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Psychedelics, Spirituality, and the Future of Humanity


What is higher whisker? Just another psychedelic or something more. Could this substance use by Amazonian Shamans for centuries be the key to expanding our world view in our modern consumerist society author and philosopher? Daniel Pinch back. Answer these questions. And more from secret societies to new levels of consciousness. I'm Tony Suite with kept Iran. You're listening to truth be told please welcome. Daniel Pinch back Daniel. I'm great thank you so much for doing this. And this is not Captain Ron but Intern jt who puts all this stuff together behind the scenes and produces it. Thank you JT But I know I know you are overseas and I'm excited to hear about all other stuff you're doing but in before we get into your books I'm all about the transformation about the journeys of people and I I WANNA know from from the time you started. Maybe in the nineties even to this day. I want to go over to your own transformation. Now you talked about in a psychedelic drugs to psychic experiences. Ufo's humans Humanity is under attack and also in transformation. I WanNa see through your experience and your research. How is your own transformation Come about what have you discovered about yourself that That surprised you. So how long you got. I mean that's that's a big. That's a big. We got two and a half day so I my first book was called breaking. Open the head and it's a book about second shamanism and the Genesis of that book was. I had a kind of existential crisis. Scriptural emergency of like nihilism and despair by late twenty s and wanted to sort of hours a skeptic and a scientific materialist but I was interested in seeing if there was anything else in the universe. Consciousness that might serve reclusive Went back to psychedelics. And I got assignments I went to West Africa through tribal Recalled the weedy and Gabon taking psychedelic. Boga visited the Amazon and Ecuador. To work with a tribe called Sequoia Wasco visited Magic Tech Indians Mexico where we rediscovered magic mushrooms. Fifty S and I interviewed all sorts of chemists apologists. That went to the burning man festival which wasn't as well known back that was like math. Corcoran two or something. Twenty years so Yeah so the book that I had all these experiences of my own and eventually they broke through my skepticism. Because I would have these specific things that would happen. Shamans would tell me information about my childhood that could know about or secret societies. All the things that you read about in initiation story whatever so I had to shift my whole world view And that's but I wrote about in the first book breaking up with him but also the second book. Two thousand twelve trip gets a quadrille where I was really looking at a bigger I live Colt thinking and quantum physics and My encounter cycles and so many other subjects. What else you want to know that some of it now. That's that's great and when you first started out how what was your mindset because you know I grew up in Kansas you know very bible belt. You Know Christianity filled my head with with a lot of different things but going forward spirituality side of me kind of opened up of not even before this even before I moved to Los Angeles where everybody thinks you know where the spiritual gurus here but not we're just you know people seeking their journeys as everybody else but What was your mindset growing up. Was it more kind of a solid thinking or were you more open to the The universe itself Both my parents were artists in different ways. Oh that's good. My Dad was a abstract painter. Mother was editor and an author of a number of books. She was actually involved with the beat generation. The nineteen fifties. She was dating the novelist. Jack Kerouac when published his bestselling book on the road. So I I came from sort of a Bohemian artistic background Without religious or spiritual right I've always wanted to try HIAWATHA. Listen I've never taken. A drug never smoked any marijuana cannabis. I've never drank alcohol. Barely even take aspirin. What was the first experience like for you or an advice? You can give someone that has never been open to any of that stuff but actually wants to try. This is kind of experience it was was it for you Well you know skin particularly any second well starting with high. Wasco in then we'll move onto because I know you've tried sir. You know in a way I understand why you would. Maybe think I ask is okay. Even if you don't like these other ideas taking drugs because it really is kind of a medicine is considered like the visionary medicine of the Amazon Basin. And it's usually used ceremonially. There's usually a presiding shaman. Who LOOKED AFTER REBUTTED? A and so. It's very different just taking like mushrooms realistic going out with a friend or something. Very structured experience usually like songs and Healings cleansings and so on. So yeah you know might be a great thing for you to try if you if you if you feel up to it and I think Jt had a question asked me earlier. But you had a question about the HIAWATHA. Yeah I want to talk about Commonly people talk about seeing visions of serpents. Jaguars when they take I WASPA- is that something that you've experienced or know anything I've ever seen. Some serpents has been the main point of my visions but Yeah there's a was so just to mention. I've been new book out that I wrote with the young woman apologists. Iraq Len Coleman Plant Stream Which overlooks the whole phenomena? Vishwa