On To the Next One: Episode 19 | Matches To Make After UFC 255


you're listening to the box media on yes network Well hello there. Everybody and welcome to a brand new dish of on to the next one. May fighting's matchmaking. Podcasts we try as best as we can to make sense in regards to the what's next following. Ufc to fifty five on saturday night. We are two title fights. Both david's forget. Oh and valentina shevchenko when into the usa is champions. They both left. The apex is champions. And we'll talk future for them and other notable names from the ufc second to last pay per view of the year. I m being joined as always by the co host. The co matchmaker. The best friend in the prince. Positively mr alex kelly. Hello sir greetings and salutations on this thanksgiving week. Yes mike my best friend. Happy bake american thanksgiving up here in canada. We have already done thanksgiving. It was fabulous. We did it We do it in october for anyone. Who does what we do in the same month as halloween. We do it in october. As as god intended But i think it's very cute that you guys space your holidays apart and get the most out of them. So yes how. Happy thanksgiving to you guys down there. Mike i say this episode gonna start off in a way that we've never really had to start off any episode before. Normally we can have a spirited discussion about the main event. But i think i think as you you'll probably explain why We don't really do that. this time. Around we yes because we can go ahead and get rid of two of the names from our list right off the bat and you mentioned this is sort of unprecedented on especially on this show because the man who ended the night with the first round submission over alex perez davis figueredo. His next title defense is ready to go he in brandon marino who also got a first round finish in the highly anticipated brandon brandon. Fight babe agreed to a title fight on december twelve less than three weeks away and they will compete as of now. In the co main event of fifty-six there are reports out there that perhaps algebra sterling versus pewter. Yon might be rescheduled. So i don't know we don't know anything about that at least as a recording right now but who knows. It seemed a little strange aka. And it's pretty wild that this virus put together on three weeks notice. You didn't even think about. Maybe there's something wrong with with sterling but it was kind of a strange move to determine both these guys around on three weeks notice. You know what i mean. Yeah it's funny. John sterling because. Let's not forget that that it took how long for dana white to commit to automate sterling yawn matchup like you know the night that sterling had that huge win. He couldn't even say yeah he's he's next. We'll have it in the work soon. He gave the standard. You know you give the standard answer was guys you know. We have our matchmaking meeting on tuesday that we usually decide these things so of course you know you guys can ask him match up so. I'm not going to confirm anything tonight. But on saturday this saturday he did not give that answer. He's just this is the first time he's ever said yes. That's next it's in the works and as you said i think now we know why they they they they may need a new title fight for that december. Twelve show so we don't really need to speculate. We think you. And i both would have said brandon marino's next anyway so hopefully nothing falls through. It's not if it's definitely not officials. its verb verbally. Agreed is about as far as i mean logically. I don't think they signed contracts overnight But still crossed the t's and dot the i's and dana white even said he's a little bit worried about Figueredo to make weights One hundred five on the dot two times in such a short period of time. It is very tough on the body and he's had show before but Again fingers crossed. It should happen and this is the fight. We all want. Whether it's a separate twelve somewhere else down the road. Yes i agree. I'm very excited for that fight. It's going to be really good brand marino. Feel for the man in a way because he's worked so hard to get to this title fight. He thought he got the big fat hose. Job from the matchmakers by brand rival. Did what he had to do. And he's finally get his opportunity to become the first mexican like mexican-born in mexican. You know bread raised living native to become world champion. This week. switched around there. You said you said you got rain on wherever you go your friend. You know what i mean. Let's look inside baseball here. We are recording on the day. After you'll see thirty five and for anyone who's keeping up with our site. We were doing the post fight. Show up until past four in the morning eastern time. so we're going to be a little. We might be a little scrambled. You guys understand brandon a deserving brandon getting shot correct and and there's so many times or like writing articles and putting in youtube headlines i roy vowel was marino. Rano became right now. And i had to switch them around so it is what it is really except for the fight I'm actually hoping have mr merino back. On what the heck this week to talk about all of it. Some sort of personal rivalry between these two guys. I don't know nothing about so fingers crossed. But we begin things in a weird way with the man who came up short and his quest to become the first contender series. Alum to capture. You have gold. Alex perez submitted in just under two minutes via nasty guillotine choke tough night at the office for peres who i know we. It was a very small sample size seven seconds but you know in the first minute and a half looked pretty darn good in the fight but you know figuring which is that good but obviously he will learn and grow from that one undoubtedly but would you like to see next for mr alex perez aka after his first title opportunity like i normally. I don't mind going. I but i do have a lot of options. I don't wanna potentially step on your feet unless you also have a lot of options that you've thrown out there. I don't. I don't know how clear you are in this one. I do have a clear choice but there. There was some other options. Want to run over. So maybe maybe go. I i don't i don't overlap here. Yeah i mean. There's there's been a resurgence in this division clearly Like you said. There's i mean there's a lot a lot of options across the top ten for a guy like alex perez do peres versus brand royal. I mean they've trained together. They like each other Sure wouldn't be their first options. It is an option is not my option my pick is the rematch ben. Evita's peres really wants that. Fight there the last. Two guys