostile intent. So you're covered there. Somebody just sleeping though now. That's an issue. It's an issue and there's a moral burden with that decision whether or not you. It rises to the level of weasel force. Yeah so yeah the clearance I mean again the Clarence I'm going to give that a C. minus to a d moving around outside without your night vision goggles. That gets an F. The sound of the bullets hitting that guy is just completely laughable. Hold on why because all up in one of the other videos as well a suppressor. Not a sound silencer. Whatever you called. It's louder than now. It's super loud. And you know what even louder oppressor is the bullet breaking the speed of sound. Oh Fuck Yeah I never thought of that God Damn it God damnit now. There is subsonic ammunition. Yeah which I use of course you do. I'm sure cash a couple reasons. You gotTa Find. Glad. I want to break the sound barrier to stay in the body. Sure I'm sure you've cachet of that stuff everywhere. Three hundred blackout is an interesting around. Have you ever heard of that round? Now it It it basically has the ballistic characteristics of seven. Like what's the non native sixty by thirty nine? I get all jumbled up with the numbers but it's similar to an AK round but you can get some awesome subsonic ammunition for it and it. Sounds like a paintball gun going off. Now that's a different story really but this is not breaking the sound barrier and because the sound suppressor suppressor is. Just it's a two-bit has baffles. That absorbs the gas project. Bacchus sound suppressor. Work Bro. Do you know how to what is called. No you don't shut the fuck out without a silencer. It's not a silencer it all and it's still allowed. Especially if you're using supersonic ammunition so that whole like it just doesn't work and I thought only heard the slide. No that's liking. That's an offline conversation conversation about an MP seven which we will not discuss particular. Podcasts All right so so it breaks sound. So it's loud. It's very loud. You hear it from in at nighttime I hear it and if you know what? The sound of a bullet makes flying through the air. It is denial. What it is and you will react to it. Because you'll know that it's gunfire in a few seconds. What are you? What does it sound like? It's snaps especially when bullets are going past in their farther away. It's still make that snap. 'cause you're hearing it break the sound barrier that goes past you as it gets closer. It's like snaps. It gets much much louder. Jesus kind of caliber will change the snap. Fifty Cal Rhone going over your head is like Holy Shit. What is that in a sense to fifty caliber? Sounds like what it's it's just loud. Yeah it's it's booking. It's a bigger projectile so I was in Lebanon as a kid in one thousand nine hundred eighty one eighty two and they. They shot a missile. We are at the beach. They shot a missile or something over our heads. It was APP test. Young people think. I'm kidding when I say this we are on the beach. I was a young boy. I was probably a God. I was I wasn't even that young. I was Tw- thirty probably fourteen or something. Just like the late forties early fifties. It was before we had talkies. And and I. I remember people fell down. The sound was so loud that people lost their equilibrium is the weirdest feeling kind of went. What they was so loud that you heard the Assuming shooting missile to the Hopi. The word that I'm looking for here. Whatever mechanism is making the jet engine? That's what it was. It wasn't the sound barrier. I couldn't believe how loud it was. It was that's exactly what it was. I it sounded like an airplane but I didn't see an airplane and I said we're the fuck it makes. It was four jet engines. Oh it's got it was crazy. It was crazy loud. And then the last thing on this right you know you love that freefall senior. You're talking about how they were falling directly over the top of where they were going understand that that means that you have to fly the airplane directly over the top of where you'd be going. That's why you don't actually use That would be a halo high altitude low opening. You Fly way way you jump out you pull your parachute right away. Navigate under canopy. You navigate so see I would do it differently I like to. I like to be dropped out of the plane and I like to fly. I fly with your body with my body and miles. No I've heard I can cover twelve miles. Who did you hear that from I? My people check your source wing suit. Maybe coming suit no you weren't you. WanNa think I gotTa have my rucksack because I need more water and shit. Yeah and so no. You're going to basically fall straight down. You're probably going to get on an actual freefall insertion for two seconds of Free Fall. That's it that's it and the rest of the time is going to be spent navigating from Ab. In your parachute still your. It's quiet. You can get places where you know other sailing basically Bach. I didn't know that. How do you know you have you have coordinates talk? Am GPS six three of those