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Seth Rollins Social Media Drama


If you don't know Sirius XM, then listen, up commercial free music, plus sports, comedy, talk and news. They have it all. And right now, you can get your first three months of serious accent outside the car for just one dollar. Go to Sirius XM dot com slash busted to see operatives and to subscribe offer available to new series, XM streaming subscribers Sirius XM. No car required is the busted open odd cast, you can listen to the full show weekdays from nine AM to two PM eastern on Sirius XM bite nation channel one fifty six. Welcome to the post, it open podcast. This is Dave Greco on today's episode WWE hall of Famer bully Ray. And I talk about a WWE champion who took up bake STAN this week dissect, how certain relationships are portraying on WWE TV and why the dead man will return at extreme rules ever since stomping grounds. WWE universal champion. Seth Rollins has had enough with the negatively on social media. We'll talk about his most recent comments from yesterday, which address his friend. And former partner dean Ambrose speaking of Seth Rollins his relationship with Becky Lynch has been put out there for everyone to see on WWE TV this week. We'll tell you why Mandy Rosen Sonia DeVille, maybe headed down the same path when it comes to smack them. Plus, everyone is still talking about the shocking return of the undertaker on raw this week. Pull the array gives you his three reasons why the dead man is back for stream rules. And while we'll see him at Somerset all that right now on the bus, it open pocket Rollins tweets that started on Sunday and went through the last couple of days. We'll Osprey chiming and Chris Jericho chiming in Barron. Corbin chiming in highly entertaining. Do you think that's what it really is? Highly entertaining. Or do you think there's a little venom behind some of the words that are being said Bowie, I think with the I think with. What said between Seth will and baron. I do think there's a little bit of venom behind it. I really do. And I honestly don't like it. I don't like to see the boys arguing on social media. Unless there's some kind of real issue. Listen, I haven't, you know, it's not an old saying for me, it's a new Saint for me. Men don't throw shade. They throw fists if you've got a problem with somebody, then you take it out with that person face to face, not on social media or pick up the phone, and call the guy and put him in his place or something like that. But this whole social media book bickering. I'm just I'm just not into it, especially between wrestlers. I think Seth sent out a tweet saying, I'm proud of the company that I worked for and where the best pro wrestling on the planet. I think a lot of fans chimed in on that. And they jumped on the on the negative train like they normally do will, I believe was having a little bit of fun going. I'm alive. We'll just say, hey, man. I'm a pretty good wrestler to, and I think I could hang with you. He's, he's might even be saying, you know, I think we should have a good match. If you read between the lines. Lines, and we'll Osprey versus Seth Rollins would be a foot nominal match. And if you told me that they were bickering on social media because there was a payoff offer. An end result. I think I'd before it. But I don't know what the payoff her end result is here. These guy like will operate ever came to WWE, they'd clip his wings, clipped them quick, and then he brought up ricocheting like we'll Osprey said, I even mentioned ricocheting your tweet, so I don't know why you're mentioning ricochet now. Seth Rollins was just on a pallet cast Sports Illustrated media podcast with Jimmy trainer which dropped yesterday, and it was taped just hours before this past Monday night, raw and the one of the one of the answers to two questions that I think is probably the most relevant and the conversation that we're having Seth talked about him defending the WWE on Twitter. You can only sit back and, you know, re people, you know, bashing something you love for so long. On and sit there and take it and try to, you know, take the high road, so to speak. And so, you know, I'm real proud of what I do every single week. And that's just Mondays but every single Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday, really I'm real proud of what I do. And what our crew does and the effort they put forward. I'm not talking about just the of the guy in Bill. You see out the Raymond, I'm talking about everybody's creative all the way to Japan. You know, we put it a kind of effort into making a of it. I think is pretty darn good, considering the about content. We put out there and the fact that people wanna sit on the little soap-boxes on their little stupid social media machines in talk down about it really speaks volumes about kind of generation where they're at it. So I figured why, you know, somebody's gonna fight that it might as well, Masons, I am champion. I consider myself dot tire company. Now, I think everything that Seth said, in that answer on the Sports Illustrated, media, pod. Cast is absolutely true. I yeah, he is the face of the company he's the champion. He feels I guess to defend this company. Plus he wants to defend his company based on that answer because he feels everyone their buses asked from top to bottom. And he's kind of tired of like you said the vocal minority on social media criticizing the company and like enough is enough, and he felt it was time to fire back. But lemme ask you bully. Like, is it the right thing to do you know should he be firing back? I have no problem with him defending his company, but being that the WWE is by far and above the number one pro wrestling company, or sports, entertainment, whatever, you want to say, you know, is it the best thing for their champion the fire back on all the social media criticism? Okay. So you have to take people's individual personalities and maybe Seth got a little fired up, and he felt the need to fire back and defend himself and his company and the locker room and creative, which I understand. And but I'm going to try to compare apples to apples here in the WWE. Who do you think has received more hate on social media? Over the past I, I don't know five years, whatever Seth Rollins or John CENA Johnson. How does John sina handle the negative handle the negatively on social media? Let's smile with a joke. I