NBA Boycott Part II


It's so difficult in the point of view can be different from person to person, but the first goal is stop chilling. And Tony I told you all spring. I am not singing coon by I don't believe that the country has made a term I don't because people are still getting shot when people were shot anymore l. let's hold hands and sing coon by but I told you all spring. I'm cynical about this. This is why. Wisconsin is why? Athletes are fed up rightfully. So the NBA put black lives matter on the court messages on the backs of the shoulders of the players and yet still Jacob Lake was shot seven times in the back by police in Kenosha Wisconsin, and because of that four days later, the books boycotted their game five playoff matchup against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday the NBA later announced the. Remaining Games yesterday would be postponed and rescheduled at a later date last night NBA players and coaches held urgent and emotional meetings that will continue into this morning. The NBA Board of Governors and NBA players will meet again separately at eleven am eastern this morning as both sides continue to discuss what comes next and the plan league sources told our Adrian Whoa Drewnowski and Melita Andrus. Welcome back to I take I'm Roz Gould on what where he would stephen a Smith Max Kellerman and former NBA player in ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins? Per- as you saw the unforgettable events of yesterday's sportsworld snowballing and it started with the bucks boycott, what was going through your mind? Well hit is right and I said this before the pandemic of before they went back to the bubbling resumed playing basketball and the season's restarted of they had half of the NBA guys some of the guys that didn't WanNa play they said it will cause a distraction and look how you WanNa fight the fight I'm witty but I'm stand by this you have to have a plan in place. This is not individually will speaking on behalf of the whole MBA Brotherhood and when you go out and do something you have. To have a plan, everyone has to be unified and I said this even would read came out and made his statement and said that I don't think we should play. Okay. Cool. Tell us what's the plan afterwards by the way Kyrie hell of a job but what you've been doing in the community but what I'm saying here's what I said this when those guys got down to the bubble, it was going to be powerful and that's what it's been is ben powerful because together you get all of these athletes all of. ICONIC figures and one area would have able to think and think things through talk it out and able to come together and able to use the NBA platform to get their message out were millions of people are saying it to the point where so powerful that in the first couple of weeks, the president of the United States received the message and commented about what's going on in the bubble it was so powerful down rivers gave a speech. Speech in a way viral incest everyone in America and might think is what happened yesterday I get it. Right. WE WON'T CHANGE AS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN I won't change and with the Milwaukee bugs was that they made a stance and I don't disagree with that. But here's the problem that I have when you don't communicate others. Other teams. Then all of a sudden it comes to what happened last night in the meeting where everyone is now confused because they say, okay, we're GONNA stand behind you and rightfully. So but when we get the meeting okay, we stood behind you we boycotted the Games now was the plan. and. It wasn't one at the time and it's still not one. That's why they having the meeting today and that's the problem that I have is that you have to have a plan we are fighting the same fight we all will justice but I'm telling you the bubble has been powerful messages has been set and look the people who got the evil, the Devlin them the evil souls they don't WanNa see you. They won't go away. Don't give them what they want stay out there continue to grow and build a be unified continue to keep Boston these messages it keep doing what you do together. They want you to go away they won't the NBA. To Stop so they don't have to turn on the TV and here justice will be on the Taylor justice for every African American that was killed two police brutality. They don't want to see that. So you you're making a day if you do go away but my whole thing is what it is the plan before you do something you have to come together you have to get with Chris Paul and the Players Association and all your brothers and say, okay fellows what are we gonNA do okay. We to do this. What's the next step? That's how you work things out together you have to be unified and you have to be have to have a player. Max? I thought originally that the players would have a louder voice were they to play in the bubble guys. Because everyday microphones and cameras are in front of their face, and if they want to say something, the world is paying attention. But whether or not the bucks understood this intuitively or whether they considered it or whether it was just from their gut, it didn't feel right to play a game. To entertain people when right there in their home state not far from where they were playing. Were not far from where they