things on you. And so you're watching where you're supposed to go and you you're pulling and It's a coordinated and synchronized effort. How how long does it take? Depends on how they jump. How cold is out? There depends on how high you jump two degrees per thousand as you rise Nelson. Well that's fucking cold can be. Yeah Yeah joke all right next. So good active valor. This you ready for this shit. Octa values are active duty Navy seals. Portraying these funny remember this bad tactics acting not good terrible acting. You love the scene. There's not a good place to pop your head up in the middle of the waters in the middle of the Goddamn river you can do it under the foliage on the side. Yeah that's a bad place in the daytime for the act yet. Yeah that guy would never see that. But I picture YOU SCUBA. They probably Was that mean lower five re breather hand thrown drone does exists as a real hand thrown drown yet. This is you buy this. This is how I imagine it would be me. I got your back coming up. Good shot right. There see that catches him before he goes into the water. No splash all. That's nuts. Yes dog I mean that we just talked about this when we were talking about the last clip. What's the big thing here that doing all this stuff to be sneaky? Was the big thing they don't address. That would give them all the way. Big Thing Yeah. This sound correct. Yeah so they go there to try to get this dude to have his hands up to shoot a guy in the face that he falls in the exact direction to be all sneaky. Because you don't want to hear the sound of the body sound suppressor on doesn't matter amunition in the speed with which it's traveling dammit. So what you would hear crack is that was going through. Who Cares if the guy falling in the water? The sound of the bullet cracking through would be substantial than the people like me. We don't know about the bullet and I think it's awesome that we're going to try to swim over to some pure alarm five to answer your question. Re Breather has no bubbles. There's open circuit diving where bubbles escape closed-circuit died. And where you re breathe your oxygen a small oxygen tank in a chemical scrubber and it's closed loop it exhale there's a stopper on one side so it forces the exploration through the scrubber if you inhale hard enough it'll give you a little bit more pure o two in the comes through this recycling. I also think that the guy is on the end of the pier with a machine gun. That's also a little weird and dumb or one appeal and appeal with machine-gun. I don't know I mean like what do you think Cardi yet? No the definition of a machine. That's my kitchen. That's not let me see. Let me see. Let me see dude first of all. What's he using? What kind of hard to say when I when I take my centuries that I use a win Mac three hundred. It's an AK. Yeah I don't know that's an MP five that's an MP five. Yeah that's for shooting. Rodents inlaws that you don't like why. Why is that fucking nine millimeter round? Oh God at stuntman. Thirty Round magazine of pistol caliber ammunition that is not a machine gun by every single metric. Definition I I do like that. They're catching so he doesn't splash. That's the Kinda Shit I love. You love that right. But let's not forget the supersonic crack of the round. That would give all of that away which would be louder than the individual hitting the water. Yeah could it be mistaken for a tree branch branch breaking no all right another find cinematic movie? American sniper saw this. Yeah well I don't know what's Oh there we go. You let this play up. Yeah that's my boy right there. Bradley coming from this already. There are a few problems with you. The radio said you know they are always know. That's what it says. Yep So in other words you can kill this kid. They're putting the UP. They're putting the decision on him. Saying you know the rules. You have to make the call. It's tough not really no. He had to do it he had to do it. I forgot about this part. I would take her out to have to deal with pain. That would violate the are always. Yeah what was a grenade? Yes would've gotten well am. I don't like his envelope. Sorry sorry for you guys who don't know I don't like the opening i. I need him further back. I got that Shitty fucking Shitty Cover. You can see him. Actually he was doing okay all right. He was using some distance so they had. It's a basically a hole. In the wall nells stay farther back. Yeah it's okay. I mean as long as you don't have the barrel hanging out the side of the window or structure. Yeah you're doing at least a marginal job all right. There's that the kid is there any way he could have shot in? That woulda shot there. Grenade out of his hand but that's impossible. He had to kill the kid. I mean that that might or he. I think that's the point of this. Cinematic scene is to try to burden the audience with making that decision. Try to the running a grenade toward troops trip to kill them. It's not the kids fault. He's been indoctrinated he's been told he takes the kit