REShow: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Hour 2 (06-02-20)


Thank you for listening to this podcast. One production now available on Apple podcasts podcast one spotify and anywhere else you get your podcast. This is the rich Eisen show David Aldridge of the athletic year on the rich Eisen show nationwide televised online at richeisenshow dot com. It's very difficult now for me to be all about you know important and ready to get back and open everything but very difficult, you know. Everything that's going on in our country. Show studio in Los Angeles today's gasps basketball. Hall of Famer Kareem abdul-jabbar plus pro football hall of Famer Ed Free and now. Rich is. We say hello to our friends at NBC. And I say hello to my friends across the aisle and Chris. Brockman and Mike, Delta. been on the air for an hour, YouTube dot com slash richeisenshow Sirius Xm channel to is the ways you can stream us and watches for all three hours. I came on the air. Offered again to chat throughout this. This program at eight, four, four, zero, four, rich, being the number to dial. And we were not on the air yesterday and we. We send our Thank you to our friends at NBC on and our friends at NBC. they're awesome and totally Wonderful partners nor the way to put it when. We were talking about what was going on over the weekend. The whole country seeing what's going on outside the world. And we decided with what was going on in the city of Los, Angeles with. Civil unrest. On the streets in certainly in parts of the city. That rarely sees it. We decided to just stay at home yesterday. And keep keep everyone home and see how Everything was going on in the streets before coming back and we're here. And NBC was just totally. Understanding and saying we'll take the day off. We'll see a Tuesday if you can and we're here. And I'll just summarize again for our this audience. What I said at the very top. Of the program is that it's it's very rare for me. Very very rare for me to. Wonder! What to say and what you as a fan. Out there, taking us in WanNa hear about today. You want a total escape from the world. We. We're here to provide that. That's why we're here me shoot, we did we did the last. Two months of a show pandemic. And, then a burgeoning depression. In terms of. Civil unrest or what feels like? Something even worse. A war. On our streets. Were wondering. Do you WANNA tap out of that? Or, what's going on on the streets way, too? Significant. To, NOT A. Big. Ignore. So. We're GONNA talk about it today. There are some other matters to discuss in the world of sports. Major League baseball is making some news. There's always something going on in the NFL. Will struggle down a little bit memory lane for that because on NBC tonight at Eight, Eastern time is the rear of the first Super Bowl. We ever covered on this show, which was the one in Arizona? Patriots and Seahawks. Ed Reed will join us on the program top of our final hour here. My wife's known Ed for a while before I met him working with NFL network. We called them over the weekend. See how he's doing. Just check in with them. Tell them we love him. Because he is one of the I I, love this guy. It's a matter of fact. He said when he called back. He called me a brother from another mother I said I would tell my mother that. And did you know okay? And she's out there watching so I'm. I tell you referred to me. I'll tell my mom that. We wanted just tell him I. Love Him and. He's just like how about our calling. We chop it up. He will call him. We will chop it up. He's the best salon it going on. The job and then Kareem abdul-jabbar is calling in about ten minutes time. Here's a man who is on the forefront of. Racial strife in civil unrest in the late sixties. With Bill Russell and Muhammad Ali and Jim Brown. At his side, those are some famous photographs. That one right there. Look at him and Bill Russell Tower over Mohammed Ali. Muhammad Ali was like six to reds. Guy. Korean will join us and by the way molly up there speaking of people. Associated with the city, of Louisville. And, Born and Bred Louisville. Kentucky University of Louisville's finest wes unseld passing away today. At the age of seventy four, so I'm sure we'll have something to say about. Wes. Who you know interestingly enough just to. Bring everything kind of together. West's was the first. Black man first African American athlete to be offered an athletic scholarship by off ramp. To the University of Kentucky. rupp I guess was told to pound sand and he went to Louisville. And the NCWA all American then went. To Be Baltimore Bullets in the sixty eight draft US also selected by the Kentucky colonels of the Aba. And, then less unsettled won a championship in the city of Washington DC. Beloved. He and his wife opened. On cells school in one, thousand, nine, seventy, nine, a coed private school located in South West Baltimore Daycare nursery schools kindergarten eighth grade. So. Maybe Lebron was taking a page from Wes unseld book when he was creating his. Charter school in his hometown. West did it however in Baltimore and we'll talk about all this with Kareem abdul-jabbar. You know and I will I will send you to our youtube page for the full way that I opened the show. Was I it it it? It felt a long time. Probably about? Twenty minutes long. Or about eleven minutes longer than a knee was on the neck of George Floyd. When he was