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It's been angry like why are these not our being our they think so. No I would also say this everyone. Everyone that's watching every expectation Look at every single star Wars TV show but are all Harry minutes and and and it's You know this show is very reminiscent of like the to use another fictional Rick Dalton era of Western very much. Where are there thirty minutes the arcus complete by the end of the episode? The big whatever batty is dealt with by the end of the episode and they move on to the next place. Hello everyone everyone. Welcome to your new daytime television. It really is. It feels lighter Texas like yeah and I love that format like me to sign fine with really excited about it. I'm just kind of cemented for it. Kind of hearkens back to the OH. Let's go watch howdy doody time not not so much that. But if you're watching a show like Davy Crockett or something like that where you would have these celebrities come. It also helped me realizing this helped me like accept the fact that Tyco is only in one episode. Because you're like oh if it really is like these old westerns back in the day where Rick Dalton would come all right the bad guy and get killed off like it makes sense that we've seen You know what in just in one episode or hold on. Don't get too far how WHO's in. What episode I do have to make quick announcement? Yeah I apologize anyone listening to spoil anything. That's a carefully. No so I'll say this last episode on Mental Oriana early on I Spoiled some information about bit Brash. I spoil some information about characters who would be in future episodes. I won't say the name episode it'd be And we got reached out by player a lovely listeners on twitter which you can always do if you want we always Love Yeah we will if you want to like say what you love and what you don't like about the show. We WanNA always try to make the best show for you And so with that. I'm going to say this in episode eight. WHO's GonNa know I'm GonNa down my name's Jimmy? Kimmel fluck gamers okay. I'm kidding so thank you for shouting out and speaking. Yeah Yeah so so yes staying away from from that territory seven still. I think it's still stands that were getting these or at least what's so far being presented as these one off character right we kind of interaction story ARC. That ties them together. Being there in the baby someone their episodic Some would say it's almost Syrian. The logical yeah and I think they're very much in the day for Loney type we we can kind of. ESI Or Law and order this Baloney. I know but I'm just saying it's very law and order rush where you like. Yeah you have banned by the end. You're like it's done so we can just transition right into our first impressions. Yeah Yeah we'll give you first impression. Then we'll do a little bit of the production reduction of what the episode had him. Yes yeah So he wants to go. I go you know. Go for open right off the bat. I just say I'm always excited. When I see Amy Sedaris owning thing I think she is a gem It's nice that she's working on another project because for those familiar elf steele every every seen L. Steel that episode and So I was excited to see that being someone one who is a minority supporter of the phantom menace. I was also excited to see the little droids though pit droids. Yeah Massimo's Eisley I dunno scoring. Yes Super Surprise Easter Egg after Easter Egg For us which was very very nice at first when I first digested justice episode I was like was it a I at first when I did. Just the episode. I at first I was like just I I was like did I enjoy. Enjoy that because The name of the actresses slipping my mind real quick who played Oh yeah that Sh- Chirac is complete within an episode. But then that's when the realization happened for me. I had just been talking about once upon a time in Hollywood someone and I was like. Oh my God this is star. Wars is of the era of these these Spaghetti Westerns and stuff like that that we're like on the fly. Let's finish the ARC that kind of thing so. After it came to that realization it helped me cope with Taika death in the first episode. And that kind of stuff and I ended up liking it. A lot more I enjoyed the Easter eggs. Lot I wouldn't say it's my favorite overdose owed yeah Because three to hold that title in my heart it's hard But it was nice it felt very seventies era star wars. And I really love. There's something I really loved about that. As an maybe nostalgic kick it was I again had a lot had a couple the very similar realizations during this episode and again. Same thing like I don't know how much I enjoyed I mean I did enjoy the episode. It was I think it was pretty decent uh-huh and it was interesting that like you. You realize that star wars with this format is letting us do that as letting us have the characters like ag eleven or whoever is jade and this IGA eleven. Are you love as a Michaud. Yeah yeah and they're using a lot of comedians which is interesting because I just learned this for for some reason I avoided my trivia but the blue guy from the first episode. That's Horatio Oh sands from SNL. Really Yeah his first bounty is Horatio Sanz from SNL. She's and so and also the guy who drives the he is speeder on ice and that first episode museum by the Fish is also another stand up comedian from. Just shoot me and other things. Yeah I recognized him from stuff any complaints. That's what I mean is that you can bring bring in these one off guest guest high profile actors and like have really cool interesting characters for like a half an hour or whatever yeah and not not have to commit to like a saga you know what I mean So it's really it's