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Sudan show e._s._p._n. L._a. kirk morrison hanging out today. We're at the passaic here resort hotel and spa spa yeah yeah huntington beach <hes> very relaxed five here today it is it is practically laying down as we do the show today join us join us a nice breeze though breeze. He's got to be careful though sons out guns out. You know what i'm saying like you. <hes> you know you're gonna we get i'd see you. I see you as biceps coming out arm day to day off on friday as well yeah so so anyway but it is a beautiful well day out here easy to get sunburned to if you're not careful <hes> but <hes> but nice <hes> this day though the suns will more chill is not so not so hot hat and nestle wild but anyway we were talking about the warriors and draymond extension and we got into the conversation about lebron's window and the clippers i window coverings windows only two years right now because those dude you're only locked in as far as i know for two years now they could be there for longer. Perhaps but we know it's a two year window right right because paul george <unk> two years. I think lebron has two more peaked lebron years in the sense of he is arguably a top five five six player in the league right like i think he's in that but that's it this year next year and then we start to see the drop so by the time he is going to be thirty five hi this year. He'll start the season next year. They'll turn thirty six right so the when by the time lebron is thirty six on thirty seven okay which would be the option year for the lakers right because he's got an option for that fourth year by tommy hits that fourth year that's the decline likely will start <music> window the window. You got two more seasons with lebron at what i think can be lebron. No i think you gotta get it done over the next two ears and when i say get it done you gotta win a championship first of all you got to win the championship this year. I think you've got to be all in yeah right now. I mean i think this if there's going to be a year to do it where i i think everybody has some vulnerabilities where you can go in and really go down and have that parade that you've been trying to get since the two thousand and tame. What was the last championship. I forget for the lakers kobe and those guys because yeah. It's been a minute twenty twenty two yeah. It's been a minute but at the same time time you think about where lebron is right now. I really just wanted to go see him. Play basketball again. I wanna see what did this rest do for lebron. What did this time. I am off <hes> because i think what happened was last year. We got caught up in so much of how well they were doing and then christmas really humbled everyone that injuries and father time oh you can't escape it and i think lebron so far when i watch him in the way too he's what about this off season and how much obviously that he's working the way that he's recruited recruited the way that he's brought guys on. I'm not so sure that he can. I'm i think i'm pretty sure that george he can relax a little bit than in in years past to start the season. You know where it was like. I know where i'm going to be it. I don't need to wrap it up. I know because i think what happened was. He rammed it up at a time where it christmas crispus. You like no we don't. We don't need you right there. Lebron like rampant up when we get past the all star break the pace it and so what i think kevin durant injury maybe klay thompson gingery what that due to a lot of n._b._a. Players is that everyone watched kawhi leonard and load management does lebron put himself himself on a load management because i don't care what lebron does between october in in in in march. I care about what he doesn't april. I think agree see. I wanna see a a better. I want to see the best lebron that i've seen because i haven't seen him. Come off of an injury or have an extended off period the way that he has this year didn't have to play this summer. I agree but i also think lebron even though generally ramps up to the season. You know what i'm saying like or through the season. I think he's gonna have select games where he's going to have those kind of ball out <hes> because i do think that the western conference is a little. I don't know how if it's the deeper per se <hes> but it is stronger at the top than it's been in a while because you can make the case this year and a wide open league okay and that you're going to hear that phrase a lot this season right. You're you can make the case that seven teams can win the championship. I mean let's just do it okay. Yeah i mean the to l._a. Teams correct. I still give the warriors punches chess. The denver nuggets probably top seed top three c- man. I'm still thinking about utah's. Well okay but i'm just to them. Yeah yeah utah rive in the west. Rackets rock is still give the rockets. What's your birthday right and then you got the two east teams you got me. Hey you gotta philly and milwaukee championship aspirations at the current moment right and that's not to say that some of the other teams the east can't make a move that can put them in that same category because