skirts global spread history and so on and What was your initial question can actually rescue bouncer. Yeah just the commonality in the Seeing serpent or the visions Jaguars. There's there's a Isreaeli researcher. Benny Shanon wrote a book on the kind of phenomenology whilst experience so he did a lot of statistical surveys that he did find that like people often saw the same type of material You know which from a young in Carl. Young Great Swiss psychoanalyst. We've talked about the collective unconscious in archetypes in psyche. He was you know. The onion perspective is that you're seeing different kind of archetypal images of the collective psyche So but somebody else might say that those are spirits that are actually connected with this particular medicine and somebody else would just say. It was your suggestion illusion of your mind. I A lot of people I've interviewed when it comes to like near death experiences. Even my grandfather had one But some people like scientifically or even you know. Nonbelievers say oh. It's just your mind playing tricks on you. In in somewhat of a transitional period. It just never really happened. Do you feel that Hiawatha? And a lot of these You know Drugs are not even the hateem say drugs but Plants or medicine that gave you that experience. Do you feel this is actually An a door opening to another dimension or do you feel like it's just your mind playing tricks on you. Yeah I mean what what what is in our mind playing tricks on US map. You know the Russian right. I mean you know there's a north scientists who talks about how you're actually experiencing controlled hallucination. You know it's like are you know we are physical sense. Organs take in what are basically just energetic frequencies and then in the mind they're kind of transmit -duced in mediated that we can respond to them as we do So young I mean I I tend to think that's There are other realities or other dimensions that you can experience through substances How there's other dimensions exist. What that means exactly the drivers the questions that we haven't really begun to understand yet. Yeah and I I know you talked about Through your experience having more psychic abilities or but I- I interview and we've had many people in our studio and even people on my network That are psychics. And they say everyone has that ability. But you're saying that these plants or or drugs or whatever you WANNA call them have given you the opportunity to enhance those. Is that correct? I think a lot of people have that experience. I mean it's not a big phase. What's you know? It's called the second renaissance right now so much incredible research being done on the therapeutic benefits healing benefits but it is also true that many many people report got a paranormal experiences. Psychic experiences That's not something that's been as much spoken about. Recently as the focus has really been on the value in the efficacy of these substances For tweeting all sorts of different conditions. But I personally am very very fascinated by how visionary medicines like I gotTa psychedelics sort of This seemed to open the gates for all kinds of paranormal psychic experience. Yeah I I like. I said I've had my own intuitions. But I've never really felt like my psychic abilities are enhanced but you know intuition is somewhat of a a psychic ability. I guess And we we've heard from people again through near death experiences that it also has enhanced their abilities that reminds me a very similar with taking a WASCO. I'm sure I'm sure there's some connection. I mean the the main constituent of I WASPA- as PSYCHEDELIC trip to meaner. Gmt Right which is a chemical that you know we store in our brains that may be produced by the piano. Glands and Rick's draftsmen wrote a book the empty the skirt molecule and he basically became convinced that you know this. Tnt might be this kind of Conducted media that that you know pulls the soul out of body at death And is responsible for life review and so on so yeah we don't really know yet but it certainly to speculate. Yeah that's I. Every time I hear you and other people talk about near death and then you know hiawassee another. I really feel like there. There is a connection You also were talking about how well I mean because even in the sixties when like LSD was taking or was taken by the younger generation. It really You see the the videos that they put on on the media you know especially back then it made everyone look just a responsible but nowadays you know Hiawatha the. I think you're saying that it could be the new LSD of that time. Is that correct? Well I wouldn't say that weighs trivializing level subjects right. I mean I definitely think that Iowa SCA is having a already a profound influence our culture. How many wealthy. Well I mean Many people I know who are who are kind of been very like you know. Have a lot of well. Server Successful Fund Wasco Rick transformative and changed their way of investing their money or companies purpose. And so on you know so. It is a big awakening for a lot of people. And how does 'cause I remember watching you in one of your workshops the you talked about high Wasco or even other I'm trying to think the one from Africa. What was the The it it Starts Working your brain working together and I mean 'cause we talk about you know we hear about. Oh we only use like ten percent of our brain or whatever it is that it does. It really opened up a whole different side of creative with e bogus It's basically a fury that bogus being used to treat a Add extra heroin addicts really