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It is the best of the herd with Colin calver on Fox sports radio. Live live in beautiful Miami. This is at the her wherever you may be however you may be listening we are on Iheartradio we all. We are on Fox sports radio and we are on F s one we have a star studded show. Today we thank you so much for joining us. There are a lot of choices. Choices out there. Joy Taylor is joining me. Her brother the hall of Famer. Jason Taylor will be joining us on the show today. I'm going to pepper him with questions about joys George Childhood so get ready very excited for that it is. It is much brighter and warmer than it was yesterday. It was a little little cold overcast. We we are in full Miami. Swing now here on South Beach by the way. There are a lot of amazing cities. I do apologize for the rest of the American cities. But let's just hold all the Super Bowl's here. Yes last night went to an. Argentinian steakhouse in Miami. We're doing music. I not sure I slept. It was just they have left left my own persona in Los Angeles. Let's laser paradise. Let's start with this. I'm reading a story. We have perhaps perhaps many believed the best football player in America in the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes it's a remarkable story. Yesterday we talked about the similarities with Kobe. Bryant not drafted one two three four five six drafted and overlooked. Dad Played Pro. Sports Falls into really good coaching being as he enters the NBA or NFL and they were asked very early. Patrick mahomes now Kerry be the face of the franchise. I think he can do it but I wanna talk about Jimmy Garoppolo. What am I things about? Sports is finding the gem before we all know. It's obvious couple of days ago. I saw on the Internet. Derek jeter the scouting report in high school the Scout for the Yankees in highschool talked about Derek jeter and he's like five tool star and house like if this was up for auction. I would buy it. It's fascinating I remember having a high school conversation in a prelude of my best friend Jack Jones in highschool in nineteen eighty three. And I told him about this band from Ireland they were called you to. He didn't like him and I told him. Nineteen eighty-three they've got one album. They're going to be amazing. I love stuff like that. I think it's cool to find something that becomes great great before. Everybody knows it's great. Isn't that what everybody's trying to do with the stock market fine the stock before it becomes Amazon or Microsoft Jimmy Garoppolo. Hello one of the things I like about the NFL about winning the NBA can be about style. Baseball's about stats other. Sports are about many things. Football is about winning inning. Jimmy G. went to in New England. Then five no in San Francisco twenty seventeen. He's now twenty three and five is a star. I do apologize if if he's not on the House of highlights on Instagram is not as productive for your fantasy team but this is the thing about the NFL and this is one of my favorite parts of sports my entire life and I think joy does this a lot too. I'm trying to give you insight that other shows don't give there's a million million radio shows and a million talented hosts men and women doing what I'm doing men and women but I'm always on the phone trying to get information trying to find it just a second sooner so you feel like your part of a Club a club that has information and in the process of doing that. I've always had a basic rule. I'm people who are smarter than me in some particular Phil Field. Listen to them and if they work as hard as me and as diligent as I think I am than trust them. So for those of you doubting Jimmy Garoppolo ask yourself this. Do you think bill belichick knows more about football than you. Do you think Kyle Shanahan knows knows more about football than you. Bill Belichick was going to replace Tom. Brady with Jimmy Jimmy Garoppolo who was to starter and Kyle Shanahan paid him. Twenty seven million dollars a year. Actually actually the first year cap. It was thirty five million and he had five starts so ask yourself. There's a reason a scout could could predict Derrick jeeter. There's a reason music. Critics talked about the Beatles before they were the Beatles. Do you think Bella check and and Kyle Shanahan no more football the new they certainly know more than me. Think about how willing to commit to Jimmy Garoppolo before the rest of us and I just that's when I went all in on Jimmy G.. I'm like Belgium is going to replace. He's ready. Kyle is GonNa pay twenty seven million a year. I'm all in on this guy by the way I'm not a big stat guy but there are stats. That matter in Jimmy. Garoppolo is never going to be a stat monster. They're receiving core is young. George Kettle is good but often unheard. They are a run first offense that wants to eat the clock. We saw that against Green Bay. That didn't ask Jimmy G.. To throw a lot so so with Garoppolo there will be numbers. I Will Monitor. And they will not be touchdown passes they will not be yards. They will be wins and they will be fourth quarter football this year in the NFL. Jimmy Garoppolo's passer rating when trailing one one hundred seventeen. Aaron Rodgers was in the eighties. That matters that's a stat trailing trailing late time running down pressure on. You can't rely on that big running game behind you. You gotta