Episode 1- The Man with the Golden Arm


Welcome to three hundred sixty five movies and three hundred sixty five days. This is the man with the golden arm. Imagine a world in which your choices did not have any kind of consequences you could leave your job taken on planned vacation or even leave your spouse and the world would stay the same. It is a fairy tale that we fortunately fortunately do not live in it is the consequences of our actions that keep the world from falling apart every time we do something from the smallest things like not showing up to work to the big things like cheating on your partner. We set off a chain-reaction that bounces around like a pinball looking for mark to hit it. Impacts not only are life but the lives of others people have to work harder to cover for you or someday. You'll have to explain to your children why Mommy and daddy are no longer together are tail isn't just about the obvious things like drugs reformation and temptation. It is a tale about the choices we have to make and how we lose and game from these actions. Have you ever had to tell someone that you love that. You have another lover deep inside that will you say to them will break them Rushton and perhaps you can send them into a spiral that will have dire consequences for them or maybe you have wanted to find another lover but didn't because you knew what would happen. If you get an you are not in the business per breaking hearts choices are made by others that impact you and me my friend all at the time most of them. We have no control but if we knew what was in our path would we change what we do. Every day we start our tale with a newly released franking machine fresh fresh off the bus after spending some time getting cleaned up in a prison in Kentucky. We don't know the drug but it doesn't really matter as he walked street everyone from the call girl sue the police know him by name this. This isn't just any man returning back home. This is the dealer. The name comes from the fact that before going to prison frankie was a well known car dealer in the neighborhood as he walked shown Frankie walks in the window of a local bar. You're where he sees. Some men tormenting drunk with the promise of drink. If you will dance was up. He is amused. Has He walks in in Navarre he finds his friends sparrow who looks up to Franken like an older brother the to reconnect and Frankie towel spiral about his plans for the big time Frankie also bumps into Louis his former drug dealer frankie. Let's Louis No that he doesn't need strokes anymore as he has kicked habit but Louis doesn't buy it and let's Frankie know that he will be around. Frankie hasn't just been released from prison but released from the life that was keeping him down with big more plans to play ban. Frankie has just returned to his northside Chicago neighborhood. He changed man who isn't looking to spend one more minute vinnie house to in his own uh walking into his apartment waiting to greet him is his Josh who is wheelchair-bound Czar Sh- is a needy woman who doesn't seem to interested in his need to tell her about his plans. To play the drums and be someone frankie acquires if she's going to the clinic for her legs. She Says No. She says that there is a doctor that they can go to who can cure her. If only shaking get the money and with Frankie back hopefully he can get back to his dealing ways and it can be done. Frankie says no he's done with the old habits bazaar Sh- thinks that frankie is joking. Cranky is ready to start a new life to be a new man bizarre Sh- doesn't like the sound of that change can be hard sometimes for selfish reason change and others can be hard to accept accept change means says things change of course and maybe if people change well they won't need us and you and me my friend can end up looking from the outside in before we know it like a stray dog kick to the curb. Change Change can be dangerous thing next we find Frankie but begin to his old flame. Marley west taken up with a new man fronting was away. Molly looks at Frankie like a woman who doesn't know what to do twined Butler. She has an what she wants and who doesn't have someone in the past who because of reasons sometimes beyond our control lost but wanted or maybe you were that old flame burnt tossed aside while the love your life ended up with someone that you felt was undeserving of that love yes I know you're happy now but be open and you know the he or she is out there neo flame that it might have gone different if only sings would have been frankie is ready to be a start to be more than just a dealer and he has lined up a meeting tried to secure try out for a local band preparing for his meeting Josh Rise to heap home but and pleading with him that his place is there with her but he walks out the door she can see the danger to herself. A Frankie was to become something something change wouldn't be Kinda her I mean after all. She is in a wheelchair and then like a punch. We know a secret that nobody knows about in that includes Frankie we see that czar Sh- is in wheelchair brown but healthy enabled to walk it is an act to keep franken close to her. He goes for his meeting. Frankie's pass keeps coming back trying to pull him in while walking Frankie and sparrow or picked up by the police when the soup they frankie is wearing is believed to have been stolen by Sparrow Frankie together jail. He has a life changing meeting to go to and that is when the devil himself walks right on his old employer Schwab PCA offers to get him out <music> but Frankie refuses he knows that if he goes back to dealing cards there will be no escape for him but after seeing junkie have a breakdown frankie changes his mind <music> back to dealing cards and then debt Suave Frankie's to lose that drive that he had when I got out is back in <music>. Have you ever tried your best not do something to have your body and mind fighting your will for something. They need drugs money or maybe empower it can pull you apart to the core. By how long can you hold out the devil whispers in your ear. It knows what