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NHL Trade Recap (Real Version)


Hambly Hey Greg. Hey Chris Greg Hey Greg Greg was a ton of trades at the NHL Trade deadline this year more than I expected. Probably because of parody. You know the playoff races being so tightly packed yet much to my surprise not a single trade involved a minor league Zamboni driver solidifying someone's goaltending battery. What is up with that? I think The gyms are asleep at the wheel right now I think Zamboni wheel zamboni wheel goalies are. We can't begin the show without talking about the biggest story to hit hockey since what out. Foster Scott Foster. Probably the Glorious Song I don't know so. What was the last hockey story to get on the today? Show Leyla Anderson. Probably and you know what's interesting about it to me. I mentioned Scott Foster. Is that happened two years ago and one of the more interesting things the way he handled in the blackhawks handle is he got all these requests. He was asked to go on Jimmy Kimmel and the Today Show People magazine. And he turned it all down because he wanted to be about the franchise throat. Meanwhile Dave Ayers technically property of the Carolina Hurricanes Right now. We know they don't say Tom. I'm going to rename top golf. Airs Ball David Errors. Of course is the forty two year old goalie from Whitby Ontario pro previously experienced in the Allan Cup Hockey League where he played for the Norwood Vipers. For Eight Games He was the is the Zamboni Goal Zamboni driver for the Toronto Police H. L. Affiliate the Toronto Marlies He became just the third emergency goaltender in the modern era to play in the NHL when he went out and played for the Carolina Hurricanes against the Toronto Maple leafs on Saturday evening the marlies Zamboni driver playing for the enemy and You know he beat the leafs as everybody knows but are you surprised that the like the hurricanes if there was any team in the league where I was like. This is a team that could play that. Well in front of Amateur goaltender like maybe Dallas would be the number one. Maybe the islanders would be just by the systems they play but Carolina basically saying you. Don't get the PUCK ANYMORE TO THE TORONTO. Maple leafs was something. That was entirely predictable in this. In this scenario my opinion I don't think the hurricanes got enough credit for this guy getting the win one hundred even like after the Game Rod. Rod brindamour comes into the locker room. Talk about how the team played in front of that guy for that guy. Four David eyres eight. Which is an incredible thing. And you know what I was just talking about. Who Remembering when his team had a goalie. That didn't show up. She showed up late so they they had to play six on five. Like we couldn't score a goal on the empty night. Even I mean it's amazing. How the mind works how. The effort level works in that Carolina Hurricanes team. You can't say enough about. I Mean David. Eyres only had eight eight eight saves on ten shots. I mean you know you put a lot of guys in the net with a a modicum of of skill In the position and have that performance in front of them. They're going to have some success so all the credit to him for stepping in there and getting in front of pox but man that I mean Jake Gardner was just laying out out there. I mean it was unbelievable to watch imagine if Michael Hutchinson head that Michael Hutchinson now property of the Colorado Avalanche. Because of course we're going to talk about the trade deadline. But you know I think the reason why this story resonates with so many people is that in the little child and all of us. It's the dream of a fairytale at forty two years old. He's the second oldest player ever to make his. Nhl Debut. And I guess just to put a tie on this as we get into the trade deadline talk. Think BACK TO MEETING SCOTT. Foster one year after his big day where he was the accountant. Ben Saved what was it? Fourteen minutes of scoreless hockey for the Chicago Blackhawks against the then mighty would peg jets and you know he didn't do any interviews for a year and he said at one point. I called it the incident and I had to tell myself just because you take advantage of an opportunity doesn't mean you can enjoy it so I'm just glad that day there is enjoying and enduring with all of us because we all seem to be enjoying it to lasting emily. You and I've talked about this team a lot this year. They of course my cup pick. Sorry can you speak a little louder my cup? Pick not the Allan Cup of mind you the Stanley Cup against the Vancouver canucks in the Western Conference final. Hopefully oh because as you know. There's nothing I want more than an all Canadian. Final love it. How is this crushing to the point of no return are they? Is this the ultimate harbinger of irreparable psychological damage for the Toronto Maple leafs because you had people claiming that although the leaves blue considerable lead to the Boston Bruins in a game? Seven that eliminated from the playoffs. One year That this actually is the worst loss in the modern era for the maple leafs What say you what is indicative of how horrible things are going to go or are you more like me? A rational human who sees a team still in playoffs spot. That merely has to finish above a Florida Panthers Team. That looks as aimless as the leafs often look. Is this harbinger of doom. Or just the hiccup along the way for Kyle leaves as per usual with you greg. I'm somewhere in the middle. Look I do believe that. Not Enough is being made about the goaltending situation because he noted many times which is correct a lot of times. Why coaches get fired. Why teams fail because the goaltending fails them. Yes losing their best defensive player for a long period of time has not helped them especially because of the team defensive deficiencies but really. This is a team. That doesn't have an identity when they're not on the power play when they're not like they're really good off. Fast breaks are really good in transition. They just can't quite find a rhythm and I looked to what Kyle Deuba said Monday afternoon to reporters and he's talking about the inconsistency consistencies and he says I'm not gonNA come up with BS and save some magical solution I think that's it he's exasperated. He doesn't know what to do. And I don't think this team has it this year They just don't have what it takes to make it all the way and I'm like look math boy. It's your job to come up with solutions. No you hit the nail on the head. Their identity was score bunch of goals and have Fred Anderson Belgium out and then Freddy Anderson Stopped. Bailing them out when the score goals doesn't matter so now you're right they don't have an identity because that was the identity all right. Love the leafs. Although we'll probably re revisit in second because we are going to cover for you the ESPN and Ice Listener. All thirty one. Nhl