murdered on the streets of Minneapolis about a week ago. That we can all be incensed about that as well as incensed about the rioting and looting on the street as well as incensed about. What appears to be the state of policing in this country. While also. LIONISING THE GOOD COPS! Those. Who Do? Protect and serve in the manner in which they've been sworn to do so. In the cities in which they've been sworn to do so. My twitter feed. Also showing. Wonderful moments of policing in Camden New Jersey in Flint Michigan. We can also be outraged by the looting in this country outraged by it. While also. Supporting. The importance and crucial nature of peaceable assembly. And that the constitution does still stand for something, and it's still a written document. That shouldn't be tortured. Twisted. For the benefits of. Political gain. And the crucial. Crucial necessity. To Abhor violence and call it out when you see it. We can believe that there is a spot. In that. In this crazy world of ours. Where we can believe all of that. And come together in some way shape or form in some form of unity. And teach everyone. Who is young and impressionable. That, we are one human race. We do not see color. We should not see color if you're thinking about it. We all bleed and love and want and need and desire. We all deserve the same rights. Under our Constitution that appears to be under attack on a daily basis. I'm scared Megan Alive. I'm concerned I'm frightened. I want to feel. UNIFIED? United States of America I want to feel that. The Way I'm asking people to feel and love as I did from this chair when my dad passed away and December I, never thought I would re tweet my. Thoughts on the subject matter from December because it's still raw for me. My Dad passing away in December. But I felt what I said then deserve to be repeated now. Which is what my dad would want is people to love and connect. And unify. And what he stood for which was. Empathy and sympathy and understanding. And respect for women and respect for all races our. Ideals. And necessities that show strength. Not Weakness. To ask somebody. How can I help? What can I do? How are you feeling as opposed to just going to run you over? As. Opposed to I'm just going to hate and divide because it makes me feel better because I don't understand why. People are being so upset and angry. Ask. For thoughts and help. And to deliver empathy and respect, those are strengths, not weaknesses. And I hope we can. Come together. Normally sports will do that. People root for the same touchdown, not knowing that there are on completely opposite ends of a political spectrum. People root for the same field goal. Three point shot even though they might. Not Share the same love in their heart for each other. So hopefully a show like this one can show the way. Kareem abdul-jabbar up. Take a break we will talk to the man who wrote a remarkable op Ed on this subject. and has a lot to say. Basketball Hall of fame cream Abdul Jabbar pro football hall of Famer right breed and you. By the way, my back's killing me, too. So. What exactly? Is pleased. On I was like wait what? So yesterday when we were off. And it appeared that. Everything in our. City was somewhat calmer than the day before previous day right, yeah! And then we heard that a curfew was going to be put in place for for the city of La that were businesses. We're GONNA shut down at one. And then, everything off the streets by four. And you know. I'm here every day. We know what I'm here every day. I decided. You're all pitch in. I'll do. I'll do whatever needs to be done to pitch in at home. So, let me go shopping. Oh! Let me glove up. Let me mask up. Let me go shopping. And how tall mcadoo moment in! The the dairy section Oh now. Reach for reach for a wants to send a one percent. Reach to one percent. which was right around right around thigh-level, okay and. What like that? Just snap out this. What does it reached the check? Thank you. I was doing. Well. My Gosh. Yeah almost clean up on aisle twelve man. Almost went right down on the ground. Works brought back problems. You've had bad. Oh! Say Loud I'm just to start knocking. Sarah does have stairs got the bad back well. She's. Get it. You see the size at no, not you the size you. She had oh before cage. I'm just saying carrying I. Thought You make a joke about caring carrying you and your relationship I could make that, but also. Cage is A. He's like twenty pounds. He's huge cages. A monster babies huge. The ultimate of and respect take. Child her big fat baby. He's very big, be yeah, he's the B.. So yeah man. Do we want I have a poll question idea if you want. Can you notice the difference between one and two percent milk? Bear God no. Stay away from that. Do you notice a percent I think he can. I have taken the soda taste test. If you're done that, oh yeah I did that. We remember those famous commercials, Coke and Pepsi. There's a difference for percent between the difference between Diet Coke and regular coke. I could tell right so. They come back. It's Kareem, abdul-jabbar time here on the rich Eisen. Show Do? You Own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work. You know what's easy. Bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your home. Owners renters insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing, too, because you already have so much to do around your home, go to