Full Show - National Championship TT/Virginia, Aaron Rodgers, AB/JuJu, Dak contract


Good morning everyone. And welcome to first things first, I'm general that is the hall of fame Chris martyr that is Nick rights. Get working is you do your thing. You do you dance in before the show, man. A lot going on now. How? Say more. But now they've been slapped on the desk now officially organized great show for you this morning. Aaron Rodgers finally responded to the drama in Green Bay Antonio Brown somehow, someway, made things even stranger between he and juju. But the reason we are a little bit tired this morning only one place to start the show the game late last night. The NCWA championship game Texas Tech taking on Virginia start with less than twenty seconds to go UVA down three Deandra hunter, the three in the corner to tie in overtime. Buck. Fifteen left Texas down by two David Moretti gets the ball knocked away from him. But after a closer look it's ruled UVA ball on the replay another close. Call goes UVA's way. Cavs would pull away to win eighty five to seventy seven last night. Virginia is your national champion one year after losing to a sixteen seed, see we'll start with you. What a difference a year makes for this team this school. What do you make of you turn around? Well, I think that the turnaround is probably the story of the tournament and not only the turn around the university. But the turnaround of the head coach because if you look at the lack of success given the regular season success ACC tournament success being one of the elite team we've had in college basketball last several years. They haven't gotten paid out in the tournament. They haven't showed that in last year coming off the worst upset that we've ever seen losing to a sixteen seat where this year where they they didn't win ACC tournament. They didn't have to be at number one see but the tournament to me it looked like they didn't hold that against them. They judged on what the resume was gave them. What was justified to be a first seed, and they showed up this year. And they won the type of games that as a national champion. You're going to have to get a little luck on your side. You have to win a game where the team actually outplays you potentially that that Purdue game. And the the coach because I believe that we might have a mere situation here talking about because you look at Virginia man what other team have we seen like this? Is this Villanova before Jay right when Jay right? Couldn't get over the big game. Because we know coach is he's got that one championship has had a multitude of other appearances. But you know, is Tony Bennett now going to be one of the upper echelon because in the coaching profession people, really respect them. But when you keep coming up short the way Clemson used to do in football. I mean, but now the after a year later, I mean, great win for them very very tight game. And of course, you're going to have a call or two at the end that people are going to question. Listen, this is we'll get to the replace stuff later. This is an all time, great sports story and all time great sports story to go from the worst loss in the history of your sport to a championship with so many of the same key players. Kyle guy the hero of the final. Four-game in the final four most outstanding player talking about having anxiety attacks and dealing with mental mental mental health issues. If you will after the loss the team needing a police escort after they lose the UNBC because of death threats to them to come back a year later and win the championship and win the championship this way, the last three games they played this cumulative score at the interbred relation to one hundred and one Virginia two hundred there three plants and the last three games they played in all three games. They were a ten to one or greater underdog in the waning moments. What what are the odds you win a game? When you're down to the ball is tapped into your own back court with five seconds left. Yes. Five percent. Three percent. Two percent. What are the odds? You win a game. When you're down four with eight seconds left. As was the case against over. What are the chances? You win the game where they had the best. Chance was this one. They were only down three, and they had a whole fourteen seconds to play with it was it would have been an amazing championship story if last year hadn't happened just this run of the elite vinyl four championship game the way they played. But the fact that it comes on the heels of a game that in the game people were saying smart people were saying this Virginia team can never win a title. Tony Bennett system can never win a title that they maybe should consider moving on from him. Because you have these great regular seasons and inflame out in the tournament. Those questions are now gone forever. It validates the entire program and his very unique that he got from his dad university of Wisconsin that style of play say about the athletes who were able to come back after last year start from scratch and to not have an easy route to the championship game to have to be in until the very end where three to five percent chance and eve. But staying in each game all three games, especially at the very end here to win it all the mental nasty of so many things you're able to learn in athlete being pushed, mentally and physically. Those are the things that you're trying to express Jimmy. Yes. That's what you want to see great story as you mentioned, not only just the university, not only coach. But these kids these are not professionals. We won't critique them the same way. But man their ability to Bill to face defeat. It's just like live face defeat and built man. Can I get another chance, and they got that chance and was able to take take advantage of you talk about the nature of how close these gains were to overtime games one against Purdue who Purdue could be the national champ and this game in those games Jena eighteen for eighteen from the free throw line. So when it mattered most these kids, you talk about anxiety inside of these real in sports, people regular life think all these guys. They don't get nervous. Like that. Hell if they don't so them to be able to perform under that pressure. When we were filling out the brackets, everyone when you look at your bracket. No one had forgotten. What Virginia did last year and they were down fourteen to sixteen seed in this year's tournament. Yes. Like, they it's not as if this was a team they clearly had the cobwebs of that loss. Still hanging on them when this tournament started. Now they were able to rally they were able to handle their first round game. And then have some escapes. I hate that. It was marred at the end by not a bad call. But by what I consider a terrible rule, but Virginia is a deserving champion Texas equity been deserving champion too. By the way, like the Texas Tech did everything you could've asked them to do and Virginia just gets the win. And it's fitting given how last year ended and we'll talk much more about the call. You were referring to coming up. Whether it did cost, Texas Tech. The game. But we'll take a break on the other side. Aaron Rodgers calls reports about his relationship with Mike McCarthy a smear campaign. That's next on first one. You can always check us out on the Fox Sports channel on series six. We're back right after this. Well, the back. We'll talk Aaron Rodgers and the second foot, I some baseball raining MVP Christian yelich shits deep two time MVP, Mike trout Robson at the whole MVP on 'em VP crime one of my favorite like this could be planning NFL, man. He's got a body size power speed position playing in the NFL running back man, we gotta give it to him. Great white hope man, we bring it back. We. You know, you can say that. I like it. I was opening say corner, we really give some folks. No, no. Sorry. Go ahead Chelsea west hand Eden hood split in two sets defenders before nailing a nice goal right here going crazy. And so whole man this game was on. They love their soccer there. I was like man what's going on. I had to come over. And check it out. That was the play look at that. Nice. Finally. Oh, okay. Animal trainer. Rene Casoli, getting assists from an elephant. That's incredible. I'm sorry. Dangerous due at is incredible. Of course is incredible. This is this guy is go end up like grizzly, man. What are you doing mazing? Mandat love watching that too. But that is that's on. I feel uncomfortable Dumbo over the weekend. You should take your daughter. My daughter actually went to double my older daughter went double. But that that's an that's animatronic. That's a real live Elvin the crush your skull. That scares me onto the reported feud. We the people doing that never yet. Oh, yeah. Dimmer type of great right hope between Aaron Rodgers and former head coach Mike McCarthy detailed report came out Friday describing the ups and downs of their relationship posing both in relatively negative light. Now Rogers finally spoke out about the report said that while he and McCarthy had their share of everyday issues like any other coach in quarterback heated put much stock into this report. Take a listen. The thing is about this article. It's not a mystery. This was a smear attack by you know, a writer look into advances career talking with mostly irrelevant bitter players who all have an agenda whether they're advancing their own careers or just trying to stir old stuff up. And then what happens is the same tired media, folks, picking it up and talking about it, this just emphasizes their opinion about me already part of the the article seems to to want to say, you know, the Packers a worried about me as Lear the football team moving forward, and before I get into what actually happened on the conversation, Mark, I'm gonna say two things one. If they knew that while they offer me a contract last year, and to which goes into my the second central thesis point that I'm going to, you know, take down his if I really dislike Mike that much. Why would I resign? Knowing if I play well, and we do what we do around here. We might play eight straight years, then I got hurt. We miss bliss. It's gonna be me and Mike my career. So if I really disliked him that much got re-sign, am, I really that is the money that important to me. I'll tell you. It's not like it's just two alpha males were hyper competitive and love winning and are both a little stubborn. A lot of