Facebook Is Updating What You See In News Feed


Dish and digital sponsored by h New York's ultimate camera authority. Facebook is making some changes to what you see in your news feed, one involves your friends? Facebook says it's prioritizing, the friends someone might want to hear from the most previously Facebook would stack your news feed based on your interactions with someone such as likes and how many mutual friends you have. But now Facebook is adding other criteria. It's using surveys to ask people to list, the friends, their closest to Facebook says it then looks at the patterns that emerge like being tagged in the same photos, infrequently reacting in commenting on the same posts. Facebook says all the information is put into an algorithm to help them predicts which friends, you want to hear from the most. So they'll appear higher up in your news feed. And if you follow a particular page like from a celebrity news organization or your local government. You'll also be seeing more content you're likely to find more valuable dish digital. I'm Palmer, Dane. And there's more a WCBS eight eighty dot com slash dishing. Digital.

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