Rob Mullens, Plus NFL Playoff Rankings | Dual Threat With Ryen Russillo (Ep. 11)


Yeah. What's up welcome to dual threat? I'm back in LA. Great do. Absolutely great about how four AM flight New Orleans. Excuse me for you. That's ridiculous woke up for him and six o'clock flight out of so used to connecting flights all these years in Hartford. I'm Ryan russillo. By the way, if you knew the podcast and do I was like, oh, wow. This is a direct flight goes trying to figure out what my seat in the connecting flight was and I was like I don't have to go with Lanta to go home this time. I don't have to go to Detroit Minneapolis, Salt Lake which would be weird. But every now, and then Hartford would say, hey, do you wanna go to Salt Lake before you go to Tampa? No. But this way, I got to roll in good to see you Kyle. We have a fun show for tonight's going to be back to all right cool. I'm I'm in a weird mood. I think two different injuries. I pulled a hamstring. Maybe lower ask muscle doing dips, which is I know almost impossible to do. And then I can't tell if I ripped a ton of rib cartilage or if I'm having. Just a weird heart day. So who knows how this? Yeah. Right. That's right set. Earlier is we'll see serious. This is we'll know when I wake up in the morning. So the the left glued asthma. So that's a weird injury on on the dip bar. I don't I don't even know how the hell that happened. But that's how I feel and we have I'm not even bummed out about it. Because how good today's podcasts going to be rob mullets. He's the AD at Oregon. I've known him awhile. He's been on the show. But now he is the committee chairman for the college football playoff rankings the rankings just dropped. And that's what we're doing with this podcast doing tonight after those. So you have a Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. I'm also going to in the spirit of the college football playoff rankings. Having mock committee of one discussion about the NFL teams in how I would rank them and the arguments for and against all them. And because I just got back from Baton Rouge into New Orleans. I did a Bama LSU Saturday night and Orleans and Los Angeles the saints Rams game Sunday afternoon. Tell you when you go to New Orleans knowing, hey, by the way, no matter what I'm not doing anything tonight. Like, I'm not going out not wanna meet up. I was blowing people off left and right. Like, yeah. I can't wait didn't work. No. I didn't. I just wouldn't do it. Okay. I just wouldn't do it. And the other thing I think is funny as I remember one time I was there. I was in New Orleans. You know, if you're in the bourbon street area, and this is the whole thing is if your of it, and you're from I love it down there. I love the surrounding areas I've gotten to know it a lot better. I just really love Louisiana. I just I just do. And I have like a greater finish for it. Every single time. I go down. Maybe maybe I'll be on Zillow tonight looking a property. I'm not sure, but I. Ver-very thing if that's all you, do then you're going to have this one perception of it. And that's what I did in the beginning. You know, that's what everybody does. But she your younger, you shoot any shoot out. And then eventually you start exploring a little bit more. But I'll never forget. One night we were out in New Orleans, burbs street area whole deal and. A bunch of dudes walk by and I don't know if it was a fraternity or what? But their whole thing was that they were just going to walk down the street with jeans on and no shirt, and they all had sweet like Zach Ephron bodies and some a little thicker than others as she said. But it was it was something I've never forgotten because I all I can think of is like what if you're the fifth guy and out of the five year, just not as f- Ronnie as the rest of the guys taking the Uber each of their. Yeah. Right. And then you just have to if the four guys are taking the shirts off you have to take your shirt off too. But you know behind your back. They're like Todd's coming like his body, kinda sucks. His oblique. He cheats, them all the time. His new any oblique Oric? And it's just, you know, he's kinda got like fat pack. You know, it's not a six pack. It's not that. But he thinks it is. And it's not as pets aren't even defined in the bottom half. And you know, whatever I mean, we do like fun. But. We're going to do more of these shirts off trips. We gotta stop inviting him. Okay. Speaking of fun, the Jessil Nick in Rosenthal vanity project that is comedian Anthony Jessil Nick and his best friend NFL analyst Gregg Rosenthal. They once had an NFL podcast called the Rosenthal unjustly vanity project that show ended. But hope remain that they would one day return. Great news. They're back now part of comedy central's podcast network. Anthony, and Greg will discuss sports current events and everything in between the Rosenthal and Jessil Nick vanity project is dead long live the justic and Rosenthal vanity project catch new episodes every Tuesday. Every Tuesday night. Wherever you, listen your podcast. Hope you listen to our podcast a lot tell friends I have a 'nother thing that I want to tell you about and this isn't as much an ad. It is just a shoutout Vegas. Shoutout to Belvedere shout out to everybody involved because we got Kevin Clark and Robert Mays from the NFL show. We're going to be live at Caesars Palace in Vegas. That's November twelve Monday nine Pacific time. So it's a post Monday night football podcast party. It's gonna be me Clark maze. And we're gonna discuss all things NFL from the greatness of Mahomes too. I thought this originally said the greatness ally manning, I thought we're going to have to update this read, but we'll just to eat line Manning's future, New York. Plus a number of gambling and fantasy tips. Hang out with us. The ringer NFL crew in Vegas again, Monday, November twelve and just visit the ringer dot com slash Belvedere live. That's again, the ring dot com slash Belvedere lie. Live to purchase your tickets, and I'll even sign a bunch of stuff always works. You know? I don't know. We'll do pictures whatever we can do to get you out there. We want Belvedere feel good about this Caesar's. And especially Mace from this lab, check it out. I want mazed to feel good because he's just he's incredibly insecure human being any offense down. He's just just a transit. I don't I don't really know him that. Well, so I shouldn't joke. I have no idea if he's direly secure insecure. All right, by the way, some from Yahoo sports. There's sports app. You can call me a football expert. That'd be weird because I'm really good at the NBA to. Although I would've accepted football guru savant mastermind either way, I know a thing or two about the NFL. So no thing about watching fell probably more about that. If you're on the go and can't get to a television. When the game is on download the Yahoo sports mobile app in watch the game live on your phone, in fact, with the sports mobile app. You can watch live local and primetime NFL games all season long. Never miss big NFL matchups or your favorite team in action. Simply. NFL football whenever and wherever you want. So here's what we're gonna do a committee of one the NFL as a playoff, but ri-, this is soups easy. I hate when people say that. But I just now he wanted if that out just leave it in. I'm trying to say stuff like that. Now, like anybody who tweets out something or a picture, I say weird flex, but. Okay. 