amazing tool for addiction treatment and theory that what about about how it might work. That seems like it. It Meshes back together. The relationship between the two hemispheres of the brain often people become addicts or people who are abused traumatized when they were young and that led to the separation of the brain hemispheres. So they want an academic to kind of like artificially met the Aboagye actually meshes the two hemispheres back together in an integral way. So they knew Yeah you can. You can not want to have that drug shirts anymore while then the other thing. That's been fascinating as the Imperial College in London as doing all these studies are giving high-dose LSD and Seidman GMT to people and actually observing the chemical activity in the electrical activity in the brain. And that's been really amazing because it shows like different parts of the brain that are normally dormant suddenly started lighting up and then all these new pathways between the hemispheres areas. The brains right next and that also is interesting romantic totally people often talk about LSD. Something amazing for creative problem solver and innovation. You can actually see how that would be the case that it's forming a new connections. That would help you to see things differently. Have they have they? I know we. You've you've talked about ptsd but also what about like Alzheimer's and dementia. Do you know if that could help patients. Have they done the research you know in? What are we talking about? What can we talk a little bit about Alzheimer's Yeah I. I think the jury is still out but I I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't benefits. Yeah I I mean I would think it would help Opened up a site a lot of the different areas of the brain jt. Yeah I'm curious I know you talk about the psychedelic renaissance And there has been a lot more research done specifically on Suicidal in treating mental health problems. But I'm wondering if you think that this trend Of Science and sort of the world of psychedelics spirituality. Sort of meshing. Do you feel like this is a trend. That's going to continue possibly to include more substances like I WASPA- or wondering what your thoughts. I think it's likely that it's going to explode. I mean that's GonNa keep growing You know it really feels. That's you know as everyone about breaking open the head. There was like thirty years where you couldn't really talk about psychedelics. At all in public doctors would learn about them and now So much research is being done. I think the fields grow definitely. I know we were so again. I saw workshop that you're talking about the transition of humanity In the last you know I was born in nineteen sixty nine so We didn't see the drug pharmaceutical companies with as many drugs as we see now especially for mental health Where do you think that we that changed? And we started going down that rabbit hole of starting to take these prescription drugs that seemed to be way. Worse than natural drugs. Such as hiawatha cannabis. Where do you think we started going down the rabbit hole again not really like historian about subjects but You know Probably was I'm sure some relationship to the demonization of these substances in the sixties and then secondly the pharmacological companies looking for substitutes real Trin- Sixty Seventies S. Probably what it started. I don't know when PROZAC Club in the eighties. I think so. I think that's another tons of them. Yes and essentially the you know the problem with the pharmacological model. Is that instead of having people actually deal with the root cause of what's bothering them. You know it kind of holds their emotional and cognitive range very narrow bandwidth So yeah it's a way of treating symptoms without without addressing the cause and PSYCHEDELIC. Therapy offers the opposite. It's like you can actually go to 'cause they're doing studies around. Mda Post traumatic stress disorder. veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Wars and maps. Is I think in phase three clinical trials on the search and I think they have Having a good more than sixty percent success rate curing. Yeah Yeah it's so good that the FDA faster active for approval for FDA fasttrack. You must've veterans. That are working within the veteran. Population is really really brutalized by their. You know I was just down in Brazil and we went to the Amazon And I know you've you've been down and And has experienced Working with Shamanism. And and and what was what was it like. I've never had that opportunity to Seek out a shaman. Especially somebody in the heart of the Amazon What are you have you have the opportunity I have? I've just haven't done. Yes I've had the opportunity But 'cause taking high Wasco like anything you want to make. Sure you're under the right supervision People that know what they're doing because I couldn't imagine just popping it and doing it at home by yourself. What's what's the importance of being a with the Shaman. To do that or did you do it. Without the Shaman have drank a few times without a sham with friends but that was kind of early on in our rights exploration but generally the Shaman comes from like lineage. Lineage includes songs songs are thought to help with the healing represent spirit ambassadors or something. I mean it's just a whole really complicated shamanic technology around Iowa sky and You definitely feel the difference with like a skillful practitioner or indigenous practitioner. My favorite people do it with our community in Ecuador. Koya which is very very few left like maybe