really nice in that sense so like the assassin and the junior bounty hunter this episode they'll give oster ferry On Solo Very Landau cameras in very it was very much like in that Western thing and I'm and like her interactions with him and like that's pretty cool and yeah I mean it was really. It was really great. I think like sort of moments in the life of how cutthroat it is out here on the outer rim. Yeah you know like that kind of thing so I dug. I dug it from that perspective. Pige royds like come on like that's made me happy. Be Bass Fan Service you could have given it for this episode You know what I was thinking. Well there's A. There's a scene not spoiler alert. Obviously but I mean lean on what he's walking out. I mean this might be favorite part kind of but when he was one hundred thousand initial impressions when he was when he was coming out of the of the shop op for the first time onto the streets of I mean yeah I was like a thing to my head. He's saying I'm here to buy Moisture evaporates bubble gum. And I'm all out of bubble gum or something the state and get some power converters as a as I wanted this. I was thinking so so it was cool to have that sort of like trip So Tom Brings Down for me. Yeah my initial reaction. I think this is probably the worst episodes so far Not saying like it's garbage in blessing comparison. Just in comparison album. I think is probably the weakest Mainly because Nothing really happens at all. The only the main thing that happens in terms of a story is like there's a boot next coming not mean now when space as a lot of theory and theory doesn't do anything onscreen so like it's cool. It's that wasn't my argument the same but it's like unscreened like nothing happens like we get a character that we you know we got a lot of characters that nothing really happens with and then we get a mando Who just kills people but such as the Western? Yeah so it's like it's like every western. TV show is nothing really happens and everyone kind of ends up right back. Where the where? But I mean there's even at a point where it's I don't even did take care to root for anybody because it's like well obviously man does not going to die and obviously the only person that I you like. Hopefully she'd like was Emissaries there's hopefully she doesn't mechanic was it but I was like junior bounty hunter. Four point. You're you're you're going for a little bit of that popcorn popcorn value of like that combined with your your you love the character so you WanNa see what shenanigans they get to week tweets. It's much like much like You know buffy the vampire slayer buffy. Ri- yeah I know that someone's going to double crosser in your class happens is with the care to. That's been for more than one episode. Yeah and so. If someone's like this is my first time you try to really double cross the do with Bhaskar armor like you know will literally. It's worth a lot now. At this point. That could take a shot and you plan to take his baby. It's like Batman. It's like you plan to so that's what I liked me now wins a cat appearance I wouldn't say it's a cameo tate guest appearance yeah I liked you know seeing him. Interact with another bounty hunter. But we interact with other banners before And then Easter eggs. Yeah and so for this was more just like cool cool. It's a it's a story so to me. It's definitely the weakest story But I think overall like to me in some sense like I could love to. We know more star wars movies and I would love to see these different sour shows. Yeah that'd be awesome and I think where they could definitely hit their stride and made me think about them like they're definitely sitting on a pile of of Ip that they can make star wars into a game of thrones star wars into to an MCSE They can make star. Wars into thrones And I think that's actually to me to their benefit do longer episodes but detain episodes or not or you know do six. I mean not. We're not talking mandolin different show for but also like could do that with with another mando with another character great like it could be like the first manned Laurean maybe hour long epic Manda Lor. Yeah and it'd be it'd be it'd be cool. It's definitely like having that week to week and having a TV. Show sensibility. Like I like kit like I'm watching other shows as we speak as well like I'm watching. I'm on the second season now rebels and like it's just literally I like it a lot And there's a lot of things in there that animation gives way to that live. Action can't get away with in vice versa. That like you can't get some of the seriousness animation that you can't get with live action. I think they can get pretty weird with star wars if they wanted to like the way like like Juan Division. Whatever that's going to be I'm like I'm lacking have different genres? They want a character. That's a I don't know if I'm pronouncing twilight to tweet try to. It's the it's the race. That has the long appendages over their head not to be confused. Used with Like a shock as No there's actually down Do I I mean they know painted color or anything. I think the first one you saw was in return. Turn the jet. I was with the the guy who works for the hut with like the big boobs on his head. Yeah the red eyes and those are typically men but the women are you could be like green and blue and also also I was like oh because it was But yeah so should we go into production again then can be absurd. Yeah I have some of the Easter egg drops and and fan theory stuff. I'd like to discuss a little bit as well so we all know everything at the top But the director for this Mr Day Phony best known. Four clone wars or star wars clone wars Star Wars rebels and stars resistance. They're