20191018 Nicole Sandler Show - Wrapping Up the Week and a Challenger for Debbie Wasserman Schultz


Wanted to arrive broadcast do for overdose sprawl in the outskirts of the Florida everglades he the following program contains graphic material including offensive language your discretion is advised actually quite impressive insane but impressive but he does it anyway because let's face it he's the fucking president isn't he and the other side still haven't got their shit together it's a fucking embarrassment they still don't know if they have anyone who can beat Donald his comedy what he does is he's he's a standup news reporter so basically he's on location usually in front of parliament or Buckingham with no further Ado let's take it away Jonathan Pie this hastily agreed ceasefire comes off to the House of Representatives again we you know we we've made it this far unfortunately for Donald trump he may not make it so much longer but to be honest with you I'm in a foul mood I've been having car problems and so I had to deal with the car this trump so he just carries on spouting nonsense and racists dog whistles and non sequiturs and finished whether it be condemning food and tonight I'm going to see Randy Rainbow and I hate having a shitty mood what I'm going to see a fun show like this well hopefully we'll get through this together and my mood will will turn around okay and this this will help so this one I'm going to set up because so many of you that would be okay it is Friday there's a lot going on a lot to tell you about but as we are want to do we like to start off the show with a bit of humor I certainly can use it today and you know they break and they go to the videotape and he starts ranting I guess to the cameraman who's there with him warning if it's never fun so yeah so yeah anyway I hopefully this will help put me in a better and then at the end when they're going back to the television he comes back out and and becomes the reporter again so that that's the setup for this so uh-huh and again every week at this point I think it's a feat of great strength the fact that we've made it this far then do you know three years of getting away with this shit you no one no one can stop him clearly 'cause he's still fucking there no one's going yet mm-hmm it'll him doing the you know the on-camera Professional News Guy Right the reporter on the scene and then CBS formerly condemned trump's Erie withdrawal by a vote of three hundred and fifty four to sixty including over one hundred Republicans in the House Palace or something and he does like a setup for alive shot like he's doing a live shot and he does a set up for prerecorded piece so when I go to him is well you may not know it takes a second to understand there's a guy named Jonathan Pie he's a Brit he's over there in Great Britain and trump called the decision strategically brilliant claiming this hastily begged for ceasefire was the plan all along bullshit is strategic did where were they during the American Revolution Falker Dot Com. He didn't even give the Kurds the courtesy of a fucking heads up goalies in the next room with a load of press photographers surprise surprise this is how Donald Trump thinks the world works thousands of his own allies to death or deciding to become the next Cilla black you've never met the killer of your teenage son well surprise surprise short of state sanctioned ethnic cleansing behold his great and unmatched wisdom show this is how his brain works he thought that was a good own idea to grieving parents you say an a major diplomatic row without closest oh my goodness and just when you think things can't get any crazier here we are it's the eighteenth of October Oh my goodness Areso fucking May and fucking Brexit but today he went off on Donald trump which of course was needed and bring it on angrier well back in Washington it was business as usual as the president who's looking up brown children in cages arming teachers like he says himself he's is a great and unmatched wisdom he's the wizard up wrap arounds and scream and rant and rave and usually his his rants are about parliament in Boris fucking Johnson strictly brilliant for Vladimir Putin why does trump preferred to help his enemies rather than his allies gives a shit if thousands I am Oh my God I need to take a deep breath I've got a Randy Rainbow Song on standby for later in case we need it yes he calls him Putin I love that General's a commander in chief whose own State and defense departments call a disaster for regional stability and the fight against Islamist extremism was and now he's thanked Doin- and called this a great day for civilization watch this space civilization because what we're about to witness his he knows especially when it comes to foreign policy trouble be not the first president to start a war by running away but he is who are running for Congress little later we're going to hear from Jason Butler who's running in North Carolina North Carolina's second district He was British accent I can't do a British accent but he's so funny and he's angry somebody should do that over here do the Jonathan Pie act do stand is her name and that she is courageously stepped up to run against Debbie Wasserman Schultz yes now floor attacked him earlier in the week when I saw some of his stories dealing with what's happening in Syria with the Turks and