to fight davis figueredo. There's a story. There peres wants redemption from their. I fight a little over two years ago. And ben evita's has it has done some media and says listen you know people say i might have a foot out the door. I still think i can be champion. So he wants to prove you still. One of the league is one of the very best at one twenty five. I think with the storylines involved in trying to get this division moving continuing to move forward. I think this is the fight to make. Let's run it back between those two guys. What do you think yeah. I looked at that one. Maybe maybe i'm just looking at those consecutive losses to figure too hard and But yeah really who who is but there is no benefit to me is still essentially the number one negative number one number two ranked flyweight so there is no fighting for him except for figueredo right. So that's why it's not gonna happen again anytime soon. Unfortunately so I like i like that one. As you mentioned the obvious answer would be at brandon. Roy vow that rebel shoulder injuries. Nothing serious. we're hoping it's not a terribly sure. We'll have an update on that Within the next few days I wanna boring. Answers was kind of like almost like a tune up fight for peres to just get back. Get back in the win column written terrain Who had an ankle injury. He's looks like cape in august. Hopefully he'll be ready to fight early next year and me is also talent but i should say so impressed with just walk over. Maybe maybe entering takes a spot But that's if But for me. Obviously i think presby pretty heavily favored there and then i was kind of dancing around it. I was wondering maybe maybe ask our ask rob a chance to take present spot but the fight that i want which i won't happen but point that i want is a lot of crap. Laugh that social media but peres forty garbrandt. Put your money. where your mouth. Is you think that this guy didn't deserve your spot. That i come take his spot. I there's no chance that if the offer that fight that if you say no. But i think that you'll see when you even bother offering it. They want him and figueredo soon as possible But for me he has to earn it. And i think president himself another big fight. I don't got submitted quickly. It was it was i. If you can call those two minutes competitive it was. I thought it was competitive and And i think he'd do very well. Against cody garbrandt as well Very likely even beat him. If we're being honest so Cody you're talk. Let's walk the walk Zero chance. But that's this is what i would want to happen. Not what i think. I agree Yeah i i in a in a perfect world cody. Garbrandt gets one fight at twenty five anyways before you fights with the belt just to make sure you can make the weight and be healthy and doing so and fighting after cutting down to one twenty five. I think god much easier. Time than tj dillashaw for being honest just because this frame he is a little bit smaller about thirty five. But i'd like to see that. I'd like to see him. Put his money where his mouth is for fighting for the belts. But let's move ahead to valentina. Shevchenko one of the most dominant fighters on the planet defends her title for the four-time unanimous decision. Victory over Jennifer maya this one is pretty easy ak i'll just jump in and start this party. Dana white talked about it. Lauren murphy said when i last spoke with her that this was the likely scenario anyways. Even though she's in the conversation shivshankar versus jessica androgynous. the pick. I'd like to see murphy versus judge. Winter gets the shot but nobody in the afc. Corporate offices cares what i have to say in that situation so for going with who. We think. It's actually going to be in the natural reading. Seems like chango doesn't want to sit on the sidelines for too long for check. The tapes purposes aka. It's on drudge. that's the pick. Is that yours as well Yeah absolutely i i I in a world. I think i've said before. Like let both get both get a shot at esotique. Oh but again i mean. Someone's going to have to wait a while. I don't if either fighter wants to wait the probably whoever doesn't get it will end up being a fighting between We'll discuss later in the show again. The women's flyweight there was pretty active on on. Sorry night so Yeah entourage when you again. I was all super pumped. I was caught up in the moment. I was like yes. Give her the title shot tomorrow. I'm all for. It and mike has not lowered that much. I still think she's one of the biggest threats ching-kuo certainly in the eyes of the fans. She's one of the fighters one of the few fighters in the roster who i think people really believe. could be a threat. She'd she'd still be. Underdog pretty considerate underdog if they matched up but her finishing power is. Just so intriguing. A former. you'll champion already in another way class. It's it's almost super light of sorts. So android drives destroys just gone for jennifer maya gritty in defeat. She did much better than pretty much. Everybody thought she would and again to me. this is. this is very easy aka. What do you think for for jennifer. Maya following her first opportunity at at a title. Did you say you have an obvious choice. I it's obvious to me all it. It's pretty and it's your maybe not obvious it's easy to me. This is an easy pick for me. I always feel when you say that. I feel pressure i always say i'm a four but i went with may. Maybe i don't know if it's easy it's certainly boring. I thought you just match up with cavallo. I guess they're both in the same card. Yeah okay it would be great to see kallio For one thing get back to her grappling. I know her striking's improved a lot and she certainly had her moments in all her where she's chosen to stand up a lot. But i i you know. I'm not saying it was easy to take king in down but i think a lot of people would've liked to see her. Maybe forced the action. A little bit more Easier said than done when you're fighting an opponent that's so much bigger and longer than you but I think my. I would welcome that. I mean we saw she certainly willing to grapple with shevchenko she. Maybe didn't get the better of all those exchanges. But she's a good fighter who has definitely can can Can show off her jets in the ground. So yeah let's let's keep these to move in. Let's keep them in the contenders circle and let's just happened sorted out. Yeah i mean. I wish there was more drama here but there just isn't what i mean. There's there's obviously a few other selections that that we could do. But i just feel like this is this is just too easy and sometimes you just go with easy one. You know you take the gimme instead