out. The woman has the wherewithal to watch. I would imagine her son or this kid get killed and she seems to suck it up. Come running over and grabbed the grenade and now she's going forward the operation all right. I mean you know human beings do crazy things He waited a too long hard to say again. There's a moral burden associated with that one a lot of moral. They're very very tough. Very tough thing for a man to kill a woman and a child like that and I guess she got the throw off. Yes she did. I don't know what the kill radius that looks like an old school. Grenade probably kill hundred feet. Now Kill Maybe. Three meters injured ten meters. That's hit grenades are wildly less affected than most people hitting me. So if a grenade all the metrics are designed whether like if this one glass was a grenade if you put it directly on standing vertical pull the pin and runaway. That's how all of the blast radius are calculated but if it falls on its side you took off. You know what I mean. Half of that is going into the ground. Wow straight up and goes directional but a lot of it is going to be down into the ground. Damn Yeah but overall that scene look legit of his dramatic. And that's my issue with this scene. Is that some version of this occurs in almost every war movie the moral burden moral dilemma. What do I do scary music? Try to make it ambiguous so they have to make a decision. Well my my biggest my other problem with this she would have given him. The grenade inside not outsides. True and then also. Did you notice that the end when she threw the grenade the soldiers were hitting the ground. Yes so obviously? The grenade was very close they. The soldiers would have been able to see every single part of this exotic. It is so there's no reason to tell the story from the snipers. That's that's that's the part that gets me because those soldiers on the ground were actually probably the closest run seven steps correct head throw the fucking grenade so those soldiers shoulders soldiers would've shot had shot the kid they would have had incredible situational awareness. They would've understand both what the boy was doing and with the woman was was doing. Yeah there's no I mean there's just no calling over the radio trying to describe what you see and asking for permission to pull the trigger that burden falls on the person who was behind the rifle. Yeah and on your understanding of the armies and your experience and you're probably GonNa have some leadership with you and if you have a question you can talk to that person but not something. It's not a conversation. Yeah the other thing is the other bullshit. Is that for me in those situations when I if I'm in the field NAMA sniper. That's why bring a fucking tranquilizer gun and I should a dart in the kids ass. Put Him to sleep should I should`ve. I should've precaution artist. It's like a blow one. If I'm close enough I always use a blow. I Blow Up Blow Gun Upload Argon but but when I'm far away I use what you use for a Labrador kit or younger and So I shoot that into his fucking ass and then I. I use a lower dose for the kid. I don't want to have any complications. Oh so you just have. You're basically rolling out like a dental kit or like a like a leather Satchel and you go boy cable and kidding yeah lab kid running time for all that kid running munitions Ma Bro. Mom Dad guys over to fifty. I got a whole thing Yar Leopard Cheetah Wolf and then Renault Ceres. I have a whole big syringe. Those are big so the bottom line is and then dolphin if I want to kill a dolphin or porpoise if Oughta port whose was the life aquatic with Steve. Zoo highly underrated movie. It's not a purpose so stupid. Yeah this is the. It's people have a fascination and curiosity about warfare and honestly it's not that dramatic so when I look at this like it's you get to a point especially if you've been overseas for a while I think the first thirty in the last thirty or the Times where you might give it a little bit more because I thirty. You WanNa get the feel of what's going on. You want to get back and be more comfortable the last thirty like I just WANNA get the fuck. Outta here but in the middle you have an I mean the if you're in these areas and you watch you understand and you see what the natural patterns of life where you can see how people move normal behavior normal posture and that stuff hostile intent was met and you know what I mean? It's not I had a guy say he came from a really tough neighborhood in New York really tough and he said well you always knew and violence is about to happen. I read it on the air would change. I what he meant that human beings pick up on cues without even realizing it you just pick up on cues like when Patty Jenkins wrote and directed the movie monster. They WANNA shoot in Toronto and she said I can't do that. We have to shoot in southern Florida. Because that's where it took place. They say the audience one known she goes. The light in southern Florida is very different than the light in in Vancouver and