the Kurds and the insanity over there L. hasn't heard back from them so we will not have James Laporta today maybe he'll join US sometime in the future but we do have for you today are a couple of candidates the president to condemn thousands of his own allies to death will take a dump and fucking about on twitter they didn't help us in Normandy art so let me tell you what's going on today I actually had a reporter a guy who writes for Newsweek James Laporta booked because he's been breaking a lot of stuff about what's going Jonathan by yeah you know what he's really funny he's really funny but that made me even angrier than I already and so I invited him to join us on the show today and he wrote back he said I'd love to I got a check with Newsweek and NBC. Well here we are it's four days later vote for Debbie Wasserman Schultz not that I would so anyway Jen Perlman is has stepped up and is running in Congress representing Florida's twenty third district you can find Jen's website Jen twenty twenty dot com follow her on twitter at Gen f l twenty three later in this hour up but I you and I are going to meet the ordinary our first guest together all I know about her alloy let's have a photo Hashtag sad he's an ideas going full of him he's full of him new king tornadoes in the fight against Isis or hosting next year's g seven meeting at one of his golf resorts he doesn't give fuck does he didn't give a shit it's yes I really loved this as US I haven't seen this week's episode yet but but it's very very well done and James Laporta is a really good journalist anyway so I I'm going to run the interview before how he came on yesterday and but there was just so much news going on that I didn't have time to get to him so if time permits we'll get him list he's been hired by NBC to be the I guess the war the war consultant on the TV show this on in Syria in fact before he joined Newsweek he was it was in the military and and because of his experience in the military and as a like a nice started going around organizations in meetings and talking with people and just getting an idea of if this would be a good opportunity or not now you live you're about to get sorted I'll give you two the count attend water busted knows what a bust a man who would rather listen to Fox News than coral springs right when for some horrible reason Allen West was the congress from my district he actually lived outside his twenty third I'm in Florida's twenty second so she's the next district over from me thankfully I don't I don't have to the latest now he's going to the tape lawsuit which is trump moment of the week really isn't it betraying his Eilon I think we've got are on the line Jenner you there Yep I'm here hey thank you so much for joining us today Jen Perelman Challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her seat having done Talk Radio Political Talk Radio South Florida I've had many opportunities to speak with her so I know her I also know Tim Isis are continually rewarded not forgetting Kim Jong UN a brutal dictator to trump seems to enjoy giving a sloppy blowjob once every six months and I'm very familiar with what happened in sixteen with our supervisor of elections and the Shenanigans that go on here yeah painfully familiar here here being the district he didn't live here so it's not it's not a requirement in Florida but you do live in the district you've lived there for a long time so Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been your representative my partner and I for since I would say back in January that we had started thinking about that this was an opportunity and just getting a feel for what's going on in the district for fifteen years she's been my representative for fifteen years and before that she was my Florida legislator that's right because she was in the Florida Florida assembly he was endorsed by Howie Klein and the Blue America Pac Howie introduced me to him he looks like a great candidate we'll talk with him and actually I take it with him yesterday morning unceremoniously booted from that job by the current governor which is you know I'm not saying he did the right thing but she didn't few times and I actually find him to be quite competent and I I actually think that him being there is infinitely more beneficial for me Broward County which has has always had problems and in fact the supervisor elections was Brenda snipes she's now out of a job was so hey jen thank you so much when did you decide to run actually this has been something we've been talking about my ova who during the last two elections ran against her ran a great campaign and I had a hard time of it are you you're familiar with him conover I think you were supporter of this assist fighters back out into the world because they'll just be heading to Europe fit he treats his allies like shit yet whereas Putin urged one any vendors who work with them consultants campaign staff and such will be blackballed by the Democratic Party before that and he went I was here back then as well again I I didn't live in that district I've known Debbie for many years yeah actually I was volunteer on his campaign in sixteen and I hosted his very first meet and greet with my house wow well that's though I'm very familiar with him a few months back and said any anybody who decides to primary and incumbent we will not work with them and in fact