normally play rather. You know the that event occurred the shooting of the shooting of Jacob Lake. So So. When they made that decision guys, it is undeniable that the world is now paying much more attention than it was. And as I say I would love to see NBA champion Crown but I always have to check myself because I'm a basketball fan But I do think that this. Major League Baseball team started following suit if if NFL teams follow suit and it hits the heartland that way if people look around and say, wait a minute conditions are such that I don't have my football than a lot of the people who are saying it's okay. I could do without the NBA maybe singing a different tune at the reason I that up is because what the? Bucks showed while people are kind of it's not that there's not leadership, but you can. You can get paralysis by analysis you know and what the buck show was. No, we can't do this, and in that way they showed leadership I don't know where they're gonna go from here but the young people have led the way so far and I, suspect they will continue to do so. We understand that even though negotiations and friendly negotiations as opposed to ten ten or abrasive negotiations you know sometimes it works. The bottom line is the language that everybody understands his force. Well, let's take into account the force that was exhibited last night. The Milwaukee Bucks make a decision the Orlando Magic follow the other four teams that was scheduled to play last night included Houston and Oklahoma City they followed as well along with the Lakers and the Portland Trailblazers Follow suit tonight. I sincerely doubt there will be no games. I think that announcement will become within the next couple of hours. What happens Ten. Seattle players who happen to be black took their position Major League Baseball Games canceled tennis twitter was canceled because a tennis player elected to take the position that she took Wnba. Please did the same thing nobody was talking about necessarily doing that but nevertheless, it reverberated in such a fashion and had such a contagious effect that the entire world is transfixed on the sports world right now because of the positions that we have been taken that we've seen taken I was on this morning I've gotten a call from Fox News CNN everybody calls. Okay. Why because this story? As transfixed everybody, it has everybody focused on it, and so now that you have this situation before your hands, you have to know what to do to utilize that moment to Max potential. That's like anything else in life you understand the. The society that we're living in how black folks have been demonized we've been marginalized. We've been minimized. We've been scrutinized ad nauseam. Almost never treated fairly no matter what we get. We had to work twice or three times as hard to get it only to get half as much when we're fortunate enough to get. Most of what we were after and most of what we deserve they make sure to give some more to a white person because God forbid that a black person is number one on the heap this. These kind of things that we've been dealing with for centuries, and so we know that as Maria Taylor articulated do we have confidence that it's really really going to change in a profound pep of fashion particularly for the Immediate Future Hail? No we come out of the womb expect in the battle and we're usually ready with it. Armed with the intestinal fortitude to withstand what most human beings particularly from other races might not be able to withstand. We get all of that. We understand it. But in the end, what it comes down to is that you still have to have a plan of action once that issue impulsive act was exercise we applaud it we commend them for we stand with them whatever decision they make their my brothers I'm GonNa roll with them, whatever they want to do. A role widow, but it's important. That you make sure they understand what's going to be asked of them and are say in some circles required of them in order to capture the progress that they are looking to capture. There is no way around that and there's no reason to sugarcoat it. Perk. Comment on a the. The box had a powerful for Mrs. Right, they took a stand and to me the whole NBA that was a stance to the owners right to the owners to use their relationships and it's about time call those governors, call those senators, call those mayors debt. You guys know even people in Congress make those necessary calls to show that you stand in with those guys that. You drafted and you said that you care about so much on when you sign them you said, you care about these guys so much and you're willing to do whatever when they're filling up the seats and they're selling popcorn and everything got the concession stands stand by them. That was a message to the owners KP right now take action kate because we're look we've been. We've been protesting for hundreds of years now right and we're going to continue to protest, but we're still getting killed. Now it's time for us to use our power as the NBA brothers to put ownership on our owners to use their white, our use their relationship for tain. Max KP. I was in New York. City yesterday and I'll give you the last word on this maximum interjecting because I want you to have the last word and this I want to tell you. It happened just today. So we've