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You are listening to the to planners striking podcast either. Twenty twenty one to power by super paeans energy management for committed athletes and coaches states. Twenty one today within patty. Where are we francois when we own the shells zinc and we'll just so the dome you know a ride. Its first lop off. The most out is the most beautiful avenue in the word. That's what the french say. The persian say. I guess i guess those say paul mall or whatever on australian. Think mitch done if you've been here before but we're in the middle of the show. We are two hundred meters from the finish line in an area. It sounds very quiet. Lots because it is where we are. There are no crowds here. Toll am for what your first impressions of the final stage of fronts. Unfortunately it's a little bit on an eventful because of all the new restrictions. It's very very bizarre off walk. You said for them to be rolling down the loss. I paris. I have vein. He really bad almost fifteen years ago it was a completely different different atmosphere because everyone was hanging on the areas and going crazy but it was cool. Say the guys rolling down the fool with the road. The haven't started really rising yet. But i'll certainly moving along. Probably like fifty. Still bumpy look bumpy. It is very bumpy. And it's a new finish isn't it. I mean today really is all about one of the big questions. Today's weather mark. Calendars can win his fifth stage of this sort of france on his thirty fifth station. Thought to go ahead of any marks in the record books as the most prolific stage winner interred franz history. That's that's one of the great plots is going to unfold today over the next hour or so but it's a new finish. He's one here many times before. Finish nine removed three hundred fifty meters further the lease which does change the finish quite lot. Isn't it what it does in a way because it's been more uphill but believe me i think the Wolfback car you know kind of professional enough to have that checked the new finnish. It's is french for us. Because we were supposed to be placed on the other at on the other side of these which it'll be it's ranch as mitchell sane. We see more sexy guys than than spectators which is a little bit troubling for now before we reach the the final moments and before we see whether macabre niche spoken recco. they wouldn't stepped into the shades. It went onto the transit. It was all about today. Petra celebration you team align opening the way for the rest of the proton. yeah well. that's that's that's part of the tour nights part of the show. It's more like a kind of criteria more ready. Even if last minute they'll be a massive victory your stage at seic even more of a criterion type field too. I think with the new the new circuit here. I'm i quite enjoy the final stage. It does feel like closure on the third of franz that there is a party atmosphere even in these With these restrictions in place mentioned no. I mean you must have watched that final kilometer. 'em an being a leading man yourself. Having been involved in bonn sprints yourself this the has been such a formula to it with the final leader man bringing the right or through that across the pasta concord into the finishing straight. We always got fantastic camera panning alongside the writers as they sprint here. But this means you were singing the car you know the common dish on the two writers. Ideally in front of coming right in that final. I think realistically quick probably going to be the only ones who do set that up and probably. I think it's going to be quite easy them because every team is gonna just want them to take control. All the attacks are off and yes. We're why we have a great experience that first attack and it looks like Off the front anyway. Back to god in single file. This looks hard already. What a what a change from. When we just sold them go positive municipal all. Look them sprinting. Out of the single fall. I can tell you right now. These boys don't walk in that in they lakes but anyway. Yeah you coming on that corner. They're going to have to have to infront so is going to be super high. And i think we will be aiming michael walks to go inside. Four hundred three hundred saw doing his done so like you said they're gonna need casper screen time well and truly through that funnel corner. Well somebody who's here to see whether this can do is his old mentor brian home. The dane was danish sports director. Who still works quite set but no on as many races as the used to he used to be a permanent fixture here at the tour. But you also with kaunda. Hcc high road and really in his they. They're reunited again this year. Of course decoding quickstep. And he's here with his family. I spoke to a few minutes ago at the current quick set boss brian. Home back at the tour de france. From or you lost here. I think last year was a two thousand eighteen. Two thousand eighteen of course was a year where we thought we were seeing the end of mark his career. That was that was three whole years ago. Can you believe what we've seen it. This fronts with mark bit of surprise to me. also. I mean with benetton team. Starting the season with bandit who won the green jersey last year cav common back back to the team proved himself turkey again getting into belgium. I'm now we're sort of a fairytale questions when you look at it. Just it looks like he's turned the caught by because he looks like the mark common dish of two thousand eight nine. Ten to be honest. I raise it did with him. This year was covered. Botticelli norway capacity. He was climbing like before. It was really really good. His train of our cd overset th the was. Just perusing he can win to. He's at that already a few months ago. But okay wants to say announcing used to do it. You know so at the end of the day. The little possibly a big puzzle together hannah. He want few stadiums. What this team because obviously market a good time here before. But they're this team's ability to bring the best sprinters is lots is a real a real thing. It's a trend that we've seen with several different sprinters is the what is the magic here. Saint got part of the magic could be wanting to see. The heavy heavy mountain stages seemed to clack three stephen ons paladini molecule sitting around the sprinter. I mean that because assault but imagine maybe demain housing. He was out of the time. Carter those who seek but but newsprint us. who's dropped. And maybe have three teammates around him. They could have made it all show so then you. There should say calf cabin. The mountains they did a few days was closed was a very hot for the guys but that made it and would cavagnaud. He can pull it out you know. When he's arrived the is sought off. He could get into very good shape with the mountains one day using his dying day. After winning i was to save south. Eight nine hundred eleven. Just the last few years wasn't too