there are teams that can make another move. Maybe boston makes a move right. Indiana makes <hes>. I don't think the nets will make another move because they've got katie on the shelf but you know what if what if <hes> jimmy butler gets gets a partner and bradley beal or someone like that you know what i'm saying like if the wizards deal bradley beal who hasn't signs extension and he's like now i'm good i'm out and he ends up with one of those teams. I just mentioned boston or indiana or the all of a sudden they climb came up the ladder as a team that could come out of the east so because right now. It's only two teams in the east. I think they can make it to the finals philly milwaukee right but it doesn't mean a third or fourth can't be added based on the trade deadline so that's eight teams you know right now that you can make the case at least with a punchers chance they can win an n._b._a. Title this year but it's to to your point as to why if you're the lakers you can't wait and i know it's rare that teams come together and win a championship right away. I know we saw the celtics do it in two thousand eight seven seven and eight zero seven zero eight season but that's that's the outline but if you're the lakers that's honestly you just you gotta take advantage of this particular season. You not only do you gotta take but it's you don't have to worry about the young guns anymore. I that's that's another thing i think last year was such a a a trial period of young players trying to see what this coups. Do you know what does josh hard. Do does ingram yeah. That's all you. You don't have to worry about that. So that's why. I think that if i'm lebron i can kind of cruise a little bit. I can load manage to you to your point. Oil you said abo- will lebron had to take over some games. I got a bunch of dues at know who they are. You know what i mean like. I know what you do. You know what i mean. If i'm jared dudley i know what you do or if i'm looking at rondo i know who you are like. I know i know around. I don rondo in the forest. There's certain situations where there's going to be guys who are out there that know what their role is on his basketball club than in years past with a little bit different like a lotta guys. I don't know what should i do. What should i do in the survivor whereas been coups which i think is awesome by the way but still though it's one of those things where i can see lebron load man. That's that's it's what is gonna be all about me and loge management. That's that's new. I see it in the n._f._l. Now with todd gurley in the rams and i think it's going to be in the other team and he comes to basketball because i think the clippers is gonna do the same thing with kawhi leonard they don't do anything with paul. George and the same thing with lebron needs to happen as well because i don't wanna see him burn out and i know he's had all of this time but still father time catches up with us all and i saw dwayne wade you know he have one good game and then all of a sudden. You've got a couple of okay game. Lebron would be at his pick. Come april and i mean peak peak not just oh he's been playing well and he's finally peaking. It's to a point where come april may that he's a guy that i have never even seen before because this could be that last run you i'm gonna put it all in for this season <hes> speaking of which <hes> their people up in arms about this all decade team the n._b._a. Put out there today on n._b._a. T._v. <hes> kobe bryant's inclusion and where he is is really set some people off. We'll get into that. We're back in four minutes here at the sit down. I show here on e._s._p._n. L._a. kirk morrison hanging out at the hotel spa and resort so the n._b._a. N._b._a. t._v. released these all all decade teams and it's got people all bent out of shape right now like just so so mad right now so let's start art with the third team the third team they <hes> trying to find it now. He's not going to scroll down there thing. This is second team as a second team all decade so a third team all decade. Here's who they got. They got in the back court. I guess there's not technically doing it by back. Court or whatever are but they've got dwayne wade and kobe bryant. I mean sard argue. You gotta put those jews on the all decade team for sure now. We and we say all decade. We're starting from twenty eh tent right okay which was champion lakers second championship secretary with kobe okay yeah and then after that was the start of the the right okay right short right there right there after right okay yeah <hes> so that's the third team right so that's got all bent out out of shape is the third team so they've got wade kobe paul george jaanus and lamarcus aldridge on the third team okay so that's the third team on the second team. They've got russell. Westbrook look blake griffin chris paul anthony davis and carmelo anthony. Would you make any changes between third and second team right now. Wow oh wow that i i mean kobe only played till two thousand sixteen right. You know what i'm saying so there's that part of it but i think what it happens. A lot of people just get lost in where mela was in twenty ten to about