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Tonight cases of the coronavirus hitting their highest point in months with the us bracing for a drastic drop in vaccine supply the country reporting more than eighty two thousand new cases. It just twenty four hours. Young people and unvaccinated adult fueling the surge hospitalizations skyrocketing in michigan. The news coming. As shipments of johnson and johnson's one shot vaccine are expected to drop eighty five percent nationwide in the coming week and pfizer now awaiting emergency use authorization to begin administering shots to children as young as twelve. The other major story tonight. Paying tribute to prince philip buckingham palace. Today revealing plans for a private funeral at saint george's chapel. Next saturday prince charles delivering a heartfelt address about his father. His devoted service to the queen his family and country. And after that bombshell interview what we've now learned about whether prince harry and duchess megan will attend the funeral back home. The severe weather outbreak deadly storms in the south at least two people kill multiple. Tornadoes reported large hail and powerful winds causing damage several states. The system ready to move. Its way up the east coast. Rob marciano timing it out. Embattled congressman matt gates defiantly speaking out against allegations of sexual misconduct and sex trafficking facing calls to resign gates telling a conservative women's group. He's not going anywhere. Newly obtained video of a police confrontation in virginia. An army lieutenant suing officers. Who pull their guns and pepper sprayed him during a traffic stop new images of the volcano erupting on the caribbean island of st. vincent mass evacuations underway. Thousands forced from their homes cruise ships. Ready to take them to safety and the will bracing for a possible. Wine shortage winemakers lighting of fires trying to save their freezing crops from abc news world headquarters in this. He's not good evening. Thanks for joining us on this saturday. I'm with johnson. We begin tonight with the pandemic and the alarming rise in new cases for the first time in nearly two months the us reporting eighty two thousand cases in a single day and now another hurdle and the vaccine rollout states bracing for a severe drop in supply from johnson and johnson and eighty five percent decrease in shipments next week and vaccination sites in four states closing down temporarily out of an abundance of caution after a small number of people reported mild adverse reactions so the johnson and johnson vaccine health officials insisting the shot is safe and that serious side effects are extremely rare. The news coming as states are trying to ramp up. Vaccinations increasing eligibility sixty eight. Million americans are now fully vaccinated. That's more than twenty percent of the total population but there are growing fears of a fourth. Serve the country seeing three days in a row with more than seventy five thousand new cases. Abc's trevor off off from new york tonight with corona virus cases rising to alarming levels once again the nation bracing for a drastic drop in vaccine supply next week shipments of johnson and johnson single shot slated to plunge eighty five percent. The last thing we wanted to hear about was we're getting less vaccines maryland governor larry hogan saying in his state alone there now expecting two hundred fifty thousand fewer doses over the next three weeks and after a small number of people reported mild adverse reactions to the j. and j. shot vaccination sites in four states that have the supply temporarily stopped. Administering it the cdc insisting those doses are safe and nearly every site has resumed a think it's very individualized. You're going to have people who have different effects from it. But the concerns don't end there. in europe. Regulators are now looking into a possible connection between the johnson and johnson. Vaccine and a small number of blood clots something. Some american health experts want examine. We'll see whether or not that's probably the important thing is to look and the supply strain coming in the us. Top seventy five thousand reported infections three days in a row the eighty two thousand friday. The most in nearly two months in michigan one of several states now inundated by the uk variant some hospitals again banning visitors and halting non emergency procedures as the state. Positivity rates soared to eighteen percent right. now we're in a fourth surged. But the state's governor gretchen whitmer so far resisting return to strict lockdowns policy. Change alone won't change the way. We need everyone to step up and to take personal responsibility here or seeing that fatigue having an impact across the country. Trevor all joining us now from mass vaccination site in new york and trevor. We've been hearing health. Experts suggest that younger teens may be able to get vaccinated by fall. But you're learning. That timeline could be moved up. Oh that's right. With with pfizer applying for emergency authorization to administer the to twelve to fifteen year olds health experts say young teenagers could start getting vaccinated in the early summer if not earlier. The cdc director says that authorization could be granted in mid-may witt will stand by for news on that trevor overseas now and the outpouring of tributes for prince philip the ninety nine year old husband of the queen who had recently been hospitalized dying. Yesterday at windsor castle crowds gathering outside buckingham palace many leaving flowers prince charles today paying tribute to his father and his years of service to the crown. The funeral set for next saturday. And tonight we're learning his grandson prince harry will attend without his wife meghan. Who's expecting their second child. Abc's maggie really at buckingham palace tonight. As a nation mourns the loss of its prince a son honors his father. My father spends the last seventy years given the most remarkable devoted service to the queen to my family and to the country as you can imagine my family. And i miss my father enormously. Prince charles expressing his gratitude on behalf of the royal family. Dip papa was was a very special person who i think above all else would have been amazed by the reaction across the country gun salutes honoring the life of prince philip. The queen's beloved husband more than seventy years a constant stream of mourners link. Flowers outside the gates of buckingham