Geico, DOT COM, get a quote and see how much you could save. It's GYCO. Easy visit GEICO DOT com today. That's GEIKO DOT COM G. I.. C. O. DOT COM. Kareem. abdul-jabbar will be joining us in a few minutes. Time is just received a text that he may be a few minutes late, so in the meantime we're here live on the rich Eisen show on NBC. YOUTUBE DOT COM. Slash richeisenshow. Sirius Xm. Let's go to some phone lines right here and take some people's phone calls. Eight, four, four, two, zero, four. Rich is the number to dial Let's go to Sharon in Louisiana. You're here on the rich. Eisen show. What's up sharing? Yes sir I want to address the nation if I may. I WANNA. Ask this question to the white. Race and other races as well. What has black people done y'all so bad that y'all can't stand to look at us that y'all can't stay into to to see us, but yet y'all trust. US enough to come into your home to clean your home. y'All entrust us with your children. We clean your children. We teach them love as we would treat our own, and yet Yano Trust it. And some you all y'all teach your children that we are wicked were evil. We all we WANNA. Do this rob and kill, and that is not dead. It's not at all so I'm just asking a question. Can we all just worked together and comes together and help each other? Our tears are looking at this in Yala raising up another generation to be just like the people that keeping them to do evil, one more thing I would like the dress, and it's about our American flag, and it's nothing negative about. the problem that I have with. The problem with the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America I quote ended up visible with liberty and justice for all. Indivisible meaning unable to divide or separate. Liberty the state of being free within society from oppressive restriction and etc justice, the quality of being righteous impartiality fairness, example of the justice is someone being set free from prison after DNA evidence foods. They are innocent. So the nation in the world is looking at US two. We leave come together, let the protesters marched peacefully without having to draw a line in the sand and say don't cost it because that is why these people are being angry, because your not allow a not allowing them to protest peacefully, and that's where you see. These people are tearing down and they don't have a right to do it, but they're voice voicing their plush gracious. Is those people to protest. Please Sharon I hope that. That this phone call has been in any way shape or form helpful to you and just I appreciate your thoughts, and your your passion, and obviously you're obviously Needing to. Get that off your chest and I'm glad that the show allowed it. Thank you. Have a great day to sure right there. WHERE WE'RE! We're teaching our kids at home. And hopefully everybody is doing the same. He's one of our favorites here. One of the all time greats in the history of sports, and not only that forms of giving his thoughts, giving his heart and giving. To. The community writ large when it needs a voice. He is Kareem abdul-jabbar. How are you sir? I'm doing okay, are you I'm doing better for talking to you and I appreciate your time. I want to give you the floor. What is in your heart and mind this morning? Kareem abdul-jabbar? It's Kinda like I'm caught between hope and history you know. I hope that OUR NATION IS GONNA make the changes needs to make to realize. You know its place and what it means, and how important it is that we. UPHOLD? What the founding fathers actually talked about you know. What Mister Jefferson road in in a declaration that all men are created equal? We gotta make that a reality. And I think The events of the past. Week or so have really shown. To all of America. How much that is, not a fact. And that we have to fix that. We have to fix it. What are your thoughts? Your emotions when you're now in two thousand twenty, talking about what appears to be the very same issue you talking about in the late sixty s Kareem famous you I. I remember the very first time I became aware of it I was seventeen years old. And a young man named James, Powell was killed by police named Thomas. Get Look at in. Harlem? Erupted into a riot. You know and I I could've got shot and I. You know just. Being out on the street was was dangerous in you know. It hasn't changed any. It's the same exact you. The same exact issue. Colin Kaepernick. Tried very hard to demonstrate peacefully about this very issue. And what happened to him. He was ostracized. He lost his job. He was blackballed. And this is this is the issue. He was trying to talk about and it. Seems that the powers that be did not like him bringing it up. So would you counsel today? What will you? What what? I guess in a way? That's bringing it to what you you wrote about in your op Ed and I'd like to give you the floor on that subject Kareem abdul-jabbar. P people have to listen. You know. The. The criminal justice system is tainted with racism from top to bottom. Discriminates. And it makes people suffer, and that that has to end. It has to end. We have to find a way how to make criminal cops accountable you know. The good cops. The overwhelming majority of cops are good. Cops in day suffered too when. Bad cops do what they do, so you know we need to find something. To hold a bad cops accountable and keep them from destroying everything that they destroy families