mean, that's, that's how he you know, when he would get booed in Irina era, chanson, sina sucks. He would have a smile on his face. He kind of embraced the hate. Yeah. When you embrace it, it kind of it kind of acts, as a deflector shield at just kinda hits you and rolls away. It seems like Seth is playing into it a little bit by playing into it. You open up the floodgates for fans just to be negative. And then when you attack when you attack the, the fans sitting home on their keyboards and the Twitter, trolls and everything like that. I agree with him. And dave. I know you agree with him. Because we had a conversation about wrestling fan to you even said it. What do these people have nothing better to do? But to sit at home and to troll, their social media's just waiting to write negative stuff. And in most cases, the answer is what Dave. Yes, they they have the time. It's like go do something with your life. You don't have to live on social media, just the bash people. But Seth did what he felt was the right thing to do. And I commend him for that. But in doing that you open up the floodgates for that negatively to rush in. So I'm just comparing it Seth. And you know, in this interview that Seth did with traina. Seth talks about John, and he talks about how much respect he has for John and John's work ethic. And he's hoping to be able to work up to the same level as John well in this instance, in might be it might be smart. I'm not telling south Rollins what to do. I'm thinking it might be smart to adapt. To the John seen a way of handling social media. You just let it die, or you take it, and you reverse it because John would basically say, hey, you know, you, you can love me or you can hate me. I'm still going to go out there and I'm going to do what I do. And I'm still going to represent the greatest company in the world. Well, I mean one reason why he may be a little sensitive and felt that he had answer the questions in this way, is because of what his friend had to say about the WWE likely you're hearing God's busted open, live, weekdays from nine AM to twelve PM eastern on Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six or on demand with theories accent app, talking about Seth rounds and his interview with Jimmy traina of these Sports Illustrated media podcast that dropped yesterday, and we played for you, why he felt the need to defend his company on social media, a lot of this started bully because of the Jon Moxley slash dean. Ambrose interview with Chris Jericho on talk is Jericho. And in this interview, Seth mentioned about his friend going over to eighty w. Depict boy got a big way pants on. You can go out there and say whatever he wants but the bottom line is not everybody's equipped to handle, the rigors of the WWE, and the schedule and how it affects you mentally, and emotionally and amber gave everything he had to the company for the entire time. He's here. He put his heart soul into the travel into the schedule into the injuries into, you know, the work in the ring and all that stuff. But then the day he's his ball. Any went home. Everyone elsewhere. At least, you know, and I think it's a little presumptuous of him taking on a podcast and talk down about the company that, you know, gave him such opportunities. And he referenced some of those, he did talk about your house. He thinks for the time spent here and the fact that he's able to learn meet his wife and all that good stuff. And like I said, I love the guy. I love him. I'll always love. But at the end of the day, we just shared differing perspectives about what we want out of life. And then he went on to talk about how Ambrose complained about the WWE on talk is Jericho. I hope that he does. Well, I I've kept enough that already doing super well for himself right now. And I'm happy for that. But, you know, I just don't think there's any reason to again, top on a soapbox plane after the fact, you know, you need to take the first step, and that's looking in the mirror and asking yourself. Did you do every single thing you possibly could to make yourself in your situation, what you want it to be? And if the answer is yes, you did. And you can go. Elsewhere complain drew good about that. And that's that's where he mentally. They go right ahead. If he hasn't done that he made that decision and maybe you should think about that. And that's that that goes for any other disgruntled talents past or present. Pretty strong words from Seth Rollins bully would do you disagree with anything that he said? Well, it's interesting because, like Seth can say, hey, you know what? You took your ball went home. You know you're complaining. After the fact and can you look in the mirror and say that you did the best. You can I mean like it's easy for say for self say that because he's still in that world. But listening to dean, Ambrose, Jon Moxley on on. Talk is Jericho it sounded like, hey, you know, he didn't take his ball and go home. He fulfilled his contract. And when his contract was over he decided to go work for somebody else. He completes complaining after the fact. But it sounds like from that interview that he complained during the fact to, you know, it wasn't like he just like, kept his mouth, shut now decided to open up his mouth, once it was all said and done because about looking in the mirror listening to dean, Ambrose it sounded like, hey, he did everything he possibly could do to make his situation better, the whole taking your bat and ball and going home or going elsewhere, thing is really it's unnecessary because it, that's the nature of the wrestling, business and. It's kind of the nature of business in general. If you're working for one company and you've, and you've made a name for yourself and you've proven your worth and a number company sees that and wants to, to hire you or bring you over you do the right thing. You fulfil your commitment, you give your two weeks notice, and then you leave. And that's exactly what dean did. I've been preaching on this show for the longest time that if you want out of your deal get out of your deal, the right way in the way to do. It is to let your contract expire and then explore your options. It's not to go sit home. It's not to complain. It's to be a professional and I think dean was a professional. Now, let's take a look at the way, the WWE handled dean leaving. Would you say that the WWE did the right thing by dean on his