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Black Friday


Ashley was a wild and Funny Texan who everyone seemed to love caring loving compassionate. So so why did she have this strange premonition as he always felt like she was GonNa die in the call came on Black Friday. She said Ashley's apartments on fire. When win the corner pulled up Muhart broke and this fire was no accident that had conducted surveillance at his apartment? They're going back to the place. Were Ashley worked as they were going after tens of thousands of dollars was money. The only motive or was there something else. There are a lot of rumors going around. That ended up. Being true. Couldn't believe that somebody could do that to her. Just pure evil. I'm Lester Holt and this is dateline. Here's Keith Morrison and with Black Friday a hot August night in Texas two thousand fourteen. The alone figure knew where to go new where the store kept. The cash grabbed eighteen thousand dollars and was gone but it was only money. No one got hurt not that time anyway. The story begins here in Fort Worth Texas which turned out to be the perfect growing up place for a rough and tumble free. Spirit named Ashley Harris. I was around ten when she was born and so perfect age to pretend she was my baby. Melissa Hill is actually as eldest sister. She marched to abate of a different drum. She would wear just things that did not match her hair was just didn't seem combed princess. I know there were three three girls in the family. Ashley was the baby. Their mom Monica remembers. How actually loved sports and Music and art and Bingo? nope are mom and daughter bonding kind. And she'd just get on getting excited by the time she got to high school. Ashley had lots of friends even the boyfriend and she was devoted to her two dads her father. Tommy and her stepfather chuck both retired police officers. Didn't you talk at one one point about getting into actually your line of work. She was interested in policing I think that she took naked understand but after after high school. She ended up working for a short time at blockbuster video. And that's where she met a customer named Laura Love and and I walked around the store for a little bit and just what cannot arcus you so beautiful Laura wanted to meet a girl behind the counter. They became friends friends. And then something more. We hung out for a few months for like eight months before it ever really got there there by that. She means she and actually fell in love. It was a lot of growing up. She had to work through her feelings. Being gay isn't necessarily an easy thing. It definitely wasn't easy. Fourteen fifteen years ago. Oh No it wasn't coming out period during which she sort of I believe is two thousand four. She come over to the House and she goes Mama got something to tell you and check. I just want you to know that I was gay and I said well Ashley I already Eh but you need to give me some space. I need some time so Monica took some time prayed about it came to this conclusion fusion. I can imagine I'd given this child and living with her embracing her that he would want custodian. We'll have hang her would make any sense at all yet for a long while. Monica wasn't comfortable with these new relationship. Though the Laura Ashley Good together she was just always very giving and very what else can I do for you to make you happy. The romance lasted more than three years. Then it was over but they remained friends. Laura remembers how Happy Ashley was when she started working. Yeah the Merican Eagle outfitters at the Ulan Mall in Fort Worth Nasty loved it. She was an assistant manager. And good at it sitter boss Chris Gravy just personality caring loving compassionate. She just loved life and she loved taking videos of her life. Lots of them at work. I'm extremely tired. And this right here is not even helping with my eyes. It's it's horrible. She had this laugh. It was so infectious than she. All like that however employees. Lindsey Green said another assistant manager. Carter Carter was very different from Ashley. S- Tummy out to love myself to appoint Carter just taught me a work. Related things jokester poster right but Ashley Polar opposite and popular. This is what it looks like. I'm so hood. So so work was going her love life too much and then one night Ashleigh went out with friends and April moffitt was there and I was there waitress and she was having a bad line and track coach trying to pull her out of her shell. She wasn in having it so I just fine. April gave up on her grumpy customer until months later they connected on social media media. They met for a dog. Walk Ashley brought her dog. Nala April brought cooper and everyone clicked. What was it like when you I started going out with her? See has a magnetic force to her like. It's hard to not insanely thinly. Love her so by the summer of two thousand fourteen life was good for Ashley Social Life. Her job does. She did hit a bump of sorts in August when someone stole eighteen grand from the store. Safe and was Ashley who realized the theft occurred and reported ported to you correct. She even helped ide- suspects with her interest in police work. Ashley thought she might have a calling here. She wanted to go onto loss prevention and a work for our Home Office at American Eagle. She was thirty one. She had all kinds of plans but on the morning after Thanksgiving Black Friday the biggest shopping day of the year. Chris Cravey's phone rang at