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Hey, guys. We're gonna kick things off by explain to you. I like the Denver Broncos did last week that jetty honored come into breakout. All the news from what turned out to be a very busy, February we can balance all with wrappings up a six pack of your questions was. All right. Welcome back in two weeks out from the Super Bowl still eight days out from the scouting combine right in the middle of February's, the QB podcast with Albert freer. Tons of news to get to this week surprisingly enough. Normally this is a dead time of year. But it's come fast and furious over the last seven days and navy. The big one of the biggest pieces of news playing to get to. But one of the biggest pieces of news this week dropped on Wednesday. The Broncos agreed to a deal to a fourth round pick to the Baltimore Ravens for Joe flacco, and the price tag seems low the situation's a little bit different. And so I wanna take you guys through that. What I think it says about where the NFL is from a quarterback standpoint. And why I liked the the the move for the Broncos even though I'm not wild about flacco as a player while like the move for the Broncos really this. Boils down to four things for me. Okay. Number one. I think is upgrade over case keenum. I that's pretty easy to explain away. Number two the draft pick compensation. It was not much a fourth round pick. That's what they got in return for Marius Thomas. So in essence, they wind up dropping about twelve spots in the draft order in the fourth round and trade Maria's Thomas four Joe flacco. I think that's a winner for them. Number three is contracts reasonable. He's do eighteen and a half million this year, that's two and a half million less than tyrod Taylor made for the Browns, basically, the placeholder and then a backup to Baker Mayfield in two thousand eighteen he if they want to keep them is on the books for sixty three over the next three years. Twenty one million per is about two thirds of what Aaron Rodgers got per year when he did his new deal. So it's not even close to the top of the quarterback market number four. And this is the important part is this. Where I think we can extrapolate this across the league in kind of look at this as as as an important way that you have to look at the quarterback position. This is much about mitigating damage and avoiding disaster as anything else to me when I look at this on the surface. I think a lot of people look at flacco. And I mean, look big tall pocket. Passer was easy. Compare him to Paxton Lynch is easy to compare him to Brock Osweiler, right? Like, this is John Elway blindspot. I actually think in a way this is going to help. John Elway avoid stepping into the ditch again. And the reason why the worst place you can be as an NFL team is in a situation where you desperately need a quarterback because generally teams that are in that spot and have a high first round pick in the Broncos have a high first round pit Billy there either that or be one their forum or they'll manufacturer one, and that's how Christian ponder winds up going in the first round to the Minnesota Vikings in two thousand eleven after they lose Brett farve. That's how EJ manual winds up going to the Buffalo Bills in two thousand and thirteen. That's how Paxton Lynch woman's up being the subject of a trade up by the Denver Broncos. Ios in two thousand and sixteen after they lost both Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler. And so I think in a certain way this helps the Broncos of wide that okay? Basically they've got three team options on on. Joe flacco twenty nineteen twenty twenty twenty twenty one. This will not preclude them from taking a quarterback with the with the tenth overall pick. If they like drew lock or Daniel Jones Dwayne Haskins or whoever it is. And that guy false them. They can take that guy. They gonna flacco as the bridge guy for two thousand nineteen and they can move to that guy either during the season or in twenty twenty if they don't like this year's class, you know, what they can wait on twenty twenty if they don't like where they're at in twenty twenty they gonna wait till twenty twenty one they in essence have given themselves three years of flexibility at the quarterback position. And that's what I like about this move is they're not going to be pigeonholed into a single year where they have to drop the long-term answer the quarterback position. They've got a little bit of an older team. Some of those guys von Miller. Chris Harris are Emmanuel Sanders getting a little. Longer in the tooth. And so I look at this situation for the Broncos. They give them some selves some opportunity. Now, the cost isn't too bad and Jenny Connor. I think the flexibility that they give themselves going forward. They're not marrying themselves. Like the Jaguars may be forced to marry themselves to to Nick foles for a couple of years that make prevent them from drafting a quarterback to me like what I really like about the Broncos did here. And look, I don't think Flaco a great player. But why really like about it? It's just that flexibility. It gives you going for where if you like when this year, you take them if you don't you can wait. Yeah. I didn't think that the there is a very high level of outrage on Twitter last week at the move Gary gramling point that out his Sunday freak out. And I think he was very spot on very strong of unions about the trade. I didn't feel that strong about it. I felt like sort of you dead. You know, they're going to make another move to find their quarterback whether it's this year or next year. Flacco is a placeholder. Her. We see place holders a lot. He is, you know, a pretty good place holder. So I mean, that's fine. Like, I didn't have any. I didn't have any strong problem with it. I didn't think so either. I mean, I think the one thing that someone fair question for Elway at some point is when do you stop this sort of perpetual, sort of we can still compete we can still compete with this with this kind of group of veterans. But I think if you're a fan base, you would rather your GM go out and do something like this, especially since it's not gonna prevent you from drafting rookie and instead of punting on this year, which would have done if they didn't get Joe flacco. I mean, I don't really their options. Does this allow you to both O'Connor, you know, like doesn't this allow you to like like, okay? Like if that next guy is out there, then we can go and grab him, but we can still compete with the guys we have now, you know, we still give on Miller and other chance and give Chris Harris chances if they're good enough. They're good nothing. Got a veteran quarterback with them. And if they're not we haven't really prevented ourselves from going and getting the next one if we want to I think if. It's just a true bridge situation that that's something that Elway just probably hopefully needed to clear with Joe flacco. Because certainly wasn't a situation. He was thrilled to be in firma Georgie of last year. But I think he ended up coming around to to to the fact that Lamar Jackson was there. But at the same time, you'd hate to sort of, you know, watch him sort of sink a season. Just because you know, he's he's mad that you drafted somebody else behind him. Again. That was not a Bud Light. By the way, that's a polar seltzer. It is