of putting three footer. Any any interest in my of versus the andrea lee jillian roberson winner december twelfth. No now okay well. I'm glad brought that. I'll explain. i'll explain why A little bit later on but yes. So let's move to the welterweight division. Tim means the wily vets answers the door of opportunity replaces robbie lawler against one. Mike perry they had a hell of a fight. These guys perry obviously had the big wait. Miss had a great first round but in the end. Tim means gets a done. Picks up the unanimous decision. Look great over those final ten minutes. What would you like to see next for. Mr means ak after that victory to really good choice. Say here to him. He's a maverick four because he took the fun. Short notice and beaten opponent awaits. This puts him in the rankings. He barely moved in mine It was a bit of an odd one. I'm i. I'm going to go the fight. The guy he replaced route. And just say i'm gonna lobby for robbie lobby for ravi mike. That's okay. i got got brandon. Brandon got nealon. Neil let's lobby for ravi for up for ten means i. I would just love to see that. Obviously that fight stylize and and it'd be cool to me. It's got a shot at at lawler spoke lawler. I think i had to gain to this booking. I think was still fourteen to fifteen team. I don't think you i know. He's he's a slump. But i believe he's still hold on striking and i'd like to see means get a shot at that he's just he's such a good competitive for so long And a guy who again you feel like he give anyone talk dina run for their money. So robbie lawler hopefully Whatever whatever health issues there are not a big deal and we can see a messed up soon. So that was my first pick and then the other one was A guy who people are always matching up with anytime awhile. Three has a big win. And i have been pretty good showing restraint with just during his name out there but i think means awesome flight. I'm more in favor of the law match up. But i think he's been a little more picky with his message. These look i think you send them that contract. He's all in. I'm all in on it before you throughout this this new mantra that should be on a t shirt that everybody should buy lobby. Robbie i'm lobbying for in a big way. I mean he's earned the right to face robbie lawler after a lawyer. That's a lot of fun in. Unless like i know watch robbie lawler like i don't know you know it's a young man's game at certain points like he's missed overmach. I would favor to means you know. Probably like a two to one favorite at least fight. But it's it's not a fight. That mike i look at if they book mike. I don't. I don't know if i want to see this. I like the fact that two veterans getting after it and i think means deserves that name and I think that's the direction they go. So maybe in february. That's robbi wants to come back. So i again. I didn't have to think too much about this. One just seems like the the right piece of business again fans want. It's almost one of those fights fans would would be surprised that it wasn't Maybe it wasn't booked in the past But yeah it's really don't over. You want to reed veterans to create strikers. Put them in there as a yes. I think everybody should go on twitter and hashtag lobby for robbie. Oh i got to get that going going this week. Yeah i'm i'm i'm palm got me you got me fired up with that one ak so let's talk about caitlyn's uk game. We mentioned that. This is a big night for the flyweight. She comes back quickly after getting finished by just gone garage around a month or so earlier. Sweeps the scorecards against cynthia calvillo thwarted her title hopes for the time. Being and now. I'm excited ak this could be her thing. Okay randy orton back in the day in the. Wwe this legend killer. He's taken out piper and ricky steamboat. And all these and all these different legends. All the way up to the undertaker's the legend keller and they built miss such and again. Let's be honest very talented fighter. She's not getting a title shot anytime soon. As long as balancing chant goes the champion. So now you position blonde fighter as the contender killer. The dream dasher so to speak she is coming in here to dash the hopes and dreams of all up and coming contenders to me. Kagan versus lauren murphy as the fight to make it has to be like everybody else is seemingly booked up. We've talked about most of the matchups already on this program and murphy seems to need another win. It looks like to get that title fight and this seems like a good option for both ladies. They have before kagan got the win at one thirty five in her. Ufc debut on short notice but that was over four years ago. People still bring that fight but that was a long time ago. Both these are totally different fighters. Especially lauren murphy. She's a totally different fire than she was in. Two thousand sixteen. I would like to see that one again aka. I just think i again. I want to see how that would play out for years later and be. There's just doesn't seem to be a lot of other options. That play was one hundred and thirty five pounds so yeah we have different way class for years ago. It's it's it's that's those are more than Grounds for a rematch. I think i say. But i hate it. I hate it. I hate it because i just think lorne where i should be getting. A title shot share But you're right. I it's it's it's is in as she puts the matchmakers and a really tough position because she really is a top three fighter at one hundred twenty five pounds. She's proven that and people really do have to others. Should have to go through her to get that shot against. Excuse me. pardon me against valentina ching-kuo so this i hope you'll really enjoying that So yeah i hate it and yet it's unlike ninety eight percent sure that is. The metro is going to happen. My firstly. i see her face. She'd have to wait a bit. I kind of like this is more for the sake of a fresh matchup kagan versus the roxanne modify. Vivian winner. But that's not until the thirtieth so we're talking about w two month wait to see how that shakes out. Then at least probably another two months so i'm shoving game for four months. She she really didn't look like she was hurt. That badly in the third caviar. He wants to fight again. In december the offer came up or even in january She's by. I'd say if the lauren murphy match it doesn't happen. She stepped in as a replacement. For one of these flyweight matchups that had been booked from facebook from here to to like february. So she's steps in for one of those but other than that almost certain it's it's the murphy murphy rematch. Yeah yeah she either. I mean she even said to joe rogan after that