all are also provided by Disney plus and I was looking at all of that The other than Pedro Pascal. We have amy sedaris. Who is best known from Strange Candy Elf and put some boots Jake take a carnival who is best known from nurse. Jackie Romance and cigarettes eat brain and love And me now. When from Mulan agents of Shield End streetfighter as chummy? Yep H only The episode with the credits as well as the stink creek or as the previous this is thirty five minutes but without that about thirty minutes The episode premiered on December Sixteen Nineteen and the tomatoes score since last time we recorded when up five points critically so it's a ninety four percent critics and ninety five for audience. Nice so but you. It's weird you can't read one review you on rotten tomatoes. Why not they're interesting? Google reviews their runs. Aren't there it's crazy. I was looking for it. Run tomatoes as whack anyway inches. Yeah as we say the points made up and yeah I switched favorite parts here. Yeah we've gone through everything else right. Oh brief synopsis of the episode. Oh right so Mando and the baby land on Tattooing Moss Eisley to be a specific Pacific After getting a ship battle which they barely escaped from yeah where he steals his line loved that bit? It's my line. I am a sucker. You'll learn this about Who Your this is your first episode? I am a sucker for the. Let's say something before we kill the bad guy. One liners are like they need to come back more. They need for those of you who are at the top of my list. It is from the thing where the thing roars at Kerr Russell and he says yeah. Fuck you to stick a dynamite. One liners though. Is that like you can't really plan for. WHO's the king? The one liners Schwarzenegger course and he. He says you can never plan for. No but I think there's a half hour video of all of his or something Meted meted I'm doing well tonight. In meted there they are met by a mechanic with three pit droids Played by Amy Sedaris. He pays for the docking fee. But to get it all fixed up. He's going to need more. Money goes into town looking for work where he meets a WanNa be Bounty hunting guild member Pretends to be all cool principal. Cool finds out. It's his first. One smashes the pucks at the Mayo has to use him in order to find the target Who is a legendary legendary assassin who has killed countless people from the guild? Freezing is whoever's gone after it doesn't make until sunrise is there you go and find out why So we go into the Dune Sea of tattooing where we are greeted by a couple of Tuscan asking readers. San People In a very cool moment a barter is made And they get safe passage across where they've met with a sniper which is their target so they wait until nightfall? They both take off on their speeders which are I forget? The actual swoop bikes gives me there by speeders take on the swoop bikes using flares players. To make the the scope was cool. One thing leads to another man who gets shot off his bike. The new guy gets up. There has little sister graphs and the Mendoza sneaks up Ashanti Sneak up on her and they arrest her so They have only one swoop. Bike laughed. Aft So the Mando says I'M GONNA go look for do back after some negotiation. Stay here. She tries to talk the new guy into. Hey let's work together and bring this Mando in. He's betrayed the guild he's worth countless amounts of dollars. You'll be a legend and he says that's a good idea shoots from the gut and rides awesomeness with bike One thing leads is to another do back. Ensues Mando finds the guy there with the baby. Yoga with the mechanic played by stares at gun. Point gets him to drop his gun. He puts his hand behind his back where he mysterious sees that he has a flare very John MacLean style was Shoots the flare dips around. A barrel shoots suits them right in the chest and they take off happily ever after after paying. What looks like a ton of money? Well this covered Yeah the charge extra for babysitting. Yeah and then was very an and I think also I mean. Obviously he's been there more than once. Yeah and they have have a relationship. Yeah so yeah. I think that about sums it up. But Papa boots walking towards the core scrambled screen boots. Sorry so I think that was about ten minutes long Yeah so favorite parts. My absolute favorite parts is is the the Tuscan raiders. The Tha the San People Yeah here's one of the reason is this show has now made them can in Lee sneaky sneaky. Remember when it sneaks up on Luke and at the right in the goggles it happens Again in another everyone else. But now it's cannon that they are just loves Nike is Shit like asking yourself. What the fuck if they're like John turturro character from Mr Deeds. Yeah they were. They weren't like attacking. No no no no no I I think they know what Mandala remembers like to They'll attack a farm boy right And the moment just having that that moment of them like negotiating and it's just a side you don't get to see just Mike that day the stacey themselves as the locals and everybody else's the invader so it's interesting interesting like native American vibes. Barters them safe passage for the binoculars Anyway that was probably top of my list. Right yeah I think my my favorite actually probably when the child. That's the name of Baby Yoda Get Out of the ship because Mando puts it's The baby away and to go do his job but then pally is playing games with the little droid DOTS and also She goes and takes care of the beaten. Dan just kind of like. I don't know good good something with bones and feed the baby a little. You've cared about the barrel and I think that's wonderful. Yeah I liked. Her character was is a really great addition to this