Teams at the trade deadline live from Bristol. Let's start to show proper. Shall we won the ice to your your podcast about hockey featuring things to do with hockey from your friends at ESPN ESPN on ice with Shitski. And Kaplan it's been an ice the podcast. Espn talks about hockey. I'm Greg wishing ski senior. Nhl Writer I'm Emily Kaplan National NHL reporter and e Bug enthusiast and joining us is repeaters the ESPN staff writer covering the NHL draft in prospects and not a lot for me to do on trade deadline day with not so many prospects moving butts. I'm here anyway so happy to be with. You know that's not true. You told us a lot about. Who's that Russian guy? That's not rushing the Vegas Golden Knights traded. Oh yes lava Damon. Very American without you. We would have totally thought. That was Russian all right. Let's get cracking here. We got a lot of teams to cover. We'll try not to double back on some of these traits if we if we go through them in a pretty significant way. I but as requested by Emily Kaplan I had a request. We always do this. Now for buckle order which is Great. If you're a ducks fan can just listen to the show for like two minutes and pretty bad. If you're a vegas or Winnipeg van because you've got the whole. Hang the hallway way through so we're differently this year we're GonNa do it by points percentage and as requested by you we start from the bottom and I think that maybe you're just trying to pass our boss Chris Brow. Who is a sad hapless? Detroit redwings fan or I'm a cynic and like to start negatively the red wings way paired trades with the Edmonton oilers shocking. To think they did business with their former. Gm Can Holland dips his hand into the jar of cookies that he baked and pulls out a Mike. Green slightly burnt And Andrea do the speedy speedster. Coming off a season in which he scored over thirty goals is not on that pace this year Many people very excited to see what he does skating on a team. That has comic David. Even skating with David. Two second round picks in San Diego back the other way for the cu and of course The retired call broads. Eac and a conditional pick go back from Mike Green. Emily does this. Bolster the episode supporting cast. The point where we believe they could in fact when the West. It bolsters supporting cast. Is this the difference maker that puts them over the edge? I'm not so I think the thing with and I know some listeners have had some problems with my pronunciation so I'm so glad that Chris Peters is here because he reminded me. It's pronounced happy to see you. That's right you have to do so advocacy you look. He's the green jacket leader right now. We off to point out the elephant in the room. He's got a minus forty five which was on pace for the worst record. We've seen in. I believe more than two decades He'll do much better when playing with a better supporting cast. I think we see it so many times. Whether it's going to be tailored to fully going from the kings of the guys play their environment if you're on a bad team that's underperforming you're going to underperform too so. I'm excited to see what this is. I think this could be promising for the future. Because I think this was a player who realizes total potential there and I think because he's RFA. This isn't necessarily just about this year. It's like okay here. We've got this short addition but can Holland knows him and he probably wants to resign him and has an ambition that this can be the guy that plays off. Connor mcdavid the bigger issue. I have is just whether they're going to play well together whether they can adapt because these are two players that like the puck. And one of them's a lot better with the pact and the other woman and that one player is obviously conic David. Yeah this this one for me. I think it's a good chance to take having make sense to take it but you look at the way that ethnic you plays in. It's a lot of. There's not a lot of great play with the away from the puck and I think that's it's not just because he's a minus. It's just it's been the story of his career. It's why it took him a little while longer to get to the NHL than some other players. It's something that you know could be overshadowed and overlooked when you are thirty goal scorer like he was last year I think that he could flourish in the situation But more importantly I think that if you look at what the Red Wings did getting draft picks getting guys You know to to to make this deal happen. It's all about building those assets for the future and I thought a guy like ethnicity was not going to help them get to the next level if he stayed there even if they re signed him at a reasonable cost but I think that this is a real opportunity for him to bounce back but again. I think it's also. Steve is Herman Starting to massage the Culture in Detroit as well and rid of some of those guys. That aren't going to help them away from the. We've mentioned this so many times but Steve. Hundred is not assigning. A timeline of when not only will they win but when they'll be competitive he wants to do the same model he didn't Tampa Bay which is drafting develop. They now have eleven. Draft picks the next for the first three rounds over the next two years. That is helpful. Yeah and like you said I mean it's it's not as much for me changing the culture as it is Jedis jettison guys that he'd had no hand and bringing their point and I think I think this Ryan Governor Guy who's a coveted college free agent and they have no business within the oilers and send them to and who was value advocacy was part of that core with Mantha and Larkin that they've had for years and they're not is Romans guys is. Ron is going to get his own guys. In their only untouchables in my opinion should be marketed. Mantha maybe busy Jimmy Howard by default not by the way no Goalie Trade Brunen Howard. Don't move we didn't seem we saw some goalies move but we didn't see some of the goals that we thought could move so they're They're both in Detroit. So next up on our points percentage count up is the Los Angeles Kings They get a conditional fourth Derek floorboard from the Calgary flames Of course they do some business. Before the actual trade deadline getting to second rounders for Alec Martinez from the Golden Knights. And of course the Tyler Madden second round pick and conditional fourth plus Tim Schaller for To fully on February seventeenth. Hey they traded the people we thought they'd trade and didn't trade anybody else. There was a lot of sort of nostalgia. Scuttlebutt about Jeff Carter potentially going back to the Philadelphia Flyers may maybe that scuttle bug got transferred over to the Minnesota Wild for nostalgia trades. We'll get to that in a second. That didn't happen. You know we all know what the Kings are there. There are team of veteran place holders until their collection of of Pipeline prospects that had them ranked