good but would cavs obviously hit. Isn't it you when the head is a straight than he could win but he can't be a windfall also giving you sacrifice to see a real danish Par and his success with michael markov has become erku. Yeah of course. I know michael. He's living next to me Just nice to meet in copenhagen i- magas doing a brilliant job you know he's always say probably one of the best. If not the best lead out men for the for the moment. I was disabled. Would michael when he came to the team. From christoph from contusion. Nobody did we come. See him as a good lead out man. I mean so like the spend us that get better here for a sloop lag. Lead outmanned getting better. He also keep in mind when he wrote he's with searcy Think of i mean he was supposed to be a climber. I mean jonah. Lisa mastermind enough so i can saw the climate pretty wrong. Finally brian We're on the show and elise where the Pasta concord is mark. Today is gonna take stage number thirty five office. You're spitting on him I hope show. But i think for me. Personnel is more important if you can keep the green jersey. I suggest something. I mean arrived here and couldn't even remember who wants three or four stages. I mean he can beat eighty eighty three cut. The you know one mall while is but if it doesn't do it i think it's nice also but the most important for me for can keep the green jersey that was fantastic cycling podcast at the twenty twenty one to the powered by super sapiens energy management for committed athletes and coaches guessing on feuding. Not sure what all went to eat and drink on that matter never again optimize. Your feuding strategy was real time. Lucas data actionable insight and beth analyze analytics. We are to help you. Achieve your peppermint schools go to super philippians dot com for more now to track you energy levels and fuelled for success. I say podcast shuna slovenia. I hide my second b. Two years ago nearly nothing coming back to training both running invite ever since early on i would love to win the super sleepiness competition. Because i've become very interested this year in the instals cycle affects your treating effects specifically the energy needs half for your different intervals. runs harmful need different from one week to another within the same month. So he'll suplicy paeans system we give you the insight into that that you will release the month so you see a lot. Predeceased over. Several cycles would be antastic. So i love to run in. Thank you very much. The podcast i love it. Keep up your ramoche. Deed to super sapiens. Our title sponsor and we heard there from shona with entry for our competition to win three months worth of super safeness products. Thanks very much for all your entries. I guess our closest the last day of the third of fronts but we will pick three winners to win three months worth of the super sapien census with the scottish accent. There's well of course not won't be a factor in whether she wins and of course i have my hands. If you would like to find out more about super sapiens go to super sapienze dot com. That's the dutch. that's the dutch. Flag is thunder fringe the wrong way reid francois red red white and blue so maybe if i turned around i was sitting in the right way. You mentioned about Something i've always thought. Signs of bike racing is very under appreciated. And i think we get it here. you know with the smooth cobbles. You get you really get the fight don't you. You really do. I've actually admit this is probably the only time this whole week that i've really wanted to be out there. I'm watching these scars. Going around in that that sense of achievement that you get from an integration tour and these last is is really special though that i've done a show-me soleil size but the loss of a grand tour is this real. It's a beautiful moment and actually watching the gos- ran. I know what's how they feeling it's hurting but also feels good and now been envious. I have to admit listen before we get to the final of today stage on the finale of the fronts. Let's hear while a few writers made this race. Their best moments worst moments there unsung heroes whether we are at the dawn of the tiny gotcha era or really in it already here from a few writers nine writers other people sam. Pk race radio Charter franz fades to the victory of much of on the food. Probably like a lot of other people but it was Honesty was unexpected. Everyone was expecting him to win on stage one. He won on stage to and in astonishing style and that was the emotion that went with it which was perfect. That was my best moment of the tool. Worst moment of the tour. I enjoyed my tour. I have no worst moment. Unsung hero Based on all the interviews. I did in the morning on the evening. I'd say a guy. I didn't know very well. Ben o'connor really really really impressive on the bike. And always chatty always smiling always interesting to have a word with ben o'connor michael moore calls the current quickstep blessed woman in this tool. That was a lot. We had five states victories. All of them was very beautiful. Worst moments in this tool. That was the states where we had to fight very hard to make the time limits. Unsung hero these tool for you. Tim airolo bnb. Hotels don't have really this moment. Maybe maybe two more. When i see my wife and my My kids my worst moment when i sick Saturday next saturday. yeah. I feel really sick and And really sinking is Pretty do my best and When you walk A lot like me were for this For this difference in you know your stages calming and you don't feel a one percents. This momentous unsung hero of is from them. For sure i think almost nobody ignore him Because different now a lot of people knew him as a component. The stronger it is and yeah for me is my Is my arrow and the last question. Do you think we with with entered the trump era. I think Yes he's young. Any strong and i think a lot of race jillian dr trek second. Frito what was your best moments. Can you still the false suffice inches The victory of book show that was unbelievable nominee for the team. And that's nice we really raise aggressive Within this This year so we get some senior stage weenies not so it's not every year real quite nice fitting to two of your worst moments. In the tudor. Phones had stage. When i crashed for show not have an ice to to start the universe. These did so much was. Okay what's more question cushman and we see a big be crushing in. So i was not really annoying for the rest of the unsung euro of the hospital. I think punked benhamou is one of the heroes of the to me up so many days when we didn't see it on the radio he was in front of light for the stage win so i think he's Unclear sunk guile. How many tours you think pogo strachan win that question. Every time we say we saw a new face combing and we say win for five six seven two two phones but so far we say exactly the same phone bill now of these. So he's a young guy. The only thing we know is