twenty five t was good he he was really good but i think what's happened. It's kind of when you look at where he's at right third to should be. I think it should be third thirty right but replace our elevate way. D. wade tonet thirteen. Yeah i would elevate delayed. I think i will put the switch d. wade and carmelo just because the championship that anyone out right right in the sense of like he didn't go out like he's begging carmelo big like he went out and he got votes for sixth man of the year and like you know he played well but you know what. I think that they're missing. One person who i'll get you the first team in a second. They're missing one person because you can go with the gold the first team and i think a one guy who i would switch out on thirteen but go. I let let let you finish lists okay so then the first team is lebron obviously staff kawai durant hard. I don't think you can argue with the first team right right like that. One's pretty cemented. I think if there's any issues it's the second and the third team. I don't know if blake should be also also i would. I don't know about blake the there's two guys on that list i would. I would kind of figure out. Where do i put in dirk nowitzki like why isn't it lists. If you think about the five year stretch that he had obviously world champion. I don't know dirk has been good since that after right after that championship in two thousand ten or eleven he hasn't been that good sense but think about how good was kobe after that you know what i mean kobe was way better than dirk understand about how good was kobe in that last two or three years. You know what i mean. He called me was good until he got injured came back and he played all right. You know what i'm saying like you. He didn't play like kobe bryant. You know what i'm saying because he was you know he's the one good you have to the achilles. I thought like one really good year and then after that like father time you know what i'm saying so what you're saying is there's only like because of the injury cost him a year correct right actually more than a year or the year but where do you put like a guy who loss goes in that list so we're all decade lamarcus aldridge kind of strange to saying like i could see dirk before or lamarcus but but lamarcus numbers are way better than you think way better than dirks from twenty two acre right at one point right a lot of people thought so. I think we probably would have a different. I guess you know mindset on him if we <hes> if he would've came to los angeles yeah i am just <hes> i have no problem with john is on the list. I know people are like oh. You know what i'm saying but janas three time all m._b._a. He's an m._v._p. Already you know what i'm saying like you. Gotta put them on that list like he's. He's he's there. You know what i mean like. He's been really good the last couple of years and he's on the third team yeah. That's that's fine. That's fine as the injury level wolf yeah decade right right. I think lamarcus aldridge at third team is kind of strange blake and carmelo you kind of make the argument it could be should be lower sticking like klay thompson okay so here's what i would do is just a couple of other guys. I'm just thinking i mean i think klay should be on there. I don't know if i would take. I mean there's no positions that i'm taking lamarcus out okay. Are you taking clay over blake griffin. Yes i'm not arguing with you to say like if we're going to put i would probably you said you would elevate way to second team. Yes so let's do it your way right. We elevate wait. Wait a second team. We eliminate lamarcus aldridge all of a sudden you could put clay and blake on the third by then then when you do carmella. You should keep him in on the second team. I'd have to look at cornell numbers closer yeah. That's what me and my my my knicks. My new york eric nicks buddies my group chat they love carmelo and they're just saying that carmelo will still ballin in new york. Knicks days even weren't winning. You know playoff series like carmelo will steal steal put up numbers. He was doing everything he could. It just didn't have the right team around him. I mean as each day. I mean okay okay. That's what they say so. I'm looking at i'm looking at carmelo's okay so he's sixteen seventeen to twenty two nd the numbers of air. We just didn't have the substance behind it yeah. He was never ever like a great great shooter. Chauncey said ozzie said it did he come in the locker room. Be upset that you know. He didn't have thirty yeah. I don't know i think melo's probably not a second team or either. I just don't know you put ahead of him. You know what i mean like. I think that's i mean. I wouldn't move kobe up to then if that's the case. I think kobe had a nice five year run. I think that if you look at kobe he's got a championship in there right. Carmelo doesn't have that right yup. I'm almost positive he let me see. He probably has more all-star. Maybe even more. I more first team but more all m._b._a. Appearances there too in that stretch caramelized three all n._b._a.'s from two thousand ten on. I want to see how many kobe has from that stretch because kobe