got Lebron James has more than vote movement which KP you're part of obviously, and we all know, I, mean it it doesn't take on Stein the see the direction that that Lebron on is leading in in terms of getting out the vote in who he would like people to vote for. That's an as a secret to no one, right so I'm walking in the street yesterday Max and I'm walking by a couple of people. Thank God they will wearing that mask I was wearing mine and they were literally talking about. The NBA players. I was coming back from Philadelphia and I went to New York and they were literally talking about in the wee hours of the night. He's walking the street. These guys they think. They think that they hurt by not playing. That shoot I was GonNa Watch the Games instead I watched the Republican National Convention. That's what they say. And then you have people that are looking at the convention tonight. When trump is expected to speak and you've got folks hoping there are no games tonight either so they can watch him on these kind of things folks on a different side of the fence Lebron James are saying I wanted to just throw that out to the both of Y'all Max obviously, I wanted to hear your response to that because it made me laugh to be quite honest with you. But what was your thoughts about that? Well, my thoughts are that you should vote. Make. Sure to vote because the entrenched party right now doesn't want you to vote. That's why they removed mail sorting machines just a board of governors the postal service approved joy who is a major trump donor to? To. Oversee essentially the removal of of vote of sorting machines to make it harder for you to vote in most people's estimation. Vote it's very important and this this issue of police brutality is a complicated one because it's local it's all over the place you're going to pass a federal law but. What do you want to reform police unions because that's very important to do. So. I see as a broader issue just when like when capper nick kneeled and specifically it was about police brutality but I saw it as a larger issue of basically just social justice there are systemic. Injustice. Toward Black people and you can look for it in issues like law enforcement where in Idaho a couple of days ago in Boise. In into a a state building with a legislator legislature was meeting. Armed, many of them armed white. Mask. List they weren't wearing masks forcing shows distancing. Men some of them belonging to right wing militias. Pushed tasks police. And filled the. Pews or whatever you want to call the seats which were supposed to be spaced out for social distancing because we're in a pandemic and it's actually hitting they're very hard and they were not stopped and they were not confronted or arrested, and afterwards what the officials said was what we didn't want to escalate violence. Now contrast that with peaceful protests outside the white. House, when trump had a photo op across the street and a secret police force which may have been illegally had no identification on them. Started, dispersing the crowd by force. Imagine now it reversed that there was armed black men. Mask lists pushing past police into a state legislative meeting. And breaking rules once they got there, what would happen to them? Do you think the response of law enforcement would be well, we just wanted to be escalate. There's not a chance and everybody knows it. So I look at it really as a larger issue and the larger issue is black life has always been cheap in this country and it's time it starts getting more expensive. Stephen A. Guys we have to. Go ahead, Burke real quick I'll say one thing just one thing. One thing to my NBA brothers are no you're having a meeting is probably going on right now going to be unified the power y'all have the power right now trust me. They won't tell to walk away from the bubble they don't WanNA see y'all do not give in continue to continue to be heard continue to be on these net words. That's all I want to say. Thank you perk and actually that's really good segue into the breaking news that we have right now from Whoa jr several key members of the Lakers now remember last night they had those emotional player meetings it. It ended without a lot of answers, well, several key members of the Lakers and some peers around the league stayed up until the early hours of the morning on Thursday talking through issues in the bubble sources tell ESPN's Adrian Ski and according to Wo- Jr among key players in league heading into Thursday's eleven am. which is happening right now, there was optimism about a majority of players wanting to continue the playoffs. Is Got Together Yourself Roy gathered. In. Yourself I'm so proud got a brother got a daisy always. Young men and women. They did things that. I didn't think about doing when. We thought we had a handle on it. Obviously, we didn't. But when I saw, doc rivers and. Lebron and Torch which I think about my three boys. And I got a twenty two year old in the twenty year old. Can I'm trying to prevent from being hunted? Bra of the guys in the women are doing. Is We would say. Unify people always defeat unified money. Four days after twenty, nine year old Jacob Lake shot seven times in the back by Kenosha Wisconsin police officer in front of his three young children the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their