fake. And maybe years the catch coming on the portal. And all and win the war straightaway. So i think we came on the on the on the time where it's difficult to to estimate khomeini toward the guy can win. Look a sketch team bike. Exchange our best team result stage one when Bowling was second on a very finish worse moment of the to offstage to ten years wars weather. Long climbs emptying the end cold in the middle has. The worst moment was the unsung hero. Would that'd be christian jackson. The strongest man alive every day in the break chasing the brakes helping the team. Just doing everything man. Alive leuchter bridge team bike. Exchange bismah to For me personally was like the volunteer day. When i was in the bryk gonna the top. I lot with The world champion. And i think it was just like was oversee the crowds and go on. I always grew up watching was Really special to the worst moment. The steijn detainees. I was just filthy rattling called super hob into arrest i but it was just. It was horrible unsung hero. I'd have to say my Japanese on your massa. Hase's such a legend just like with japanese military precision gives you'll massage legs and he's just got these little funny quickness about him but Yeah i'd have to sign last year's dasa me. This rice Massa timing kashgar coffee this team she's to a few having new french fans since i'm infringe team we're seeing about the to me. The weather sometimes really terrible state just before the first rest. A wasn't breakaway but At one point. I just froze that. Was it for myself in between the last and the second last group. Petro which is not my usual place but on the day I was dead. And who's the unsung hero. I would say michael moore cough not winning but Always there and preparing the winds forecast which is obviously an easy job. Doing the perfect. Have no idea how these guys would. But he's doing it to perfection and of course there are many other unsung heroes but This would be the first one that comes to mind. That's pederson trek. Second fredo moment of the tour right now. he's over and it's a way to paris. So best moment is now westmont. Worst moment definitely my count crash on stage eight. Hit the dick quite off. And who's the unsung hero of dishes to france. I would like to save feet lipson. You know he did some quite rents. And it's nice to see him Being in mix like walgreen e f education nicole. She's tour de france. I'll probably say yesterday from my personal point of view of being a break. Finally nice other that. I think the way we've been writing for rigo the whole tour onto you. It's like second gmc. But i drive not a right away. We always where they have to be. They're not getting caught by any crashes or crosswind or let people chasing well. So i think that's the best thing far worse partly bad issues to Say go going from second to tenth. And obviously i think he's more disappointed than me but i really want to see him on the podium. In in paris he decided it was with every writing so yeah. It's a shame. Cycling is an. Who's the unsung hero of. She's in european for. Everybody will probably say no like Expected that's like a fellow dane. Same home club kind of raised him. I'll say so. I'll say him for sure rich. We're into the final. Fifteen commenters has been a strange race. Because we there's sort swapping off the same teams from different writers the vulgar and either scaling king of the race and the in breakway schilling mockery. Algren sorry yeah wahlgren at by more poor song so it's the same teams are separate. What what is the thinking. There is that lost editor trying to make his show or do they really think. I guess the one question here is that they'll teams will are leaving it entirely that they couldn't quite set to chase tempted. Carts been very very busy ballerinas helping him now. Are they just gambling on the the very slight possibility of a a breakway be able to stay on mean leaning on the fact that cavendish oncein bad and the cars that he's in the in the better for everyone else so that will play that card as long as i can and kwik save. I'm willing to gamble guy while we will let it go. So they're to have to use ole main and if always trying to go against creek sip. I wouldn't be helping. And hopefully they've been they go one guy left in the lead out and two long sprint today. So luckily they're going to need as many gauze around that loss corners. Possible looking good for the rest of because We can see now. It looks like it's watching. Tv said dsm same nail helping out so it's said pointing in now with this three off the front his strong ause. They're going to be hard to really exciting he. We got well. The other thing is. I don't know whether we should read much into communist has been really towards the back of the peleton. They are going fast. He has looked like at the effort is hurting and i did want venar position much further towards the front. He doesn't have a big team. Random him of course Come to us again. Do we read anything into that. Now he'd be just searching for the best possible spot he's got he's he's got markle more convert in front of He just be completely switched off and just falling mock-ups wheel and that'll be out to more call to on the best place in position in the pelivan for the easiest rod and he would have worked at out from one years of experience and to doing laps. Today is easy spot now. we can drift. He now any move. We're going to see the form to the front now because there's just nine more time to move shoot that i i think cost team car. The back of the tax lease the voice of radio tool interrupting fine who to to franz episode for twenty twenty one to remind us to tell you that it is sponsored by map. The cycling clothing brand that was founded in melbourne and in previous episodes this week. We've talked about the design and the performance of the kit but at the heart of maps ethos is sustainability. Matt is the first cycling brand that he's a blue signed system partner now. Bluestone is an organization that works with brands and manufacturers to reduce the overall footprint of textiles with a particular focus on the chemicals. They use a map of also just launched that program which means they're using excess fabrics from previous production runs and repurposing them into new style. So there's knock as much wasted fabric. And this is a conscious effort to keep unused hextall out of landfill and put them onto the backs of the riders. So what's being like riding in the kit richard. Because i notice you've recycled my jersey into your jersey by the looks of the social media pictures when you're riding the time-trial course yesterday. Yeah yeah recycling in action their vital but yeah but there's a new insight the On the label telling you. How much is made of recycled material which i know a lot of our listeners. Very interested in in this particular aspect of. I think we're on the road to paris at the moment and mitch is driving. 