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Undertaker Day: The Undertaker & Michelle McCool


If you don't know Sirius. Xm THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right. Now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car. For just one dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full. Show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six. Welcome to the busted. Open podcast on undertaker day. And it's the undertaker day. Why because we have the fee knob the dead man himself the undertaker joining us on the podcast. Today it's myself and Mark Henry. Wwe Hall of Famer talking to another legend the undertaker also as you see on the last ride on the wwe network. We are also joined by Michelle McColl so undertaker day Michelle McConnell and the legend himself the fee nom the undertaker right now on the busted open. Podcast back here on busted open. Dave La Grech Mark Henry. It's undertaker day here. Busted open mark and someone who's been on the show before and you can see her each and every Sunday and we're GONNA get episode number three at ten. Am starting to stream on the WWE NETWORK. The last ride and I. I think you're seeing a lot of what makes their relationship works so well and I think everybody's looking at things a little bit differently because of this series. Let's bring her in right now. The Real Voice. Somebody by the way. And I'll say it right here on busted open should be in the wwe hall of fame. Michelle McCullough Michelle. How are you today? My goodness I'm good. Thank you so much less up guys. What's going on sunshine not much? You know what I I want. I want to ask a couple of questions that Do Do we think that mark would be able to answer the question if I said on a Cheat Day What WOULD MICHELLE E? I would it be a the inside of oreo doughnut. Cake frosting pizza. What would he say? Well it would be a C and e a multiple choice. It's it's all the above all right. But but I have one quest those show like what? What do you do with the rest of the cookie after legit a cookie cake? That I blamed you know First Grade graduation just to buy a cookie cake that has zero frosting around the edges so It just in my pantry right now kites cook eight the frosting and it's a win win. Sometimes he complains. Like I won't for all like but you didn't buy it so sorry I gotta I gotTa share a story and I don't know if this is true or not so you have to kind of break the myth if you will. I remember getting a phone call from my daughter's principal and this is going back. She's sixteen now. But this is going back decades ago where I got a phone call from my daughter's principal saying you know you have to pick up your daughter. She just put one of her classmates into a figure four leg lock and made him tap out in the middle of the classroom. Now from what? I hear I think you did somewhat of the same thing as well. Is that true well? I can promise. I didn't do it at school because my dad was my principle. So there were. There were plenty of logs locked in in the local households. Yes definitely H. So you've been you've been a fan of the world of wrestling from a very young age. Yeah literally. I know people say it a lot. But I genuinely it was something that I it was like a bonding thing with my dad and my grandfather So we watched it all the time. It was just something that we truly enjoyed. And that didn't it it. It never stopped Even when I went off to college you know we do recaps the next day. Like Hey. Did you see stone-cold flip off? Whoever did you see and so? Yes something that I've just. My whole family has loved. I mean my cousin Jimmy. Michael was labor and they made her turn off wrestling because it was one of Monday night into given birth. That's how bad as yeah. That's to given birth birth like focused off wrestling. That is the greatest stores. That's a true fan right there. We need to have her call in sometimes. That is my my husband might Put the Kabosh on that. Because he's you know he doesn't get rid but one time one one time. Oh McColl got her. Got Him so and that was her. So that's a little league. What would you look at the last ride and again you can watch a episode? Three of the last ride starting to stream at ten. Am Eastern time on Sunday on the WWE network and obviously as fans myself as a fan and as host of the show now for eleven years. Like I've only seen the one side of the undertaker. I've only seen what's been presented on TV. This is a huge leap. Not only for him but for you as well. Because you're really opening up to France you know mark and like big show called and a lot of the guys. They know how much pain he was in. But some of them still didn't know the extent of what he had to go through to just get through a match. You know to get shots before the matches the timing of the shots and the shots after the matches the pain that endured for so long. You know it's just It's a really ended up. Look at the man behind the character and it's something it didn't start as. Hey let's have cameras. Follow us because that is not us by any stretch of the magic nation. He just wanted to document the the last match with Roman because he truly thought that was gonna be it so he just wanted some footage for for us. And you see where that took us. I mean obviously. He didn't retire. They kept following him and years later. Here we have this. This wonderful DACA DOCU series. A mob thing is is lately these these last two episodes. I came way to Sunday. I mean everybody's talking about the last dance with Michael