make throws Jimmy G. trailing passer rating this year one seventeen. I'd say it's pretty Aaron Rodgers Hall of Famer Shy of ninety just shy but just shy and remember this. We have revisionist history on stuff off in Tom. Brady's first six superbowls six and his best super bowl was his sixth. But if you look at Tom Brady and this is what. Football is about winning his best super bowl statistically was Philadelphia he lost his worse with the rams he one. Which one do you thank you preferred but if you go back to Brady's first six super bowls I six playoff games? Brady's ladies first six playoff games. Never forget this if you think Kyle Shanahan is the one winning for Jimmy G. or the running game I six playoff games for brady passer rating over one hundred one time going back to my initial point the scout who saw jeeter and the time. I try to tell my friend Jack was going to be great in. Nineteen eighty-three your half to trust people. You have to trust people who you think. Maybe aby no a little bit more and Shanahan paid him. twenty-seven large and bill is gonNA replace Brady with a kid from eastern Illinois drafted in the second round. Vat Bat is. Why like San Francisco Sunday and why think Jimmy G. Not mahomes could end up being the? MVP let me shift to this. Two players have mostly dominated in the last twenty years have dominated this super bowl. Joe Montana with four. Tom Brady Brady was six. Ten rings between the two of them in the last twenty twenty-five thirty years yesterday Montana came out and said Tom don't leave. I've done it. Don't leave stay in New England and I was thinking about you know how like when you're young you're parents give you advice or you hear like cliches and sayings and truisms and a lot of them are just like ridiculously shapes but there is one because because I've moved a lot in my life and this is what I always think about. Grass is always greener. Right if you're gonNA personal relationship or a professional professional relationship now I've moved a lot but I've moved generally for a series of events that I felt either had to get out of or opportunities. I had to get into so just remember this. Tom Brady he has the best coach in the League. The best offensive line coach in the League and arguably the best offensive coordinator they get their pro bowl kicker back their defense is top five. If you're going to leave a company in my life. There's two to three things I've I've always asked do. I trust the management going forward. Can I get a significant financial opportunity. Can I live in a better place or is there currently chaos. Where I'm at New England needs a tight eight and and one more receiver that is not chaos? Bat is not may him. You look around this league there's only five rosters definitively feel. That are better than Tom. Brady's current roster I think Baltimore's is better. San Francisco's is better. I think Minnesota's is better. I think the chiefs is better. New Orleans is better bats it and then New England is swimming in that Dallas Hits Berg Rams packers plus almost everywhere. Grass is greener. If you really really truly look at the needs of New England Tom Brady. It is a tight end and one more receiver. Who runs well? That does not rise. To organizational organizational. Chaos be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific on Fox sports radio F S One and the iheartradio APP. Turbo tax is here to help tax season by making tax filing easier for you. They've made it their mission to give you all the tools and advice you need to get your our taxes done with confidence like making uploading your W. Two as easy as taking a picture really just use your phone or tablet to simply snap a picture of your W. Two then watch your Info appear in the right place in your tax return. How cool is that? Turbo tax gives you the confidence that you're doing your taxes right. You can be sure you're filing your taxes correctly while at the same time you're getting your best possible refund turbo tax. All people people are tax. People I want to talk for a second about Lebron James What happened to the Lakers? They cancelled an NBA game tonight Lakers clippers the NBA rightly. Did so. I think it was too much to ask many young players who idolize Kobe. And however we're connected to each other Whether it's a physical emotional relationship idolizing through music sports Okay there's there's no reason to apologize for it so Lebron said yesterday. It's now my responsibility to carry this franchise through these tough times It is easy to say that he had a beautiful instagram posts. Yesterday did Lebron. There's the pressure of being Lebron. There is the pressure of being. Lebron is a Laker and now there. The pressure of being Lebron is a Laker and carrying a franchise to a devastating loss folks in my life covering the NBA. I've seen really good teams unravel because of a rumor at the trade deadline. If this season for the Lakers was never the same. It would be absolutely and and completely understandable this is the thing about the NBA. That people may not know Chris are touched on it yesterday. The Best Player in the League or the second best becomes a huge brand. He makes more than any other athlete. Generally in the world outside of an occasional international national soccer star. There's a certain territory to being Michael Jordan and being koby ending Lebron and being Katie envy