meat on the bone here. Nick, what was your action or so I I listen to this entire interview. And so and we're gonna play other pieces of throughout the show. I understand a lot of what I earned saying. And I agree with a fair amount of what he's saying that part right there. I do not agree with at all where he says. Why would I resign here? If I didn't like the head coach because you have no choice because the NFL you're never going to be a real free agent. Aaron Rodgers would never hit true for agency. That's a legitimate thing to say in basketball or baseball. If I don't like it here. Why would I resigned? They don't franchise question to dinner Rogers play this whole season. What? Yeah, he played this entire season. You got ding the first game, but he played those and what happened to shoot Lashari got hurt. Oh, the reason why you mind sign is last two years you last two years you've dealt with injury played every game, but was dealing with injury. And the previous year he missed a large part of the season. Like that part. I do not I think he was trying to put it very happy face on what turned into a rut. Relationship with the head coach, I think that's clear, but I will also give him credit because this article while it went hearted Aaron Rodgers it crushed Mike McCarthy and very Rogers took a different tack in this interview, which is confirmed some of the Mike McCarthy stuff, it could really hurt McCarthy's future employment, and it could really hurt Mike McCarthy standing in the league. So he he propped up the coach whatever their issues were. And I understand Rogers frustration that our friend, Greg Jennings. When asked about his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers gives his honest opinion. And I'm sure that frustrates Aaron and your Michael Finley. When asked about his thoughts on Rogers, gives his honest opinion where his main point of frustration. I think was from the when he's says allude to the Mark Murphy stuff like anonymous sources that are supposedly current teammates. And he says in that interview. He's like it's the same to current anonymous teammates. And I don't know if he knows who they are or has a feeling who they are. But they weren't just talking to former teammates they were talking to current teammates. But in. General see where I will defend Aaron is. I think we have I think we do the so often whether it's evaluating Russell Westbrook. Whether it's discussing how good a player is. Or isn't we go from overprotecting guy to picking every single piece of the guy apart? And I think Aaron Rodgers Brown this here. Sure. And I think I think Aaron Rodgers was a guy that for a long time when the Packers won it was because he was great when they lost. It was everyone else's fault. And over the last eighteen months people have started to say how much of this is on Aaron Rodgers that parts fair. And then some people started to say, you know, what all of its on Aaron Rodgers. And that part to me is ridiculous. So I understand his frustration. But I don't think tied done of Bleacher report made this article out of whole cloth. I think tied done developed sources and whether or not those sources misled him on some points that I can't speak to. But I don't think the article was written falsely. I think the articles written with what the reporter was told from the report. Neither Aaron or McCarthy. Look good, correct? Now, Erin is trying to Erin has responded to other reports not quite as in depth as this one Bleacher report they're released, but he's he's responded to other stuff in the past. So he here's what's being said about some of those things are true. Some of those things aren't true as a talented player when you have not had playoff success, and we have seen in era where he's been here. Allies one to sue both twice as many as him bins been to three all right onto one to like all these other quarterbacks that aren't nearly as good they got more suppo trophies than Aaron has. So he's gonna be criticized even if he was a great teammate. Russell Wilson's been the two one one why hadn't Aaron Rodgers been back to the Super Bowl McCarthy. And Aaron Rodgers have been part of the problem the front office. They didn't suppo-. Them their defense was atrocious. Why don't they have some type of running game? Why Aaron open to new innovative ideas offensively both? They're all guilty of all those things organizations. Guilty not supporting them. So you have seen it. That's why people lost their job. That's why the head coach lost his job. But for them not to reach their potential Aaron has to take some of that blame. Now does no way Aaron ride is going to speak out and take all that. Because that article man that article was brutal. It made him look worse than people had thought. And I can understand errands saying all the people who don't like me. This only helps them out. No, I read it independently. I have a lot of Aaron Rodgers information talked to people who've played with them talk to people in the organization. So this was I looked at it independent of everything else. And I didn't believe everything to be true. But I know Aaron Rodgers at this point if he's not making some type of adjustments in what type of teammates he's going to be how much football he wants to learn. Learn the different how he wants to play football to close out his career. He's not going to another Super Bowl. So for me. He's the most talented quarterback that we have. I don't believe that the scrutiny that he's is unjustified. I mean, he is often a special place in Green Bay. And I believe that the NFL and being in Green Bay has helped protect and Rogers how much of everything that came out. And what we're now learning and generally where there's smoke. There's fire some of these stories and his reputation we've heard for years, it's not that. This is the first time we're hearing it. How does affect what he's going to have to do when he walks into the locker room this year with a new head coach and team that's going to be looking both for as a leader. And to get them back to where they once were. I think that there's always similar to remember the course of one story and the cards short that he needed to people like Nick foles more that wins was aloof and approachable exactly that you said at the moment, whether it was true or not all the details. Carson could take some nuggets from and say I need to improve at least slightly my relationships with teammates. That's the part that for me Aaron Rodgers should take to heart. He is at relationship problems. I think throughout his football career at the very least we can say that. And even if he thinks this was a hit piece, what do you call smear? It's at e-, even if it was that there, even if it's just to anonymous teammates that feel that way try to make zero try to see what you can do to adjust because you're play on the field is almost on impeachable. Like, nobody criticizes you for what you do on the field or very little in comparison to your contemporaries at the position. So see how you can do it. When you have a first time head coach when you have a fresh start and win. There's not Mike McCarthy as a fall guy there anymore to lay the blame on if the Packers have disappointing. Sees one thing that I can verify from the report everything to Greg Jennings. Said is true, Greg. I've had long long relationship long before he came to work here long before he signed a nice free agent deal with the Minnesota Vikings him and. Had an association long before that. And both of those relationships I felt like I played a key role here at FOX and getting him here. We had a list of people who we wanted and vowed for Greg Jennings. As far as credibility who the man is what type of football player, how hard he worked and studied in everything. Minnesota sign into a big deal, I vouch for Greg Jennings there. So Greg Jennings is not one of those people this trying to elevate his career. He's not trying to sensationalize stories. Greg Jennings is only telling us a more. So of what really went on that? I was going to I Greg. I think has actually whether and feels like this or not I think Greg would be I don't want to say he's hurt his broadcast and curb Greg could've Greg could be in the headlines a lot more with how often we talk about Aaron Rodgers. And how many things he won't say on television. Absolutely. And it should be noted. And I'm not saying this because we know Greg Aaron confirmed Greg's story about the niner's thing about that the that Greg said during a game when it was walkie or that Aaron said to play on the other team, Carlos Rogers. I think he said it was you guys should come get Greg in the off season. Aaron in that interview yesterday admitted he said that now he said he was joking that he thought Greg took it the wrong way. But it wasn't at no point. Did he could have said there that was false go ask the player. He confirmed that part of it. Greg's not in the business of making stuff up, and he he did sign a very nice region contract Vikings. I'd only Greg necessarily needs to be doing broadcasting. I think he enjoys doing broadcasting and he's not trying to hurt relationships by doing it. He's just giving his honest opinion, which is actually still somewhat protecting Aaron at time. The other part of this is going to be now the relationship between Aaron Rodgers and new head coach Matt leflore moving forward. And we're gonna talk about that coming up a little bit late. On the other side Antonio ground to get another shot at juju Smith, Schuster AT here. This one person. This weekend. We're under the lights out Bush looks for his third consecutive win at Richmond raceway. It all starts at seven thirty eastern Saturday on FOX and being Fox Sports at it is time for us to go viral Cleveland Browns fans or writing a high this off seasons. The team is hoping they can make their first playoff appearance. Two thousand two Baker Mayfield gay fans off season update. Take a listen to this. That guys just really excited for the season just want you guys know that I'm working really hard. We're going to have a great season. Let's go Browns. What made him decide? Do the old nine year old helium voice, send it out of the masses? You gotta have some fun. You gotta have some fun. I know column probably hates this love. More. Baker mayfield. More Baker Mayfield every single day, man. He's a different type of quarterback. I always liked this type of stuff this is a little goofy even for my taste. But