Kirk Minihane Gets the Rich Kelleher Experience


yeah yeah yeah fuck you pittsburgh's suck it right football's back yeah i'm echoey echoey sound fun to me i sound okay yeah it sounds weird to me whatever yeah fuck you willie cologne fuck you snooze yeah i wish i was there last night hangouts bros. barstool excited yesterday was really football do you watch ninety more <hes> i watched a little bit lot not a lot i thought so well yeah it was i went to halftime just because it was late all right united and ask about your viewing habits for the game okay i'm just just US mine that was going to answer but then interestingly gave yours as a football l. expert like to hear your answers on football is hard to have a lock of the week so be raw site off by thirty seven points is that right right was it six and a half and they lost six six thirty something that you're off i thirty six points and four for that next thursday on the show you're going to we're gonna have to i'm working on the right now we have a nice clean line for you to lay out for we're gonna tease it for it makes it better for the event every gosh i think every week all right like your kids city over it was a win though yes people forget about that which people all the people they do people to kill myself got my head in the oven yesterday like what am i gonna do i picked again well i mean look it's you should take it seriously paid for them i'm just saying i'm much better reason to kill myself i think if somebody took your advice maybe they should consider that if they're really thinking hey why mike knows talking at seventy one year old guy omaha misguided yeah but you fell into the browns hype class move she's look here's what line okay and i'm happy to talk sports we can talk all morning six months seven seven seven nine seven nine three seven one those lines is loaded cooking please <hes> you can't make any judgments after we call on no i agree that's it's funny you say that because i was just thinking in the the thing is it's a marathon sprint and i think people forget that is often people yes <hes> <hes> does this mean that the patriots are in control in the AFC right now your oh but it's it's let me check the calendar here took only september so i mean history is filled with teams that got off to fast starts and finishes but the thing about the patriots is they do this year after year after after year after year i can't believe i'm putting on the television two thousand nineteen tom brady's doing this i mean is it gonna time machine he's forty two years old there's twenty two years old who knows at this point six one seven seven and eh trent dilfer nine o'clock i just think that it's when i'm watching right now is unusual when you factor in we seem brown around yet magic this team and is that mr gronkowski checking in maybe a couple of months now interesting getting theory you play the nineteen in though card i play the nineteen o card but we don't know nothing till the weather changes in this team faced some adversity six one seven seven seven nine seven 93.7 those guys ever in the room with someone else because that would be infuriating to have a conversation with like i i didn't know when you were done by yourself as a joke at somebody keep stepping in do i think dice clay would have been great as vinnie yes i do yes i do szekler that was a good question i have to say we're not going to do a lot of sports here i am so endlessly fascinated this is why it's probably best for everyone first of all i'm happy to be here i'm here with mike and with steve and some friends come along later here one woman actually terrified of the other actually generally terrified of i think it's a good what percentage chance that we all died today i asked with seriousness of steve would bring his weapon we're okay why are you saying that we're okay so much you texted me yesterday i think we'll be fine you're actually nervous i go be fine why do you act speak like this would you hide nothing think think we're going to be okay that's all i'm saying t's related don't fuck with this guy make new air of danger in the air for people who may be listening to him that's no good <hes> <hes> the patriot whatever the pictures are great we know that they're going to do the greatest team whatever they have a lot to say about that i wouldn't have a lot to say about that that was on the air to them i don't know what to say on the air about about brown on the nothing ambi also saying i am so endlessly fascinated i can do this before care of right yeah i'm so endlessly fascinated by the machinations and evil that permeates through the boston red sox organization really that you know if anybody thinks so so they fired their their president last night dave dombrowski after the game they're they're nineteen and a half games behind the yankees is that right somebody is such pleasure sexual chill pleasure from that <hes> watching team crumble they fired their essentially the general manager with two weeks three weeks ago whatever in a meaningless like there's nothing nothing general manager can do at this point i mean he's not gonna make any moves so if you think they just did that because the team stinks you know nothing about the red sox the globe the entire organization they're going to start digging under brosky get ready for the polar smear piece interesting what i can't think of anything that will come out yeah well yeah but that's fine but it's stuff they they knew the whole time of course you know the right thing in the play some moral high ground when they were aware in enabling if stuff comes out that's where you get somebody who's been the subject of smear stuff from the globe that's work it's disgusting to me and they buried this guy who won the world series whether but they fire him and now they're going to ruin this guy's life yeah just just wait it's going to happen i fucking fucking guaranteed and they do it at midnight on patriots opening night so that no one really you know they try anhydride as much but also just shows you particularly in boston you know ten fifteen years ago if they fired the red sox fired their general manager of the after world series when the matter the patriots game would have been w gives a shit the run over by the patriots don't even care about the who gives a fuck they're assholes kennedy's asshole linda's an asshole john henry's an asshole buchan go away but just just wait just just wait and see what they do see what watch how this evil buck in the organization works from the top to the bottom just wait maybe not today maybe not next month but just just wait there was something there we'll be something good we're gonna say is gonna say they did they do whatever they do with terry francona who is essentially a pretty nice guy count and there was no need to like everyone agreed that they should get rid of them correct so they'll do with anyone they don't give they're just kinda terrible people simply safe is i what's wrong with you they fucks wrong with you what is your issue the wrong with you you're annoying me what's going on why you have energy users coming in he's nervous about his job was your issue there's no issue at all you're just as other okay so i knew that that was the first one that you're supposed to be simply safe i don't wanna i don't want to anger our overlords at barstool grow we'll get that later on did you listen to the d. c. recap yes it was good yes good job good job yeah she listen to it or no no i didn't get that one why wouldn't you better fucking fucking show i listened to the full show okay was it a full one minutes redoing yesterday it was a recap a funny thing where it's called the steve robinson segment crashing of thing where you did you destroy a segment of the there's a moment the <hes> audiobook which is pretty tall laughing would you like yeah you can just read the whole book if people read the whole book we're like what the fuck are you talk to be fair there's also steve creates a segment like with the two days out of fucking hot dogs and the whole thing did you see this guy twitter who's claiming that you're not you did not finish the second places hot dog contest yeah he says in the two thousand sixteen one obviously i never said i was in two thousand sixteen which year was it i was like two thousand thirteen thousand thirty nine wonderful what year was it we need oh did you for the second the hot dog contest lost chance because this guy digging i finished second if we have to all get harlan akerson to come on here about for for me the guy the guy messaged me and started it with something to the effect of like i've been sitting on this for a bit as a bombshell of true when you say i would say so this changes everything simplisafe changes everything on average a burglary happens every twenty three seconds the united states that's from the FBI to burglaries reported a year in US census insist eighty three percent of the burglars admit they specifically look to 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point that would assume i think we should go for lower lower extremities good point it wouldn't affect your vision though no i guess you wish you would affect my vision i can still see which you see worse out of my right eye well she'll write either hidden all right <hes> all right so simplisafe dot com we'll do that simplisafe dot com slash kirk i get free shipping shipping any money back guarantee today for the listeners for the fans simplisafe dot com slash kirk <hes> free shipping any money back guarantee that simplisafe dot com slash kirk today simplisafe save dot com slash k. i r. k. so there you go all right thanks for the people that simply safe we love them what do we so what what times uh-huh it here so we got some time before these lunatics come in twenty five minutes assuming closer her doesn't wanna call your family's yeah well i just wanna it's been fun thanks for having me in i want great my got killed hired what what are we am i doing care every yeah you we'll be doing a carefree but nari now you're going to a little bit i have care of yes so explain i have two things i want to get to here before these guys get here but can you explain explain what is going on and why these two men are coming into they can anybody in the world first of all the return of colony on its own is is a big is big news yes because he refused last time he did but now he's back you know nobody's bitch and he's nobody's pain and nobody's deck yeah he's got he's gonna reputation to protect i think think of pain in my read of the situation is that cullen came in here negotiated for the instagram and for some vague sales role clearly wanted to be a part of the world kelleher are also wants to be a part of the world reaches out to colonnade tries to work through culinary into get in here right and then when coney has his breakdown and refuses to come in right after his kid it is born kelleher seizes opportunity and he makes a move is there so i've seen a lot of back and forth though and then kelleher went after boy this gets complicated did i mean this gets so insanely complicated in i mean i can't imagine anybody understands it no but kelleher is mad i can't these sentences to me kelleher gets it's mad DC about something and i like what what is going on i get weird because <hes> stephen ford me an email and i'll read it and i'll think oh there's there's something wrong with me because i'm not so i'll text what does email and steve's like i don't know i just figured everyone should have it just forever kelleher the craziest person we've come across so far no no okay steve my know better than me but i would no i don't i don't think so there's one i have in mind that i would say crazier well i mean who's in our world i'm saying oh in our word colonel yeah maybe steve you seem to me that you think he's crazy now i send those emails and you said oh that's those are me want you sent me one that's a good email it was really interesting but it seems like he's lost his mind no no it seems like he's very very interested in kirkman and i don't like i don't like the red red hair and the weird look i'm concerned mary implicated kirkman i'll admit i'll admit i'm concerned would you say mike i said what can you do about the point but but that he looks he looks crazy allergic yeah i believe that may be used the word unhinged yes it is sent some weird video so are they gonna fight today or is this because it seems like it seems like he hates colony it'd be good video the language he uses his like actually fight that'd be good that'd be great he says things like <hes> you know i i if i'm going to defend myself properly against the accusations dave cohen is like he speaks very passionately about this right so also compared it to the cold war yes yes well i mean yeah so i guess we'll find out i i saw somebody messages one of these worlds i don't know what's the one where the what's the one that i know nothing about discord rent some of the other message the other day <hes> i have all my notifications off if it's by the way this guy's name is v. l. s. k. m. s. and it's the picture of mike with the tin foil you know that one okay yes if you've seen this or no i have all my notifications off because as i like to shut the app and walk away and pretend i'm not in the message board app run by a parody account of the host of a parody real estate podcast produced in reality by the four producer of a podcast podcast who runs that podcast instagram for free while interacting with the host of the podcast about the original podcasts which is about that podcast bad radio and brandy love that's pretty very much says it all i think it's very well ticket and who is this sang the hell no fucking discord between going on so kelleher kelleher kills culinary does he get that's how it works yeah so classics be any fourteenth century we pay our people fourteenth century salaries fourteenth century battles bizarre we'll colonnade step up because you know when in big moments he gets very you're right you're right yeah i think of it that way or is he gonna get in keller's face i don't know because i don't know what kelleher is capable of i think that's what we're all wondering is their kids kill her gets the whole we give all the keys to the castle thing coney walks out empty broken nothing loser leaves is that possible i think it's very is calling a life loser i don't know does he join the selective me i mean i could i think you lose his today that's a big that's a bad side avenue you you you you you gotta it's like prison you gotta fuck and take this guy out right now like there's no if you give kelleher life today and he has some good moments and people because right now the world is all right now right but if keller has his moments today he's wackier of course could be propeller can happen just like that z. kelleher kelleher apparently offered to bring dave food while he was in the delivery room very classy my seems like a nice guy no what's that yeah so why does colin hay keller her i don't think he hates him okay why is he wanted envy's he wants to be what is the killer d. c. made some comment i guess color reached out to d. easy to help run the fan instagram thing about our shows it's it's like if you just always safe putting on right now oh it's real easy to figure righted when the guy who everyone everyone is like life is about me i don't understand any of it yeah i can't imagine you know again the seventy one year old and his seventy four year old buddy you're going for breakfast every free go every monday morning getting a car oh yeah here's this boston station this guy's on boston boy luck going on the sports there maybe maybe he's gonna talk about some of the easiest way to understand the national store radio we need sorry one second we need one of the fan people to essentially on twitter put together other chart to explain everything family tree the whole thing don't you think yes for me i don't care about anybody else because i don't understand we'll make it easy yeah sees the world trump is going to be if they're part of this world chris so much shorter health but go ahead steve i think the best way to understand it is that there's a hardcore group group of fans of kirkman han who all want to be close to kirkman a hand and they do unusual things in order to get close to kirkman a hand well we know that steve but i'm just i'm just giving the the bird's eye view of the situation really put it all together we thank you steve it's nice to have you here today he does seem a little doc what's going on i think i know what it is oh is rattled well we'll get we'll get there to blow esa ninety seven whatever eighty-six fucking tweets pictures those fucking red hot dogs this weekend hungry enough i get it like a red snapper nats you drive up there this weekend nelson do grab a couple of red snappers why didn't you oh i see where this is going what what do you mean just in your question and we're going i was at a red sox game this weekend you're i don't know the fucking talking about dropped dropped i dropped a foul ball in my immediate thought was did he goes to fuck yeah that's right this who fuckers are going to come up with some video of it with red snapper yeah i'll really rent the steve how did you not catch that red snappers how did you you're saying this weekend you're amazing to me how do you go from how do you go from that to oh i know i know you <music> you've done it now why didn't you drive up this weekend she make you fucking horny for those red hot dogs dogs on friday i don't know why did you get your car drive the hour and a half to get to where you can get muscle hori for me i'm gonna drive all the way through boston traffic you can go saturday morning as opposed wasn't gonna fucking red sox game who'd you go with my mother oh ballgame i i can't it and i'm trying to think i can't do a joke to mike why did you bring your mom she brought me actually was your birthday now she's one of the take you the red sox game yeah caboodle except as a huge fan so three of you went to why did you say your mom took them because she's about the tickets okay do you guys have fun the america's greatest ballpark yeah we won it was great love it all american pastime i like the idea that i would somehow obtained footage already DC's segment for the week i'll