no but they will know even though they don't know they know and and she was adamant about it. And I remember thinking It's a little crazy. She's right so human beings have these this antenna for that when when something is about to go sometimes it happens out of nowhere but if something I would imagine if you're in I don't know but I would imagine if you're on a war zone. You probably develop highly paranoid instincts. So you're wouldn't describe it as paranoid. I think you get used to a lot of pattern recognition Hatta. I was about Saint Patrick and you get used to patterns of how people behave in an environment where the military is there an operating. And when you see somebody behaving outside of the norm you get used to seeing people walk and then you'll see somebody walk using cover and concealment and their crouch down a little bit more in the media catches your attention. The normal stuff just kind of goes past you but you see a deviation from that deviation from the pound while it draws your attention hiding something yeah and they're usually you know They're not super great. Hide seek you know. So they'll be looking at something else and they'll be using cover and concealment to they'll know where one position is but the will not notice at ninety degrees off their access is another one. It's like hey surprise cock bags can't say cock back has respect team. America World Police back. He's not seen that movie. No I with the Marian that does it surprise cuck bag. It's one of the best lines ever. Cock is great that yeah. That's that's my issue. I'm failing so far by the way I haven't picked up on any single thing not a single thing but you like the drama. That seem because you're a drama Queen Drama Queen and I get into that shit this next one comes from the holy grail movie known as Navy Seals. Oh I never saw this. This was the hostage rescue. Never saw this shit is about to get real. That's just executed a hostage. Fuck man this is an ad I worry about. I'M NOT GONNA SKIP THAT. Shit you can't you can't skip ad. Boom is getting kicked that Charlie. Sheen getting kicked. No wait for Charlie. Sheen this is Israel's cats wait. It gets better. Well that's the greatest. That's the greatest seen in motion picture. History now might be the greatest motion history first of all. I watched this movie as a young man. I thought this was a Goddamn documentary. I bet you I bet you fucking dead. It's like well couple problems right couple issues number one. They're on full auto and actor but she noticed tight group wax you know. What though they are shooting five. Sd So suppressed. So it's a pistol round. You could actually put this gun on full auto on hold. What's a nine millimeter round? So imagine with your pistol and doesn't have a lot of kicks. Your barrels can brace it against your body to okay so you shoot your pistol. You have both hands out and you have the shock absorber of your shoulders. A rifle is going to be better because you can lodge it into your show questions for. Why are they covering their faces? Because it's the bollock lava that's what you do on a high risk high risk. Mitch you do no not at once. Campbell. Pain on my face never zero times. I word on my face and training leading eleven every fucking time and it takes so it's probably like your guardian hair makeup. It takes forever to get them. I'm wearing camouflage on. My face is when chicks are around and I can walk by them. Bristling with exotic weapon. Here's how embarrassed okay. This is it. This is how embarrassing and ridiculous. It was like we would go to this desert training facility and we would do these nighttime patrols while we were facing cardboard silhouette targets odds of engaging an enemy zero author. And before we'd go out they're like Yo. We're leaving in five minutes. Get your camera ready. And we'll all just go in front of the mirror you'd see guys just like three different colors and just across that it's so. I had intricate facial. Have pictures all show you there so bad and you were because you were young dominy who just wanted to be. I thought I'm going to standing in front of a fucking cool open bay bathroom. Were dudes are taking a piss behind us your coloring your face warpaint. Bro. It is and then you know what though you go walk around the desert and that should sweats into your eyes. It's nighttime anyway. Zero Times. Four Ball Club zero zero. They'd be good if you're like doing torching to get this. Keep the sparks off. That's good for that or if you're if the press is around and you don't want them to see your face because you're working for the CIA sure but also a touch of attention just a little your little fucking thing when you're walking around like that don't look at me. You notice how those guys would flying backwards when those bullets about say. Let me finish now now. Now first of all we're dealing with these small rounds you're not gonna fly backwards because what they did. Is they jumped backwards? You have to take a full five shots in the chest. I don't believe