show. Yeah again it gave it that very seventy start like new hope vibe. We'll also it's like cool the first first person that doesn't come and attack you. Yeah you know it's like someone that kind of loves you like an older sister would yeah also did you notice when she asks the pit droids should I do it. It one throws his hands up like I don't know when nods and the other one shakes it's great. You guys are a lot of help. Yeah so I I. I liked her and like You know when when everyone with her in at the end the baby yoga like whenever when it comes back and finds out the baby is missing and then he I'm awake and then it starts crying going woke it up. Yeah so it's like it's it that's a that's a fun piece of it you know like a bit of a breath from like the guns blazing which also. I'm sorry I'm GonNa Steal this one Set a good favor department is actually how the episode Starts Very Day. felonious square were in the middle of some sequence Just to get to. And that's kind of the thing with all in line with rebels and clone wars. It's like at the end of the battle. This is where the narrative starts and I like that style because at works really well for TV especially like this. Yeah Attention some most you know shows airline dramas are just like continuation stories. So it's like one giant movie sometimes Depending on turf different directors and show that were how strong the show hold onto it but like with this. It's like cool jazz star in the middle of about because we know I to me. I was actually trying to get the points like. I don't know how good good this mandal oriented is actually. I think he might be just as garbage as jaw as Janko. And he's not a like a like a great warrior but he's on his way I pre- smart. I would say this I think Super Smart. He would best Boba but he may. I have trouble with Django. I would say just cinematic. I just feel like I mean Mace Windu. Everyone dies against Mason Window. palpitation dining like what by you know. May's window yeah so about it the wrong way. I'm just saying but also gender didn't have best car Yasser Sir but I'll also he didn't get shot a lot either and this guy got shot a ton. I think my favorite moment honestly is it's just him landing in the beginning to Mosley like him being like with radio to to the planet to Tattoo enemy. Like yeah we're DOC. Whatever like great? I'm putting in locked into the dock or whatever just. Having that happen was awesome. It was great home and then I really liked their attack. They're like like a told. There's swoop by by smart. This is a really cool encounter where I'm watching you like time these flares to where you know she's got a lineup shot a little different as ever play any shadow the empire not complete on the empire you are this character named Dash Dr. Who's like friends with Han Solo and Luke and all that kind of stuff and it's kind of takes place? If I'm recalling correctly it takes place between like new hope and empire or empire and somewhere in there during right before rich and the and the original trilogy yeah And one of the main things you do is you're on a swoop bike out to meet Luke in the middle of tattooing bikes. I was like oh my gosh dash render must be right for. What are you going to? I was going to say we're going to get apart from the topsy station. Exactly yeah no but it was Yeah Yeah right must have been right after empire strikes back yeah but it Yeah it was cool to see those in action and they like race up with like fell. Really good yeah a lot of youth carbonite. I mean to me that kind of I mean I liked this saying it seeing how they take out a sniper. Because it's like to me it's against pretty rudimentary because I feel like that's like video game this And it's like that's what happens like they can't can't shoot you the Kent C. J. C. You but some things I did like about it was that like how the Manda News. Oh that could only be shot with an M. K. rifle ball blog and like the like we the if we alternate flares. Yeah then also it's like we're gonNA wait till nightfall. It's like cool. He knows what to do. Like I like seeing effective characters like oh he knows what he's doing and he's like yeah this all make sense and so like seeing star wars do that in in this realm it like it feels nice. It's also interesting that like He. I feel like you could have gone for her at any point. Maybe he didn't know there was a bounty on her head until that moment. Well I also don't think he really cared men Lauren. Yeah but also like if someone else has. I don't know if if he would have accepted the mission as well. 'cause I mean this guy has sent tends to find things down here before. They mentioned her yet. Did they in an early echoed. Yeah this is possibly also it's kind of like you know going back to video game logic. It's Kinda like you don't sometimes you don't go for certain missions. Just want to get the other one. That's going to get easier and also get your money money right and like other until the child. He really had no other reason to do anything. Also like I guess the guilt might be not necessarily all connected by like he might. It'd be doing with the local system with Carl weathers plan. It's the current mission set in this exact at like world war. Yeah right so I mean like yeah and and to me again like he doesn't like if obviously it's again a fist hand to hand combat. Feels like you probably would have bested The assassin but then like again. Why would he go for it if they're probably not that much money? Yeah and I don't even think Here to the child neither nearly enough money. Yeah Yeah I wanted to. Yeah I just wanted to check. I want to go back and check the box because this one was ten thousand credits someone