number one and a lot of places are ready to play and a good return for two guys. They obviously weren't gonNA bring back or Martinez case. Had an extra euros deal and they didn't really need them for that extra. Chris all I WANNA know is. How good is this prospect pool that the Los Angeles kings have built? And can they be competitive next season? I wouldn't say next season right away. I think there's a little more time than that is going to be going to be needed. One of their top prospects restless. Copari suffered a season ending injury this year. He's GonNa be a big piece for them moving forward. The guy that they did get from Vancouver Tyler Madden is currently at northeastern university. He's also injured but but not long-term. He's he's done that and son. Yeah he's John Man. Son does not play at all like John. Madden he's He's a highly skilled player scored a lot of goals. He's been one of the best players in college hockey. This year is only a sophomore. It'll be interesting to see his decision. I think he probably will end up signing with Los Angeles this offseason but then you got other guys like Alex. Turkana was picked number five overall. Hasn't had the best season but he's a very a very good prospect You know they have. They've called up. Cow Peterson who's a goaltender quality H. L. Goaltender who's who I think could be a long-term backup plus you know potential spot starter in the future Maybe they're number one down the line but this is one of the deepest and most STA diversely skilled a prospect groups. I didn't even mentioned Arthur. Kelly have one of the top scores in the shell. So they've got they've done a lot with these picks that they've had had multiple picks last year too. I they got Kaliev. They base got the equivalent of three. First round draft picks. I think with with the holiday had last year. They're going to have four picks within the first two rounds one I three seconds in in the twenty twenty draft. Those three seconds great opportunity potentially move up in the draft as well. I always like when teams can package those those second rounders To to potentially move up. There's a guy that they particularly like so rob lake has done a fantastic job of building up this system but when you have that you still need some of those older veterans to kind of grow into I. Think obviously Andrzej Petar is one of those guys But they're still needs to be more and I think that there's going to be a time where where they're going to have to start adding NHL pieces To to this group that should have a little bit more caps based going forward so that will help but yeah I I think that the Los Angeles kings they if they're if they're not the number one prospect system and to me. I think they are Than than I think that there are at least top two so I've got number one though right now heading out of the trade deadline if it's the trade deadline that means that peer Dory and trying to sell you something the Ottawa. Senators are up next tyler in his John Gabrielle Peugeot and a Wladyslaw Vladislav domestic off all out the door let's dylan develop from a couple days also developed a couple of days ago that's correct They're all out the door. And of course the Ottawa. Senators get more of futures and picks coming in including in that. Pasha traded a conditional first round pick a second round pick and a conditional third that they get if the islanders win the Stanley Cup. This season by God. Just don't even mention it. Don't even visit the press release so I said this video and I'll say it again. We often don't get player Dorian credit. He's the butt of a lot of jokes. His team is not great. They've traded away a lot of star players because he doesn't want to pay them in. Attendance is very low. He did magicians work. That magic that Kyle Dubuffet cannot find To fight to get a first round pick a second round pick and like you said a chance for a third round pick for guy that's never hit twenty goals in his career until this year and it's only done it because he has an astronomical nearly eighteen percent shooting percentage genius. We'll give give him a hand. We'll get to that part. We get the hours but again Chris Ottawa. Ottawa has okay. They've got three first. Rounders potentially this year Or they will I guess for Second. Rounders two-third rounders next year. They have their own. I three second rounders. And a third It's a treasure trove of picks. I mean granted. From what you tell me. They wanted a different draft. Because the saints the deepest drafts but but Dorian St John's such a hell of a job in the last few deadlines amassing these picks and these futures Shipping out some really players and Matthew Shane and Air Carlson and so on and so forth. like we said. Butt of jokes especially when the Carlson trade went down. But you look at even that deal and you see it in a much different life light considering where the sharks are this year you absolutely do. I was one of the people that was low on that return. But you look at Josh Norris in the in the Air Carlson trade. He's been one of the top scorers in the H. L. All season. He's the natural replacement for John. Gabriel Paseo as far as I'm concerned I think that he plays a great a great He's a good senator. He's producing points. He has shown in the past that he can play a two way game He can be physically can be fast. I I really like Josh Norris. I like him a lot more now than I did when that trade was made. But it's all about these draft picks. I think they've got that San Jose sharks pack which is going to be a lottery. Pick so you have to lottery. Picks in this upcoming draft. And that's where you WanNa be it thins out after the top ten this year but there they potentially could have to within that top ten those are difference making prospects if they get one of those top two picks you've got a potential franchise changing prospect Alexia Frontier Quinton by field There there are a lot of good op options there. There's also potential to get Yaroslava scar of. Who's the number one goalie this year and they could really use an elite goaltending prospect? Yeah I am a huge fan of what peer Dorian has done Given what he had to work with I believe we counted thirty. Nine players have been moved out of the Ottawa. Senators forty because there is one since we can't close to two rosters of slaves. Oh that doesn't include minor leaguers but those are bodies that have gone out of the Ottawa senators system and they're one of the teams that also has a top level prospect system already that they can only build upon an again they have. These picks that they could potentially package and other deals so they're taking all steps. There is going to be more pain before there is success. But yes but I think they will Really reap the benefits of these soon and of those previous deals. We're GONNA start seeing those guys filter and more and more. The San Jose. Sharks are