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You're asked me winner. Who's my ruffy. My pekinese now van aunt for the win and my ruffians. Magnus called nielsen. Two-point straight a guy and you go good feeling about vinyl just because of the nature of the finnish now. It's going to be a strong months finish on this on these couples and the rough surface. And it's sp ahead when his head cross when i come on flavored time here okay the winner venar and cider cab being cav my site. His mark cavendish. No let's see so. The tunnel now ran the loss. We got debbie. Mitch gone coming from. Tv i can barely say. Let's let's call it for that. I can they come at a loss kona for on the front. Magnus quote nielsen. The roffe all look at mitchelson coming now. Altogether won t. No one's even spoken about one t this whole time danny van poppel but quakes hip as we thought are all back together in the russian one point guard. That's oscar on the front. You've got michael moore call following michael matthews gripers. Zeeshan van on a little bit further back could prove to be a good position in this long spring. Here i come in moscow. And i'm going to have to watch these. Come around the corner and take a little pause sweep across the pasta concord. Here the company common dish on wheel on tap pinned against the barriers. But look at this little delay on the tv coverage. We forgot about ballerini. He's still there too. It's looking right now. For quickstep doesn't look norcal mock-ups su there anymore. He might have done shop getting. I think i'm just on a really good thing getting on venar wheel here he's looking. I think we're more who's heating out. I hear tinson eating out as i can say. It looks like he's going to be doing the lead. Art van is poised ready. Kevin's five back. I don't think he's going to do it from the stuck on the barriers. He's writing for van onto offi goes near. He's gone arts looking perfect now for van cleave onto the ron trapped. There here comes yawns per philipson philipson on the line. Yes celebrating picked it. Oh you did you did you did. I said either feeling about vinyl as well. I mean we said earlier extraordinary the effort. He made the time to win that and to win here now. Amazing i think there's a real strong finish. Wasn't it unbelievable. this is just. This is history in the making and another. Why ron we've just saying something super special van. Ought we already know are fighting each one one of the biggest if not the biggest mountain stage of the race. He's won a time trial and he's won a bunch sprint. I just. I can't believe it like i feel sad for mock bodies. Fantastic tour just wasn't mean to bay this moment he's got the green jersey wrapped. Al is brian. Holmes had earlier. We probably have been focusing too much on the stage. Wins on the record. The marks record. How the expense of the green jersey which he's only one before a phenomenal achievement. For him to come back. Finish the tour in the green and win the as well. I can't believe this says as we said already. And that's boss someone self alarm. Uae boss there divan out yesterday. We saw him completely empty the tank. He's one heats at. I can see tonight. We got your with your same ice on the television just celebrating. You hear the bus. The bus are the liberal. I think that's the we won the tour de fronts alarm on the bus. The gaza celebrating lock goals main scored in the world cup. All the staff are really enjoying the moment. Let's go up and witness at showy mitch. There goes out alarm again on the road and rolling in science book is supporting cycling. Podcast at the twenty twenty one default science in spoiled pule by science. Thank you very much. Indeed our sponsor sciences sport. We're very grateful indeed to them for their support over well five years now and if you want twenty five percent of all your scientists port products you can go to scientists sport. Don't come and to the code. Sis cp twenty-five is cage is with us up with francois again. And we've got kate again and mitch is here and we're enjoying a nice drink. Thank you once again scientists sport. I have a winner yet for our super sunday competition. Some i'm sure we'll have wa venar and they will win eighty pounds worth of sciences sport products. Lionel we'll pick a winner and we will announce that in the next episode which come up this week. Now we're back m. just said our hotel were an ice bar washing just seven. Argentinian restaurant and we're going to be eating here but leith ron. But we're digesting for the moment. What viner's incredible. When makes you called at home. I mean you know. Matt keenan phil liggett raub hutch. Watch your backs. mitch is coming to get. You wasn't unless audio position to call the rice you know. What was that mean. Those guys have a pretty easy. They've got tv. Sit back and then coochie hans you know they size. It was awesome psycho bay there. What was that great sport weight loss corner when they see final strike. We go to say them. And then we could turn out hiddensee. Big-screen really cool today the today as you missile was some envious adequately out there but pretty cool to cold really exciting sprint actually Cab push limits. I think without his without he's fooled. Some live interview guy. We got the boys hitting out. A couple teammates will buy yoenis rush and nielsen palace. Just about to get at least the reading of the same restaurant. Yeah it was. It was just so you wanna spend come by a few minutes because we were watching the sprint again. Questioning tactics listen and it was interesting to say like you know caffeine the great sprinter that he is but i think we what we saw today was again reminded and we knew how good is laid out train was but i think these halted again when he was left on his on how could easily that try and has been his hall to because he is being presented with the perfect opportunity to win sages. And that doesn't take anything away from me. Sprinting ability but today he was up meno meno against fan on and the other sprinters found lebed might turn us and we watch the final four or five comas in his work. he that he's a former stage winner and yellow jersey whereas well of course but the work he did over the last four or five kilometers phenomenal but actually took the took the right train. It took the the he took the wheel of finish in the only problem with that train. Is that the last the last car in the trendy thoughts stops you know just to let him go but otherwise seem that than mock often at was not there. I mean he made the right decision which was take finance will but then you know then didn't leave him a chance that the didn't leave any space open he really like at is you'll be back and knew exactly what was happening. You force phipps into to to to to try and curve to the to the right to overtake which of course cost as phillips and a lot of speeds and never ever left left any door open for calf to to to go through. I mean we we. We'll go back to on the minute. That was