who see what what the other ones were. The other ones were still in high but then also like again efficiency right and plus. He probably didn't want to get away too far from his mandatory so I'm also really excited to figure out what Navarro is. Oh sorry yeah I mean obviously it was the main declaring enclave. I wonder what happened there. Yeah where they go favorite another. They say they're GONNA move it. Another favorite part. It's not even a part it's a frame is finally seeing those damn stormtrooper helmets. Oh yeah under the hikes. I'm like God finally yeah Seeing him on the trailer. Yeah yeah but then seeing them in this fill in this episode for finally. It's like how he walks through the city with the K.. And what tattooing thinks of the empire. Yeah so my cool boy luke on his side shits rough but no no navarro or Lewis went. You don't like the when he's talking to the assassin she's saying don't I don't see many men Delorean's round ever and she goes must've survived Navarro or something to that effect so something happened some like mass manned Laurean Orian extinction editor was referring to just the tough tough or whatever that they that she learned. Was that Navarro. That must have been the planet. Possibly all I know I- zags repeated almost verbatim to him All I know is that in rebels. there's still a lot of stipends ends of Manda laurean still around. Yes and the protectors is the one that I recently watched and that section like allied with the empire. Yeah but I don't know what section that this Mendel rings for. So because I thought the same thing when I saw it when when she says Varos and then when she says it to the to the kid it must have been the name of the planet I was like Oh i wonder Oh she must have been referencing that. Yeah you're probably right. Yeah that's probably where that big battle down episode three but I mean to your point. They need to their relocating relocating somewhere. Yeah he's gotTa go back for that for that left thigh mandatory and sound grant Hunter Guild Planet is called Navarro. They're looking up online onto google I thought I saw that and then I saw other ones. Were there like Mandalay. Enclave and I was like what is probably. There's probably commonality with that was there. Yeah and it's true Yes they're in hiding. Yes early so Navarro. Is that planet. Now they've got a now. They've got a nerd on you place. That's always yeah so pretty much yeah. I didn't Survive Navarro as in like do you think circle back with them. We must right. I look I'm not here to talk about future because I get in trouble. Yeah I mean I will say this though. We'll know apparently the the the publicists the PR agency for whoever does this shit Drop the Office for the last episode so out there by I'm reading I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa read it. I'm going to read Any other favorite parts. No I have. I have a lot of favorite parts but they have to do with Easter eggs. That I will talk about at the end of the episode. Won't say well don't let yeah. We'll gush more at the end if we think of things but let's for the episode. Who hurt her name is one hundred percent? Halley pelley earlier came. Yeah I'm a I'm a sucker frame sitters. I first of all I think she's got some some charm some some spark that just I like every character. She's played she had dialogue. I know vis between her but everyone else had dialogue. Not Not that much the other than the other the Mando other than man. What's your name the sniper The actress or the panic. Something like she was cool. I just think of Fox. That's just wasn't there wasn't enough of her and that's one of the things you are not robbed of is sort of like the harsh term to use. But it's just you don't get don't exporting addresses much with this format you get her in two scenes just like a bad person and then which which can be spun to like a good thing. Because like I wanted to learn more about her and what her deal is why she so we might who knows you might judging by that teaser. At the end maybe she forced ghosts. Shots George Lucas August showed up Ted quite gone. John coombs Yeah we must qualms I can start us off STU short uh-huh As to short it's only on Disney Plaza. I don't know I've come across this with a few shows as of late eight or a few things as of late it seems to be mostly TV. But I want reason night. Scenes are not lit. Well enough mark. It's it's very dark and like I'm thinking of just the night scene and specifically the fight between the kid and her when he sneaks up behind her whatever. I turned my lights out when I watched it so it wasn't bad I only lightly. Yeah so I couldn't do that. I watched it on my on my lunch break today. And I didn't have the issue and I would say this. I think that's actually stand because of the push of digital film-making because a lot of people like really dark scenes nowadays like could you can have dark though I feel like with with still a few key lights to like. Get you better edges. That get you that everyone. That guttural thing was putting up my quotation tation fingers because like because I remember when like Blair witch project came out everyone loves just hand held Oh God yeah yes a S- see me fucking cinema verite vertigo or guerrillas shooting wherever the hell it is but a lot like With a film called Collateral Michael Man developed these like lights for shot digital's huge that he did that and people like love that aesthetic in fact about that he made all the light's yellow on purpose because because La was going through transition where they were changing led's and a big part of La at the time was the yellow street lights and so that's also preserved it on film which is pretty cool thing for me like I really don't don't like white. Led look like yellow tungsten hard shadows but a lot of people typically prefer very flat I'm pretty much a minority. I think in that sense I now. I'm with the yeah. I like dimension. Nolan likes high contrast yea hike. which is what you need and so I mean I like that for anything? That's because it to me you. You're setting a tone emotion. Yeah but some people like not saying you're Khuamlo's but like some people just wanna see everything as if it was a sound stage right But Yeah I do agree like if you had like one key light. Just Kinda shot and you had it like flagged off to just show a face. 