say like the idea that i would obtain footage of steve dropping off elbaum they like one eighty so what happened there was an actual foul ball yes and you just just dropped us or maybe it was it was one of the players like tossing it out into the audience and it came right from you just like maybe three or four feet to the left i went for the crowd a lot of things wrong with that wait a minute you can call it with stories so you'll remember it was a foul ball orphan players throwing the ball situation it was the player just tossing the ball the sporting event in your life i watched the age you understood when we kinda missed when we were doing the golf tournament yeah <hes> steve put up a tweet that said something illegal wasn't big enough to ever bring up but he said like <hes> how many PGA tours like that and it was just like slightly slightly miss worded but i could tell he wasn't all familiar with golf i don't think it'd be sports i didn't miss that i trust me i didn't it so i don't understand that was the foul ball or not it was throwing the ball you just have foul ball we'll know because usually when it all comes out to where we were saying foul balls but might have major moves she stole it from a five year old sitting behind psychopath i mean how jeff at the game to to how do they compare the narrates napperstat et imagine the amount of time they were never there oh god anyway should we all right let's see this other stuff before we get to <hes> so basically we have no clarification these guys are coming in because they're insane we'll say it's fine by me works for me so what hap- why no it happened but what is going on with us in this k- marco guy steve's got an enemy he does have an enemy he hates you yeah i think he doesn't like me because of the albright stopped weird yes yes it is weird i mean it's yeah i mean he seemed like he didn't he had no issue with you at the albright stuff until a porno did right yeah and the other thing is <hes> first of all the guy all right has apologized and we were right steve vindicated every claim we made about the guy shithead portnoy was gonna told me he was gonna be bigger than because he's a fucking dummy should stop fucking suck in the fucking boogie boogie sheboygan's fucking face focus on running a company for chrissakes jesus sitting on a couch with fat willie cologne giggling jock sniffing jesus christ based on the company's going to the ground jesus doing all right you'd be surprised so we saw the dice clay which did really well by the way could just you know seem the people seem to like i wonder we've been better off trimming trimming the beginning of the dice cleaner maybe yeah i thought about that yeah yeah that's me did you think about that lawmakers i thought about going into it like i didn't know if that would muddy muddy the waters a show yeah so <hes> so you reach o gaz that right now mike reach route two gas we talked about it but my guess at five will promote it no problem yeah he's just send us the clips you'll get it okay so we do that whenever and it's it doesn't happen for awhile pretty early in the morning we sent everything okay so you do a recap or a blog post for the show with dice clay and the headline is do we have the actual i don't know if i took a picture of it but it would basically summarized some of the more controversial things andrew dice clay like andrew dice clay calls jerry seinfeld horsey defends defends might <hes> defense michael jackson defense days shits on bill cosby headliners michael jackson wasn't in the headline it was defense dave chapelle and shits on bill cosby colin kirkman dan show and the blog post itself was maybe two hundred and fifty words and it said i just basically summarized what andrew dice clay this famous comedian said one of the things was it was michael jackson andrew dice clay says jerry seinfeld's a pussy michael jackson is innocent and bill cosby deserves to be in jail the fuck did you just say what did you steve robinson just say you think michael jackson's so so that gets so steve text me friday early afternoon yeah yeah it was around like one or two PM i'm sitting here like an asshole trying to figure out when the blog post is going to go up so i send it to dyson people maybe he tweeted out his higher thousand people or instagrams about two hundred thousand people so that happens and so it sounds like then you text me and say that kay marco says that he spiked the post and you said why he said i i shouldn't have to tell you right yes yes well i steve sat around with me and steve texting hypothesizing because we couldn't steve couldn't get a hold of steve knowing he was looking for his number he had no idea work yeah yeah so so i so so i don't know anything so he takes him like there has to be another reason because steve's just missing something but the post was not the we think michael jackson's innocent and by way also who gives a fire by michael jackson's innocent right like why don't you understand where where's the controversy in that you stop saying kazan triggers me like i think there's the chance michael jackson did molest those kids i happen to think he did but i can understand the other side like i think it's a real reasonable argument you son of a bench i understand so <hes> and so i so it's it's whatever so he you know you you talk a little bit and then i call them are texan i get his number from KFC or somebody and <hes> and so i call him and he's like kind of a dick to me like i like cold and well i don't know him at all i've never spoken to anything but i've just from seeing on the run down or whatever he's very dry d there's not a lot of <hes> and they just seem a dick and which is fine and that was actually trying to be polite the first time yeah just like help me out here we want to get this thing up so he can promote it what don't you like about this and he said steve should know better we've talked about this a lot never not true okay okay never had a fucking i o care i have no use for money he's a fucking cut i mean i really do and i called him at the second just really told the country the second time yeah <hes> <hes> <hes> so i just said you know whatever you need us to do like we're here we want some understanding i don't know i've never done this i have no fucking idea india and he's like what we can't do things that give <hes> the enemy essentially ammunition the dead spins of the world i guess whoever where he said you know if you write michael oh jackson's innocent i said well we're saying it wasn't even the headline a and we're not saying that a comedian saying that who was on the show an indirect quote right and he sang it doesn't matter so you know that you know the way they can take things and i'm thinking this summer thinking worried about what the first of all the fuck is deadspin gonna write it injured as klay on my podcast is that michael jackson gives a shit but also doesn't barstool kind of thrive on that like if deadspin roles i don't think they do anymore with you if deadspin rights barstool says michael jackson is think totally taken out of context i don't think that's the way they operate any more real to be honest with you i mean i just avenue i seems like it but i just thought that's kinda how same idiot by the way that like francis put posts thing right i mean it was i don't know why he has a job should be fired for if if you're going to be you know if that's his job and it happened on his watch if you take it seriously and seems like this idiot should be gone too but anyway so i'm so he said to me we want these headlines to be as vanilla as possible why said well i just told you i in their minds because they you don't wanna get in any trouble barstools sports doesn't wanna get any trouble that should be that should be like new bumper sticker shirt or something barstool sports get in trouble and yet under stays in the idea to get clicks looks like isn't that the idea that title i mean you know i don't know i mean look up his post in the past i don't know if he's ever tweeted or posted anybody like erin andrews whoever whatever look it up see certified <hes> so anyway so i sell i tell steve i give you the direction right i see you say make a vanilla vanilla as possible so as headline was andrew dice klay goes on kirkman ancho right kirkman hand interviews andrew whatever fine so then he goes back at stevens says why are you being so then i said steve you know what i'll all handle this now i call them and again i was played at first but then it got bad i call them kante said he was being a fucking asshole we're trying we're trying to do our fucking jobs here and you're being fucking fucking dick basically like what what you want to do and he said the only element takeout michael jackson thing and i said okay i don't really give a shit fine why don't you just tell also originally so you don't care they'll be called jerry seinfeld the pussy okay fine i don't even care about the legal jackson thing like on its own it to me is is symbolic of a bigger issue maybe eighty but i don't give it doesn't really matter that part visiting is edited out of the podcast and it was just saying like we don't care what you say in the podcast i'm thanked linked him well we can't promote what we say look what does it matter with android what is it what does it matter what does it matter if i don't think michael jackson by the way i think think just be clear i mean michael jackson kids okay but let me just say what if i don't think he molested kids hosts a podcast and i said michael jackson here's here here we're here and here's why it steve camp post as a fucking like what that's what i was gonna ask when that documentary came out so it's topical the next day if someone watched that documentary and in a funny away can articulate why they think michael jackson is innocent why wouldn't want to post in a serious way like yeah whatever you just think that yeah so i now i mean i just think i think this guy's dick whatever i mean he's a bar so he's been there forever they love him these new york there's also that to like new york that crowd there's a crowd there click there's the hates me he could be in a for all i know he said steve's done a great job most of the time but i'm sitting there thinking why am i arguing with his dummy like this fucking idiot whatever the thing that pisses me off is when i asked asked him did did our posts get spiked he said yes i said why can you give me something to go on and he was like do i really need to tell you know you need to tell me that k- marco's new rule is that you can't quote quote someone who by the way when we ask them to come on today and he said no like a little fucking bitch he said no because he couldn't handle any of those would kick the shit out of them if you just can't handle it so fuck him and we'll do our worth things and he'll be an asshole above that whatever it doesn't doesn't we can't worry about him he hates us already we ate him fuck him on friday at moved from a lack of promotion to actually smothering a. b. c. they don't want to promote us they don't there are people there that don't want to promote us so that's fine we don't but my thing is i haven't asked for it i've said we don't care about it so you can't sit there and be upset when they give it to us that's fine that's the deal you know did he give a reason he wouldn't come on as i think yes push to betters and oh yeah i mean i just think he's a christ he's a little pussy that's all that's something he should be forced to come up like he should have to explain it it's not going to happen thing they're too busy fucking and i don't even mean like fuck you used to have to come i just mean like to explain your so that's good content now their argument college football season i mean come on let's go get drinks to sell in college college football the pump up rather watch games like couch who can beat that whatever we do our thing and that's fine i'm just i don't even under i didn't understand it and i was again i wasn't mad at first and i was like this surprisingly calm on friday because i didn't really understand it <hes> it was like there must be something missing other this fucking motherfucker like is as you know like hurting our show is hurting our show right like this is a good interview barstool people would like it and he's purposely not doing it because he's a fucking asshole yeah i mean that could have been newsworthy could've gone attention to the show maybe not but the who knows you know maybe he should have been paying more attention fucking francis posted that fucking thing about that girl you know to the sitting around fucking jerking off talking fucking whatever with his buddies in the office you know maybe the better job that wouldn't happen so i wonder it say hypothetically tomorrow donald trump trump says michael jackson is innocent nope can't cam which could definitely worth watching the documentary could easily happen what if donald trump came on this podcast and and said michael jackson is innocent can can i do an indirect quotes that right this you won't believe it will happen if this deadspin might take it might take that and run a story on it now some may say that when they do that it's actually good for bars to point out how fucking pathetic deadspin is you could shit on them but we we don't do that anymore here it helps it sorry barstool that's not how it works does that mean that deadspin is the editor in chief of barstool yes and k. mark was a proxy for them yes us yeah the other thing i think this might be steve's bigger issue is that it's so he's better by won't do anything about this because he hasn't given fuck about us but like if if i'm him i'd be like why are you doing what the fuck is wrong with you worry about other stuff and you look at some of these headlines on barstool and they're pretty still incendiary which is great i- i- awesome but i don't know why this individually i mean how other than the fact that he hates you in hates the show which is okay but it'd be fine i mean i don't even really care hair but like don't even know what he does and he's meaningless but it's just a weird it's a weird instinct have i i dunno such dick on the phone like not cooperative with all not professional of all that was like fuck you you're fucking nothing yet seems like a personal thing again is he's a fucking douche he's a fucking do it was very like high school early yeah a very clear way he handled very immature dealing with that so i i i like the people i deal with they help us with the show they give the let's do we want to deal with these fucking amateurs you know again look up his history because i'm the shit he's posted its snuck great so which i would also defense offense so would i care it doesn't matter but then they'll be the guy wagons finger zarbano my old doctor who sent a cake during the when he he produce the midday show they were playing the blackhawks in the stanley cup finals lebron's whatever he sent some cake to radio stations your kogyo the midday show did that was like a penis cake aac in those like vaginas on there and shit like that and it was but i mean it was like somewhat the heroine writing writing about it and they were gonna get in trouble the midday guys and then later on when when he's a program like you can't do stuff they'll give us any trouble i hate when people become that marco guy maybe a nice whatever but upi used to file a fucking douche what a dick yeah and will not not to speak stephen i think his problem was also that like he says you can't say the words <unk> says michael jackson is innocent so my point or steve's point i guess was why dumping the trash if you're the editor why not just change it to defend michael watson he said to do was take out and i said so well first of all i disagree with taking anything out but if you take a problem with it so he said the music i did that you happy now basically that's a car that was trying overly to be nice and cooperative even like after five but you just didn't he doesn't you know so whatever he's like that's why you're shows that's why by people like your show so much as you get to say what you want you like getting in trouble i'm like well saying to me almost like accusatory but that's really wasn't trying to get in trouble this was just explaining what what a famous guy said on the podcast if i said again i don't think if i said michael jackson is innocent i we can any trouble i defended louis CK on here we know we're we're no but i'm saying what i'm saying there's no you know pitchforks unfortunately serve open mic for that show isn't mike to send the meet someone even suggested the title that i like to no apologies necessary l. like what what are you promoting you doc promote i am i missing anything in this story no and that's why i'm asking steve like so we went back and forth you're leaving anything out right no oh i actually when i got that response from k. marco i went back to read the blog posts because it i was like if it's really self evident why they shouldn't be posted like accidentally put a picture of like tits on it or something what what what is going on even know what yeah i don't even understand it and he's like also i don't think that would be a problem also drew is just like the you know better than nat unless like what i guess i don't what would put this way like if andrew dice clay didn't interview with us over my old station the regular terrestrial restroom radio came in he was doing a show in medford right came in friday morning and said he thought michael jackson was innocent i sorta got they wouldn't but like you could put that on the blog post your dot com and it would be on there there's nobody that would actually happen you have to you have to ignore the rules of english language to try and take it out of context and make it look like kirkman hanner steve robinson is defending michael jackson sentences were even then it wouldn't matter though what where's the fucking like what does it so i think so if i thought what wade robson is that when i saw that cuba's lying i would say it what would then happen you <hes> deadspin it's been would read an article about them what would happen the dead you know nothing people say okay dead it's been hates and then i do something at ted spin and that would be there would be no