two pm. And I am not getting started on a Monday afternoon by Cass. More more exciting now, but flavor polar seltzer raspberry lime Raza old standby for us here, you know, in up in Massachusetts. I I actually I actually got into polar cells probably about like, I thought like if I I was I thought it was kind of bland, but I feel like it's one of those things that like it grows on you. And my wife has been drinking them for like as long as I've known her, right? This sounds like the ad read, by the way. I like, hey of polar wants to step up and contribute to the podcast. I'm not I'm not stopping them at all. But yeah. So it's it's a dictator in a way. And I can't it's not like physically addictive. But like, it's just like, I don't know. There's something addictive about having it out of the can't because it's not the same out of the bottle either that I have six cans of seltzer in one day. Problem. He's guys. Are you a seltzer guy Connor leg Wegmans when they're on sale for a dollar nine nine? I will get Wegmans brand lemon seltzer sort of a mix up from the Britta. But that's that's the extent of just a really exciting. You know, drink choices. You gotta go polar seltzer you got to Jenny Jenny. Oh, you on polar? Seltzer you on one of the fancy ones is this just come out all kinds, I like polar like wagmans at like LaCroix, you know, LaCroix's kind of like the like the Dom of of seltzer is right. Isn't it? It's a little bit a little bit pricier, maybe. But it's still in a row of drinks. I mean, the fancy font on the cans, I don't know if you've seen that does have strong Instagram influence or presence. So that's why I made LaCroix the official beverage of Jenny nice training camp tour this past summer. I actually wasn't really aware of what Instagram influences influencers were until I watched the fire. Doc, you saw that. I'm assuming right? Yeah. Like now, I now I have a full understanding of what Instagram influences influencers are. So makes me like I missed a calling. You know, you have you feel you feel like you've missed the calling to be an Instagram influence for certain. Yeah. Yeah. You're still young Connor. You can still make that happen. I mean, you got the look, right. Yeah. I think I think it's everything else. I gotta work on. Yeah. Was jump into the news news number one. In the NFL. Conquer Nic N read Eric Reed announced a settlement on Friday afternoon, ending the collusion case the players brought against the league. The terms have been having surfaced thus far with confidentiality agreement in place. I can't get words out this morning. Yeah. I like, look I think that as much as anything else because we don't know a ton about this about the the the terms of the settlement. It's hard to have a real strong take either way other than I can just tell you my experience having covered these things as that settlements generally benefit both sides, but hurt both sides to in in usually. And this has been like just my experience in the cases that I've covered in court, usually, it means there's no clear path to victory for either side, and I sort of feel like the most the most and I wrote about this on Monday. Feel the most likely the most likely scenario here is that CONCACAF Eric Reed, and their lawyers were able to get information through the discovery process and through the depositions that didn't necessarily like convicted of collusion, but that the league just didn't want out there. And my example of of what that would be you. Remember, the Tom Brady males getting out like all the stuff that Tom that got out there and Tom Brady, and none of it like like very little of it actually incriminated him some sort of incriminated him. But probably wasn't enough to convict the Brady didn't want that stuff out there. You know, like he didn't want all personal emails and all that different correspondence out there. But it got out there as a result of the case, and my best guess is here because I know how the NFL's tried to avoid discovery in the past my best guess is here that cap and read were able to get a hold of information that was at the very least embarrassing and maybe incriminating. Towards the league that didn't necessarily convict the league of collusion. But the league was willing to pay to have go away. Yeah. You know, Michael McCann, rotas smart legal analysis for for our site. And he he said, you know, whoever had lost the arbitration could have challenged in federal court. And that's the way that some of this stuff would have become public. Now that would have been an extra step, and there's no guarantee that all of this stuff would have been made public. But this was certainly away for to prevent that from happening for the NFL and to sort of for them. I mean, they have in a lot of ways demonstrating a desire to have, you know, the cabernet stuff kind of go away and multiple ways. And so I think that for them this probably was you know, one way to do that. I mean, really the terms of the settlement aside the lasting impact. Obviously is this you know, social movement that cabernet started. And you know, the fact that there's this really heightened attention. On you know, racial injustice and police brutality that there wasn't before that there is currently a social Justice platform in place. Thirty two teams are involved with that, you know, he sort of forced us to talk about issues that many of us had never, you know, really considered in the depth that he prompted, and so, you know, there there is no there should be no talk of a sellout for him. Just like there should have been. No talk of of Malcolm Jenkins being a sellout. When people oh, Malcolm Jenkins, the players coalition apologies based just based on how this is all gone like my feeling is. And Malcolm tweeted, something that could have been interpreted that way on Friday afternoon. Like, I do feel like I do feel like they were unfairly put in a corner as a result of all this. And that's probably look that's probably a result of the crap throwing contests that the whole thing turned into. Yeah. I, you know, I think it's one of these things where regardless of you know, how this all shakes out. You know, I lot of people have tried to pivot this to now will cabinet play. And you know, will this lead to to spot back in the NFL? And I know that his lawyer had mentioned the Panthers on CNN is a potential destination. Given the Eric Reid was playing there. But I think it's just more interesting to see what he just continues to do like to to Jenny's point. I mean, he forced a national conversation. You know, how how extremely difficult is there'd been presidents who have not been able to force national conversations, and you know, have people consider things that they hadn't before and to walk mile in somebody else's shoes. And so I think with whatever this settlement provides them, whatever sort of sense of security or whether he wants to continue an activism an activist role, which I'm sure he does with this money. I'm fascinated. See kind of what the next step for him is. I think that that's really. Where our focus should be as you know. What's his next act? What's his next idea because football, just maybe that's already passed by? It's kind of interesting too. 