Jordan and my thing is is watching. This is just as important impactful to me. You're coming across on screen so good. We already knew the wrestler are like you know me what would you? What were you expecting? That's messed up after that. I'm talking about the fan base. I'M RUMBLING. I'm hearing rumblings of how cool no pleasanton how cool Michelle Mikulas coming across. And how wonderful a person that you've seen on the show. I know I know you so at present. Do you think that this is a time with with the what the women's Revolution is? You could come back in some capacity. I think that the world needs to see you. Thank you I don't know it is. It is nice and refreshing because I have had a lot of Positive feedback as far as me on on screen and and just our relationship and one people didn't like me as like cool because you're so obnoxious but people also legitimately like hate me not not like the good TV. Like bad hate. Just because I'm married to mark is almost like I've taken you know some people think they're so attached to him like I've taken him away so it was nice just to I mean literally. It's nice for people to see that that's not who I am. That's obviously not what relationship is and You Know Me. I can't be anything else but myself. Actually somebody asked me to the day where you nervous or concerned about falling you and I said my only concern was like my entire family including our seven year old. We have smart mouth so I'M NOT REAL. Sure you know what something might get said and people might not think it's funny but we will so. I wouldn't nervous about you. Know we can only be ourselves and It is refreshing be honest. It's refreshing for people to finally be like. Oh maybe she's a decent human being. Imagine my girl and I was very shocked. That is private as you and mark are. I was very shocked when I saw her on the screen. I mean that was because it was years ago. So you know. I don't know that we would put her on right now. but being so young and looking so different. I thought you know I. It's hard when she's end up position. Because you know girlfriend loves the camera you know that she loves sitting on the show and it so so it's hard to always you know have to take stuff from her just to keep her protected and for her to be able to understand that so we left a few little pieces in there where she gets yourself and you know not feel left out and say this was actually meant for you guys in not meant for everybody else so I but man as that was that was shocking to me because I know how private y'all are and I I was just really. It was always good to see. See my little cat. You know and we'll me because I get the episodes mixed up because we've seen a few of them but I mean she was. She was in there with you right. How can you? I'm about the jumping on a trampoline. Oh then I spoke too soon but I was gonNA say well since she's on there with you people know you know not only do you have to go through my mark. She probably go through Mr Marcus. Well better backup. If you decide to. You know try keep I listen. I keep doing well. You know you just said a couple things that I think are very revealing. I mean first of all like you mentioned about the hate that you were getting from the pro wrestling community. I you know I never really experienced that hosting this show but But you know like he the way you're describing like the way that people talk about the you know the Beatles breaking up because a Yoko Ono most you know it's like it's crazy so you really did have to go through that. You really thought that that was a perception of a lot of fans absolutely one thousand percent and it was hard even just when I was wrestling things. We're still so different and of course you know I got didn't get anything on my merit and it's just because I was with you know with with mark But and that rolls over into everyday life like literally just undertaker's wife like you know those one have grudging. Give to the world like I have to give people like you know about. Yeah legitimately felt bad hate. Yeah and I think what mark is saying is right that like you know. I didn't know that perception but if people did have that perception they know better now after watching this documentary. Anybody you know you know I'm married. You know mark and I are. You know we have a family so when you see that it brings a tear to your eye. There's a lot documentary series that brings a tear to your our love as fans for the undertaker but just seeing a family bonded together and for you every year to keep having to go through this again and again and seeing you stand by him at. It's such a wonderful love story that's being told. Well thank you and people somebody asked me yesterday and I said you know it was just our normal. It's funny looking back and seeing him. Gosh just limp. Basically drag his leg. I forgot how bad you know. His hips were his knees. Were and going through the whole process of a surgery every year. It's just it's just what our normal was and they said. Well how? How do you stand by them? Like what else do you do like? I'm not gonNA leave a man. 