game five playoff matchup against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday. Now, much of the sports world followed the Bucks League and postponed their events including NFL teams cancelling practice today Iras with Stephen and Max Stephen a what does this mean for the NFL season which is slated to start September tenth I I don't think it's going to affect the NFL season be quite honestly because I don't think that the players in the national. Football League. are in the financial positions that the NBA players are the cushion that a lot of NBA players have to walk away and be absolutely far without their quality of life being severely compromised I don't think most NFL. Players have that luxury to sixteen hundred and ninety six players in a national football league wants a regular season starts and we all know what the exception of the select few a vast majority of them's of vast majority. Do them simply don't have that luxury, but if you don't mind Roz how would like to get back? To responding. Directly to what I heard from Troy. Vincent, in terms of how I feel about that and what my reaction to that was. What I thought when I listened to Troy Vincent cried awaited. He did Roz Max. I said this is a very, very, very bad look for the national football league. because. When an executive? Vice President. Who is a black man? Who has the direct ear? Of the Commissioner of the National Football League and any owner he so chooses. Is. So. Emotional. And crying so vividly over the phone lines. That tells you that it's not just about what's in the streets and it's not just about what he's seeing on camera. That is palpable frustration that a black man even in a position as high as him. Comes from his home to work every day having to show and deal with it. told me. He's talking. To somebody or has spoken to somebody like a Jerry, Jones has listened to this man who I actually like in them fond of on. This man Jerry Jones he takes a starch position with the Colin Kaepernick thing and then George Floyd passes away and literally for the first time in history we got A. Jerry Jones, we can't find him nowhere nowhere at all. We see them all camera. We heard his voice radio what he wasn't even spotted on on his yacht couldn't find him any damn place from the time that George Floyd passed away. So when you see these kind of things transpiring and you see how dog he is about. Kneeling during the national anthem or not really speaking out about black lives and and the the level of persecution that we've been subjected to these things of that nature and you hear what he is had to say and you remember the of things that Mr McNair got the sole owner for the Houston. Texas, he had to say that really agitated the Andre Hopkins. To stallworth wide receiver them at the top before he gets traded to Arizona and you listen to what's going on in Washington involving women and Dan you Snyder's organization with that Washington Football Franchise and you turn everywhere you turn and you see the stuff that's going on and you heard the kind of stuff that we have heard over the years to hear Troy Vincent. So emotional to see keyshawn Johnson who is a strong black man op brother literally crying on national television. It brings into perspective not just the black plight. But it also brings into perspective the plight of being black. In the NFL something's awry there too. We knew it. Of course, we knew it. We've talked about it but today it took o- on a different level. When you see the emotions that Troy Vincent and keyshawn Johnson, both former NFL players expressed over the airwaves. Of course, it wasn't just about them. It was about being black and being a black man in America and having to go with what we have to go through. But in Troy Vincent's case, it's also about communicating with people every day that just don't get it. And we know who those people are. And we know where they work. Stephen is what are the unique challenges of being a black man in the NFL I just thought that was an interesting comment and wanted to know what that meant. Well. The things that we're talking about right now communicating with them and recognizing they don't get it. They're insensitive to it. They have a deaf ear to it. They're tone deaf did dismissive all they care about is the bottom line. They don't give a damn now the NBA players feel that way too and they got guaranteed contracts the NFL players, most of their contracts aren't guaranteed and so when it's not guaranteed and the next man up mentality and bodies are being exchanged, you know damn near like a plantation, it seems sometimes okay and. That kind of stuff is going on and then you try to talk to people about elevating the level of conversation and touching on issues pertinent and relevant to us as a community and not society reminding the NFL that you on verge of making twenty five billion a year in profit because that's what Roger Goodell project years ago that they would be making by the year twenty, twenty, five, all of those things are going on and yet, and still what we're asking for return is for you to be sincere and genuine and expressing and displaying. Outright affection for black people and you see that some folks have expressed a problem with doing. So the moment they are inconvenienced in any