way out? One hundred percent. Yes. Did they do? Things that are, uncharacteristic of the WWE when a top talent is leaving. Yes. They day actually announced it on TV and on social media that, you know, he wasn't resigning. And they gave him a fond farewell. Okay. So based on everything that you just said, if you were dean, would you have been so vocally negative about the company? I understand he put the company over there were certain things that he said that were extremely positive. But there were also a lot of things that he said that were negative based on the way that they let you go and how well they treated you on the way out. Would you have said those negative things personally? No, I'd never would have. Okay. So it to me it doesn't. I think that's where Seth is annoyed. Like dude, this company made us all millionaires. This company really tried to do the right thing. You might not have been happy with your creative. There were times I was unhappy with my creative, but it all comes with the territory. You have a lot of money in the Bank. And you met your wife here shouldn't that Trump everything else, couldn't you just go and say, thanks WWE. Appreciate all the opportunities maybe one day. I'll see down the road and like, and it's funny because in that interview with Chris Jericho, he does say that the beginning of the pockets, he spends like the first ten minutes of that podcast saying, hey, if it wasn't for the WWE, I wouldn't be a millionaire, if it wasn't for the WWE, I wouldn't have met my wife if it wasn't for the WWE I, I mean I grown matured, so much. I was I was a child when I started with the WWE and now a man, a lot of what I learned is through the WWE. And then he went on to kill really, not, not anyone in particular. But more about the creative process. Of the WWE that's where one thing where I can be a little bit more understanding about what he did, if he was, like, you know, just taking certain people in the locker room and finger pointing and pointing blame. I mean, it was more like, hey, the WWE has a way that they do things creatively, that I'm completely disconnected with which, I don't think is the right way to go and which ultimately might be their downfall in, which is the reason why I left to go to a w. So it's, it's, it's not like he's saying, you know, a sour grapes. It's like, hey, this is what I signed up for, I fulfilled my contract. But the reason why left the WWE go to eighty w is all about the creative process of that company, which is a complete disconnect for me. So these are the things that we agree would have been the right thing to do in our opinion. But that's not what the people wanted to hear. People wanted to hear Moxley destroy the WWE, right? Yes. What if he would have said, the, you know, the politically correct thing then Jericho's podcast with it wouldn't have been done. The biggest numbers out of any other podcasts people feed on the negative. You know I compare it to this. Like if you take a match and you light it, Dave. That's a fire, isn't it? Yes. It's a very small fire. Now, if you take lighter fluid, and you pour it on that match. What happens it's going to be. It's going to be engulfed in flames. Nah, not really lighter fluid only flares up for a brief second. And then it goes out what happens if you pour gasoline on the match there you go and see I think dean poured gasoline on the match a little bit of lighter. Fluid is one thing. Okay. And that's where I acquaint what you talking about creative, if he wanted to voices frustrations about creative, and things like that. I get it. I, I don't know. I just maybe it's just me I'm a little bit different. Maybe I was brought. Up in the business a little bit more on that old school way. I don't know when I look back at my time in the WWE I could sit here on this show for three hours with you. Dave and tell you a hundred and one negative things that happened. But why why tell you one hundred and one negative things that happened. When I can give you a million and one reasons why I would never give you those hundred or one reasons point is this too much positive that comes out unless you had a really, really negative experienced there. And I'm sure that this people there right now. Like, if e c three were to do a podcast right now, I would understand all the negativity that he would throw on that lit match. He would be entitled to dump gasoline on that match because there is a guy that just getting dragged through the mud. Eric young Bobby rude, then I would get it. With beam. I'm trying to I see his point of view. I understand his point of view. I see the frustration but maybe a little too, harsh, maybe an unlisted it goes deeper. We had stone cold Steve Austin on our show on Friday. He did an interview with dean Ambrose I didn't interview with dean Ambrose, and I came on the air after that interview, and I complained about that, man, this guy doesn't have a lot of passion, this guy, this guy too laid back stone cold said that after his podcast, like even in the podcast. Come on, man. Where's your fire, you know, he was getting called out and dean Ambrose couldn't defend himself? Like he couldn't say what he really truly felt because he's working for the company he's a part of the company, so he's hearing the criticism from people saying, well, what's wrong with this guy? But he has to bite his tongue. Can't say anything. Now he has the freedom to say those things. So it's almost like now I can answer to those criticisms that I was getting from stone cold. Boston and other markets. Now I'm free. Now in a longer have to bite my tongue. Now it can freely say the problems that I had within that company that's also going to help me because I was getting criticized. It's, it's, it's a real deep conversation bullied there. There's no doubt. And when the conversation is this deep in the has so many different layers are aspects or perspective, I always try to whittle it down to its least common denominator and the way, I see it is this. I think the WWE did their best to leave the door open for dean. If you don't know Sirius XM than listen, up commercial free music, plus sports comedy, talk, 'n news. They had it all a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius XM, but, you know, you can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of Sirius XM outside the car for just one dollar. Just go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe, you