'cause he's having a surgery like you stand by your friends you stand by your family you stand by your husband. There's nothing I wouldn't do to do whatever I needed to do to support him. The humor is coming across a lot of people You know don't expect to see they see mark as the undertaker. They don't see him as Mark Calloway and in the in the sense where he was like. Wow I mean he he probably thinking. Wow this guy's not as not what he used to be and you quickly said No. I'm sure that he's not thinking that and more baggage said he will when he was his video back. And I just busted out laughing and I and I know that sense of humor and I think that I hope that they've edited the rest of the series to where more that comes across. Because I find I find your both as really really funny people and and entertaining David saying that you know we're we're both family guys. I was like yeah. You know we're family gathered you work. My wife works out. What you right and is like I don't know if there's any other relationship wrestling wives that I have like that matter of fact I know it though. Yeah yeah no and they do. They did such a wonderful job and they really captured Several different scenes where you know you can see our little banter going back and forth and Us Messing with each other. The way we do and just they captured that a lot and I was glad that they did. I'm I'm glad they kept it in there. You know there's a or even hospital scene where he's like you know. I think I'm feeling pretty good and You know we'll see in a few months I'll feel and I'm like yeah. We'll see in a few months like come. January probably weird. You know you'll probably feeling real good. Maybe get a phone call start training. Then April's here. Yeah yeah they they. They did a good job of that. Here Michelle McColl again. The last ride is going to episode number three start streaming at ten. Am on Sunday on the WWE NETWORK. If you haven't watched an episode don't worry just go to wwe network both Episode One and episode to are streaming right now and you know Michelle on busted open. You know we've been on for eleven years and right around January you start hearing me. Talk about the handcuff you start. I take a knee. I start yelling and screaming on the air about the the undertaker's come on that guy. So you know you're dealing with you know you're dealing with the man that has to perform but I'm the I'm the A-hole that every year screaming and yelling out. I want the undertaker back. Like I can't let go is what I'm saying. I can't let go got. I'm so for me to on interview yesterday. He even said he was talking about when the street got broken. They said did anybody else. No he said Yeah my wife that afternoon and after I calmed her down yes. I'M A fan. I totally this is true. Soy and so And then you know with the match this year he somebody was asking. He said they called me up. And said you know if you've got one more match in you and Mark Twain like I don't know and he said so I asked my wife and I did? I said Oh man it's Aj like show like if there's anybody who can get in the ring with do it. He's like she totally spoiled me like. I thought she was going to be like. Aren't you finished? But no I enjoy watching him. To selfishly but selfishly. Clearly it's helped comes first. I want him to be healthy but Yeah I feel Ya. It's amazing because these last few years you really have been seeing those fantasy matchups that the fans wanted to see you know in New Orleans you got to see undertaker in Johnson like you said and this bone yard batches seeing the undertaker and AJ style. So it it's it's hard because you're right. It's like these because now everybody has to have who. Who can undertaker be and? Is this going to be his last match? You know these are like the fantasy bookings from the fans almost right right. Yeah and I knew after the scene. Amash 'cause I knew how good he felt going in and then when it only lasted a few minutes I was like Oh boy is given. He's going again at some point. Yeah for you watching the last ride and seeing this played out and knowing that the fans are seeing a different perspective of of the undertaker and your relationship I mean. I'm sure you have to be proud of the work. That's been done in how this has been presented and also the reaction from a lot of fans on social media. Yeah for sure I mean w e did such a good job producing. I mean. They truly did. It's just it's obviously I'm biased. But it's beautiful in my eyes And do like how they portrayed our relationship. A lot of people have always wondered What like being married to him and you know even in the documentary was like I've said a million times. He's one of the two people did not want meet. When I got there can be and the other one course. I married Mark But like he's not you know creepy all the time. He doesn't walk around the house in his eyeliner. How time like he doesn't you know He'll lay on the document he'll tell everybody real quick that I at him for quite some time. I think he'd the truth eventually comes out so I'm okay with that but I'm glad it's it's it's nice. It's nice to personally. Just have for you. Know years to come for our family was about three or four guys sitting in the bowl. And y'all talk on the show. Yeah I was one of those guys sitting there when you start throwing the football and mark terms to bradshaw and goes. That's that's Mrs Calloway right there. I don't think now that you said that I remember that funny. I totally forgot about that. Yeah I was like see. That's simple he is he just wants. I could throw a spiral that's all. It took like. We are over there like holy. Did you see that you know when one knows? Brett farve hummers to make them sound when it fly by Veuve Local family if you're going to throw you better barrel. That was all who who would be the one that would say they would have best athlete like who would enter competitive you are. That's the problem as well. We'd probably all say we