was like the fucking in albright thing i was telling porn on the phone nothing is going to happen from this i'm telling you nothing well you just said kay marco is said to you like you know i yeah no i understand that that's what people like about your show you like getting into trouble and countries where am i would barstool that to understand these editor there are so by some definition there has to be some editing and look he's the guy who has to make sure things are whatever i get that he didn't edit the story through he he added the headline they didn't edit anything he had be rewrite it he he he ended the he took the michael jackson part oh we didn't i didn't he deleted that sentence and clicked publish but he had you do instead he's instead he deleted the story didn't tell me about it and so i'm sitting around like an asshole waiting for it to post before i discover it's in the trash finding jump into it what would have happened it would move back and forth emailing with him to understand that you can't indirect quote a public figure who says that he knows that but the intellectually knows that but that's not what he's saying look he knows that she knows it we're not saying he knows it is clay saying oh of course i mean it's not like he thinks we're we're saying the whatever i think it was a fuck you to steve robinson so i don't think it's alright fuck you for whatever reason he found that to be the opportunity to be like fuck you steve frightened by the way i defend him all day for i think francis francis published it on his own yes i defend that story i defend france's right to do i don't agree with the story i guess or whatever i i think he should've been suspended not fired but i would agree with if k mark levin do it like i don't you know i know and then you have the argument after so the other thing that i've heard is that since francis this it has been she's been a complaint of people like our boy large from the breakfast show appel yeah has said that he's noticed blogs getting edited and certain she's getting taken out a lot more friends with francis thing <hes> rico bosco i don't know if this lines up with the francis thing if it was before or after his death rico bosco i'm not familiar with him and he's been around okay <hes> <hes> but he had like publishing powers taken away from without any announcement no-one said anything to him and he went off on k. marco about a similar type of thing so it's been it's been kind of issue for a couple of people i guess okay there you go me and rico bosco enlarge my crew my guys are galvanizing moment with the morning it's called them coma although they're probably friends that's probably part of it to rise i hope fucking thing and i think they all hate steve and they hate me you know sure at least willie cologne or the whole thing just put again you're spiking spiking stories over that schilling where are we with the fortieth fucking sweet valley high like what the fuck i mean really riverdale it's weird like i mean i i don't even get it i don't the understand i don't know so that that annoyed me and that leads to like bigger and bigger issues like this is gonna be stuff going forward like today is k. mart was personal garage going to hurt the kirk is going to be so in less <hes> you know kelleher shoots me in in ten minutes then maybe the most title worthy thing think of this or headline worthy thing is kirk k. mart or something like that really post that who knows and thinks kmart goes account yeah i gotta work kirkman handsome nike taxes and is innocent and k markle's i do think michael jackson's innocent absolutely pursue pouting about its steam jesus i mean he's probably younger than you are i know i think he's right around that telling you fuck you so fucking conduct what a dick fuck off why why is he what does he do does he adds to the company he edits great anybody can do that fucking fire him i would say jesus they love him he's been around fervor he's a <hes> he's a long time well wonderful fantastic a lot of good these done for the company money for the company came marco jesus christ all right so these guys here konate knocking on the door out there get minute with keller is late i don't know he doesn't have my phone number so he in the two of them might be sitting on your car next to mind in the back there today is it no okay who's used cars i i read thirteen where i i park my car straight always get here after i go to the wall is a car next to me there's the filthiest inside car ever seen in my fucking life it's disgusting i don't understand it interesting but you'll see my dirty car guy now is he might even in runs a tight ship okay good the concern me so <hes> i do care i care of these boys then i i'm just imagining the two of them standing out there in icy swallow a little bit showing please don't want to talk to anybody flicked it well it's not like i don't want to meet anybody kirke closer here ah i mean he understands like he's he understands he's been brought in here to dance right i don't think i think he thinks he's in on the joke i know which is one of the game which is more concerned well i'm worried what happens if he thinks otherwise at some point in the next hour what do you mean oh the worm turns so you're concerned yeah i am concerned thank you bring your pepper spray like you said or no we're fine you pepper spray no i get what steve is armed to the teeth so that audience you'll that last night for the game yeah the audience audience's unbelievable it was like what does he the outfits they were very cute i like al michaels tells us on the i i i would love to have al michaels on the podcast by the way it was a great stern guest you know between i'm getting a little worried about the NBC crew oh really i'll get a little worried now why do you say it just it at some point you're getting too old you think a little bit michael store i agree at these the best ever but i don't want you know and when he leaves thereto which were that's what i'm saying yeah and then we're stuck with anka ladies <hes> pocket when you 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low boys so my understanding is my understanding is that is you guys are just steve said yeah just fighting out first of all dave congratulations thank you do we have a name for the boy turned up just a tiny we have we'll get the second would suits catch up with colin who was a complete bitch like a week i still have you apologize for that i don't think to you directly a text chain even for us unbelievable yeah i mean i was telling me we could talk about when we get into rich it was just this weird energy not energy around the show like i'm a part the show but i'm not part of the show that's exactly right no i know there's no i hear you understand that it's it's just a personal thing this is subjective argument it's a weird thing for me to be were so happy i'm just listening to actually make subjective what dave it's just it's i'm working hard for the show behind the scenes how's that going well honestly which is fine but then here you guys ever worked <music> i'm actually it was a good learning lesson for me last week but why don't you have to learn you if you're a fan you listen to your part of that he was just going into that stuff too he's he's right closing you called me a liar i thought your tone was a little bit different than just your traditional ball bust i don't think we need to play the stuff that we cut out then from the watch what you're saying that i'm not calling people for sale christ it really i think i know but it just it rubbed rubbed me the wrong way here but so i fired off a few tweets we own it and i agree but don i understand stand text when you're saying that we were rough on you than anybody ever that was crazy addict but also my point was it wasn't necessarily that i would come in here and defend myself against what you guys say on the show and be in the room and said i'm not literally in the room with you guys all the time i'm not a colleague with you guys that camaraderie correct trek so it's weird to then take it to that level what level the level i am i that's just my opinion that level of ball busting when i'm so far behind the scenes yeah like no we would never make i know but it's just it was weird for me which is not calling advertisers and he's not i know he he does some of the twitter but he's not yet we would see you're saying we wouldn't make fun of someone like stephen moore someone like that we wouldn't make fun okay marco cologne or it's just a little different basically everyone who first of all i said i was wrong so you can do it i learned a lesson in it but how is okay okay okay what's his son's name chase chase chase colony chase like an order you can bring that to the bank as a everything's good everything's good good excellent well that's great okay so so all right so what is what is first of all i don't which does rich kelleher <unk> her right yes rich closer closer okay what can i start first of all that i tried to shake your hand and he looked like what are you doing right and that was a mistake okay that was a mistake of energy he's a baller i look why don't you just relax okay i'm i'm on on your side <hes> this guy so first of all you two were arguing out is the argument you're screaming screaming dramatically yes we're you're arguing data call me dramatic let's not come on 'cause you're changing tension is used correct this is the end i'm comfortable here this is the energy so what is so what is going on explain to me so dave you run the kirkman hand instagram graham accounts still yes did you ever lose control of that never never never you ever heard of a razor the simplest solution probably is so back in your e e days as you would've looked at curtis and said did you did you read it right right but i know steve smart guy and all that i'm alex on the hold on the ivy league history were you going what to red snapper universe you read on air that i have control of the fan account minna fan account and the other thing that was just unfunny believable which kirk again your team kellogg i AM team and ahead on starting to waver on hold on hold on it's you guys not upset about we talked about albright right what's in that first of all what's in that bag that's what makes me nervous because see from providence thinks i'm going to come in here and okay it was not fun to joke backtracking on a whiff of humor intact backdoor can we backtrack for one second i'm backtrack to my car so no sudden movement so rich reaches out to be on read it okay that that's one pitch anything for culinary okay they we always get sales books for going back on algebra machiavelli the prince okay okay so <hes> he reaches out to me like the senior voice of reason this hour i'm just kind enough enough enough digging around let's slits let me let me just let's say is going let's let's do you have there there's a lot of what's that mance stickers oh great look at that see you told me not to do that because it might not be a good idea i told you not to make the <hes> say sundays are for open houses because it didn't have a kirkman ancho logo on kirkwood one son relationship that's that's what dad does a banner bene- christmas that year the bender house create go ahead so he reaches out out on reddit says he can help me with ideas on instagram right i being the dumb idiot that i am do you want me to do you want me to rich hold on okay shots here so why did you not reach out to me but don't let me put into dc don't lie about it let me me fucking talk i told dc should be wary of you out of your body that is the last voice it's all right here john kate harry chase so he reaches out read it says he wants to help with instagram says he can be of help hold on real quick rich you should have lunch after no i can't spend the discount okay so he reaches out you say that again so i can hear it clearly just in case go ahead please let me handle it reaches out respond to and say sure i'd love some ideas he said he was in digital marketing right are you still in digital marketing correct okay so he's in digital marketing so my thought primarily i was looking more for the institutional the ideas kind of like a good word good things so i was looking more of the these are the best times the post this is what oh you do to grow the followers by x. he became very quickly a content guy which was fine you integrate content ideas and i used a good amount of member that walkout thing oh yeah yeah yeah thank kirk tweet i forget which is idea i thought it was good nothing it doesn't really move the needle that much four thousand fucking followers on right that's your fault but yeah go ahead well there's a little bit of you in that little promotion so that's where our relationship started and we texted what you didn't understand understand and kirk said it on air was by not promoting it yes and not talking about it correct he is promoting it and talking about it when ten followers ozone i can get some of that like when nothing comes of it you eventually have to figure out which how can the show one of our biggest contention points was just keep posting so you took my my my idea of the j. k. p. s. key posts but on t. shirt tattoo you took my idea of let's have this combative nature and amplified it by a million percent which i just wanted to re tweet out of them to see okay maybe that can we talk show i hold on buddy i would just talk show i don't i just you and talk shit all the time you tweet stuff dave you trust me you tweet stuff okay captain awkward over here what's calm down it's just this guy walking stop talking you were the one with all these aggressive ideas about you shut up what i what i said to you what what what i said led to you was if what is this fight about do you know michael i about one thousand people on instagram that's what it is apparent i i mean rich homie piece of paper there when the when dc that rat fuck who i don't like it and none of us do not when when when when he went on the show show which who dc dc hold on hold on when he went on rich rich rich rich rich rich rich when he would show is this the minivan she didn't know what show is this <music> this is the kirkman case of shut up per second how many pieces of paper do you have what what what are the papers what what are we doing on fascinated by this i can't i can't help sort so much more fascinating than anything with tony brown i can't i can't help there's probably why you know did you hear ken laird state earlier anyway so i i have i have i up screen shots here because i thought this whole okay may see them please can you hand over to dave by the way is leaned over towards me like like very very very awkward and take a look at these pages what we texted thousand times a day it's so the joyner stand hold on mike mike era do you understand any of this is okay so my understanding what i believe believe is happening is that dave ran instagram and was making sales kelleher was not making sales silly make <music> advertising agencies that was a smart idea good sales instinct there buddy so kelleher is infringing on that territory i think no i don't have any retract track so don show your best friends with DC he really likes him he's told me that friends with some of these pages make no sense by the way out of context but i printed grain of tweets from filo birds and stuff that's not true could be or tweet from erica yeah i i took erica's one thing about the bitch it's kashmir and i said that that's the kind of attitude i wanted to bring here okay go ahead so chuck the show we may one moment if the people in this room have no audience is it possible that anyone is understanding <music> i e mails you this morning or saturday morning the breakdown of what i would like to here on the fan shells because that rat fluffy lied and had a source i wonder who source would be and that's when i realized that this day that's when i realized that this isn't he's clearly really not joking so i was like there's only way for me to prove this is to tweet or so print-out to prove what that he was lying what he said he was lying that i'm super aggressive i'm you seem super aggressive you see more i mean i am i am read that comes okay aggressive also so he wasn't lying about that no he was lying about that i i there's something i said to be weary of the aggressiveness in the content was say we're gonna in order is that what i said on first of all when i had my breakdown right when we had our text exchange yes i was just in a bad spot in terms of which is dramatic i get get it it's stupid that i took it that seriously and this kid the entire time is being like don't let the instagram account fall because you're having a mental breakdown about that'll keep yeah you guys are all saying why the fuck are you doing it to begin with because you're in find hold on 'cause i'm in the hospital having a child why are you doing it he's he's saying i told him to shut the fuck up because i was just like shut the fuck up if i don't wanna post i'm not gonna fucking christ and tole painting on that's what happened and i also said respect i said shut the fuck up next respectfully after that i think is when i texted steve and i said steve don't worry i'm done with instagram the dude i'm working with rich good a good guy but aggressive steve his conan ever you've ever understood anything he's ever said about food i love break it down that was wrong with so i just don't i don't i don't understand i don't understand the whole stories from this little pockets of the whole thing is confusing okay here's michael why do you hate each other have you ever met is the for yelling about so so so hold on hold on so we're here see you thirteen <hes> read their CEO's dot dot com thirteen cis dot com make sure to go under armor tom brady under armor zoning so you walk in there steve can you see the door from there or no so yeah the ring the doorbell the way offsets this screaming each other outside what was that fight about that was basically what we're doing right now got pretty much somebody said something about the p. one or something yeah he's going into one of them i asked him if he ever listened or paid attention to canc- show because in my opinion which again colony gene on air in the character verse off air to same thing he would text me and be