I don't think anything really should follow his Instagram account. He honestly does something like this. It's least once a day. Then of course, I spent the whole video watching to see what it was going to blow up to I know deal. We were going that route of helium to which I said don't take him out just doing that. I thought it was blowing up a balloon. It was going to say something I watched the whole thing. I didn't. But after you saw him take into helium, then you're supposed to say some. We're going to do is move on out congenial. Confused, twelve second on your video. Our Instagram for these rain teasers? Okay. Photoshop squirrel time for stores to start your morning here national champion, they outlasted Texas Tech last night, eighty five to seventy seven in overtime, Nick. What was your reaction to the win? One of the greatest redemption stories in the history of sports marred slightly by terrible application of the worst rule in sports instant replay in basketball, but for Tony Bennett and those kids to come back from the depths. I thought the Spurs coming back from the Ray Allen shot to win a title the next year was as good as it gets. This is that times ten loses. Sixteenth seed and then win the tournament with three straight games. Could a lost spectacular story for a program that was due. But we didn't know if it ever get there. It's hard to imagine you VA this first national championship. I appeal Kirsch national championship all the players that have gone school. They're all the teams that they've had congratulations. So them to them. They were able to endure to overtime games in this street that they went to in the congratulations tremendous tremendous win. Ralph Samson got to watch in person three time player of the year. Never got never got got a great Ralph Sam story. Okay. That sounds like it's off the air. Given the smile on your face off the shock to the Dallas Cowboys now after extending DeMarcus Lawrence to a long term deal debt Prescott could be next. And while he wants to quote, get paid Steven Jones said his fourth year quarterbacks contract will have to be quote team friendly. See what do you expect in these negotiations hoped that is smart, and he is shown in the short career that to Bill make good decisions him wearing that star on his helmet. And being a Dallas cowboy quarterback ten twelve years. He's gonna make a lot of money on in off the field. I hope he understands the opportunity Amari Cooper. I got an offense of line in front of me Zeke Elliott needs to be signed man, we need some cat room. Look at. Tom Brady, don't give them the Tom Brady deal. But be smart. And to me deck also is incentivized to get this deal done before he plays again. Because there there's no guarantee that Dak taking the field again raises. His value increases his leverage. He's been a very up and down player in his career. So yeah, I think team friendly deal is a fair deal given his level of play enough to put a fence around your house man to keep them. Wow. Dogs from biting do that get enough for that? Yeah. And the settlement you're about to have to pay because of those dogs bite and people that's wild, man. All right. Finally in a survey conducted by the athletic, current NBA players were asked who the MVP was forty four percent selected James harden wa- thirty nine percent had Jaanus as MVP or the players right picking hard and over Jaanus. I think is going to surprise a lot of people. I answer I've waited on this. I said I wanted to because of how close it was. I wanted to get as much as possible now got a game or two left of the players. Right. I think j. Hard and should be the MVP this year. Wow. John was my preseason pick. Because I don't have a vote on allowed to gamble on it. I bet on Janas preseason. And I think Janas probably will win. But James harden should win the MVP and see you, and I have talked about how people we were watching a documentary where psychologists that people remember stories more than numbers? And so I could inundate you the numbers supporting James Harden's case the scoring the advanced metrics the historical significance of thirty six points per game. But instead just imagine this scenario imagine any of the other superstars in this league. Whether it's LeBron Kevin Durant. Joel Embiid Anthony Davis averaged thirty six points game aren't on an injury riddled team that is going to be the two or three seed in the west would it even be a debate. What would we eat no matter that hey Janas team's going to win six or? Seven more games. And he's a better defensive player. If it were anyone other than harden having this season, wouldn't he be the runaway favourite, and I don't and I do think it's close. And I do think there's a good argument for Jaanus, but Janas is the heavy Vegas favorite. And I think people were surprised the players picked harden. I don't think another player in the league could have done for the rockets James harden did this year to win total is now not even that different. The rockets might end up the two seat in the west. And I just can't get over the volume scoring and him taking the rockets from fourteenth in the west through Chris Paul and Clint Capellas injury to where they are right now. I'll use your example, because there's a lot of times, and it's very rare. But there are a number of times that you are able to see two performances in both of these guys are deserving, but we typically do is to try to make our case for whoever we think we tear the other person down. So as Nick's case was. Who could score like this in the league? And they wouldn't be MVP. Well, who could have Janas numbers wouldn't be MVP because Janas says well deserving if you look at the offense of in the defensive end if you look at the team people say, oh, I'm into team. I'm into win will all those things Janas has a compass. The person that's grown their game. Jaanus he would be able to answer to that question. So I can make a case for both of these guys tremendous years tremendous years, the one thing I can say about harden is that harden has been in Janas position before and didn't win in DP. So now do they make up for one of those years? When harden got robbed a being MVP? And typically when you're in 'em VP conversation you have to be in two previous year. And then that next year if you're able to follow up on it, then they're able to give it to you. But both of these guys to Mendes seasons in themselves. I'm not gonna tear down either one the voters will get it. Right. Because you can't get this one wrong. And I also want. To understand like, the the precedent of if you are scoring at this clip and your team's good every single guy who have done it post wilt has won the MVP that you're except for Jordan a few times Jordan because Jordan one psalm and then they gave Barkley won the Jordan brothers to one. There was some Jordan fatigue. But we Bob macadear when nineteen seventy five thirty two plus points per game on a really good team MVP. Kevin Durant a few years ago everybody that has been thirty two plus points on a really good team has won MVP every time they've done it except for Jordan who got there actually three times. He could have won the MVP when he hit those thresholds and just didn't get it. Because people in the beginning, they didn't know if his team would have playoffs his success in the end, they got sick and giving him, but the players voted for harden or would vote for harden over Jaanus. No, I think the players because they've seen hard. They know how hard he's worked. How much he's grown his game. He's done it last five years. I mean, he has been. When they're in these conversations. So no, I can understand the players respect the how long he's probably done it compared to John really jumping on the scene. The last two years and the other interesting part of this players pulled by the Atlantic. We're about a quarter of the league was polled. One of the most underrated players, according to the players was Chris Middleton and Britain. That's Janas Tannock. So I bring that up in the context of I think the players maybe more than the general public think Janas has a better supporting cast than he's given credit for with blood. So in Middleton to coach this situation, they have their and recognized that Hardin had. No, Chris Poland. No Clint Capella for a long stretch. Again. I want the only wrong answer to me is it's not close. It is very close. But I think and Julian be for the second straight year. Let's dive into the NFL here Antonio Brown. He jabbed with his former teammate huger Smith Schuster over the weekend. The two went back and forth over Twitter. AB wasn't done. Apparently last night sending out a screen shot of a direct. Message juju sent him on Instagram from juju college days, it said what's up baby? I'm receiver at the university of southern California. I appreciate all your work your great man on and off the field. You have any tips that can help take my game to the next level. Thanks man with the caption onto the Knicks from Brown. I see what what do you make of this? If you're young receiver. Don't don't stop don't don't stop DM. If I took you through my DM's as far as kids if I've encountered since we've had Twitter in the things that I've been to listen to them about their issue. Should they stay in college where should they train which should they do next? Like, this is one of the things about AB that upset me more because I know the legacy, and I I know why receivers throughout the years have taken care of other wide receivers and for juju to reach out. And when he's at USC just trying to get better. He's just trying to enjoy the same thing that we enjoyed when I got into pro football. There were guys might quick Kenny Jackson, man, they went out of their way to make sure that I understood that I had the opportunity, and even if it was me taking the role me taking their spot on the team which end up happening in Philadelphia with Kenny Jack. Jason. This is a legacy that we have in the league from the older players to the younger players been passed down from generation the generation decade to decade into me. I'm embarrassed AB. I'm embarrassed at he thought he was actually doing something by putting his DM message up there juju all do. You know, what it juju got a lot of fans people like man this kid is all right and see man. He he totally exposed juju. Smith Schuster for what he is a really respectful hardworking kid. Are you kidding me? I was napping. When