were. That's the problem you know. I don't know I mean you got my brother who played d. One Got A D. One football and baseball scholarship. My Cousin League got a d. One baseball and then played in the minors for awhile. My cousin got a D. One BASEBALL MY COUSIN. Jimmy played softball. I I mean it's it's We all played mother. Cousin dove at Alabama. Like I duNno and we're all just so stubborn we'd probably ourselves so in a game horse right now one last night. So if you're asking what the most recent one last night I'll say there who you mark but I guess I already know. Yep You know one last night. This is going to be conversation in the next hour and a lot of back and forth. But he'll tell you any sport I beat him in like one day we were on the road. We're bored and we went bowling and then like we had a peanut gallery too and I was just. I couldn't miss for some reason and I scored. I don't know something crazy. High and beating. Then he's like but I had a torn bicep. He towards by something that was already porn. So there'll be some excuse. I guarantee you know no. We have competitive last question for me and thank you so much for joining us. I don't know if you hurt like if you are a big wrestling fan. You should be listening to busted open every day but we did grant this under. I started are. It's a national holiday now. I don't know if you heard but may twenty second now taker day. It's undertaker day. I just started today so back. That's right banks are going to be closing school or you know this is. This is going to be now from the end time on the calendar when you buy counter calendar in two thousand and twenty five twenty seconds they undertaker day and kids are GonNa be like Oh great. No school like this is. This is now undertaker day every day around here now but now it's nationwide world. You know it said yesterday mark. She said Somebody asked interview besides your Mommy and Daddy. Who's your favorite? And she goes well. My Mommy is number one but my daddy. He's like top one hundred there's Big Mr Mark John Sina. She proceeded to name INEX- People. I hadn't even heard like everybody. She like. Maybe like top one thousand actually. I'm not sure that's amazing to me because mark and I are talking about top three of all time and you know and I'm least. He made the top hundred. I mean it's I know. I think that we're GONNA ask you my last question my last question for me. I'm I'm asking you to strictly as a fan okay. Okay uh-huh if if if the one last match you want to see from the undertaker who would you want to see in the ring the undertaker in his final match? Oh man like past present future. I can be anyone could be anyone. Oh Jeez Maybe me so I could just finally ended like and for all that was the perfect ads for Michelle McColl for eternity loser leaves for Tuli. Love this this has been. We could talk to you for an hour but undertaker to talk to at some point today on. It is take taker day for crying out which we truly appreciate again the last ride episode three starts streaming at ten A. M. Eastern time Sunday on the WWE network Michelle McQueen. Thank you so much for the time. We truly appreciate it. Thank y'all so much and I'll go hunt down my husband. Thank hand the phone off that husband your home for all things come as sports is Sirius. Xm fire nation. Start Your Day with Hall of fame. Pro Wrestling talk on busted. Open these men and women that build the business. Then the barracks keeps you up to date on all things. Boxing boxing of young expect Thomas has you covered for mixed martial arts Joe. Rogan is the most important influence irving in all broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six that man himself and you see each and every Sunday episode three at ten am will start streaming on the wwe network the last ride and we see a different side of this man and that is the one and only undertaker joining us right here. I'm busted open sir. How are you this morning? I'm good how are you guys doing? We're all so mad. Fu Awesome awesome share. Right now. Bully Ray is going daggers. In my back why he he he yeah. I got the rotation and it just so happens that they will only available on Friday. It wasn't like that I was the one that said. Hey gotta be Friday Blu Ray. I don't want him along with bullying another do that. Hometown connection did mark. Nothing nothing either either way I have to say as somebody who has created this show and this show being on for eleven years and you finally being a part of it again. The timing couldn't be better mark because the undertaker's calling us on Undertaker Day may twenty second as everyone knows is now a national holiday called Undertaker Day. So it's great having you on and of course as I mentioned the last ride available on the wwe network. First of all. I have to say the first thing I have to say before anything else is that you are sir. A lucky man. We just spoke to Michelle McColl amazing person and you are a lucky man so we wanted to get that right off the top. Yeah definitely I'll kick coverage on that one You know whatever every once in a while you get lucky and and man she has been. She's been probably one of the biggest blessings in my life and I probably should tell her that more often but I don't need her head getting bigger than it already is. I got a question for you and something that We asked Michelle like you know. Probably what was she like On a cheap day would it be a z? And I think I know the answer but I'm asking you the same question on a cheat on achieve a yeah Budi food. Obviously you're not talking food. He's always talk. We'll probably end up probably Lockhart Barbecue number. One and number two would be known. Well yeah now yeah. I'd have Shipley early. I should be hit ship. Donuts early and then buy lunch. I need to be out in lockhart getting some barbecue and then not nobody day. Probably it probably be some some pizza. I would have to imagine that pretty close. Yeah Yeah Yeah I'm I'm I'm sure calcat would be standing there going. I get the first pick the donut she gets I. Oh no doubt right so I've you know I hear those last couple of years I really been trying to you. Know not have too many of those days. 