steps and those players are protective -tective with their territory as they should. Lebron James was very close to Wayne way but he left Miami. Didn't give a heads up and Dwayne Wade understood. K D. Did Not Call Steph curry before we left Golden State both Katie and Steph understood Larry Bird and magic. Nick were rare they were close as they aged even while competing against one another but generally. There's a territory that you have is the top player. Our brand and kind of personal company in the League and I respect that Lebron. Kobe were not tight. They had a growing relationship which was really really cool to watch. But as I've said I've seen NBA teams unravel with significantly less than and the death of a beloved star. But I think Lebron is uniquely built for this and let me speak as a parent briefly. All parents want to provide a better life for their kids better life than they have it just very parental. That's not a criticism. I do it every day. My mom did it to me. She grew up in England. Tough life I do it to my kids but the struggle and and the hardships or there's an advantage to them. Lebron James will be able to do this because Lebron James Life has not not been easy over the last fifteen years half but Lebron eight nine and ten years old was asked to carry family at fourteen carry his high school team gene at twenty to carry a historically irrelevant. NBA Franchise at twenty eight to carry teammates in Miami and most most of his young life to carry the NBA. He's a virtual walking logo. And in every instance every single instance Lebron James has put his head down put the work in and burrowed through and I'm not sure any. NBA Player could do what Lebron is saying. He will carry a Lakers through this dongting emotional experience I think he can do it. And he may be the only one the only professional athlete with the strength to do it because he's had to do it since he was about seven an eight years old. Be sure to catch live additions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific. Let's bring on a dear friend. Eight time pro bowl or a hall of Famer Famer and on the Fox football show on Sundays that has been number one. Since the day he arrived how long thank you. It is happy. Happy Birthday to date book. You can go to that one over there. There's a little tell for you because it's Vick said it's about a buck twenty and it was and Mike Twix Mike. Mix about one hundred and eighty pounds. I'm about one hundred board nuts so great by the lesson swerdlow. Forget the Super Bowl. You've just been in. You have been. I think. One of the story lines here is I was talking to somebody. WHO's been in several super bowls last night at dinner and they said Mike Shanahan wants to make sure that Kyle House John gets the credit? But don't kid yourself Mike's influence he's watching practice. Every day is in the Super Bowl. You have been the dad and you you have had the sun and the Super Bowl. Let's talk about Chris Influence on that. I'd like to sink. Listen when when both we have two sons at play Kyle Cross and each week I would is if I were playing in a game. Because when you're you're upcoming game you watch the three reprieve games of the opponent and this is probably more for me. I don't know what they did with the notes but I would send them the longest text with Aw Ninety Seven Jab steps inside. He's doing this. You know because one of the points that I think Kyle Shanahan made you know in getting advice from his dad was no defense. Get to know defense. I think he spent all of his stops. He spent a lot of time in rooms with the defensive coaches wanting we know how they react to things and trying to manipulate that through pre snap motion formation changes the run game et CETERA. But with Chris Chris was drafted by the rams. Yep played eight years in Saint Louis and he's an old. You have forty. Plus Jackson Saint Louis in four years and if the tree falls in the woods and there's no one there to hear it. Does it make a sound so now you have an opportunity after a couple of injury. Blake gears for your free and you have a choice to go wherever you want to go. Now he's you. Obviously I think he. He leaned on me a little bit. Chris is someone who makes his zone decisions and and very informed decisions and it was. Atlanta was new. Englander was Detroit. It was Dallas and I kept going back to to. Who's been in the last x number of AFC championship games? Who's been in the last x number of Super Bowl Games And and they're all pointing back to New England so subconsciously I was pushing him towards New England and ironically enough. We were doing that game that year and use and we did the first two hours I think at a park downtown in Houston and I was fine. It didn't hit me and you know been been with this game between playing being in broadcasting almost forty years before the next year I walked into that stadium and it hit me like the humidity getting off the plan. Here Miami the nerves. My son's playing in the super bowl and it just got so big. I don't remember much of what I said once. We got inside the stadium but I had pushed in towards New England so the point where he liked Atlanta liked the head coach. I like the head coach. He was on his way down to Dallas. Going to Richmond Airport in Virginia Virginia and he gets a call from bill check and when bill calls. Sure you're done I want. He calls me every time he