like i can't fucking believe these guys said that didn't did you listen today what did they say yes and i'll be like i'll one day i would hope to you considered your friend i would be pissed at this part and it was about when the whose kid and it was just like oh that's stuff just didn't bother me if if i was in a delivery room well the guy was deliver content soprano bronco here's my problem with that that fuck DC which seems like we've got a real theme i have i have never i've never i've living cares all i wanted to help which i said i understand over again so you had no selfish motives at all part of the show part of the world does during after colonies meltdown when i sent you that email because those is jesus christ the is a killer i did i did i say mine three or the show did did i say i wanted to now deal steve he's a microphone good instinct he's not all right carpet didn't know that at the time well he's staking his head no i i don't want to be part of the show i said i don't wanna make any deals i do have some advertising experience i did working to radio by for massage envy that you did reach four during deflategate great i i do know jim hackett he's a great guy wonderful ornamental but my when i were overwhelmed by this wasn't i didn't want to be character didn't want to make money i accomplish that you are definitely not a character well done in DC tries to say that i'm i'm like you know there's something there's some that fuck DC right there's something off in there's there is something to us he was to give dave was about to give access to the instagram but he's he did i don't don't know why he's actually happening i like you there's something though oh absolutely so what are you mad at him for he said there's something off easy which he was kind of like i don't know it just came off is so so weird and it was weird you're off i like you but that's why like if you're a regular give him credit DC just didn't like the fact these are by the way we have two guys fighting that we can make one point and they both i don't have have that much of a problem between between screaming wrench parking all of my shit and steve's darkness i'm i think i'm the least crazy person in this room i've been fucking it's i'm trying to think that this this is the case and i did i did say when i got my video and thanks for tweeting that out for me that's exactly exactly what i wanted twenty thousand views and up ad that i do have i do have meant i do i do have mental illness where it's clearly obvious right yes <hes> you're sober yeah twenty one months congratulations i also said to that <hes> we should start drinking people by lima guzzled people say as people nowadays cold-blood mike last words you'll have people say used to use a drink because i'm your interview with charlie angle the running man yup that was about two months right before i hit rock bottom in november of seventeen out today in april of nineteen that we were to hell august september time stanstill that was the best that was the best interview and i listened to it every time i ran because not the david realized or not if you want and then you can ask chris courteous because in december seventeen i sent him fine i sent him a note saying i'm partly because of you to your party sober no no i'm i'm sober partly does better hardly sober doesn't work and okay so my my are there any other names no one will know that we can get out of the way mike your thoughts your so far i'm uncomfortable you are sort look like when i said just the way he kind of looks at me you see him just kidding around he's got a two-part combo with me i told him to shut the fuck up space respectfully and then he's got that apparently was the source for dc on the minivan show which all i did was tell him he's aggressive and to be wary what's the issue with that and well and then he's like well he almost gave him the instagram password dummy i was trying to get always looking at the camera now no i'm not mark i was i was trying to people who are trying to labor did i did i or did i not yes offer offer to either bring food or i thought that was very strange said no i'm not a dick rare kony's <music> thanks we're all set here and then i even said like just keeping think of instagram ideas from weird but i just wanted to ask me did i ever say you were a weird but you know i wanted to check the stitches on your wife's vagina after having described me on the show as aggressive i would say so i don't think that's put down i mean i am aggressive with that comes i will say rich you've never met him before right correct so you would go into into the delivery room like where his wife had a baby and bring like <unk> or something before i just i- subway or four she wasn't right after i washington does something right now i'm hearing bring you food i want to say one thing about this food that's fucking d. e. c. motherfucker is a fucking liar you fucking bring him down i i think one of the things you yeah i admit that might be weird but i don't know i wanted to help the guy i like i like i like the guy the shit on you for it i understand that but then it comes out that you know i'm i'm trying to warm my way in here and it was almost like you wanna give if you're using somebody else's his words and then making hold handy i said aggressive and that's bullshit that's just stay that's it's fucking bullshit man seriously i'm with mets fucking bullshit fuck you for that what are we talking about so i so i the interpretation i had is that kelleher was trying to take over the account that's what i thought too do you want the account no you don't want to help the account okay and the one thing that i did say was can i please please help posting you don't have to tell them i just want to help her do it and i would never have given the i don't even own that's that's still shows account i dunno shit which i understand i i think he should access to it during during that bother you dave or no it's not that it would bother me i would stop doing it i would not my hands both both i just don't want to be part of it like if p one to to the old show you know that it's not personal it's a show i i just don't want you take things so seriously as if it's oh my god they said that i'm going to rewrite not gonna smell no oh not gonna post now i'm not gonna potion the show i'm not gonna post anymore looking you're holding the instrument of right now dave right now you gotta stop being so fucking serious 'cause seriously fucking show european fucking show looks through your so go back to get access why which by the way these d. c. you gave this this whole like he almost almost gave him the access that fucking boomer idiot gave me access to his personal instagram account which i a hat what do you think of that personal shots he didn't do eat and connect it right so his personal instagram accounts in DC not only to me was just talking more sports fucking new year go home don't be just you just nobody tails you might have but so what do you know hold on kennedy a couple of times a year swallow your pride just go home and they believe they fired dave dombrowski russkies middle of the new york down credit great move gray organization now i've got somebody talking about somebody's what what is any any anybody crystallizes forming i can i think we misunderstood and the fight is even more irrelevant than we thought it was a fight about our instagram account DC i count my problem was that the minimum right from red bolts who has called the minivan show pope does it doesn't episode on friday night before we're supposed to have our little summit here was best would you think do you think that was deliberate i don't i don't sense so DEC said all fairness which might call me i was surprised friday eighty nine like well it's saturday morning two thirty in the morning is like can you fucking believe i woke up in a sweat i was like oh my gosh souls why would they on friday night of all nights it was obvious that was it was so obvious oh to paint me set the dialogue right right and what i did is DC is kinda like me in the sense of he reacts a little bit more passionately than he should in certain situations yeah we all like DC yeah i think he's gonna these some of us i think he's getting a little too much pudgier in this make fucking EC audrey tells me that the the text message that i posted that on i said to you about friday saying you're gonna hate me now yes and that was the line DC you haven't done anything relevant you had the the the first thing when kerr came on <hes> came on the show when he said he just talks about the show it's an after show so why you think critique his show fucking snug contracted dave dave what do you care if he makes a DC was fucking adults i don't want to defend him i don't think he's doing anything wrong in the situation let's keller's making love a sense you'll continue can you shut up so he does the in konan tie shut up bitch in the last couple of months is is DC guy <hes> sure let me let me get here's come i evidence finally is manifest i gave this to you because i had so much information but wait there's more printed full-page nice how how many parody kelleher a council it'd be at the end of oh in st from providence don't get me started he wants to live we won't get you started david so so deep he says the when i posted the text message of colony which didn't have any of his words by the way didn't have any even though the site i texted him listening to this or no i'm i'm hearing it right so do you have any idea what he's about to say you know what he's talking about when he talks about well i don't know how you got involved what are you texting texting colony and colony both one after this show as friday show okay when you you know the whole i flipped you over and use my the dice clay yes okay go ahead he he he he sent me an email practically saying thing that i'm i'm removing access from you practicing what did you say i need to say oh he said i need to take care of and protect kirk show and my show in my point was you haven't done anything relevant in three months so true so just just and i'm just shut up because it's not funny speaking you're speaking dave dave on the show said had this guy can still prove himself to be a part of his world which why would i want to do that okay that's your fuck didn't you help them with the show or something yes yes yes he helps scrimped it those are so what's the d- she does a great job with those what he said this is this is excellent can i can i attribute your your name on air what did i say to that not i i don't you don't need to do anything it's your broadcast all i wanna do with help this show and be part of it and work with you down the road yes and now he's trying to say that i'm trying to climb the ladder and then this weekend you just all you do is chirp the fact of DC said this i i didn't want credit but i got credit ballo by credit you won't be a part of the world read this you fucking idiot yourself locking the northern part of the world just say it i already am a part of the world i've done more for this show than you have i have people bending i'm bending my willow around them yeah oh absolutely you've done the way i haven't done anything i haven't sold anything there's four thousand here's here's the best part here's the best part you thought that this won't give have you i would give you this lead just after yes thank you go into something rich finally he closes yeah so there was i'm guessing massage envy then or no no no it's not okay well you mentioned earlier okay so whatever company acts will say yes you tell you really no no i don't i don't know any you talked about it but i didn't name the company into company do you really not know the company why is it interesting no i why why would i why would i want to know that if it's close fuck do i wanna know for just interesting that you don't do your job kirk trying to do is show here no i understand that i just thought he i would say after the air and so that's a good question which is to me i'm sorry kirk thank you there we go so they see i like this guy better than you call give you one one more stroke for oh trying to think what the time was what that was supposed to rush you stared into my eyes coward mike i don't know what's going so these guys have never met tape along the way so you want this can i give the sale do you mind just do you know that that particular he didn't like all right bill i love jokes jokes nor is it good week that's who it is by the way okay i spill i've spoken those people already right so fine okay so there's this company so great we liked him <hes> and it's rich all the legwork and dave one all the credit no that's not how okay okay that's actually so actually yes calling calling this a national treasure quality becoming that he can't lie like if you get he's like dershowitz the one guy like you that's what my that's what my dad says said he goes if if you lose to a guy who tried to lie to alan dershowitz yeah we'll edit that part of all right they've got so we just we obviously we texted look we've texted a lot about the show mike have you seen those pages pages and it looks like a lot all right okay so we salat a lot of ideas i think you'll see the power of rich keller this is interesting stuff i leave all my belongs alongside rich kelleher library so we question fucking let let him talk cricket okay you can stroke me later so we techs about mike for a second clues so he talks about a lot of things and he just starts like we texted about sales sales idea you only imagine he's got to be great can we just cut the fucking chase about it though can we show him kirk and you kind of just swept me off but i'm saying fuck you so we start we talk about sales he mentions he has an in 'cause he's a past client of the one he gotcha so he had been working them i believe in the pass what a what a what about the hold on what about the other one let's see other who my best friend my best friend works at a place she's he's one of the managers and i said i i did that yes that four grown whatever you weren't you weren't doing doing employer though i don't even point for us you you just said you talked to a client for me but why would you be just like wait for me wait wait why would you said the spider to power-pitch and someone somebody one client correct one that one the business and i said my best friend works there let me let me see if we can get an inside a couple of DC you were just trying to come back right okay okay so that's it yes so why when this other closer to colin and this other recordings i've never see mike looks comfortable why isn't an intimidation is other comes out it's not think you're not trying to help let me on that other client if you were trying to help me on the one you just mentioned because it's my client my situation my business relationship came to new clients when you told me that i said go to town practice right did i not oh what's what what bothered me what bothered me was the yes so i'm going going to by the way i i asked steve to explain it's nobody's capable of anything we'll get this fucking fucking clown what hold on i said other getting that i'm going in cozy netflix i'm going in that that one client so hopefully hopefully it'll go well okay and then i will reach out to steve with next details and then you said with me and i went what are you talking with me i i will admit to that question is my question is maybe a good answer for why do you need to be closed us something i don't need to be in that situation it was in its early stages in my mind why are you working this involved in that though no we were always talking about sales i thought he was he was helping me on all the shit that i was working on i was i was wrong when he wanted to commission on it i told him i was wrong go to say that rich in say i wanted to commission i just didn't want you to get any that's fine but did i in fact i will be happy if you only want to do good for the show them what do you care watchers close it i will close it but i didn't i didn't trust him handling one another because this argument when when he did his mercedes thing and he was like yeah book and bugging that's literally how he talks and talks i know my relationship with said client or with personal because yes i do like them it's a family business i am a client i m a client of theirs and the professional relationship i thought you were gonna fuck it up okay honest god kelleher is don't trust you i don't like you i know you don't okay so then one more thing if you said that i need to be weary of you all this stuff and everything why would you trust you with this lee right why did you why did you how did i trust you with your own lead it was your fucking me why would you trust me to be like yeah okay now i trust this guy it's one way culinary i talked the first one buck on lake on this performance is i i can't i can't even enter to what i mean the the act that you're putting on right now you're fucking nuts that's no act i don't we did you see my post yes i know okay what ADD ADHD ADHD say we made fun of his when he was in the studio i never thought he would actually do anything about it just just practicing my interview with the news yeah you'll be all the warning signs were there and then by the massacre they figured we got really gotten to the bottom so where are we well DC is a fuck we know that yes yes yes he is yes this relationship between you two repairable won't oh here here's the best thing he's done the whole the making sure we're all right we're good anthrax all of your hand did you pat me down when i no never be really sure go ahead i don't understand why what am i missing here why can't you guys get along i ah getting closer calling conan what did i say to you out there is smitty and nate at bars you wanna be they're better irrelevant in this world rowdy think rough and rowdy there's they think i'm relevant in the i don't think anyone to try and get dave portnoy to listen to this oh sure yeah you'll find it rough the the entire the entire minivan world hates me i have no allies one man army abets it's not gonna happen ah you didn't care about yourself yeah the show for the show i already am hated i mean steve from providence literally i but nobody really like you're you're kind of do it will take