he's a Republican and he was appointed by Rick Scott and he actually wasn't sure whether or not he would be retained by Ron to Santa's but he has been and I've met Peter and yeah it definitely has affected consultants and people that we would work with on a local level for sure and we've gone around it we've ended up putting together a team of real Ernie I left I exited the party did you I I actually re affiliated in order to be able to do this I understand in the district obviously and pointing it out because in Florida it's actually not a requirement in fact a few years back I live in the twenty second district I'm up the Road California where I was always registered with no party affiliation because I don't like being stuck to a point not that I ever voted Republican but wasn't happy with the way the Democrats run things and even more so now but here in Florida I want to vote in the primaries so I am reluctantly registered as in that job anyway do we have a decent supervisor of elections now who's in the job now do we know yes the man's name Pete Antoniacci and he was actually treats candidates in our primary now the d triple c is the group that runs it's the Democratic Campaign Democratic Congressional Camp Democratic the Republicans are actually more democratic than Democrats. Exactly it's a sad sad super delegates they don't yeah into this issue has this been a problem for you yeah actually I I lost our first compliance officer when that I call it the fought walk down from the D Triple C I'm guessing Tim Canova's not running this time he probably had enough of dealing with the party in fact last time he ran as an independent he ran third party so to not d eh then a friend having a friend of Debbie is being in that office so so to me I actually prefer having a Republican appointees there then someone who's the great people like I'm very happy with where we are right now but it definitely affected us in the beginning wow that really sucks I mean to be blunt it's just very friends with abby yeah well I I understand that and therein lies the problem on the nationals level I have issues with the way the DNC south Florida and Florida Congressional contingency have worked in tandem with each other the red with the blue to pick and choose bits of districts pain committee and they're responsible for house races and the chair of that group is Sherry Boost Ohs who issued a directive way the Florida's twenty third district is drawn it's pretty funny she's in Weston she's in the town of Weston Florida which is on the just on the eastern edge of the everglades Republicans in those districts it was it was Mario Diaz Balart his brother Lincoln diaz-balart and Ileana ros-lehtinen. Yeah right and Debbie I would not be an office if they didn't primary the then incumbent that's politics rather it's it's it's insane it's a little bit south of where I am and then it sort of goes over it encompasses pembroke Pines Davey where you are and then there's like a thin stretch that goes over to the socratic again even though I'd never vote for Republican or let's say I have another one that I've option here yeah exactly so Jen Perelman you through your hat in the ring it even think of of campaigning for a Democratic challenger to go up against this Republican contingent because they were Nali Leagues Beach and then down or down to serve side where all the rich Jews live right basically yeah I I'm Jewish so I can say the entire a lot of my own issues with the Democratic Party it's not this is not this is not like a love connection between the NFL by any stretch and actually in sixteen after what happened with that's right in fact Debbie and when she was the chair of the DNC would not support a challenger to it used to be three of them. Ah You know I I grew up here in south Florida but then I mean back to I was born in New York moved down here went to school and college down here went back to New York location military foreign affairs state of Israel civil rights reparations and campaign finance and it's interesting when you go and look at some candidates websites yes sherry boosts doses bullshit directive that you can't run a primary so many of our sitting members of sweet cars if he's going to have low well we made it to a Friday switched to inactive for ten years I was home with my kids and I just recently actually reactivated and I'm doing criminal justice work and that's definitely more the case on the state level in the state legislature where there is really there's very big huge Republican dominance in the state legislature but as far as our congressional representation German shepherds and at the time I think Kendrick Meek who now he he was in the district now represented by Frederick Wilson Event Yeah they would not could all be in safe seats this is not news borrow Diaz Balart the Republicans below us and he worked very closely with Debbie to that this is why these are this because you post them on there you have a section called platform and you you outlined where you stand on health care environment criminal justice economic reform they are all in it together right to keep their safe seats and to keep closed primaries without a doubt without a doubt they just want to preserve the status quo which goes to the criminal justice seen right now okay cool and on your website Jen Twenty twenty dot com you I could tell I'd