'cause it's like because the confidentiality agreement it's sort of like, I feel like in a certain way, it makes him like an I don't know Jenny. Look like, I don't know if you'd agree with this. I feel like it sort of moves him from exile football player. Now like flawn activists. You know, what I mean like the because that's been such a big part of everything for the last two and a half years, and such a big part like the whole story was that, you know? And now that like you can't really talk about that anymore now that that's sort of like not a huge part of his past. But part of it's past. It's like now like he's sort of moves to being full on activists. That makes sense. I mean, there has been such a conversation would be, you know, would he be able to prove collusion was there enough of enough evidence between multiple NFL teams and owners to prove collusion. And now that is. In the past. However, you know, now moving forward what happens is he still desires to play football, and is the idea of collusion still alive. Right. You know? I mean, I do think the more that has his lawyer talks about the potential of him continuing to want to play the more the focus is going to be on that part. Right. You know is he interested in getting back until league in what teams are are potentially interested in in. If they are interested, why aren't they interested? So this did close that chapter of the past few years. But the that's you know, that's the easiest thing to talk about. Now, right is what what becomes of his football career? And will he be interested in playing? And so I do think that that is still going to be part of the dialogue until he says football is in the past for me. I thought it was interesting to the thing like that nugget of his demands like like that dropped on Friday morning. Like, I don't believe having covered the NFL for. As long as I've covered the NFL. I I don't believe in coincidences anymore. And it just makes me think like maybe the league got that out there that like, hey, you know, he's asking for twenty million dollars from the af they wanted to have him and he's not like an an and he didn't bite it that. So how bad is this guy really wanna play? Like I felt like that was. I mean, look there are a lot of X NFL people that work at the af like does it seem crazy to you guys? Like, the idea that maybe that was all orchestrated because it just feels like a really weird coincidence that that's like I mean, those two pieces of news were separated by six seven hours. Yeah. I mean, it was definitely didn't feel like a coincidence, especially because it wasn't like a natural time. I mean, the af opener was last weekend, and they were in training camps a month ago. So you saw felt like it would've already come out. And even if it's true, I mean, it's just seems to be perpetuating this stupid narrative. I mean, that's. About how much money like you said. I mean, that's Joe flacco tyrod Taylor money in the NFL. And so if I was calling Kabir Nick, and I was playing in this upstart league where you know, three thousand people attend these games. That's exactly what I would be asking for because you're risking your future. Anyway, you know, your NFL prospects. If that's what you end up wanting to do so why not get paid and NFL salary. But the fact that like people are so desperate to kinda get this out there that well, he, you know, he didn't go playing the CF L or he didn't go play in the af I mean 'cause he wants to play in the NFL, you know. The NFL. I did say those things about Tim tebow. Like, I remember saying those things about Tim tebow in two thousand twelve and I believe them like, and I always felt like with Tibo, I always felt like Tibo. There was an element of him that that sought the spotlight. You know, that wasn't just and look it's it's fine. But I always felt like Tibo there was this element of him that like I think he loved playing. But I think he really loved the spotlight he really loved being on stage. And so I think if you took the stage away, which is what you do if you're going to Canada are you going to the arena league like then becomes became a lot less appealing to Tibo. And like, look, that's no no slap at Tibo. You know what? I mean. That's just I just felt like that's what what it was. You know? And it's one is though that he refused to acknowledge the fact that he wasn't really like a replacement level and fell quarterback and didn't wanna play another position. Whereas another quarterback is is maybe not being asked to be on a team because of what he believes police. No. But I I think that the thing I think we've all running to players before we all run into the sky before we've learned to players before who like Rodney Harrison was this way like he would go and in the parking lot. You know what? I mean if somebody asked him to play he he'd go and play in the parking lot for for free. And there are certain guys that are like that. There are ton of them. But there are certain guys that are like that. And there are quarterbacks who are like that. And so I think a lot of times every quarterback. Well, they're they're they're they're elements were every quarterback skits compared to that. And I don't think that's what cabinet is. I don't think that's what Tiba was. I think that's what Brady is. I think that's what Peyton Manning is. But like, I don't think that there's that many guys that are like that. And that's okay. It's but I mean, I that element of it certainly exists. Like, I don't think Colin cabinet was all in on football the way that you know, certain guys who at the highest level of the game are, and that's fine. That doesn't make them less of a person. So Brady if deflate gate had expanded into this thing. Where Brady was such a was viewed as such by all thirty two general managers that nomad sign him because he sneaks around and he deflates football that Tom Brady would play in the af for three hundred thousand dollars. Yes. Because I think he will be I I actually do. I think he would be so motivated to shove it up. Everybody's ass that he would like I swear it's just the way he is like I just think that there are certain guys that are wired differently. Again, it doesn't mean I don't think it be. I don't take it to being less of Colin cabinet or anyone else. But you know, there are certain guys that are wired that way, and I don't think based on what I know. I don't think he's wired that way and what I'd say. Most of the NFL isn't wired that way, there are certain guys that are you know, Brady's like that Manning's like that. There are certain guys that are just that that I think are just built that way. And for better or worse. Like, I think it's fair to ask those questions again, I asked those questions about Tibo seven years ago. And I thought it was a fair question to ask because everybody position Tibo as GI Joe. You know, what I mean, like everyone position Tibo is like the ultimate competitor. Well, if you're the ultimate competitor. Don't we wanna go prove everybody wrong? Like, don't you wanna go into Canada going to the arena league and show them up? Like, isn't that? What you'd wanna do instead of sitting there unemployed? Like that was like to me like I looked at that. That was part of the question with Tibo. And like, I think that we can you institue there. Lots of guys who who wind up out of the NFL that have the opportunity to go to Canada or the arena league. And don't do it. Because they just like, that's it. I have had enough. And I think there are certain guys that would be willing to