next. Now you guys know. I live in California. I think you guys know what's legal in California. I think there's no better way to describe. What the hell does deadline looked like? Okay here we go Brennan Dylan to the capital's great deals second round pick conditional third smart move Patrick Marlowe gets traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins. They give him his request. Here's where things get fun. They got a first round. Pick for Barclay. Good row. Didn't see that one coming it's impossible. Why soccer I don't know why it's possible first of all because it's the lightning's picks was basically a glorified second round pick And they already traded a first for Blake. Coleman's they're willing to give up. I for guys that are basically bottom six four words with term. We should say so. That was the ninety one and then the one we all wanted. Joe Thornton does not pull up. Patrick Marlowe he decides to stay in the bay area much like he's done for his entire career. There's other opportunities for him to leave. In the past he's always opted to stay in San Jose with his family Bad News for all of us that wanted the storybook ending of Joe Thornton. Go into the Boston. Bruins taking it full circle and ending his career there with a chance to win the cup. Also news came out that there was a chance that he would have accepted a trait of the dallas stars to reunite with Little Joe Belsky. None of this happened. Joe Thorton very very close to ruining the trade deadline. I'm going to be honest with you. Yeah I don't have much to say about the sharks year like we said a lot. It's been an absolute disaster of a season. That's why they are low. The a couple of days Ed to try to salvage it. They ended up doing pretty well for setting off the street. Getting decent draft. Pick back for him but Look I think what was most interesting about Joe. Thornton is that we actually heard him speak publicly to Kevin cars at the athletic saying. Hey I'd be open to it. And the fact that this trickle down about him wanting to go to Dallas. That's a change in attitude that we haven't seen before that's that's just a sign of the Times of how far they've fallen Barclay good drew for I get to. I mean good good for Barklay. The dog is possible. He's a good boy and he's also I mean San. Jose didn't have a first rounder. Now they do it is like you said a glorified second but I I and and we'll see what Doug Wilson with that the Anaheim ducks do some business. It's all little trades. Nothing big it lasts not true. There was one big thing that happened to us before the actual deadline which was the avocado trade. They get a first round. Pick and Axel Anderson for for Kasha and then taking on Seventy five percent of David back his contract. They apparently think back. This is going to help them. Which is interesting said at least good in the room. Yeah sure and don't get help. In this year the rest of it was little trades. They found a taker for careening Caribbean holder. That WOUND UP BEING NASHVILLE. That sent them virk orbiting holder and matter when dale strong the caps he went to Hershey. They get Christians use it get Danton. Heinen is a pretty decent little move for Nick Ritchie. I mean it's it's fine. I mean I. I think they'll I think the if Kasha can stay healthy that trade will look silly lopsided but he could be one of these guys that may be. Can't I think he was untouchable for a lot of teams because of his injury history? Yeah let's talk about the devils. You WanNa. Here's my thought Tom. This Gerald as we know is the interim gm he is trying to impress ownership saying hey. I deserve this job what he was able to do for. Andy Green which I think we talked about at the last. Podcast was pretty incredible the fact that he was able to get what he got for. Blink Coleman also great what he did today a little confusing you know. There was some interest in Wayne Simmons. We kept hearing that connects really. Wanted him the fact that they sent him to. Buffalo for Amir Fifth Round Pick and still retain fifty percent of of salary felt odd because the conflicting thought of why? You wouldn't send them away. Hey we want him in the room because we have all these young guys. We have to keep the culture. Even if we're not winning Sammy Vaatainen. I think the return was fine because he has been injured. The last couple of weeks and a lot of teams were unsure of what the health status was character Carolina hurricanes who did get Vaudin and say he'll be able to play in early March. I hope that's the case But look he was a pending. You say it was time for him to go on this very hapless going. Nowhere team right now. You know they did. They did get one prospect in that tree to and Yanni Kuchen who thom Fitzgerald said. They were very high. On in the devils he was number six on my Offseason a prospect rankings within the Carolina Organization. And he's a guy that could help them soon. And then you also have to look back to the deal that simply Coleman and getting. Yeah Nolan film for that. Is the key of this deadline for for me is getting a player of that magnitude plus Getting to other first round draft picks. Which obviously the devil's just need to continue to stockpile as they try to Kinda rebuild around Jackie's Nico He sure That's kind of what they have to reset their focuses so it's Gerald now has an identity. He's like Hey I'm tell you what my plan is. Which ratio didn't need that? No contingency plans. We have two good young players. We will build around these two young players. If I'm the that's what I'll do. I love that absolutely I think that for the for the small amount of time he's been in this job. I think he's he's. He's made a pretty good impact in working towards that goal so You know is it. It's not the sexiest deadline by any means. But I think leaving this trade period with a guy like Nolan foot with two first round draft picks. I I got a call out a win at least a win for for Tom Fitzgerald as he tries to retain this job cheer. The Coleman trae was great. It was good real. Good we we should. We should straight out Next up Chicago Blackhawks made the single most complicated trade of the week. They get a second round. Pick MALCOLM SUE BAN AND THE AFOREMENTIONED SLAVA DEMON WHO is not Russian they send out Robin Lehner to the Vegas Golden Knights. And then somehow the leafs get involved Getting a fifth round pick for taking part of Lehner salary would be just by yourself. Fm Pack. Yeah the leaves. Oh this for the first time. They've done this remember selling Peter's before the Remember there being some chicanery with Ole Ola Olaf Kolzig back in the day where they traded away some salary cap space. But they also get a third round conditional pick for Eric Gustafson but maybe that'd be a little bit higher. What have been higher if they did it over the summer when his values much here but he's played a much poorer this year than he