way, then you find yourself thinking about it like Charles Barkley said, black folks you know what people talk to us about all the time about being black and take a Serb positions Tom Brady, and asked about white. People. Arabs ain't asked about white. People. Got To think about that. Major League, baseball postponed three games including the brewers game. Yesterday. In light of what the bucks did postpone didn't cancel. Stephen you made the argument a couple of weeks ago that you thought that if SEC football wasn't played, that could swing the general election because people in the. Base in trump's base would be very upset that they didn't have football, which is practically a religion down there and I disagreed because they he would simply shift blame and if because the pandemic is raging and they seem to be very low. Quality Susceptible, to very low quality information and easy to propagandize. and. Almost immune to facts because as Kellyanne Conway advisor of trump said you know they have alternative facts and if they stay in their kind of propaganda silos, like of the Fox News Propaganda Silo it wouldn't matter what happened because they. Handling of the pandemic has been great. The handling of the pandemic has been the worst in the industrialized democratic world by far. The United States by four at the federal level it's been a disaster. And as result, will we're dealing with this pandemic? And Yeah I didn't think that would affect you know voters because the blame would be shifted if the NFL doesn't play football like I think the NFL players have a lot of power here. If they don't play football, they do at a certain point. There will be the base the core will remain, but the football base goes all throughout the country and doesn't just hit one or another's political base. But insofar as there are such things as swing voters still will absolutely affect some of them. If the NFL season isn't played where it's interrupted as a result of social justice issues, and of course, we understand this was all against the backdrop of the pandemic. I. Think. I know it sounds like 'cause we exist sports bubble, and so we have this outsized. Of, the effect of sports but I think that actually might have political consequences in a general election. Jacob. Lake was shot in the back seven times by police in Kenosha. Wisconsin four days later, the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their game five playoff matchup against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday now much of the sports world has followed suit including the NBA postponing the other playoff games Wednesday. Now, joining us on I take professor and Civil Rights Activists Dr Harry Edwards thank you for joining us Dr Edwards what has stood out most to you from yesterday. Well, not just yesterday I've been in contact with the players NBA also with a number of coaches and even the owners at. You could see this coming sometime ago these players are not just basketball players they live in this society and they go and play games. Many of them, the majority of them fearing they'll be shot on the way to or from the game they share. That reality though circumstances with the broader community, this is something that has come to turn thousand over the stadium walls, but it is not something that is capable of by the sports leagues in this country. Doctor Edwards obviously. It's always an honor and a privilege to have you on the show. So thank you for being on the show right now. Where do you think the? Where do you think the players should go from here? Assuming you would give them advice. What weren't advice? Would you give to them about where they should go from here? If indeed, they want to have the kind of impact that they clearly, and we all clearly designed for the have. Those a conversation that I had with some players before they had that meeting last night they having another meeting this morning. It's essentially the same conversation that I've been happy with the Commissioner's office in NFL. They must begin to come together and understand the urgency of this of of this moment they moved beyond protests where a statement is made to a boycott where you're sending a message. Now that message has to be meaningful and that means getting everybody on the same page and beginning to approach those people who have the power to make changes. If an NFL owner calls the governor of the government's GonNa, pick up your home. If you have steph curry and draymond green walk into the mayor's office about the circumstances I, involving police in Oakland California, the mayor is going to be there and availables. So they have to begin to strategize about how they bring all of their resources to bear. Ownership the money the political contacts sponsorship of the people who run the hotels and so forth and the restaurants would benefit. From the Games and and the League's. When they oppose those games are have to be brought to the table and I think the to begin to see some changes. Dr Edwards a couple of months ago. Sean doolittle Pitcher Relief Pitcher for the Washington nationals made a comment I. liked that that sports really like a reward for a functioning society for a healthy society and that he was referring mostly to cove it at the time. So we're literally not healthy but also in this