'cause I mean there's like there's a couple of things famously but one of them that Al never forget is the fast and furious The drag racing the first one the first one okay. There is a massive spotlight end under the street. Oh for sure for no reason like in like within the scene for no reason. Yeah but then you zoom back at a weird like there's like a couple of aerial shots where you see that spotlight even what like you don't do that egregious but like there's a there's there's there's chance to play half with colorful that's thank you wanna see or do you not want to just meet my perfect yet and that's what you value in these rather see it instead of guesstimate. What's happening right Unless it's super intentional. When you can tell it's intentional this if you have issues with right having Intel? When it's intentional is what I think this was? This was a aren't that's a mistake. It's almost a I didn't care for the Writing for the new guilty for Muga. Yeah yeah it felt a little flat and I I I don't want to. I think the actor did fine with what he was given Because that's tough but I. I was disappointed. Flown is usually pretty good but then I realized he writes with other people a lot. I also say alone I mean okay. This is also an argument and a discussion pointed talk about what is Star Wars right as it. Still the children's movies with space wizards or is this something something different because Baloney will the movie Yes but the TV show no it. Wasn't that's not how it's targeted this show. But all the other shows are right and so that's felonious strength is showing showing and it's coming into this and not his strength is kids right not translated. It's very different than how you'd perceive on this because it's like it just seems like yeah. It tells a story across crossbow like with the voice actor and Cor- you know this you amp it up with film you pull it down so like with that kind of writing. If you had Steve Blonde along behind it sounds like you're saying he. His strength is reading animation. Possibly right maybe writing characteristics until this point. I haven't felt that way about the dialogue. And maybe but that's yeah fabra strength is live action dialogue maybe But that character felt very just fell flat for me it was very genera and I think there was a lot of opportunity to make it really interesting. As a character very wanted it to be very landau like his arc is very Orlando until Lando flips back. Once they realize that we don't care about the character at all right and we neither does but he could have had more more that debonair on air kind of charmed and so that actually kind of brings it to my point a little bit about the character. He the character himself as a qualm. Because it kind of does mean a lot when a star is in that role and a few weird to say that where it's like if that character had been woody Harrelson. That would've been a different thing that had been timothy. Charlemagne Anton on Yeltsin a younger kid would have brought there. There would have been some kind of tearing their flavor. Taron Egerton probably. And that's that's a shoe imprint. Very shitty thing to think about and say but star power is a real thing and it does affect how ingesting and the writing better. Yeah and but like the like this characters like Manda has no deal worth to deal with them as a means to an end and then like I just okay so going hearken. Back through shout back throwback to our cowboy bebop episode episode where he took on that little young protege and taught him how to like be like water and fight martial arts and so I suppose dies that to me would have been a little bit nicer because we felt more sympathetic forum and who could have played that role really well and sold it is. Do you know who ben Feldman is now. If you ever seen gene the show superstar no no no no Ben Feldman Ben fell this guy. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. I think he would've brought. Aw that little extra starpower not too much but enough where. He's the kind of actor you immediately care about. Because you've seen him before and you're like like this guy And I think that that is no fault of the actor who was cast at all. I think it is obviously. There's a great opportunity it's everything it's directing. Its writing thing in to me. It's like that's why I say like this. So I think is the weakest one instance because like you count through a character that the whole narrative surrounds this character bringing in narrative to man does the casting wrong I mean possibly I mean like to me like I didn't think certain people can act like Oh you just need a director indicate CAMAC but they just need to pull it out of yeah like oh you can derive this. This guy was a legitimate like he he did fine. But like you're right. You needed that little extra star power to trust this person. There I know him. There is a little subversion and it's done well with camera where like you I see him. He's like sitting at icons like Han on Solos doing. Oh this is kind of cool. Not only at a