five hundred six hundred hundred square. The elders are on there like ninety s and when they grew up they weren't able to contact you tribe so they grouped a lot of their lives without any contact the outside world and they do these ceremonies rely on these. Hammocks Anza in this temple. They build then you. Basically you feel like you're you're on a rocketship hammocks comes civil spaceships in Iraq around the galaxy. It's beautiful experience. I mean it sounds like it and but the the fear of 'cause you hear great stories from High Wasco experiences and also you hear the you know like the vomiting. And what would you say you you read whereas like vomit up Like a black tar like substance. I heard someone explaining guitar. Like like substance but Yeah I mean it is a per give. That's one of the reasons. Why such a great medicine in the jungle because it Helped get rid of parasites and stuff like that but it but it's actually If you can get beyond the the sort of a be overly feet discussed we often have in the modern west rents America during the actual experience. The pershing when it comes is actually a really wonderful part of the process. You feel like it's not just physical. It's physical they. Have all these like things that you have been able to deal with and nagging stuff from the past or gets pulled together than vomited for. Do you feel like The the the tourism around it is positive for these tribes. Like the sequoia. Or do you feel like it's sort of taking away from the the importance of the tribal medicine. I think it's often really good because a lot of these cultures are quite quite threatened right now. They're remote and they're pressured by oil companies the missionaries still and other businesses. So when when we go and we give them money if we do it in a heartfelt authentic way You know in in learn from and respect their traditions. You know it's it's it's you know it's a it's a reasonably good situation. I mean there are problems You know and there's obviously a lot of different problems but on on the whole I think that it's a war. Causative the negative. I WANNA I wanNA turn just a little bit to the Occult Control System It's a little different from where you started and I wanted to find out. What was the motivation of writing this book and because truth be told we talk a lot about UFO's and in in abductions and Was Did you have an experience while you're doing high Wasco or just an experience On your travels yeah. I've had a number of experiences. Subtle ones and I wrote about it. In the twenty. Th Book had a whole section on crop circles. These incredible patterns appeared England every summer that I talked about alien abductions the great alliens right and you know time has gone on and it felt like there was more to dig into their that like You know more evidence is coming out and So yeah the little book looks at the kind of overview the topic. You know the kind of stuff that people are saying about the agenda billions on that I look at some more esoteric. Cosmology is like Rudolf Steiner and Julius. I think and try to place the The UFO alien abduction phenomenon in a larger context. Did you have a lot of people you know? Sometimes as psychics are sleep or abductions. Did you have any type of Contact while you were on any type of high WASCO or any other drug. Well I wouldn't say I was scared but I did have some you know particularly crazy. Light experiences dream experiences with like sounds and right you know. Kind of close divisions and One TIME IN UTAH. We have these huge balls of light corporate over the field for a few hours during ceremony. So yeah I think there's There's definitely something to this right Many Carlson's last book was called the Flying Saucer myth right. He was looking at the idea. That a slow service around objected represents kind of the self coming into integrity at the end of the era of the apocalypse. Do you feel I mean your thoughts? Do you feel like there were more Just being observed Because people like well why can't we? Why aren't they just coming down? Because I mean that's always the question if there and they don't care wire wanted his land and you know exposed himself to us. Why do you? Why do you think your personal beliefs that you know aliens are not making themselves known? Are we just being observed? Yeah I think there's lots of reasons I mean. There's probably different codes of conduct. This is all obviously conjecture We also think about you know what happens if an apologist finds a local tribe in the jungle. We suddenly pop out of your helicopter me to destroy the integrity of that culture and you kind of taken away their free will you know because now they think they're your God and whatever you want so you know it may be part of the code of conduct of Kind of these other galactic is that we ended have to wake up for ourselves and make progress. They can they can give us more information. Yeah we I. We've been interviewed. I mean pretty much every ancient alien person out there and most because most of the experiences that even when I was a kid I had a ufo experience but Most of the big events you know our seventy fifty forty or more years ago. There's never been a huge event sense and I think a lot of people Nowadays they're they're like okay. That's great but you know why. Why aren't they becoming more present and more revealing themselves to us. I think that's where a lot of people are not skeptical but just trying to find the reason why they can't come forward and when you when you wrote your a two thousand twelve book Did you go on offsite