some time i totally understand the right things take time as we know and also this is the first people were hearing they're gonna hate you more have this have we have we ever heard of someone in radio radio just coming in are nowhere not not getting earning their stripes paying their dues and just coming right now your opponent occur no i didn't say that when did i say they want to be clear about hypothetically was there someone whoever did that but you're but you're but nothing you say make sense like some points to make sense in the sentence i i don't think you think everything they don't tell you what i think colony in and i together could make content that fans would care about okay competition here's the thing i want to beat him in everything that we could do we could do a rock says right now let's go okay i don't think we need to really terrific i don't want to let me let me let me just hand handled yeah so i mean it's up to dave dave ramsey instagram accounts debut or not you're not letting him on the instagram account no okay that's fine he runs he runs his world that's fine i think we should give him whatever he wants until he gets out of this the mic please recap or give me some thoughts here so wasn't with a metaphor the where the fans of the show enjoy the last half hour oh oh yes hardcore don't try and get anyone on board miss episode i'm this is a big recommend a tough ask the fans all i want them to do one of them please transcribed the whole thing please make sense of it that's all i'm asking you to do so difficult doesn't know what he's doing with this video radio this is evidence steve this video can seek grab grab rich gift steve your mic for second steve steve robs the producer of the show has been give me some some some of your thoughts well i mean it's clear that russia's learned from willie cologne that the closer you get somebody that more physically intended yeah just for you may go pee pee break boss says good now it's locked the door give back backorder yeah let's instincts oh really know that he's gone i'll even know anyone else incredibly uncover i've learned a lot of lessons in the last week to be a bitch first of all first of all he's he's in he's part of the family they knew more about this than anybody and as a new father showed up for this first of all you break amended this guy i did that's true yeah he he's basically snapped this week he's playing a character because he just said he thinks his enemies because he was he was he played character before selling you being a regular person right that's probably sure but i i will say this he's part like he's wandering around we can't find the bathroom he is part of the family and the mike no wait just going to be part of the world there's no he's not going to be right the the only thing i think it has to end somehow certainly will what's that like i just wonder if he's you know all there that's been a question i've wanted i haven't really yeah i think it's fine yeah i think so too i'm just making sure everyone's on board with that so he's not gonna party instagram just fine i don't care z. okay with that you'd say he said he was okay with it okay i mean he was like is phase that what he said i gathered at this was like shaking news okay with it by the way he is a six percent chance he's going bathroom blowing his brains yeah which would be up which will be unbelievable the gun is taped under the toilet uh-huh looks in his bag i feel like calling safe i think DC needs to be working steve province these two guys are are in physically yes in the ICU says getting a bad rap he didn't this is shit on that podcast i think he's the dc aspect may have been blown out of proportion so where are you at odds steve i agree i think he's part of the world okay good i thought i thought he put on a great performance something terrific it yes thanks we'll wrap it up because i don't even know don't even know what to say so the instagram you you hate him davor no i don't hate anybody it's close really close how close was that i don't know i wouldn't do it what do you what do you do you what are you what do you do for a living what is your existence it's being your friend what do you they play golf seriously what is your what is your what is your what do you do project managing advertising okay so you have an actual company when you work for you work for yourself or myself family money didn't say that you do guys who are choosing stocks that have family joke doc about the shoes and socks i got these in it says actually no just say say it what does it say hello i was talking walking just remember that humor is actually these just remember everyone will remember the name rich i got him at newbury comics and then tweeted it out and said like which one should i wear i tax you on that i didn't see it i talk show and i did a lot of good promotion for the incident for this conversation conversation by the way i did it was like the most care about the conversation so care about you what would you do you have a girlfriend no i believe that jacques do you have <hes> what do you do what's your day what's my day guess what do you do every day like what do you do when you get up not today but tomorrow last thursday what's the rich kelleher day tetons the one o'clock i'm with you you're not funny other than we actually being serious like what do you do god you scared the shit out say that i i i i work currently right now i'd say that i just finished a three month contract that accompany sentenced to the facility doing some side stuff i'm actually looking for for a new job and i'm gonna say something right side stuff i'd like to delve more into that i would not say right now i think you call nine to five million dollars there's not a lot of money nick so any questions you have for us rich none at all nothing now what what's your what do you do now for the show going forward i guess nothing instagram i mean well you sound keyboard incense what are you doing i mean what are you part of the family all that would be completely up to you we don't disqualify people because at crazy bring them in i mean so what are you gonna do what what do you want me to do with mike area with eric i was in that it's a loser that was awful <hes> of the two of us yes yes how i already reached out to a few other companies about potential advertising yeah oh jesus great good to our outside has representatives for dave cohen enrich that's that's who the world to see the company we bring the sane one colon well what what will your commission be rich if you make a so i have whatever it is like the sound that i don't know whatever whatever we whatever we want was that mean your your sales guy would you want would you like you care about the show so i mean it shouldn't matter it no it doesn't matter actually i mean so zero it could be good whatever whatever i can tell you dave right they're screwed negotiation no like i i i honestly don't i don't care it's not why i'm doing this it's not why why are you why are you doing this i have no idea like this show means a lot to me it means a lot the last seven months when you were off air honest to god was awful and this the fact that this is backed the fact that this the fact that steve from providence has a new lease on life that he can go after me which he did say did you get your question will be no i did not see anything he he said that <hes> it looks like that my my pubic hairs covered with cheeto dust because i'm a redhead and then my video i told him that i i used landscape dot com slash kirk and got twenty percent often i'm very happy down there so squeeze sewn this guy steve steve listen you're listening to see from providence i thought you were going to come to read thirteenth studio said you wanted to punch me in the face started go fund me five grand what is if you get fans can contribute five grand i will let you hit me in the face of red thirteen studios whenever you want get the five grand jurors fine do you see steve from providence in the room with us it's just well played i i know percentage wise why is it here oh he's he's been thomasson bigger funk fro the relevancy they're both shuji relevant figures in our lives DC or st from province a bigger fuck because he's he literally lied on on on on the air and what was the oh shit head clerk in the beach fucking dummy wh what he did was he took he took colonies bullshit right because he's a culinary guy <hes> in tried to smear me and who would ask your serious when i went on read it when i went on read it and started posting your three accounts and every post you i made because i don't need to be on it fucking not i don't wanna have interaction with the fans now i know what i am do you worry don't have interaction with fans but you just challenged stephen no no no i want i want him to hit me in the face because he said that's what he wanted to considering taking legal action against the ec- hearing you know slander oh i think it's either give balch honestly health case but what i wanna do is prove that i would go there and go go where if if somebody wanna go rich i wanna go off with you they're telling you to go to mclane if i listen to this <hes> it really your family yeah parents my mom is a huge kirkman fan suit to literally love you and my neighbor kim i can she she wanted to tell you that she thinks your your sound very good you sound very healthy he's a huge fan of you come jesus christ mike how day komo like i said it's been nice thank you for having me i'd say the real winners in this heater patricia mcgahan to live to the slow the boy was in broadcasting worked for a reputable station made a lot of money who can i get my final final final thing here <hes> i don't know what that means final solution i won't be my final pitch oh yeah what what i think thank dave wouldn't do would would be and that's why i went to the i believe chevrolet theater andrew dice clay going to be there seven PM thanks again for that for me yeah that's exactly what i wanted so everyone says that that blinds that blind mike got his start by selling portnoy that he was gonna get while it's thrown at him but that's not the truth now he started after the deflategate protests that NFL headquarters and you took a train woodrow drove whatever all the way down there and said hey guys like i'm here and that was the funniest thing and everyone everyone really everyone of the universe said that blind mike gets it by mike understands stands it it's funny of course he didn't end job as a as a as someone with and this is this is one hundred percent true as someone with a family with with RPG when you did that one podcast on on trash-talk <hes> talking about it as what are we doing here this is your wrap up i'm gonna mike i know but nobody could this shit don't i pity party podcast know what what mike has his you know his blindness fuck we know so my my point was is that i'd be willing to drive go to NFL headquarters and get wallets thrown in my face for this show and make money off of it i don't think they've where's the value in that evaluation you drive your face metaphorically if that's what you do for this show to make money let's do it aspiring to be the great blind mike saying i'm not i thought i thought i i didn't say you weren't mike uh-huh confused breaking compulsively starts a great it's quiet guys making a lot of point nine it wasn't done yet oh thanks accept your apology <hes> world we're gonna till noon today one of the things one of the things you always said the era that drove you nuts was that no one cared about their shows correct all the people on air no one cared you couldn't understand that i don't understand no trust me i don't get it either because you are constantly thinking about it constantly your own show podcast to promote no not at all should i don't well you should maybe you know when mike vacation philip forms can can dave calling in and yeah i do a podcast if there's money there's money that was the name of it i mean one way conan no featuring news konate thanks so do you have do you have i saw this on read it to maybe it was on the discord do you have <hes> godparent yet the god do not thanks and in that moment the proper life insurance i chance keller maybe the most hated figure the university after this and that's that's fine listen listen listen you imagine being HP did a podcast for eight months nine months talking about kirkman hannah's hero bleeds out on air you know i think i i really think that kirk is mike and i i i come out of nowhere no twitter account he posted twenty twenty thousand views thanks thanks a lot appreciate appreciate that i also retweeted beat the major part of that no one no one come the no contact very close you're looking to move i would love to move out the door versus rich move away from day okay flip the let's say thank you breathe a little bit staring them down the oh boy you'll really clones to two calls thing an issue the act like i can't talking game this into yourself you don't get the show you're not a p one book that's that's okay given the scream account don't want want i wanted to fail now approved approved i was better than you want to show the fail yes i'm kinda a fuck out of here then get the fuck out get you want the single failed get the fuck out i said i want the take i'm telling you right now we'll call security those headphones on here you back the fuck outta here don't get the fuck outta here that ended poorly oh get the fuck out go the fuck outta here go l. like disloyalty get those fucking headphones off get your papers get your fat ass out of here you fucking fuck him fuck your mom go actually i don't wanna do that don't cost charity go we'll call you you bet big forgiveness right now go kirk yes i would take that back i wanna have steve edited obam i'll give them a twenty thank you and you know what that was that was wrong i shouldn't have said i i wanna scream to fail i can guarantee you that the fans who hate me will now follow it because i they know deep down i apologize your masterminded <music> thank you i'm sorry to kim in your mom i apologize and the dc industry i realize we're never leaving this room right situationally played that security i almost thought what does face there's going to be that would be rough and rowdy with thrill ride okay that's that will get out get it out of your mind telling that's the way of your mind it's diverse nate were better we can make money together let's let's do like a challenge where you know we have to fly to chicago and find our way home no phone there's one see how long it takes yeah i know who smitty and nato i still don't know who either you know the only fair that it's medium nate together make great content wouldn't you agree jerry yang poker stuff that was amazing but sm- way way way way if we start off track there's no track i would love to find a track right now on a train run off the ninety five or wer right now i think they're gonna listen to this so concerned about my concern sorta welcome stephen downloads you think why do you think you are the reason for getting downloads it kirk invite the reason of course he is it's part of the game baby play with this guy people are tuning in ready to go hello her colony is amazing and best night you care you care what people think about you or you wouldn't respond all day with your wife nine months pregnant to every say running an instagram account when you're playing a reaction to to all that stuff though that was a reaction to you you have no humanity he said to me <hes> you have not have you know soul but i have no humanity whether yeah no i was just like you went on a rant i felt it was over the line ball bustle heavily compassionate where we were i told you i took the al on it personally i now now okay but you're you're you're you're still part of the world right part of the world if you if you want me to what i don't understand that you have no radio instinct whatsoever what are you doing the child talking mike family does your family what do they do with you the confused by you have you ever had a girlfriend yeah that's impossible you know doesn't you must be averts very this is very tough for me tougher i'll leave yeah it was a smart move for him to not take however now there's no way he's left us with no options all right how how can you have worked in radio dave in have no instincts at all and i feel like you'll be gut instinct you'll stay the fuck away from me dave okay okay any final any fight will go around the room we'll start with mike any final thoughts mike i think we accomplished a lot here we really got to the bottom of this and i think <hes> closer hers part of the team number one salesman and dave can report to him on any sales dave go ahead please i got nothing that was wild you're still gonna run instagram for us right here okay and you're still working on some sales us yeah pitching people confident shall we with rich keller <unk> ahead your final <hes> i would say tighted edited condensed thoughts everyone a socratic give picture of at the craziest person than ever seen before i mean in this way hold on ritual now if he's kidding easy almost crazier to to be able to play that kind of character no matter which way you play it he's insane which is why i like them i like you you understand that right absolutely you you love you i love you too we're best friends we said that yesterday i wanna hang out a lot that's fine good okay that's okay i mean i don't wanna i wanna get in the way me did you hear that okay i don't wanna get in the way you'll get busy day i don't want to the ask and call you and your cool excellent and cam in your mom and everybody absolutely my my mom invite you over for dinner she wants to come in i live i live fifteen actually barstool investigators is now on me he's like oh rich kelleher was what not seventy five pounds and then he went to two forty and this whole thing about his lifestyle change he's making up which certainly not fifteen minutes from here how many irrelevant seven people as he mentioned hold on the list is i live in holliston x. or or my parents from halston i live in brighton now excellent okay right by i mean we can carpool message you and asked you if you wanted to ride oh thank you i just what we have we have uh ah shut up please we have jim hackett h. b. e. c. <hes> kim