you gotta make that we have to look at all yet. Show kobe has all n._b._a. Yeah yeah kobe's morla all m._b._a.'s than him yeah and their first team so yeah i would move koby and weight up <hes> take lamarcus <music> out right and then i'd bring down blake and carmelo and that clay and add clay yeah yeah so i do want to get the criteria of who you know because yeah ask what what's the criteria in insure now so now listen so now the thirteen would be blake carmelo clay jaanus and paul george and then your second team not that i will feel really comfortable with that too right there guys who are superstars in this league. I think the respect that they get around the league u._s._a. In his day they've done a good job and and then your second he'll be westbrook wade koby chris paul and anthony davis. I think you'd have a better you. That would be a better like list to me. <hes> you know that's what i would do. I would have those those would be my second team all decades. You can't argue with the first team you can't but i think that kobe wade wade deserve second team. Yeah i'm with you on that. Was it so steph. Katie lebron james harden right and who was the fifth. Oh crap now. My bet quite quite the show. That's what i'm saying like so i that's how i would do it. Lamarcus you out play you're in blake in and in melanie carmel switch which are for kobe and wait and i said paul george budget still thirteen. I know all decade. I mean win anything anything. I'm just saying i i think he probably over definitely over blake. You know private blessed but the other they're all like right there with each other though right you know what i mean yeah like paul george and nothing he's not like defensive player of the year or anything. You know what i mean this is. This is indiana paul to talking about. He was good. They got him twice right like that's cool. He was going to get the bronze great like don't get me wrong but it's like you know. Thirteen is cool. You know he got account. I i need took. The criteria for this is to like is just point like traditional statistics. Do championships factoring. Do all m._b._a.'s factory right right like. I don't know what the criteria for this list is way over the break. We are way over the break. We can keep this going down the road. I'm sorry about that. I just got got rolling and i want to get into some of the stuff going on around the n._f._l. Which you particularly rams raiders who are going to meet up here pretty soon with some joint practices. We're back in three minutes saddam show here on e._s._p._n. L._a. kirk morrison hanging out with us here. We are at the per se a hotel spa and resort. I t like just a regular ice not pillow limited. If one of those kind of day george yeah you know you sit back over here on these nice little couch cushions outside. I'm a little little kickback surfer shoes on row. I'll feel real. Oh ceus today right right right right yeah. You don't look bay area right. I'll be walking and i say yeah. Kirk is awesome. It's funny. Somebody was tweeting me. Hold on what's his name. Let's see about dirk is nicholas shaddock eric yeah and he says bra relax jerk beat the heels show. Some respect is not about that. It's just about about his run in the decade but he did beat the heat. Will i mean he did that like gives you like plus ten points taking off the thirteen then i'm. I know that i'm just trying to figure out i'm playing devil's advocate but i think when you think about the decade i mean he did when an m._v._p. To though you know what i mean but that was that that was that was my we believe will yeah that was a previous. The oh eight oh nine. I think dirk if he didn't wanna. Championship missed a lot the games though that in this decade finals m._v._p. He played only forty seven games the year after the strike okay <hes> eleven he deplayed then he played eighty seventy seven seventy five and fifty four saying like so he wasn't as he was super duper health either right and say the same for kobe in the same decade. I get it <hes> but kobe was putting up more points then dirk. Was you know so. I think that some of that falls into law. You can make the case as for dirk i i. I don't know i just feel like blake. Griffin was a more productive the hall of fame. I you know i'm saying like the hall of fame voter. Put the price here like could think about the core. The criteria like that goes into you know with playoff appearances was it you know this was all all n._b._a. Like what all goes into because i would love to put every like in the n._f._l. Hall of fame we'll just come off holiday weekend so it's kinda still fresh them all right now george but you know when each candidate for the hall of fame aim go. There's a you know a journalist. <hes> you know somebody within the hall in terms of the reporters and things that have to make the case for why this should be there. I know debating hall of famer but we're talking about just put his decade. I want i would want to know what the criteria was. When someone walked up and say hey blake griffin you know how did this this this x y and z. He has to be in the second team of his decade. That's that's a lot for for for he and c. p. You you