that's going to happen. You may fall forward. I don't think you're going to fall backwards. You crumple straight down okay. You're straight down all right. You've crops straight down But yeah that was. That was ridiculous but the best part of this and the most realistic was when the dude came through the ceiling. Somehow the ceiling broke by the way they didn't they didn't he jumped on that bitch. That what he did assume. Because you know flimsy those like a steal greatest with with glass glass. Glass wasn't safety glass. Oh that wasn't fucking say class dude. Those are shards of glass so I guess he came through that fucking. It was made of like bamboo or something and I guess. His weight crashed it through because and by the way he was a little too late. These guys come in and start Cleaning House and this fucking yogurt comes down on a cable. That was an rope. It was a row. He was doing an I believe they call it. Hell no because if you notice with his left. Easily SHOOTING. One handed to full auto. Yeah but he was also vertical. I was really weird. Like yeah you can repel facing up towards the roper. You can do an Australian repel where it comes from the back okay. But with his offhand. He was controlling his belay. So he's slowing his descent will going full auto and just nailing take ribbing fantastic. And if you watch that in slow motion all the Squibb's go off before his gun goes off like two seconds through this movie even better well. It's clearly one of the greatest movies of all time and I need to go home and watch us and memorize it. It's amazing they get into a robust streetfight after this running. Gun fight with these M. P. every one of them is on full auto and they don't have any to stop to reload ever or are they just they do actually do some reloading reloaded properly. The proper sequence for five years there. Where is their gear though there? They don't seem to wearing on their waste in there not really worrying any They don't seem to be wearing any supplies and they don't seem to be wearing any uniforms. They're just now they're kind of wearing. Flights lutes flew a flag similar to Delhi was wearing in that movie. Right all right. I refuse to say his name correctly by the way if he if he was a horse he would be thoroughbred of comments. That's what he is. I hope you hear this one day. Chris. I'LL FORDHAM. Just wash afford it to you. So you can afford it to Chris you would. You would love him. Actually actually I actually really do like the guy but the best let once I got that initial response. I cannot stop. Oh well if you were here. I would torture him. You and I both torture him. I would torture. Were shooting stances known to man? Well now that's interesting so what? I'm what I'm doing in my shooting. I'm leaning forward on leaning forward mad at their shooting stance once. Because you don't know anything well well it. It looks like they're holding them up at. I like they're here right. Yes I'm talking about their leg position. These guys are so. They're so bladed that you could cupcake with that status and just to be scored up a little bit sweared up a little bit. Yeah well it's embarrassing movie. And at least Charlie Sheen was the navy seal only accurate seen in this movie. Truly the only accuracy in is the opening scene where he's blackout drunk. In the ocean any wakes up to waves crashing overs face face down in the surf. That's about as accurate as it gets other than that. This movie sucks do you remember when Demi to me. More became a navy seal. I get asked about that one quite a bit too when Morrison's like he's a big boy. Control your breathing and she has. He's quoting poetry. While walking through the Surf Zone. Yeah but then she has to kill A. She has to kill a century with a knife. That's happened maybe never probably less than number. I mean 'cause you can kill them at a distance. So why would you sneak up on or you could go round him? You know where he can wait for the century to go to you. Know it's you guys. You guys make one big mistake and I and I mean this like you. Send A fucking. That was very good and I failed is early but I learned a little something as it went on. Now here's where you guys fuck up and I and I I'm saying fucking operator out there and this is delta. This is seal team six. There are other groups. I'm sure out there that I don't know about but you fucking guys. Obviously we have a problem. One is a sound suppressors. Too loud too is. If you must use you suck around a black oh it's a suppressor three hundred blackout three hundred blackout. Unless using three hundred background. Let's using subsonic rounds and even then you got a problem because that the sound suppressor is a little presser is just enough and I mean this and it bothers me and I can't believe the fucking I hope the brass's listening and I hope you guys listening if I'm going in and I'm with your team and I gotTa Take P and I'm going to have to take some centuries out I got. I like working in fucking stealth. Where the fuck are the crossbows Vases