Morning Brief for Thursday, December 5th


Wall Street Journal listeners. Come from all walks of life and business and no matter what type of business urine eighty P is here to help you achieve what you're working king for with. HR talent time benefits and payroll informed by data and designed for people learn more at design don ADP DOT com. I'm Charlie Turner at the Wall Street Journal. In New York. The Wall Street Journal says the trump administration is considering a significant expansion of the US military footprint in the Middle East to counter Iran. The build up what include dozens more ships other military hardware and as many as fourteen thousand additional troops that could double the number of US US military personnel who've been sent to the region since the start of a troop build up in May president. Trump is expected to make a decision on the new deployments as soon as this month house house speaker. Nancy Pelosi is pushing strip out sweeping legal protections for online content in the new trade pact with Mexico and Canada. Removing the legal shield would be a blow so for big technology companies which have lobbied hard to include the immunity language in the US. MCA Trade Agreement. Steven Cohen is close to an agreement to purchase a majority stake in the New York. Mets from Fred and Jeff Wilpon. The deal would reportedly increased. Mr Cohen's current minority stake in the mets to eighty percent and it would eventually only give the hedge fund manager full control over the baseball franchise which has struggled financially as well as on the field for more head to or the W._S._J. APP.

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