like your positions is in a primary got that's why she's been sitting where she's been sitting for as long as she had because we have a Gerrymander district primaries Pe- if people could see no no work returning for returning citizens from that are getting their rights restored to vote and I'm working on a Juvenile Justice Committee for Legal Women Voters and so I'm Kinda sticking with thank you for primary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz we need to get her out of Congress now let's talk a little bit about you your background is you're an attorney I am an attorney and Florida politics are ridiculous so again now they help each other th it isn't about the color no they they don't act like that I mean I think that you have to deal with the Democrats on their nonsense just not doable in the correct it really does not know the only way the only way to beat her you will will self south lodge out of reach of the other you're not that easily move to it's some of them just don't put anything about the issues because they don't want to have to go there you're stepping out and you are a progressive yes I'm definitely aggressive I actually there's probably more on a daily basis I think of something actually put that on our policy so there's so many things and the hardest part of it I just don't think she inspires the same kind of following that Bernie does you know I mean there's a reason he has more than million volunteers and that's not that that speaks more than a poll right now and Elizabeth Horne doesn't come close in terms of getting that kind of draw true but next to the other Democrats who were vying for the nomination she's in another she's on another level she sure so absolutely I can bring in Elizabeth Warren would be a bit of a compromise but she's still I I think we'd be well served by her if we can't have Bernie and Bernie would hop on trying to put a scorched earth policy into effect because if not Bernie I I hope it's Elizabeth if it's not either one of them I think we're really screwed well her train as it were and work with her I think she's an ally and I really have a problem with some of Bernie supporters smearing her and and you know I who feel it's okay to smear her and because I think she's our second best choice and we know what an uphill climb it's going to be for Bernie Tom Climate crisis and criminal justice reform okay but that's that's more about just the most what I think is most pressing right here right now but have his way with any of them besides Bernie I think she can hold her own I hope but hopefully we'll we'll see when we cautiously optimistic there you go Gen Perlman is with us again she's on twitter at Gen F. L. Twenty-three for Florida's twenty third district she is challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a primary please please I I I agree with you and I think she's there and frankly I think hopefully it won't come to that I'd love to see Bernie get the nomination I just know just because we've been there before we see how he's treated not only by the Democratic Party but by the corporate media it's it's a battle and my thought is okay I'd say I don't want to answer that it's an acceptable answer or not answer you have a preferred candidate in the in the primary presidential primary yeah I'm something that that is what shows support for candidate they can you can look at the polls but that's not when you look at an arena or stadium and it's filled with people that are chanting Bernie the lesser of the evils situation for me she's not she's not my pick but I don't really have a problem with her but I do not think that she can beat trump uh-huh and I don't have anything bad to say about Warren I don't I don't think she has the capability of fighting for her policies in the same way that Bernie would if he were elected take much for us to be pleased here in Florida with governance so you know Ron Sanchez he actually came in very early on Sorta stood on the right side regarding and more we've been pleasantly surprised by him regarding climate okay since he's been but remember we have a very low bar I mean it doesn't please please please so you're on the website Jen twenty twenty dot com again you have the platform healthcare you already said single payer Medicare for all I don't think I haven't heard him put out like a specific you know edict out there that you can't use the term climate crisis and actually my understanding is he's protecting the everglades and so yeah I mean he he has not been on the wrong side in in cases since so far so good but again low bar I'm a I'm a burning girl I thought I thought you were going to say that I am too I'm Bernie Girl Yeah I am too I also like Elizabeth Warren and I have a problem with some of the Bernie supporters Oh how the Democratic Party works as it seems to two and so I'm not holding my breath and that's why I think you can't kill her off she's our next best bet anyway a here in Florida we're a long way off from that and boy do we need it obviously in Florida climate change is a big issue and in the state of Florida in the in the Florida my and that's the thing like somebody could say what do you think about this and generally speaking I'm on the left like it's a safe bet that I'm over on the left and feel free we are I mean and actually I think even if it is Elizabeth Warren and this isn't about my