'cause that that phrase doesn't suck that. So that's the new I'm here for this. Or we don't deserve dogs like if somebody just opened a Twitter account. I I know I'd be like what just tweet out weird flex, but. Okay. You know every other day, and you'll be you get a ton of dollars. Go vote. Go vote. All right. So here's the deal committee of one it. So it's not just hey, it's Kansas City. The pats. The Rams the saints. Although it might end up that way. How would we do the debate in a room and how he would see these? And what about the teams that maybe relieving out if we had a college football type discussion about the top NFL teams Kansas City. Well, they're eight and one. So that's pretty simple. Best win. Is that the chargers, and you have no idea how many times I wrote San Diego in my notes quite a bit still tired of doing it. Just polishing out loud. Even though I didn't need to. 'cause you didn't know that. I did that a million times in preparing for this podcast. But I did it. So this chargers team is actually really good. And I think they're sneaky slept on. So is that win against them in the beginning of the season better than the week to win at Pittsburgh. You know, they're both by well, let ten points against the charge. I actually think that when it gets charges better than the win against Pittsburgh. Because. Of where Pittsburgh was addict, Pittsburgh, turn a role little bit more now. So I think Pittsburgh's a different team than the beginning. Whereas I think the whole time the charges were just sort of good. And so while the figure things out kids city probably has the best loss of all the top teams their loss at New England forty three forty with that loss be better than the Rams loss at New Orleans where they tied it up. I mean final scores different. Yeah. I'm actually still going to go with Kansas City losing at New England night game. That's probably the best loss of any of these teams the best division. Okay. We'll wait a minute. Is it the AFC west? You know, how much the chargers talked about for a good forty five seconds Denver's actually played Kansas City. Tough twice. I still think if that was that Monday night or it was. Denver still gonna be kicking themselves Mahomes played out of his mind in that fourth quarter. That's when I knew it was real. I was not. Yeah. I was not one of those week two guys going Mahomes as a hall of Famer it takes it takes Cilla. Good five weeks of this stuff for me to buy all the way in their good. So, you know, the Broncos defense is good. That's the point charges might be the best number two team. As far as any divisions are concerned and Oakland's kind of Rutgers. But they haven't played him yet. So you can't even sit there and say, oh, well, they got Rutgers in there. By the way, showed up to Kansas, maybe thinking about Rutgers going for less miles. That'd be great. Will I become a huge Kansas football fan? Probably not but go less anyway Oakland yet. So they're Rutgers again, they haven't played them. Okay. What about their resume against playoff teams? Because that's kind of what the college football committee does against top twenty five teams wins for Kansas City. At look in the note. I wrote San Diego wins at the chargers at Pittsburgh a win against Cincinnati loss at New England so three and one against the current playoff teams. But the best point differential in the AFC. Okay. All right there. Plus one hundred one that's a ton. That's a lot. Okay. So how does that stack up against New England? Well, New England's got the head head, but they're seven and two. So their best win as we would mention just against the chiefs. They got a couple of bad dings on the old resume though. A loss at Jacksonville thirty one twenty now in the committee. You might be the guy that goes I watched an entire game and Jacksonville played out of their minds. It was like Purdue Ohio State. Not sure that's who they are through only like two picks. Right. What no Bortles was lights out. He was eight for eight on third down. And I think the first seven were passing third downs in the eighth was a run. I know it because I just watched the whole game going who who's this guy? What is up with this can we extend immediately. Can we give this guy and extension and now it has not? So in the moment that wasn't a fluke. It wasn't nothing that checks. It was great in that game. But now that loss looks terrible. And then they lost Troy twenty six ten when they weren't even close to being in that one. So I don't know. What's the worst loss? The Detroit one felt worse because the performance it self in the Jacksonville felt so good. But I don't know. I mean this one by the time the whole season is over in the final committee. We're looking at this. They. May look Jacksonville's resume which is really unfair. Because anybody that anybody that really watches us, and I know we can kind of all contradict ourselves. But you know, there are teams that are incredibly inconsistent depending on the week. You get you get them on an easy out or you get them when they're totally geared up and game planning. And I dunno weird motivations. And everybody's coming together. I mean teams are these this living organism in a weird way that that I think can change week to week. And that's why New England is so special for this entire run. So they've got the worst losses. They may be in the worst division, but they get that. Bama benefit of the doubt. If you're in the committee say we'll Kay. How do we look at New England? Like everything's supposed to be new. That's humanly