Hour 3: Mina Kimes


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So I wanted to ask them about anchorman ghost and the fugitive because it was my understanding that he would have had roles in all three the lead role in the fugitive. But he thought it was a stupid question. So ended that line of questioning Meena was telling me here before we got started that Aaron Rodgers is getting a good amount of criticism today. And when a quarterback who's that good is under five hundred. I'm not the guy who you hear on here. Calling for coaches to be fired but good God McCarthy. Everyone can see how great your quarterback is. How do you not do more with him? People are doing the thing that I hate which is sending around a screen shot of Aaron Rodgers ignoring a wide open Aaron Jones for check down and Rogers has ignored some easy. Reads thrown away balls this season undeniably, and it wasn't perfect yesterday. But I hate screen shot. What's football so much because you've you actually watched the play you can see the defensive linemen are clearly in his way, he's stepping to the left. It's not the read the wide receiver wasn't open at all. But if you capture it, and then it's exact moment. It looks like Aaron Rodgers is wrong. I hate that so much Green Bay fans. Don't know. How could they've had it. My god. Like watch some dolphins football guys watch the bucks watch the Jaguars and stop complaining about Aaron Rogers. He's not been flawless this year. But I it boggles my mind that they're blaming him that he they think he deserves like more than you know, twenty percent of the blame for this season. I don't think he's he's ever been fully healthy this year. Yeah. I mean, his left knee just. I don't know whether he's still wearing a brace. But I just don't think he doesn't. He doesn't look when he's moving around. He doesn't look as lubricated as he has in the past. He looks like he's lumbering a bit. Yes. Although he's still his best throws. Are these improvisational crazy rolling to the side impossible? Heaves. I mean, he had two of them to throws that no one else in the NFL aside from Patrick Mahomes can make last night alone. What do you do though with the idea of an I don't know how McCarthy sleeps at night with this? You decided that it was better to trust anyone than the best quarterback any of us have ever seen like why would you ever like here you go? Here's I almost wish that the Packers played ignoring that its fourth down because this guy is so good at what it is that he does and yet on fourth and two he says I'm going to trust the defense that on the last two drives gave up one hundred fifty yards and I'm going to trust them to stop Russell Wilson. Who in this situation is gonna get to first downs. Because he always does in this situation. He offers you too many options in the last four minutes of game. How long have you been watching this? Meaning where Russell Wilson you do not want to kick the football back to Russel Wilson. Where all he has to do is get a couple of first downs. And he kills your game. I don't know. I think if he wasn't Mike McCarthy if he didn't have the record he his winning record Green Bay's ten in the playoffs, obviously the Super Bowl he'd be at risk for being fired. Mid should be fired. He would be fired, but they're going to wait till the end of the day. He has a lot of high profile moments like this so previously in Seattle during the playoffs after Aaron through that amazing Mary Marion Arizona deciding to kick the extra point instead of going for two and Aaron Rodgers doesn't even touch the ball and over overtime Aaron his telling you after all these games. I always want to go for it on fourth down. I always liked the play gall when we're not sending the field goal kicker out there when we're not sending a kicker out there do what he wants. He's he's earned it who what he wants. I was shocked. They on it on fourth and two in that situation at that time of the game with that score. It was a it was a terrible decision. But the thing with Aaron Rodgers that we're going to do. And maybe it's already started. We're gonna say as great as Aaron Rodgers is he only one one. That's why McCarthy should be fired right there. You can't have a quarterback that. For that long was getting you ten wins the season all the time. You can't and never get him. The players they've gotten rid of everybody else. Ted Thompson is the one who got Aaron Rodgers that trouble ran off. Brett farve got rid of him. Why we protect him Carthy because because what what is he doing in terms of game planning that looks to you like, it's a lot different. Like, I see it on the Rams and the chief you can see it in their offense. I feel like and this might be my Aaron Rodgers by. I feel like when I'm watching the Packers play football that he's not getting a lot of help from the scheming. That's true. Yeah. I mean, especially right. When you watch the modern offenses right now, forget the Rams the cheese when you watch the bears right or some of these young coordinators. Tennessee titans left to talk titans football. Anytime ready at any moment to talk football. But when you watch some of these offenses, you do see guys getting seemed wide open at every level. And you don't see that. When you watch Packers games. And it's frustrating now again Aaron Rodgers his style is not