can listen on your phone at home and online that. Sirius XM dot com slash busted. Offer available to new series XM streaming subscribers siriusxm no car required rhetorical wild about Seth Rollins today bully. But we didn't really talk about Seth Ron's as far as what he's doing on WWE programming. Not only as your universal champion, but what's leading up to what's going to take place at the next pay per view with extreme rules. And it's going to involve, you know, his relationship with Becky Lynch, and before we get into the match up at extreme rules. Let's talk about Seth and Becky for Justice second bullied because obviously Becky got involved in the match with baron Corbin on Sunday. And we saw Becky. And Seth in the ring at the start of Monday night raw on Monday. How do you think that relationship is working on WWE programming and your opinion before I give you my opinion I want your opinion. It looks. I would say this judging from what I'm seeing on TV, I would never guess that they're actually in a relationship it looks they eased it. It doesn't look comfortable. It looks. It looks flat. You don't see the, the chemistry that they have to give. It's not to me. It doesn't really show on TV. So do they come across as friends buddies? What would you say the word to describe them? What are they coming across as co workers buds? Hey, like I like to really good friends, right? So I want to break down like the first five minutes of raw, I want to go by, I looked I watched it as completely as a fan and how they were telling me how to react, okay? Seth comes out gets the pop starts talking, all of a sudden becky's music interrupts Seth why is Seth girlfriend, interrupting his promo this really no reason. Okay. So that was the first thing I didn't understand he didn't mention her. I don't think he mentioned. All right. No. I mean he was talking about Sunday. So you figure it at some point here is probably going to bring in Becky. But like you said it was an interruption more. She just she interrupts him. And she basically steps on him now I watched the reaction on his face hidden look pissed. But. It, it looked happy to see her. He kind of looked like. What the hell is going on here. This is not your time. This is mine. She comes to the ring people are cheering for Becky and he's just kind of standing there. Like, all right. I'll let you do you think don't understand why you're doing it. But I, I guess I'll just let you do it. And then he says he doesn't greeter it's not like an it doesn't have to be mushy. It doesn't have to be over the top, it doesn't have to be anything, you know, but his first words to Harar you kind of interrupted me. Doesn't exactly sound like an I love you. Not that I'm looking for an I love you. But hey, you kinda interrupted me and then she looks at him in that with that co look on her face and she's like, did I basically saying, yeah, so what? And I gotta tell you by reading their reactions because they're telling me how to feel as a fan, by the way, they're talking to one another and the way they're reacting to one another both of them looked on comfortable thus as a fan. I didn't know what to think. So that was my take on just the five minutes of their interaction. I wasn't sure that I was looking at a boyfriend and girlfriend, and maybe they don't want to take the boyfriend girlfriend thing over the top in the ring. I don't need to see them making out, but boy, oh, boy, it didn't seem like Seth was happy to see Becky. That's really all I got on the emotion was not there. It's almost like when you saw them together on Monday, you would never have gotten all those teases, and all those power couple comments by Michael Cole and everything else. Like to me, they were leading up to that moment on roll Monday in my opinion, because he had two little hints. Then you had the comments. You know you saw Becky in the back with Seth a couple times leading up to stop and grounds. And then stop and grounds happens where Becky interferes, and now it's all out in the open. I mean, the WWE is tweeting out after stopping grounds. Not so much about the victory from Seth, but about Seth and Becky being together. I mean one of the tweets is like, all right. It's time to break the internet. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch the power couple in the WWE. So you know what? Maybe you don't want to go over to top with it on Monday. But what why not get an embrace between the two. It's out in the open. Just. You know, but even if it's not an embrace the words that came out of their mouths were a bit. I mean, if somebody said to you, hey, man, you kind of interrupted me. But a tad bit confrontational right? Yeah. You know. And then if you turn around and, like, did I it's kind of, like, yeah so, but to me that doesn't come across as people who are in, you know, this brand new relationship, and conversely, if you looked at the night before, remember what I said, on Monday at the end of them stomping grounds match Seth and Becky looked more like buds. Like if you go back and watch the way Seth hugs, Becky like that one arm hug. It's kind of like yo what's up, bro? It's kind of like the way our truth, hugged Drake maverick last night when he was consoling him like the way south hug. There was like, yeah, but, you know, we're budgets, all good. Like I was waiting for Seth to give you know Becky. Negi saying, yeah. Good job. Yeah. Like, I don't get anything from them that they are in a TV relationship or any relationship at all. All right. So there's sear that's how that played out on Sunday and ultimately on Monday. But we have to go back to Seth Rollins being your universal champion and Becky Lynch, being your role women's champion. And of course, the challenges that they had on Sunday and baron Corbin and Lacey Evans, and it led up to what we're going to see at extreme rules. Please say you and kid. You know what you need to take the title, it her solar. Walk down the ramp here. Go to go home and make making sandwich for the man who sees? Kasese all your business. If my mixed tag partner against you to anytime, anywhere. Mr corbett. I accept that invitation. As a matter of fact, how we make that match happen at extreme rules, extreme rules. You're gonna put both those titles on the line, and it's winners. All so leads to what we're going to see it extreme rules. Bic tag match between those for winner-takes-all what do