our trust in the law. they they the. They squandered the good deeds, all good cops. So you know something needs to be done about that. Well, also the headline. Make a friend with someone who doesn't look like you. What do you mean? That's a great idea and. Understanding humanity and Understand that Despite the the difference in looks. They might like chess or collecting stamps or whatever it is. That you like so you know, find out. What we have in common in our great nation. It's so place to do that. So. What does it mean that? That that would be. In twenty twenty fresh advice right I mean I, it's it's kind of. A simple thing to just suggest but. How how how do we come together in that regard Korean? WE! We come together every day I mean. In our nation, in especially in the cities of are they shouldn't. People have. Incredibly. Very backgrounds come together and work together in and continue to make this the greatest nation in the world. That's that's what America's about. And we keep that happening. We we can't let. You know. We we? We can't let bias in discrimination. Just, Make a mess of it. You know we can't do that. What to find a way to cope. What do you think Muhammad Ali would think at this moment Kareem? Well My. Spoke out. Numerous Times about police violence It wasn't a new issue for him You can go back and check his his statement. You'll see that. He actually spoke out on these issues. Kareem abdul-jabbar here on the rich Eisen show What would you suggest? politicians do people in power people who could make change. What? We just usually power I mean they. They need to talk to the people. They need to talk to each other and figure out a way legislation legislatively. To laws in effect that will enable people. To eliminate bad cops. That's it just bad cops. Be, amazed how how much healing that that that would promote if that was a possibility that they could? For the things that they do. Is there any specific part of the constitution you'd call? People to take a look at Karim I know you're you're somebody who knows that document very well. Is there a particular spot that you would say? Hey, person in charge XYZ. Go, check this out. Well. The whole idea of promoting voting and making the vote available. Making it possible to vote I think is. Part of what our democracy is invalid and. Too many especially in red states. They're trying to cut it back. Claiming that there's voter fraud. Don't vote fraud. Voter fraud is is is not a problem in our country. Unless the Russians are are are meddling in our elections. So you know we we've got to. have to make the the idea of one man one vote and everybody equal under the law. We have to make those two things a reality. And I am hoping that people can hear that well. I know you've written about the fifteenth amendment in per in particular What did what did what do you WanNa? Bring to the people? Who are listening right now? Viewing right now, who may not be familiar with your your thoughts on the subject Korean, but just you know. Just consider all the. To keep black people from voting you know in. The reconstruction of the south. Any black people tried to vote were. With violence. That's introducing. That's an American tradition. you know it? Black people voting. In all elections without harassment is a very recent phenomenon. And sometimes it. Seems. To Win Okay so, you know we. We. GotTa make it possible for. Participate in in in our democracy. That's A. Few more minutes left here with Kareem abdul-jabbar Basketball Hall of fame. Are you feeling well? Because before all this craziness hit we. We're living in a pandemic right now. you're over the age of seventy telling tales out of school that you also had some health history that could leave you vulnerable. WH, what is your? What are you doing in this era of covid Nineteen Kareem. Well you know I'm I'm staying home I? I'm involved in a new technology now were able to. Send messages to people. If you go to. Grad Dot. You can see what I'm doing I. Send Congratulations for Weddings Birthdays. Father's Day. Any anything that you're celebrating funerals. I can speak of that but It enables me to stay close to my fans and you know if anybody wants me to send a message to someone, they know and love I'm I'm happy to do it. You can go to I kinda Graham DOT COM and That's just you're staying inside staying safe. What would you say to? What would you say to athletes today about? Speaking Up, speaking out, and you know because you you reference Colin Kaepernick before. What would you say to athletes right now about this very moment? Kareem? Become. The the truth. And like I said earlier. We have to reach out to all of our fellow citizens and. Make, make friends with people who don't look like you. Can do that. We're GONNA. WE'RE GONNA turn this around. Okay and before I, let you go. Wes unseld passed away today real. What are your recollections about competing with him in meeting him and getting to know West on South Korean. Work was a great guy. You know he was like. A Big Gun? Roadblock on on on the basketball court. There's only like six seven six eight, but still couldn't get rebounds over him because he he just denied. Because on on the court, he was He was awesome in that sense and. A great player in a Nice Guy and I'm GonNa miss them and. My, my thoughts go go out to his family. Cream I appreciate the time. I know obviously You're being