impossible. It's not always week to week. We can pretend that's what's going to happen. But if New England we're going to be sitting there, and it was them in somebody else for the fourth spot New England's probably getting it the same way. Bama has their wins against playoff teams when against the Texans when it gets the cheese. Yes. Win against the bears. So they actually are better. That's what pats fans would do if we were doing this like geographically if they were arguing New England over Kansas City, they'd say, yeah. Or losses aren't as good. We've got the head to head and they're three and one against playoff teams, and we're three now be like. Yeah. But your own to against non playoff teams. I don't know how stuff works. So. There you go. All right. What about that? Third. Third team in the AFC. Is there anyone you can mention in this? The answer's no. So bad. Yeah. I don't I don't think although we're gonna we're gonna talk about the AFC NFC thing here in a second. Because I think it's a little bit more surprising going into it. I'm like man, I'm at team six or seven that. I think would be better than the third team in the AFC. But the number three team in the AFC right now is Pittsburgh. They're five two in one. Could you make an argument for them to be the other team in the final four? And as soon as you would say that somebody in the committee. I would hope would go you tied the Browns. But then somebody else committee may say, but they got they got back the second time revenge game negates losses. We used to do the stupid thing on all the college football discussions if you had a loss to a team. But then you beat him again in the conference championship game. It was like you just started over the like, okay, you're undefeated now. You lost? But they vanished. It. They ventured it, dude. You're five to one. They've won four in a row Atlanta. Cincinnati Cleveland Baltimore. But you tied the Browns. Have they figured some things out? They've said they figured some things out. But you tied the Browns. The other two teams Kansas City didn't do that entire the Browns doing Tai the Browns. You could do you could do the Notre Dame fan argument that you beat Michigan with your backup quarterback even the wimbush had played an entire season and the person that gave me that was big cat. But I didn't wanna call him out because I didn't want him to feel the ire of the Notre Dame fans. And it's really funny because now Notre Dame fans thing, I hate them. And it just that's not true. Never hated Notre Dame ever. But he almost I think he was upset. I wasn't giving them credit for that argument. I hadn't heard that argument. But now, I'm starting here at more and more. I've heard it on talk radio nerd fans. Want extra credit for beating Michigan with wimbush? When wimbush was the established guy in book wasn't. So then if you wanted to if you're Pittsburgh you. Could say sure we're five two and one and tied the Browns. But we did that with our backup running back and he had a headache. Right. James Connor because you're getting Levy on bell back. Who's just awesome on Twitter is taking this pretty seriously team guy. Conor your backup? Yes. He he'll be the backup. I would imagine. But he's been pretty good. He's number two in the NFL rushing. So let's not act like well. I don't want to take any shots at backup running backs because those those are people too. So let's go to the NFC. The Rams eight and one best win. I it's either the chargers of the Vikings. Now the Vikings are starting to figure things out here. They're talking about their defense. Everybody getting together on the same page. One of the safest thing, it was Harrison was saying, you know, we stopped. We were so hyped up in the beginning of the year. Obviously from rosters just talent standpoint. Minnesota's depth chart. It was something we were raving about before the season even started. But they seem to think that they've they've got this thing going in there. They're not going to be. They're not I hate doing the whole. They're not a team you wanna play in the plus or six freaking teams each conference. Okay. There's very rarely do you go. You know, we wanna play that five seat. They suck even since. No, excuse me, even Seattle and there were seven nine as a playoff team and winning the game as a seven nine playoff team. So the Rams do you wanna go chargers week three thirty five twenty three or Vikings thirty eight thirty one. I actually think I'm going to go that Vikings game because it was so much fun. And it was great and yes, they're both at home. And we could talk point score differential. Minnesota's better now than they were saying week four. But that was just a great. It was really one of the best games of the season right up there with the saints. Rams right up there with chiefs, and PAT's so I'm gonna go ahead and say that's their best win. But it is debatable and their only loss is Norlin. But that could be out of the chiefs. Yeah, we already did that. So I'll see that. She's still the better loss there. But it's really razor thin now better conference. That's what we do you go the NFC. This time. It counts. It'd be hard to do the the NFC more pros because they're all pros. It just means more. Can I put three NFC teams innocent of of two and two with NFC bias? Could I say something really stupid? If are in the community like, yeah. Eight one, but you know, after eight and row haven't been as hotly you don't wanna do that. Speaking of when they did any dolphins come on and do their thing. I don't I don't think I I feel like the dolphins undefeated storyline wasn't as big of a deal this year. Maybe because you get ten ino- before rookie Morris invited. I take. I don't know. Can we check on mercury Morris right now? Did anybody have them on? Every time I do anything. Now like that. I always immediately worried like, wait a minute. You know, what's going on mercury Morris? Nice little edit there. We just did a massive research project on mercury Morris, and it like I said it felt it felt a little neglected this time around, but it felt real time to you. We just did a series time travel there. We took about a ten minute break. Yeah. We can we can fin find anything. Okay. So that's the Rams argument. Norrland's Nola seven one best win ramps whereas loss week one Tampa. How about that? Remember when the Rams you're going. Okay. Lots of Tampa back then Fitzpatrick was still superhuman. Although he may be superhuman again. I mean, Ryan Fitzpatrick were superhero