this story happened. I woke up I saw on Twitter that someone had said aby releases juju DM, and I was nervous for juju. Smith schuster. Yes. Because I was gonna say I thought it was probably from about a month ago or could have been right when right when when he's leaving out the Bill, absolutely, man. I'm so happy for you minute. I'm stuck here. Right. You get for Asian, right? Big Ben without I thought that's what it was going to be and that would have been dirty pool by Tonio Brown to do. But I figured that's what it was when I saw what he put out there. I thought we did ju ju hack ABC's Instagram to make himself. Look good. I mean, how what the other it also speaks to the level of delusion from Antonio Brown that he's now in a place where he thought this would make him look bad. I was saying into general before the show if gin, and I had a falling out. And all the sudden, I leave the show and Jenna puts out I'm gonna show you Nick, right? Really is. And the tweet I sent her five years ago. I think you're great on the today show. I really respect your work. I think and I love your story. Like, no, what are you talking about? I mean, it doesn't it? I don't understand what's happening here. I jokingly said earlier, and Tony was going crazy. This is the these are the acts of crazy guy. Why Kipling let this go? Why can't he move? What what is he so obsessed with that? He cannot. Close the book on a chapter that he made all the effort to move on from. I don't have a clue I don't I don't know what he wants. He got traded. He got the new contract. Like, I don't I don't know what he wants next. Like, abe. I'm totally confused. Like, I'm totally confused. Like what his real goals are day to day. You remember the first Super Bowl before this show existed? You and I were at it was in Houston. I think and we were doing some I don't know we were doing something, and we stopped filming for a moment and was walking by and it was right after the Instagram live thing, do you remember this? Oh, right after the Instagram, and you grabbed him I because they didn't seem like you knew him that. Well, he had a bit of a relationship and you reach out to him. And you said, hey, man, I think you tell me if I'm misquoting the story if you need to talk, we should talk and at that. Because at that moment that was the first thing really outside of the box in Tony Brown had done. He didn't have any of the off the field stuff. He didn't have the blue hair. He didn't have any of the. Relationship issues with teammates, but he had kind of betrayed Mike Tomlin buy. Yes. Live streaming that moment, and it seems like since then he is just instead of going down a path of that was stupid. I shouldn't have done it. He just keeps doubling down on the crazy. And and this is mean spirited as well, which I now I think it blows up in his face because juju looks good. But he clearly thought this will make juju look bad by revealing a private conversation, which is in any walk of life, totally out about getting bad advice or no advice in sort of doing this on his own. So now, he takes his behavior he will to Oakland. How do you think? Gruden and the rest of the raiders coaching staff will deal with handle accept this type of behavior from this guy problems. They're gonna have problems, and this is one of this. This is a me issue. This is Chris issue because I can understand trying to force your way off. For team. I can understand you trying to get more guarantees. But what I don't understand is as an African American aby. I don't know why you wanna tear down Mike Tomlin. Why would you make it's hard as it is for African Americans. Get hit coaching jobs. It's hard as it is for the for people to believe that they can control the roster in the locker room. Why would you make life more difficult for him? And then you're going double down on that in juju. Smith schuster. You're gonna make a young another African American you'll make his life miserable by by putting things out there. Like, I don't understand that. So now what's going to happen the Jon Gruden with? He didn't have no respect for a black man at another black, man. What would he have respect for John group? So for me, I'm disappointing them. I'm disappointing them as NFL wide receiver. I'm disappointed him as someone who the NFL has put out there. And he's taken advantage of the NFL brand. And I'm in barest as a black man that he would embarrass Mike Tomlin and embarrassed juju juju out there. So it's a Chris thing and. The coats as far as the coaching staff goes coach me makes mixes point all the time. And I think it's a relevant one you speak to your team in multiple ways when you actually speak to them through your actions through your decisions as a coach or GM and Jon Gruden made the decision who's the first Oakland raider to get paid in the Jon Gruden near this guy. Hey, DJ ships away Amari Cooper who good won't pay him ships way Khalil Mack because it won't play two guys at very that are by all accounts. Great teammate out in victim to my daughter kind of reputation. They have great guys and in Tonio Brown who I mean, you wouldn't let cats it for you at this point. He he's the guy to get paid. And now his skills are undeniable. But he's the guy you out and trade for when you're trading guys away. He's the guy they Gruden traded from our tavis who wasn't a bad guy, but it made some bad decisions and that blew up in his face trades for a b and the first guy you pay. I just don't know what that says to the other guys in the lottery, basically, what it says I'm gonna pay the guy that works too hard is which AB that's all I've been tone. That's all I tell people. No one works harder. No one works hard. But I didn't know of inch gonna pay the craziest guy in the building. Because that's what they've done in Oakland live at they're coming up. Aaron Rodgers speaking out on his relationship with Mike McCarthy that's next on first. I things first NBA NCWA champ Antoine Walker joins the show. Welcome back. Lots of chat with you about Antoine. But the big game last night is where we're going to start the NCW championship game. It was Texas Tech. It was Virginia pick this up late less than twenty seconds to go UVA down three d Andre hundred nailing the three in the corner were tied in overtime now. Buck fifteen left Texas Tech down to David Moretti gets the ball knocked away from him. But after a closer, look it is ruled UVA ball on the replay another close call goes, you the as way Cavaliers would pull away to win eighty five to seventy seven Virginia is your national champion one year after losing to a sixteen seed what a difference a year makes Thuan what do you make of UVA's turnaround from last year to this impressive. You get eliminated as a once by sixteen. You lose a lot. And that this team has group stuck together and pulled off America. And you know, we went to a temperature. You've got to win you got to have a little luck. And they got all looked possible. Obviously saying the three point play. Was in the final four home. And yes that and then be able to come back from last night and gray game they played by both teams that would mean I was shocked. I was actually super surprised the game. Especially on the first six or seven minutes winning ready to sixty. Turn the TV. And it's out to be one of the great great national championship games. But unbelievable. You gotta give a lot of credit to be able to get this back. We juvenile get them back on the saints. Why? And then the place as many close games you did come out with the wind. You gotta give them a lot of credits combs, the other part of this is usually if you keep having games go down to the wire in a single nation tournament. One of those games goes against you to do exactly what happened to your one hundred percent, right? Jenna UCF? They get away with it tech. They get away with it. Michigan state. They don't finally roll snake eyes. You're out Virginia was ninety five percent to lose with five seconds left in the elite eight game. They were ninety five percent lose with eight seconds left in the final four game. They were probably around eighty five ninety percent to lose win. De'andre hunter hit that clutch three pointer. That was Texas Tech best evens in the country this year defensive breakdown at the end now up three twelve seconds left. The only thing you can't do is. Collapse off the best player in the game in the corner, leaving wide open claps off anybody for that matter believe him wide open for three. But then. Yeah. Virginia also needed some luck at the end with the call. But they they found a way to persevere and given what happened with them last year. It's to me as heart warming if I can be a little corny as any sport story is to come from those depths to those heights in about a three hundred eighty five day span. Because also if you look at how Virginia won the game last night, you look at the numbers, and 'cause basketball, you gotta be believe this just my personal opinion that you gotta make freak does. And you gotta make the three point line is important. They make Levin threes. They go twenty foot twenty three from the free throw line the game before that he makes all three three three. Yep. They did everything possible that you can do lane guys to make sure that they winning those games if you'd like basketball, and this is not pro basketball. But if you like basketball playing defense doing things to right way, shooting basketball, they got some of the greatest four. Warm, you know out there on the court. You like seeing this so Virginia being paid off of what happened last year in these young kids in the motion. Nick, you talked about the guy talked about they've struggled with things -iety people in their classes things like that. It's different when you're being paid in you lose because you still you still get paid in college. Man, you're when you are involved in something like this. You don't know if you ever get back being a one seat losing to a sixteen seat first time in the tournament and for them to be able to come back a little more than a year later build hoist that trophy great. And when you're an amateur, and you're now, it's the type of loss where you're at the answer to jeopardy question for ever, you are you are a punchline, you're the anecdotal. Oh, you don't wanna pull up Virginia. Like that's now white away like gotta find in different team to throw in there. Because of what they did this year. These kids did a service