opinion about the truth is I would vote for her I don't think of her like she wouldn't even really overlap and are tied together right no issue is an island as it were no tall connected I mean and for me my three biggest issues are medicare for all income inequality and if you look under my have economic reform there is stuff under there that might also be able to be somewhere else in another in another section because there are so many things that even on sunny days at high tide the streets flood I'm glad I wasn't down there a week or two ago during what they call the king tied when it was way high tide because building and building and building and encroachment of the water but people don't realize that the issue isn't as much yes sea level rise coming up on the coast but it isn't that so it makes us have less and less freshwater yes so people think of it in terms of yeah the rise on the coast and things and less beach but it's more than that because on the inland legislature in the cabinet you're not allowed to use the words climate change at least you weren't under Scott Next Challenge Gender Fantas- I that and the last thing on their you wrote investing in a solar initiative in Florida as well as nationwide for economic benefit and environmental protection this is one of the reasons I congressional leaders take that on an issue right you know it's not so much as their voting record on the issue I mean some of them have better than others but it's the fact that nobody lately very low bar I do see in the section on their website under a under environment and you talk about supporting a green new deal thank you for it's coming up under the limestone and it's been and what happens is the pressure from pulls up underneath and it turns our drinking water into saltwater yuck irrigation purposes that connects the everglades with the ocean the problem is if I recall correctly the everglades freshwater the ocean is not there the streets flood water comes up through the this storm drains it's and yet they're still building high rises along the beach yet they don't stop we're going to have less and less drinking water yes and look south Florida already screwed things up by putting in they put in this canal system years and years ago to I guess for Lina Congress where you have to deal with things like an insane president turning his back on our allies the Kurds and setting them up I don't understand because I wouldn't think that people get wouldn't even be able to get a thirty year mortgage down there of course I guess what you're right they just keep all our state Florida because it's the sunshine state and week don't have solar power here it's in knowing quick you come from again a legal background you've spent the last few years at home raising your kids how do you transition from that kind of a life too for genocide yeah that's crazy you know even though I mean yes I'm coming from those recently being a practicing attorney I have been involved taking the initiative on this wouldn't you think that the people from the state that will be first underwater might be speaking out loudest on climate crisis go to law school it's because I was working at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and I was just so into watching how the lobbyists working over at the State House and I would coordinate press conference loved in politics one way or another for as long as I can remember I mean since before I was old enough to vote so it's always been something that I've been interested in when I decided and that yeah I just don't think she can I don't think she'll get the support I don't think she has the support I think the only person who's going to beat a populist on the right is on the left one other thing you just said that I want to point out because you said if the majority of my constituents believe in it I love that you just said that because so many I do believe in term limits Oh yeah I definitely do and what's interesting is that most progress like the real progressive presents don't right very right her name is Jen Perelman she's again challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida's twenty third district the website is Jen twenty twenty dot com where you can read all about it you know what I would sing with happening I'm going down to Miami beach tonight we're going to see where Gandhi Rainbow who's at the fillmore but Miami beach says with the governor's office and I just really was very interested in the policy side and that's when I decided to go to law school actually so I went to law school with this concept of law and the majority of my district support it I support it I have no problem with it I think most people don't have the sense of themselves to stay Correa's until August Twenty Yep okay where you know look I filed and we're running we're raising money we haven't had an official quota half what you said is I represent my constituents and I'm here to enact their wants and wishes Yup I have it approval rating and wants to continue to serve their constituents I don't really have a problem with that however I also do support the idea of term limits so if it came up service do you believe in my job would be to get in there do that for a few terms and then hopefully train someone newer and younger and mentor them so that they could have that job honestly until last week when I was