did last year. So I don't know you're you're you're over in Chicago town. But what would you think of this deadline for the Blackhawks? I think if I'm player on the Blackhawks on pest I think if I'm a fan of the Blackhawks I'm pissed I say okay. If this team isn't going anywhere this is what you get. Returned a second round. Pick third round? Pick for a guy out Kris peeters. Ranks is not in the top head of VEGAS IS PROSPECT MID RANGE PROSPECT MALCOLM TO BAN. Who's now bouncing around teams and doesn't seem like he has much of a. Nhl Starters are he's he's right so the thing with gusts and like these are two really popular guys in the locker room gossip and we knew Gustafsen was leaving but with lanre. It's like okay. You had such a high price in no. You didn't get what you asked for but to give it away for this when you still technically are in the race fuels awful and it feels like you know. Ask Dan Bowman point blank. Do you feel like this prevents you from signing him again. And of course there's Tampa Rosie can't say it. He's not our player anymore. I can't say whether it will be interested or not but we know how these things work if you get trained out the door like it's a very low chance that later is now going to resign so it just feels like. He walked into their laps this summer. Because the aisles bungled the whole Situation with Varlamov and didn't find them long term. They were so happy to have him and this is what they get for return and it just feels like he. Does it feel like they chose Corey? Crawford Yeah I think the reason. They chose Corey Crawford is because they know they can sign them to shorter term deal. Which was there big issue with. Lesnar and probably for a lower eighty. I'd imagine. Yeah next up. We are talking Montreal. Canadian's they ship out Ilya Kovalchuk for a third round. Pick a change. The chatter is is that they could have gotten more for him but mark. Berge van wanted to do him a solid by trading him to play with his best but Alex Chicken. This is the rare case where I think they trade him away and he's a really good chance they signed in the summer. I think so too. Remember talking to somebody when I was at the outdoor game about how his relationship with Japan was one of the reasons why he kind of had that resurgence in Montreal. So I think you're right. I think he boomerangs back to them. Oh that little dinky do trades and such No Jeff Petri Trade NOTO MOISTURE. Har- trade clearly is a situation where they think that they've got a good team. They're going to stay in contention this year or at the very least look to come back next year with a pretty strong complement of veteran players in young kids and see what they got and I don't like their chances for that. I just point blank. I mean I think that they. They've done a nice job. Drafting they've got. Some young is in the system. But we've we've seen kind of some of these guys flounder yesterday. Cut Kenny Emmy is kind of in limbo. A little bit right now So there are things that have to be corrected going forward but yeah I mean. I personally think if I'm if I'm a halves fan I wanted to see more assets coming my way because I don't think there are competitive team right now and. I don't think that they're necessarily close to contention at this point. So there's there's a lot of work that needs to be done and I'm not sure exactly when it's going to get done or how it's going to get done based on what we've seen so far. The Buffalo sabres entire team is unrestricted. Free Agents Jacqueline Jeff Skinner But I mean that's obvious there's more don't don't sleep savior tweets but the only send out to at at this deadline. Connor Sherry and Evan Rodriguez head to the BUFFALO SAFE SEARCH. Pittsburgh Penguins Exchange for Dominik Kun And then of course that Wayne Simmons Trade that we mentioned before in which the Buffalo Sabres pickup Simmons that seems to be a deal with th they. Maybe want to keep them around. Pass this year. Maybe hoping that he can be a a good guy in the room as it were For the stretch run they trade a fifth former whatever but not not. The dramatic moves that I think a lot of people were expecting from a Managing for his job Jason kind of a convert overall quiet deadline for a team. That maybe should have made a little bit more noise yet. You know what this is a GM that has had a lot of guys on the trading block all season long including Zakpa Gordon who they just had to let go of And no one's biting and I think he is working hard and working the phones. It's just no one's really excited by this roster. No and really. I think this is a situation where they're just close enough to contending where it's let's try and get a couple of veterans and see what happens basically in the holy uninspired. It's not it's not. You're exactly right. It's not inspiring. Don't feel like that's necessarily the route this team can take. But I think Jason betrayals in a very difficult position right now where there is this. This lack of patience. He's been he's had a couple of really a trades that really did not work out for the sabres very well And now at these kind of seem like a little bit lower risk moves in order to maintain And this is a team that is kind of running in place right now and I'm not exactly sure Where things stand but can they really go through another recycle of trying to fight you know fire the GM coach? Like I mean it. Just it's it's never ending there and I feel like there needs to be something more. I cannot wait to T- greg up for the Minnesota Wild because we've talked about Jason's euchre trade before that has happened but greg in your words what the heck just happened with Zach. Parise say well. Yeah I it. So the big rumor Frank's really our good friend from. Tsn broke it. And then of course as per usual Michael Russo. Had An entire story ready to go that even working out for a year for this thing to happen Zach parise wave is no trade clause for a trade to the New York Islanders. The islanders we're going to get Andrew. Ladd wave his. No trade clause to kind of balance out some money in terms. What HAVE YOU Never came to fruition. Though the Zach parise a Lou lamoriello reunion looked like it was on deck at some point but trade never happened so the trade ends up being the only bit of business. The Minnesota Wild did at the trade deadline. I got really excited for for Billy. Garin like getting that. That is a contract that runs through two thousand twenty five off. The books within pretty good. Didn't happen maybe it happens at another point but You have to figure that. There's a finite number of places that PARISA would accept a trade to the island being prominent amongst them because of the Lamb Rillo connection and his dad and his and his dad so it would have been really fun to see that happen. If you're a wild fan not so much of your now under Fan But didn't and so billy Garin scalpels gets shift at trade