franchise there'd be like twelve movies is Hancock. Yeah. Because you just is he Hancock was handcuffed. Good. That's what I'm saying. He's a nigga. So you're saying it's not good. But he saved the world two Diddy. I didn't last I saw a hotel didn't make as a good one. Yeah. I don't know that was kind of like before we realize will Smith's on a bad run. Now, we were still locked into some of the other things everything was working out. And then it took us a few movies to go, wait a minute. And by the time after pop you go, oh, and then I kind of felt very anti Will Smith, and I read a really revealing article about him saying, yeah, it sucked when I had a really bad around. They're like, I'm competitive these movies to suck. When after earth was brutal. It was pretty bad. Brutal. I am legend. I liked everybody liked legend. Right. Well, it reminded me of Hartford. So it it was like that was he at a radio show. I have a radio show, you know, he'd be walking around at night. And I was like this guy is this Zayn legend about me. And then they drove over Mont the butterfly tattoo when I was a campus feels a little force at the end, but reminders somebody pursuing writing I've been told to not. Shootdown other story arcs because never know. Like, oh, hey, we really like your show. Weren't you shitting on? I am legend the ending and my screenplay like know you wrote that congrats those fun. It was fun right of the Vermont town with a huge wall. So. Orleans. Yeah. That was weird. That was really weird because they beat Cleveland week too. And I'm going all right. So they lose to Tampa. And the Cleveland thing looked like they were gonna lose. And you're going, I guess the Saint stink doesn't make any sense. But the argument in the committee would be they're getting better as the season progresses. They're playing great at the right time. They're three and against playoff teams, Washington. Minnesota in the Rams, wait a minute. They can't win on the road though. Well, yeah, they can't it's just at the playoff teams. They've all been at home. And then you would argue with having scheduled anybody out of conference like okay, everybody just shut up. So what am I gonna do? Here is their third team in the NFC number three seed is in the NFC go. Number three team in the NFC. Yes, falcons. No kidding. Well, you weren't kidding. You took a guess up with Jonah spot, and you didn't do. Well. That's all right. Atlanta's not even in the playoffs Chicago. You're Chicago Bears are five and three. And then win the head the head over the Redskins based on best win percentage in conference games. So. The bears aren't in my final four like wait a minute is the NFC actually better. Now is one of my other questions Chicago. Let's do this game. What's their best win? I can't believe they're the three seed in the NFC. I can't believe this conference that I thought was going to be so nasty. And you know, what there's still a good chance by the end of the year. We're sitting there go on. Remember when you know, it was Chicago, Washington Carolina. And then Minnesota was six Lanta start to figure some things out here on offense Seattle. I know they just lost and their foreign four. But I don't I don't know. I'm starting to believe in them again a little bit. But maybe I shouldn't because the winds are what lines raiders cardinals Cowboys. Maybe they do suck. Maybe I'm an idiot. But I think the end of the year. I'd be really surprising Carolina's got this thing. Going offense at six into as the other wildcard. They have the better record the division winners, or at least the division leaders right now, Chicago and Washington in the north and in the east but the bears. Best win is. Are the week to at the cardinal sixteen fourteen they smashed the box that was when Trubisky was like, Kurt Warner's older more bad ass dad, and then they beat the jets and the bills. So I'm gonna say their best win loss at home against New England. Yeah. Yep. There you go. Okay. So the rankings if are in the room, I've go Norlin one with a head to head against the Rams. I'd put the Rams to because I still think these two teams are better than everybody else in watching him and Sunday may be getting my head a little and I put Kansas City, even though they lost the head to head a New England three over the pats because the pats the extra loss and their two losses are Iowa ask for a house eight last year, we still have a lot to do today on the pod. We've got Chris Fowler trivia at the very end most important thing that I'll do today we'll be talking to the playoff chairman, rob Mullins will go over all the rankings just came out on Tuesday night. And I wanna hit up the tweet that pissed me off this week. That's next today's show and are. Our football podcast in Vegas. Brought to you by our friends over at Belvedere, the world's finest all natural vodka Belvedere is made with one hundred percent non GMO Polska ri- pristine water from their own natural. Well, and no additives in an exciting development. The ringer will be partnering with Belvedere to host their first ever crossover podcast with me. Kevin Clark and Robert Mays from the NFL show all live from Caesar's palace in Vegas on November twelfth at nine PM Pacific time. That's after the Monday night game. Join me Clark maze as they discuss. All things NFL from the greatness of homes t lie Manning's future in New York. Plus a number of gambling and fantasy tips come hang with the ringer. NFL crew in Vegas, November twelve and just visit the ring dot com slash Belvedere live. That's again, the ringer dot com slash Belvedere live to purchase your tickets. The very special live podcast is all made possible by the world's finest all natural vodka Belvedere. Please remember to. Always drink responsibly. See at Caesars this week's installments a little different because I don't know. There's a bunch of stuff Kentucky fans very upset last week felt I was dismissive on the podcast about Kentucky as a playoff contender. Or that? I hadn't watched Kentucky. I think the problem is. I'd watch Kentucky too closely in Missouri game. And I know your defense is really good. I just didn't you're gonna be George. He didn't. But it was a little bit of a reminder. There was some Kentucky football shit talk, which you're not always used to seeing. Now, I know that most of you in Lexington is basketball, people are apps of psychopaths, and that's well documented so we can't debate that. But then it was like, oh, wait. Well, if it was the same basketball fans