asked to appear in many many different shows, maybe many different programs to give your thoughts on on the subject and. You know I've always appreciated you coming on next time. Maybe we could talk a little bit more sports with you as opposed to life in general, appreciate the tightrope that sports. We happening soon you know I'm missing it just like you are I bet you are and Lakers look like they were. They were heading towards another championship in the case right there. On the verge there, but you know you got to play the Games. Do and hopefully they'll be back playing very soon. We appreciate the time cream. Thanks for the call. You gotTA. You GotTa Kareem abdul-jabbar, Basketball Hall of Famer right here on the rich Eisen show. Figured you get an old school. Voice name out here talking about what's going on in the world. let's go back to the phone lines here on the rich Eisen show. Let's go to Leon and Baltimore Maryland. What's up on? A go man I'm I'm hanging in there and I hope you to hope you are in your family. Happy, healthy and safe today where I'm hanging as much as I can hang by the first and foremost Thank you for for just supplying voice. of many. as myself as a African American bail. I'll tell you one thing that my mother and my. Recently late departed mother. She passed last This is this April. I gave me two lines of when I was when I was four years old. My one of my very first memories. She told me you were born. You to strikes all murdy against you as black, and it's your mail. You're gonNA work twice as hard to get there to achieve whatever it is that you want to be so. Shrew, those words Maybe things that have transpired this past week allows people. And see a different perspective and provides a sense of healing. Maybe it allows people to stop those things. Also as a Sergeant Marines United States. Marine Corps Reserve I try to teach marines. You know equality, fairness, consistency, and these are things that that that. Everyone that needs to take those things and just apply them instead our lives. and. Man You had me tearing up this morning this afternoon? Rich once again. Thank you for supplying voice of many and love the show. Thank E for up. Shoot 'em. Thirty remember seeing you on sportscenter when I was six years old. So Rich I really appreciate you man and. Thank you for Janki with the many. And as wishes to you and your family as well right back actually. Baltimore Maryland. As I shared in the commercial break, my back seized up yesterday to hear somebody say yeah. I watched you when I was six. got a little tighter right there. Heavily medicated broadcasting rich Eisen. I was fifteen when I watch you. Rich I wasn't fifteen, so we're good. Thank you, Mike. You're a little bit older than me. Go to y Wisconsin. You're here on the rich Eisen show. What's up what? Are we going rich? How are you? Good. I've a question today about cuyler, Murray. K Y. So last year at an extraordinary year, he's the one up at the rookie of the year. How do you think he can top? That he's in this year, okay now. Why again remind me you twelve thirteen? How old are you eleven? Fourteen fourteen all right? Are you done with school or you done? I'm old school, okay? So you got a lot of time on your hands and I. Appreciate you calling in. Here's the deal. Let me explain to you. Chris Brockman. What did I say in my final? Back when there was sports Wyatt. Ember. This was I thought. This is the end of the year this is this is post. Super Bowl, right across the super bowl. Good old days. Okay, yeah, right right so right after the Super Bowl I. Did my four down segment where every single Tuesday I would do give you four points from the NFL. World is February four. Thank you, Sir and I would give you the first three downs of. Legitimate sports takes. My fourth down. If my back wasn't killing me, I'd get up right now and walk the three feet over and grabbed the hot take. Plank can't reach doctor you. Know Rondon. Don't say it's not worth it. I mean you got your old man's shoes on i. Goodness. Arrigo I'm moving around very shortly so I've got this. Oh God that just actually flared up so anyway. It's a piece of plywood that we've got a rich Eisen show logo. D- PULL UP ON. It's my hot take. Plank I grabbed this plank whenever I would do my fourth down to give the hottest possible. And My. But they're still German truth in IT, okay? Thank you very much. That's what we would do that reason why I'm bringing all this up. By the way, Just show you my commitment to my craft. I. Put my back on the line just trying to. Grab the prop to make my point. But I said in my fourth down that Kyle fresh off of winning offensive rookie of the year. was going to finish top five top three, top three in the MVP voting in two, thousand and twenty. That's how I think Carla. Moore is going to follow up and that was before. Deandre Hopkins came into their world like six weeks. Before. All of that. I think. is going to have a dynamite ear a dynamite twenty twenty campaign. And then you see his head coach, you know drafting. He's James Bond in Bulgaria. Add in his in his house. I think the I think there's nothing but upside for your Arizona cardinals choice this year why? What do you? What do you think of that idea? I think that's one of the most factual things I've heard. I care very good. So how? How about your summer project? You write a paper on Collar Murray you study