his mom dave calling stephen providence providence my forgetting yemeni my mom really wants you in the family to come over for dinner can you end the family you may ask serious questions with caitlin swimming and stuff are you available available to babysit harry a couple of days a week yeah absolutely great that's that's fine we talk yeah good excellent we'll just drop them off the bryan sir okay so now once again that somehow led to <hes> bring mike home condensed final thoughts about where you're going to be in the world i can help the show with steve maybe a potential intern maybe steve can work more close together would you be okay with that steve bishop whatever whatever i would need to do to help this show i'm gonna do okay dip your okay shouldn't be doing i know that's bad at this point if i don't if i don't dip i'm gonna drink so it'd be dipped shouldn't be fat in-dipping at the same time though well maybe there's a potential sponsor out there that wants to help me lose weight okay because i i want to look at this look is always thinking sales on checkout this gut it's disgusting we got it all right i mean i mean literally steve's in front of my face recording accordingly i don't i don't know what he's doing he's doing what are you doing is recording you paris coping so go ahead good instincts there condensed i i apologize i will get five sales before you get one okay okay what happened but we all know dave's not going to get one the final fifteen years to do that if you need to make me listen to all the bad radio and in your stead in even to come in every day and turn sure why not i'll do what is it like a mid turn ship you intern as as a twenty nine hundred against is not okay no that's fine okay all right anything for this show whatever i can do nasima as many wallets i can take to the face or do i need to go to NFL HQ i'm down for it i liked the rich kelleher rich thanks so much we're gonna wrap things up with dave so thank you we appreciate that try to be better after i leave okay we'll do our best no cracking talking to you talknet that's okay say hello mom she's actually a about move soon soaking congratulations richard always good to see you putting cameo i'll say something now can i mentioned the doors closed and it's open and okay you may say that i am irrelevant heaven inspired anyone but i've inspired one one young man and is taking my lead i feel like one of those things he just came out with us and he'll be done with us for good don't you think he'll just move on to other stuff sure he's not walking back in right now komo cheeses horror movie what what are you looking for your phone that could have been all right now back to antonio brown go ahead deadbolt what these exit you have to have some of that stuff oh yeah of course how long was that seven hours it's thursday our the listeners of the kirkman dan show enjoy that yes okay maybe if you're a new listener you probably could have ended the k. marco stuff and then for the day holy shit i don't know what do you think steve it's a big baller crazy right there that is the craziest person i've dealt with some crazy people i've been in rooms of crazy people i've slept with crazy people that's that's the craziest person i've ever met in my life you put your finger on it when you were like all because fuck had colin brought him in i don't know why did you like if it's an an act crazy republican doesn't matter ways crazy other thing is <hes> colonies likability goes up ten thousand four oh i the percents cohen avatars are gonna go up a lot was obviously just so aggressive what happened like off the air last day or so he just started tweeting out shit and doing these videos like he didn't just all this shit and then deleting z. bothering you all the time no he was just like talking shit and tagging me in it and it i was just crazy i don't know how long game i just can't do it when he was like leaning india very uncomfortable what point he put that blanket on and like his sweaty anxious do you think he's do you think you've got in this car and drove away i actually asked the red thirteen people to make sure that he did really really i saw that interaction newswatch we don't have confirmation i legitimately was interested in searching his bag i'm not like forty-five minutes that interested you know some people see me like okay they're crazy keys but he's he's he's ours we're going to adopt him he's part of the family what are you gonna do turn your back on no certainly there's nobody who could actually couldn't i don't think what do we do with them i'm back in wednesday no i'd rather never see him again but is he less is he ever normal i thought he was moderately normal how did he was constantly texting me nonstop just caught and i just played the game too much and i never should have let it go that far it was completely my fault you can't even make fun of colony right now i'm like it's not even fun yeah i apologize i can't play it i just can't do it i was not comfortable there's money in him and i being enemies and were nobody's well there's there's there's interest interest in there being conflict on the show also you guys are both part of the show then yeah he's in a sense right but wouldn't it be better if there was something about the conflict wasn't dislike angry at fighting roughing rowdy i cannot tell you how delusional joy you can call me and five of us would watch and that'd be about you can clearly call me a bitch for my behavioral last last week i was a bitch i was a dorm painted dick as as as i'm going through that this guy is telling me to not let the instagram account suffer and to give him mm-hmm the password by the way going through dramatic no i thought you know what i mean you know what i mean it's just crazy you know you get lost in the whole thing with this insanity jesus christ well okay i mean i think we accomplished a lot mike sue i think we've so he's going to be a representative out to the world now selling stuff right and dave reports him a commission we got on the record yes i did you guys see the action over the weekend because a lot of people were reaching out to me being like did that action asian like what he was doing over the week graham read it on non image tweeted out video i didn't see a ton more on top of that and people were literally saying be careful in studio dead no that's that would be that would be terrifying why i think i'm going to see him i've no doubt see him in the parking lot there's no question yeah probably my car or something i have no doubt jesus he's fucking look like i've never seen it was a good one the first time was funny funnier each time holy shit well all right so i i think he's now going to be the most hated person in the world i was afraid when he said to you i was like oh shit that respond he i you just get so busy rich i'm sorry all right what else is going on anything else even talk about any what else do we have nothing else jumps out of you the first week of football season serpent turf is out is that right yes yes good would just micro no no steve said it was not even remarkable balance it was i'm sure it's great i'm sure it's wonderful it's awesome the play is just boring or no silence stephen chow and i'm here with super bowl champion willie cologne hey this is surf and turf podcast it's going to be a weekly NFL based on not show why there's going to be interviewed why does barstool allow those guys to work for radio dot com forget it i was going to elaborate got you sorry i it actually sounds good it sounds like honestly the way to do things show up and talk football and so you know i love the the nuttiness howard stern from one thousand nine hundred of love that last segment right yes i loved it i loved it but there was partying i thought you know to echo the gunman antonio the browns fan with the patriots they won last night and got fired can interview brady and boomer size and just go home right just be done that'd be it yeah you and jerry would have fun yeah hey you you wanna get some lunch manages giving some ship it so we'll finish fourth place cares really who cares when you're dead where you finishing some fucking ratings book instead instead of going into the day which keller with that with that blanket overs thing with his legs crossed sitting next to kalani coney putting his arm right around me so contact uh-huh contact what are the sound i would not i will go i will meet his family that seems fair yeah just go over for dinner you and your family the whole thing his mom's big fan of mine yeah she wants the whole family come over now i wonder if his mom is in fact a fan will i wonder if you listen into that and think like oh my my boy was on the did really well thank keller right there behind you mike in the window what are we going to get some standard bad radio we get a little bit of eae from this morning we've got to kamala harris is in trouble because she laughed he had some guys who called president retard i heard this heard this very bad very good that is not good you should never say never know which one so i don't buy that argument that impeachment does not make sense senate will acquit i don't buy that argument there needs to be accountable only going to do the knicks one year diminish the mentally retarded action of this well ed i plan to win this election i'll tell you that is there now she's saying she didn't hear the question can you believe that louis the laughed and said well set i will say like if i'm gonna defender wouldn't she she's she's so so politically correct wouldn't you correct the guide i if you would think if she heard him it's the thing that they do to trump to like if someone stands up his like obama's a muslim he's they want him to be like no he's not a muslim and you have to let her in the political dynamic you don't wanna lecture anybody there you're trying to get those people to vote for you i guess if she had a PC thought she's dead anyway i mean she tossed any jewish good good why is that good it's good for people who like freedom and not like over incarcerating young people okay sorry what are you laughing the people that like freedom waivers keller's ought to be free yeah freedom's not all it's cracked reevaluate that right certainly he has a job at actually paycheck that's what he said i understood project manager i've never talked to disagree with him he's a great guy i was reading i'm sure i'm busy today but yeah next time i think it's a lot of money in him to new york and having wallstrom this face metaphorically right not literally literally phone my lead baby just like oh there's like there's no humor with him at all either all it was the that was the show one day there was a guy my name mike and needed a podcast about is what's the PR what's your thing i don't know what he was he was a oh so i <hes> retinal pigmentosa is something i may we have our p yeah ok p is great and he was an inspiration i'm gonna drive down there and then chris curtis we throw his name to list of irrelevant i yeah it's an realize that metaphorically he's speaking on a higher level completely out of the folks that listen to this show how can i one day day achieve greatness that blind mike well i think it was after that in a bisi galaxy to clean shaven so he woke up early i picture shaving shaving this morning today's today's my work as you always get the shave on getting dressed these everything's everything's plan for him what did you make of the red bowl and ice coffee tvos aggressive grub didn't need some dead on i would say maybe on the war now i'm not i'm not i just had to confirm to my people that we're all alive dave dealt with this guy was like you know what let's bring them in because these guys might be a little you might be a little out there but you know hey let's what an arm's reach of the talent sabbatical she's shake my hand to sleep with a fire well now he's coming in and maybe a lot of people say i'm no good interviews maybe about when we do an interview and he gets to talk to you there is like if collin name willing to play ball oh no keller colony half hour podcast once a week where they just argument and i would listen to that i know short play ball with that you don't but you just just fight with them you follow them a couple of times i mean listen if you think it's a good idea i don't want you whatever you wanna talk about magic from that parking lot would you be willing to do this this week you do this can you guys fill in you and kelly her fill in tuesday on the what's up dummies on the show account listen up this is up optima flexible i feel like i need to process what just happened a little bit more so why not just fucking hate him to be moderated by blind mike mike mike moderator right sure good all right fine you're in what's go- tuesday night the keller also yes or no to that i think he'll say so mike because mike you are involved yes sure try and stay out of as much as i can go down for ten minutes and do it what i'll manage excellent what else do we have so we've got a little bit of audio from this morning we've got <hes> on w. e. some standard bad radio stuff out here what do we want this anything i i need to get my head cleanse the pedal there's a woman in british columbia who is complaining because she was told on hold on we'll give you context context so as i always say this our old show have you noticed the same thing i do so so i <hes> i'll show now is the greatest show in the morning whenever so this is one of these mornings where this going on if you're doing boston sports radio this morning like it's you know pretty easy i'm not saying you gotta break down the fucking game it was a blow hello but between the red sox gassing dombrowski and what that means and why they did it and all the politics of that the patriots bringing this fucking brown the brown guy fucking game last last night while this shit to get to now they go around the room for their lead kenan chris each do they centric thing involved with that and they oddly just daniel did you notice this the way late sound okay so you notice that it was like chatter it was around and then all of a sudden that starts so it's just like you and i talking doc in right now and then i'll add woman yes it's bizarre ten seconds before no okay because that's exactly the thing i i was like she taped it before it was weird yeah just came out of nowhere so almost your theory that kennedy just playing drops of them i don't know maybe true for like today is like whether that show successor not the end who knows does this will be their biggest listening audience until shore until the day if the patriots this i mean this day is people whether you like the shows or not <unk> are going to listen to the toucher and rich and greg hill now neither show as what you would call trish from sports show but that's all you got right now that's what you want in boston you'll listen to the radio so this is what you're going to get and if you put the put it on this morning say eight or nine minutes late you get in your car at six daniel coming this story steve it was no more abrupt than him just playing it right right now like it just bizarre and left them in a pile of ashes and nine hundred oh there's a woman british weirdly the he doesn't even say danielle your thoughts or anything like just out of nowhere the comedian guy whatever his name is <hes> fizi nineteen which would ever doesn't you know but that's is what people who listen to that stuff want to hear this morning right they want to hear about brown they want to hear about dombrowski getting fired they want to hear about the game last night they want to hear about brady they just do the mets small robinson people that are listening particularly morning i mean you know that i get i mean i wouldn't i'd be bored with it but i mean i get the people want to do it and and then she jumps to the story that nobody gives a fuck about what is the story with is the best team in the AFC last night and left them in a pile of ashes nine hundred oh there's a woman woman in british columbia who is complaining because she was told to cover up after she took her off at a hot yoga class to get to more of the hot yoga classes they didn't have a sports bra on her shirt that she was wearing was thicker than the normal fabric that she's used to and she said you know what it's going to take it off and blair your amount to the world like i wonder why she even listening to fizi talking before them or was it just like an alarm went off and now what are you doing i i might as well take pictures for instagram's if i'm here style also add to the conversation i'm just i didn't know if you want me to leave your a little exhausted you'll confuse i just fucking pick it i fucking fucking hate him i'm sorry it's in my brain you brought them in here i am dealing right now who is in sorry you guys are having a conversation what was that and no one's like what the where way take it easy again as you always say that's called the lead yes yeah that's the bleed story they've they've given up on that concept that that's why anybody nobody in the world even knows there is no way jesus what else anything else there's one thing i wanted to ask you well you got the center referred disease control has a message for hipsters everywhere stop vaping okay i don't care she has rice as gentlemen slightly blue older than me you might not get this reference i just didn't understand out of nowhere greg hill says that he got home at one AM from the game last night they say oh the game last night that's what he said she's got home at one AM yeah and then daniel says good lord batman is that a reference i should understand that would be like something that robin would say the batman adam west show oakley was on in the sixties okay right and in syndication when i was a kid but would have no i would not okay so use that as a topical reference unless missing something she said that to me i would say why would you ever say lord batman s so again this is why these guys keep their jobs greg that game last night hobnobbing and some sweet somewhere i have no doubt about that smart if that's i mean that's the way one of the play but you couldn't if thousand morning show you couldn't pay me fifty million dollars to go that game last one in the morning and i assume they get an five thirty or