necessarily conducive to that. And he does throw it away. He's very he's conservative with the football. All those things factor into it as well. But you. Can't help. But imagine what would he look like in that offense? What would you look like with Lincoln Riley? I we're gonna get the chance probably next year with with McCarthy it it's the Marvin Lewis syndrome in a way, it's just tough to fire a coach who's consistently not having losing records. Who's who's always seems to be nine and seven hundred if you're brave not if you're a real leader, not if you're willing to risk unpopularity, I agree with all that the NFL the Bill the Bengals don't care about winning Bengals are the only team in the league that don't care about winning any other team in the league that long with that coach in that quarterback. And no playoff victories would've changed. Something look at the ravens haven't gone to the playoffs since two thousand fourteen saddled with a terrible quarterback Harbaugh's held on as well. When you win the Super Bowl, you get a few. Fair or not. That's fine. The Bengals haven't done that. The Bengals don't care about winning the Bengals care about the family business making money. It's also been a long time since that Super Bowl. It has been really has been there's been in years. There's been so many opportunities we've been at this point with Mike McCarthy for several years, it feels like and Aaron does just enough to keep my McCarthy's job feel like errands his own biggest enemy in this in this regard. Because he does enough to keep those other people employed, if your Pakistan, you're actually happy about last night because that might be the straw that breaks Campbell. I think someone's going to get in there, and you guys are going to be a bit jarred at how different Aaron Rodgers looks with someone else doing this gaming. Yeah. I I don't know if they're going to hire one of those creative young. I mean AirAsia. Air, which is pretty old rice what thirty five or something. Like, do you think that team's gonna hire an offense coordinator, who's younger than him like, Sean McVeigh? I mean, he's intimidating. It's a it's a very desirable. It's probably the most desirable head coaching position forgiveness your Browns in the NFL right now. But it's intimidating. You don't wanna be the guy who screws things up with Aaron Rodgers. And it's the very very particular type of coach that can take that challenge on what can you help us out because you are somebody Greg Cote? He's the one with the impeccable pronunciation record. But you are somebody who actually gets in there and get your hands dirty with scouts and films and talking to people who who know things the scheming differences that you're seeing explain it to me because I don't know football. Well, enough to know why it is that what I'm seeing in Kansas City, and the Rams look so much different than what it is. I'm watching when I watched Green Bay play football. So the outcome which you are seeing is that guys are hoping right like you wash them, and you see, you know, Todd Gurley and Anthony bars chasing. Down the field, or whatever are you? See Cooper caught was hurt. Now running deep crosser wide open. And you just ask yourself. How does this happening with these office? Why are these guys so open? There's a lot it's complicated. But I say the simplest explanation is these offenses are fooling defenses before the snap. And some of that's been direction where you see all those guys running around before the snap that plays a big role in it. They're using the Rams run. An extremely simple offense. They run eleven almost every time often with the same personnel. But they use them in crazy ways. The us wide receivers like running backs tight ends. You know, coming out lining up live swing a wide. That's what fools defenses. That's the chess match that good offense is in the NFL are winning right now. And New Orleans is also doing it. Right. And so this is the part when I see Goff when I see Goff and breeze to people that I know are simply not as talented as Aaron Rodgers having an easier time of it. Pretty talented. I'm not saying the breezes and talented, but I'm saying breeze. Can't air Rogers healthy runs around breeds and Iraj does all the things. Breeze. Does breeze doesn't do all the things Aaron Rodgers does. And Br breeze gets rid of the ball faster than anybody in the sport. Which is why he never gets act and helped his offensive line. But I know what golf was his first season. We all saw it with Jeff Fisher. And now he looks like he can play quarterback with anybody. So we can all point to a little bit of improvement. But also that's scheming. We've been watching the same Packer offense. Do the exact same thing without any variation. Except maybe putting a number eighty eight at running back every once in a while for the last seven years since they won the Super Bowl, you're saying of it. I mean, you sound Seattle to I don't we're talking about Mike was watching. I was screaming. I was very well. I was muted. But I I was not happy with the Seahawks offensive coordinator either. There's such divide right now in the NFL. There's like ten dudes or shredding the league. Evolve. Irs and then one else it's. Really frustrating. Because those are Chris Simms has topped two quarterbacks that went at it last night