contacted I didn't even realize you were running so we need to get your name out there people need to know that you're running the Debbie has a challenger then again post to come together and and it's been mismanaged from the get go so it's again flora duck yeah it wouldn't surprise me and somewhere somehow I mean to me my natural including to be interested in doing policy and I think the reality is what is appealing about me is that I don't want this as a career and I actually see it as a term of unquote launch party we're still just getting you know some seed money and stuff put together but I've been getting some good feedback and especially when I do interviews and then I believe that the term limit is the election and the truth is I get that too and if somebody let's say Bernie Sanders who wants to be a public servant and has that level of positions but the bottom line is she's one of us we're very progressive my listeners and I we you know we we we're with you on just about everything you've written here yeah but It just sort of one thing led to another and I ended up you know it just you never know exactly where you think you might necessarily go but it's not so out of character for me true right for as long and to keep that path without it becoming a self serving career right I appreciate you saying that and I think somewhere along the line made money on where somebody got money and that's why the system is the way it is I think the Washington establishment figures like Debbie Wasserman Schultz who we need to be rid of on the national level so I say it's my active that's the that's the gist of policy ideas cool oh I like it her name is Jen Perelman the website is Jen twenty twenty dot com. I'm so I think Debbie is among them elected officials think I was elected because of my views and my constituents trust me to make those decisions on their behalf thank you for stepping up to run because that that's what we need is people who are willing to challenge these these these you do that's the job so so th and then I say with that in mind here are the policies that I support that I think are in the best interest of the club we're around my my yeah and I have a very small family but my dad was from the Boston area so we're probably not related but who knows today to issue a damning statement condemning Donald Trump and Turkey for the ongoing atrocities in northern Syria in the state so that will eventually be very public but I'm not at liberty to say right now that I actually think will really launch trust quite far okay well please stay in touch we are neighbors look forward a congressional candidate he's running against Jason Butler is running against a Republican it's Republican leaning district but how he clienteles me I see this as a term of serving the majority of this district and it's my job to educate and lobby for things that I think would be in the best interest of this district but ultimately you do what your constituents want you well this happened today leaders from Germany France the United Kingdom the European Parliament and the United States join together ice right Jen Perelman follow her on twitter at Gen F l twenty three and again her website is Jen twenty twenty dot com off to introduce her to Howie Klein and a little bit and a little later will will get to hopefully or other sergent of Islamic terrorism and undermines years of effort and investment to bring stability and peace in this part of the world therefore all right so let's do it and all right we'll we'll do it live it's getting more and more purple by the day so hopefully you know in the last twenty minutes or so of the program we'll get him but there's a lot of news to cover the and one of these days and hopefully getting Debbie Wasserman Schultz to go home that we actually wanted to tell you my mom's maiden name my mom downturn families Sandler went and quid pro quo in his call to the Ukrainian president he said get over it now Mick Mulvaney the Syrian Democratic Forces our partner in the global coalition massively contributed to the successful yet unfinished fight against Isis Russian and a violation of international law. Here's this is from the statement that says we consider the abandonment of the Syrian Kurds to be wrong we fell in love do tae because trump loves that Utara assassinates drug dealers and Being for nonprofit something I was dreaming I would be working very check at the innocence project right until the dream job stream in in Syria and incurred heavy losses by doing so we deeply regret the decision of the president of the United States to withdraw American troops from northeastern Syria which there's from Germany France the U K the European Parliament and the United States yes our allies who donald trump constantly marks another landmark in the change of American foreign policy in the Near and Middle East the turmoil caused by the Turkish offensive may contribute to a uh-huh okay all right I said I'd do it live bill just shut up learning okay I'm doing it live Oh man get you know I'll get a little boost and I'll get comment from people oh I saw your interview on such and such and though it's good you know we're getting there cool and then there's something that's happening in another weaker privilege to lend my privilege what I said thank you for that it was great talking with you I look forward to talking and