booth but at Viva Zebu and so for me I would feel like okay. This would be cool if he is more like an asshole all like. Hey you need this money and you take me with you. And then he betrays them and then like never is he had become like Hondas character in Rab- rebels but the kind of cool. Let's make him cool then also to make them sympathetic but then also let's make them like impressionable then. Also it's silly then also let's make like so they did a lot with the character in such a breakneck speed like almost became invisible at that point. Because I've never seen the true. Yeah because you'd kind of don't stick with them at all whereas starpower actor could give you that little seem to me like that's why I would say I mean now. Catcher is much better because you have that I whoa. I don't know who she is. I know what I'm going to get out of. Yeah and also it's like I know what I'm going to get out of it and so when a surprise can happen I feel more gratified for me. Yeah you're right because like especially casting asking someone who I know I'm right as always I'm done. I'm not gonNA feed into that anymore with someone like Ben Feldman who doesn't typically pay a villain having that turn catch you off guard more where his turn. I was like okay. That's who he is now because I don't know who the sectors really yeah but Yeah so that that this whole story kind of really took a weird turn. Funny that I like. I kinda almost wanted it to be more of Pelly babysitting iota. I'd rather have that because if it was just GONNA be Mando go out shoot. Something get caught. She's dead comes back. Nothing happened I think more interesting take on. It could have been to to re to save. That character. Could have been like what you're talking about. Where maybe he's going to betray him decides not to and then he dies saving him I that he shouldn't have betrayed him at all? I mean I'm just saying I'm just throwing idea but I mean like kind of in that same where where it's like it's like hey I'm going to be just like you. Let me know the way. And then the audience or against like how how do you do this. Whereas Best Garner Blah Blah Blah now? Since I think I'M GONNA get that we're going to get the prize my bow and then dies. Maybe like like maybe he could like be certain to commit to like different scenario would be committing to become a mand Laurean like you take him out under maybe like you're kind of like a filming or or maybe if this young bounty hunter has had like a wife and kid and the only reason turnabout hand because he had food on the table but then realize more sympathetic. Yeah one of the other words like either you're Super Dushi. But don't kill him or super sympathetic and then kill him. Yeah so for me. This is if like Mando. Should've woken him them up and Mike work with the struggles of like yeah at he kid going through. Although I liked that moment you have you done totally. Just I don't have any recordings besides that but I it's a pretty big one because the whole episode rides on that. That was the only thing that stood out to me of. I don't enjoy the rest of it. I was like okay. I dig this but having said that it was still cool to get PA- insight from a lawyer perspective until like how you get into what it takes to get into the guild. I do like pressures And I would say also another kind of like a little bit of a boring shot. Selection there is a good shot of A mysterious character going next to the ship and the camera follows her through the legs and it has a really good moment to do a rack focus instead of just cut away and I'm like sparring. Yeah let's stay phony. I guess again over live action. Maybe possibly neither qualms oh renovated part though. Oh Yeah. When he breaks breaks the FOB tell Manda was supposed to be like what the fuck man like? Now it's all my head when you break the puck the choir there was a good way up Bob. He breaks the plot device that the FOB is deep deep. Breaks that but I'm talking about the kid breaks the PUCK. Yeah Oh he does. Yeah the Puck with all the information on the Hologram Cottam. He breaks it and then made us. He's gotTa take with you memorized at all. So if you want that bounty you take me. Yeah no other. Yeah an ball a little bit of Easter Egg nece and then what the fan theories going around are so the first Easter egg that I noticed is that that Cantina obviously is from new. Hope and do you remember the one rule about at that Cantina no droids no droids. And what does it run by Adroit droids so some shit has changed. Yeah you've had droid Mike it's also also and pl- someone out there. Please correct me on this. But I- rebounded and posit a couple of times. I'm pretty sure the droid that pulls up to the Cantina in one of the establishing shots is our five five oh wow def- default which is the one who's in new hope when it's a motivator breaks O. R. Two gets to go with C.. Three PM said Yeah. I'm pretty sure it's that droid because because there was an entirely cannon book that came out that told the story behind that he did that on purpose so that are too could be with three three. Po Book It's worth the read are too is trying to sabotage our five and are like dude. What the fuck are you doing in our to explain to him that he's part of rebellion. He's trying to make sure that he gets picked to go with C. Three Po and then archives. Like look. If I don't get picked I'm going to if I don't have a owner soon. You're not going to shut down so I can't help you out. There are two felt sympathetic. So He's GonNa let him go that's why are just sitting there being like but then I guess overnight in the book I believe it's overnight are five is reflecting on it. And he's like I really loved the