way, obviously, we're not functioning in a healthy way. In terms of the way things go viral and movements go viral. If there's a contagion here to the NFL in my view in other words if NFL players did the same thing in my view that would have an even bigger impact because it probably cuts across or certainly does by the numbers. Demographic lines and in greater numbers. In your view, is it a better strategy to continue playing to have the microphones and cameras in front of their faces and to stay relevant that way or for this to act virailio and spread to other leagues and have those shutdown as well? I think it comes down to what the strategy is going forward America's never been a healthy society in terms of race going all the way back to insulate more black people and on top of it. The part of the problem that we have here and one is push things to this level is that are black people have never been saying as creditable witnesses and arbiters of their own circumstances that outcomes this goes back to the time that slade said we wanna be free and the slave master said my slaves I. Happy. So at the end of the day, they're sending a message and what happens now going far would would depend on what that strategy. Is and how playing games are not playing games of plays into in nineteen sixty one bill Russell organized a Barkat of a basketball game in Kentucky because the restaurant in a hotel where they were saying would serve the white players on the team but not the black. So he said, okay, we're not gonNA play, but he didn't continue to bar concert arrest and seen overnight issue even though it segregation was still ongoing challenge in American society. So it depends upon what the strategy is going forward I think that the NFL most of. Them have the role to play I'm impressed by the fact that so many teams have capsule practice of the day to discuss these issues. The fact that many of their players have to worry about being shot on the way home from practice on the way to practice I'm glad to see that. But the issue now is, how do we move from protest and and this strategy of sending a message to actually bringing about change to leveraging the power that we have bring about change and that's something that has to be worked out across the. Dr Edwards NBA players decided to go on and play and go to the bubble and play basketball. They put black lives matter on the court they put messaging powerful messaging quality things like that on the back of their jerseys and guess what police brutality still happening Jacob Lake still got shot in the back seven times and now players are clearly fed up. So in your opinion, do you think it was the right decision? To go play in the bubble. Yes I mean I. Think it was the right decision to go and play in the bubble I think irving those players who did not go and play also made the right decision in the same sense that in nineteen sixty eight when I was advocating Barkat of the Olympic Games. For the same reason, we we needed to send a message after the assassination of King and not just make a statement but making a statement was fine I think Carlos and snow did. An admirable thing I think that what they did as memorable for that reason. But at the same time we're talking about a tremendously complex situation. There are multiple paths to addressing it. So yes, I support those athletes who decided to go and play I think that put them in a position to make the statement that they made also support Tari. Irving. And those players some did not go and play because they felt that it was more important than maybe industries were. People who are trying to resolve these situations. In their communities so I don't see any contradiction at all. Dr Edwards alluding to the complexity of the situation. We know where the NBA play a stand and we know why they standing. We know how justified they are in standing where they stand on the other hand. You have a league where you're going to have owners that are sitting there saying we're losing billions of dollars. Okay. By the way we're standing with you we support you we we support black lives matter your participation in that we support the. Messages that you're trying to disseminate and what have you what do you feel about owners and the League itself League officials who may believe they should go ahead and continue to play because we're a partner with you. We side with you we believe in what you're doing, but we still feel that these games should be played to the next month or so to finish the playoffs, what do you say the League officials and League owners who feel that way? Well this to the challenge Del Faces. We've already had that conversation I know that they're meeting today in the League office to try to come up with a strategy to deal with this The reality is when all the says, we're GONNA play the he's not play nobody's GonNa come. On the play football, it's going to be the players who are going to ultimately make that decision depending upon the sacrifice they're willing to make. I think that Rogers job is to try to get everybody on the same page to communicate with the. Ownership to communicate with the GM's to communicate with some of the major sponsors, the networks, and so forth and say, Hey, here's why we are. Here's what we're dealing with. We could even get out in front of this and