and like you know two different tribes and ask questions or are you just go going through your own experience of your own a Ufo contacts for for the Twenty Book Interviewed allow people Run about direct experience Visited were to the center die. May I ask based religion in Brazil? Right I really fascinating Religion with a lot of really powerful ways of using the medicine and different different lines medicine lines within that tradition. So Yeah Yeah I We were down there I. Unfortunately I didn't get to sit down with the local tribe. We went to one of the indigenous tribes there and I. I really wanted to sit down and ask them. You know personally Their thoughts on U. F. O.'s. And Aliens and and ancient travelers. I guess they would say but I find it fascinating that you know. Most of these cultures around the world all have very similar situations that you know might be slightly a different story but you know they have the hieroglyphs and and Things to show that you know. It's not just present time but you know even two thousand years ago that you know they did used to see crafts so I find that fascinating Now I WANNA I wanna go to the two thousand twelve. Two thousand twelve was a supposedly are big transformation of of the world with the Mayan Calendar Was that kind of a motivation for you to do more research online calendar. Sure I wrote breaking open the head which meant to doesn't tear founds terrence McKenna's work. We talked a lot about the eschaton troublesome singularity Jose Guela one book with the Mayan factor who had similar ideas about twenty twelve being like the beginning of the newest fear. And so on so it wasn't a bit of a buildup and many people felt that they anticipated something. Bigger was going to happen. But I I actually feel that I mean we're talking about five thousand two hundred year cycle and they've pretty much hit the nail on the head that were clearly in the crux of very profound transformation. A species right now And in fact it's not Certain that we're going to survive this crisis When you look what's happening environmentally and geopolitically and so on so So I think that they have really did hit the nail on the head that were in this moving into this different reality Most recently actually became acquainted with a Aztec lineage holder on him surgery Magana and he wrote a book called. The age of the sun is argument. Actually is that two thousand twelve. Two Thousand Twenty one is the transition phase shift between the fifth son and the six and the fifth son was a set of light so it was a time when like science rationality and so on they became the most crucial things In the six sided set of darkness. So it's actually more psyche. The Dream Worlds Being Lucid in your dreams and and Yeah he said that manifestations happen faster like you know the everything psychic. It's going to come top as we go into the into the darkness. I find it like when Barack Obama was elected It was kind of a precursor to two thousand twelve and then it just seems like it. It's almost like we're in a daze right now since you know two thousand sixteen in two thousand twelve did kind of Open up it. Felt like the the the layers were thinner. It felt like People were connected disconnected but it also felt like divide for the people that were holding onto the old ways and the people that are opened up to the new and I felt like right now. This is where we're at. We're that's the the war between the two of holding onto what we've always known to people like that are seeing kind of the vision of where we're going. What do you think about that? What do you think about the not necessarily a war between the two but It's it's kind of pulling US apart. Don't you think like since two thousand twelve? Yeah but it definitely feels like as I said like like everything is being sort of intensified. We're moving into this kind of Ryan. Chaos zone kind of like phase transitions. Kind of like Chaotic systems they become maximally unstable. Then that means that new forms of order continuously emerge so it feels like we're in one of these unstability zones where something something new might emerge. I think even with nostradamus protect pretty much predicted. The you know World War. He's not my cup of tea that nobody I mean. Even the his predictions were you know. Look to the World War three but after that we kinda live in harmony and I think at the end whoever survives us will probably have more harmony than they did hopefully from learning what we are going through now with the division so. Yeah it's definitely definitely to be hoped that we're finally going to learn lessons right. Jt Yeah so you talk about a little bit in your book How soon is now that we need to bridge? The areas of mysticism and science and Industry knows wondering Do you see that happening. Or what can we do as citizens and people who believe in the mystic to sort of facilitate that bridge? That's a great question I mean for years I was started. I started the company and the social network and was really. The idea was to really build. Coherence I do feel that. The integration of science in Mississauga is really really crucial. And it is something that seems to be happening And you have more. And more scientists. Who are they speaking the language of the mystics and write and writing From understanding of kind of like level underlying level of consciousness that's You know the material world actually just expression of rather than the other way around to feel like science will ever move past that emphasis on the material on the the measurable or do you think