know that that nucleus of those two guys who played well for a stretch but the way to kind of ended in ways blown up over the last couple of years get about that that clippers run three or four years with he and the andre and chris i mean dirk the last four or five years that he played at still at a relatively high level still only giving you seventeen eighteen a game like i know that that shouldn't be dismissed but in comparison to these other guys that on the on this list we just talked about you know what i mean like. All those guys were putting more than twenty in idaho. Yeah you know so towards was dirk is definitely on the two thousands all team. I get yeah yeah yeah yeah because he had a great run. He wanted m._v._p. There as you mentioned geno seven. I would've loved to see this comparison of on that team to where we are right now. Pull it up. Pull it up but that'd be a research assignment. Force force you know kind of look at each year or each decade like how's it change because we have all decade team but now to have these tears and when you look at the tears i i think when you look at it right now. That's the tears of the way that free agency has been when you think about starting the team. I'm thinking about those five guys that were on the first team in and now oh it's the second team that has kind of now pushing their way through in terms of being cornerstones for teens for the future yeah for sure. I don't think there's any question about it. <hes> let me speaking of cornerstones for the future <hes>. I've heard a lot of good things about the kid that the rams draft that it running back henderson darryl henderson anderson. I almost feel like we're also going to see a newer version of sean mcveigh like just when you thought people are like oh we no is sean likes to do. I feel is gonna be a lot of wrinkles in this offense this year. Am i crazy to think that no not at all he last year. He got his lunch handed tool. Then a super bowl scored three points sean mcvay scored three points against bill belichick and i think that it was about this team needing some more scheme versatility city. They do well what they do. Don't get me wrong but it's like okay we can do more and how can we do more without changing the entire offense. It's adnew pieces right or like when you're at home right and you like me. We need to do something to this living-room bay but we liked what we have. But what can we do get some extra throw pillows. Let's get extra vase over here yeah. Let's get you want you. You want to keep the base of the foundation of what you have little pieces little accent pieces and you walk walk in like wow that looks what have you done to this liberal and <hes>. I just added a couple. You know what i mean or for us when we go on t._v. Or reduce the right. It could be the same suit but i'm hit you with a different shirt a different tie different pocket square. This is the same suit you successor as accessorize it and he got him a new accessory. You gotta coordinate eh but darryl henderson is the new accessory man but to me still comes down to. I wanna see more from the tight end position. I wanna see more hick in every tog. Early is going to be fine talked earlier. I think he's gonna be right back to where he was. I think it's been over hyped his injury situation. I've just been on. I've been on board saying a tug early is healthy. He'll be okay. Don't worry about got it low management. He'll be ready to go. I want to talk more about the rams but i also want to ask you the question we can do it on. The other side is boomerang the most underrated eddie murphy film collection. I want to get into some of that on the other side with you. Kirk morrison's donald show. We're at the pierre hotel spa and resort here in huntington beach looking at the beautiful ocean and the reaches well. We'll be back conformance. Sit down and show here on e._s._p._n. L._a. kirk morrison hanging out with us here today at the hotel and spa resort short here in huntington beach so we were gonna talk about we were talking about the rams all of a sudden switch but i wanted to get into 'cause i made a comment mended about coordinate yeah reminded me of boomerang and i asked you the question just kind of randomly <hes> what is the most under appreciated or underrated eddie murphy movie to me because i would say boomerangs in the conversation it doesn't get mentioned as one one of his favourite or best movies to me. I think what really is underrated but i felt like once said you appreciate the movie be a little bit more in what he was able to do as an actor. I think the golden child oh. That's a good you know what i mean is very underrated. When you watch the the film you like all right. I mean it. Was that the plot to it and you know he's trying to keep the rescue to the kid and it was really. I won't deny we could but yeah that was that was one. I think that was a very underrated arrayed it though man yeah i would too. That's a good one <hes> the distinguished gentleman <hes> earlier as well. Ben brought it up. It was good <hes> that that was a pretty good. One yet that that run in the nineties was just incredible think about it. It's kind of to