Kyla Murray's offensive scheme and you send it to us and we'll post it. Okay I'll do that. Thanks okay, and while you're at it. Maybe write another paper about how ride I am all the time why? Also do that. What's your? Homework your homework. Murray your fourth betting favorite for MVP improving the youth of M- America one phone call at a time. Or One fourth day at a time right now if I could only get some Motrin I like. He's called a few times. A lot of kids are like, but I think it's the first one who's done with school as opposed to just every by the way I'm. GonNa guys I got older leave works. Does that Right Mottram? You don't WanNa. Don't say Blue Pill. I mean I know where he was saying. I got some Canadian stuff. More kick to it is. was called LABATT's. We'll take a break more of your phone calls NBC. Programming note will hit a little bit on what's on tonight and stroll down a little bit of memory lane on what Chris Brockman. GonNa Watch tonight yeah. Buddy Ed Reed also still to come here on this edition of the rich Eisen show. Oh a! Let's go to Norris in Louisiana. Let's take Norris's phone. Call here. Line five Mike del Tufo. WHAT'S UP SIR? I've been watching you for a long time. School sports people? That's me I. Know you still have more norris. Seven you sounded I. Totally agree with Shannon Chalk, this is. The best idea that I have heard. When this incident happened when it's time for the lawsuits. I think they should sue the police retirement fun instead of the city. That way the police who are around this kind of atmosphere with stop the other police from done bodily to. Anyone who they can't do bodily harm to. Stop because. You mentioned with my money when I retire and can no longer work. That's going to mess with my income, so they're gonNA. Stop them from doing it instead of suing the defeated. Sue The police car on forum. On the word that's what Shannon said. That last week and I couldn't believe that he's GonNa. Push him with because it never crossed my mind either. Well. I appreciate your. Retirement and I would like for you to spread this around the sports. Arena and tricky down to the news media CNN and a last minute. Try to trickle down to Fox News but well. I just you just set it on my show. That's his big platform as I've got, so you just got it out there and I appreciate you. That's really. DAUNTING IS GONNA. Wait when you hit him in the pocket Monday retire. They're going to prevent all. Because he's going to hurt my appreciate you calling in north. Thank you. You'd be well your family. Happy Health say wait in the city which had nothing to do with it. Doing, thank you for the call. Appreciate that right there so I've now gotten a I didn't. I hadn't heard Shannon. Say that. And neither. I I've now got somebody saying I was six. When I started watching you and I was forty six when I started watching it. Either way I feel very fortunate to have been around as long as I have been. Fifteen don't leave me. Fifteen shot up. Eight four four two four riches, the number to dial. We'll take more of your phone calls when we come back here on the rich Eisen show, don't go anywhere. NBC esn Still Beckons Ed, Reed and more don't go anywhere. Do. You Own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work. You know what's easy. Bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your home. Owners renters insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing, too, because you already have so much to do around your home, go to Geico, dot com get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit GEICO DOT com today. That's GEIKO DOT COM G. I. C. O.. Dot Com. Hey everybody, eight, four, four, zero, four rich number Dowell. Take more of your phone calls in a second right here on the rich Eisen show tonight on NBC s N. A replay of the first super bowl we ever covered. As as show. In in Arizona. Time. The Great Christopher. J Long used to run. The direct TV and audience network. Mr Premium television himself built. A An. Old West town in a dirt parking lot that turned out to be mud because it rained like crazy. Across the street from. I guess was it even called University of Phoenix Stadium at the time on his. Farm now, okay right right right right across the street from that Jiffy pop dome. That the Arizona Cardinals Call Beautiful Spot, whole national champion Games and everything. Dan Patrick Show had A. Had a hotel where he had the bar and we had the hotel. But we we were there, and it was the first super bowl where ever covered New England at Seattle and Alan Chris called it. with Michele Tafoya the whole NBC crew was there and then bcsm going to repair that game tonight at eight eastern time. And I. Just remember the whole Batra. Obviously. The conversation that lingers and will linger forever in the history of the NFL. Is Why in the hell did marshawn Lynch not get the ball? Again! was that dont`a hightower clipped. Tower one of the greatest tackles. Man at the time because it's set up. Apparently a run pass option for this this. Decision, do we? Do we pass? Everyone wondering why Bill Belichick didn't call a time out because scored, the pats would have had about a minute left to get the ball back and the question. What's bill doing right? And he just let the clock run and run and run, and then we all know Malcolm. Butler came to the fore and. Our property say no one had ever heard, have you? Did you even had