'cause they send they seem to you know stick around a little longer than they used to but boy she ain't afraid to cheat and afraid to bring in some ship with doughnuts early in the morning and just have them all over her face and noticed there and look at her like torture. I heard that I made the the top the top ten Liz as her favorite wrestlers We're we're man. You're you should be honored. Got To make the top one hundred ribbon. She she'll roll through as she'll go through names like I don't even know like a you know because she watches. She watches all three shows. She's up on everything and I mean it's just like really I don't even know who that is. And he'll run me down a quick history and Yeah you don't you don't you. Don't get you really. Don't get a big head and this house 'cause you will get down quick that Gallaher you this Mr undertake. I'M GONNA CALL YOU MR producer undertake out of respect you know. Take her actually if you. Yeah mister undertaker would be like if my was my predecessor in this Business Mr. Take her take her. So you know for me. I you know I'm forty. I'm an old school pro wrestling fan and you are kind of like the last thread of you know the sport that. I grew up watching and to end this documentary. It's a gift. Be Able to see the side of you but also for me. It's like aw that's like the the really truly the end of an era Do you feel that way that kind of this is? You're kind of the last of that old school mentality when it came to pro wrestling. Yeah I felt that way for for a long time Even when we first started doing this You know they would be. The camera crews would be there You know backstage and you know I turn around and I would see him and I'd snap like the hell are you guys doing? Why are you filming me and then dawn on me like Oh yeah? I told you guys to hug. It took me. It took me a little bit to get used to and Honestly it really did not come natural to me because I have tried my hardest to protect you know phase and and all those things and it would you know honestly just within the last couple of year. I mean I would cringe when I would hear people you know. We're doing now like talking openly about behind the scenes stuff like I grit. My teeth and this I just really enjoyed that era. And and and the in you know the bond that that we all had You know it's I mean there's still a bond there but it just doesn't seem to run as deep as it used to and you know the the honor amongst the kind of mentality But I I really yeah. I was the last. I think I was the real last holdout tocchet faith and it's it's funny. You know I was the last. Probably the last guy to social media to you know and I don't remember I posted something I I don't even remember what it was and I normally don't do this and I don't normally look at comments but I was kind of scrolling through and there's a comment is as my childhood is dead. The undertaker was now social media. All over I thinking to myself. You're right I'm sorry man. It's my instincts and It did it. Took a while to I it took a while to work through that. I think that I think it's warranted though. I think is a good thing because of the fact that you're one of the most recognizable and one of the greatest celebrities of all time now just in pro wrestling but in entertainment and people don't know who the real person is when Arnold Schwarzenegger the Terminator Commando or or whatever film that he's in people know wow. That's that's Arnold Schwarzenegger afterwards and I think that this has been great in the sense that you know after you do say okay. This was my last one. I'm not making any more appearances. I'm not you the mark. Calloway will exist in this world from a standpoint of the guy that was the undertaker for X. amount of years. I'M NOT GONNA say forty years and then like that because you know people appreciate that Mark. I know I know you live more house shit. Oh I'm not going to be the next fifteen twenty minutes. I'm leaving bark possible. You know but you do make a good point. Mark is that the man is going to outlast the character in some ways and some ways. It's not because this character of the undertaker is GonNa live forever. You know this is you know. And that's the one thing. I'm sure that he makes you very proud is that you know people are going to speak your name. You know. Twenty five thirty forty fifty years from now at started hundred. You know as one of the greatest of that's ever stepped into a squared circle. I'm sure that's something that makes you very proud. No I am very proud You know I was obviously I was blessed far beyond what my imagination could ever even dream up. You know when I decided to get into this this journey and into professional wrestling But yeah you know and it's it's it's Kinda strange how this whole thing came about And this this process I didn't. We didn't start with the process of. Let's make a documentary. You know this