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<music> kevin product southgate media find us. That's music is masters of this for kevin mcquillan dot com royalty free music as long as you give the duties <hes> all right. It's that time of the week again time for the kevin long show today. It's going to be even shorter than it always is because really don't have anything. I just wanted to get something out there. For the next episode is going to be the complete sciatic handbook two part two part two not the the second book <unk> only one. I just got to get some things ready and the last two interviews. I did kind of threw off my episode numbers and i don't. I don't remember what episode it is because you can't put episode numbers on. I tunes anymore just really dumb whatever and yeah. I just wanted to get something out there. <hes> remember if you're looking for a new actual play podcast listen to check out shortfall yeah. It's tells of sword fall so pretty good show. I enjoy it k. So for me myself and die mahalo and have a great day again. Thank you for listening to kevin along can find us on facebook researching. They find us on twitter at kevin long s. h. One or you can email along show dot.

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