whatever i guess maybe drove maybe he stayed like place by brighton or something last the hotel or something but still lives way out yeah i mean it's like an hour out what the fuck jesus it's hope he's well rest holy moly moley bad lord jeez louise later years that's what she said yeah good lord batman what else do we have seen any else could a little bit of bob and tom radio couple of bob and tom a good one bob and tom dice dice two favorite guys are neal and bob and neil and bob is that what you guys do the feedback was good yeah i got a lot of feedback from the dice here about friday night the discord did you hear about this let's just say i didn't for forty five minute chat an organized chat discussing the dice interview only and the dude rich mandarin moderated it it was steve providence was there chris from wakefield i'm all the stars what is your point hundreds of people showed up you just talk about that interview in an organized fashion interest good show on discredited great community all of them would probably by one hundred discord shirts all of them are guaranteed that's not true you can't depends depends on price is all we can charge people money to join the discord stop stop now but i'm just saying i'm just saying that's that's how good that interview was but you enjoyed it there you go you enjoy it mike i enjoy listening to it yes we i listened to the cut it was not that bad it was for me it was it was funny if it was if i had asked to women that big of a deal but there's also tried like six times before you got to get a different i i i like three different questions i tried to get him to get moving right so yes yeah i mean i don't think history will not remember the michael mann story right that much sure the even like michael jackson accent thing was sort of a weird curveball even the <hes> the mohammed ali thing was kind of interesting just because it was mohammed ali ali didn't remember we start talking about his kids and whether you call it up and the juice we start talking like dice that was a big moment in the interview when these i like you guys like fifteen minutes and i was like okay good for more than ten minutes came right after his question right there you can see right you probably yeah maybe i can answer stupid question like that but i thought it was an interview with like you know special people talk oh <music> for that ice baths voice say do rich keller you can get over it you i can lost so who's as a bobbin who bought into <hes> another national hair so they're like opie and anthony if opie and anthony did nothing controversial it's almost like like light casino-like toucher and rich would be compared to you like there's sort of an edgy show i guess they're aware of they make fun of shit but not but now right yeah yeah that's touching richard be good compares hey marco was like them sure got your good man i don't know if you know this josh arnold former snake on owner yeah i didn't know you had a ponytail that's one of the snake stereotypes did not have but what kind of snake did you ball python life on us greenwood work i don't know my snowfall pilot because they've got it as a baby oh there's a one minute rest of around always i never took it out of the house it was always well apartment so we would go like this you would go home after her day at work yeah get get your snack out of the tank lay within the catch go sit on the couch and watch TV my brother drunkenly laid with it on the couch and we lost it for a week oh really yeah wow we wednesday is day johnny okay jesus christ i think these i forget if these are the guys pretty should they hate each other also kind of feel they all hate each other man today they're like the you know kirk and callahan of the midwest there the other big but they're syndicates they're all over the midwest i think as they get a lot of comedians and everything i hear from my community they go in there and they're kind of like what the fuck is this like it's very it's a weird environment but if you think about the comedian came in when jerry and i are doing the show they'd be like i was talking about either like jerry i i you know i don't know yeah who knows jesus that's bizarre but that's a good one that might be one to look into tom anything else you better you better know the more you better you bet do that now that nick costas like impression that'd be a bikes talked to mike voice why else are no i've got stephen chasing an ad read oh i would like to hear that because you do it very <hes> conversationally yeah which you know you get to some of you get to filthy mind like everyone i've ever spoken to anybody ever spoken to calling a sales guy dave what are you laughing at i'm sales guy i'm really not texting with color on i'm i'm still just thinking about if i just wish i hit him in the face i wouldn't have been good afternoon i'm in this dilemma where i think i was a pussy and we're not what are you gonna do jack up red bull he would have eaten your face that would be interesting i would have been the first line of defence in that i would have had to jumping it'd be the guy got killed by accident that's your that's your destiny you would you say the way i do sales reads are better way than just your traditional don't read the perfect yeah it makes people less masking set at too many russians netflix you say well how does dave say to these sales people mike when he says the fucking can passion that kirk brings to these reeds to boost you might as well be sending them for your candidate i'll tell you right now it feels like you're right now right getting your fucking knees i'm gonna jerk often come on your fucking face feels like a nice fucking hot low dripping on your fucking chest feels like all right let's go let's order i wanna stay let's go it'd be big fucking state so you're fucking paid for it to close medium i'm sorry do you remember back over here do you remember when i said medium rent let's go let's go do you fucking remember okay yeah no brita yes i want you you bring up a word is baked baked potato you stupid fuck to do your job it's fucking restaurant fuck you stay open this fucking qualities of quality these places it's so anyway the ninety second data but kirk gives you more so this is stephen kay who is in sales and has been critical of my work i'm doing it right so this is gonna be your stephen we'll say well not really not particularly critical voice he he reminded us does he voice to sent to the region he reminded us to keep the ads over sixty seconds but it's not even clear that there was ever a complaint about you correct there was not as a matter of factors we've learned in fact is told other people do more like me publicly so is it was dissent voiced about the res yes okay that's email to us so let me hear this guy who is a fucking he's a pro ball of fire this guy i've heard let me hear him to read <hes> in a similar tone <hes> upsets presented by fans faneuil sportsbook is now <hes> live in pennsylvania new jersey and most recently west virginia scientific bangles dot com slash stool and get a free five hundred dollar risk-free bet with us all season gambling problem call one eight hundred gambler or visit one hundred gambler dot net <hes> so upset steven my i like the falcons to go into minnesota they played last year affiliate got it wrong again so so boring as fuck and we'd like to handle yes well we love fan right shirt sponsor but why not combustion money so give them over the life fucking life into it for christ's sakes i mean so there are sales guy first of all it's typical sales game sri selling for other the people trying to help us fucking podcast go sell stuff idiots fan does good and interesting i get five ups fucking put a life in the drip fucking loser user jesus christ as alive data the fucking world is worse off go books jesus he'll be fucking dies puck and parents dying of his grandparents still alive up they die the two right sure yeah good and like the bucks i'm a grown man i like the buck seen i did see i wanna look at them yeah they're they're awesome awesome fucking asshole thick face fuck head she'll combat books podcast yeah yeah sure sure absolutely oh aw god that wasn't that bucks podcast day manga diagnose pancreatic cancer was a better day than listen fucking podcast would you rather do a show every day with a rich kelleher stevenson okay i'd rather do i love steve get confused twenty two hours a day podcast host the five minutes with keller once a week the studio sweat sweat i asked the idiot for the ACC to be turned off which by the way is a keller move it's like a hostage AC turned up there's no i we can never have him in here again i was gonna ask will there ever be an invite back you know he'll be back you'll be back you're shaking head no now i don't think he he joined by phone with if i want him back in here then he comes back right he didn't do anything we was all suspicion we we're very suspicious of him but he didn't technically do anything that that's true goes who's doing that bathroom p break boss he's in all the jokes like he's up he's a p wiki he's he you want the as people listen more than you dave oh he definitely lessons more than me yeah good good sales guy dave thanks a lot what else i'm reading this book by the way this the cavenaugh book yeah it was at the new york times reporters who no no no no no no mollie hemingway was she loath to the defense of him yeah i thought there were two competing there's one on the smear job in one trying to vindicate the allegations one of course the mainstream press loves that's the one in new york times did did supremacy halfway in obviously i pay fucking in obviously this is coming from people who are pro cavanaugh but one of the great smear campaigns the history of civilization it was almost not on the supreme court right if wasn't there susan collins you probably wouldn't have been and called a rapist like let's not forget that i mean he was an alcoholic gang rapist by somebody who has no recollection of one that was who it was where it was they'll put this into this headline jeez i'm just saying like you think just you think judge cavanaugh was innocent i think he is innocent yes i do it's cool it's cool you say that just don't put it in the head i happen to think he's tennyson yesterday i could be wrong yeah he's innocent don't you yes i do but i mean now the clip that out yeah oh you make sure you're just reading this book i'm always amazed this guy was almost not on the supreme court dave your thoughts on that to finish the book and then you can what are you reading right now i'm not reading anything you're gonna read the book that kelleher get they gave it to me oh you autographed too to pitch anything thanks for the memories thanks interning for you sucked to the interviews was an intern for you how did that come up i don't even know that that true interning for you so is that a joke that we're not getting i i don't i don't really understand yes probably anyway that's random book aside but i think it good steve moore cavenaugh thumbs for steve he's he's lighting up go ahead the campaign almost worked so just imagine what happens in a certain supreme court justice kicks the bucket and trump's president true and i'm saying it's going to be even worse this way from now on yes but i would argue that ruin someone's life and yes you get what you want i've our democrat democrat i would hate ruth ginsburg anybody for not retire under obama three years to go she said you know what who knows your second term it looks good but who the hell knows i think it's totally selfish she loves those documentary she'll have the movies made about say was that a good movie humidity or fucking her nephew wrote it yeah right everybody treats her like she's oh it she does yoga whatever like no she's she selfish she loved being famous and this is what you get now you're gonna get some forty two year old republican supreme court guy who's gonna be there for fifty years because of that he told alert great exercise it cholesterol completely and you'll probably esten guys but anyway sega my thoughts on that yes wonderful that'll be supreme court justices is are there mike you really don't know that seven once they worried it what's the right answer he's close steve off you move up a little bit move your number up a little bit nine c. c. that's good how many justice are on the supreme court changing no that i guess it was RB was the different socks in the gift shop what RPG socks in in the gift shop at the people of i'm just saying like supreme court justice arnaud day i suppose that's true no i think people would know now i guess i knew i mean i knew seven or nine i was pretty confident those gaps he knew it was an odd odd number yeah oh yes but that was on the show and he said eight i thought that would be difficult haven't even number mud because tying actually literally be nothing the country before republicans and four democrats probably always time books rocked by this by the way well i just i was gonna ask him more questions feel badly today is not that they don't feel bad about that i know we should know that do do make fun of my disability my family know that the fact that i don't know how many supreme court i don't know i know now known okay good over the next month will it be a globe smear story nebraska next month next month yes i'd say right when the season ends you've hinted around this but what is the what is the kernel of this mere restored gonna be say in trouble we now we don't know i don't know yeah i i i have no idea i know but it's like it's total basically based on okay so it's a perfect globe story based on rumor innuendo and speculation okay all right by the way the truth of it really hurts nobody good for them he was doing whatever when they wearing one hundred eight games last year it didn't have anything to do with his job stupid but the but they're capable of being slimy like that and cheap as we do no bob whole front page story and it has been you know the guy who owns the team owns the paper so it's just fucking unbelievable i i i think they may not even be that tone deaf to they might not do it because they know respects it with kona there was a huge outcry against it like nobody cares nebraska you got fired you know what i mean like they're not fighting back against anything but there was <hes> who was there someone else that left the no one really cared ellsbury very maybe you're someone i can't remember what it was but there's someone they kind of did the same thing like why are you doing this right he's gonna love it gives a shit like that and that's true hopefully sam kennedy gets fired great that would be great for the home end show what can you do we go we've got some standard bad radio we've got a <hes> war of roses from last this week we've got a young jeffrey's song from brooke and jubal which kinda he did he was such a high is hard to come back from you know where's kelleher right now do you think this hype behind that wall that was the best line the whole thing thing mike do you think he was he was decided to go a hell bent on dc which is not a great move you know go after me your mic or dave somebody who's still he respects us too much i guess we hate steve although he kinda tried doing that like like steve pointing the fucking camera at me and he tried to tough guy thing a little bit with steve i i honestly i kept saying to people keep using them just be wary of it because he's so clearly aggressive trying to like this is your fault breath it is my fault i know you keep trying to what are you saying because i feel bad if he's DC's taking shit about it now let me say this quickly about the before four were done so every week he does wrap up show right yes and it's really good very well excellent very good but i thought there being bitchy about us maybe doing a wrap up show but it's not the same thing at all now first of all the fucking invent it i get why they would be like well that already exists does exist ours wouldn't be like that we would be talking doc it'll be like a show first of all i did it in the old show with my producers stern every these guys didn't invent it and by the way their idea that do it came from me even if it's the same what does it matter right i'm sure i mentioned it at some point is said to do which is fine arts will be different will be mike recapping the show with somebody like it's not that it's not the same at all on the web getting mad about the fuck were they complaining complaining though just like but i guess that's true the knows but i but i think tweet a couple of times so against good he does a good job alba continues to do because it'll be different than what we're doing i think who the fuck knows what's call at the studio and we're still waiting on bids from contractors but we get some <hes> some acoustic treatments install this week get some painters lineup but whether the first painters was like oh yeah no all paint just for promotion on the show and then we get away from it and he was like oh i talked to my wife and i kind of need the cash to switch painters but i show a lot of people i know we're working over it going over to the suffolk downs tonight later today to go check out their space back to suffolk downs boston i treats too expensive believe call who gillette what does that say i haven't been there is at that big oh it's not that big it's only it's like perfect amount of seats thousand dollars an hour is it really thousand bucks our jesus christ so i don't know yeah people are asking about it we're going to do it but when when out of them i don't know yet who knows meets tober dates gonna happen is that that is is approaching very quickly okay how's that looking these concern is more more of the studio right now which is number one priority is the new studio yes it should it should be mike's doing nothing right now taking d you know okay well what are you doing today when the show's over now your fulltime all time whatever you need taking care of business what looking over my shoulder for rich kelly just trying to stay alive anyway i can what's what's the big takeaway going to be today kelleher more than k marco obviously obviously right from your from the fans you know what to do with this guy now it's going to hate him i think that the kelleher kind of overshadow