Podcast: Pursuing a Game-changing Brain Scan for Parkinson's (Ask the PhD Video)


This is Michael J.? Fox. Thanks for listening to this podcast. Learn more about the Michael J. Fox Foundation's work and how you can help speed a cure and Michael J. Fox dot org. Welcome to a recap of our latest asked the PhD Video Listen Scientist Michael J. Fox Foundation break down the latest Parkinson's research projects in the search for the next big breakthrough learn more about Parkinson's disease research free resources like this podcast are always available at Michael. J. Fox Dot Org. At the Michael J. Fox Sunday we continued to make strides in our mission toward groundbreaking Parkinson's research our latest step, a ten million dollar competition enabled by global business leader and Philanthropist Ken Griffin. This program encourages scientists to develop a game changing Parkinson's tool the Michael J. Fox foundation staff scientist. Dr. Jamie Eberling has been at the forefront of this effort. Opposite Glenn is a protein that's found in everybody in Parkinson's disease. Alpha. Snoop Leeann. Accumulates in the brain abnormally we think that by getting rid of those clumps of outs nuclear in the brain, we might be able to improve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. There are a number of companies that are working on drugs to lower levels of alves nucleus in the. Brain, these drugs are regressing through clinical trials but how would we know that we've lowered the the levels of nuclear in the brain unless we have some way of measuring that the best way would be to be able to actually visualize alphabetically in in the brain and the foundation hopes to do just that by supporting research to develop a pet tracer a kind of drug that binds the protein Elvis nucleus and shows its volume and location in a brain scan. It's very hard to find a drug that binds to Alpha. But that doesn't also bind to other things. We don't know for sure that it's even possible to make but I think we'll have an answer within the next couple of years. The foundation has been enabling Work Alpha nucleus tracers for over a decade even announcing a prize to the first to develop the tool, we launched the off cynically Ian Imaging Prize in Twenty Sixteen. It's a two million dollar prize to the first group that develops a selective house nuclear and pet tracer, and in two thousand and nineteen research teams received another impetus to work in this area. The Ken Griffin Alps nuclear. Imaging competition is a new program that we recently launched its ten million dollar program. In total researchers are hopeful that Alpha cynically in tracers will advance development of new treatments to slow or stop Parkinson's the trial fails is it because lowering Alpha new clean in the brain? Isn't a good therapeutic strategy or is it because we didn't actually lower house new Canaan, the brain at this point, we wouldn't know. So we want to make sure that we're selecting patients with Parkinson's disease that have obstinate. Glenn. In the brain and this can be really challenging early in the disease because the diagnosis is often uncertain than once you enroll the the right patient, you can make sure that your drug is having the desired effect of lower in those levels in the brain. When I started at the Michael J. Fox foundation very few groups were working to develop nuclear pet tracer. So the initial funding, the the Fox Foundation provided was to generate the tools and assets that are needed in order to work in this field, and those are the the tools that are being used today by many groups. So I think that was a really important contribution that started things. And we've continued to fund more and more groups both industry groups and academic groups to continue to work on this problem because the more that work on it the better chance we have that somebody will succeed and maybe more than one person. Hopefully. Thank you for your support Parkinson's research visit Michael J. Fox Dot Org for more on these projects and how you can play a role in speeding a cure for Parkinson's disease. Did, you enjoy this podcast, share it with a friend or leave a review on itunes. It helps listeners like you find support our mission. Learn more about the Michael J. Fox Foundation at Michael. J.. Fox Dot Org. Thanks for listening. This is Michael, J. Fox. Thanks for listening to this podcast. Learn more about the Michael. J. Fox Foundation's work and how you can help speed cure and Michael J. Fox dot org.

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