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The AP radio news. I'm Ed Donahue, President Trump and his wife Malania are in Pittsburgh three days after eleven people were shot and killed at the tree of life. Synagogue press secretary, Sarah Sanders, says the Trumpster lighting candles for each of the victims in the synagogue vestibule. Their visit comes on the day of funerals for four of the victims, Robin Faulkner was at the funeral for Dr Jerry Rabinowitz who she recently had an appointment with him. And he has come my mom. He sit in house your mom now exit. She passed and he held my hand. And just cried with me over my mom passing Rabinowitz. His funeral was held at the Jewish community center in Pittsburgh, the synagogue is roped off as a crime scene. House speaker Paul Ryan was asked about President Trump's talk about ending the constitutional right to citizenship for babies of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born in the United States, obviously cannot do that you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. We didn't. Went Obama tried changing immigration laws V executive action. And obviously as conservatives, you know, we believe in in in the constitution a prison union official in West Virginia says the death of longtime Boston mob boss, white James Whitey Bulger will be investigated as a homicide. The eighty nine year old Bolger was found dead after being transferred to the to the prison in West Virginia. Bolger had alluded. Authorities for nearly two decades before being caught in twenty eleven a hospital director in Cameroon says an American missionary has been killed in crossfire refining. The man's brother says a husband and wife who fell to their deaths from popular overlook at Yosemite. National park in California were apparently taking a selfie visitors can walk to the edge of a vertigo inducing, granite ledge. That doesn't have a railing on Wall Street down yesterday up today. Strong earnings reports had stocks higher. The Dow gained four hundred thirty one points. This is AP radio news. There is a new feature for the new ipads. Apple's new line of ipads is following the lead of the iphone and ditching the home button vice-president, John Tournus told product introduction in Brooklyn users will be able to turn on the tablets just by looking at them a feature apple calls face ide- support for phase Eddie might have noticed. There's no longer a home button. We'll know home button means that all those gestures from the iphone ten now come to the ipad. No home button. Also means more room for display the new tablets are smaller than their predecessors. But with larger screams the company also introduced new max, including a high resolution screen for the macbook air. Warren Levinson, New York. The NFL trade deadline has passed some deals have been made the Philadelphia Eagles picked up wide receiver golden Tate from the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos traded nine year veteran Damari Thomas to the Houston. Texans the Seattle Seahawks. They released wide receiver. Brandon Marshall they could work out a deal for him. I'm Ed Donahue, AP radio news.

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