number one and two, and you could argue there being habitat by their coaching sats. You're not getting as much out of them as you possibly could. They're so talented what we're watching on Thursday night. It felt like those two quarterbacks are exceptional. And they're being asked to be remedial there that what we're watching the when I'm watching when I see that game is what I feel like our to remedial offense is hey you quarterbacks figured out. Right. Exactly figure move around back there and figure it out. Aaron Rodgers also wasn't getting much help from his offensive line last night. He was sack five times golfing breeze. Both have better protection. Well, he's had good protection this year though, as he not. Yes, he has that last night. You're right defensively. But he can't move like he used to he used to avoid these things. He used to be the guy who can move around the defensive tackle this limitation with that knee is a big story that that nobody wants to talk about because it sounds like an excuse. It was it was incredible because they Adams had ten catches for one hundred sixty six yards and maybe two of the catches. He was actually open. Gyco presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent hailstorm here to describe the event of all, bro. I was just hanging on the roof. When this gnarly storm starts dropping baseball sized hail. The shingles got beat up a few windows broken. It was savage. Did you do anything to help, bro? I was in survival mode. Your football can't help you in a hailstorm. But the guy go insurance it can see can help you get covered for personal property damage. Call gyco to see how affordable homeowners insurance can be done lebatardshow. Dan has it. Oh my God. This is this Bomani question. Mavis staples. Go. Stugatz. You can't hope papers together without some Mavis. Staples. I mean, everyone knows that these live at our show with his two guys on ESPN radio. Greg. Cody and meantime, during the break, we're just doing a whole lot of talking about a game that no one is talking about this weekend titans and colts. Lot of people are talking about this game. Good matchup. Good. Are you? Greg is on the titans. You're on the titan strain with me, right? No. Yeah. I am. I'm sold on that defense. I like the coach I like their new coaches again, he's daring in a way and daring in a way is. Standard goes on NFL standard. So I got into the titans to annoy Dan originally, right because when there were three and three hundred I can't watch this team. But I really wanted to be tightened expert just to bring it up and bother Dan next time I came back to Miami. But then I fell in love with them on my own and ever since I came on was like, Tuesday, right and talked about them and told everyone to tighten up. I've become like the king of the titans like their fans are so thirsty. There's thirsty for appreciate it's like. You know, they tell girls you guys are probably like is looking at me so concerned they girls if you're going to date a guy in the band date the drummer because he'll appreciate you. The titans are the drummer right? Like, no, one appreciates them. But me, I am there Poseidon know who's the king? I'm there Cronos Zeus. I think Cronos is the king of the times. I should've looked this up for, but I am the rat king and their their official titans account actually followed at me tweeted at me, they've been liking my tweet. My tighten up tweets Cronos. It is really again. Tighten friends at thirsty. They nobody talks about the tiny. Nobody wants to talk about on radar. They've got a flaw God or goddess in you because you only chose them to annoy me, and you just admitted as much so he's not a real heartfelt belief in what it is. They do. It's just let's annoy, Dan. And then they've won a couple of games since then, and they did what they did to the patriots became real love. Like, I went back and watched the entire. The patriots game. And I truly fell in love with what they're doing enough. It's great it. Yeah. You say like where you put the emphasis on the it has to be again. I mean, also during the break was talking a lot. She still mad about this screen shot where Aaron Rodgers misses a receiver over to the right? And it is a funny thing when you think about it. We are all there to hyper examine what this person. There are fifty Parana around him like everybody around is looking to try and bite his neck. Oh, you missed that one guy that one time on that one play and he was wide open. And we all feel like we could have seen that if we'd been dropping back and Khalil Mack was coming open for a half. Second. That's all his head turned in one direction and the pressure is coming from that direct. I mean, you could do you could take any play basically and finding open guy pretty much the fastest biggest humans people larger than anyone you've ever met in your walking around. Life are chasing you around the backfield. You didn't see the one? Wide open guy in the flat 'cause you were looking the other way screen shot. Mike. What are we got with the grid of death? We're all going to the grid of death. The bucket of death here in the next segment. I lost last week Billy laws. We were the only losers. What's left on on the grid in terms of shames and punishments that billion I have to choose from here? We got the mustard hair have mustered