original concept I just started like because when I got to Orlando and was gonNA work with Roman in my mind. That was going to be it and And so I just wanted because I protected this character I for so long and and you know obviously the you know the boys inside. They they got to see those kind of parts me but the rest of the world didn't and I didn't know I didn't know what we're GonNa do with the footage but I know that I wanted it and And I knew I wasn't going to have another opportunity to get it and So that's kind of how it it really. It started and then the next thing you know three years down the road and we have tons of footage. And then we've got this. You know we we realize like wow we've got a really really good story here about You know my me coming to grips with you. Know my my wrestling mortality. And all of that so Really you know. Obviously I'm really proud of how this is turning out and and And and you know I in the beginning you know I'd go back and forth at the UH this. Is this horrible idea of you. Know my my real fan base is GonNa you know they're gonNA. We're not gonNA like it and you know. Then there's the the part of me is like okay. People have been clamoring for this for years and they wanted to see this. So I mean I had all these dueling battles and whether it was a good idea or not but I'm I'm glad that I've worked long and hard with Dan Puccini alleys bruce produced it and Really really happy that You Know I. It's turned out the way it has and again you can watch last ride on the WWE network episode three is starting to stream on Sunday at ten. Am and you know Marken. I obviously talk a lot. Mark and Tommy and bully. Who are all part of bus? It Open we talk a lot about what's going on currently in pro wrestling but we do like to look back as well and one of my to ask you this because if I got young a lot of got asked but you know one of my favorite territories of all time was world class championship wrestling and and I know you kinda started there and you know I just want to ask you what it was like to watch a promotion be a part of promotion. You know wrestle in a place like the sport a Tory him. What was that like for you starting out? Well you know. It's it's funny because obviously it was a it was a completely different era back then and Back then all. The guys were real protective of their spy You know no one really wanted to you know no one wanted to help any you know any greenhorn coming in and if they did give you advice halftime it was wrong just so that you would go out and screw you know screw up and you know maybe get your notice or get finished up or whatever I I do remember the first time. And walking into the dressing room Must have been twenty one years old And just realizing you know. I'm you know I'm six foot eight three hundred and fifteen pounds Hannah Myself. You know pretty pretty good You know I'm bouncing all these clubs and doing all this other stuff but I walked in edge first dressing room and world class and and I'm just looking around at a bunch of grizzled men like you can just read it on their faces that they've been through you know and probably wouldn't think twice about speaking you with a shift or something. I mean it was You know I had. I had to sit there and assess and find my little spot in the corner and get out everybody else's way and you know realize that I'm in a whole different world now and And it was it was it was It was a little different atmosphere than than it is. Now that's for sure. A little a bradshaw stories about the sports story in you know guys getting into it about you know somebody being too stiff for you know like hey that's my thing while you're still in my thing and they said okay well just mood furniture out the way and whoever laws had to leave the territory that that things like that. Yeah you know back in the day. It was like you called in the shower. You you knew something was about to go down. Like that's wherever they used to get settled was in the shower. Obviously you know Definitely not making light of it. But you know that's where you know brody was killed brody was killed in the shower. I mean that's just that was the that was the commonplace for things to go down and But you're right. There was a there was a you know guys protected things a lot. You know you use somebody else's move or you know did something or did something in a promo that somebody else is using man it. It was serious back then You guys didn't get on twitter and you know and give some kind of a passive aggressive remark. I mean they they they handle their business back then and You knew what was accepted and you knew what it wasn't it wasn't accepted and if you cross the line you knew most times you know nine times out of ten. You're GONNA have to. You're going to have to deal with. So what was the first time wasn't it wasn't the first time you met. Pallbearer was down there. Yeah so funny. Enough I had So I went. This is story. I really hadn't been told a whole lot like I had no ends in in the business. Right so I only thing that I knew was that they met every Wednesday at the sports story. I'm like guys come in and get their checks and then they had a booking meeting. I knew that's when You know whoever was booking the territory was going to be in the office so I went every Wednesday for about eight months and set in the lobby there at at the sports story. I'm just hoping that somebody would would would notice me or speak to me or you know and it was only the only one ever spoke to me for for months and