do it. That are wired a little differently again. It's not saying that one guy like one group of players great, the others. You know, awful. It's just like I just feel like that exists. And I don't think it's an insult against Khan cabinet to say like, I don't think he's wired the way that certain quarterbacks who've wanted the highest level are well, I feel like that's a big jump to make without knowing exactly what he wanted. And consider the fact that it's we accept an embrace the fact that there are players you hold out for a better contract because they don't wanna play on their current team for what they're worth, right? So if you're calling. Oppor? Nick, you lead your team to a SuperBowl. You were starting quarterback. Like, you wanna play for what you're worth I feel like players respect that. Because that's what you have a limited time, you have a limited window. And so I think it's I mean, I if you if you have only one way back in if that's gone if you only have one way back in are you willing to take that way back in? I mean, I don't know. I mean think about we wouldn't say that, you know, Aaron Donald is not a good competitor. Because he hell he he's holding out during training. I don't I can't line. The two up though. I don't think the two because it's like. Like Aaron Donald like like, basically like saying like, okay, I've got x amount of time to make this amount of money, and I'm gonna maximize that's a business decision. And I that's that doesn't knock on him as a competitor. At all. I think like with if you've only got one way in if you only got one way back in like inter Donald going to be welcome back to the Rams, no matter what. And those two situations those two holdouts, right? If you've only got one way back in. That's the only way you're going to be able to play football for a living again as at the present time. That's where Tibo was. And that's where cap spin like are, you willing to take are you willing to open that door and walk through it? And I think certain guys aren't certain guys aren't in like it's just again like that was with Tibo. It was just like it was hard for me to swallow. Some of the stuff that people would say about Tibo in the way that they would position because it's like, well, if he's who everybody says, he is then shouldn't he be playing, you know? And I thought it was weird when he was willing to get on a bus, and you know, go for minor league outpost a minor league. Gap post to play baseball when he wasn't willing to do the same thing in football. You know, and so if we're going to like, I just think that there's an element of this. That's look there were real questions about you know, where cap was developmentally at the end and fifteen and sixteen and the fact that you know, he wasn't willing to open doors were available to him to play football. I think it's fair to ask some questions that are associated with that. The af would be one of them and then the opportunity to go and playing Canada or somewhere else over the last three over the last two years. I think it's fair to ask those questions to the difference is you're on one hand you're being challenged. Right. You're not good enough. You have to prove. So then you would maybe be more likely to go to Canada or play in the af if you're being told physically you're not good enough. Whereas capper Nick, it's he's being told. We don't want you because you took a stand for something that you believe strongly and that created national conversation. So I think it would be you would feel insulted. You wouldn't wanna go to? Canada or the a af right. I totally understand. I totally understand being insulted at first, but like doesn't that wear off after a little while? And it's like I really wanna play like I really like it's only been like a year and a half. And it was years. It was two years. This is not like, oh, I mad about something. This is like this is racial inequality and social injustice like it's gonna go. No, no. No, no. But no, no. No. No, no. But those are two different things though. Right. Like, like, the the protests, the activism is one thing footballs and other thing and look like if there's one way back in like, wouldn't you wanna take that route like wouldn't I guess it's the same question of like if if somebody's laid off from ESPN are they willing to go back and work in Sacramento, if they have to to get back in, you know, it's just it's I don't know. I I feel like if you love something enough, then you're going to do whatever you're gonna open whatever door you have to open go in. And I think that that's where some of the questions with some of the NFL teams came up. So tomorrow, you're going back to the as berry park press for for that was a long intern salary a long time ago that was a very very this is around the horn. I'm giving points Jenny. All right, news item. Number two, Connor. I was so stunned by the okay here, we go on Friday, the NFL sentimental teams. Explain that Mississippi State defensive lineman, Jeffrey Simmons and Louisiana tech pass rusher. Jalen, Ferguson, previously banned from the combine for prior incidences of violence would be loud to go to Indianapolis. But only take a physicals I think this is like a continuation of the NFL trying to kind of lay down something, and then getting pushed back, and then trying to have it both ways, and you can tell a lot of scouts. You know, a lot of executive type people even just the ones that are recently employed that kind of yet about this stuff on Twitter or on happy about this. I mean, the combine is supposed to be a forum for teams to find out more information. But I guess you have to find that happy medium. I think the NFL still struggling to find that. But I think maybe the old guard also has to realize that if you're not able to go out and get that information in. This day and age than you know, the you probably you don't need the combine maybe as well. Yeah. Just like like you said like, I think this is a struggle. That's happening and has happened over the last I would say ten years, probably which is between, you know, the the combine isn't entertainment product, and the combine is a functional part of scouting. And I just like if the idea is to gather information, right like, and if the idea is to give the teams a baseline where they're gonna get everyone in the same environment. Right. Like, that's the ideas. Like, you're running your forties in the same environment. You're taking your interviews in the same environment. They're taking your physicals in the same environment. So it's like a baseline thing. Right. Like, so they've got years and years of data. They're able to compare one guy to the next like all all of its in a similar environment. You creating that for these teams? And then you're like taking some of the guys that they'd most wanna talk to based on their background off the table. Then. You're absolutely prioritizing, your TV show over the function of the combine, and I can look I totally see why NFL teams are upset about this. Because it's like, well, wait a minute. This event is supposed to be for us in. Now, you're running into something else. Like, you're totally devaluing the product itself. Like, I like, I just I side with teams on this. Because I just think that it's more important for those guys to get to know somebody like Jeffrey Simmons to get to know somebody like Jalen, Ferguson