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Dreamers: Agatha Christie


This is no ordinary train. This is Agatha Christie's most perfect crime Orient Express hello from wonder media network. I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia Britannica today. We're talking about the Grande Dame of the English Donnette J._K.. rollings of selling in books before there is a J._k.. rollings please meet our dreamer of the day the Queen of Crime Agatha Christie Agatha was born in eighteen. Eighteen ninety in the seaside town of Turkey in Devon England. She was the youngest of three children born into an upper middle class home. Agatha's father Frederick was an American stockbroker and her irish-born Mother Clara took care of the House House and her children's early education after her father's sudden death when Agatha was eleven the family's financial situation became more precarious and Agatha was sent to Paris to complete her education. When she completed finishing school Agatha returned to England only start a months long tour of the Middle East with her mother while traveling Agatha tried her hand at writing short stories and an early novel but wasn't able to get anything published? She did however meet meet her future husband Archie Christie while in Cairo. They got married right before the outbreak of World War One during the war archie was sent to France to fight the Germans. We'll Agatha returned home to England. She worked as a nurse. Yes and then eventually a chemist's assistant on the home front as the war raged across the channel. Agatha started writing detective fiction in her downtime. She'd always loved mystery novels particularly the works of Wilkie Collins and Sir Arthur Arthur CONAN doyle so it was a natural fit Agatha's first novel the mysterious affair at Styles was published in nineteen twenty. Her debut work introduced the world to the iconic Hercule Paro Agatha's eccentric an egoistic Belgian detective with the little grey cells and a perfectly quaffed moustache lobby little throng frog. I am a bloody legal Belgian about agenda Perot appeared in about twenty five novels and many short stories. The elderly village Spinster Miss Jane Marple Agatha's other iconic detective first appeared in her novel murder at the vicarage. Bridge in one thousand nine hundred thirty Agatha's first major literary success came with the publication of her novel. The murder of Roger Ackroyd in nineteen twenty six it was met with massive international acclaim and became an immediate bestseller her no spoilers but suffice it to say that the murder of Roger Ackroyd is an ingenious and innovative who done it that still manages to amaze that same year nineteen twenty six Agatha's mother died and her husband requested a divorce in order to marry his mistress right after archie asked for the divorce Agatha disappeared it was a legendary and frankly very strange incident that Agatha never fully explained. And like the plot of one of her novels she told her maid that she was taking a drive to Newcastle and then vanished leaving her empty car on the side of the road with no clue as to her whereabouts the public outcry was enormous. The story story was highly publicized and the public closely followed updates in the newspapers. It even made the front page of the New York Times after several days Agatha was found registered in a small hotel under the name of her husband's mistress though unlucky in love during her first marriage Agatha had much better luck the second time around when she married archaeologist Max Mallon in nineteen thirty Agatha went onto write some seventy five novels that almost always made the bestseller list not to mention quite a few popular volumes of short stories her works include mystery classics like and then there were none murder on the Orient Express and why didn't they ask Evans. Agatha also wrote a number of very well received plays her most famous. The mouse trap set a world record for the longest continuous run at one theater more than twenty one years. How many years would you give the mouse trap yet? I live in fact the prophesy I will sit coming next year. He has never has in acknowledgement of her incredible. Literary career. Agatha was promoted to dame commander of the order of the British Empire in Nineteen seventy-one Dame Agatha Christie died on January twelfth nineteen seventy six at the age of eighty five from natural causes with roughly three billion copies of her novels sold translated it into more than one hundred and three languages Guinness World Records lists her as the bestselling novelist of all time her wonderful who done it's continue to delight audiences today. We're taking a break.

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