you even heard hand everything? He was a sixth guy. He was the sixth defensive back. He wasn't even on the field. He ran on the field and then made the play, and then we saw they had practiced something very similar. The week before leading up to the game and I'd never in my life. I was. It was the first Super Bowl in which I did not. Do the post-game NFL network. I did the pre the pre and post the year before in New York City when the seahawks destroyed. Denver destroyed and I just remember that we we got there at the stadium at like five in the morning and I did the post game show and in the. Third quarter of that game that was already a blow out. Half of my analysts were taking a nap because we were up at like four in the morning and I remember saying. You know. Maybe we should have a split crew from now on. You know like the morning people do the morning and the night through the night, and whatever so I was sitting in the stands with suzy in the kids. Can we brought our? Who? Where like six and three time God? Bless it at any rate the reason I bring this up I'm sitting in the stands and I never before seen. At haven't seen since. A group of fans who went from celebrating to crying and vice versa. In a snap of a finger. I have never seen. What I saw that night Seahawk fans delighting in the fact that they were about to have survived a fourth quarter onslaught from TB twelve himself look. Can you look up his fourth quarter stats in that game? Just it off the top of your head as a Patriot Fan, hold on it. Edwards guys calling me hold on. Okay fine. It was ending was unbelievable. It went. Rain marketable fourth quarter at the time. Okay so. They were celebrating an absolute. Delight insane right we. Got Him. We got correct YEP. So and then went from that to absolutely. Crying. And Patriot fans God bless them. who were beyond distraught? As, if they had never won a super bowl true. Okay as if they had never won the big one. Could not believe at all. That they were losing what just happened and then they celebrated like a never want superbowl before. Yeah, they were I'd Seahawks, fans right in front of me Patriot fans next to me to see that swing right in know seconds. It was the only the only. Moment I could even compare that. was being at the two thousand one world series where Yankee fans were celebrating because Mariano Rivera just sat down the diamondbacks in order in the eighth. And here comes the ninth in game, seven and Rivera coming out for his typical two inning save. Yup, watching the the wives of the diamondback players. Crying. I remember seeing Matt Williams. His wife, who I believe was the actress from blame it on Rio fame. Her name escapes me right now. She was crying. With a bunch of other diamondbacks fans. And then. It reversed, but. That, took place over like a ten minute span I've never seen a snap of a thing that was a it was insane and the thing. That's really remarkable just to bring this. All full circle is being reared tonight. Is it totally OBE liberated. The conversation that took place the entire week leading up to it. which was deflate gate? It obliterated there. And going into that game, we all thought the entire. Game was going to be played under the Paul of what was going on with the footballs, and even if even if. Even if. The footballs we as fans. Knew weren't messed with or they're. Removing it from the concept of scandal. That that would still be the conversation after the game, not even close. Just to bring full circle of just a reminder how much that was on the minds of everybody? The first guest, our show ever had a super bowl. Ever are I in the in the six super bowls that we've covered and we look forward on anymore. The I guess the rich Eisen show ever had at a super bowl. was none other than Marisa Tomei? Because Bill Belichick in his final press conference, trying to put deflate gate all to bed. Leading up to the Super Bowl, you have it Mike. You gotta go for it. I'm not a scientist. I'm not an expert in football's I'm not an expert in football measurements. Just telling you what I know. Would not say that I'm. Mona Lisa veto of. The football world as she was in the car expertise area. HEAVY BILL! So! We immediately got on. The stick, and just like every just like every now and then. Mostly every single time we get a an. against, that's kind of. The a-list from a world that's not of our own right although pop culture world. Suzy's that like I, got this and Marisa Tomei wound up calling in. As our first guest. I guess I supervise I. We've been on the air for three months like. Is Amazing. Still can't believe that happened, right? All of it is that game happened. Like that crazy catch on the sideline is like. A curse, right? What's the name of the receiver? WAS A kid a? Kid He did. You've got got traded to the jets. Tyree two point Oh. Darn over in his lap, and then you're like oh man. They're just going to give the Lynch three times Game Rover. So you took a call from Ed reads guy's GonNa. We rescheduled for TOMORROW THEM YEAH! Something came up with Ed Down in Florida, so he's going to call tomorrow. Yeah I remember Ed's Super Bowl in new. ORLEANS, that was. Unbelievable and just I guess to bring all completely full circle in this hour. And the second hour we'll talk a little bit more sports in the phones lines will be all for you were cleared because Edwards are only guest and he's going to be