talking to you too take care thanks John Arabai all she seemed four hundred million dollars in aid to Ukraine so the country could investigate Democrats and then he added quote it happens all the pisses he's like I don't care about those people on careful those allies who do I want to be friends with Vlad led the Impaler Kim Jong Hoon rid yeah get over it that's what Mick Mulvaney said yesterday to reporters who were asking about the president in order to one and people like that it's sickening and well to quote mcilvanney the head of the consumer financial protection bureau because trump wanted to neuter that Elizabeth Warren's agency that she got enacted time yes he admitted quid pro quo and he did it out loud is a quid pro quo it is funding I hope the United States will take up its responsibility in Syria again now again let me tell you remit remind you who I said at the beginning that was from Lee onto time although I like fuck you better but you know sometimes whatever later in the day as you suspected he would mulvaney attempted to walk back those comments the first time that the White House briefing room was used in over seven months Mick Mulvaney acknowledged for the first time that the White House withheld four and then he was made acting chief of staff well in a an actual press conference yesterday the first press if you read the news reports and you believe what an mckinney said yesterday that he was really upset with the political influence in foreign policy that was one of the reasons he was so upset about this I have news for everybody get over it get over it hey hey hey a Mulvaney you go yeah I'm GonNa have to use the flow unless the investigation into the Democrat server happened as well we do we do that all the time by the way in this piece to important point because I heard this yesterday the chairs of the far of foreign affairs committees from each governing body said they considered Turkey's recent incursion into Syria targeting the Kurdish people to be quote military. Got My webpage right before the policy statements I write a letter to fellow constituents and basically that's the whole explanation of the letter by trump he was put in charge of the Office of Budget Management O. M. B. Management budget then they added on concern about the lack of support from other nations and concern concerns over corruption bullshit Oh sorry where did that come from claiming that the media misconstrued what he said which is really ridiculous if you think about it because there's video that shows what he said the statement the investigation into the two thousand sixteen election the president never told me to withhold any money until Ukrainians did anything related to the server the only reasons we were holding the money was because yeah no it was great until you sort of like Jewish geography of course we're everywhere yes we are we are Jen Perelman thank you so much for joining us today East probably after a good yelling from Donald Trump said quote there was absolutely no quid pro quo between Ukrainian military in any aid and any Taylor's are they from Boston no Philly bucket and now I hope that there's a whole group of fans in Tampa that are my cousins how interesting yeah slee was organizing it like there's someone will say something like Oh you don't have something about this I'm like I do but it's under this section there's so much overlap yes you know so when you talk about things like in in addition to let's see he's trump's errand boy he was I a it was plucked out of the obscurity of his congressional seat. Well my my computer is talking back to us so Mick Mulvaney lies and the computer detects the lies and says bullshit and like that I didn't even pay extra for that anyway so yeah now the press briefing was called not to talk about you know quid pro a dog so what I do tomorrow Okay Bye out he's talking about genocide he's talking about ethnic cleansing he's talking about removing the Kurds from the land and trump then took a victory lap he seemed to endorse the idea of genocide and and and just again pave the way for meanwhile vice as as Mulvaney was doing his song and dance here Mike Pence was holding a press briefing at the US Embassy in Turkey after he and but it was actually a deal that gives Turkey exactly what they want control over the land that the Kurds had called home for more than five years and this happens is trump is already facing multiple lawsuits and congressional investigations into similar violations where he's profiting off the presidency credible outcome they had to have it cleaned out is that what he said they had to have it cleaned out times like this we need Keith Olbermann get into those words that no it wasn't called for that reason the press briefing was called to announce that Donald Trump would host the twenty twenty g seven summit and his Durell Golf Resort in Miami which happens to be a clear violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution the world's biggest asshole his name is Donald Trump Secretary of state Mike Pompeo met with the Turkish President Erdogan to announce victory in negotiating what they were calling a five day ceasefire berkey wiping out the Kurds behalf of the United States I wanNA thank Turkey I want to thank all of the people that have gotten together that they've settled

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