home. It was our other assistant manager saying Chris Ashes apartments on fire and we can't get her on the phone for close on as fast. I could get started driving a fort worth and you followed the smoke trail and the sirens coming up. No one would have guessed where that trail would eventually lead. We were asking if we could talk to Ashley or where she was at that. You said that she's unavailable right now and Ashley's friends weren't the only ones with questions. The police shuffling us into the office. It was the morning after Thanksgiving Black Friday. Laura love had only one thing on her mind. Black Friday was my favorite day of the year. I love to shop and save money but Laura rose black. Friday was about to turn very dark. Indeed I got a call from best friend of ours. She said Ashley's apartments on fire. Ashley's friends ends arrived at her apartment. Parking lot something like chaos. There is multiple police cars. Crime scene was there for was detective Jerry Studio and his partner partner Ernie sped over there to Ariza a Crowd that was starting to gather Next thing you know we have about forty to fifty friends and family and Co workers And then we had residents that were just you know looking from balconies so we had quite a crowd out here and now firefighters had squelched the flames and the detectives walked up the steps APPs to Ashley's door when you went into that apartment. What was that like? It was It was very disturbing. A woman's lifeless body was lying face down on the bedroom room floor. We waited until she was turned over. We gotta go look at her face and she was also identified by some of the tattoos and then they knew the victim Edward Name tattooed on her ribcage. Ashley Harris outside Ashley's friends were totally in the dark and we were asking If we could talk to Ashley or work she was that they just said that she's unavailable right now. Ashley's boss. Chris craving just arrived in trying to get some answers. I for a couple of hours. We just assume that she was being taken care of while they waited for information investigators. There's were realizing this was no accident. It was obvious that she had been beaten to the amount of blood that we found. And then we observe that her arms were bound behind her back and and her ankles were bound it looks. The detectives like actually had been fighting back against a truly vicious attack. She had been beaten and possibly tortured. We later discovered that her naked man slipped only that the fire looked suspicious so veteran arson investigator Wallace Hood. Good was called to the scene now knows there was fire damage on the bed and I also noticed that there was some fire damage to the victim now saw so newton abbado of alcohol Phi Gamma generally on the victims so like somebody set fire to her. There was some good luck. There was some burn marks on her. What did you also lead determine about the fire and how those silver points from origin and that's an indicator of intensity? Sit If our true so somebody took that rubbing alcohol ported here Puerto for their here Sir Chris gravy standing in the crowd outside watched his worst fears ears. Roll up in front of Ashby's part. I think hit me like a sack of bricks once I saw them. Start Taping it off for a crime scene and and when the corner pulled up Muhart Bro I lost and then the detectives looking very stern came came outside. Who asked some pointed questions it someone knows something see something at that point they start the police shuffling us into the office and they tell us I said even if we try to leave we could be arrested? Miller told you something very bad happened in there. Yeah one person not in the crowd. That morning was Ashley's girlfriend April muffin about one PM. April got a text from one of Ashley's neighbors. Hey have you checked on your girl. There was a fire in heart. -partment it's really. I thought Nala Ashby's dog April assumed Ashley wasn't at home. It's like holy crap. got a message from another friend saying simply call me and they called her and I said where is like where is harshly. Where's it all? And she's like all his fine. We'll whereas Ashley choose like Pashas Gone and didn't register go what do you mean gone. Then I said DOC will is actually okay no role. She's dead and I was sitting through my phone on the ground. Like that's not real reality settled in in April all of Ashley's family and friends and even the police had to wonder who would do such a thing to such a good sweet person Ashley. Harris had no enemies. Did she coming up for you out here on the cigarette. What did you see saw vehicle perk there that I'd I've never seen before but someone had seen it before a said I know who's car are asking about when dateline continues? True crime is my passion. 