deadline. Even though the wild have a lot of decisions to make obviously you know the fact. Coy said he didn't he was going to exercise his no move. Clause to stick around. Minnesota was another factor in this whole thing but I don't know I expect a little bit more out of out of the wild than we got. Yeah you know I think I think there's liquor trade was interesting and and getting killed in Addison back as the prospect and that I think that address an area of need within the within the wild system so that was good. And and Obviously Bill Gary is. GonNa be real familiar with Kaelin Addison coming from the the penguins organization but beyond that I mean if he was able to get rid of that. Parisi CONTRACT I. I mean I think we'd all be handing Bulgarian the GM of the year award. Oh Yeah I know the Jim Gregory. Gm of the year wars came story. You know there were two players guys. We're interested in and they're guys with terminates. Join US for Dean and Matt Doumba. I'm Kinda glad he didn't get rid of them. I think they're great players but I wonder what the prices of this deadline could have gone insane packages the Arizona coyotes next they already made the move. They made their move in December of their twenty-fifth and shooting percentage in this league once again they have great. Goaltending can't score. It's their lot in life and apparently it's what the role in was because they were very quiet at the trade deadline Despite maybe needing to make moves to but you know what have you? The Winnipeg jets did little business at the trade deadline beforehand Getting themselves Dylan the mellow from the Ottawa senators and then entree around the trade deadline. They got cody. Eakin for a conditional fourth little dings and dunks. Nothing major for a jets team in no dust in buffalo and trade As it was announced by Andy Stricklin That Buffon will not play this season so A quiet live the jets. Despite some observation it could be a little bit louder But nonetheless the Calgary flames. Emily made the biggest news of the day. When coach Jeff Ward Allowed Johnny? Good Dro- to go take away from during practice leading to widespread speculation that Johnny go drill may be had been traded. That of course wasn't the case quoting grow. I had to pee so that was the biggest news day number one story of the day as my favorite for the fourth time there it is but yeah they get gifts to symbolize which will help their offense on the Blue Line And then the floorboards rate is whatever kind of surprised they didn't they didn't. They weren't more of a mover and shaker considering some of the moves that were made around them in the Pacific Division But the flames clearly feel like they've got a good hand play and in fact also you know held on to some players on expiring contracts. There was some speculation. Hey why not move slightly? Used T J Brodie over to the leaves for a slightly US Tyson Berry That didn't happen and the and the flames end up being kind of quiet. Did you get Erica's Dawson? Who's a very good offensive defencemen? He's had some defensive lapses. Which is you know the critique of his game They plan on playing on the right side of the most interesting thing here. He typically played on the left. So we'll see how that works out and I do think that the flames will be one of the more fascinating teams to watch this summer. I think there's GonNa be some some work that needs to be done by Brad. Tree living to Kind of see where they can get some fine spina. Mary's where they can get some assets and get a little more consistent because they just have not been consistent this year. Speaking GM's of the year David poile putting into iron fist down and said look. It's not to make this better anymore. It's out all you players out there playing for John. Heinz the guy that I hired within fifteen minutes of firing lobby. Let it's on you to play better. No one's walking through that door. There's no Paul Gaustad walking through that door for for first round so that predators one of those teams that said you know we're we're playing the hand we got and we're not really looking to improve the trade deadline. It's a good hands as an underperforming Hannah far. Do you think they should have done something to shake it up? I was curious to see if they were. GonNa Trade McKell grandma. I think that was a guy. Greg Smith was available to make Smith. Yeah Pending Ufa. But look if they're right in the playoff mix which they are creek. Smith has a lot of value Florida. Panthers will get to the tro check thing. We talked about the hurricanes. But you know not a nice little good business. As far as getting some guys that could potentially help now and not like just sacrificed tro check and not Address by the fact that show check was traded. Like that's crazy years ago. He was the representative at the Jacobo Media. Tour which is usually where you sound like. You're number one star like that's how highly they valued him. He's a great to way forward. He hasn't quite been the same since what was an ankle. Injury in the beginning of the two thousand eighteen nineteen season. But like holy cow. Yeah exactly and we'll talk about him more and we talk about the hurricanes. Air-quality BOUNCED AROUND JERSEY. Make his name in from Minnesota. He Got Walla Walla. He continues to bounce around this league super happy fun ball for some reason. Walmart will help out Down the line up a little bit and then tell us about chase prescribe and eat two loss. Ternary me Your Ryan. Yeah so so chase. Persky was in a basically. He was a capitalist draft. Pick and decided not to sign with them had his choice of any. Nhl Team Really. There are a lot of teams interested for whatever reason he decided that that Carolina with one of the most loaded defensive prospects systems was where he wanted to go. He went there And now he's a Florida native. He got he gets trade one of the teams that was interested in signing him was the Florida Panthers now. He's an offensive defenceman. He was one of the top defenders in the entire. Ncwa last season He was You know purdue. A POINT PRODUCER QUINNIPIAC LAST YEAR. Now he's been a really good producer in the H. L. I think he's got a good future. I think he's got a clear path to the NHL in Florida than he did with Carolina and as far as loose Ryan is concerned. He's a guy that that he he's a big body I think he can play in the NHL right away. He's done pretty well. This is really only his first season In North America and so he's made that transition rather easily he did get some. Nhl Games this season with Carolina Is he a top end guy? I don't think so. I think he's more down the lineup kind of player but but again as part of the overall package You know I think there was a quite a bit of value gained from Florida whose another team. That's kind of a will. They won't they territory in terms of competing. This year. Also chased frisky by far the most