to last year seniors that didn't get to experience this. Because they validated. The program much like what happened with them in their prior game with Auburn where instant replay came into play. There's a controversial at the end. Do you think that the the refs caused texts tech cause them chance to win? Listen, I don't I actually don't blame the refs on this at all. I blame the awful system that is instant replay across sports. I ve only been saying this for my entire adult life except for in tennis instant replay does not make things better. It makes things worse. And the idea that that play is off Texas Tech is goes against sins Naismith invented the sport up until four years ago with four K high definition frame by frame that is off Virginia at the park. It's offer Jinya in high school that's offer Jinya in a regular college basketball game. It's off Virginia in the NBA until a few years ago. That's all Virginia. That's terrible Aminov Washington. Play though the bowl is all his fan. But then we had on me. I tell me I don't know what I'm saying. Then we have to change the way we play this. Do I not see the ball in his hand? It touches the end of his and if I were to right now, hold a basketball Antoine were to slap down on it. You know, where it would go off of last the bottom of my pinky. So we if we want to just change the way sports or played to adjust for super slow motion, high definition cameras fine. But I'm not into that. That is every everywhere you play basketball. That's tech bowl. And everyone knows that's grew to a certain degree. But I like getting the right especially the game. Like this. You want to get it. Right. And they got it. Right unfortunate for Texas Tech. But that's not what loss Texas Tech the game. You know, this was a minute fifty seconds. They had a chance to get a stop offensively. I feel like the shot at the regulation who soon agree. But why and also on the other end, why are you let them shoot at three. Why didn't you foul? Why don't you put them at the line? You could put him at the line between fifteen and ten seconds to go in the game. And why you leave your guy in the corner. Leave open your up three. So. The refs always play a part in the game. They're a part of the game. And sometimes you have to get around the refs. But for me, I'm about getting it. Right. Whatever technology we have unwilling to live with that. Because I know the ball bounces both wins. And I know there's thousands of other opportunities during the game that if you make a plight it, it wouldn't come down to get it all the way, right? When you go to replay. And you see the kid gets fouled right before the ball's knocked out of his hands retroactively, call the foul if it's about getting it right thing. Get it all the way grid everything. Okay. A lot of times in a situation like that. When the defenders coming from behind if he reaches for the ball or reaches for you. If you can continue dribbling, the ref won't call it if you lose your dribble, then they might call it because it did affect you. But in that, I could understand why he didn't call foul. Of course, meet with the contact. They were allowing in this game lead. Nothing. That I didn't expect him to call that will find either, and I totally support that. But what we see in basketball, the time is Antonio, you know, this because you played before replay was a big part of it. If you're going I shot specially late in games, and you might have gotten fouled and the ball goes out of bounds. What's the referees? Typically, call if he's not gonna call foul. We'll give you the Bob you keep the ball. Keep the ball. What do we see now with replay? Oh, we got to see off they go to replay. They see you got hammered, but they can't fix that. But because you got hammered the ball went off you is that getting it. Right. That is not getting it. Right. You can't let me ask you this e would you be okay with this adjustments replay since it's there to fix a grievous mistakes. You can go to replay. But you can only watch it in full speed. So if it's there to fix a grievous mistakes bad mistakes that should have been obvious. No, I don't want to utilize technology and not utilize it to its fullest the reason why I'm watching replay is because I get the -bility to build a slow it down frame by frame because we know that humans in real time. They can't see it. That's why. We've assisted the referees with replace so no if you're gonna use replay, let's use it for what it's worth frame by frame. That's what makes the difference. And that's what right replays there for understand both sides. It's tough. But I do like the fact that getting it, right? So we gotta going to re I'd rather get it. Right. Then just take that test. And I want to get it. Right. But they didn't get it. Right. That's not take away from this entire tournament. Games of the tournament. And they they probably would have won. Anyway, by the way, they they would've had the lead. It would been tech bowl. But that's ridiculous. I got it. I understand Antoine. We'll see a little bit later. Around. Just can't stay off social media. That's next person. Delaying like you. I run push the. Background westbrook. What are you laughing at? Delightful show. I just I'm delighted with the people I work with Ryan. And a gorgeous suits, Brian. Good readies back from a little three day weekend. He might import a little hot stuff and coffee. Let's talk in Tonio. Jan this former teammate juju Smith Schuster over the weekend. The two went back and forth over Twitter. AB wasn't done. Apparently last night sending out a screen shot of DM that juju sent him on Instagram from jujubes college days it read what's up baby. I'm receiver at the university of southern California. I appreciate all your work your great man on and off the field. You have any tips that can help take my game to the next level. Thanks man with the caption onto the next from Brown. Brian. What do you make of this? Clearly, it's not even close to being done. I think it's an unfortunate situation in in the NFL is about brotherhood, right? And I remember being a guy just like juju. I remember my second year in the league called him Brian Mitchell. Like, yo bro teach me how. Punt return, teaching the technique him to thought process teach me how to do this thing the right way. We're on the same team. We weren't team I've rook year, and guess what I took his spot. And so he had all reasons to say, you know, I'm not teaching dog won't thing. I'm not looking greatest returns, we should be a hall of Famer. Yes like ever. So I just want Kim. We want to say team then he went to our rival. So now he's playing for the giants. I'm still playing with the eagles. And I teach me how to be returning. He took time off season away from his family away from golfing. His radio shows to say, okay, I'm going to teach you how to be returned came out into the field spent hours explaining things to me showing me how to to be a better return better player that didn't really include all the things he showed me off the field as a rookie kind of play it for it. A little bit Leshan mcquaid comes to me his rookie year. I'm a veteran at this point. And he says teach me how to be a better player. I do everything I can to make him the better player. He's certainly a hall of fame candidate after his career over is over over twelve. Thousand rushing yards. He's been impressive. It's a brotherhood is about giving back. It's about Chris Carter, helping Randy moss. It's about an opportunity. Yeah. Did to pay for just a bit. And I think Antonio Brown missed it. He missed it. The bigger thing. I think is a generation of kids these days that are using social media to communicate one to one. If I got a problem with Chris Carter guess when I'm going to do I'm going to pick up the phone and say, Chris you absolutely wrong. What you said, this is how this is what you made me think made me feel and Chris say, whatever he has to say, we'll have that conversation. As to men, I'm not going to send a message on Twitter or exactly social from old l Beck. That's it. Exactly. The phone can simple as that. And respect the more for that. Well, you guys agreed or not. And I think Antonio Brown certainly could've took a different way and could approach the different way because this is a young guy as the is read from years ago appreciated him. Appreciate what he's brought to the game and respected and wanted to learn from him. I think he should've had totally different that the other aspect of everything. You're saying is well taken hundreds incorrect, but the other aspect of this is ABC made juju look good. And it shows inadvertently in it inadvertently is the keywords. And I'm glad you said that because it shows what a warped perspective of the world and Tonio currently has that he thought, oh, I'm going to checkmate him in this Twitter battle were having. I'm going to expose him. As folks would say expose them as what a hard working good young kid that when he was eighteen years old because Judy was super young when he came to league. Remember he was the youngest player in the league. So in twenty days eighteen years old at USC, man. I wanna get better. So I'm gonna he didn't know he's going to be Antonio's teammate didn't always gonna have a relationship with him. All this did was make me a bigger fan of ju ju ju is is he's not polarizing, but he's a little he's a little out there with some of his own. I don't wanna say antics, but he puts himself out there a lot he likes spotlight, and you some. People like that some people don't this made me like juju more and to me, it's a window into in. Tony's mindset that he thought this would make to look at to whom would this make juju look bad. Like what circles would look this juju such a sucker? Looking at me always been who that that is embarrassing to whom this is what I do know. And I'm glad you tell the story about Brian Mitchell because I know this game that people love if we don't have that institution of brotherhood in that locker room because the players NFL they have nothing else around them. They can trust the coaching staff. You can't trust them thing. Get to know as men they're not going to do what's best for on and off the field. No. You can't trust to organization soon as you have a bad season. You're going to get cut. There is no trust between the players and NFL office Park Avenue. There's a little bit of trust between the players. In the players association. So you know, what