months was Bronco Lubich you know basically like Oh you're here again kid and I was like Yes sir Mr Lewis you know. Hopefully you know making chance. Talk Somebody Today. And he says okay. Then you know he'd go into his office and guys who come. I mean it's not a big you know I don't know if you've been the story on but it wasn't a big area you guys would come in walk right by me not even acknowledge me you know. Don's I'd stand up. They just walk right by me. Okay yeah that's the way it is and I did that Like I said for about eight months and lucky enough one day. Fritz came in and Fritz started. Walk by me as well and he just. Kinda glanced down at me. And you know he. He laughs at me. And then he went into Broncos office Bronco Lubich office and said WHO's that kid out there he's He's he's been coming here for months he's just trying to get a book you know he's trying to get a booking and breaks goes. Gary Hart was booking time and I just still Gary to book him Friday night he he looks just like David. Which is Tom I did. My Hair was red and I and I did. I resemble David Volunteer. You know which he had already passed and And that's how I got my first my first break and Yeah and then so it back to to Paul so my first my first magin being with with bruiser brody and So bruiser they'd just brought bruiser back in to work with I think they were. They were setting up something with bruiser and abby and So I already backed into have any music. I was Texas read so I was about. I was three quarters of the way to ring before. They decided that they were going to send somebody out to manage me. Which was would have been Percy pringle? So I'm so I'm crawling through the rain robes too. You know on my entrance and I look back. And I can hear Percy like way why play and So I had a manager that didn't know about and Yes so he managed me about two or three three two or three times before you know I left the territory to go somewhere else but yeah we that's how we started and then you know a few years down the line we We hooked up and he was Paul Bear and you know he had a you know I guess by now most people know I mean he had a degree in mortuary science. So he was a shoot mortician and It was just it had to head to be destiny. I guess the DIV review when those first meetings no I mean just like everybody else. He talked to me You know early on All the ribs come later on. I'll say winded ribs. Start because you know. Paul is responsible for the Me Going to Canada because that was when he you know he hit my crutches when my broke my ankle when I first started and I went off and threaten to kill everybody and Sean Mike Yeah I believe and I was like a man. You are not very big. If I was you I'd keep my mouth shut because I will come. I'M GONNA heal up and I will kill all and this was like damn it. Mark came thread interesting. Kill everybody But yeah I mean all was You know I love fall. And he was funny and man we we had obviously we. We had a great deal together. Man He was evil people. It was good fun I guess but now whereas list guys that he that he made snap for sure what was the worst thing that he that he got you with Cute Lay. You know he really got me with a few cucumber ribs but mainly mainly the I remember one time. He pissed me off so bad He had long hair and Actually it was Bryan Adams told Pallbearer that you know they called me. Wendy like from Wendy's Hamburgers Marin but Paul. I don't know if we were in our parents or something like that man. I was messing with Paul. And then you know he. He just said something loud in front of this. You know and this is like serious. Don't you know under those screw around undertaker days right like it's it's serious and I don't crack smiles and everything. Anyway he referred to me is Wendy and about you. Know like That that outer calm but on the inside man I was raging and I was like okay. All right. This is this is coming back on you and I think I think my retaliation was like we were driving. We were driving do town to work and like he had. He had to really go to the bathroom. Bad and I just I just I kept missing exits and You know for him to get off to go to the restroom and then we got into town. I knew once we got in. I think it was like I think it was Seattle or somewhere like that new once. We got into downtown. Like there's nowhere to and you know it was just slam packed and crowded and He may or may not have ended up soiling himself that day. That's amazing I I. That is amazing. So I mean we you mark and I could talk to you for hours. I mean this is going back on sometime seriously. I mean you're GONNA have to come back on. We didn't even talk about it. We only talked about is world class. And ribboned and Percy prego. We're GONNA have to get you back on again. The last ride is on the wwe network episode number three premiers this Sunday ten. Am It starts to stream on the network sir? Thank you so much for the time. This has been an absolute pleasure. And I'll be doing the handcuff. I'll be on one knee you know. He's screaming your name hoping you're coming back so. I hope we see again and thanks so much for the time today. Appreciate you guys have me on. I really appreciate you guys promoting the dog for us. And we'll definitely yeah. We'll definitely set something up in the future and we'll a lot of little bit. You know little more time to get into the good stuff listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius XM BY NATION CHANNEL. 156 busted. Open odd cast.

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