a smashing performance. I have a very pleasant anecdote about this. Which is that yesterday in the press conference. When while van are won the time trial. I was the one who asked him if he was going to contest. On shops still is a and he said yes. Personal success aside. I think this really does show. That is truly an incredible writer in terms of one mop onto he wanted time he a sprint. All in the same grand tour grand slam phenomenal. Yeah it's like a grand slam in. Its own right you know. Just the thing is stupid. You know screw journalists from the spots said he thought you know von dinette chance to of winning this spring i think Thing was me actually see the new. Eddie max can i can. I dare say the name. It's it's funny when everybody was was looking for calf to overtake merck's and and all of us these by guy who behaves i mean that's cannibalism to win the mountain. The one of the toughest munzer stages the toughest time-trial probably win the sprint. And mothers understand that you i mean. Yeah paul from earth. I come to think of anybody else in the same tour during the doing this sort of feeds by the way that some people have asked by whether the pronunciation police police inspector chief inspector rob harshest is taking a break from the podcast moment. Because obviously he's busy yours commentary and because some of your pronunciations have been well angry. Lou is the best one of yours meant. He's not he's not needed anymore. Kate sean sean. The lease a transition. Respect high spectacular. Fantastic not listening. Rob yeah you don't you don't do. The p like she's not champs like champion to though it was nice. Thank you very much. It's the sean he's the reason very well. Listen you move is mark really extraordinary. Four writers finished with they've all ridden exception. Well tennyson today in setting up. M was really unbelievable. Set koussa's stage when you on his finger goal has finished second overall just a phenomenal team performance. Nobody would have wanted from the tour coming into of course with earlier primoz glitch but nevertheless i grabbed coosa the finish and he was obviously extremely happy with his teammates. Stage when today on the show very successful for your small team and all of you have had great success here. I mean while obviously went very surprised to see him win today. Yeah he wanted to go to the go for the sprint. And i think it just shows what he's capable of He's he's also really strong Mentally and driven so. I think nothing was going to stop him from at least trying today and yet idea of how you wanted to do the sprint and i think he did it to perfection so Yeah his perfect reduced operation. Might obviously it was a great a great help for them in the sprint. Having mike is huge. I mean i think that that shows the strength of the team we had. We had one or two guys for each situation but we always make it work and we trust each other so that counts for a lot. They must be a strange feeling. Is it finished. No as you would have liked to finish that having still managed to purchase quello success. It's a great feeling. Because yeah you forget about the setbacks pretty quickly when you just switch your your goals in your mindset and then after that everything was just building momentum going better and better so we couldn't ask for a better Better tour all. Things considered still digesting spring. Koos from movies mall. it was a fast sprint. To watch again. Wasn't there and study and a team that had a role to play a present. Certainly at the front was team bike exchange. I think there was an obvious soling for that grain jersey and markle matthews had to go for that intermediate and the stage. Wayne allyn actually quite understand that. We're not cold early with you. Halfway on the strike missions running to the mitchelson. Sorry pocket change. I'm know this is called for the cycle. The compensation same team and all sorts of off to it's sort of i completely forgot about the intimate. Actually say my what was going on. You guys are contrary in the choice and as you can hear. He tells the story of that all going for that into mania to try and put mocking the best place. There's probably a small percent chance that he could won the stage. Take rangers lost i. But that's a guard for luke to every soul done. Might also you straight on the front when that break win. I was like hang on a second bit far from the finish. What was the story there. Well two and a half lot seen there was an intermediate So we thought. I'll put cabinet pressure and let's try and get some more points. We wanted to luke walk. We're working to quickstep sort of chipped in with us for a bit until they realize that we're actually keeping together the then they just go to handle it and then we went to needs immediate thing kevin getting anyway and then we just of arrested. Why did it in Todor laid out in the final limited numbers. So they're trying to take luke and matthew's under the tunnel into the strike but now with seven hundred the and it's actually so far so We're a little bit caught. Come passes and was it but Do any unbelievable is great to watch. I think also quicksilver. And i'm a really hot day out there. It was super hot. i think that It was shot. We started hour or two early. Then we normally do So that sounds movie. Loopy kula restarted early and we only had one hundred and only have about one hundred and fifty which bathroom decay longest. I so your light on as you saw. The jet. Sunday flew over with two ago. Normally i do as you enter. It was just all sunday cooking up. So what happening and as you're saying this tour it's unpredictable. Everyone's been attacking. that's what happens. I even alpha was turn them dunes on my old on now off the olympics. He super excited bridge You spoke to another australian who we saw the road today as well. You're mean he's favor of yours already. He was am impressed. Stefan kuhn as well. He called him as one of his unsung heroes of this race. We are dying. Last night's podcast. Hurry sweeney swain. Dog up the right gain. Just he's enthusiasm nine interview. It was infectious rosie's yeah. He seems to enjoy himself. He's just finished his first grand tour. I two to france neo pro. He's a succeeded. I loved it. I really love seeing that from him. Well let's hear from another neil proof. We're not neil. Probe tour debutante frederick as well so i high sweeney and then fred right of in victorious because frederick has given on that same vibe as well through this race he finished fifteen th time try which went unremarked upon us last night and it shouldn't jump because that was a really strong performance from him but here i from curry sweetie and then from fred right swain dark night. What do i do finish your first two other ride pretty rubbish terrible legs in every way about the jets gone over. I play some good fight. Is it's really special to come on here. I wasn't expecting any people and really could hear the roar of the