super awkward interview after the win that you know she wants to fight again real quick so and murphy wanted to get back into december. She wanted to fight calvia in december. So i don't know december. Maybe it is you know. maybe it is. Maybe they throw that on on december twelfth and and go from there but it just one twenty-five especially in the women's division both of both divisions for us super fascinating probably as fascinating as they have ever been but let's head to the light heavyweight division. Paul craig kicked off the main card second round. Finish over mauricio shogun. The rivalry aka is officially over. Craig gets the wind gets the stoppage and this is probably the more interesting one to pick of the entire card. If we're being honest like where do we go next to the paul crane. Everything seems so blatantly. Obvious this one not so much. Which which one of these plethora of options works best for you pull. Quake poll kick pull. Craig's thickest scottish accent. I've ever heard That's that's how i could maintain for. That's it's the he's got a voice to he's got basie voice plus thick scottish accent. It's something else Master deciphering accent. So i can. I can understand him. But i've heard a lot of jokes about him transplant This wasn't hard for me at all because we had laid the groundwork on our show i had said After johnny walker's last win. I wanted him to face the winner of this fight. Either as a passing of the torch fight with show gun or a avenging. The brazilian legend fight was paul. Craig so Certainly the way. That paul craig beat him. I'm sure a lot of brazil were not happy. He forced the legendary show on tap out strikes which again. There's no shame in it. But i understand. Why people kind of distressing sites. So paul craig johnnie walker for me. That's the easy pick up. See that no drama here. That is the pick paul. Craig kinda made it easier to dispose. Fight scrum out. Global shera shot for the stars not pulling anything michelle circuit off now a little lower on the sky but still not getting that fight because we certainly fighting ryan span and then he called the johnny walker and listen. That fight is so much fun. Like policy would be a really interesting test for walker and vice versa and the personalities involved in that fight just puts a smile on my face aka like i. Those two guys should get their own media day in in lieu of the different day. Give them a two hour stretch and give them their own thing and let them and let them have. Add it. but craig's earned a little bit of a step up. Whatever you know we kinda talk about yamba mahovic and like the surge he's had. I'm not comparing paul. Craig dionne mehovic poker kind of a rough start to his. Ufc run lost a bunch of fights but now he's he seemed to found himself. He's coming into his own at the right time. And i want to see that chaos. That would be craig versus johnny walker. So sign me up for that. One ak lobby for johnny lobby for johnny as well. Yeah and i remember. Craig said some On sunday the effect of an injury like he was going to retire. I think if you had lost there was one of those fights you know when he had that kind of third round comebacks. I wanna say it was the up real quick. I wanna say it the Ankle yes because he had lost to yes he had lost on one and two and the so far had lost two straight. And we'll see thank alive. And then he got this mission with one second left and he said he was ashen consider retiring not playing again. That was two years well over two and a half years ago now so He really did kind of turn things around. There is an element of and and the other cool thing is that he's really proven. He's not just that kind. That kind of joe fluky all he. He's a last-second magic i. Even though he does have finishes he really looks like a solid. All around fighter now has gotten a lot more striking his grappling stills bread-and-butter still awesome but Yeah there's a fight with alec walker and or maybe another contender in the future. Honestly he's he can sneak in there. You can see that top ten. Maybe that top by we'll see really high apopka griner. Yeah i mean. Let's let's see what he's got. Let's see what he's got. Unbeaten his last four fights three of those finishes. We'll see what happens. But this would be brandon. Marino's time but since brand marino is already booked. We've already discussed this. Let us get to the viral. Ko king himself walking. Buckley another devastating nocco win this time over the beverly hills. Ninja jordan. Right wasn't as crazy as the impetus agadez nocco but equally effective and ak like. I feel like this is the theme. And i feel like when i type out the titles and the headlines for the podcast network. It's just gonna be like onto the next one. This was too easy because this is just too easy. The rivalry that began and had the gasoline thrown on it by the fine folks. Here may fighting. It is james krause and there is no other option. They book any other fight. It's just bad and everyone should be up in arms. Let's knock this bad boy out in two thousand twenty one. Let these guys get after it. There's other fun fight. Certainly walking buckley's got that style but this is the fire. There's no other option here. There are other options. I will lead them to the readers. This is the number one option far and away. And if you've see is not already working on this. They should've been working on this before this buckley. Five frankly With your son he was gonna win at because otherwise it's promotional malpractice and mike. Your your your pot. Stirring and s disturbing has finally paid off the afc should. Oh you whatever they show you some of the revenue from this matchup. Because you definitely helped to make this happen. You spoke to both men. You've gotten all the facts of this feud there's no doubt they do not like each other and it has to be settled in the cage. Not not just for the sake of our entertainment for the sake of to martial artists who. I still feel like confined piece. I still feel like someday someday can be friends but they will have to have to settle it in the cage. I know there's no talking this one out. There's no letting this one. Peter out this is this is a festering boil viewed that needs to be that needs to be lanced lanston in the octagon and And i can't wait but i would. I would hope that they have a great fight and it's all hugs and handshakes after But but that's definitely not going to happen until until they scrapped. So yeah one. Seventy by the way i it. Buckley's doesn't make one seventy. This really really should happen to one seventy. I don't wanna see how mentally yeah and cross said