calls. You're done I mean he's making the decision decision for you right. He ends up going to New England and I felt like partially because I pushed him there. And now we're in the third quarter. Oh boy it's twenty eight three and I'm the worst at the only thing I could possibly help him with is football and I've screwed it up right and the historical comeback is on and you know Kyle Shanahan was a part of that. Yeah you've been in the NFL so long not only as a player but as a broadcaster and a trusted broadcaster the Mike and Kyle Shanahan relationships really cool and I said this the other day how long joining us for those on our radioside. All famer April bowls. I said DADS want their sons to get credit and it can be sometimes tougher sons. I think it's cool. That kyle uses a lot of his dad's methods and tools no question but I think Mike Wants Kyle to get the credit for it but I I watch. Kyle's offense and I see that look. I played under Mike and you know listen. It wasn't that his tenure with the raiders was was not not good and I think we probably both could've handled it better That being said speaking as a dad and that relationship he has where the sun is obviously special. And obviously Mike's Philosophy of how to beat a football team and how to prepare football. All team has resonated with him because he's taken on a lot of that but with the priests that motions and the shifts and all that he's taken it to I think uh-huh different level and I can tell you and I. I haven't spoken to Mike about this but Mike would be thrilled to death for Kyle to get all the credit. Because when Chris's on that set in a post game down in Houston and they've just won the super bowl and eating those cheeseburgers five thirty in the morning in the lobby. It's not someone who's genuinely optimum Irish so I mean we're a little bit of a hot mess. The next controversy Wednesday ex wife but sitting in that lobby at five thirty in in the morning eating cheeseburger with our three sons and nobody else around troy. Noah's hovering around and was as close to Nirvana As you can get to to give you a northwest kind of Aberdeen Washington for for for Mike Shanahan to watch kyle while not only have the success that he's had this year but in in previous years because you know he's worked his way up he's earned it having a famous dad. Ed is a burden Yup. And it's it's something that I hadn't really anticipated. Yeah so this super bowl now is glorious. I look at our set. I can remember Robert when I came to my first super bowl. We were on something called radio row. And it was just tables and headsets Gamarra's yeah this is a battle star Galactica like on Hgh. I'd rather flight five guys. Go to radio makes two of us. I'm taking my better than yours. But you have been in super bowls when it was not this Glam fast. Let's go back to your first super bowl and the simplicity of the preparation that day and the game well it was super bowl eighteen. We played Washington earlier in the year up in Washington. Lost a close game backed up second long screen pass to Joe Washington. Right here breaks the play. This is Reagan's I believe that's on fourth down. I'm not sure I if it wasn't for it down but oh there's Howie gotTa Valley here. Here's the thing lyle and I had always taken a cab apt to the game lyles Asia and that was our way of doing things we wanted to get there. Early would get dressed. He'd get on the floor and fall asleep. I'd go over every conceivable double play sheet that I could go over and that that was Lila Mate. He tell me one we're dot formation. That's all he wanted to know And so why should this be any different now today with street's blocked and snipers and security you name it. The buses leave now and the streets are closed down while and I got cab and Tampa Florida and went to the game because we went to every other game a cab on Game Day. We get stuck three quarters of a mile from the stadium in the report. Drivers speaks in broken English and he was he was trying to get us through one up on the curb we end up walking. The last has three quarters of a mile through the crowd to get the scooper bowl. Agile as you can imagine is angry. which which which probably was a good thing leading into the game? How long in lyles eight? Oh the causeway Tampa where you're walking on Dale Mabry street go what I wasn't looking at the streets. I was my head was on a swivel in the crowd. Because you never know who you're gonNA run into how long the hall of Famer is joining us. We are in beautiful Miami. Amy We're talking about mahomes earlier and you said a dad can be a burden but I was talking yesterday in a very somber tone about Kobe. Patrick mahomes that they were asked very early. Patrick now it's sort of asked to be the face of the League as Kobe. Kobe made an all team before he was a starter. Yeah most of our icons We let them move into their icon. Stature Kobe were like listen. You're just like Michael being all star but I don't start it's a burden but I do think Colby Colby had a dad who was a pro. Patrick Mahomes your kids to see the life before you'll live the live. It helps when I look at Patrick. MAHOMES THERE IS A. He's fun but serious a kit but grown up and add liber but complete within the sophisticated structure. He feels like Si- Diane to me. I like the temperament does remind you of anybody though. He reminds me physically of elway. Having