NASCAR name traded on deadline. The leafs do nothing. Yeah we talked about some of the top. Yeah that's that's just what they do. They've they're gonna go with what they got score score score and hope that we're GONNA rally gets healthy As we all do the New York Rangers did a little bit of So the Rangers. Take Chris Kreider off the board with a seven year contract worth six point five million dollars against the cap then of course they trade Brady Shaffer first round pick and And that you know that's really just trade shave because You know he's been on the block a bid but it's just that salary now. They've committed to Kreider. They had to make that move just for fast trae but yeah so what about them keeping crowder? Well guys my pet theory earlier and I am saying it on the podcast because I do think there's something there John Davidson the president of the Rangers had a press conference pretty early in the day where he announces. I that And Pavel Buchnevich had gone to a car accident. An you're stuck in. The rookie sensation is out. Weeks after fracture ribbon. It's really scary. And Luckily they were wearing seatbelts in weather. Okay and right after the by the way. We've also resigned Chris Kreider and they look at the Rangers. My Dad's really big rangers fan and he's just hoping I I use him as kind of a voice of the Fan. He's like we're doing so well. Lately we will look great. Eager looks fantastic We are four points out in the wild card race. How can we possibly get rid of crowder and I wonder they find out this news of the car accident on Sunday night? Talk's Kreider has stalled as a we can go and tell the fans. Hey by the way our rookie hotshots out a couple of weeks and we send away your favorite player. Would if they combine that news. And this accelerates it and gives them incentive to make that push. They didn't want to give Chris Card at the seventh year. They magically do give him the seventh year in the eleventh hour. Maybe they're connected. Perhaps a like. I like your conspiracy theories. You're often meet too much greg. This is it. It's all good for you beyond our our line in the toast. Last year's draft trade deadline does nothing. The Blue Jackets do they. Trade slim sent him a lot of Devonshire. That's a whatever kind of trade but you know they. They went all in last. Pre-trade deadline made life a lot. Interesting for all of us that were covering it but despite being on the on the bubble and despite all these rumors about Josh Anderson may be being in play They don't make a deal they were in on a new. Nothing happened there Depriving us of seeing play for John. Tortorella lazing but yeah nothing for the CJ which is kind of disappointing. I think because it is an arms race on that playoff bubble and they have played so well with how many injuries had yeah but But nothing nothing doing for them. Which was kind of a surprise of The Edmonton oilers as we mentioned before Mike. Green add athen issue. Mike Green is a guy that I find to be an interesting addition here. Because you know maybe it's that he was playing on an object terrible team for two seasons that his numbers weren't great as the stands he can do. You can do pretty well for you on the power play. I think And if nothing else is is a guy that can transition the puck pretty well to those Edmonton Forwards And good for him man like it was a good soldier for Detroit and now it gets to go. Maybe make the playoffs. That'd been said he hasn't been in the playoffs since the last time. Detroit made in two thousand sixteen and he gets the Calgary native inserts himself right into the battle of BERTA. That's right in the Vancouver canucks. Add Louis demand because now we are all very worried about the health of Marcham which is very problematic Less problematic is the to fully trade. I know Tyler Madden's real good and I think he'll be a a good player for La but a second round pick and mad and then a conditional fourth for a guy who for me was a top three Ford available at the Trade Deadline. Even as a rental he's fit right in. I married the first couple of games for fully. Look Great Yeah So I dig it. I thought I thought for what they're trying to do. Which is to make the playoffs with a young team with besser out? Go go go on with your bad self. I have no problem with Jim. Benning anti ing up some futures to make the playoffs now because it will help them exponentially to get those young guys in the playoffs. Initially when I saw this I said this is Jim. Benning trying to his job and now that I thought about it more. I think this is a hands on owner. Who's like I'm sick of being out? Let's go ahead. Let's make the playoffs. Yeah Yeah and they still. They didn't give up their top top prospects. They still have a silly podkolzin. They still have no hog lender. They have guys that that are going to help them eventually And so yeah. I think that at some point you just have to say enough's enough and go for an Jim Benning. Has I think the Knox have overperform the season. I am concerned about the whole situation. I mean that could really play with their their contender status. But they're in it. They should go for it. I think they have every reason to believe that they should be one of the top three teams in the Pacific. And once you get in anything can happen as we hear them. Say all the time even though. That's wishful thinking. Usually the Vegas Golden Knights. Get Nick cousins which is nice and of course Robin Lehner. We only had it out to a plus in our trade grades today and The Golden Knights one of them. I do now. You're going to war with Marc Andre Fleury and Robin Lehner. Flurries not been himself this year. we know. Obviously he lost his father late last year. I think from what I've been told by people close to them. That's effective a little bit so at the very least if he can't be the flurry that you need Robin Lehner as his backup which is important for that aspect and very important for the aspect that Malcolm Sudan was very insufficient backup goalie for them out very good and not so much else. Look Kelly McFadden said that He talked to mark Andrea Fiber. For it happened. He said what do you think? Marc Andre. Fleury apparently was all end. Hey if that's not going to mess up the room a love it for sure. All Right Carolina hurricanes my big winners even though some people on twitter. Thanks they should have gone to goalie. They seem to like their age. All guys tell me what they did. They got Brady Shaffer. I they got Sami Vatanen for two prospects. Rate prospects and a fourth. They got an innate. Vincent TRO CHECK FOR WALLA WALL mark Frisky and that Dude Emily. What's your take on on Carolina? I love it. I think they're winters. They are not letting a couple. Injuries derailed their momentum built from the beginning of last season they needed to get defense woman because of Dougie Hamilton because Brett Patchy they went out and got the best