he'd be happy to go up to eighty five vitamin to and maybe just maybe in this crazy world and now he's got a million things going on. Maybe he does go up to eighty five for one time fight. I don't they would do the two five if they wanted to get him in there. I don't care what the way classes is. Get them in there. Still want any five. That's fine it doesn't matter. Just get him in there and let them let them settle it and then like you said 'cause you're going on this whole thing aka was have them be friends like have the ba- friendly. Yeah maybe maybe trained together at some point doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon if you if you listen to either of those interviews but but that's the fight to make as hi i'm neil patel co founder and editor in chief of the verge and host of decoder a new podcast from the verge and the vox media podcast network about big ideas and other problems i'll be interviewing executives policymakers academics and some other assorted troublemakers about what it takes to build the businesses of the future over a decade covering tack. And i am more convinced than ever that every business is a tech business with some familiar problems to solve in some big new opportunities to seize. you'll hear from leaders like mark cuban on how technology impacts competition the biggest challenge. We have and i say this all the time we have companies that are have not and founders like sal khan of khan academy on how. The pandemic has accelerated trends. We saw our usage go through the roof. As soon as the schools closed it was about two hundred fifty to three hundred percent of normal. We'll talk about how they're navigating an ever changing landscape. What keeps them up at night and what it all means for our shared future. We're him tough questions. We're going to break some news. And we're going to have some fun so look for decoder with neil patel in apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app we go from two easy now to think a little bit more ak. This is why. I love the so much and why listeners do as well. It's time for the wild card round. We match make for a fighter that we haven't mentioned yet or mash paid for yet. And we do so right now so you have see two fifty five in the books aka. What is your wildcard. Pick coming out of the november pay per view extravaganza. Yeah did have a little bit trouble figuring out how to had a match up. So some of the fighters either veteran or the opposite. They're newcomers and newcomers. I usually don't even bother speculating. It's just it's too difficult to predict and use the. I just want to see them face other newcomers so so there's not a lot of intrigue there so i went with a somewhat of a veteran but someone who's kind of fresh face to the you've again because he came back to the I really liked nicholas. Dhabi's fight with download rigas performance by him to to stop one of the hottest fighters at twenty twenty. You know read. Regas was three and looking to go forward. And and w beat them in a really good back and forth striking battle so i just want to see him. Keep having fun fights. And i'm not talking about crazy up the rankings or anything like that i think. Ideally it's either. The leasing liang dwight grant winner. They're fighting a couple of weeks december twelfth or brian arena. I brought massive brian. Burbenay frigging perfect. I don't think they fought for another dimension. It i i feel like it's check this but i believe that'd be a fresh matchup. Bam bam is always fun you know. that's that's that's not news to anyone. yes i know. He just had surgery to address. Disarmed internal bleeding daily. I'm not downplaying. That stitches are still fresh. Appearance is i'm gonna social media that statistic just barely came sorry staples just barely came on the stitches but whatever he's tough he's ready i i'm sure he'll be fine in two months three months so Get back back in there. Bam bam healthier. Then we miss it. We miss brian barberini competing. And i'd love seeing throwdown with dolby. Yeah that'd be a fun fight. I'm going with anti new shevchenko aka favorite favorite fighter. Yes i feel like she has earned it because she impressed the hell out of me. And for those who've been listening to this program since the beginning i have not been overly kind to anti-ship janko and this is this is through no fault of her own. I never questioned her fighting abilities. I just. I questioned the ufc when it came to her. She just got pushed way too quickly. She got names that she shouldn't have gotten so early on in her. Ufc career butts against the ufc. Knows better than i do. Because she seems to have paid dues and she looked phenomenal against ariadne lipsky. But i'm not to throw her to the wolves just yet. I just don't wanna see that but there is a fight. That was just added to your fc to fifty-six you mentioned it a little a little earlier. And i think it's more than suitable to give anthony ship. Chanko the winner of that fight. So i wanna see jank versus the winner of andrew lee vs jillian robertson on december twelve. Th i like both of those options for her. It's a step up but it's the right kind of step up like we're not. We're not putting on a trampoline to the top of the ladder. She's taking a stepper to up there. So it's a little bit of a slow burn. I think that's the fight to make. I know jillian robertson really wants to fight andrew legal fight anybody so it makes all the sense in the world that matters a lot. Yeah no no no qualms that women's flight looks. It's been a really busy division. they do. They've been doing a great job of keeping it moving. And i think she'll chant goes right in there with that that makes a fighters who I don't see she only. Has you know whatever ten eleven pro fights but obviously a lot of combat sports experience. And i think a little bit older than people No she's she is. She is the older sister of vanishing valentina. Searching people keep that in mind so a lot of combat sports on her. So she's in that mix of fighters Right in the middle of the one thousand five pound division who are a lot of compelling matchups and someone in that pack you feel like if they can run can break away and maybe sneak into a shot sometime late twenty twenty one twenty twenty two so obviously with antonina. There's other complications they're hundred. I've found metal but A andrea lee or robertson. A if they get a win over ethnishity shinko. It'd be a nice way for angelina. Get back on track for one and also for one of them to you know keep moving back up in the rankings. Do we have do. We have a check. The i mean. I know interest the segment. I might have