be proactively involved and on the right side of history, we can be run over by it, but the one thing that we can absolutely not tolerate is A. Division and separation between the ownership and the players between the sponsors and the teams we've got to be able to same page, and that's the challenge of Roger Goodell's doubt that he has to do what's in the best of the game and in this period of time. Given. That fact inevitable given the fact that sports inevitably recapitulate society he has to get everybody on the same page respective their personal politics. Dr Edwards having lived through and contributed to the civil rights movement, and now living through this period as it relates to sports. At least you made the comment earlier that this country's never been healthy in terms of race. But at least in the civil rights movement, the the ask was getting things that had not yet been available, and now what we've seen over the last four years as a revanchist impulse of of white supremacists largely but also white working class say, no, we want to take back what? We, feel like we've lost and so you even have law enforcement throughout country self identifying as white supremacists more publicly than let's say in the previous several decades given that when you look at what the athletes are doing today and you compare it to to the civil rights movement in the sixties and even into the seventies, how does it compare? How does how does what the athletes are doing right now compare to what Muhammad Ali and Bill Russell and Kareem abdul-jabbar and Jim Brown and others did then I think that there are some parallels with also some distinctions to graze distinctions. Today is that is the social media I mean you can you can have an athlete sit down and. Come up with an idea about the circumstances that we are confronted with hit single most powerful four letter word in the history of any language S. E. N. D. automatically goes out for two or three million people who send it out to a three million more doesn't come down to making a telephone call and getting the handful of outstanding athletes together to hold the press conference. The other thing is that these athletes today recognized long something about the pain in the African American community wanted to reasons as we continue cycle back to this time after time after time Olympic products that human rights was in large part about police violence against black people in the community after a twelve year old by tyrone guide was shot off of his vassal in Oakland California by cars. So we keep cycling back to this because the focus has been on pain. An African American community what these athletes today are saying is that we must begin to deal with the problem. In the. In. The white communities, their institutions, and their human relations that perpetuate this pain. So they're saying we'RE NOT GONNA. Play Games we're going to get your attention to deal with problem we're no longer. Concerned about simply responding to the protests and demonstrations and mass marches we came out. With that, we must now begin to deal with the institutional and other problems that generate that pain and this means privileged. This means supremacy prima say this needs are not exercise of power and most certainly definitional authorities. The kind of thing that Catholic attack. Seven shots in the back. That's what happened to Jacob leak at the hands of a police officer and Kenosha Wisconsin. Those seven gunshots reverberated into the sports world and four days. Later, the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their game five playoff matchup against the Orlando Magic on. Wednesday, much of the sports world has followed suit including the NBA postponing the playoff games. Wednesday. Now, guys I wanted to get your final thoughts before we end the show Max will start you. Vote Get out into the community and get people to vote. That's your voice we have right now. As mentioned earlier in the show, the face of white supremacy feeling emboldened. By the politics of our country over the last four years and a sitting president who has not committed to respecting the results of an election. Get. Out, and vote. And get into the community local and federal levels vote. Will I echo the sentiment specifically directed at voting. That's the important thing what I also want to emphasize is this. Somebody make a point because we have folks on the left that popular for saying that you know they won the popular vote. They won the Popular Vote Hillary Clinton got about three million more votes than Donald Trump times in the last seven elections Democrats have won the popular vote. Well, guess what there's a different side today with presidential elections is called Electoral College. Votes stop complaining about a game, you're fully aware of edges. About the game and learn how to win if you're playing basketball football rules don't apply if you playing football basketball rules don't apply get over it master the game and win. All right I'm going to jump in here because according to load NBA players will resume the playoffs. So it's a historic time in sports. All eyes are on the athletes and seemingly so according to. The NBA playoffs as well watching. I. Ache we continue the CON-. Vote tomorrow.

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