passion that are two talked about the rebellion with and what he's doing and so what he does he. Purposefully Springs his motivator to make sure that our two gets picked so he like sacrifices himself the rebellion to make sure that our hero. We didn't need I want to say that and only beeps boop so better. You could do that with wally. I know that was a better than this. I'm not getting AH five four. Who has no fixed motivator? Obviously living the highlife great. I don't know if you guys remember Luke referring to beggars Kenyon at so when she says I do very familiar yes so at the end of the take it out of here. I don't know biggest entertaining biggest brat. That's what it was. And then she calls him along route yet she calls else Milwaukee The other thing and this is one. I actually found online The she's no she's no good to us. Dead is the same exact thing. BOBA FETT SAYS DIVIDER WHEN THEY'RE GONNA freeze them in carbonates. He's he's no good to me dead so I think it was a nice reference on Ted Twain where Boba Fett died right right. What unquote Now the theory theory going around obviously is who has the boots and the Cape who do people think it is and this is not. They're going to say something. This is my theory because it was in the trailer. There's a long Cape I don't know how to say I don't think he had a long Cape. This is my point. Okay okay. There's a long is a long Cape Ki. Goes down to the ankles his command lawrence but his was disorder blades. Yes so my my my point is that it's not Boba. I know I read Giancarlo. ESPOSITO has been shown in the trailers to have have a long Cape that goes down to his saga. So I'm assuming it's him that's my theory again and it's all trailer base. It's not sure what's that I said. Saw Guerrero it's not. It's not forest whittaker I'm not again I'm not. I'm not looking ahead and episodes during my theory becomes a big bad. Because that's what happens in breaking bad spoilers well because he was like Manda Lor I mean that would be really cool. Amanda Laurean or Mandala. You're like he's like one of the Lorne. Because isn't it mandatory. There's one if if that's what I believe he's part of the Empire is a sect of mandatory at join the Empire Right and he was on in a higher. There's some other stuff in the trailers I won't in case people only watch the trailers once I won't go into very much but there's some other information I believe I think if he is in it if it's him I think he's probably empire but we'll see what you see this all just fucking we have point. We're going to start off. I know I know how tom would feel about us. In bobby fit in this. Not your favorite. Oh No to me. I'd be like redemption period. Baby would you be down and to me. Okay Look I love a good good like Setup right like seeing a certain character show up in clone wars like the third season and Showing up in the second season of rebels is really cool and you're like Oh redemption. Because I only saw you'd be a piece of shit in this movies and now you can be cool. Yeah and I would love to see because I think I don't want to not like characters. Yeah I don't like that's a piece of shit character garbage character that's person's car trash like everyone's super dope then it's like. There's so many things you I love about it but then if everyone's garbage and it's like why does everyone fuck has I'll be honest if it is. I will not be upset. No no one. I don't see who would be upset. I would would love a little showdown between both Miller in One like in a world where we're not going to get a Boba Fett movie or whatever like and I would also be fine with Manda Laurean winning that fight. Yeah for sure body fat. This is the man delorean Stein. Not Bogus However I it's unlikely I feel like my Boba I in my in my do something with Boba Fett? I think they're going to save it for a Boba Fett movie or some sort or it might lead into like oh they fight and they don't kill each other and then it leads into a movie or Django his second son. Another clone cool abso. Yeah does awesome. I'm excited for this show. y'All yeah we have Three episodes left. This is like the first cliff-hanger we've had great. It is because most of it just sends with them on a ship like the first episode Tapie Clipping True True. But this is like. Since since the pilot this is the first like non episodic. Well I think I think we're starting to ramp up to awesome hardware store excited for it because again. Three eight total we left right and I think one of them is going to be completely removed from lot really really because of Mike I Forget I have but one of them is like a different writer based on a story. It's like none of the other ones is is based on. It's going to be about the mandal. Maybe hey maybe that's what they mean. That's like from from cannon somewhere from based on the Lego. ooh Oh my God please yeah. Please let me tell the story or something but anyways what do you think do you think. Would you be upset if it was both fat. And do you think the mental or would beat both put your comments below Congress sublime and smash my bike button or you can come join the conversation with some like minded individuals over at our discord at Patriot again and you can learn more patriots that I know. You're not patriotic there. It is and learn a lot more about the show including all the other shows. We have cable Crusaders. We have the note on the PODCAST oppor. We have been heard on update. Check all those shows out and more near dot dot the end while the at us on everything because we like getting out of that make it happen so rings out Ali. You know the drill as always gone doc Indian broadcast.

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