like a little. We come up with some sort of like theme song or some things chick. Yes i apologize. I did not prepare. Check the tapes this week. Just -ssume that any match ups you guys heard about this week. We talked about prior. There was actually a lot of We had a lot of matchups to cover this week. So that's my excuse. Actually just actually just kind of slipped my mind you didn't. It's a new segment. People were work shopping. Eight okay and sometimes you work things but yes we will. I will have check with us this week but we had a lot of good. We had a lot of good readers stuff. Yes let's hear to make up for it to make up for my incompetence We had a lot of good reader stuff readers. The readers are getting so good. They're really really just bring it Either with matchups that we haven't thought of or just kind of like funny kind kind of funny things so you're wild. Pick anthony cinco. I don't like this gesture. This kind of a weird one. But i guess if murphy ends up getting the title shot for some reason let let's say let's say just entourage me the money. There's a money issue or for some reason. Just gandara is doesn't get it at kevin. Han on twitter. Said he wants to see jessica place teen initiative chink. Oh my gosh okay. All right all right. you know. we're not. We're not off to a great start. But i i'm glad someone threw it out there. So thank you a couple of the other ones. I solicited on our Finding social media twitter account where we're buckling marino so those are pointless now because i can. Luckily we all want across marino. Essentially books fingers crossed. I think we had a reader. I don't know if this was directly to you. Yes us at casual. Eve's eve hardcore casual on twitter if he's willing to fight again so soon man is retired luke. Rock hold verse. paul. Craig i think paul craig would like that because it's a name sure way it's just it's it's a bit weird for because again you're giving me a guy you're giving them like a top twenty guy. Rocco's want that to right. He i think he thinks himself as a top ten light heavyweight even though he it hasn't won a fighting that you'd be down for that sure. I mean yeah i don't know i. I saw that last night. I was like i thought about it if they did it. And i'm sure both guys would be would be fine with it. I just wouldn't be my first. It was like luke rocco coming back like when he when he was telling. Espn that. i'm gonna give this thing and other go like there's only one fight that made sense and the chris wideman rematch like i. I just don't see any other pfeiffer cold. You know what i mean like this rematch central. I still want to see it At magic mart regular contributor. I kind of like just press which was take a peres to get the winner of the upcoming cape askar. Ask her fight and then Alex press gets the loser of that fight. I have no problem with those matchup. Just 'cause be would be frigging sick so I don't know if i've really thought about it from You know oh where does it affect their rankings. Contender ship standpoint. But i mean as far as good fights. You can't go wrong with. I liked the suggestion. Although i think the winner of that fight is going to fight. Ask her ask her off the winner of Of wh-which by cape pantoja will fight askar. Cape pantoja winner will fight. Ask her oscar off. Oh that's that's what i think is going to happen. That'll be like next number one contender. Fight okay why does this gestion okay. The register thinks that cape. Ann askerov are fighting. I don't know but I think they might have gotten mixed up there. Yeah i read it as give peres either. The winner of that fight or give him askerov. Okay yeah yeah. Yeah we gotta have ask robbing the mix. That's for sure that guy that guy's really there's another future man Figueredo has some great great matchup the head of a man. I don't wanna see him. Go up bantamweight anytime soon. Yeah needed you know what's crazy. It's a lotta good title fight that oh the original plan was to have askar versus cape on the card last night. Right right right. It's just didn't happen. Yeah potent so sick now. Pantoja on december nineteenth on that absolutely ridiculous cards. So it's going to be kind of buried on the prelims but it's not one we can complain about because the that whole card is absolutely insane. Flyweights rule we saw last night when we see it. All the matches. Coming out mass. Men's and women's flyweight. There's a lot going on there really good division We had the usual suspects of twitter. Crews ingestion of read some of the best ones from iran ski. He likes and i just want those guys name out there because we didn't mention them. Kyle dacas who had a win his first win on the prelims. Tom breeze i think a little too soon. May for dacas but reason that situation where i do feel that the of see my use him as kind of a mid range steppingstone. I'm not sure how high they are breen. So so that's not. I don't think that's terrible. Matchup i i. We've met before. I think with other more experienced guys though i feel like we've matched up like every week the every time there's a middle high it comes up. It comes up harry lipsky. He says if not krause for bucket so again they'll just about everyone wants krause but if some reason it doesn't end up going that way. He likes buckley versus the call. Roberson adult shah lung mbulawa winner. They fight in a couple of weeks. December twelve. I actually kinda like that because I still think crosses almost to experience for him. I again number one option by far but if they had but they continue to bring along buckley slowly. I would have no problem with that. Let me let me just put it that way i. It's a fun fight like someone's going night they there's no doubt about it. Someone's going night in either of those options. Krause does have the experience. But i think it says a lot about cross because krause's in a position right now where he could be like. You know what. I ain't fighting anybody outside of the top fifteen right now. What does he want. Seven fights in a row one seventy something like he lost the giles. Fight that fight that a lot of people including i believe dana white james cross one so the guys quietly running off these winds and the fact that he wants to to step back and fight a guy like buckley and his wide open to it. And that's the thing about crusted. I like so much is that he's not like i have a dream of becoming a world champion. He's just like i'm going to coach. I'm gonna coach and like ever fight opens up on a certain day. Take it deal. I'm not here to fight three to four times a year here to just take opportunities when they're given so but yeah buckley versus