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The game is a must play download best fiends for free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without the our best means. Mother and stepfather were Out of town when the news began arriving in awful jagged bits first they heard about the fire. A Monica prayed actually wasn't hurt and she's father. Tommy Harris called and saw chat get off the phone and sign tears and I knew my prayer Wesson answered jock. Couldn't reach Ashley sister so we left a message sewage and not two minutes later my husband called me and he said why are you need to come to you and I said what is wrong with my mom. What happened to my mom needs? It's much some. It's actually I mean it. Just like a blow back and forth worth beliefs were still rounding up. People gathered outside Ashtrays apartment. Non Among them was April. April impact hadn't seen nasty for a few days their their romance. It hit a bit of a bump that night. We talked briefly about me coming over. After I got off work I went home but someone else was. Their name was Alexis. Torres Alexis Torres was the last person to see actually alive and was the actual last person to leave her apartment. The this certainly somebody would wanNA talk to. Obviously yes Sir Alexis said she. She and Ashley had gone to an early Thanksgiving dinner with friends in Ashley's complex so you had Thanksgiving dinner and that was from twelve ger and then hung around for the afternoon. Yes but actually had to work that night well actually schiff wasn't me from seven PM until three. AM and Alexis agreed to come over during the time that she was working to take care of Ashi dog then Alexis told the police on later us that she went back one more time after actually got at home for work. How long did you stay? I stayed for an hour that would make four. Am if Alexis was telling the truth. The police said the beginnings of time line but before they could check her story or anyone else's for that matter a neighbor gave them more to work with an ex COP named Steve Lee at noticed something about six thirty that morning here on deck having a cigarette. What'd you see saw a vehicle park there that I'd never seen before? What was that it? It was a black guy holder infinity to them back over to the observance ex cop that seemed worth noting. Did a stay there for a long time. It was there when I left for work about Seven forty detectives also talked to a neighbor. Live directly below Ashley. He had heard noises a heavy breathing coming from. She's apartment just before eight. Am few minutes later. The fire alarm going off Water started coming down and says there's apartment that's when the neighbor saw a black Infiniti g thirty five driving away armed with this new information deal. I went back to Alexis Torres. I asked her if she knew anyone or fascinating. You anyone that drove a Infiniti g thirty five. I never gave her a color simply asked her about g thirty I five Alexis said No. After he's done asking me questions I walked outside and sat down on the brick and it was Chris that was there that would be Chris Crazy. Ashley's boss at American Eagle. Alexis told him that police were asking about Infiniti sedan and Chris made a beeline for detective studio. I approached him and I said I know who's car Yar asking about. And and he says I just WanNa make you aware that I have a former employee that drive a INFINITI G thirty five. Her name he said was Carter. Peter Carter Cervantes that business like assistant manager. Who worked with Ashley and so then I ask them what color is the? GM thirty five that she drove and he mentioned that it's a black one. What was that like to hear that? Well that beats here in the colored red or white and by the way Chris told detectives Carter Carter left American Eagle because she was fired so. Do filed that away and sorted through the crime scene and talked to witnesses and the day that began at eight thirty that morning didn't end until one am. Did you get any sleep. No Sir. I didn't the story about Carter. Savant is under black. Infinity was just bugging him. Well I'm thinking about the case and I'm thinking word I go from here might have tossed and turned all night thinking about that but something thing inside him said Nope. I'M NOT GONNA be able to get any sleep on us. We'll go back out there and see what I can find. Wouldn't be as I wild. Goose Chase he had Carter's arturs address so we are Saturday morning. He drove over there and I saw a black infinity back Dan right in front of an apartment but he didn't knock on her door. I was going to go ahead and basically sit here and watch the vehicle to see if it moved for more than four hours. He sat in his car are cold but patient and then about eight. Am Saturday you saw the lights of the infinity flash as if somebody was unlocking remotely I see the male enter the driver seat vehicle. I then see a female enter the passenger side of the black infinity. They drove off. The detective followed all owed and after a few minutes the infinity bold into of all places the human mall so there they are. They're going back to the place. Where Ashley really worked? Where the American Eagle was? Yes but what would they be doing all that was that was the million dollar question coming up I ask him. What are you doing here at the mall? He said that he had dropped his girlfriend off to pick up some papers a routine errand or something else he didn't. NCAA lesser did anybody see her lesser And on the Saturday morning after Black Friday two thousand fourteen homicide detective Jerry Sedillo followed a black infinity into the parking lot of the law. He watched as the passenger a woman dressed in dark disclose headed inside. She fit the description he'd be given a twenty five year. Old Carter Cervantes a former coworker of actually Harris. The male driver driver stayed in the car so deal called his partner. Earning fate asked him to check up on the guy and when I approached the car then the person identified themselves self as David Mallory. David Mallory was Carter's live in boyfriend you to was a former employee of American Eagle. I asked him what he doing here at the mall. He said he had dropped