that are also football fans as I could see this, and yeah, I think even pretty good. I think for Kentucky that you're kind of in this and you just playing the game on Saturday that was going to decide the east that in itself is great for Kentucky football. But I just think he was good. As those other teams, we saw that against Georgia. The football part of it was weird. It was kind of like getting nuggets shit talk the other night when I was watching the Celtics nuggets game. You go. Like, I'd said some about the Celtics in ego Yoda, dude, you're just like. Wait a minute nuggets fans talk shit on Twitter commute to it from Ohio State Penn State Koby fans, the raptors oddly enough, Utah anytime you say anyone might be better than anyone on the team. Philly for an entire year for your boy. But I said nuggets. Wow. That's weird nuggets. Guys are mad but be mad because the team is awesome. But I think people, you know, people watch him give them the props give them respect. So. Yeah. That's it was a little different. So here this thing isn't about the problem is is that the tweets that actually pissed me up. I could just do more canal anti tweets, but I've convinced that it's one of two things either insane or strategically saying as if you were running for office if I just dump on the one geographic area, the other four geographic conferences half to like me. So I'll just be more popular across the board. Eighty percent of the fan bases out there. I don't even know if eighties the right number. But if he's talking conferences, he would feel like, okay? Eighty percent of. The conferences, and he starts fighting for UCF all the time. So hell, let's make it even a higher percentage. He's thinking like geographic footprint like when. Rutgers. Let a Rutgers football on the podcast day. But like when Rutgers the great thing about getting Rutgers for the big ten is that they'd have the New York media market. Do you? Okay. Or when the ACC like, oh, a lock up this Boston media market by getting Boston College. Again. Do you do you have them? Because when I go to Boston, I don't hear a ton of ACC football talk. So I think that's what canals doing or he's just insane. And the thing is I think I prefer insane. Because every tweet I could destroy within minutes. And I want him to hear this. Okay. And we were way too cordial last week, but we just hadn't talked to children a long time. And I miss my friend. But yeah, his so I do a canal tweet every week, but I don't want to. And then if I got real specific with naming other people about the tweets that upset me the most. I don't want to name guys that I think are clowns, you know, because that's that's kind of the battle. If I'm naming you and I don't respect your work that I'm kinda hooking you up talking about you. So I don't really want you have to. Let's put it this way. If you're somebody that I don't like in the media. You're going to have to really piss me off for me to even mention who you are. Okay. So I'm not going to mention anyone in particular. But all of you that are pro Michael Thomas after the penalty for the cell phone celebration. It's not that those of us that were anti the penalty are narcotics Pearl clutching. You know, the group I don't have a family. So I don't have to explain Michael Thomas penalty crabbing cell phone to anyone of my family. And I look I still don't like it. I can't understand for the life of me when it's as simple as it is a really important game. It's a close game. Yes. Yup. By ten. Yes. You're playing the results. If your argument is whatever they one. Dude. But there were so many different people that tweeted this. I'm not even gonna do one specific person that was just like your. I think there was one guy from Sports Illustrated that said, you're no fun having narc if you're anti Michael Thomas is celebration. And it's very simple. Does getting the penalty make it tougher for your team to win. Yes is getting the penalty. Give your opponent in advantage. Did not have prior to because of the kickoff me move back. Yes. So it's not the end of the world. It doesn't mean. I don't you know, it doesn't mean. I'm only missionary position guy. It doesn't mean. I have a parental lock on cable channels at my house, even though I live alone. It doesn't mean that. I think Ray Romano is to edgy for stand up. It means I'm not a fucking moron about a penalty that's incredibly selfish. I don't get you, folks. Like, this isn't a social issue. It's nothing more than did you plan to do something incredibly selfish knowing it would cost your team fifteen yards. Just 'cause you wanted to. And if Troy Aikman goes off on it. You know? I just look, Sean. I was in the building. I watched Thomas hid from Sean Payton to the other end of the sideline and paint went to go find him and Peyton because today's day and age, you can't let completely sell your guy out says, you know, we talked about it. But he was looking for a man he was looking for and being like what what are you doing? Like what if player it said, hey coach at some point in a really important game. When it's kinda close late. I'd like to get a penalty for celebration as cool a coach like you. Do you man? I want you to be able to express yourself the ultimate freedom. I want everyone on his team to never worry about penalties. And I'm not I didn't care about the celebration. I thought it was a little selfish. But the arguments after the fact or what bothered me more than anything else. Rob Mon up here. In a second. Be spoke post check it out when you're constantly grinding away at work or out with friends. There's not much time to think about upgrading your style or party. I gotta be honest you much either. I'm Bob closes, I moved to LA. I just realized that out loud because all I've been wearing joggers and t shirts 'cause I'm trying to look like a thirty something. 