either those. Don't either of those guys that's just fun. That's the fun it's automatic fifty s. You just reminded me of crowds. Giles have not done a robbery or view on the future robert. Because we're not for one. I think bazaar judge's scorecard. I believe cross would have won that decision. There's one there was one inexcusable. Scorecard there Redwood rebel had suggested which. I hadn't even thought of which. I kinda love at one of these would it. But i don't see it doesn't doesn't think putting together allen show ban versus anthony pettis. That is interesting. that is interesting. I know pettus is in that kind of only want big names and and is a veteran. But maybe he doesn't have this big name guys. Pet is so. That's why it's probably unlikely. But i would love to see them. Try put together. One thing that that that i said to myself last night is i. I dislike allen jobim. I dislike him and not because of he's not a great human being is to enhance a man handsome. The fact is a lot of people talked about it on twitter. That they're shocked that allen show ban and mauricio shogun who were born on the same day or something like that. The thing that irks me about alan japan is that he was getting hit very hard and it was getting marked up. Pretty badly by jared good enough bite both every mark his face. He looked to younger to me like he got younger. Like went from like a from thirty eight thirty nine till like twenty two just because he got punched in the. I like that is crazy. He was benjamin button. Yes he lets me by the time. If i was over he looked like yeah. He looked like you'd have to card him at the local pub. It's crazy it's frustrating. He's just so he's such a handsome man. You know yeah he. He tweeted out a picture of his face from the hospital. After obviously other than the swelling around one of his is he really did look like like you said he actually did look like the bruise the restructuring of his face. Maybe this is the new hollywood. He's a model you know he's down with the hollywood secrets right. Hollywood and and and new york secrets so Maybe maybe that's just get you. You have other fighters kind of restructure your face for you And then the your bone structure you you want to keep that bone structure of course but just a little touch apple touch up on the bones. They'll salt and then the heels up its stronger and somehow more handsome than ever. So i agree. It's frustrating that fight. Though brad liked that one rebel also suggested brandon rogov versus. You see for me too soon. Jokingly he said a joke and then come on he must now no he was he was. I forgot. The ufc hates waves. And i'm like yeah. And just thinking. I i would also love to see that fight and unfortunately it will. It probably will never happen. Let me let me ask you this. What about what about joe. Band versus de rod. Whoever makes Whoever makes him less handsome and makes us feel bad about ourselves. I'm all for it. And i think our biggest absolutely do i wish no harm upon very fun fighter and and and and greater personality for the Mcgahey he added to a trio of gestures. I feel like we mentioned this before. I don't know why hasn't been made Antonina and sipping moslo. I think it'd be fun match up He'll start call. Dacas one actually like this when to college dacas mark on the show. I just did that. So i could shock my name and someone whose name kim quite a bit despite being the first bite of the car would probably 'cause they wanna fight of the night award sasha and arcus mickey he's adjusted for him Matt symbols burger. Which is you know i got. I'm not saying it's a it's gonna shake card or anything but it's a good logical matchup for him so people messing for platinum card. Which i'm fine with. I wanna say semel burgers booked. It could be mine you you you might be right something something. That's pretty good to kyle. Kyle dacas the fight. Is eric anders. That's the fight. Hundred percent the the difference in uc experience doesn't deteriorate. Oh no because. I think i think he's. He'd be heavily favored against eric. Anders probably wins that fight and does so impressively. I think anders would put dacas ins in a position where he would get to showcase his skills a little more like saturday. Night dose installed to this kind of an awkward guy shorter. I i feel like anders would bring a little more at dhaka's like dot brandon allen on like a week's notice like off not off the couch but a guy that came the regional into the ufc and a guy that was just outside the top fifteen and they beat the brakes off each other like it was a great fight. Anders was supposed to fight. Antonio ohio is not re- book to fight doron win. On december nineteenth so anders is a right now is is is looking for a dance partner. I think that's the way to go. Let's give a little bit of a bum reluctance there is. I think he's really great talent. But i want to see him. He was thrown to the wolves the brennan allen fight and anders on that level. But i just feel like he's he's so much more experienced. You're you're right. If that fight was books this is a good chance to would be the favorite look a slight favorite like a one twenty minus twenty or something like that you know. So it's it's not crazy. I don't know i. I want to see him be brought But you're you're you're certainly not wrong. instagram dmz. Got a couple of my buddies jacob. S j steiner Jacob throat paul craig and kelly to You know because again. The first one ended a last second hail mary. They're kind of close in the rankings. At this point. I don. I let the rationale behind it. I think they're heading different directions right now. It could happen somewhere down the road. But i do understand the rationale behind it and i thought suggestion worth mentioning and he also likes nicholas. Dalby versus the unbeaten shove kat rahkmonov. Ooh ooh that's a good one. Yeah i was kinda. It's one i looked at again. In my rankings. They're very close together I i really struggled with booking undefeated guys or prospects wanna know you know coming off their. You'll see i struggle with it. I admit it. I i usually want to match them up against no one else with more than two or three fights but he's blue chip talent someone they really want to quickly daulby as a name Someone who's had won championships in cage warriors and it would be it would be a competitive fight so so i'm not against i like i like that idea. I do like the idea. It's crazy because we should be talking about rachmat of a lot more. Yes but yeah and this is a way to do that. So i think dhabi would w.'ll get in his face and scrabble. I mean heavily rachmaninoff in that fight but yeah. I