who got to fight McDonald's for Christ's sake. Whatever it was like, it's more important for them to get to know those guys than for the league to prevent like the guys on their broadcast from having to talk about them for two and a half minutes, or whatever it is. I understand where the NFL's coming from this. They're essentially saying that we don't want to create a we don't want to give them the stage this platform if you have a serious transgression in the past. I think the problem is like many cases of domestic violence or. Assault or violations of the personal conduct policy things that fall into that realm every case is different. And so there, isn't you have a blanket rule. It doesn't always apply to one case something that happened in high school is not the same as a rape that occurred one year ago or a domestic assault that occurred one year ago. So I think that perhaps each case could be considered individually a little bit more one blanket rule, and many things doesn't always work because every situation is different. I, but I don't have a problem with the general idea behind the rule and understand your point Albert. I do think anyone who's covering the combine should be equipped to talk about these issues. We talk last week about how general manager should I think media, should I think that all is a conversation that we really should be a lot better at at this point in time. But I do understand them saying, you know, I think it was in the wake of several high profile prospects that had an incident in the past. And I think they sort of reacted to that in created this rule. See Jenny the problem. I have with that those the NFL is being disingenuous like this on this like they are with a lot of things, right? Like, so you're hearing a lot now like it's a privilege. Not a right to go to the combine fine. I get that. Let's not pretend. That's why you're keeping those guys from Indianapolis because those guys have been coming Indianapolis forever. You never had like some sort of behavioral standard in the past. It only came up when this thing became a TV product when this thing became a TV product what happens? Well, okay. Like, we don't want to have to talk about these guys on television. I mean, imagine if one of these guys was a quarterback like what would they do? I mean like Jefferson's is a top ten prospect. Right. Like probably like if he had if that the incident hadn't happened in high school. He's probably going in the top ten at the end April. Like if that's a quarterback. Like, what do they do? I just think teams are going to have to work a little bit harder to find out information. If someone has a really agreed incident and are not so rece- in their very recent past than teams just have to work a little bit harder to get that information. They're going to they're going to get that information. Anyway, I they're just saying we're not gonna make it super easy by putting this player on the largest platform. But again, I do think there should be a little bit more discernment. You know, not every situation is the same. And so I don't know that a blanket rule works. But I do kinda understand where they're coming from. And. Yeah, I'm sure part of it is the TV platform. Of course, it would be naive to assume that it wasn't. But I don't also I do also. I think there was a genuine element here of you know, I I don't think we can say that only came from that place. I'm just wondering to just in from the grand scheme of things. I mean, anytime you talked to someone about the combine it's always sort of a complaint from the from the football side. Right. We don't get long enough. The old crotchety scout like anybody, really? It's like, okay. Well, the interviews timed. And so we only get, you know, you only get these guys for fifteen minutes, and, you know, we learn more about them on our on campus visits, or when we're able to Skype with them, you know, during different period of time because that can count as a phone call or you know, we learn more about them by talking to the people who they interact with on a daily basis, which is stuff that you send out scouts to do all year. I mean, these guys should be in these schools measuring these guys. Knowing what their functional play speed is. I mean, what is the forty yard? Dash tell you anymore outside of their linear speed, which they're almost never going to have to utilize on the field. I mean, I think a lot of this stuff is is sort of archaic it sorta in the process itself. So you know, the fact that they're they're fighting over this. It seems a little crazy to me. When teams are teams are going to get the information anyway, and they have to work harder than than other people to get information. I do the reason that is valuable to them as just a data thing. Right. Like, it's like. That's why you heard them bitch about like when they when they moved to the new stadium, whatever it was two thousand eight right because the turf was difference. Oh now, it was like for the first time like they were on a different surface. And so they couldn't compare forty times four times. Whatever like, so I think that that's the biggest part of this Connor is that like over eighty four was the first one right something like that. So they have like data going back like thirty three years thirty four years that like apples to apples comparisons. Like, here's what this guy ran here. Here's what that guy ran there. And then they had the guys in the same environment. And I feel like that the most important thing is always going to be the physical and the interviews. Right. The stuff that we don't see on TV. So like, you get the guys all in the same environment in the interview where like you feel like you've gotten them beaten down a little bit to the point where they can't put on the act anymore. And so you lose that with the players that have had issues how would those guys act in that environment? Like when they're not when. When the coaching failed them a little bit. And they may be themselves a little bit more, you know, the physicals which the league is bending on. Now, that's an important piece of it too. Because everybody's being checked out by the same doctor. So I do think that like the the function of the combine like I do there still value there and that you get apples to apples comparisons. And I just tell you I think these teams feel that these teams need that on guys who have issues both physical. And you know, the the behavioral those the teams need that on these guys more than anyone else. Which is why understand why they're upset about it. Because this is one environment where they get apples to apples comparisons. And that's being taken away from them on guys that are going to be the highest risk guys. They're looking at I get that. But also you have all the time guys who don't run the forty at the combine maybe they're coming off an injury or something. And they only run it at their pro day or you have Sam darnold who doesn't throw at the combine. And he just throws at his pro day. So a lot of times you're not getting that full complement of information. At the combine. Anyway, to me, it just seems another thing to gripe about it. I feel like you're going to get the information. I feel like the NFL I get the inconsistency. Right. You don't have these guys going to the combine for a high school incident the same week that Kareem hunt is