the players trust twenty years old, and you come that locker room you're going to trust him veteran plate Jake Reed. People talk about Randy moss. I let Randy moss. Tell the Randy moss story because he seems a different version noon. What really really happened there? Jake reed. The Minnesota Vikings high draft pick from gramling the Vikings were getting ready give up on them. He had fractured his hip. He had another injury on his back. They were getting ready to give up on them. Jake could not catch the football. I said Jake man, they check your eyes. He said, no nothing. Wrong eyesight. Jake took my vice wind got his eyesight checked found out. He had to go to a doctor and Seattle yet deficiency. He could not see the ball coming at Adam. He had a problem in the strengthening some little things in the back of his eye, man. He went through a whole off season. And then Jake green Chris Carter win thousand thousand thousand foot four times in a row NFL record. But Jake math. He didn't have me. There is. A brother the Vikings, man. He man he was so upset the Vikings had no confidence in them the coach Steph had no confidence in them. But me, I saw it man. This guy was having a problem with his men build the receive the football, and I trusted in Jake Jake was a hard worker, man. He was tough, man. He was mean Jacob I knew he could be a pro. And because of that he ended up having a long career cleaned up making a lot of money. And the man I'm telling there are thousands and thousands of stories of veteran players taking guys under their wing. And that's why we have the league. That's why we getting ready to celebrate one hundred years. It's not because the football of the institution of it. The play calling the coaches Park Avenue to players sociation is because brother, the brother we know that we can count on each other. And it's the only thing that the players can count and see it's not even just within the same position group. You tweeted out this weekend. Somebody tweeted something about Reggie White. The. Late great Reggie White nutrient that you tweeted, I miss my friend. I know from your time and your stories in Philly that Reggie who was already one of the all time greats tried to help you out as best as he could take you under his wing to a degree kept that relationship going, even once you went to Minnesota like that is there are you mentioned your stories with Shawn McCoy, I'm certain because you were very specific type of player, right? Like, you're not the prototype. Running back that there have been guys that have come out of college with your similar dimensions with your similar skill set. That man who am I gonna look to to how I can make it in this league. Brian Westbrook guys that they're not paying you. They're not there's no coaching that you're getting actually financially rewarded for. But there is the satisfaction of you are helping continue the legacy of NFL players one of the things I was as I'm reading this. I'm saying what's going on with Antonio Brown. And I believe as a six round pick. He's always played with the high. He got to be one of the best receivers in a game is playing with the gift. I'm thinking that. He's. Trying to find that as you can't you can't question skillset, we all know that he's one of the best in the game after work out that you can't question that anymore. Now, he's trying to refine the ads I just hope that he understands this isn't the way to do it attacking another brother like you mentioned earlier isn't the way to do it. We don't have to go there. We don't have to act that way, we could take it to a different level. We could take it to a point uplift. Each other. Just because Judy was good or or lease increase in skill set. Doesn't mean people think less Antonio Brown. Both of you guys can be very very good at your crap. And you don't have to tear each other down just to prove that you're better than the other person doesn't have to happen. I believe there, Bryan. We'll see a little bit later in the show coming up could Aaron Rodgers tear up the league next season with a new head coach. That's next on first things. I. Fight night champion square off Saturday, ten eastern on this one and the Fox Sports at we'll get to Aaron Rodgers in a minute. But for some baseball rating MVP Christian yelich goes deep, but two time MVP, Mike trout, Robin. Admit the wall right there an MVP on him VP crime. See, and I didn't you had met with Mike trout or some before. He was a pro. What's it when he's high school or I don't know you're saying some real they're Janke stadium. He's in the major league. Okay. Yeah. A few years ago. I was telling me about this running backs field. Had the sizing up man about six two and a half definitely over to twenty five man. NFL Calva running back. Great athletes. Great athletes that are linebacker pitch now English Premier League Chelsea and West Ham eaten his aunt split into two seven does before nailing smooth go right there. That's why we talking about the ham. I know brothers getting up and down and got no dunk. Swing. Shakeup shake man, really must not have been NBA last night. We got is impressive your. Rene castle getting the assist from an elephant thrown it down. I mean, obviously, I wouldn't I wouldn't participate in this for. But what Jenna what you're going to make this about my alleged lack of Atlanticism? No. But it's only reasons why you wouldn't because I'm not leading an elephant flip me in the airman eight thousand pounds squash your head like the migrant. He is a animal trainer though. Yeah. Animal trainers. Get I was worried about the landing because that's that's a long long fall back Aaron Rodgers now and the fallout from a detailed article examining his reported dysfunctional relationship with former Packer head coach Mike McCarthy Rogers finally spoke out about the report calling it a smear attack in particular. Rogers took issue with the conversation. He reportedly had with team president Mark Murphy where it was reported. That Murphy told Rogers, quote, don't be the problem. Take a listen. It's ridiculous. It is one hundred percent patently false. So it's either he made that crap up or what he would probably do as a writer say, oh, my this is my sources problem. They told me something I talked to Mark early like last week. And I said Marcucci you tell somebody about the conversation. He goes that's ridiculous. And I said because that's not what happened. And he of course, that's not what happened. We had a great conversation. Like, we always do. So so that that's one point that article amongst a number of highly questionable things not to mention unnamed sources put your name on to something. I see there's a lot there. What can Rogers take from the fallout with McCarthy? Knitter now help things moving forward with new head coach Matt leflore. I mean, he's been sensitive. He's got rabbit ears to other stuff that's been reported. So him firing back like that. I'm not surprised at all some of his answers in everything. Of course, all the stories probably not true. But there are some parts in there that he don't look real real good. And as a leader, this is what I do know improve sports. You can't control. What kinda talent you have? You can't control how much better you get. But who you are as a teammate. Everyone has the same skill level. You can be a great teammate. If you won't to everyone has the ability to be as good of a team as anybody else, everyone the same ability a great teammate. Absolutely and people choose not to there's also some people in this story that give the story great amount of credibility. Greg Jenin's him. And I have Greg been friends for years when he was a Packer. We were friends when these signs of free agent went the Vikings. I felt like I was a part of that deal. We were friends when FOX was looking for an. I got a list of people. Hey, what do you think about these people go, my friend, Greg Jennings? We can trust him hard. Working dependable good, man. So what Greg Jennings said, and I just know this when you do say something don't forget about the whole back the guys hold back in don't tell because we also in this fraternity wing on tell it all you'll never have NFL player. Tell everything on another NFL player now here of late. We can see AB guys are starting to left out the bag so Aaron he's not going to be able to fight this. If I was him I would move on because it's already affected people's perception of him, and it's already affected Mike McCarthy. That's one of the reasons why he didn't get a job this off season because they hired people that were less qualified than McCarthy. People say they want a guy works with the quarterbacks. I wanna offense of mine. That's McCarthy was any had success. And had a Super Bowl championship. So I believe it's already affected both of so on the floor stuff. What I find interesting is the way Aaron answer that question because he's he's claiming at the tail end of his answer. I never said that. But in the beginning, he says his own words, I said to Mark Murphy, did you tell anyone about our conversation. Now, that's now maybe just miss thing came out in the article to bleach the article was that one quote that one that was not the conversation. And so it may be Erin just misspoke there. But it would be an odd thing for me to ask. If you never said that to me, I would not be wondering did you tell anyone about our conversation like in? So what how do I read what happened here? Here's how I read what happened here. I think Mark Murphy called Aaron Rodgers and told him we're hiring Matt leflore. And I believe that in that story. Aaron had a few seconds of silence. Because he might have been a little nonplussed that he was not consulted on it who upset. Terms. Ticked off that he wasn't consulted on it. Right. And then Mike Murphy, Mark Murphy, maybe in not as stern ablaze presenting the articles that Aaron listen man, don't be part of the problem be part of the solution. Man. This my job to hire the coach you're going to like him, and maybe beating great conversation. And how does it get to the reporter Mark Murphy says to someone in the organization just talk to Aaron? One great in the beginning. Like, he didn't respond immediately. I told him though, he's he's not going to be part of the problem is going to be part of the solution. And then all of a sudden game a telephone gets tight on Bleacher report. That's how I imagine this win. And I imagine I understand why if that's