crowd at some space. Us to be honest. Spinnaker i like congratulations. You've got a fantastic. And what do i do. finish it. Also stiffen coon voted you is. He's unsung heroes. So you've got the respect of the pellets onto the unsung hero. He really said that happy. I've heard i got the nickname. L. buys from quickstep so i'm not sure about. I glad to see frank colby. Iram you not by any chance. I just wanted them. Yeah yeah he's been in the In the bucket bucket vs on a little bit. I think he slept little car one of the day so he. He's an actor favorite legend to be like. Yeah obviously because sometimes they're going to watch this. I mean he's been so excited every time i've seen him a hell of a ride from you yesterday You just decided to give a good boss. Yesterday the fifteenth on the stage. Yeah i thought. I'd just squeeze everything out. Must help you know like why no it's not. It's not quite ready. You got to do with crowds the hallway. I really enjoyed. Actually i think it was this where you're the morale you'd be out there. You had the morale you finish this in in a good way. I mean you feel like you've enjoyed of you are loved today with so much fun. Bumpy really bumpy than i thought it was going to be just to be amongst trying to help us on the final kilometer. Pretty especially in the house. Been watching watching the sprints kids all this. You've always said successes team you've got a police raid as well. I mean you've experienced everything is possible too expensive to the front so stressed about not been forgotten by now. I've just finished. It's story to tell that's for sure. Guys say that when they finish any grunter special fronts it changes them as writers. It's too early to say for you but you know. Do you feel like you come out of this race A more confident writer. Maybe when you recover a stronger writer as well. I think i think confidence. Is you know it depends how you play with the training. Stuff back into it with the strength. Wise confidence wise. This is the most stressful crazy bunch. Strongest bond you're ever gonna ride and so it's a you know if i can do things and help the team has this. There's no reason why do it in any other. We'll listen the most important awards of the penalty sharm. We decided to award that. Christianssen team bike change. We heard from a couple of nights ago. He went to rescue a cyclist. Who'd fallen off the side of the cold deport team and We felt that was Exactly the sort of thing that deserves to win peddler ducharme so i caught up in vibe. Roughly the finish peddler sharma very prestigious the most prestigious award at the front. Yeah no big on candid Pretty heavy sleep with such big prize for going home and have a cup of coffee. Well it'll be delivered to your home soon. Yeah it's gonna be great now. He's going to skip over tokyo. And then i'll have back in the enjoyment price clear one thing. I've mentioned still racing and your with seems to be referring to him. As an x-ray he's still going to go. I know i know i know. He still has a famous lack of the tracking rubio left. And i'm sure he'll do do himself. Pride in his career so i'm happy to have him christianssen. We're in the right place here guys because look who's coming down. The street is while polls still in his cycling. Kit ongoing thomas pushing pushing from ryan. How are you Up in better. It's nice to finish when i race with the boy here. So yeah you're family's here. You're pushing a buggy from turkey france writer to well. Hello is this the first time the the race or yeah well. They came to the t. T. wolves last year. But that was abnormal as well. So i properly so yeah. It's been nice to have air but switch off at twelve hours and on the planes tokyo. So wendy leave tomorrow night but fingers crossed nobody on the plane is Goes positive since stories. Already if people haven't quarantine so that won't be ideal with it. Not an ideal tour obviously pretty bashes up from the sabra heidi come. How'd you feel Actually okay For coming out with a tour Just rest up now and then just everything on saturday and we'll see what happens really and then the t. Probably well you know. I love longer to acclimatise for that. It's wednesday oversee so weak wednesday but We'll see what goes. But i'm looking forward to have a change of scenery as well as different you know with. Gb and steph is different to the team oversee so yeah and the team happy. Got someone on the podium and billy. I believe he's no nonsense. That's a success gas. Yeah of course. It's the first time you know and ecuadorian guys. Being on the podium. So you know that's good in itself and then you know. I think we just obviously when you've won seven times anything but winning is seen as disappointment in early. And you know we didn't win a stage But we got billion the podium So it's still you know we can be happy and proud of what we did you know is just was a crazy. Toll knows is totally different normal like so. Even you eaten seem too keen to even ride on the Which was crazy Make the most of like you know. She locked the volunteers. But anyway it's just it's different but Go again next year. Don't guitar beatable. No one's unbeatable but he's certainly Pretty talented pretty good. But you know. Think for if i if you know slapped off richie hadn't as well and released about a few more guys then could have done something different weather. I would crack them. Probably doubted this to- but who knows you know. Next year is a different every. Start from scratch. So get podcasting so you know. I've always you know cost the back on. You know. So you know you see. You got to broaden skill base. that's the one. Yeah mortaring depot and all that. Yeah that's what i was thinking of. Good luck in tokyo. One last question. current easy going to be a fourth season of gavin seis. It should be stacey now. Stay may come you know. Yeah yeah well. It's quality show. Follow the and twin twin town nor go watch a movie right yeah well. It was a bonus into guarant- thomas there and looking very relaxed straight experience for them. I think having been so dominant here to not be winning. The third france a podium is for a lot of teams would be a great result but for them perhaps not so much. They'll be by the drawing board for next year. It's difficult isn't it. I think it was a great point. That he might. There's that off you've won seven times. Anything less than winning is a disappointment. And that's a really never thought of it like that. Because i viewed it like that too on them. They don't doing these. they're not doing this but hang on a second. They still had a pretty good to the on the party him now very active in the rights. That had a lot of bad locks so actually really interesting to hear him speak. I'm there's a lot of people being quite critical. Th they promise supposed to start to race in a very aggressive way and what. We did see her wars that the race way. We're quite familiar with and bought the different system