problem that you've identified as a lot of those. I'm packing I'm packing and I can carry these without any problem. I'm not a big guy on dense but I'm packing. I can pack. Probably a hundred arrows right. There called Bolts Crossbow. Yeah I call him Eros Dude. Do you not Akaka Crossbow. I've done it before a machine fucking in the ass really quick isn't it? It's it takes a little while but it's quiet shit so to to it's going through you. It's gone through you know what the fuck happened. You just look down the hall. And you just expire are. I think that's how it's GonNa Happen. Oh yeah they wouldn't scream out in agony catching you right in your heart dude. It's going through you go. What and you you lose hydraulics immediately and I say hydraulics. Make any noises of that. That if I get right to your chest fuck out of here. You're so surprised you're like the most use crossbows that's all use this or it's Brian Cowan from fucking school and all those teams they go out. They English that's interesting. Where are you operating California with a bunch of actors? His now we're talking about when I kill all the puck and liberal. No yes so crossbows fucking crossbows are very important. And I don't know why you guys don't use crossbows I don't know why you don't use poison darts with a blow gun. Perhaps because they don't work you cyanide tipped fucking Eros. How long does it take to die from cyanide? Probably not that long. I'm thinking it takes one to two weeks. There's a lot of food to carry them to watch that. Dude I start off with fever and then he gets a rash. And you're just. I thought I was immediately. No Shit about I guess. It's hard to aside. I tipped bullet or DART. I guess starts don't work off. Throwing stars are probably out. Yeah yeah throwing stuff on like six years old yeah. Throwing stars don't work noon. Chuck's noon Chuck Lose. Don't work a lot of the Shit. Doesn't work dude throwing knives. No that's not gonNA work. Either I do think crossbows would be effective tactic. I'm not gonNA argue against it. I could see a point in time for that but none of the other stuff you listed. I mean if you should have a dude you should have crossbar guy with you. He's he's the do two takes out the century you need. You need total silence sometimes and the minute you fucking shoot somebody with your m-4 even if it's got a sound suppressor. They are at subsonic. They're going to hear it something. Yeah so a crossbow. I don't know what the range on cross pope. But it's like it could be fifty sixty yards. You don't think a dead body with like an sticking out of them would be a giveaway like laying in the street because it's so cute how you don't know anything about fucking bolt ballistics. Oh It'd be it'd be a just a through and through is what you're saying that's right dude poltical right three wrong really okay. You're just like what happened. And then you expire all right okay. So that's my advice to the military and to all EU operators out there. Somebody should have a fucking crossbow. And if you need me I'm busy as fuck but we'll figure it out. I gotta get on the sauce. I thought you were going to get on the sauce last time you're talking to jail. You said you were going to do the whole nine yards the day. My Dick doesn't get hard the day. I can't cut a diamond with my piece. I mean Tom. I'm fucking doing just fine at fifty. Three all right. That's our bread that's it. That's our our right. Well this this really. I hope it'll be many more hours. Don't worry that took me three minutes to source those clips. Yep well the Bummer. Is I. I failed if you're gonNA fill you don't know anything about that but I think jobs in America because I made us more safe because I have now. I think presented an undeniable argument for Crossbow. Crossbow give enhanced the lethality of Americans men women infantry. Yeah Yeah so there it is. Thanks guys that's it. Everybody for this week. Thank you everybody who has been supporting the podcast by go into cleared up. Podcast DOT COM hit on the shop TAB and flying the flag all over the world and by that. I don't actually mean I have flags for sale. I mean wearing apparel that says cleared hot on it and hopefully people are asking you. What the Hell does that mean? Then you can explain to them and then they come and they find the podcast like. Oh that's awesome and then it wasn't the podcast and tell other people about it or maybe listened to the way. This thing sucks. I hit Andy. I don't know I don't have control over what happens after that. And if you want to dive in a little bit deeper been doing weekly. Qna's I just started with only two. But I'm GonNa continue doing them on Fridays. Assuming I don't travel on Fridays in which case Oh scheduling coordinate them around that. But if you're interested in a little deeper and having an interactive exchange once a week for an hour go to cleared hot. Podcast DOT COM. Click on the weekly. Qna TAB SUNUP if you're interested and that is it.

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