his girlfriend off to pick up some papers on Air Apostol where she was at manager so perhaps it was just APP APP. David giving Carter a ride to pick up some paperwork at her new job aeropostale so decided to go inside. The mall was open but the stores were still closed. And I happen to go up to pasta and there is a A manager that's actually in there. Working and I was able to confirm that Carter Cervantes do not work for hammocks. He hasn't even novitiate as well. So much of that story. Yes sir. Scipio turned his attention to finding. Carter's Avantis no luck. You didn't see her at all and lesser. Did anybody see her lesser so so deal had a disgruntled employee coming back to the mall where she'd been fired hired. Her boyfriend was telling lies about a job. She didn't have an a car. Looked bikers had been spotted at the scene of a murder to take pates still. I've had David Mallory out in the parking lot. And he's looking for a reason to hold him decided he had a driver's license but he didn't have his driver's lessons with him. Reason enough us. He arrested Mallory and brought them in for questioning. But Carter seem to have vanished wasn't anywhere in the mall but then police went to her apartment complex at their she was now where was she in the apartment complex. Well she initially was in the In the laundry room. 'cause you please. She agreed to answer questions without a lawyer down at the station. Eagle by Carter or Carol Patter Kamau. She'd switched her dark closed for bright. Pink scrubs Do Nothing for work. I had a job opportunity. American Eagle outfitters. Oh Yes Carter's American Eagle connection detectives to do already heard a thing or two about that. Carter had worked at the Fort Worth store for about four months and it was business. Like but unlike Ashley. She wasn't a very friendly assistant manager. She did however make an impression on some younger clerks. Like Weiser Sean Toll. Carter is very smart very deep. She was good at reading people and knowing how to converse with thank you tell that she was well. Educated just had a lot more to her than most sales retail managers. Do but detective. So you knew something else about Carter and David Mallory. Something very important. Remember that burglary at American Eagle three months earlier Carter and David Mallory were the primary suspects and Ashley. Harris was the one who discovered the money missing and when actually came into open opened the store she found the safe open actually knew it was Carter who closed the night before and when she showed her boss the security video view of the burglary. She he pointed out the Monitor and she said that's David Mallory. I said WHO's David Mallory and they said it's Carter's boyfriend amass was easy actually figured Carter Ryder set up the burglary and David carried it out. Carter got fired. David sort of disappeared and both heard that it was Ashley who identified mm-hmm They hadn't been charged not yet but the case was basically actively being investigated when this happened and now three months later. Here Chris Carter talking to the police who were growing suspicious that she and her boyfriend were connected to Ashley's murder. Why am I here? Well which do you started off easy and see so we raise Morello or from Lubbock. Your family's still there. Mom Dad Brothers Sisters Brothers by deputy sisters and they all have you seen your mom and dad and awhile now. I've talked to him every day on text message and snapchat but I haven't been home more friendly family questions. And where did you go to school. Hoekstra Phenom University so. Do asked about Thanksgiving small. Would you make and I made Turkey A and they're stuffing mashed potatoes and green bean casserole and this cabbage bacon salad that my mom really likes to make but I don't think David liked it very much. This wasn't really small. Talking detective was paying close attention. All right so let's start with this morning all right this morning. What time do you get up about? Seven thirty cutting. I'm in what happens in and then we talked and I went back to sleep when I woke up. He wasn't there okay. Eat hurt enough. I know that's a lie. You know it's not what I know. It's a lie why because I saw so you come out of your apartment and get in the passengers fuel. That car and I saw him drive out of there. That's why I know it's a lie. A deal was tough. Your Car Carter. Savant wasn't giving an inch coming up. If Carter's lies weren't reason enough for suspicion suspicion. This was she starts wiping down the bottle. She was afraid that we're going to attain her DNA. And what was this all about. And who was it for. There's an actual human grave that's been Doug Christie fresh grave when dateline continues. Hey It's Chris assays sometimes it's good to just take a step back from the day-to-day onslaught of news and take a broader. Look at the issues. That's what I'm doing each week on my podcast. Why is this happening happening? We're exploring topics ranging from school segregation to climate change. Well the way that I think of it is climate change will be the twenty th century. What maternity west of the nineteenth century? It'll be the central subject of questions about economic justice. Everything you care about in the world will be affected by climate and digging deep with guests uniquely qualified to analyze issues from mass incarceration listen to race relations as you know for the first time in our history at the national level whites are on the