being signed. I get that inconsistency. But this is something that's in the NFL's control. I think it's fine teams will be fine. I think that it's a lot of holeable Lou Gilbert's dog. Yes. Are off season. Go host governor. They I've one more pro combine taken one more anti combine taking make them very fast. My pro combine take agree with apples to apples. Then Gil Brandt told me that he went to a pro day. I believe at Texas AM, and this is in the fifties. Where coach was timing the forty are on his fingers. So he was just looking at the guy running and saying one two three like just one sippy tomb, literally one Mississippi. There was a guy that Davis drafted in the second round at Villanova who ran like a four to one. But what he did was right before we start running. He moved the towel up five yards. Right. You know? So all that's all it was it was demoted by towel. So like, I mean, obviously, you can't do that anymore even the pro days or so high tech com. I take those that I love the idea of like, you know, Bucky Brooks. He's tell me he used to go to Kansas state because Bill Snyder wouldn't let them in and dress up as somebody else in hang out in like college bars. I love the idea that you have to do this. This is what the NFL is all about, you know. Not following against their will going out and discovering this information and the people who have the best information wins. I feel like it. I come is the equivalent of of the press conference for. That's actually a fair fair comparison. I like, I got a great. You guys wanna hear a good story. And that like the teams that did their homework on Justin Blackmon. Now, if I remember in the run up to the two thousand twelve or thirteen that he came out that he was the fifth pick. I remember. So he seemed like a pretty clean prospect coming out like most that were a lot of people that didn't have this information on his substance abuse issue. Right. And I remember talking to one team who they like this the scout was really wired, Oklahoma state. And somehow he got information like Justin Justin like really ashamed of his issue. And so his whole so's like like he wouldn't like he had the this problem, but he wouldn't manifest itself on campus. Right because he was a shamed of it. So the the the guy from inside the program told the scout go to this bar. It was like twenty five miles away from Stillwater and just hang out there all day. So he went he he. Went out to this bar twenty five miles away from Stillwater in the middle of nowhere and Oklahoma. And sure enough like an hour or two after he got there. Justin Blackmon walked in. And he saw everything that he needed to see over the next four or five hours and to me it was just like God. These guys really are like these guys are like private investigators. That's what they have to be. You know? Yeah. Yeah. So it's a good example pretty pretty incredible. Okay. Jenny news item number three at a Saturday press conference ex Bronco's quarterback, Tim tebow reveal that he counseled Cuyler Moran. His decision telling the fellow Heisman winner to follow his heart Murray announced last week, he's focusing on football and walking away from a four point six million dollar signing bonus he agreed to as the as first round pick and the twenty teen baseball draft. Wow. Tim tebow getting a lot of pub two things. First of all, I we're giving Tim Tibo a lot of a lot of air time here. We're also giving gun a lot of airtime. I just wanted to use this as a jumping off point to talk about Tyler Murray because I think it's. I think it's fascinating. One point that like how much stupid public advice? This poor kid is getting unsolicited like Sanders has like an hour special on TV. Yeah. Like. It is literally like eighty five percent beyond talking about him. So it's like literally if your business is just like poor collar soon there, the whole time kind of nodding and being like, okay. Okay. All right. I'm watching the af. I got Jenny Jenny find it because it is it is honestly like it is just eight I would say eighty five percents the low estimate Connor Dionne just preaching to this kid. It was terrible. And then, and then we have this where it's like, you know, follow your heart. Okay. Thanks delilah. I mean, this amazing advice, you know, this is like so incredibly the page turning and useful for this poor kid who all he needs all he wants to play football. And it's just not gonna it's gonna be like just six more months of crap for him. And I feel so bad. And this is it's just everybody trying to get their little hands on this. You know, and it just didn't feel so great. So let me ask you this. I've got a kind of a developing take here. I. I. I look I think like like because everyone was like I think we were all little late on Baker. Right. I remember writing I think it was like late December. I wrote like Baker Mayfield is a first round pick, and it and it was like I remember thinking like this is a revelation. Right. Right. Right. And like, I know when I was writing I had no points out. He was gonna be the number one overall pick, you know. And it just turns out that I think we were all sort of maybe teams were to we were all like late on that. Right. Like, and so by the time, John Dorsey will tell you now that he thought in October November he knew an October November that that was his guy. But maybe we were all little late on that might developing take is that maybe there's a little bit of an over correction going on right now where people are jumping over themselves to say Cuyler surefire top-five is a surefire is like Arizona dump Josh rose to to get to Kyle all that might happen. But I feel like there's like an over correction going on right now where like people saw what happened with Baker last year. And now, they don't wanna be behind in talking about Kyle does that make sense. I think this is a good cake, and I agree. And I think that everyone is forgetting that Keiler is significantly shorter than. Both. Russell Wilson Andrew breeze which Baker Mayfield was not. But I think the question Albert is due teams also over correct, do they see the fact that last year, you know, the Browns were all in on Baker. And he was a guy that has really, you know, transformed the hopes in the direction of the franchise. Do they think that Kyle was going to be that guy and over correct in their evaluation of him, which would also push. The question would be like like, we're stretching this the size thing. Like how far is too far? Like how far is too far? Right, right. What what grade? Would you give my take on her? I think it solid. It reminds me of sort of the backstreet boys theory, which you know, of the nineties where it's an over correction, right? The backstreet boys took a lot of people by surprise. And then the resents sink in. So they're like, wow. This is great. But then all of a sudden, we get ninety degrees and then five owed town L Afo. And then at some point you're losing money because you're just afraid of missing out on did ninety degrees. Come after backstreet boys because I definitely saw ninety eight degrees in. Concert before. Was the one Nikola shea cliche. I don't know. I feel like the TV show Connor. But I I think that you're right. That is a good take that there were other boy bands as an example. I just don't know if ninety eight degrees governor there, I don't know. Mine could be off. I just happened