lathered into your hair and have it that way for the entire show spaghetti gloves. We're gloves filled with spaghetti for an entire show. We have the any given Sunday where you have to deliver head coach, Tony D'Amato's inspirational locker room speech from any given Sunday to bar patrons delivered from the Clevelanders stage. I picked the the Cody which is to have mashed potatoes in my hair for an entire show. We have a tandem death available that the in both slots are available on this. It's a rocky three where both people that have suffered. This death must recreate the rocky three beach training scene shot for shot recreation, including the appropriate wardrobe there is one. Slot available for the suck on you. This lucky person is going to get to be handcuffed to me for an entire show. And there's the Darth maul get painted and dress like the villain from Star Wars Episode one and cost play go to the next big marvel movie dresses one of the characters and you have to take video which one do you wanna do Billy? I'll let you choose. I want to do any of them this thing to ago, I know, okay? But you've got to pick one. So go ahead and pick whichever one you want you want to do that rocky siemian together on the beach out there on all right? We'll do it onto the rocky runs recreate IOT. So sensual it is what are we wearing? I haven't seen. Well, be tube. Socks for sure. You haven't seen the scene. You haven't seen the scene the home the homoerotic scene. It's Rockies from their Ocoee three. They're sprinting on the beach. And then they they joyously jubilee in the in the ocean, I'm down. Let's do. Donlevatar quickey is it slithering around. You are good your master liar. Stugatz. Are you are you are genius liar? You're like the Einstein of liar. VC's live at our show with his two guys on ESPN radio times. The meantime show has new podcast episodes every Wednesday. You could subscribe rate review ESPN app, apple podcast, Mike, you know, we don't do previews around here. We don't preview games. We don't preview weekends. We just like gambling and having fun. But I feel like we've all been waiting around for Monday night's game. And I feel like we should preview it start previous star tailgating right now for Rams cheap the Monday night game. I thought you were talking about the best defense in the history of college football. I'm talking about the Colgate raiders getting eleven points against army. This is not hyperbole. This is the greatest defense in the history of college football. It is a travesty that the Colgate raiders are not ranked. They should absolutely be ranked initia- get honestly, frankly. Consideration for the final four. I love the toothpaste as well. Army is good this year and on top of that they run the option don't they don't they? They run the option they've cut no chance against the Colgate raiders defense and the defensive line from Colgate. And you just switch the uniforms. You'll you say it's like I can't tell who who supposed to be a witch team. All right. So if you might possibly be Mike is told you very strongly Colgate. Plus eleven Colgate on the money line. Here's a Wilson have a chance against Colgate. Plaque and tartar my God. Wow. What's? We what my judgment skewed. He's he's on team. Colgate. I've never been in the studio with you. It is remarkable which part of it to you like so much that it's real that all of the all of it. What are you amazed by here? Mostly like, the part where it takes the heat off of me for being terrible at the mechanics of doing that like you and me in the studio together against the clock. That's like the Cavs with two JR Smith. I don't know. How this end, you know, what's what's funny about this twice to God's said. The other day of Meena and others around here that we have to have the smartest dumb people in the world because this is what actually happened the other day. We were trying to get Cody on the clock. And there were two options at the end of an hour. We were trying to clip him on the clock and the choices where Meena and my father, and I didn't know who'd be more encompass should put it on the poll because I think dumbest smart people is actually more appropriate. And also the Monday night football game is okay to really. It's all right. Yeah. Who else is dumb? Smart. I actually that's what I actually meant. What I meant was that smart people who behave dumb. Someone thrown stones from glass house. Then let's go ahead and get the grim reaper out here. We've lost our chance because Mike was talking Colgate to preview Rams chiefs. I mean, it's a great as defendant college football. No one's ever talking about them twelve points in the last how many games eight games the last eight games they've given up twelve points combined. They're running the patriot league, folks. They can't be voted into the top twenty five don't be beholden to the fact that they're playing in the F C S don't be don't be a drone. How did how did Colgate do this season against their archrival crest? You could have gone with are they going to crest do a victory? They've been. Probably should've yet subtle for me. I like to hit it over the head. Let's go ahead and. Oh. You too both go sit out there. Win reaper visit out there. Go both of you get out now. Go sit in the penalty box. We will send out there to visit you thank you all of your help