your end night but to kind of what you're kind of. I think kind of gearing gearing towards is that when you see what netflix kind of geared up for seventy mail yeah for multiple i would imagine yeah but i think there's something that we need though 'cause we i haven't seen eddie in his element in a long time to do was really one of the first people to be able to play different characters and really make you feel like like that was a different person right. I didn't think that was i wanna i wanna come into america. You didn't realize how many characters he was still thinking. That was individual people right when i saw yeah i saw it and i even still to this day. I still think that there's still some individual people. I don't think that's really eddie murphy. You know in the back when i was eight and mike but he did such a good job of love making you believe that that was a soul character not really him yeah. I don't know so we know where's the spoon <hes> so okay so we know coming to america two's coming out because they're senio you know told us to set up and then we know that i've heard is it true true that there's another beverly hills cop coming out probably air by doing remakes sure no but i had with him. Though is what i'm saying i could be wrong about that but i feel like they need to make up for the third one which wasn't as great as it could have been <hes> you know but that that was kind of the one of those beverly hills cop movies that wasn't so good but anyway the way the the reality is to meet like yet like i saw him on seinfeld comedians in cars having coffee and it was forty minutes which is usually very long for that okay and it took about twenty minutes from to warm up. I felt like where he was. Just like super guarded right with someone like jerry who's like again again. A super duper famous comedian there was a little bit of a key clear a mutual admiration society going on but yeah it took about twenty minutes until he had that coffee it it felt like a relaxing and then he was he was starting to be able was coffee yeah did he was starting to be eddie and i was like okay. I see i see it again because you wonder because comedy doesn't always age well you know what comedy is he going to be. You know be doing raw delirious. That's not p._c. In two thousand nineteen you know what i mean but the outfits he was wearing is really backing stout. You gotta outfit again right joints again at red leather or he just joke. I feel like you have to go with the leather outfit. Taking full circle. I think is interesting like that. He's kind of on the comeback who would be like. I guess like if you really think about it like who's the sports eddie murphy in this clearly sports is the ten year is a lot shorter right like guys careers a lot shorter but i who is a guy that you feel like we are writing off because he had great success but we're writing them off like a little too quickly. Wow any sport doesn't have to be just basketball or football or whatever it could be whatever you want at great success but we're writing them off. Yeah took quicker show yeah. That's a good one. I think because people have wrote him off a little bit yeah we we're kind of in that conversation. I'll walk. Her bueller is about the other star right off the third time. Now you know but you made that point early in the season. He's not the key. He's one of the keys yes. He's not the master key anymore. He just wanted him bill the school. Let i'll tell you all the keys but i'll tell you this. If you you really look at the splits between review and walker bueller their way better at home than they are on the road so you know in the play offs when you pitch and guys his kershaw going on the road like you can say what you want about his experiences over the history of the playoffs but you know you ain't going be worried or like the situation could be too big for him on the road bright so that that's kind of almost in that similar vein you know yeah. That's a good question though like guys is who we kinda just sent off and not getting the recognition. I think you put mellow in that category. Is he or is he too far gone at this point man. I think he's a good candidate for that as well. I mean 'cause we've. I've always said that when you look at carmelo and he goes into the hall of fame the number one stat that we're always going to say. Is that national championship. He hadn't college like he's still been hanging out late but many peoples that meant. He led a team to the national but in his m._b._a. Careers he's a two time olympian in awe as the most decorated olympian team u._s._a. History correct so you have all of those accolades but i think it's like all right. Sorry man it's over carmelo. You're not going to get the same song and dance that everybody else got. What about demarcus cousins because of injury. I don't know if i put the markets in that class though like i don't even think he's he's not mellow like dot mellow but i'm saying like eddie murphy. You know you got to be in that category. You know where it's like. This dude was considered arguably one of the best players in the world at one point like i don't think we ever thought that about demarcus