to see all of these bands and concert. I'm just thinking that because I was because Nicklaus shit because nickel Shay actually believe it or not my coverage of the NFL actually sort of crossed into that realm when I was covering the Cowboys when Romo was dating Jessica Simpson. And Joe Simpson would send would send would send 'paparazzi out to catch them in different places. And so that was I think post that was just after the nNcholas shea break-up boys formed in nineteen Ninety-three ninety degrees in six three ninety three. I mean that's close to new kids in the box. Yeah. Perhaps they're more formative years. This is Wickham PD. It's all very loosely sourced right now. But. Three people running long on this. Officially off the rails. Okay. News that news number four. According to ESPN patriots tight end, rob gronkowski has been working out at Gillette stadium in the week following in the weeks following New England SuperBowl win gronkowski said. After the game that he'd take a few weeks to decide whether or not he'd return for tenth NFL season. I think rock is working out at the gym at Gillette stadium, probably because convenient and he likes working out. I don't know if there's anything to read into here. I still think that this is gonna come down to two things. Like, I think I it's an first and foremost, it's how he feels like. And I think this year was really tough for him difficult for him to get through. And I don't know that he's one I don't think he's one of these guys we talked about this earlier like the Brady Brady type like what Wes Welker was like we're going to have to literally kick them out of the league, you know, to to get them to stop football. I don't think that's what gronk is. And I know this year was very. Difficult physically on him. So how does he feel say two weeks from now I think that will have an impact on it. And then the other piece is how much money are the patriots willing to pay him. I've been under the impression for the last six months that that ten million dollar cash twelve million dollar cap. Like those numbers like the patriots. We're not gonna go there for them. But they want us to played well in the playoffs. And I mean, maybe maybe the patriots are willing to give him sort of the gold watch and say, we know you're probably not we know you're not this type of player anymore. But based on what you've done for us. And how you've been underpaid appoints your career, we're willing to give it to you. If I'm the team. I do that by the way, like I'm okay like like, look, if if it costs an extra couple of million bucks like let's let them play out of one final year. If that's it here in New England and help transition the next guy in that's something. They would do it. It's interesting. It's anti who they are. And look like if you really want to look at it like at the end of their careers like Troy Brown finish his career with the patriots. But he was playing for peanuts. Tedy Bruschi finishes career what the patriots, but he was playing for peanuts. Most guys who finish their career with the patriots like either take pay cuts aren't making very much money in the to begin with like that's how they wind up finishing their career there. I don't think Rockwood go anywhere else. Like would he be willing to take less? I don't know. I don't know. I just there's a part of me that says like it was such an issue last year. And after everything you went through if they go to an ask them to take a pay cut. He's gonna say the hell with it and walk interesting because maybe just three months ago we were saying that ballot. Check was sort of a head of trying to trade aren't hausky knowing that perhaps this physical decline with coming. And then he obviously felt a little bit better toward the end of the season. And he was really, you know. Huge parts of the game plan. And but it's interesting, right. It's kind of a it's a sort of a stunning turn of events. If they were to give him a lot of money for another year. I say that this is a sharing in one of my least favorite it seems like a canoe developing off season storyline. Like I read in your column. I think Albert in another report that that ally. Manning was working out at the team facility. And now, rob gronkowski's working. And it seems to be like an emergence of a new like off season like thing to read like not too much into. But like it's like a jazz. They still have until. It's a gym say you'll have a membership to like Tom Coughlin was fired him worked out at the giants facility for like eight weeks, Nevada. Was that was that was that was? Yeah. That was weird. That was really weird. Yeah. Like you guys have been in the giants facility. You know, how the gyms like like in case with that glass? Right. Totally be Ben mcadoo walking in like, you're filling this dream becoming NFL head coach the first time and you walk by and there's like Tom Coughlin on the elliptical like every morning beat new in by two hours. He's got two hours before you. He's like worked up a real serious sweat. He's got the towel around his neck just gives you the death. Stairs. You're walking by power move with players. It's like, okay. I mean, that's where they work out. You know? Planet fitness gym in his own basement. That's true. Yeah. That's true. Maybe it is. Maybe it is like you said like, maybe it's just a big power move. It's all it's all power move out of a lot of positioning. Yeah. I just I like, I will say we all we all we all preface it to do not read too much into this. Right. Like, everyone of those reports is always preface with do not read too much into this. Okay. We're gonna say goodbye. 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You get off that this podcast. So I'm not going to delay anymore. Why don't you go and do that right now already there? All right. Thanks, guys. All right with that out of the way. We'll jump right into the six pack. You know, how this works? Every Tuesday normally Monday this week. I put the call out on Twitter for questions you ask. I pick six I answer them. If I answer yours, you also get a like on Twitter that means I hit that little heart button right by your question. All right question. Number one. That's coming from Greg Krieg. That's act. Jay Creagh should jets fans. Trust mcalinden whose track record outside the top ten is bad to trae down versus taking the best player. Vailable at number three. I do think that the jets have done a little bit better the last couple of years Jamal Adams, obviously that's top ten pick. They get Marcus may outside the top ten pretty good player. He's in the second round in two thousand and seventeen last year. Obviously they bring in Sam darnold. They've got a couple of players down the line in eighteen draft class that they like, and so I do think over the last couple of years over the last two years they done a little bit better. They've done better with their free agents with some of their veteran free agents to Tremaine Johnson was a big strikeout, but every Williamson's a pretty good player. So I'd tentatively say just be cautious. You don't wanna get hurt? But I think there is reason to believe that they have turn things around to some degree. And this is the type of draft where you are gonna wanna turn down. What were you are gonna wanna trade down? So if you're the jets you're rooting for the quarterback's to get hot. So you might have to come