you think at a matchup at extreme rules? Well, let me let me, let me say this. I will that was great. He'll heat by Corbin, even though he basically emasculated, Seth Rollins. I don't know of any other champion that I've ever heal baby face, champion who's supposed to be the face of the company who got emasculate that way, basically saying you had to rely on somebody else, whether it was a man or a woman so that felt that hit home pretty. Well, I think they missed a huge huge point where they could have gotten some great fan involvement, when, when Barron, and Lacey said, anytime, anywhere. Seth and Becky should've stepped up and said fine. Let's do it right here right now because that's what the baby faces wants to do. They wanna fight right here. And right now, that's what Seth tribe in with Brock with the cash, and he was, like, screw it. Let's not wait. Let's do it right here right now. So if you got Corbin in Lacey saying, you know, anytime anywhere those baby faces should've said, you know what put up or shut up. Let's do it right. This second and the place would popped and then the heels could have taken it away and sit absolutely not. We're going to do this at extreme rules. Then the people would have started to boo. They missed an opportunity for the baby faces to be fighting champions in that very, very moment. Now, as far as the match extreme rules. I'm all about the inter gender mix mix tag match. I love it whether or not they take the handcuffs off them and let the guys and girls mix it up. I don't know yet. But I love the match because it's entertaining. You don't know what's going to happen with, with, with a extreme rules, being the, the gimmick of the pay per view. I'm sure you'll see some chairs and tables, and kendo sticks. Whatever blah, blah, blah. But it but the foundation and the blueprint is effort to be extremely entertaining likely you're hearing God's busted open, live, weekdays from nine AM to twelve PM eastern on Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six or on demand with the theory of them up. I said that Seth and Becky don't seem to have a lot of chemistry. And you said somebody does have well judging from what I saw last night. You know, the, the quote Moreo mama Mia, Mandy in sewing, you DeVille certainly have that chemistry. Older. Oh my gosh. I don't know. I know I know. I said it a long time ago. I don't know if I said it on the show said it to you personally, but I felt that they have been very very slowly going in that direction. And I think you saw it last night, did you? Yes. And it goes beyond like words, and here's what I mean. How do you know when you really have chemistry with somebody? It's with a glance like you could say a thousand words with just a glance. Let's go back to what we saw Monday with Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch now. Hopefully, their chemistry is a hell of a lot better than what I saw on Monday night in real life. Because on Monday night to go back to what you said bully, a look like you know, Becky was going to put, Seth Rollins in a headlock and give them a nuggety. I got a Rasco. But when I saw Mandy and sewing, you Davila, last night, Sony gets the win man, the holds up her hand and victory and then Sonia turns around and gives Mandy rose a glance no words were spoken. Nobody gave a kiss. Nothing like that. It was just the way they looked into each other's eyes. And then Sonia DeVille reaches over to Mandy rose, and gently brushes her hair back that's all that took place. Now, I thought maybe in, you know, in LA Greco fashion looked at it a completely different way than the way that it was presented. So I rewound it. And watch the get then I rewound in and watch the genn, and then I rewound it and watched it again. So times for you finished rewind to, to make sure. Then I actually brought Violettes into the room all. Yeah. Wow. E. Said sit down make yourself comfortable which you like a glass of wine, which you do put a feet up on your back. That was Seth and Becky. No, seriously. Like, and I played it for Violeta. And she was like, oh, yeah. Like you're not looking into this. Oh, yeah. She was into it. And, you know, I put that I paused it and then an hour later, I came back and watch it again. No. Now, you know why wasn't tweeting the second hour. Smackdown was a little busy, if you know what I mean. I kind of liked their interaction August. I've seen I've seen the coming from for for, for a while now but I, I liked the direction that going, and if they're going to go in that direction at all, and that's the thing, and I don't mind it because it's, it's, it's it mirrors what's going on in society today. So I'm totally fine with it. If it's real to me it works in pro wrestling now. Now, I know. I know. Absolutely. Now you mentioned it before. And I didn't think the WWE we'd go there. You know, I, I don't know you know how, you know, if they wanted to dive deep into anything or, you know, look, Becky and Seth in how they're kind of just like Luke warm about it. And it was nothing. Lukewarm with what I saw between Sonia DeVille in Mandy rose now, I don't know if their what their relationship is outside of WWE programming. But if that's acting given us, go to Sonia, Davila Mandy arose because what I saw. Last night was a hell of a lot better than what I saw Monday night, bully. I totally agree. I definitely got the feeling from Mandy and Sonia that they were into each other with Seth and Becky I feel like it's more like a friendship and WWE has gone out of their way to tell us that Seth and Becky and the real bright real life relationship. They haven't mentioned anything about Mandy and Sonia, not that I would know if Mandy and show near we're in a real life relationship or whatever, but on TV it seems like they're, they're putting their toe in the water with something to that effect. Now, are they going to go there? Now, you saw it on smackdown last night, though, I went to YouTube, you know, and I went back and went to WWE dot com. And I watched the highlights. They cut that portion out, really, they did. It was not. They I shouldn't say cut it out. They faded to black before it went to that point. Interesting. Yes, wonder why. And that's what I'm wondering, maybe, maybe maybe the intention was to do it. But in them performing, the act of looking at one another and touching one another and the and the, the caressing of the hair, maybe it came