verge of losing their majority status in twenty years. And I think it's no coincidence that our politics are getting more trouble. Join me for wisest happening. New episodes every Tuesday. Wherever you get your podcasts and it was late Saturday morning the day after Black Friday? Twenty thirty five year old Carter Savant was talking to detectives at lying through her teeth. I know what I did this morning. I know where I was. I know where Wing detectives certainly knew where she went. The he will in law but she kept insisting she'd been at home all morning here about to make the biggest mistake of your life. You understand me. But she's still wouldn't confess to US wouldn't budge. I got up. I went and put the laundry in and I went and checked the email. That's all you found me on the line. Then from the detective stepped out of the room. She did something interesting maybe incriminating. It took a drink puts the bottle down. She picks it up again before she can take the second drink she stops mid air. Spills watering herself puts the bottle down and just stares at had it for about ten to fifteen seconds she then reaches over and grabs a tissue from the table and starts wiping down the bottle. And then wipes down the mouthpiece. What does that say to you well that she was afraid that we were going to attain her DNA from the bottle after that police? Let her go David Mallory too but detectives had a theory cooking. The Carter and David Killed Ashley out of revenge for being fired for the burglary. But they also wanted Ashley's she's keys to the American Eagle because they were planning to rob the store again. Those keys were the only thing missing from the murder scene and went store manager. Chris Chris gravy looked at his surveillance video from earlier that morning. He told police that they wanted to hear. Describe what you saw the videotape. Somebody dressed in breath dark clothes. What their face wrapped walk right up to the store and try to get in with keys that he said was Carter trying trying to pull off another bigger burglary? Police just knew one day after killing actually and taking her keys. Carter was trying to break into American Eagle where this time tens of thousands of dollars the Black Friday prophets were in the safe but the key didn't fit because after Asti was murdered. Chris Crazy changed. The locks wasn't gonNA take any chance on whether it'd be a deposit or them harming somebody else in the store when you tell locked them out. Good detectives pulled the surveillance video and look at this Carter. Slipping away from the mall. Having already changed from her sweat. CLOTHES GOES INTO PINK. SCRUBS had to be trying to fool potential trackers. They thought this was after she would have spotted. Police talking to David in the parking lot and then she. She walked all the way on over the next few days. Police got a warrant for Carter and David Cell phones that camera APP so useful cool. Well we learned that they had conducted surveillance at Ashes apartment weeks before that that a picture of her apartment Her actual door to her apartment and they had pictures of her vehicle in the white dodge. Ram Pickup in early December. Two thousand fourteen Carter Savant. Doesn't David Mallory were arrested and charged with the murder of Ashley harassed. Cold Comfort for Ashley. Sister it's just such a loss and it so pointless. I just don't understand how people could do that. Separately the cases against them we're virtually identical asked assistant. Da Kevin Russo led the prosecution a that actually diener assistant from the witness stand. Detective Sedillo help lay out the case. Surjit her apartment parmenter vehicle and or find her seat. That's the sales receipt showed them. Aw Purchases on Carter's credit card. She had purchased to shovels. She had purchased a tarp. She had purchased gloves. Why I was fat significant because of a discovery way out in Texas Scrub Discovery Worthy of a horror movie? The the key to finding is right there on Carter and David cellphones each other longitude latitude coordinates and led us to to a remote area near Abilene. What was there As soon as we got to where spot says you're there we look up and there's an actual human grave sweats been Doug I grieve. Fresh grave prosecutors believed the original plan was to kidnap Ashley. Kill her and put what her body in that grave. She was killed in her apartment. The prosecutor thought because she fought so hard. What is that they in fact? Investigators believed Ashley. Harris was pistol whipped so when this block nineteen was found in the black infinity prosecutor. You had it tested. The results are both sad conclusive came back positive with Ashley's DNA on the gun so that was very significant. Can't what's this was not hearing all. This was so hard and Ashley's mother other Monica. I'd love ones like nope so I went and I went back into the room. Remarkable is and. She was consoling me. And she's pulling me. The brutality of the murder was never far from the prosecutor's minds. I just thought how painful and how awful the last few minutes of her life and absolutely terrifying absolutely terrifying. Ah even that said even that appear to be part of the plan. This wasn't just about robbery. Or even revenge said prosecutor Security Russo was Discussions Carter Savant has had had with people where she expressed Certain I guess you can call them. Fantasies fantasies involving killing people. Lies are shown. Paul Remembers one such discussion