going to be a technical challenge. You kind of need them into pseudo. Let's go ahead and go with Chris I closed the door Phil fleet guy. Thank you incompetent people. Appreciate it. Thank you. Hey actors is if you've ever done radio before thank you. I mean, it's unbelievable. How can you guys? Explain it to me. Hold on. I want to examine this joke is really good. It was the to joke was great. It's winching chose to say it, which is while I was talking. There was no problem with the joke. It's that the two of them talk whenever they have an idea, and they don't think about anybody else. Don't two dollars fine. Let's go ahead and have Chris reach into this bucket of death. And see what it is that he excavates from here. The panthers. So the Panthers are at the lions they are minus four Panthers favorite. You'll keep that. Yeah. Okay. Here comes gear mo- gear. Mo is now going to select from the bucket of death. Any last place team or any of them on a by? So is the hack. Last year. The jets no bills bills and jets are tied for the last either way everybody's everybody. Everybody in the AFC east outs. Congratulations, billy. We're all very happy for you. Can't wait to do that homo erotic rocky with and and before you get mad at you guys is not picking this is the second one golden helmet of life. No, one was happy for ROY. Nobody was happy for him wild wild west. Oh god. I have no idea. What that is. Really anything goes. Are you guys? Are you guys? Leaping hitting. There is a helmet in there. And you don't know what it represents put this in their people go. What is this can someone? Can I pick a buy week team the forty nine? Whatever he wants. All right. Thank you. I mean, go ahead. Mike just select from the bucket. It's why I hate this thing. I mean, congratulations on all your rules. There's something in there that doesn't mean it's a great. It's a great form of logic Tilly me with helmet billion. I put most of those secret helmets in there. And neither of us have any idea. What that is. Why are you putting so many helmets in the I'm not taking the raiders pick the raiders I wrong. Wait a minute. Mike, you share the raiders are at the cardinals shirt, not taking the raiders. Layout colts arts and titans. Boulter at home. They're they're one point five point favorite. We're going to have to bring the guys back. The we can't do it from the ship and get we can't do it from the penalty box. Nobody's got sound over there stream it I mean. It's. In that on the fly was great. Let's see what I can do. Thanks. They're they're picking now you can see if you're watching on hold on. No come back in here. Come back in here. Please just come back in here. He said, oh, my Lord is. You can put it back. He's going to put it back. Putting it back backpack. Guys. Just get them back in here because we've got a sponsor to please just get them back in here coin flip. All right. So we got a coin flip of death coming up for Greg. Cody. I'm going back in the studio. So main as coming in running back in here now here comes the Raper behind Greg. Cody make sure that Greg Cody he's checking his Texas Twitter to make sure that I'm sorry. Alison, I'm sorry about that. Can you come over here? Alison, I'm sorry. The reason the reaper what I meant how fate, Dan. Well, I'll tell you. What happened? I will tell you. Why it is that I became this discombobulated. And now, we gotta get it all out there because the reaper you oh, two dollars reaper safe. Kammer keeps hitting the camera. What is it says as her draw? Oh, so you have you have the veto. So you can drug and and if you need it you save yourself. But if you don't need it, you can save somebody else drunken. Yeah. You try again. Just in case you have you hold onto that. And you grab another one from the reapers bucket. Because I just hit the the reaper in the breast. When I reached out I reached out to to push the reaper away from the camera, and I hit the reaper in the breasts, and now the replays, both crying and laughing because I did not clearly not now there's probably video evidence of me hitting the reaper in the breast classes there. So armee uncomfortable to have that happen on television. May know, what did you choose? I got Bama so she will very likely need veto. She can save somebody else. Blacking blacker. Red Cody on your coin flip lacquer red red. Flip the lack like lack it as you die immediately. What? Sorry Thursday that works. I write it can save. You lions lions at the Panthers. That's great. Would it be more point their home? Rooting for you. Any team? I could pick any team. All right. Bye. Yeah. I'll just pick whoever won last night. I'll pick her Seahawk. All right -gratulations on. Well. I'm glad that wasn't sloppy. At all donlevatar this Friday. I'm getting into the weekend. I want to get my drink on. Stugatz. Got open up the club open it overnight open. It. It now, but is the computer buffering there it is. This is live at our show with his two guys on ESPN radio. We will open up the club in about five minutes. But if you want some fun and funny and good hardcore football analysis. The meantime show has new podcast episodes every Wednesday. You can subscribe rate review on the ESPN app or apple podcasts. Her enthusiasm is even greater than her knowledge. And her knowledge is pretty strong, Mike, tell us more about her enthusiasm