across a little too, sexual for them. Maybe they did such a great job with it that the WWE decided. Whoa, this is this feels a little too real. Well, I don't know. I'll say this. When you talking about Seth and Becky, there is at no point with any interaction on TV between Seth, and Becky where you would say, all right? The natural progression is an embrace just the opposite seaboard like a friendship watching that glance between Mandy and Sonia last night. It's like I was expecting a kiss right after that. That's how like that's how strong glance was between the two the excuse the pun, but. Seth and Seth and Becky have to raise the bar year if they're like seriously in a relationship. Then you know what they there's their interaction has to be a little bit stronger, especially since they're mentioning that they are actually in a relationship every chance they get. Yeah. But I don't need to see lovey-dovey atas. Seth in Becky. But at the very least, listen, if you don't see them giving each other a kiss, and I don't necessarily need to see them kiss. It was the hugging. It was the body language of the hugging between Seth and Becky, it was kind of more of a bro hug than anything else. And I guess if, if Becky wants to call herself the man. So, yeah, it was like a Bravo between two men. That's the way he came off to me. I never got that. Like I never got that moment of them, just looking at each other and got that one moment in time where they gave me a relationship esque, embrace with that be fair enough yesterday. I agree, if I would have got that embraced, and I would've got it a lot better, especially at stomping grounds. And then the next night. I said, interrupting the promo him saying he kind of interrupted me. And she's like, yeah. I did. I'm universal champion. You just interrupted me for no reason. And she's basically, he's saying the SO FU. What are we gonna do about it? Yeah, that's kind of odd. And it is it, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's it is odd, odd. It's the perfect words that describe it, and that's not what I was expecting coming out of stomping grounds. I was expecting a little bit more a little bit deeper and a little bit different than what I saw Monday night, what I would have done in that situation as I would have had Seth come out and start cutting a promo, and then he would have been interrupted by Corbin and Lacey at the same time, and now Corbin and Lisa, you're interrupting, and now Becky comes out. That's a monster reaction for Becky now I understand why becky's coming out, she's coming out to even the odds. And then Corbin could've said what he said about. Oh, look here. She, here's here. She is the man, saving the man, you should go put on an apron, then they should have made the challenge. The baby. Should've accepted right then in there and then the he'll should've took it away and say, no, we do it at extreme rules. That's the way the segment should have been built up to me. Not not that I came out of this feeling like uncomfortable about Seth and becky's relationship from an on camera. Yes, this autumn, a real light now. And if we don't because we don't we don't know, I have no idea what their real life relationship nor a Christina actually tweeted this out. But who are we to really judge how two people look like as a couple? I mean, did you want to see them kissing on TV? I mean what more did you expect it, what it was? I sense they were flirty just the way, Becky looks at says it for me. So she looks at it like they were kind of being Florida Christina looks at it differently than the way you and I looked at wait is she look she talking about. Becky and Seth, yes. They looked flirty. Yes. She's saying, I sense they were flirty just the way, Becky looks at Seth says it for me. I didn't see it that way. I fine. But meta from Mars and women are from Venus. I didn't see flirt flirty in any way. And the words the body language did not dictate flirty and the words did not dictate flirty, and maybe I don't know what flirty is in two thousand nineteen. I don't need to look at what I have at home. If you don't know series XM, then listen, up commercial free music, plus sports, comedy, talk, and news. They had it all. And right now, you can get your first three months of series accent outside the car for just one dollar. Go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to see offer tales and to subscribe offer available to new series exempts. Jimmy subscribers Sirius XM. No car required bully. Ray you heard the gong. And then you saw the man, the undertaker to come to the defense, I guess of Roman reigns in the handicap match with drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. Interesting timing, just a couple of weeks away from the super showdown where undertaker got a lot of criticism. We talked a lot about that. And how some of that was unfounded. Undertaker is back. I want to get your reaction to the undertaker being back bully, plus the timing and why the undertaker is back. Did you talk about this with Mark? Yes. What was his opinion when it when it comes to the undertaker, it's he's just excited as a fan for the undertaker to be back. I mean okay. I mean, that's okay. I get it. That's pretty easy. But there's gotta be reasons. Right. Got to be I mean you do do you think six months ago they said, all right, we're bringing we're going to bring taker back at extreme rules. And he's a. At roman. Well, Mark, here's, here's what I'm not asking him marks opinion. I'm has your opinion. Do you think that this was a plan? I won't MC fly. I would I would hope so I think this was I think this was done recently because of certain circumstances. Oh, interesting. So you think that the appearance and wait a second, because I got I got to go back to something that you said after super showdown. Okay. You said, if, if I was the WWE I would immediately put undertaker back in the ring with Goldberg. Yup. Now, I don't know if that's going to happen, or if that could happen. But it should not happen anymore. Now that the going in this there. Yes. But they are bringing the undertaker rightback. Yup. So you're saying it's because hey we had this misstep a couple of weeks ago. There was some backlash the best thing that kinda just stop this out is to bring the undertaker immediately back. It is one of my top three reasons why I believe we're seeing him back. The number one reason, I believe, is because