at work. And he's just us and we were folding clothes and she mentioned isn't that she had thought about killing someone before and whether or not she could watch them die. As if the murder wasn't shocking enough prosecutors were pretty sure Ashley's Ashley's murder was a thrill. Kill plan by a sadistic young woman. Thought she was smarter than everyone else. But tiny meek Carter's avantis admitted none of that. She still had a plan concocted all by herself to explain why she too was a victim coming up a vicious killer. You wanted to see the death penalty yet. Don't here's what I want or a young woman forced into a life of crime And when people talk about the trial of Carter Savannah's this is what they remember. Carol set against the advice of her turns Carter survivors took the stand. was that criminal mastermind years at a helpless victim. She gets up on the stand and it was insane. Carter said it was all her boyfriend. David Mallory controlling every aspect of her life. Free this is where Carter's defense truly began. She told the jury she was a woman enslaved by her sadistic sadistic lover. He's telling me what to drink with each. And and and he had that gun the glock she said used like a threat and it scared her not feel comfortable with that weapon to tell the jury she was asleep at home. When Ashley was being murdered she didn't know where David had gone? But somehow he wound up with a set of American Eagle Keys. She's on the lawn and then handed me a pair of American Eagle and he said lutely brilliant over and then she said he pulled out the glock any in just pointed at me yes across his body. I shook my head said you. There's somebody sitting outside you can go in. And so that's why she tried to rob the store. She said it was that or be killed. Just a couple of hours before she showed up on the security video she said David made it very clear. There're just how far he would go to make sure absolutely sure that she would do what he demanded down to the during the night before the break in attempt she said David brought strange men into their apartment. She you heard an angry voice above her then. Her story got even more a harrowing down raincoats. At not raped twice. She said sobbing by two different men. Prosecutors Kevin Russo Ashley. Diener seem to take it back as the rest of the courtroom. I know what I think. This is not true and they needed to regroup fast. This is the biggest lie she's ever told. We know that. But you never know what the jury's thinking Carter had an an explanation for just about everything even that moment during her interrogation when she wiped the bottle she wasn't wiping off her DNA. No she said the smell from the bothell reminded her being raped and she said that she suddenly overcome with the the smell of semen in the in the air and it had something to do with drinking out of this bottle of water and I thought now that that took some work. That is one heck of a lie and it was at that point that I put my pen down and said I am not writing this. I'm not going to write this down. His voice dripping with Sarcasm Prosecutor Russo took her story apart. It showed the jury a picture talk about various things. That's the one is laying there beside you go. Then he drew down into the heart of Carter Story. Just who were for. Those mysterious rapists all spoke way them described as your in here but said the prosecutor. That's exactly what she was suggesting if she was going to try to play the car and I was GonNa make spell it out as I don't know where his comments I associated with a certain type of speech has the right gap but if she was hoping to play to some random jurors racial bias. She guessed wrong. The jurors didn't believe it not for a second they. They found her guilty in less than two hours. As for David Mallory. His attorneys argued he had nothing to do with the murder he was involved with Carter. Yes but not with any killing. The jury didn't buy that either rendering a guilty verdict. In no time at all the verdicts were some consolation Lows who loved Ashley Harrell's. She saw the pastern. Everybody even when you couldn't see she she could see it. She had such a big heart in. This world is worse off both David. Mallory Carter's avant has received mandatory sentences of life in prison with no possibility of parole. It wasn't enough Ashley's MOM and Stepdad. You wanted to see the death penalty yet. Don't do what I wanted to what Monica wanted in put. It wasn't to be and now now. They claim to memories of their actually. Tell me it was the last time you saw your daughter physically in person and ah about a week before she died Ashley had invited Monica play. Bingo Monica was busy. I almost said no but something told her to stop what she was doing and go at always she glad she did. And I walk into the Bingo Hall and God their belt little girls and I smile at her going for and I kissed this side of her neck. And tell her tell you remember every syllable every moment of that day don't you. Yes these days Monica is is making new memories at the Bingo Parlor. Remember how skittish she was around. Ashley's girlfriend that I no longer now. Their family family. When WANNA can I go and get her nails done they always say oh your daughter so pretty she never correct them her? She's concerned. She gained several daughters and win their altogether. Ashley Sleep is there too. That's all for now. I'm Lester Holt. Thanks for joining us.

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