being that they didn't have strongest writer in the race. I mean burnt out. I said it before. Birth one zero and the underworld ties is one of our. Let's say jury says well. Yeah and underworld is looming. And you don't know what can happen. At the end of the season we will. We'll see what The the the record of tim yaas has been. And i'm afraid it'll be good one cates. This great to have you with us once again. What's been your highlights of the tour. Honestly and i'm not i'm not even full crap here. Being on the cycling podcast has absolutely been the highlight of my tour. I'm serious this conversation. So good every night. It's been so great. Driving around with you. In france while definitely i would have been so lost that first week if it weren't for you guys especially because it was such a crazy week As far as the racist concerned. I'd say my my highlight was. This is so hard. Actually because there are so many great moments in that. I i wanna say matthew vendor pool taking the jersey was probably my highlight that was and how emotional he got about it. I thought that was a beautiful moment and definitely worth remembering elvis different race. Isn't it matthew vander poem years way amazing before we wrap up time. We've got some Some some culture. We've got lots of. Thank yous as well but francois we're in we're in perry So i mean you know anything about this place is no i mean i only twenty years there. La la as like most parisiens when you live in various you never go to the eiffel tower. You never go to the museum. You don't know anything about the city so much to say about it. The worth of these panam panam means no panam. Don't say it. i don't know what it means. It means paris. That's a slang for peres. So i was wondering how other slings. London for instance laniers so no thus far more williams element of course schools could chai town. Don't call it that cargo. Yeah so actually. The what the slang for person. The the purrs from the suburbs you to paris. Panam it's it's it's. It's sort of big gun terrorizing to where you're going to serve them. I mean people understanding so pan is dislike. Vote for peres cheese today. We're we're she's every day so we were forced to have cheese today. It's not from paris but it's a cheese that probably the most favorite. She's cheeses in the paris in in restaurants debris do breeze is a little bit like camera. Come on the the cheese in france. You know the symbol of france berry baghdad and encumber. and and you've got a little bit Sort of a bigger than than come and a little bit more creaming than Than campbell is as its name implies for more and moisture place just outside of paris where where blee has been made for centuries if you if you really want to look parisian when you come to a person muscle any your ordering cheese guys with what you want come out and and and you go for blee if you like the kind of cow. You know very creamy cheeses with the white chalky keen on top of it. That's the move. The fact the there are. I mean the kosher. Which us do we start in chatou and so we quickly forgot about shot too because it was just the start of a stage show is actually the place where in present in impressionism started the impressionist. In the in the beginning of the late nineteenth century being no twentieth century they went every sunday to party and and get pissed in the little restaurants around chateau and the famous one whilst painting luncheon of the boating party reflects that i mean. It's one of the most famous impressionist paintings. And all these guys a little restaurant by the river. You know with lots of bottle on on the on the table. Looks like the second podcast Dinner two fronts. The i mean they're your and all these guys there are women around and if you can identify every one of these guys are famous painters from poets so shut who was a place to be in one thousand nine hundred two and that's where the this stage edge started. I want to pay homage tonight. Because we're embarrassed to my favorites writer. French writer ever is on batted me and is is the you can call him the original bulldog because it was the first rodgers will be called the bulldog and finished third in the france like Rashad carapace in nineteen twenty one. So there's a hundred years ago this guy. So was was his best place in the tour but his real fame came in nineteen twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty if finish eighth in the tour but yet an extraordinary arrived at the. I mean you know like the pyrenees actually crashed heavily near examples. It got off unconscious and headed for niece with a fractured collarbone. A dislocated wrist. He climbed the alice. And the gal an rv's passes on his own and without being able to pull on his underboss well dent. It still managed to reach paris. Gary to place the first frenchman. He was carried in triumph to express an after after the tour. Your personal pain in his eye. And you realized that there was splinters from from his crash in his any desire removed and from then on the the next year when he finished the tour yet a glass eye and henderson durst and dirt in the roads. At the time that everything was racing it was taking his. He's off you know like the anymore guy's not put their sunglasses on for the finish. So what he did. I removed you know for the stage and when he was coming to finish was put in. This is kidding. I'm not kidding you on the way battery me. The nineteen thirty nine hundred. Twenty one troupe. Aretha threatens only small this this many obser- great check him out on the internet. As the there's some peaches of these men. I mean they were they were. They were almost as strong as with von out. Well yes von art. And we've barely talked about the winner in this absolute tally pogo. But we taught him. We're going to be talking about him a lot. Because he's twenty two years old and he has won. Two thirds of france. Phenomenal we're gonna play out with a song eventually. Think front so very appropriate kind of sauna. By tiny i guess But before we do go. Some thank yous to get through as traditional end of france might get emotional here guys. But i'm thanks to skoda for the beautiful superb car francois. Thank you enjoyed your nest. Yes a space. Maybe the times sitting that nest is to say that. But yeah i. I'm thinking i'm sixty years old now and i with mitch retiring from professional cycling after peru bates. I'm kind of complaining. Retiring myself you know but enough to three tours. Don't make me even more emotional than already makes you drove the car thing. Joy the scored a superb. I did yeah. Beautiful hydrocare and some tom on that estimated arrival while while sticking to the speed limit and thank you very much a once again stacey snider for making all these beautiful cups mugs jolanta bulls and selling them for brain. Th money for brain tumor research very grateful to her as ever thanks to divine sellers. Who came up with our wine collection for this turned