that that's kind of where the divide lies. Well I mean in some ways you could say I mean that we're not material enough digits. Cultures were actually very very focused on. What's the plant in your environment? The stones whereas whereas the rivers we actually live in a very very abstract kind of like theoretical reality to them So actually in batch as a bring to the sacred and spiritual loss on that last part. Could you say that one more time that the Internet? Kinda yeah sure I was just saying that going into the material and the physical and the natural may on some level ultimately be the same as going into spiritual on the transcendent in the Yeah the occult interesting but yeah I I. I think search reality especially like where I'm from. It's it's definitely More people are open to it. And you know I think a lot of people Going forward you're going to see more and more people looking toward Daniel for your guidance. Because I heard you talk about human The rise of the oceans and the loss of the species. And and it's it's getting to a point where it's it's scary but unfortunately this is just reality And that's why I started screaming from the rafters about it like you know many years ago but I don't think people are listening. People aren't listening then though but they are listening to you now and I thank you for for doing what you do and writing your books because we need more people like yourself. Thanks much appreciate that you gotta well. We just have a few more minutes in people in the chat room. Loving what you're talking about and what we're talking about but Are you are you going to be speaking anywhere in the states coming up or an in Europe? So people maybe can join. You will in in London. A few talks coming up next week when Donald Trinidad's One is at the College of Psychic Seconds people could jump on those websites and find it. Nice Them speaking the elevate festival `grats Australia and in March on helping to put together a conference in San Francisco power. Pwa Up Life L. I. F. E. which Yeah people might people really enjoy that one? Well I I definitely would come back in the states. We'll definitely try to get up there and see you See your new presentation but Any any other books. I know you just put to two books out any other in the work that you're going to be putting together. Yeah I'm working on some stuff. It's still a little bit preliminary. I'm I'm working on one thing on my own. Which is a little bit. About kind of modern occult movements that I'm also collaborating with that really interesting thinker. Way saying WHO's focused on artificial intelligence. Oh great kind of Looking at Kinda revolutionary movements at the past. And they all had a kind of esoteric femur kind of thinking about what it would take for movement to really catch on the future. What do you think about the A I? I mean that's I don't think people are really are thinking about that too much but I think that's going to be something very important to our future. You'd end the big. What's that said? Good and bad. I mean you know the big questions are you. Know could AI. Actually become self-aware controversy in some way that You know if it did that you know what would it? S- position be on us. What do I mean I mean? Generally I'm killing myself kind of weary of the futuristic technologies that we're developing. I think that we're not really thinking about what's actually humane and good for the planet and there's like a push forward you know to like even like thinking about self driving cars automation. That in our present economy. That'll just put millions and millions of people out of work which would be horrible so you know. Genetically engineered foods like benefits in some ways but also soleil drawbacks. So I think we need to step back from this technological media that we're in you know having said that I could see a point where artificial intelligence could actually help us to survive the present ecological crisis those could if it can be programmed in to really analyze all the factors involved with climate change species extinction and it might. It might help us really. You know have an objective measure of how we get positive results but unfortunately but unfortunately when it starts thinking for itself it's like why do I need to keep these people here in the first place? So Yeah Yeah I I. I'm it's scary but it's exciting because I like technology but Even just in the last thirty years to see how technology has advanced. It's it's just crazy to think what next thirty years what is going to be like. I'm going to be pretty old by then so I probably right well. I really appreciate you and appreciate what you're doing and the people that That you know. Follow you and listen to your every words. I think you're you're just one of those guys that just tell it out is and A living your experience because a lot of people. I appreciate your appreciation of course anytime. Jt other questions before we go. Just thanks for coming on the show all right. Everybody please support Daniel Go to his Website Pinch BACK DOT I O. Any other websites that you have besides that the mainland there. There's one for the book hold. How soon is now dot Info for the conference in March which is power dot life and I'm slowly building a new magazine? Dot News wonderfulness. Check those out but until next time. Everybody I'm Tony. Sweet with intern. Jt and then captain. Ron It'll be On Tomorrow and Again one more time for Daniel Bitch back we love you guys and See you next time take care.

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