cousins even as great as he is and he's great but i don't think he's ever been conversation because early on in in metals career it was like you know he's making the playoffs lebron and home. You know what i'm saying like like there was some talk about that so i think it's to a degree todd gurley okay because he's had some success early on and and it's the the last i think about the last two games his last two games new orleans new england n._f._c. championships super bowl. He didn't have the numbers that people expected him to have throughout his career. He rushed for one hundred fifteen yards or prior week. Versus the dallas cowboys and two scores right but yet we think about the a new orleans game we think about the new england patriots game and everybody's just about man if the rams to get that contract they would they just drafted darrell henderson and i feel like it's almost you kinda putting tied in a box and all his teammates are coming to his defense. Jared goff's comes to his defense and i look can we all quit giving his bad energy about mead talking about my knee. I'm fine. I'm big yeah just just hard to watch when you're no the rams could really have used him in the playoffs and the super bowl so it's like a slow death. Almost breitbart for the rams not not really performing in in the super bowl. They had a chance to win but i think watching that way. Of course you're gonna put that attention on girl you like you. Just it's a red light man. I think they write them off. Air biden. I remember last year. Todd gurley was going to be the highest top drafted players and fantasy and now some people are trying to figure out is he layton in the fifth brown or windy. You take todd gurley were last year. You know you're taking him in the first round so he's another guy that i think the early success and kind of right now but i maybe just a running back position in general you know what i mean zeke you ellie melvin gordon had some success charters him getting that degree so just on the football since <hes> you know the big topic or to the conversation conversation today was tom brady and what he's been able to do now. Correct me if i'm wrong. Those are a series of one year deals basically right with with tom brady yet. There's basically they do it to a point where they can free up salary. Cap space is the might have a lot at now do a two year deal to create room for the next shear so i mean he still the sixth highest paid quarterback in the n._f._l. He could be the highest paid if he wanted to make a big stinker he just goes about. It doesn't work this. Is tom but i think we've tried to write tom off the last what four or five years i mean i go back to three years ago and everybody will say what are you doing win. Jimmy garoppolo was the heir-apparent tom. What are you just get out of. I'm not even solan jimmy. Garoppolo arm element was on t._v. Saying everybody tell everybody that he's he's going to be. He's closed a done. If i recall correctly i don't want to throw words in his mouth and that when it goes is going to go well. We've been waiting for it to go see right but they wrote him off three years ago and he's still going and he just signed a two year. Extension is wild so he's another guy well. I think rule changes have helped quarterbacks. Rule changes have helped because they i call it this the the plan safehouse yeah which is the pocket right if you would have given john elway joe montana dan marino these rules right warren moon no history. Jim kelly o. hits above the hill above the shoulders right known dis dis. You can't can't tackle bolognaise on a quarterback so okay elway moon marino montana kelly. I gave you those five quarterbacks in today's n._f._l. How many r._j. Urgently throwing for all over forty five hundred five thousand easy easy easy. I mean carino making more than sixty house right marina moon. We're getting you that anyway yeah. They were already there. Yeah i mean it's just it's just father time his age <hes> you know you you one of look at certain guys and i think another a guy in n._b._a. I think maybe it's starting to happen now. With with chris paul you know in terms of early success early on in with the pelicans and then you you know comes over to with the clippers and now a sudden you know he gets traded. Everybody's just like all right. See you later chris and it's like you're almost pushing him off to the side. Oh i didn't like he's not. I think he's going to have a decent season in oklahoma. City will people care though i know because they're not going to be a playoff team but some of my trade for him if he just has a good season to start art and that that could maybe salvage his career little bit. I coming up next. Let's get into raiders rams. There could be practicing this week. I feel like that <hes> people are gonna be interested in that because as you pointed out those are actually more interested in the preseason games now so let's dive into that head first. We're here at the hotel here. As we begin. Oh see weekday one here at the hotel and spa resort huntington beach coming out where it's seven o'clock on e._s._p._n. L._a.

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