you want. It won't hurt. They promise it's just a bit of fun. <music> frankie goes to see molly and you get the sense that molly believes and Frankie. She is the kind of woman that is there for you. When you don't see much in yourself she wants to and does love you for who you are <unk> as it is sometimes? It's sad to belong to someone when the right one comes along. You can't make a four out of somebody who loves you. Crunchy tells me as to why he stays Josh because Josh is helpless. Even if it's clear uh that he really wants is molly so frankly. Let's molly no than he won't be around. She has someone else and so does he knew even if it's not what they want it's what they have ever been torn. Between two people on one side is a good woman. Someone who believes in you encourages you to try it on the other side is a woman who because of your vice you caused heart end up in a wheelchair who becomes dependent on you keeps a scrapbook of the crash to remind you of what you have done. Who you marry out of guilt who tries to burn down every single dream okay so maybe not that extreme correct but I have a feeling that most of us have been there at one time or another we have choices in different plants and we don't see it? We have to moving pieces going towards each other. At this point in our Kale the life there franking wants and the life that he currently has cranky gets audition that he wants joins a union and starts to reconnect with molly. Meanwhile Schwab is looking for him trying to draw in back into the old world trying to lure him with money money that he could use to help assange and then maybe maybe he could get what he really wants to end the guilt that eats him up inside then could be with molly but escaping pass is never easy and no one gets out without any scars works soon enough. Frankie is once again hooked on cards had drugs after all he is just a man made or flesh. Frankie is reminded that the monkey is never ver- debt and his Willis broken and life starts spin out of control. Molly runs away when she sees that he's hooked again because she can only have our heartbroken so many times I frankly breaks molly's heart and then he destroys his own dreams. A car game goes from all night into a two day mirrored song tired and in need of a fix frankie frankie is caught cheating disgrace them burn frankie goes to Louis to get a fixed but when Louis won't help Frankie attacks looking for the drugs but is unable to find a mass and a Junkie M._p.. Near the end of his rope he goes to the ban tryout in he is unable to keep time and fails seeking revenge movie goes to Frankie's home looking for him and instead and finally Josh standing up after a struggle. She is afraid she will be Kant. Suzanne pushes new we over. He stay railing killing him. The panic and fear there are in Harare's but she has to do anything to keep Frankie anything soon. The police are out looking for Frankie believing that Frankie killed Louis. After the two had to fight meanwhile frankie go searching for molly to get some money for a fix finding out that Frankie is being sought by the police molly helps them come clean to be able to face the police ever see someone goes through withdrawal. It is a painful experience not only for them but for you. If you care about them they will beg they will try to promise everything everything including their soul for one more it and then they promise a will end but only if they can get that less hit the body shakes the ice cream and pain has every announcing their body wants more and trying to shake that monkey it is not easy but we have all been there might not have been drugs but we have or vices that controls drives US makes us prisoners. You can say no not me but we all have taken part. Look deep inside of you and you know it's true now clean the police find out frankie as at Molly's but he has gone once they get their he has gone back to Josh finally owning up to the fact that he can lead his life feeling guilty for what he did choose Osh. He tells her that he is leaving Josh believing leaving the Frankie is leaving her to be with molly runs after him just as the police with molly walk through the door to the surprise and Shaw of everyone with the police now knowing that was she who was the one who killed Louis since she was the only one there when he died. Josh makes a run for it in Renzo Balcony where she cries for help like a rat cornered and she looks for a way out but instead falls to her death. Our town ends with Frankie walking away off. Perhaps you a better life I gave her just away from the world that he knows walking away from all the trouble and the pain walking away with mall we choices are made not only by Frankie but also by an molly. It's the choice of line to someone to keep them close was a choice to have faith in someone who always lets you down. These aren't just horses made only by women and but mine and also we have very little control of what happens to us. All we can do is just hold on tight. The man with the golden arm was released one thousand nine hundred fifty five and directed by auto perimeter. It was hit with critics in at the box office. It was one of the first movies to take a serious look at drug addiction it start Frank Sinatra Eleanor Parker and Kim Novak with scream pray ridden by Walter Newman and lower messer and based on a nineteen forty-nine book by Nelson Algren a friendly reminder that you can follow us online line in on social media by going to our show notes to get links to everywhere you can find us subscribe to be reminded when new shows arrive thank you to those everywhere with your kind words next we will come back with a tale kidnapped Tuck and the tough choices we make to keep those we love safe. My name is Jose Ortega and this has been three hundred sixty five movies and three hundred sixty days a podcast that exports movies and what they say about our world made in Texas by a one time immigrant and longtime San Antonio Spurs hand and remember to the squirrelled a little bit better then you found it.

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