spent most of my adult life at a ski resort chasing him around was not a great a great deal of fun but the thing that makes this kid special. I think we're throwing throwing the ball more now at every level of football yes middle school Pop Warner High School. It's all spread. It's all a wristband etc.. People are specializing specializing in one sport. These kids were playing quarterback. They're going to seven on seven camps. They're going to showcase camps. It's all year. They're lifting the Red Academies. This is a guy who got three scholarship offers. I believe coming out of high school one of the reasons what people thought he was a baseball try. Dilfer told me yesterday. I thought it was baseball guy but he played three sports. And I think the great part of that is you see elements of all three sports in his game. He's a point guard as a quarterback particularly when extends plays going to his right going to his left and redistributing. Kind of the offense. And it's the rerouting outing of their wide receivers and they know that they know the trick they know the game. And you're you're going to have to whole coverage for six seven seconds which is any turn ity and the pass rush whereas down as the game goes on his ability to act as a point guard and make the off platform throws like a Russell Wilson like the kid in Arizona Middle Infielders who who are used to dropping the armed down and making the throat right point and when everything breaks down the guys in that have been to those camps and the seven on sevens in that's all structured and structured. Sometimes it's chaos and that's when this guy scares you Martin things. Anybody said on our show that the baseball hey guys it's a different sensibility. Urban Meyer believe how quickly these guys get down. Look how quickly he gets done quickly. Russell gets down. Aaron Rodgers is about the only guy that slides that wasn't a baseball player. That I'm comfortable with Dak.. Might Mike Vick Mike. Vick is one of the greatest athletes I've ever seen in my life. Hands Line could could slide. Lebron James Wait a second you of course but it's an interesting because what you're basically saying is when you go to these camps we know we're talking talking about this with Lebron James. All parents want to make our kids live smoother and better than ours but there is value in the struggle and Lebron had to take control of his family. Young ages and franchise is is really built. He is built to get through tough times. So if you go look at the history of the NFL quarterbacks it's remarkable. How many transfer Troy aikman transfer? Yeah and it's remarkable. Forget that people forget how many were overlooked dropped Marino. Rogers and I think to your point a lot of these kids that are star. quarterbacks either Played Two sports maybe I've been better at the other one. They dropped in the draft. And how how does this drop on the ground with the combines in the senior bowl and east West shrine game and you know the forty two workout you do on campus. How does this guy drop in the draft to Andy Reed's lap and if this guy wins the super bowl this guy wins a super bowl? These taking the league over you know. We asked this question yesterday in basketball. Talent is obvious at fifteen but in football Half this league as undrafted. Well you know. I think that's the case with big Gus. I'll give you an example. Buckner and Armstead Both played at Oregon with Kyle. Have you walked up on Buckner. Armstead other huge. They are huge. I mean huge and it was all part of that John Lynch and Shanahan sitting there after two years of subpar. Football your quarterback that you paid all that money for has an acl it drops you down in the draft that allows you the luxury of drafting Bosa one who is as advertised. Don't like a midget wrestler. Ah when you walk on the field your eyes are drawn to turn people I. It was Samuel. I was I was amazed at how physical how thicky was as wide wide receivers essentially running back playing wide receiver and Bosa was. He's built for impact he's built for leverage and Buckner. Upturn armstead ahead of Armstead. I think you know particularly with big players they Volvo later sometime and Armstead it Kinda. It clicked this year. It did he and I was never a fan of his. And it clicked this. And here's what you can do versus what bothers Patrick Mahomes. It's not pressure. Sure because when you bring pressure he's versus the blitz. It's it's can you rush with four. Can you play coverage. San Francisco can rush with four and covered seven when they're when they had the injuries in the middle of the season ticket the defensive front it screwed their rotation up in your defensive line whereas down they get Ford back they get Bosa. They've got the front four back and they just liked you up. Look at how. He's not even sweating. You are are just you. Have you have a prepared me really did Mike said Hey. It's hot on their lights. Are Bright Lights have been bright. Your whole life Howie Long Hall of Famer Number Love Having you on one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you'd you'd like the future is closer than you think and it all starts in the palm of your hand you may have heard the news? Five G. is coming but what does that really mean. How would it impact me in this new IHEART series? This time tomorrow presented by team about a business. Join me also lotion am. I