how it went Aaron Rodgers be upset that it was presented as if he was on the phone huffing and puffing angry, and he had to be scolded by the defacto owner of the Packers. But playing it forward now whether that was said or not that is the right advice. Aaron Rodgers be part of the solution. Man. Be part of why Matt leflore is considered the best hire the Packers have made since Mike Holmgren be part of the reason that Matla floor is considered. Wow. What a short move by this team taking a guy who despite the fact that he was the coordinator for I think the twenty ninth ranked passing offense and football last year, the Packers Saul something in something. I think you saw when you met with him during the season when you're calling type. Right. Okay. First week the year and said the problem for him in Tennessee was a personnel. Not a schematic problem because at the end of the day, guess what about before? Don't have no legacy Merck. Murphy doesn't really have a legacy Mike McCarthy a larger legacy. Why do I say that in order to have a diverse talk about your legacy? You've got to be an all time. Nobody nobody talks about three Angels' stars are pro bowlers legs e and writers has a legacy to worry about. And how these last five years of his career go are going to determine that enlarge. The numbers are on peachable. But he's got to do some more winning quickly before move on their way Aaron Rodgers can help Matt leflore as they starts is first season as head coach. Absolutely. We had two situations. One season Dinnie green when he took over and he was installing the west coast offense. And most of us weren't weren't familiar with it? And there was one time we were on the field, and he was telling about Bill Walsh in Jerry Rice. And he was actually walk. Walking through like, the slant pattern and most of the guys would like snickering Dinnie was a little overweight and everything, but I really bought into it. Because Dinnie didn't he was telling me that he needed me as leader? He needed me as voice he needed my leadership. So I had a complete buying. I squashed all that guy. The guy work with Jerry Rice who have you worked with? So who you gonna listen to una listen to him. And why he's talking I want you all to shut up because he's trying to teach us something. And that right there lead us to the run that we went on in Minnesota another time then he had fired the offense coordinator Jack burns in the mill to season and Brian Billick from nowhere tight ends coach was named offense coordinator. And Brian said, Chris, you know, this offense better than me. But I would prefer if we don't disagree around the team we can come to my office man, and you can cuss me out. You can do whatever you want. But right now, I need your support. So ma'am, Brian put some things in their house. Like men great idea. I love that. I'm doing a clear out. Randy's running the dig Jake's on the dig across the middle. I'm psyching the guys up in the room because I knew that they needed that at the time. And the veteran leaders they have so much weight in what they say in what they don't say that credibility comes with it. I met with Matt leflore I came away astonished of his ex's knows. That's like how you gonna ever do this in Tennessee. It wasn't. I can't do this here. Chris I'm adapting to my personnel. So for me, I said this guy is going to be a head coach I talked about him earlier in the season. And then the Packers end up finding so Iraj IRS man, he holds a huge key in the credibility of what the coach is going to say and the tension that the other guys will have when he's in front of the room to great stories. All right. Take a break coming up should deck Prescott. Take a hometown discount talk about that next person. I. I we're going viral lead. Bill set out all of last season was replaced by James Connor laving hopped on Twitter. Shared a text exchange. She had with Connor Connor texted. What's up, bro? Just reaching out. Social media got dudes acting crazy. And it got me thinking he was always a real one and was always solid. I appreciate that. Congrats on the new deal. You weather. The storm you came out strong. Like, you always say all positive vibes. Do your thing. Brody a nice change of pace from the juju Antonio Brown feud going on. Yeah. It is. But would you can't reveal Tex people send you? We needed because that's the NFL. I know one low we need yet. We had to do that. You're okay with that we had to. I mean why I'm curious because all the information was going out there. What happened? The ju ju when everything like this is the normal exchange that we we do have a brotherhood. And I'm so glad that they got on top of it L Bill people got criticized he's helping this kid out the kid who took his job. I listen and that shames Khanna reaching out to L bell. And I and I I do I like the I like that that happened. I just don't do we think James Connor gave him. Okay. Let's put that out to the masses to sit down. If I send you a lagoon, it made him vicar to me, a text that would make you look I would have it on there. Okay. So messages he had how many does he have more than twenty one? How many do you have unread unread text right now? I'm at seventy two unruly, man. My phone is for my convenience by phone is not. So I'm not a doctor on call. You. Yeah. He's gotten on. Of course, the professors year professional why got this case for communiqu. My phone is for my convenience. Why are you gonna white people? Got your number new. Well, I'll get back to them when I see fit all busy on radio use getting back to people. I'd get back to you that day. Get back to you get back to you. The Nick rights dive stories notify you as your national champion. They out lasted Texas Tech, eighty five seventy seventy overtime Nick your reaction to the win last night spectacular. Sports story the stuff of movies, really the worst loss. And the of your sport followed up by winning a championship the next year and the final three games of that championship run. All you were a heavy underdog in the waning moments only to pull it out of the fire Marta little bit by the worst thing in sports instant replay. But a great win by Tony Bennett Virginia, so happy for the you're right on top of it Nick as far as the movie that's a little stretch. I mean, Texas Tech didn't score a bucket for the first seven twenty two seconds. So about the game. But maybe. The whole story they would've they would've slid past the fact the coast in talk about it. But the players talked about the type of things I ADI type of ridicule that they faced last year being the first number one seed to lose the build a bounceback a little more than a year and be crowned as a number one seat phenomenal story. Congratulations Virginia with their first title moving to the NFL draft former Super Bowl champ Trent Dilfer had high praise for twin Haskins saying he is Tom Brady ish see is still for onto something here. This is my guy treatment and he's been following these quarterback. So this is not San I just started watching Ohio State, right leg and asked me he works with high school quarterbacks, man. He's part of the big event where he sees these guys earlier. So he's one of my main guys that I go to four quarterbacks, and I'm gonna tell you told me about him longtime ago, and then I saw him adult high state now what I tried to avoid is because I'd. I didn't know Tom Brady Tom Brady was but he has someone intangibles from leadership humility standpoint accuracy with the football that Tom Brady does this a lot more than the NFL dot com report from one of their scouts this week in saying Dwayne Haskins is a media creation and is the fourth or fifth best quarterback in the draft. I think he's much more likely to be a great quarterback than what that report said. Now, Tom Brady, I think it's always tough when you compare guys to the greatest to ever do anything. But he's saying he has some traits. Ohio State doesn't have Haskins this year they've Bihar into win. Eight games would be pushing. Finally, we're talking Dallas Cowboys with DeMarcus Lawrence signed to a long term deal all signs point to Dak Prescott next in line to get paid. However, Steven Jones says his fourth year quarterback's contract will have to be quote, teamed friendly interesting considering it was just this past. February Dak Prescott said he won't be going. The Tom Brady below market rout. The two sides have yet to start negotiations Nick when you expect in said negotiations deck should go below his market. I don't know you'll have to go below his market. Tom. Brady's market is not Dak Prescott market. Tom. Brady's playing for about fifty fifty cents on the dollar, and that's a choice. He's mate. But that Prescott if we start ranking quarterbacks we're going name twelve fourteen fifteen guys for Dax name rolls off the tongue. So I the I don't think he's going to have to take what his actual market below is market. But I think Dak news recognize. What is market is his market is probably in the low twenty million dollar a year range twenty two to twenty four million dollar a year in today's in fell when case keenum can get in the high teens, we know we're DAT can get. But maybe some people would look at that as taking a discount. I wouldn't look at that as taking this kind of if Dak thinks he's in the thirty million dollar a year club. He's not who were the other guys in the low twenty million mid to mid twenty million dollars. Jarrett cars in that right now, there's I would the most of those bills are old deals or the guys were signed one year. Sam Bradford signed one year case keenum is under that he's in that second tier are different tier of guys. But to me it in this is hard to do. Because what I see a lot of times with the players is something gets. Changed were the agent is working more than the player. If I'm Dak Prescott. I'm giving him real time advice. I sit down with Zeke Elliot sit down with the Mario Cooper and tell them I'm willing to take a little less money to make sure that we can get you guys sign because my career is going to be better. If I'm with better players, man football man is about talent. And having that talent around you. And if a quarterback can't be supported he can't think that he can beat a force multiplier light Tom Brady. So no, I'm not taking a Tom Brady deal. I'm not taking anything fourteen to eighteen million. But I'm taking something under the Kirk cousins Aaron Rodgers tier and everything because there's a bunch