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He is the athletic director, Oregon. He's been terrific. They're out new, gene. And he's been a friend of the show. We haven't hung out socially. But yeah, I've I've known him for a little while he's been great. And he is the playoff committee chairman now joins us a robbed the committee rankings come out tonight. And we've got Bama Clemson Notre Dame, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma. I think there was a lot of social media reaction LSU at seven Washington state was Regino house data tent. So we've got the rankings. I guess I always start with kind of how how much of a gap you feel or how much of a tear there is at the top. Is it safe to say that you see ala Bama and Clemson closer each other? And then another tier having how many teams would you kind of describe as being in that kind of top group. Yeah. That's not really the way it works in the committee room. If you've been through the mock who actually do it smaller groups, I think it's clear committee, Alabama. As one and in two, but that's not necessarily the way it breaks down. When you start looking at groups, and again, we only looking through week ten their conversation about Notre Dame and Michigan, obviously when you look at Michigan with the number one defense in the country dominant win last week over Penn State, but then you still have to head to head and as the protocol calls for that head to head batters. And you know, at this point Notre Dame skill three Michigan for why LSU still ahead of say, Washington state was Jinyan Ohio State with the extra law. Well, when you look at LSU as body at work, particularly as you look as compared to this group of twenty five that we just ranked revealed today, you know, they have the most top twenty five win any came. They still have three winters current EPS PICO twenty five they won at Auber beat Georgia. They beat Mississippi State. And while they did. Suffer twenty nine nothing loss at home to our Bama, the number one team and a road loss to Florida when you look at their overall body of work and the strengthen that Ethan I it it's an impressive resume. Do you think people are used to the AP? I think historically punishing teams for losing to better teams. I always say like, okay. And if you think this team is six and they get smashed by team number two. Like, why do you drop them to sixteen? And so when I think when LSU only drops four spots, and they can't score a point at home again against Alabama. I guess people just expect to see that team in a drop more. Maybe that's other committee differs from traditional voting. Yeah. No. We start with a clean sheet every week. But I think to your specific question. Yes, I think people are used to the history of the media polls. And and remember those poll start before a game even. So you know, there's a poll before week one. And I think it's wise for the college football playoff selection committee to wait 'til after week nine even that can be difficult. You know, because, you know, something of only seven eight Dame, and and that's that's tough, but a tweak at one more data and start with a clean sheet, which is the way to go and take a deep dive with resume stop by side. It's just not a lip. Look at last week ranking do you wanna move them up to lost movement down? Now. No, it clean sheet who won who lost. How did they win? How did they Lou? How do they compare a people in their staint pool of teams? So it's a deep dive every week in a lot of comparative analysis was there much opposition pushback LSU in the room being that high. There's there's always conversation. You know, particularly when you're looking at you know to lossing versus one loss team. When there's not a lot of comparible opponent. You know, it does get a lot of conversation debate. But again when you look at that resume those those win at Auburn versus Georgia versus to be stake in their two losses or against ranked teams. You know, it's hard to argue and I'd get the offense point. I mean, yes, you know, they're inconsistent on offense when their offense put points on the board. They're tough team because that decent can be dominant. So does that mean that you and the committee feel neutral site LSU against Washington state was Virginia? Ohio State would beat those teams. I guess the best way to say is that this point we see LSU ranked higher that wash West Virginia state. It doesn't, you know, necessarily come down neutral site. But I mean, I guess in a way you look at it. Yes, we LSU as a better team after we. And I want to get back to some you said about Notre Dame and Michigan 'cause. My years of I've gone through the committee process twice. And then I was lucky enough to talk Jeff long and Kirby for four years and really happy to have you on the podcast. You're so I think I have a pretty good understanding of of how everyone represents the committee speaks and when fans get upset about well, they said conference championships matter, and now they don't or they said had had matters. Now, they'll be some example of maybe it doesn't play out that way. You just said, you know, the Notre Dame head to head over Michigan means a lot. And that's why they're three and Michigan is four. How could that change? Then. Well, you know, we're only through week ten and the protocol has several things in it that when you have gains that are comparible at the margin. You you know, you look at these protocol one is head to head result. One is conference championships. Comparible, you know, Michigan Notre Dame of both played northwestern. And I believe both on the road, and they won those games. So, you know, you take all those things into consideration. I think you make an excellent point Ryan and the staffer members you have been one of the most prepared media members for those box so kudos to you. But I think what happened is fans wanna put things in a vacuum. They want to they want to align on the big of the protocol that bit their argument when the reality is oftentimes that you've probably experienced in the mock there's conflicting data and you have to make a decision. That's why this is this is an art not a science, and there is some subjectively to it. Because not everything is going to align perfectly. You have to take bits and pieces of information. Sometimes that information is going to be in conflict in it's up to the thirteen. Members of the committee had debate the merits and make a decision. I'm always curious. Why Bill Hancock would say something? Like, oh, use UCF definitely has a chance. I see. And I'm not necessarily one of the the bleeding UCF. The oh. The oh. Guys that are just like, oh this ridiculous. They're left out. But I don't see any possible way. UCF gets back in this thing at eight but twelve and I'm sure the strength scheduled crushing them in any debates inside the room. Yes. Drink schedule as a key piece. This is not just an exercise went to strength. The schedule matters as you know, you experiencing the mock when you put two resumes up on the board. You know, you're looking at the result of every single game. Not only the score but the record of the opponent. Then