the k. mark of probably oy probably in a way but is it well yeah minivans are because what can count it really sort of fans who saw it on periscope or not feeling what they saw what do you mean like it didn't like a german kelleher right now i don't know if they definitely did not like keller i don't think they're gonna like i think people are gonna hate keller doesn't come off as very likeable no no there's not a lot not a lot to like there you the whole thing no just bits and pieces there was fear like where i would make a comment and he'd darlie right over at me and look at me yeah and just kind of scary i crossed in the video there was real anger like i'd be all in on it i just i don't think it's i think it's real i think it's really yeah i think it's real for sure it's not anger at cullen it's angry its anger at the creator of these matter you okay so that's what's weird he's trying to make a thing out of him and i but he's not angry at me but all of his attention he was laser focused on me i think he's really crazy i don't think that's an act i don't think he's actually mad at dave for anything you're gonna quit last week was zone zone where you in i don't know when you called me a liar that i've been talking to people i just like i was being serious about that just hit me in a weird way but we don't look really correspond outside reach out to me and say hey why did you say that i guess i could ed i think i'm an asshole and i just like react to it on twitter like novel i know but you but you just said we don't communicate but you do that i do have an option yeah so that was part of our we last week as part of the lesson that i went and last week for sure but you're going to do this again no you own i really don't mind definitely two weeks mike's rants it's against you i loved it texas great i can't i reached out to mike first of all i was really just an into say congratulations basically to getting the job mike you very happy for sound we didn't play does that they don't know if you want to what is it that's all i obviously you've been looted to a thousand times how bad is it what's it about it's bad what's it about no reason because if on my on my family no not really because i don't i honestly don't care about the family no no no no no no i don't think it's how would you tied into his family you can't thank you steve or no no there's no way to really know i don't think so no i like so you so is this a is this a protecting dave or the thank thank you i wish i didn't mike went too far it was me way too far bad boy who'd you get that right there from thursday then you'll do you pick so you've got it already in congress <music> bad boy bad boy camiel business going blossom dried up the spiked your price at the thirty move move i disagree could move oh you want you anymore now that you're rich i mean i'll do it but you know what's the deal with this the ones that starting with the new studio new studio steve can you do it on instagram can you do it yeah well we can do it all social me think or did you think was going to be bull i i need to know about it if it's gonna be instagram yes sure well you guys couldn't instagram's instagram's different than the other places so it's just syndicated out there so sorry doing good to have you thanks keller was right well that sounds the there was one that should absolutely be adroitly he i forget what he said but like i was fucking speaking very very serious uh-huh shake shaker to there was some shaking big shaker yeah i was just staring at the computers over here and your body kept going this oh you almost dave guinea further away you micro essentially touch very strange <hes> yes so we'll start yeah i guess we'll start the post show so tomorrow night listen up dummies mike dave rich next big that's big now maybe we'll see if this works we we can we'll make no sense but that's okay yeah that's fine just down twitter no big deal we had read thirteen years right we've also got to do or no no i i think we're good jesus christ live to dine shows day of being longer now i would prefer the ninety minutes personally and then kirk and then kirk doing more content outside because now i know you're willing to go to an f. hours that means an hour of different types of kirk content what does that mean if you want to do videos yeah yup i do have more comfortable doing that why didn't say it'd be comfortable i just mean video opportunity because you're you're you're stretching your time that you're here sure that it means it's an opportunity to create something like do a ninety minute podcast here and then later do just a quick periscope about the ABC i don't even care don't care if you do oh yeah i've thoughts on that no one else says you see that funhouse had about francesa yes it's unbelievably great so great you couldn't really scripted better to have happened in steve or no i read i tweeted them both back toback yesterday i think so francesa was on friday so let's play that if you could find i was on friday in some guy called him up the antonio brown to which by the way if anybody had a fucking rock in their head the minute that was everybody was thinking just assumed he was going to patriots we're fuck else he's not gonna play this year he's going to go to the patriots that made all the sense in the world do we have better know ryan patrick what's up ryan a they mike how's it going call the other day so i figured i call today <hes> i just wanted to talk about antonio brown how could be a good fit the path but before we get started i just want to add <hes> you know what i don't think antonio brown line i think that's ridiculous that's it that was your dime that's-that's your point he's going through the pats i don't see it so matt process up on sunday right on his NFL show yeah yeah talking talking about antonio brown the do it on the app oh there's not one and wherever it is here he's talking about how made all the sense in the world for bronco player no how how out there no matter how much he's disruptive can affect the patriot culture the patriot culture is built it's rock rock-solid you come in and you do things their way or you don't do all you never impact them impact you or you leave so it's always the perfect place for the troubled player especially the clerk because like i said you never say oh he can ruin my locker room like if you're the jets right now with a young team on your quarterback this it's the greatest because he cares about that stuff so much wants you to believe that he gets every prediction right it's such a great quality i mean obviously i can get worked up game but the else but it's great to be able to say yeah you know i fucked that one up funny to be wrong like what like this is what he says find the audio financial defy right now by coming over here i told you the browns are gonna lose tells asia but that's the thing is like i don at the end of the day i don't really cares you don't know anything very wide and there's nobody knows anything right it's also funny they'll never admit he's wrong oh def f- if he said he was wrong where's the humor yet but even like sa- might do that he might go so wrong and then but then who kind of like walk that back and greg i mean i didn't really say that what i was saying was and just come with some bullshit answer to get not to talk about sports and all his fucking braiding in the plug this one hundred twenty five years old it is starting to his friend or foe into a false sense of security personnel sometimes you have to walk like i like the results sports socceroos news i don't like talking about sports that much anymore but i appreciate when something is fucking sane this is actually boarding he's forty two years old he's the best player in the league if you didn't know a better last night watching the game would you hold the note doesn't know yet again there are other places to listen to this but i just find that fucking believe it i i mean what what do you what do you think is performance last night says about the future of the TB twelve franchise saying again not everything has to be marketable you talk sports it's fucking the greatest football player of all time at age forty two is playing as well as it is madness and it's fucking madness radio mahomes MVP your thoughts created this monster so i can't even talk seriously what would you ask him questions today ask you nothing you fucking blow them and talk about brown did you did you really ask ask him to move in your house looks like you get some competition of melanin as quarterback visit you fucking play great like there's nothing i'd probably ask him about about kelleher i guess at some thoughts are you a twenty minute answer the guerrero things he's like you know what i'm happy about that i thought you were very insulting norwich keller redeemer just hangs up i will say this i was talking to jerry about this brady isuzu much happier curtis was telling me i talked to curtis last week <hes> when curtis was when we're talking about the show which curtis really likes mentioned <hes> he was like brady calls now six fifteen in the morning and say hey chris has got the point brady sakala mondays right for us but he blew us off all the time he would cost nine fifty on tuesday morning at the last possible minute before we get <unk> hated us really and now he's just like joking around brady likes getting his fucking knob rub loves doesn't he loves jim gray and fitzy and hillman and dan key likes that which to me is great as breezy as kind kind of a knock clay i like guys aren't afraid to fucking break balls and dick around like i don't know that seems to me these sort of a knock on radi curtis had what i thought was a veiled reference to this show this morning they always about the debris thing yeah and fitzy made some horrible joke and curtis goes yeah fall guy right kind kinda referencing the awful joke we made fun of him ryan could be could be yeah that sound i'm here this is the most predictable and pathetic thing from from your boston red sox yup i wait for the moment where the patriots are about to go nineteen antonio brown has now officially a member of the team they just raised their six banner and destroyed the the steelers on sunday night football in a game that will probably do like a forty five share when the red sox turning to the biggest one dumped car i thought it was interesting too that he he chris brings up like the legitimate newsworthy thing in greg hill's length nothing that is the contrast of the two worlds so so chris is still our child try way like like that's something jerry and i would dig in on maybe to our detriment like i think our audience would like it but maybe we'll go to in 'cause i wouldn't care there was a blow game last night i don't really give a fuck about the jerry jerry would be all in which makes it a new football it's good for ball is always good when i grow up my other harrelson you get nothing else to do right bird my advice now not do right brady people predicted that you're going to put any ken i predicted a big win for the patriots we jerry wear jersey get so worked up a weird things like would have can rig the sound and pick against the patriots he would fucking flip out in in one time it happened while brady was calling in and brady hurt it and jerry spent the first ninety seconds pollick wasn't true turn 'em like we're talking talking like what are you doing he's like the taxes are you crazy just so you know sock puppet layered perkins a character with us i tried give it to full back story we just twenty nine like everyone wants to hear in a move on it's not true like jerry your voice clearly clearly different like it's clearly we ended on purpose the sound bad joke the whole thing's a joke thirty three six would you pick and he's like steelers it makes no sense that's funny though wasn't something else i had to say shit i forget there's one other story oh i know what it was that is in isn't a big deal by texting you about this yesterday did you believe this tweet the tweet about the woman who said that she was oh my somebody was there for a loaf of bread i you know it's it's tough to tell there could be other there could be other factors like they stole brad and with a cop or something yeah no that story no woman who's a prosecutor or something i think right or not the public prosecutor she's a celebrity public defenders on survivors okay okay she said she's exhausted she got home from twelve hour shift and she saw a man you look at our accounts all crazy like that you saw man prosecuted for just stealing a loaf of bread that's it he was gonna i spent thirty days in rikers island lad yeah yeah read to save his family like is this really true and of course people on twitter where like you're you're unbelievable the other half were like this is fucking clearly bullshit thirty days in jail because you went into like stop and shop and stole wonder bread happened so if you're going to stop and shop today right <hes> you steal loaf of wonder bread or whatever and they catch you what do they do i think the nineteen year old sees you pretend they didn't go back played out like it's like some dick like some forty or whoever they are fucking like you get arrested you'll you'll i don't never be able to enter the store again it'd be something like that so there's a lot of it depends on who the cop is that shows up if they even call the cops right there's so much room for discretion i think most cops would probably be like kyi radio midnight with sandwich or something i mean thirty days in records is that seem anyway i offense shoplifting i don't think that thirty days in the hole all the sentence no i wouldn't think so i don't know anyway getting that weinstein's book that's coming out tomorrow to documentary i've seen it was not bad it was like you could shoot holes in it <hes> it didn't it didn't really nail your buddy winds into the florida didn't tell you what you didn't already know right yet you're looking more the other other side of the story about the good things fiction reservoir dogs out tarantino like for you when i say to you we'll do word association real quick before we go okay i'll give you some names i just want to hear what you through comes right to your mind kevin spacey american beauty harvey weinstein pulp fiction bill cosby hilarious charlie rose great interview matt lauer same interesting strange move no <hes> no other opinions on those what's what's the name fort where there's no apology necessary who's going to promote shot shaw sponsor kmart a tough time headline we certainly could find a high-powered defense attorney lisa bloom sponsor malcolm could sponsor answer EPSN on his win for that we're looking at the studio up and smell good good and you're afraid i mean anybody any random celebrities sure mike tariq OB goodwin for football season would be good darren sharper you could get all season gets it's max who's expert jesus mike tyson your molin chore buffoon by tyson's like cuddly now like again he's he doesn't really matter rape somebody with the jail for but that doesn't matter well not to play how high was isn't there some discrepancies there what do you mean about the case oh good for free to feel free to weigh in and slander raped uh-huh weird i mean joke around okinawa let's see but this is weird he he's very critical of certain subjects very strange a certain pack brings brings intense skepticism one that's that it's going to go where no idea it's the guy was like i don't know what the legal kiss only supreme court justices there are but he's running away in a legal case there's no a lot of these epstein oh yeah hillary clinton and killed him we personally there's no believe that district you believe the cleanse kill them sure you're actually better now i think there's a good chance as i always ask this how do the work okay that's good hillary clinton took some garrote wire rice slipped down over his fucking she knew somebody who knew somebody was the video uh-huh camera happened to be out in the security guards fell asleep at the exact i agree but now you're saying the hillary clinton murdered no i'm saying i don't know i just seems all seems a little fishy that's not the craziest he'll is open to ideas people have crazier hillary clinton theories my old buddy gary tanguay we're doing a show take take out of nowhere just conversation i hear about her a lot is shut it off but you take you off the plane grab two or three military bing boom bang swinger action and like she would have sex with four military guys at the same time she's like seventy years old the plane like libya like what are you talking i heard you hear it i audra draper our career mccoy talking about tanglewood come in here he's the greatest i would love to have it's possible not likely tang wish theory is that if he comes in here he's an old guy TV with arabia with if he comes in in here like this thing is i'm just come in here and hit the post gave us if you're going to do more than you try and get me in trouble that's ridiculous and he's doing TV doesn't want any trouble so it'd be fund come on fun for us but he doesn't want to be used as i get and i guess i don't know i think jerry we'll be on before tanguay all right i think jerry obiang goodness will you you'll be here for that or not allowed comes as get the same cases kelleher matzec making me we read papers do the farm to dc trying to fuck me over i block them on twitter that's showed him my fried cam loves you she said you're great anything else we hit three hours to these steve granola we've done it all now we're not quite three hours also a lot of the editing stuff left to come out you've ed kelleher thanks even possible able you wanna clip they're not really from today i don't think so i don't think there is i mean clean up clean up the entrance the grand entrance and the grand and i think if you play it backwards there's some anti-american stuff that we got scream each other out there i could hear you got pretty aggressive what i just think he's an enact clearly and he's trying to beat me into fighting with him and i just don't like him that's just staying here is better chance he might have left the smart with him probably not into the car keller OB the takeaway from today right i guess people

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