cursed characterize as we will you through the true revolution immobility. That will change the way we interact with the world around us from environmental. The mental science to law enforcement entertainment healthcare and travel innovation is coming. Join us as we explore. How this revolution could impact your life and here just how close we are getting to a more connected future full of possibilities in the age of five G.? This time tomorrow presented by team about the business is now available on the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts. Fifteen years in the NFL. Six Time Pro Bowler and a hall of Famer. Jason Taylor is joining us. Brother of joy Taylor is joining us. She tells me all these great stories all the time you did not have or maybe you did have the typical route to the NFL. You had a lot of doubters a lot of questions people said no when you look back at your. NFL experienced feel common or uncommon affiliate uncommon doubted undersized back when I came out ninety seven. I'M GONNA date myself a little bit here in always six five six six two hundred and forty forty pounds and in the NFL. You were it was kind of a bad word. I try is a derogatory term and people didn't know where you fit or whatnot nowadays. They call them hybrids they pay him twenty million bucks a year everybody anyone you can't find them but I was a little bit too so all my mother's birthday today. She had me a little bit too early. But it worked out so absolute through your what everybody buddy is looking for now. And if you can't play defense they make tight. You're right twenty twenty-nine him or either you just split out run the same it's easy. Let's talk about Jimmy. Johnson's influence Louis on your life. He was just inducted into the hall of fame. Jimmy Jimmy means everything to me. I mean he was. He's a guy that took a chance on a two hundred forty pounder playing defensive in he was very confident. Put me in this situation said listen. Don't worry about learning football right now. Just go find the football and go do it so I think the belief that he put me in the confidence he instilled bill to me gave me an opportunity to run around and I learned a game as I went but you know. He's the way he thinks. He's a philosophy major and the way he thinks whilst the box so different than what other people in the League at that particular time I think even nowadays so differently than we think and it just it instills confidence in his steals bravado. When you that you can do it because he if he believes me I know I can do it? Did you feel a responsibility to be good for Jimmy. Because he took a chance on you you feel responsibility but you also feel that that pressure and heat and on the back of your neck much much like this Miami Heat right now you know Jimmy was demanding and he worked a heck out of you. He pushed you he. He wanted to make practice so difficult. That game failed easy and I never understood that when I was saying that and then after going through training camp with them I realized he's exactly right. We're go to work so hard that we can't wait to get to Sunday and that's what I need if I was a first round. Pick a ninety seven in Miami. I might have been a mess up. You know down here on the beach each getting in trouble. Who knows what but coming into the third round? Pick having a huge tip of my shoulder having a coach that believed in me and made me made me push and grind. I mean I think is really what made me a a pretty good player plan. Miami really good really good. I mean it depends on the time of year. It's really hot but it's really good. I mean it's this is a great city I mean. They love the dolphins down here as much as they're behind the heat and obviously has some great years with Lebron and those guys and and Chris Bosh here the heat you know this is. This is a football town. That's thirty four championship. You know. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to win one but the culture is amazing here. It's a melting pot. There's a lot of places like this around the country but I think Miami is so unique in that it's such a vacation spot destination for people in the Hispanic culture black white Jewish in a really small footprint. You know as far as square footage square miles. It's a love. It's an amazing city. It tasks you as a player though. It tested your discipline. It does the only good thing is that we used to practice Davey Florida so it's about thirty minutes away from here so I lived about ten minutes from the facility and the beat was about a half hour away. So it's closed up. You can get to it but far enough away that you still okay at four thirty in the morning. I gotTA leave that to be a practiced by still get you outta here. I know it sounds crazy leaving at four thirty but it's far enough away and I had great veterans around me guys like Trace Armstrong. Tim Bowens Zach Thomas. So many guys that did the right way. The kind of soldier the route to go that kept you out of trouble a little bit. You played on very good defensive fronts which you are often the star or the Star you've got to AFC Z.. Championship with the jets. Not In a super bowl. San Francisco's got a very athletic defensive front. They've drafted they're all under twenty five and they've drafted it when you you feel like you went into games knowing. I'm better than the offensive. Tackle on-line up against San