fronts. There are still cases available if you want go to divine sellers dot com and order a cycling podcast toward franz case of wine. Thanks very much to our title sponsor super sapiens. We're very grateful determine. It was fantastic to meet phil sutherland. And if it's in crew. In on dora the people the people very involved in super sapient so great to meet them thanks to scientists sport our long term sponsor gregory as to them for their support. Thanks alastair lloyd jones m who's been absolutely brilliant helping us at the jiro and here. Turn on the social media side of things in particular. He's done an awful lot. Worked for us at this time. And he's forced us to force persuaded us gently to do things like the video blogs the video the video entries. Which we've we've done and we'll do one. I'm sure this evening. Thanks to our producers. Our team of producers john mooney will jones adam. Bowie hugh owen and tom walley. We wouldn't be a show every night with them. We've met and enjoyed the hospitality of several friends of the podcast of this of france. I won't say a big. Hi chris and tasman anstey. Who looked after us and cheryl at spencer martin and karen in monto on simon loosened in teen third time. He's put us up. Thank you very much. Call them very very grateful. Thanks to simon scars brooke. Who's done the wonderful illustrations of all of us Which form our logos. Simon gill for his photography chris old for his photography and finally a big. Thank you to francois once again. Thank you very much. Richard was being a fantastic. A member of our team throw three weeks. Thank you very much to kate. Thank you kate for coming on board and you were with us for the first nine days it's been great am sharing your third france. Your have been obviously brilliant. Maybe it'll be a bit more of that. But thank you very much. Kate and thank you mitch. For coming on board for the final week was an to bring this podcast up to beautiful. Listening level goes in to be on the ground and see how it happens. It's not as easy round things out there. You know this it's not all be drinking in Cheap aiding even though that is big part of it It's been great. Really great to see me as a philip podcast to to see how it all happened so thanks very much for having me thank you. Thank you for being along for the ride. Thank you very much keith. to us. Well and thanks to lie as well. Let's not forget him. He came out for the middle week and it was great to have line with us as well And finally thanks to our audio diaries. Victim arts unfortunate. Finish the tour but we really enjoyed hearing from him inside the race span o'connor Who finished fourth overall or highest ever placed audio direst connor swift absolutely brilliant. His diary entries have been absolutely wonderful. And you'll hear more of them in next week regular episode. Because he's been sending in a lot. And tim clark of the covenant quickstep He's a big role in this race. It's been fantastic to hear from him to let's set play with ben o'connor's final diary and then francois's final soul. This is the final diary entry for the torture. Franz twenty twenty one. I can only sanitize has been a ridiculous railway journey of true painted the stars and stress and possibility of elf lost kind of open than things got better and better. Now i managed to find myself for greats and support determination and the motto of Of never giving up in a fantastic position of fourth in my first tour france with the stage win in teens onstage on it's Yes it's ridiculous. It's probably hasn't sunk in yet. I think i was too todd at the finish today. The trial to really break down all the emotions. I know tomorrow once. I once we hit the shansi of these say and i know the my My fiancee is there. My parents it's going to be. It'll be pretty overwhelming. And and the fish will be will be extremely emotional. I'm proud to to find this moment. In amongst seventy different experiences that are coming out of the rice. I was asked what my motto was in what What one word or one thing. I would take from from the rice and as soon as a disabled forwards. It's never to give up it's I think it's resilient says we should always be doing ourselves in in our normal lives. It's resumes that makes that makes us hod and mixed to cope with the mental stresses or the fiscal stresses. The general world as. Well i think if the tour franz was a day longer. I would probably be in trouble because i think i found my my absolute limits and i understand now the tour de france and and it land dole. It's it's it's graduate is unforgiving the torture franz and to be out a fourth of role in amongst it all is special When i first came. I never never owned mindsets and yeah i guess farm yourself in a special place. It's the people around you that keeps you going and I fish oil. You have to dig yourself. But it's the motivation of the paperwork room for the team Run around you. That that that that that gets you gets to the point of actually be which ed rice rice with the best guys in the world I'm really lost for words to be honest. Because i can think of now is the the trip and the holiday inn and the fund. I'm gonna have off of this toward france It's been a long year parents only july. But it's You into strengthen law so long. And i understand now why Why he's such a break after the tour france. Anyone who doesn't vote off the two hundred france. I am respectful because It's it's it's something else. Put yourself through with the mental stringer of Of another grandma i guess sign off without Blabbering on about myself my emotions spots. I can say. I'm proud. And i'm you guys experienced my emotion and Different experiences that came through for the whole three weeks. So thank you very much and Yeah see around the corner Her use key to something jumping in info for you gotta shine sure Yeah final no russell. Let's talk well. We're all singing along tonight. we're in. We're not was beautiful. Francois time classic and it reminded me that. I didn't mention your dj in the car on the way out here. Mitch extrordinary stuff. We start off the steps. Five six seven eight go a little bit better but there's all kinds of stuff. There enjoyed it. Well the thing was trying to find. The final song for francois theme was the to to france really and we went on his space. The at one point we d- we went off in the middle of spice theme and a positive was a brilliant trip. Up from bodes six hundred kind two seconds. Dj beret is known more to friends as we did we did. We nearly went. Yeah nearly went for winter. Take seats all because it really would have applied to cast. Buddy didn't win the state account char with his jerseys and the podium while there were two kind of big winners weren't there would have been nice singing. A site with the winner. Takes take know the lyrics to that one thank you. Thanks mitch cheese guys. Thanks francois to thank you. Kate cares

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