last night watching her her Seahawks equal out. Well, she can't eat during the game. So we had to get there early. By the way, we had croquettes has an appetite as an appetizer honor of the the poll. Yeah, you'd like an audio always the best crooked. Does she can't eat during the games had you ever had a crooked up before I had. But not one this kid. I it was incredible. Yeah. It's the best one. She made his move chairs. I brought my wife with me we had to move seats. And then they worked at work work because the Seahawks for playing well, then towards the end of the game. She would get up a lot in the middle of the restaurants screen, the f word. Did you got people think you're kidding? But she she gets very mad. And she thought she was tempered down. She gets very mad during Seahawks gets. She gets very mad, and she gets very vocal. And she directs curse words at certain people. Right. They're not going to say what who use your imagination. My favorite part. I thought the offense coordinator of the Seahawks because I haven't heard it. But I can imagine it Schottenheimer with which rhymes with a lot of things. Yeah. But my favorite part of all of that was after after the game. These two gentlemen that were sitting in front of us the entire time came up to take a photo with me. Hey, are you mean from ESPN? So they saw. Shame. I mean that's her game. That's what she is. She's stands in the middle of a restaurant. And she starts Schottenheimer's name another way, she starts a high fives knuckle sandwiches, the whole deal. Everything I did work change. My hairstyle my top by move seats and team one my wife was egging her on you should do this other crazy thing, and that means that you think and follows her down here is did you guys see what Matt Patricia did to the lion? Oh my God. I did know he made them practice in the snow. Yesterday. Even though they have an indoor practice facility and their next four games are indoors. He's like the worst parts of patriots culture. None of the winning and all of them. He wore shorts though to prove that he was tough to. Ooh. Guys. The toughest. Do they look sloppy as the rest of them because I'm familiar with getting into shorts at that size. It's not it's not great. At lebatardshow on Twitter. If you want to vote on the poles, but we're going to open up the club. We do it at the end of every single week. And it's just an assortment of sounds from your workweek. We had a lot of them this week that were good get ready to laugh. So this is to get you ready for your weekend. We used to be an afternoon show. We didn't stop doing this because we're lazy so used to take into happy. All right here, we go from the show, and we get into a pool of tequila now. It's one PM. What's the first sound in the club? Danny would love you. Shut up. Yeah. Von not a great look for wilpon this week because he went after everybody. Stugatz. Meanest of all who else you got. I don't care what the is. Win the dam pike, Mike, he doesn't get any run support. It's at three point six runs again. You've gotta hey Saturdays. Only hang on exempts. Baseball allowance. Is that real sixteen? Is that real says FINA only hang tough only started in baseball allow don't allow any. That's right. If the other team scores one don't allow you to be Bob Gibson. This is a Tirrenia statistics. Now, Cody agrees with everything. Meena Cody agrees with everything will bond says well too. Sorry. I love the phrase tyranny of distance. Statistics. Now. What else you got Mike? Thank god. That was our we had some good Stephen Smith Sunday go crazy over Zion yesterday. Thank god. I heard a lot of people were reaching out to Saint Stephen a Smith was melting down over Zion yesterday on the radio. Oh, oh. Oh. Oh. Talk of on. Tago from Hawaii. It's a tough though. In a job taco. Jumpy was struggling yesterday with us Janas antenna quote. It's his job to right? And that's an NBA XM Janos and. Who else in the club? Don't toy new toy. No good. No. Who else in the club? Well, here's the thing. Oh that guy. That's you know, who that is. Is that problem or is that Ethan is anything Strauss Republic, Tori? They sound exactly. Like hold on a second. Hold on a second. Hold on menas friends with Pablo a longtime who is this is it public, Tori. Or is it Ethan Stroud? Well, here's the thing. That season. That's not Pablo that is absolutely cobbler. Get out of here. Occurs. Get out of here. Coach. Well, and then the aspect of the game we didn't play well in the aspect of the game. Everything that could've went wrong went wrong. That was sad. Todd bold. It is depressing. Broken a totally. That's the sounds of a totally broken man who needs to drink. So somebody by Todd Bowles drink, Harry thing that could've went wrong went wrong. Drinks on the house today for Todd Bowles, and he's drowning misery that could've went wrong. Went wrong. Who else in the club? Met were guys dead things out. Those are colleagues of ours here not aware of what the show is on four thirty every day in the middle of the worldwide leader in sports lineup. Good teams win. Great teams cover. Our beloved Bobby carpenter, his Mitch Trubisky. This year's version of Jared dot no. And answered. Who else in the club? Great. Okay. Who do you have winning Rams chiefs on Monday tighten up?

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