you get all the statistics and in a lot of summary information. And so that resume is critically important. So you know, it's not just the record. It is looking at who they be how they performed not only that. But then you gotta say, then I gotta compare that to somebody else's resume or a group of kings resume Phillips, a comparative analysis, which I think sometimes people lose track up. I wanna do a broader kind of thing now because I remember when you first on it, and I was like, yeah, I'd been some of the mocks. And when you sit through the mock it really is. Impressive in. It's it's very helpful. It's very helpful for me who had to talk about this every single day. And there's thing I love talking about. I love doing it. I found the drama in this kind of similar to like an NBA offseason drama where it's just all the speculation. And people already freaking out about the idea of Alabama losing closest title game to Georgia Georgia in bama's out like what's going to happen or would Bama stay in. But I know if I ask you that he's going to go. Hey, man, we're ten weeks through we we get there. So if if I back this whole thing up what about the processes surprise, you the most raw? That's a tough question. I think early on the third year on the committee. I think early on I was so fast with with how much data you have at your fingertips. I mean, you can take a deep dive as you want data. And then probably how how well prepared. The members are main we show up here on Monday boarding. You have thirteen members who watched a significant number of games who have just combed through the data who've done their own comparative analysis and walk into that room at the Gaylord, fully prepared corvette each and every take. I know that when I would do shows, and then forget even shows in the hallway you run into three guys that were great football players, and you know, van pelt, and I may run a new him. There's certain people that are combative about this. And there's other people that are agreeable willing to listen how does that play out in the room with all the different personalities? Well, I mean, you know, anytime you're part of a team whether it's at work, you know, or a committee or a local charity, you know, having diverse thought Pinon is extremely helpful the reaching the best decision, and when you think about college athletic, and how some of these sport committees are set up this one is very neat. You have five sitting eighties. You have. I think it's five or tired coaches. Former media member initially, we have a hall of fame former player, Ronnie li-, you know, that very structure. So of course, there's all kinds of great debate. And discussion because it's diverse opinions people. Value different things differently. And I think that's how you end up with the best result, and the beauty of those thirteen members in the way, it set up is you know, you can have very candid debate. And that's what you want. And that's one of my job as jarash to make sure that I smoke that debate. Make sure we think of all ankles ask somebody to play devil's advocate to the you look at every single angle because this is this is important to college football, which is extremely important to college athletic has there been a time where you go. Hey, I know what the data says, I know what the numbers are. No everything's. I just think this a team is better than team b can that still happen in that room? Yeah. It does happen. And you can't just say I think team as better than be you have to be able to say why you have to be able to articulate it. But sure that does happen. 'cause I I know what the numbers day. But I also what I am. I asked me this. And that does happen is their argument from previous years now that doesn't matter anymore that you can remember that. Maybe you had or that would be a good story on an argument. What what what what I found interesting? My first years on the committee. Ryan, you could go through a set of these. You know, we do six the and you end up with two teams end up side-by-side, and look very similar all year, you know, a couple years ago when Colorado won the south and the Pac twelve I think it was Oklahoma, Colorado and Oklahoma just lined up every week, and you go. Wow. Those think this is going to be hard to break. And you know, it's a fine line Bill. You know, you end up in a lot of conversations like that. Where you get two teams that look very similar or you'll have to teams one with an incredible often in a week beef, and and one with an incredible defense, and we often and how do you compare those two? Yeah. That's always. That's always the thing. Like, even when I would go into it, and I had to do rankings for the website for two years. And I ended up kinda hating it. I don't think people understand like they give you grief about all can't believe teams eighteen in this team's twenty one. It's so hard to separate those teams. It just I don't know. I like when you're going through it. What do you think has been kind of a defining thing? That's happened. These first two weeks of these rankings of trying to figure out how much better Mississippi State or B C is than Auburn or Washington. Great question so much attention in the media's paid on one through four one through six or you know, still has a chance to make the playoffs. I will tell you this week because nearly fifty percent of the teams from last week's rankings of eleven twenty five lakh seven of those teams. With phil. When you start looking at you know, whatever it is fifteen or sixteen and up. It gets really difficult. You have some two loss team three loss teams. You know, some that have one tuna row something that they have lost two in a row. It extremely extremely difficult yet extremely important to the teams, you know, being ranked matters, even if it's twenty five, and we wanna make sure that we give it as just too. I think the public because there's so much discussion and talk around the four or the sixty still have a chance track of how much time is spent on, you know, fifteen twenty five. Yeah. But then again, the thing I've I've never really liked about the arguments and fans do it. And I've just I repeat myself too often this, but I've heard every single possible argument any fan base can give me, and I know that I can immediately like see through it. But that top twenty five stuff matters. And I always think that's kind of silly as if like team twenty ninth is that much worse. Than team twenty. I like some years. Yes. And some