like that idea. I like that idea. jay stutter instagram. I liked he said. Is there another thought of this. Alex press kaikoura. France teicher france. I good fighter good. But i don't think i think he's too far back honestly. Wow okay yeah no. That's probably why again. I'm just trying wonder why we think about it. That's probably the same way. What my my was He wants to see shogun. Continue fighting. i don't think we've mentioned shogun too much of our wildcard. I think a lot of us would be okay if he retired. I continued fighting with the right matchmaking. And maybe jay center is the answer here. Ed herman before like like it didn't happen wasn't not book they got candid. I just feel like it's happened. Like i seen these two throwing slut punches at each other in the in the you know the fourth minute of round three seven made it. I i am god i am. I'm awkwardly giddy about that idea at. Herman should have called him out at her desk. Because that's the kind of college he should have made. So i'd love to be a shoguns last night that you guys talk to his agent because it's kind of inappropriate fight. I i don't know who listen to this and just just barking right now. But it's like the only fight it's like the only fight that makes sense for either guy. Yeah if showing continued fighting. Which i do i do think he will. He did not leave. The gloves in the cage didn't really give a strong indication. He was retiring. He didn't talk hasn't been talking about retirement. All i think other than interviews like a couple of years back where he said like this. How many flights aspect outlet so. I'm not sure where he hasn't that count right now is this. Is that the same individual who suggested cheyenne bays last week. It is it is we start our j. steiner's he's he said. He said he doesn't have a top himself. He actually prefaces his message to me. I don't know if i talk last week. But he's doing really good. Jason jim jays jays running up like either of us take a vacation day. Might have to invite john. Jay's jas j. steiner jason excuse me now no worse and email of course mark. Good gordon. Who one of them was paul. Craig jimmy crew. Which i feel like i thought about but i want their and five have. Did they already crude crude some criticism in third round camera. You're right you're right. I guess he wants a rematch. As it was a two years ago. I don't think so a different trajectory. Jimmy kurtz on a different trajectory. Kurds like the prospect of watch. Oh five right now and the other one. He's just poliakow and alex moreno. I should match also just platinum cough. And mickey gall others say this guy's as much. I'm glad that black hasn't mentioned so much. you know. Shut us to my brother from another mother. Shutouts shutouts hong kong He's probably more more hong kong than i am. Frankly relax relax. I would like to see. he beat another debutante. Let's i it's cool. It's just coming in symbols burger. Morongo mickey gault. Whatever you know me. i'm. I'm very cautious. Another one another. Gimme another contender series guy. Give them another debut in person. Maybe give them a someone who's own wanted the. Oc coming off a loss very impressed. He beat a guy who who was absurdly favorite against him. I'm not sure why the odds are so high in coasties favor but Yeah he looked good. But let's man that's pump the brakes the match. I did not expect to be the breakout star of this card. But he probably was in the in the top three fight of the night and big upset and apparently a logical about metric ideas for i already. This one's too easy listens to easy. Sasha platinum kopf versus candidate zone. Kristen connolly that's the fight inc. yeah yes yes. i agree. See that if i had done awhile carpet for blab. That's definitely more in the direction. I would have gone so readers. Cool suggestions compelling pump. The brakes a little bit yet. I'm chris and carleen. I agree. I think a little bit more. His speed a little bit more his experience level until we know what we have with with politehnica but a very very nice debut yes absolutely good comeback. And then you do. louis. Cozy versus Jarred gooden boom nice. Good at this. You're welcome on the show. You show as any whatever's should do a show on message thinking i yeah. This is very very good any anybody else that is that. That's our usual suspects. I thank you everyone. Of course it keeps sending messages Before i think. I was reading people's complete list of guys. Sorry if i missed any of the metric to really dying. But i think i picked out that some of the good ones you guys picked and Yeah excellent work readers another great week for the readers. Yes absolutely this and keep them keep them commoner. I just because the show is released doesn't mean we want you to stop with the suggestions. Hit us up on the twitter with those suggestions so the world can see it. He is alexander kelly. I met mike underscore. Jr join us next week. As we discussed the fallout of ufc. Vegas fifteen and i just. I literally just thought of this ak because we have four more events in two thousand twenty and then we all then we have what one two three four weeks off after that. What are we gonna do get some well deserved rest. I was gonna say we're just not going to do a show right. I think we have the the best of onto the next well though what we like. You said there's more shows. Mike we've got plenty of time to think about it Yeah we'll we'll have something we'll have something to to take. Podcasts of people used to hearing our our sweet sweet chestnut voices on monday morning and we would not deprive. We're not deprived people that but Yeah next week. The i'm aspect of research early trying to figure out how many people it's it's not gonna be second easy one one. of course this is. This is vegas tina. Thank kerr's blades. Derek lewis in the main event in the small apex cage. So that's going to be wild. Anthony smith versus devin. Clark is the co main event some interesting match ups and when that happens leads to interesting matchmaking. Next week show will be much more difficult to put together. This week's show for sherry readers. Put your thinking caps on now. Please look ahead to next week's card. Feel free to send in your suggestions. Now i will gladly still. Yes jase get this thing taste respect all of your of your Your options matching ideas next week but for now we're out of time for scaly. I m mike reminding you. don't take it too seriously. Ma is supposedly fun. We'll have fun next week as always right here. On onto the next one the podcast. You're listening to the fox media podcast network.

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