of. Ticket sale perception. The west coast, swing as far as a renowned sales, weren't very good for them, correct. Yes. I don't care how many people are in the arena, and I despise when I see fans take pictures of empty arenas, and send it to us because they're trying to make the product look, bad, or something like that, that the nothing for pro wrestling, there is no positively in that. I don't care if half the arenas closed off. If I go to a kiss concert, I don't care if I'm the only person there because I'm there to have fun. And we're all there to how fun, so to five hundred five thousand and fifty thousand I'm not I don't care, but ticket sales have been a bit. Lackluster. And the perception on social media is, oh, WWE is doing so poorly, they're going into a they're going into Philadelphia with a pay per view, cold extreme rules, right? Yes, they from a perception point of view that place needs to be sold out, doesn't it? Yeah. For for sure. In Philly, east coast crowd extreme rules. That should be a sell out if you go into extreme rules with the with the place half. I'm sorry. Not extreme rules. If you go into Philadelphia for a pay per view, and the place is only half sold out. I think that's going to be very telling I think that would be another crack in the wall, I think that would really have to open people's eyes to be like holy crap. Where infill Adelphia for basically a pay per view. That was invented because of e c w blah, blah, blah, and we can't sell the place out. This does not look good in the in the in the shadows of the tidal wave that is eighty w that it's on its way in. So I believe putting somebody like taker helps ticket sales. That's the number one reason. Number two, I believe that taker and. The WWE might want to wash the bad taste that people have in their mouth from the Goldberg match. And maybe this means a lot to take. Or maybe he's like I don't like the way that la- last match went and I need to have a good match this way. I can look at myself in the mirror put my head on my pillow. I don't know. I'm just giving you my opinion as a wrestler, who could have been put in a similar situation. You want to go out there and have a good match and prove to the people that, hey, I had a bad day. Bill had a bad day. We did our absolute best. But here's what I still got left in the tank and number three. I think it's to give Roman the rump all of those very valid reasons why you are seeing taker back at extreme rules. Now, I'm, I'm gonna get into what Mark Henry said, on our show yesterday in just in just a second, but in your opinion, and you want to know something I can't this agree with anything you just said, because every if you said was spot on in my opinion, I think a lot. Reasons why a lot of people have been bringing up stopping grounds in the poor attendance of stopping grounds is because a ws, you know, all out went on sale around the same time in sold out in fifteen minutes. But yet, you know, stomping ground struggled to get half attendance in the arena. So that eighty w tidal wave like you said is only gonna get bigger if the WWE goes into Philly for extreme rules and dozen sell it out, then you have the component with the undertaker where he had that misstep with Goldberg in Jeddah. And now you like you said you wanna wait a wash that bad taste out of your mouth. So let me ask you this. Does the undertaker's appearance end that extreme rules or does he stick around beyond extreme rules possibly to summer slam? There's no way you can give an answer to that. 'cause it's gonna depend on how taker feels what he wants to do in this tag match. It's going to give him an opportunity to go out there and shine. You know that. You know that Shane, and drew are going to bump their asses off for him. He'll be he'll, you know, you won't have to deal with the fact that you're working with somebody who hasn't been in the ring a considerable amount of time in Goldberg. You won't have to deal with the heat situation. The travel situation, they're going to be in conditions that are a lot more favorable to having a really great match. The Philly crowd is going to be hot in no way, shape or form. Are they going to be disrespectful to the undertaker because of an of an night that went wrong in Saudi Arabia? Nobody's going to care about it. It's not gonna matter. Whether we see him or not pass that it all depends on if there's something right for him, like, the, the undertaker is now an attraction, I wanna see him when there's a reason to see him. And I've told you in the past, I don't need to see the undertaker anymore. If I never got the undertaker, again, I'd be totally fine with that because I've seen everything there is to do people say, oh, what about the match against sting, the match against sting probably has less of a chance to succeed as the magic ins Goldberg sting has been out of the ring, then Goldberg has right? Yep. So it just it just facts here. I'm and nobody's a bigger fan of sting than I am. But rust rust never sleeps and rust sets in quick, no matter how great if a performer, you are. So do we see take at summer slam wife because of his entrance if all I'm getting is an entrance. No, I don't wanna see him. I wanna see taker if there's a reason for it. If. Bray Wyatt terrorizes, the entire WWE. But then tries to terrorize the undertaker in it doesn't work the fiend versus the dead, man. There's something there that's off the top of my head. I know we've seen it at wrestlemainia before, but that was Bray Wyatt versus the undertaker. This is the fiend. This is something so for me with taker. It's if and only if, if you've got a character that can benefit from working with the undertaker, if you have a story that can put asses and seats that's great. But what is bringing back undertaker also telling us that they have to rely on stars of the past, and by no means when I say a star of the past, so I mean, that in a negative way to the undertaker. But if you're gonna look to stars of the past, there's no more of a star of the past, and the undertaker because he was around longer than rocky Austin hunter. Yeah. All of these guys. Yep. That's my take on the whole situation. And that's honest. It's fair and that's from a business perspective. Now you mentioned like the rub to, to Roman reigns being in that match at extreme rules, and tagging with Roman to go up against Seth and drew McIntyre, Mark was really curious about