up and take that third overall pick from you, this is the type of draft again, I think after after Nick Bosa after Quentin Williams and maybe Josh Allen where you're going to say, okay. There's not a huge difference between the fifth pick and the twenty fifth pick. There's not a huge difference between the fifteenth pick and the thirty fifth pick. So there is some merit to the idea of trading as well. And the jets who have plenty of holes to fill question. Number two. This is from Craig Gainsbourg that's at crag Adam g NHL team jumps the giants in the first round to get Dwayne Haskins. I certainly that's a possibility because he's a quarterback. And that's what happens with quarterbacks. And if you wanna look at the draft order, and I'll pull it up right now. The giants. At the front end of teams that actually need a quarterback right now. So the teams that are drafting in the top five you've got the cardinals at number one. You've got the Niners at number two. You've got the jets at number three the raiders number four the bucks number five. None of those teams have a crying need quarterback. Then you get the giants. They do the Jaguars. They do you got the dolphins. I'm sorry. The lines at number eight, they don't the bill's number nine. They don't the Broncos number ten. They could take one. So you've got three teams. They're on the bottom half of the top ten that could take one. The Jaguars could jump the giants. I wouldn't rule the Broncos out, you know, as far as moving up. You know, you look at potentially the dolphins at number thirteen there another team that could move up. And so I would not rule out the idea that a team jumps the giants to go and get Dwayne Hassans. Or maybe somebody like Kyle Murray question number three from Charlie work. That's at mills berry shoe. Or Milbury shoe? Do you see a regression from the Rams this season? Hashtag sakes pack. I don't see huge aggression from the Rams because I believe in Sean McVay, the staff is put together the approach that they're taking. I do think it's going to get more difficult because they've got a number of players who are coming up and Dante thousand free agent Dom consumes a free agent Roger Sappho, a free agent, lamarcus Joyner free agent. So they've got some really good players that are that are going to be free agents that are going to be tough to retain on top of that the cap situation is going to get dice in a year. And you have to start budgeting for that stuff. So you have to make decisions on guys like Jared Goff to extend of now do next year. That's a question they have to answer. And so it's just gonna get trickier now because some of their star players are moving into points career where their cap numbers are gonna rise. That's Donald that's girlie. That's sprinting cooks, and that's eventually going to be Jared Goff. And so it gets trickier. I think it's going to Mandalay dry. Better or they they continue to draft. Well, they've done a good job since McVeigh's been there. And with the general manager Ness less need has done drafting McVeigh's system and finding like really good guys like John Johnson or or Samson epi calm in the in the middle rounds finding those guys Josh Reynolds, Gerald Everett was the second round. But you know, non round pick. They've done a nice job there. They're going to need to continue to do that question. Number four from Steve FitzGerald, that's at Stephen M fits. How does the flacco trade affect foles and others? I actually don't think it hurts them because Denver wasn't necessarily an open quarterback seat for a veteran. So you know, you aren't taking a seat out in this game of musical chairs. Right because Denver had a veteran quarterback. And you know, the guy who's displaced their case keenum. I don't think that he moves in front of Nick foles or. Teddy bridgewater. I don't think may team see him as a viable starting quarterback. And so I think in way, you look at this for fear foles, or your Bridgewater, and you say a seat really wasn't taken from the table. But one of the players that I was competing with to to find the right spot is gone now. And so actually think the way that that went down may help those guys I do think the likelihood still that Nick foles lands, which acts Ville and teddy Bridgewater again to me the one that just seems to make some sense as the Washington Redskins question. Number five. This is from Tofa cana- that's at K on Tofa. Could Antonio Brown be a fit for the Dallas Cowboys the answer to that question is absolutely not? They don't have a first round pick the are already having to take care of a lot of guys young players and their team coming up. Obviously DeMarcus Lawrence is in that group. He is up and he's likely going to be franchise tag over the next two weeks. But beyond just the guy who's up guys going into contract years like Dak Prescott like Zeki. Oh, Elliott like Byron Jones like Amari Cooper. They've got a lot of guys. They've gotta take care of not only do I think in Tonio Browns. Not going there. I think it's going to be tough for them to do much at all as far as Quiring big-name veterans. That means you are Thomas question number six is from Rome Lod Tanaz ski, and I just put your Nina's at Romani thirty three will the patch trade for OB. Jay this off season. I'm going to say the answer to that question is no like I said earlier, I think that there will be star players that will be bandied about and trade talks, maybe bigger names than we're used to because of the state of the free agent market at the position because the state of the draft class position. So I wouldn't be surprised if you hear teams enquiring about Julio teams enquiring about AJ green teams enquiring about OB J. I don't the patriots of the team that goes and gets them because I think that you have to you'd have to change your salary structure to do it New England. What do you go say to? Julia Nedal men, if you're going to bring an OB J at eighteen million per, what do you say to rob gronkowski? If he wants to come back that you've made. Him fight for for for every penny. And now of a sudden you're bringing in a guy from the outside of that price. I just have a hard time seeing how the patriots based on what I know about them would make that work. And we got a bonus question this week. We'll wrap it up with this from Philip DJ. That's at Philip de Jack how is life going in the haunted mansion Connor or I had no idea what Philip was talking about here. So I did consult with Connor before he took off. And here's his answer. He's currently Saging property to ward off all evil spirits. Again. Philip Connor or is currently Saging property to ward off all evil spirits. That'll do for do it for us. Good. No dent on there. As always I want to remind you guys we love your feedback. We want your feedback. Give me your feedback and gets me on social media at Albert bear on Twitter at Albert underscore breer on Instagram at Albert Arbor on Facebook. And remember always to listen, not only to us because we love you guys. And we love having you guys with us in mid week every single. Week in season and offseason. But also listen to the Monday morning prod cast with Andy annoyed, and Gary gramling, you can get us and them on Spotify, Stitcher. Tune in Google play. Apple podcasts were ever you. Get your shows same time next week was he?

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