tomorrow. Show now. Yes, okay. Eight four four two four rich number. Two doll-. Ed Reed Super Bowl. In New Orleans, hometown! He got to ride off into the sunset and his own town. But. He then decided to go to the jets, but that's okay. I'm not just saying that because ED decided to. postponed till tomorrow. It's the truth. He decided he just couldn't quit football. He played for the jets which brought up. I guess to bring this. More the other direction. The my favorite moment for the NFL one hundred all time team show this year. Was Add. Sitting next to Dion Sanders. ME. Chris Collins Worth. Bill Bella check. Dion Ed. And Dion saying to Ed. Hey, tell everybody about going to the jets that one year. And about? What you saw what that? Meant for you? Knowing the story and he would bring up the story. and Ed told the story about how he went there, and it took him all of just a couple of weeks to realize he was brought in to coach the players as much as play. and. The players were in total. The jets were in total disarray. I think this is at the end of the REX Reiner? I think. and. They were in total disarray. Players weren't listening. They weren't doing this. They weren't doing that. He had a comment enshrined set the record straight with them, trying to be a leader. It wasn't working and he kinda wish that he had stayed. A Raven for his entire career. Ed tells this story. And I decided to throw to break by saying well. Ed telling the story about the disarray of the New York jets. And knowing his. Your true affinity for read Bill Belichick this might be a favorite segment in the history of the NFL one hundred all time team show. Bill half. It's one of those things is a host. Were you're kind of like? Please tell me he's laughing. See laughing. He's allowing. He gave a chuckle for some reason that I think that got left army. Floor I don't think that made the final cut. It's kind of a bummer about that. And also played for Houston for a few games that you're really yeah. 'cause it did. The jets released him right? I think he wanted just out of their. Played five games, but any rate ED super bowl. That was the Super Bowl with the blackout in the middle of the game in New Orleans Banana. and. The! Forty niners as you all know. had. Four shots from inside the red zone to win that game. And in the same way that we relive the Ohio State Miami Pass interference call that shouldn't have been called. That game was just recently. Shown in the same way, that NBC's showing all these Super Bowls I forget which entity showed it. I know it was out there because Dan fouts was trending. which frightened me anytime? You see a name like that trending. You're like what is this for all okay? People are complaining about him being biased on behalf of Miami. Oh my gosh. Keith Jackson with that call four shots and I think forty nine hundred fans will tell you that Michael Crabtree was held at one point in the end zone. They should have had a fresh set. No Call! By calling was also. Some some. Some, referee controversy being talked about in a big of the superdome. Where have we heard that one in recent days? And now you're the quarterback. Who could have won that? Super? Bowl, and was on the verge of winning the Super Bowl after amounts to comeback at Ray, Lewis said was brought on by somebody pulling the plug on the generator in New Orleans like at the end of the airplane. Colin Kaepernick. Gene. Colin capper Nick almost won a super bowl. People. I'm telling you what man I know it'd be. You could be accused of. PR THIS PR that. Could you imagine if an NFL team? Steps Forward and says Colin Kaepernick is now on our team right now. New Magin if an NFL team right now got together Colin Kaepernick and he felt like this was a real opportunity. What if the Baltimore Ravens decided. I understand, rg three you're. You're our backup. What if Colin Kaepernick was brought in in Baltimore? With the city truly revolt! WHAT THEY REALLY REVOLT! Right now with everything that's going on in the world. I'm just throwing them out there because if he's not going to be a starter and he's going to be a backup. What better spot would it be? With Lamar Jackson, would they lose and? How much would they add all I'm saying this at the expense of Rg three with all due respect. Now it kind of be a great time. I think. It's been a great time for three straight. You know that. Eight, four four zero four riches, the number to dial. Okay our first hour and NBC is in the books our final hours for you. Our phone lines roll it. We'll also talk about what's going on the world of Major League Baseball. Are they finally coming around and trying to put together a twenty twenty playing season? Because we all love it and use it. PODCASTS DOT com slash rich. Eisen is get our podcast every single day all three hours. We'll be right back with your phone calls at eight, four, four, zero four rich number. Dial here on this Tuesday edition of the rich Eisen show on Sirius. Xm Channel to eleven YouTube dot com slash richeisenshow and NBC. Hey Hey, hey, this nfl hall of Famer Ray Lewis. I'm excited to announce the launch of my new podcast every day. Greatness Ray Lewis podcast, I'll be talking with friends. Family members ole teammates, athletes, celebrities moguls, and guess what I'll be talking to you. Listen. This is all in the search for every day greatness. 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