not only the timing of it, but the reason why why Roman reigns. Why would undertake or come to the ring to help Roman reigns? In this situation. You know he had a match with with Shane McMahon at wrestlemainia thirty two. But I think what said at the more telling match was the match that he had with Roman reigns ever. So mania thirty three that was supposed to be the retirement match after their match wrestlemainia thirty three Roman reigns. Beat the undertaker undertaker takes off his hat, takes off his jacket takes off the gloves lays in the middle of the ring, and we thought that was the end of the undertaker fought. Go back and listen to the shows that I was on. I never thought he was retiring. I actually went on record and said note because of the boots try you didn't see the boots in the middle of the ring, thus. He was not retiring. Keep down. No. But the story surrounding those two, whether it goes that, hey, the undertaker saying Roman, you're supposed to take the ball and run with it. You know, here you are you beat me at wrestlemainia thirty three in the main event the next year. Wrestlemainia thirty four. You're losing the Brock Leser and not capturing that universal championship, or it could be the other way around where Roman reigns. Is that I was supposed to be the guy I was supposed to retire you. You were supposed to go away yet. You didn't go away. Could be a compelling story moving forward, if they choose to go in that direction if they choose to tell the story if there is no story told and they just run with this, then it is glaring as to why they've teamed him with Roman and it's just to get the bad taste out of people's mouths from the Saudi match and it strictly to put asses in seats if they never decide to tell you the why of taker came back for this match. Or the Y taker would be teaming with Roman because this taker have any real heat with Shane or withdrew. No. I mean you know, like I said, with drew back entire there's there's, there's nothing there when it comes to the undertaker and drew McIntyre. And then when you look at the undertaker and Shane McMahon. I mean. Really? They had that match wrestlemainia thirty two. But there's no there's no as a matter of fact and undertake are beat. Shane McMahon at wrestlemainia thirty two. So she's my point unless they come up with some kind of a compelling storyline anything than it is what it is. It's the put asses in seats. It's the sell out the arena in Philly. It's so taker can have a good match at people. Hopefully forget about the Jetta match and it's the give Roman a little bit of the rub. Because listen, once you get to the top, and we've discussed this before, Dave, you always need somebody, that'll help get you to that next level. Right. Who can Seth Rollins work with right now or who can Roman reigns work with right now that actually gives them a little bit of the rub? There's nobody nobody so Seth and take your standing side-by-side undertaker sharing his spotlight with with, with Roman reigns helps Roman a little bit. And I'm sure there could be a moment that they'll come. With something interesting and intriguing and I'm sure they'll have a great match because, you know, they're gonna take the handcuffs off. It's going to be a no D cube, blah, blah, blah. Do whatever you want Philly street fight tag. You know, just hear the house down. So I hate using this term because it sounds kind of harsh bully. But in essence, what you're saying it's, it's kind of damage control little bit have any undertaker at extreme rules to me. It's. It put it. They've always relied on attitude era stars when does that stop when do the Rolling Stones stopped touring? When does ACDC stopped touring when this kiss stopped touring, and when they do stop touring, who's next in line and the same thing you see in rock and roll is happening in pro wrestling, why? And here's the reason why I say that bully, and I know we've talked about this before I remember being a wrestling fan in the eighties. And a lot of those seventy superstars turned into almost quote unquote enhancement talent in the eighties. Like you saw the shift the fans wanted to see new stars in the eighties. We saw obviously in the attitude era. You wanted to see the young top stars. You didn't wanna see the stars from the eighties anymore. WWE have to bring in hulk HOGAN to give Steve Austin the rub. No. But they did after bringing somebody who was it, what for stone cold. Yeah. Who, who gave stone cold the big rub? I mean from for me that I, I don't know if you call it the rub but to me the matches the match with Bret Hart now Mike Tyson is who gave them the rub. So you're outside the world, the pro wrestling outside of the world, the progressive, when I look at, when I look at the WWE right now, I think all of the stars that are there today have rubbed each other as far to the top as they can go. They don't have that next level to get them any higher there. Arnie Austin's rocks. I mean yes taker is still around hunter comes around every once in a while. But if you truly want to give guys, the rub you have to have undertaker, working with the demon or you have to have trip. H working against Samoa Joe or things like that. That's how you truly get guys to the next level having triple h work with Orton. Yeah. I get it. It's cool. But Orton doesn't need that rub. Nor do I believe he's really getting that rub Goldberg versus undertaker. I know these are anomalies because of the whole. Situation in Jeddah. The only person that truly truly. Could get a great rub off of this tag match at extreme rules is drew. If drew drops taker a couple of times and had some good offense against acre. He stands to benefit the most from it. So hopefully they use taker in some way, shape, or form for drew to get over. I don't I'm not saying he has to go over, but they could use taker to help drew get over Shane don't need a rub Roman. Don't need a rub. Roman gets the rub just by standing in the same corner is take. Yeah. I mean I mean I mean, for crying out loud, like we said, Roman beat the undertaker in the main event at wrestlemainia he can't get a bigger rubbed in that it's going to be interesting to see what happens with the undertaker moving photo. Thanks are listening. Catch us weekdays on busted open from nine AM to twelve PM eastern on Sirius XM by nation channel one fifty six. Open. Cast.

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