of quarterbacks getting ready to sign anyway. So so the numbers are going to be off the charts as far as what quarterbacks are getting. If it was me knowing what I know knowing what Dallas Cowboys and legendary Dallas Cowboys no-one how they live in Dallas. How? And how much you can make off the field. I'm to take a little left because he's not in the type of environment that other quarterbacks in where he couldn't recoup a lot of that money. What leverage does Dak Prescott half's? I I think the only leverage he has leverage that was given to him by the Jones family by repeatedly talking about the fact that they have to sign him. He's played forty eight regular season games in his NFL career. Twenty four have been quite good. Twenty four have been quite bad. He is going to make less than a million dollars next year. The team could old the franchise tag over them for the following season. And if I'm Dak I want to get this deal done this off season not only because football's a dangerous game. And you have the injury Rhys. But also because what if next season starts the way last season started your leverage just gets undercut and undercut like he think Casey has to make is I've been the starter for three years here. Both years were wasn't suspended. We won the division last year wanna playoff game. I want you gave me a number one receiver. I got better. But I don't think anyone. Looks at Dak is that top tier enough quarterback except for maybe his agent who's whispering in his ear. You're one of the best young quarterbacks and football. Don't take anything under thirty million. That would be crazy. All right. Let's take a break. They're coming up. Who is the NBA MVP? Is it harden is Janas here? Current MBA players thinking versus I. Anthony walker. The weather's we're going viral. Kyle guy dropped twenty four points to help lead UVA to the national came game as his profile has risen so has curiosity about his tattooed. Check out this up-close from his Instagram accounts. Describe it. So it's tiger with the mouth open inside the mouth. There's an image of David standing on top of Goliath that seems pretty obvious David having defeated me live inside eaten by tiger tionna Jones. There you go. So you got it, man. I'm glad I didn't know about this to the free time. That's a lot of that's a lot of pain threshold there while that aren't too. No tattoos. You look good though. Jenna J the destiny. The destined tattoos. I don't understand David Goliath. And then they both got eaten by tiger. It's like when you survive off a building and then get mauled by a lion walking hopeful. Pool bible stories in their lions Dan open the mouth compared to being Dan and his mouth. Sunday school. Pastor Carter I delivered now taking offering to the MVP debate. In a survey conducted by the athlete. The church or asked who the MVP was forty four percent of current NBA player players selected James harden, while thirty nine percent has Yana says MVP Antoine or the players right picking Hardin over Jaanus, Janice. This reminds me of two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen I think you mentioned earlier Chris about Steph curry beat James harden out the year, and they really deserving they both. But the players that year that they had their wards show the players that year, pick Harza picked hard and every minds me of that. But I like Yannis if you look at the body of work, a Yannis, and you can get into. But I look at the little things they will seven seat last year. Not as a one c they went sixty games his game improved. And he's probably arguably the best defensive player we keep forgetting about that we keep talking about what's hardness done offensively. But this is the best two way player in the league. He can guard one through five hardness garden one through five and this guy's taken attainment wonky. I think Harding still has a better roster. He used to a better roster than the Milwaukee Bucks. Can't do you think the players are taken inconsideration both ends at a court. No, I think they're looking at what James harden is doing I think players get excited about scoring. More. So than looking at the whole body of work the whole game. And I think they get no, obviously, don't get me wrong heart, and it was very impressive. And may not be able to duplicate again scoring speed. He went on this year. And he did it. Terrific job. Get his team to the third seat. But you're Janas hat on both ends of the floor. The fifth-seeded thirty two minutes at night wasn't credible. He's filled up stash sheet on both fans. I think that Janas has a very typical and very strong MVP case best best team best player on that team. Best record in the NBA plays on both ends his stat line. If you go points, rebounds, assists, blocks has not been done since Corinne. Right. So in order to beat that you need a historic season. And I believe that's what James harden his hat. I this is come down to the wire. But I agree with the players. I think James Harden's the MVP, and I would argue 'cause hardens listen Janas team has sixty wins hardened CMO of. Sudden has fifty three so that he's going to end either six or seven win short of Yana spinning out of the final game of the season shakes out, and obviously the tougher conference on a team that set with much more injuries, but seven wins a lot of wins in this league sixty win threshold really truly man walking. They haven't been, you know, pushing the gas the last couple of games they probably could have gotten to sixty three or sixty four. If flushing Toronto was on there for guys last year you up to sixty you look at Houston won sixty five games. Fifty eight there at fifty three now. To your point. The if we are looking at this in the vacuum of the one season the question, I would ask is this. If this were LeBron whoever thirty six game for fifty three win team or Anthony Davis whoever thirty six game for fifty three win team that dealt with injuries. 'cause I agree. The rockets might have been a roster win fully healthy. But Chris Paul Mr. Trump guitar Clint cappella Chung time, if this were hell Damian Lillard this year, whoever thirty six game for fifty three one Portland team. Aren't they going the MVP like I feel like the gonna put up Jonah's numbers not winning MVP? I Anthony Davis. If he was on that team. They bring him in Buki back. And he does what Jaanus is doing like I mean getting those types of numbers game only on seventeen shots hardened shooting seven more shots gang. He's supposed. He's gonna bless you. And but I like your point of the players they're not looking at the defensively. And as a former player, you know, they're not going to. Valuate that as hard and what he's getting steel and a half a game. I block and a half a game like h- you have to consider that is a record breaking season. Just like you're saying that hardens hat. I just think you put in the conversation where Michael Jordan when he was the best player in getting guard. Lebron James early has career when he was the best player. He got one through five Kobe Bryant taking on that Simon garden at that position. And been the best player. He's he's giants heart is not science. I play. The scorn is great. But that's that's what a buck stops. This an impressive the way he was able to carry it a little Chris Paul being out and and can't Capella, but will Janas done is surely amazing on both ends of the listen. I don't think it's fair to say it's where it stops with Harden's scoring because he's a great distributor for that team. He is the engine that runs the entire offense. Now, he is. He's not awful Vincent player that he was but Janas might win defensive player of the year. Like, you made this point earlier, and I want to reiterate it, I am not here to tear down Yoenis Janas. I bet on the honest when NBA people for the year. I picked you on this one MVP before the year. I think he probably will win it. But if I had a vote, it would be the toughest vote of the last certainly since oh six and maybe since before, but the what hardened deed taking a team that the other aspect of it is. And I don't know if this counts are not, but this was an extra important year for the rockets because of Chris Paul's h because this team if they don't make a push this year next year, we know the last couple of years of Chris ball's contract is going to be a detriment to harden in that team's ability compete for championship. They were on the brink. They were fourteenth in a fifteen conference with their best inter second best and third best player out with injury and hardened put up wilt numbers, pardon put up the go ahead, Jason Kidd, just got fired plan with John's what about buds for sure it's a critical year for Yang. It's too. It's not like all the pressures on hard and Houston like we're just looking at the totality of it. There's no way that we can avoid what. John is has done in the same argument that you. Well, what if LeBron had this will you tell me another NBA player that could put a twenty seven toil only seven. Yeah. He's just he's distributed about just as well as hard almost. Yeah. I mean assistant half a game not touching the ball is less taking seven less shots and doing all that on the defensive like he might be defensive MPP. Like, that's the only way the players can be looking at. It is avoid in the defensive in the scorn. And I know that that's how players look at it. When they like if you put it in the whole guys, you a lot of respect for that. I respect around the league when you squad a basketball and harness doing an amazing thing and obviously the ninety point game. So they respect that one thing. I think too is they might be given hard a little bit of love because how consistent in then. They know he's worked on his game his conditioning to uptick the way it did in the season. Because this is not his first time. So it might be a respect factor to how many season. Oh that he's then they know that if at the end of this five year stretch, he comes with only one MVP at not going to be a totally justified. Given the fact that he would have three seconds. And at least two of those three the players thought he was the. Thank you for listening to the first things first podcast. Remember, leave us a review and tell us what you think subscribe to the podcast on apple podcasts and catch us on Monday through Friday, six thirty AM Easter for Chris Carter, Nick, right, Geno, wolf so long. Everybody.

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