palace. I think help you remember. Is public servant an inspiration. The royal family's urging those who wished to pay their respects to follow code restrictions the uk's lockdown turning the duke's funeral into a quieter family affair the palestine announcing that he maximum of just thirty guests will be allowed at his funeral. Held next saturday. At st george's chapel in windsor prince phillip was known for his wicked sense of humor. That at times led to controversy. Took him suffer fools and admired for his dedication to service to his queen and country attending more than twenty two thousand solo engagements and two thousand royal trips. My father was always a great source of support and encouragement her majesty now a widow without her strengthen. Stay her children coming to her side. Prince edward's wife. Sophie getting emotional as they left winds of castle telling reporters. The queen has been amazing. Let's bring in maggie rulli outside buckingham. Palace and maggie. We've learned that. Prince harry will be attending his grandfather's funeral but without his wife. Meghan right now is pregnant. With the couple's second child and says the doctors have advised her against traveling now. What we do know that harry. He's confirmed he will be here in the uk for his grandfather's funeral. It and we know how close harry was with his grandfather just recently. He started this sweet story but how he and his grandfather would. Often zoom together with baby archie. So you know despite. What's been a very public rift in this family recently. It seems the harry is putting all of that decide to come back here and celebrate his grandfather's life when a week of mourning ahead to maggie rulli for us. Thank you we do turn now to the deadly severe weather outbreak hitting parts of the south multiple tornadoes reported. This one here spotted east of jackson mississippi. No major damage or injuries reported there but at least one person died. When an f three tornado touchdown overnight and palmetto louisiana much of the region feeling the impact of the storms. And here's abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano tonight. The deadly severe weather outbreak striking the south multiple reported tornadoes overnight. This one east of jackson mississippi in saint landry parish louisiana north of lafayette a strong tornado with wind valise one hundred and thirty miles per hour striking in the middle of the night glass of the window from the door. Right there we could hear everything starting to crumble eva when her husband made me into their bathtub just in time tragically one person killed and seven taken to the hospital. More than a dozen homes damaged in shreveport a second a man killed when a tree fell on his home phone and a line of severe storms sweeping across parts of the gulf coast. This massive water spouting moving ashore in panama city beach florida. That look bad. The roof of this convenience store ripped off outside pensacola powerful wind gusts sending a tree crashing into this home trapping. A woman inside first responders rushing her to the hospital. So let's get to rob marciano and rob tickets through where this system is heading next. Well this line. That's going through the gulf coast especially potent we had softball size. Hail orange beach alabama. That's very rare. An eighty five mph wind gusts in fort walton beach a lot of wind damage with this thing. Now it's the now going through tampa about to go through orlando. It will weaken some but the same areas. Tomorrow's front kind of stalls. We'll be up for more. In the way of damaging wind large hail tampa fort myers over to jupiter and up towards the space coast. There's overall system pushes to the north. And and we will see ran across the i ninety five quarter and through new york upstate new york and that low sits over chicago for a second day of very slow moving system so folks in the mid west getting two days of rain which we'll be watching for that rob thank you to minneapolis now in the third week of the derek. Chauvin trial set to resume on monday. More critical testimony expected the prosecution trying to paint a damning picture of chauvinism actions calling on current and former members of law enforcement and medical experts to testify against the ex police. Officer here's abc's reena roy. In the second week of the murder trial gripping the nation prosecutors arguing derek chauvin rogue nations directly caused floyd's death building their case calling eleven current and former law enforcement officials to testify against the former police officer. This mp trained neck restraint meltzer is not part of our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics are about us. How damning has that testimony been. It's been really remarkable. The blue wall of silence has come down in this case the jury hearing from several medical experts describing exactly how floyd died in painful detail of the person subjected to what mr floyd was subjected to would have died but dr andrew baker the medical examiner who performed floyd's autopsy provided an opening for the defense which argues heart issues and drug use led to his death. Your opinion both the heart disease as well as the history of hypertension and the drug. The drugs were in his system. Played a role in mr weinstein when pressed by the prosecution. Baker still classifying. Floyd's death as a homicide. The defense has struggled reasonable. Doubt we haven't gotten to their witnesses yet. There's a lot yet to come. And george floyd family is expected to take the stand to tell the jury about who he was as a person and the defense start calling their witnesses at some point next week. Went or read a right for us. Thank you we move on now to embattled florida. Congressman matt gates fiercely defending himself over allegations of sexual misconduct and sex trafficking gates rejecting calls to resign defiantly telling conservative women's group. He's not going anywhere. Here's abc's maryalice parks tonight. Florida congressman matt gates defiant. I'm built for the battle. And i'm not going anywhere. Dismissing calls to resign at a women for america first event at former president. Trump's club in giral florida. I won't be extorted. The truth will prevail the house ethics committee. Launching a new bipartisan investigation into gates examining allegations of sexual misconduct. elicit drug. use and accusations of the congressman may have shared inappropriate and explicit images on the house floor. The justice department