years absolutely not. But then when you can say, well, wait a minute. We're we're foreign one against top twenty five and but your top twenty five wins against teams twenty through twenty five to me. That's not as impressive. And that's why those teams being in there at the back end. It's still important. It's important at Penn State. Find a way to stay in the top twenty five for other teams. No question in energizes, the fan base doesn't Ajaj the fan base. And it does matter in the rankings. But you know, as you know, when you look at in the room on the data, you're looking at exactly where they were. Right. So, you know, whether somebody was bad or twenty four, but you know, it does matter win over a ranked opponent matters. Okay. That wasn't I kind of statement. So it wasn't a great question. They're gonna wanna do a better job in these last two. All right. I always thought that you would say conferences don't come into play. And this isn't just goes back to Jeff long because if you told us that conferences mattered, then we would obviously have to ask you, how do you rank the conferences, and you don't wanna do that? But I don't know how it's humanly possible to debate these teams from different conferences and talk about which conferences or deep or which conferences are. So what's the best way that you can help me understand because I think it's impossible to pretend that these discussions don't involve that stuff. Well, I mean, we don't bring up the conferences in the room. But no, nobody talks about who's in what conference obviously, we know. Who's in what conference him what we're putting resumes up? We can see the list of opponent. But there is no there is no conversation about conferences, while they're in this conflict that convert this one stronger than that wanted it strictly about individual teams mex-. Okay. Then with this LSU ranking with others argue. I think a lot of times people are from other conferences in you know, me being ESPN. Everybody's everybody. All you guys are always see guys will you're out there with Pac twelve I mean, you're either one of the best in the country, Oregon, and you're now the committee chair, and you know, what there will be from certain people about these ranking saying, they're just doing the SEC thing. Again, they're doing it. Again. How do you respond to that? How do you? I guess sell me on. I don't believe it, but sell talk to the conspiracy theorists that don't understand how you guys put this together. Well, I guess the best way to summit up as we get that from all ankle there's there's from from every angle. You know, the beauty of college football is this. I think Mike recos at this. You know, the currency of of college football is passion and debate and people see it with their own school colored glasses on there's no again, this is about team versus team. And when you're putting a resumes on the board. Again, the conference doesn't matter doesn't come into play. It's really just about looking seeing who's performed in who they've played again. And and then, you know, taking that set a result and making decision. You know, what I'm talking about though, like, you know, a couple of guys. So does that bothering if you guys will you come to the hotel and be like did you hear Joel Klatt again? And I love jewel, I think he's great. But he's gonna lose his mind about the LSU ranking. And we'll anyone bring that up me. Like, these guys actually think that I still don't understand why the Pac twelve AD would want SEC to have more teams in. But that's just me being maybe rational about the whole thing. But do you ever address that at least privately with each other? And be like, hey, did you hear what so and so said about rankings now, not not necessarily know, you know, you know, somebody might say, you know, you know, somebody came up to them at their town or something that that, you know, you guys love this league, or you know, you ignore this league. But now that's not part of our debate. You know, our debate is again, you know, when you sign up to be on this committee. Right. You you can expect at some of that will come okay. I guess my final thing we are the boys doing and are they worried about Damian Lillard. Well, thank you for asking. They are doing great. It's just amazing. You know, how they attracted to stars in the NBA the NBA such as heart job of how they market their stars. They're worried about Damian Lillard, they're worried about Colli Leonard. They're they're worried about all of their paid attention. That's for sure now. I know they're big NBA guys. So they make dental Los Angeles. I'll have to I don't know if I get you Lakers tickets, but maybe clippers. All right. Well, we're all about it. We love to go to game with back. We're in Salt Lake City this weekend to Friday nights, Celtics or at the jazz. So we try to stay over at game. Yeah. You gotta do that. Man. Hey, look, I really appreciate it. You have a ton of respect for you. And it's gonna be a lot of fun as close this thing out and try to figure it out, man. So thanks again. I appreciate your having me love your work and look forward to seeing you down the road. Yeah. Absolutely. And if you want to have the kids, listen this podcast. I did swear earlier when I was by myself, it's not real vicious, but it just might wanna skip through that. So. All right. That's my job as a parent. Before we get to this week's Chris valor trivia, people love this when I'm out on the road. I don't know. It's just one of those things. I kind of thought it was funny because he's been doing it for years re interested trivia question. So we'll just keep rolling it. But hotel tonight used him your boy was on the road a lot. Here's a little inside or travel secret from our friends hotel tonight. There are tons of empty hotel rooms out there. Just waiting to be booked and hotel tonight is partnered with these awesome hotels to help them sell those unsold rooms, which means you get incredible deals. I was rolling into Fenway the Monday before game or the World Series. 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Now, you're watching patterns have slowed a tad say last ten months or so but keep telling people spread the word on the podcast is doing great so pumped about that. But I I don't wanna meet anymore people that don't know that I have two podcasts. Maybe I'll get a billboard after hotel tonight front run-scoring, cigarette. When it comes down. I talk next. We.

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