Francisco gets into several games like that. Did you know it going into the game on tape or did you send it after twelve fifteen snaps. Both really you. Can't you know going in okay. We think we match well well if we can get certain things to happen throughout the course of the game and get a lead. Maybe a two possession lead I know I'll dominate. Is The guy across. You can tell on film. I mean you know when you match up well. Would you like to do what they like to do. You figure out snap count you figure out tendencies some quarterbacks I could take the play clock very very low so now I can get a jump off the ball when there's one or two seconds left in the play clock so you look at all those things now when you come out in the first quarter tell everybody that plays nowadays even the kids coach now. Everybody's fresh in the first quarter. I mean they just had the national anthem. There's a fly over the cheerleaders of doing backflips. Everybody's happy everybody's fresh those guys. I want to do a little extra and play a little dirty and pushing shoving after the play and I use it just turned around and laugh. So you're fresh now but I'm going to see you in about an hour and a half when that sons your neck for two hours and then I know I'm GonNa get you by by the way I saw the steelers throwing up a couple years ago. Mike Tomlin brought a team down here. Could you see teams in Miami. Welt you SOM- wilt. Absolutely we would sit in the sideline and laugh about it. I remember my first eight years especially in the Jimmy Johnson and Dave Weinstein. We had no indoor facility so Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. All those practices that walk-throughs were outside aside so we were always in the elephants. We always we always had the deal with it so we were held on wheels in in September October now November December came around no smile. Add up a little bit and we sometimes rather gas but you could see those guys melting. We had guys of Islamic come back on the field for a new series. He's still have an ice towel around their neck tucked in their in their in their shoulder pads into rhapsody run over and make him pull it out in as soon as you see that I mean it's like a single file line trying to lineup. Because you know I got one now. You're a coach. Now what have you taken from Jimmy Johnson to be a great high school coach. Is there a message or something you learned. I'm from Jimmy. Yeah I think the work ethic is a few coaches. I take things from. Probably you know Jimmy Johnson. Nick Sabin Guy Play for a couple of years and obviously his resume resume speaks for himself. A Guy I love dearly Kirby smart as a bunch of guys that I played for Rex Ryan but Jimmy was a stickler for details. We were always gonNA work. You're go out work everybody. When you're on the grass was have a great time? We're going to have fun out here. That's game is about having fun. But when you're in a grass we need to be the hardest workers in the room and then I always tell oh by Delima now and always at as a player I wanted to get kicked out of practice every day. I want to ruin every Israel to the point where Dan Marino's yelling at me. Jimmy Johnson Nick saving whoever it is kicked us out of practice because they can't get anything done because the demons being opinion too. But when you do that enough then Sunday comes easy and you just go out and do your thing. We'll see a good brother joy. He's a great brother. He's very hard on me as he should have been. You wouldn't let her shot with Michael Jordan. Why she was under age the twenty first birthday that I love it and a brother I love you know why because I wanted to shots? And if she took one the. That's the truth behind Jason Rightfully so. I went to school in Miami. Here was trying to keep an eye on me at all times which I needed probably needed. A couple is on the but you know he's he's always hard on me but she's a really pro. She's very disciplined. Were you discipline WHO's disciplined. She's very disciplined a worker. No social work. Yeah she. She's a qualifier there. I just didn't I never you say joy Taylor. The first ten things that come to mind may not be disciplined. I galaxy together. I see you're in a different light. I've seen her in her worst of times and she's not working but now she's listen. She's worked her butt off the route she took to get to where she is. You know from being inserted and assistant producer all the time you know all the titles she had but she's getting up at four thirty five in the morning she she earned it and in fact we're finally at the point now that if we go to dinner she could pay for it there we go. But yes Jason Taylor Joy. Tanner thank you so much chase hall of Famer Gracie and you. He'll be on Joyce podcast later today. The heard Hello Bunnies. This is arlene. You may know me from Chelsea lately or as Regina Missing Clairon insatiable. I WanNa tell you about my comedy podcast. Will you accept this. Rose which is new to the iheartradio podcast network we recap. Every season of the bachelor franchise is including the Bachelor the Bachelorette and Bachelor in paradise we bring in bachelor super fans including Lance Bass Nikki. Glaser debby Ryan and more catch our first episode on January eight and listen to. Will you accept this. Rose on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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