investigating whether gates and his associate. Joel greenberg paid. Women who were allegedly recruited online for sex and travel. Greenberg is already facing sex trafficking charges. He pled not guilty but abc. News has learned that he is now considering a plea deal and could be cooperating with federal investigators. Greenberg's lawyer speaking out. I'm sure matt gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today. The congressman's office responding. Broadly in another statement out friday saying these allegations are blatantly false and have not been validated by a single human being willing to put their name behind them but to members of gates staff have resigned amid the allegations but still gates insisting he's not going anywhere. Thanks to you tonight now to the race to escape that erupting volcano in the caribbean thousands evacuating as asha rains. Down on the island of saint vincent four cruise ships rushing in to help take people to safety. Here's abc's julia mcfarland tonight. The caribbean island of st. Vincent covid in ash eerily empty thousands of people told to evacuate immediately. Bakhtiar thicket memorial on the move note. The long it lasted forever. Kaneohe erupting friday my goodness spouting columns of smoke and ash more than six miles skyward. Now phys that rain may cause the superheated ash in the too hard into rock asheville itself if it gets wet. It's almost like a cement type of texture. Luxury yachts and cruise ships being repurpose to transport evacuees the prime minister of st. vincent thankful for help from neighboring islands. Today saying we are one caribbean family. Wit experts warn that even bigger eruptions could still be installed. This could go on for months where it's still a concern for a lot of people there. Jillian mcfarland thank you. There's much more ahead on world news tonight this saturday the police confrontation between officers and an army. Second lieutenant in uniform the officers pepper spraying during a traffic stop and the former. Nfl player accused of a deadly shooting. Rampage then taking his own life. The family now allowing testing on his brain staying informed never been more port. Get information is coming at us faster than ever. So how do you make sensible start here. Hey i'm brad milkey from abc news. In every weekday we will break down the latest headlines in just twenty minutes straightforward reporting dynamic interviews and analysis from experts. You can trust always credible always solid start here from abc news twenty minutes every weekday on your smart speaker or your favorite podcast app next tonight. Newly obtained video of a police confrontation between officers in an army second. Lieutenant police pepper spraying the lieutenant who was in uniform during a traffic stop. He's now suing the officers for everything that happened once he was pulled over. Here's abc's alex. Prochet tonight to windsor. Virginia police officers are being sued by an army. Second lieutenant claiming his rights were violated during a traffic stop captured on multiple cameras. Put your hands out the window. Police body camera rolling as an officer attempts to stop in early december for missing replayed on the suv army. Second lieutenant khurana's reo behind the wheel pulling over at a gas station. One hundred seconds later in starting his cell phone camera he had picked a well lit place to stop. His lawyer says for safety he does have a plate. A template tapes the back window of his brand new car but as seen on the video the situation go south quickly as a second officer. Arrives on the scene your vehicle off more than twenty times. They order him out of the car. The car now now i'm honestly afraid to get out. Should you feel like your client had a reasonable rates of fear for his life. Yeah absolutely and i think officer. Gutierrez is of one of the officers pepper sprays missouri and forcibly removed him from the suv. Missouri was released with. No charges windsor. Police haven't responded to requests for comment and his attorney says his client is suing so that these incidents stop happening with okay. Alex birsh for us. Thank you to the index news tonight about that deadly shooting in rock hill south carolina police looking for a motive saying former nfl player. Phillip adams shot and killed five people including a doctor and his family before taking his own life. Addams family giving permission now for his brain to be tested for c. T. prosecutors in missouri reviewing the crash involving former kansas city chiefs coach britt reid. He's facing possible charges for the crash that critically injured a five year girl before the super bowl in february police say. Read the son of head. Coach andy. Reid told them he had been drinking before the accident and concerns over possible wine shortage french winemakers frost and freezing temperatures may destroy their grape crops plunging temperatures threatening the shibley burgundy and bordeaux regions some. Say up to fifty percent of the harvest's maybe lost finally tonight america's strong proud cafeteria worker passing the test welcomed with open arms. It was a total surprise. And all these students aligning the halls. It perry vale elementary school in edmond. Oklahoma were in on it celebrating their beloved cafeteria manager. Janet lopez this week who had just passed the test to become a us citizen and give me jail united usa. What's it cited. The riott originally from cuba lopez and her family moved to the us in twenty sixteen to seek a better life. I have a dream. Like say. Martin luther king day was come here to these great conduct making that dream a reality janet with her right hand on her heart watching the american flag in the other. I know everything about united states breath again. Everybody is island. Lotta guys. I love this country and all those kids showing their love right back the first to officially say welcome hall. It was really exciting. I good redac- great bowman and congratulations. Thanks for abc affiliate k. At oklahoma city. I'm with johnson that night that we could see the burning the just tear. It was one of the most violent attacks in american history and one that americans were afraid to discuss. Some people were threatened with their verbalize that they talked about it from. Abc audio comes a new podcast about the massacre of hundreds of black americans and why it was kept secret for a century. Listen to pulses buried truth wherever you get your podcasts.

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