rental available and a guy that still has term. Which is one of Tom. Dunne's David thing in the world because that means cost certainty they also got Vincent Tro check like. That's amazing Eric. Khawla like you mentioned. He's bounced around a bit. He never quite fit with them. He couldn't really find his role. He was injured a bit. Vincent Tro Check has a chance to be very great cornerstone player for them. And I'm so excited to see how he does playing with the legs of Andre Sakarov and Sebastian Turbine and by the way all the people that are saying that they they didn't address goaltending they just one with Zamboni driver. Did we not do not already cover. They feel like we covered that either way. What I think I think for Carolina the they have. They've improved their depth. They have they have guys that will help them into the playoffs. Hopefully they can get some some other There if they play the way that they did in front of Dave Ayers in the playoffs. They're going to have a chance okay. They're going to have a chance but I I really like what Don Waddell has done. I liked it. The commitment that Tom Dunton has made as well. Because they're going to be spending more money as a result of this of these traits they are going to be there. There are essentially. They're pretty close to a CAP team in the way the way things are going so I I really. I really appreciate that. That's an owner that says hey l. Let's go let's go do it. And give your empower your general manager to be aggressive at the deadline and I think that the canes have a lot to be excited about now yup and You Know Eric. Tulsky move rechecked in their front office. As of often said if Carolina wants to deal for your player maybe you should hold onto your player. The flyers do a couple of little things for their bottom six. Derek Grant Neat Thomson Grant go forward but not much else. Are You surprised? There wasn't more of an effort to maybe replace Nolan Patrick more or is that what grant ends up doing. I think that's kind of what they're doing with those guys. And you know. I think one of the underrated story lines of of the the flyers season has been the performance of Scott Lawton as a guy a depth player that has produced for them. He's he's gives them a little bit of versatility and I think that now just kind of supporting that situation there and then you know you always have Joel Fair. Be who you can call back up from the minors Especially you know after after the the playoffs. Begin or if you know if you're trying to go for the playoffs So I think that they have. They're pretty well set and I don't think that they were in a position where they could overspend in in overextend themselves in in bringing in more people. I think they've got a pretty good thing going right now. Like with the coaching staff has done with that team. And as I mentioned I think that they have the depth To competes in into to make an impact and they didn't need to do too much But they get a little bigger a little stronger a little more a little tougher to play against if we're GONNA use there we go But yeah but I think that that was fair. Don't go overboard. I think Chuck Fletcher done a Pretty. Nice job since taking over there as GM speaking of GM's the islanders. Let's Go Greg. Look all right so let's set the trade up. I trade away a rounder and a second rounder and a conditional third if they win the Cup for Zhang Gabrielle Patio And then they quickly take us out of the realm of is this good for rental to is good for a dude. They've now signed to a contract for five years. Sir Way now I'm sorry six years and five million dollars per season so they have signed through two thousand twenty six. Look you've mentioned. Before outstanding shooting percentage season. It's not the worst contract in the world because five million against the CAPS LOCK. Kill you first center for a center and and clearly with every with a with a rather with Barzel who they're gonNA resign and with Paseo They're going to have some certainty up the gut for a while I'm just not big patio guy. I'm sorry I I. I understand what you're doing here. It's not the worst move in the world. Now the worst for moving the world would have been getting back pretty safe right. Yeah but like. Don't you think this is like a thing in in a couple of years? We're like Oh God four more years of this like I can very much see that being the case because this is guy singing for his damn supper right now offensively Morong. No you're not you're not thank you. The Dallas Stars did nothing. That's fine they. They've been looking good lately and I will say Jim. Nill mentioned he's like I've been given out draft picks and prospects over the last couple of years. I'm not GonNa do that anymore. Because it's not like he does much for those draft picks here enough but either either way. I think that you know it was fine to stand PAT I. I love the way that they've played lately. Yeah the Colorado Avalanche get the smoking Husk of Michael Hutchinson and And then they pick up domestic off which is a nice little piece of business for them down the lineup. But for all the talk about being in on Chris Kreider for all the talk about what they're going to do in this arms race in the western conference nothing nothing from Colorado. That's true and you know what I don't mind it and the reason I don't mind it as I think that they have. They kind of have layers to their team right now. They're they're obviously competitive. Now maybe Steve there. Maybe Joe Sakic thinks that it is. It is not quite there time yet. I that could be. I don't know I mean. I think they've got time they have they have the prospects. They have the draft picks. They have what they need to compete. I think domestic COBB is going to be a good a good player to be a stopgap for the injuries that they have currently. And then you can move him down the lineup when those guys are back in healthy and and so he's kind of has that versatility. If you want to get Chris Kreider it was gonNA take something monumental. It could cost them. Keep prospects in in. The avalanche for years did not have much of a prospect system. They finally built it up to a place where they feel. Really comfortable with your Boeing. Byrom you Alex. New Hook Shot Boston College in his absolutely tearing up this year. you you've got Martin out with. They just called up Shane. Bauer's there are a lot of guys that are former for Sean draft picks that are going to make an impact. Eventually I think go with the guys at brought you there right now. Get him a little bit of help. you know they could potentially address goaltending as well but those were high-cost. I think that they're in a good position right now. I think Joe Sakic has built up a lot of equity with with the Fan. Base there And has shown that he knows what he's doing. He's very pragmatic about it. So I think this is a good position for the ads to be in. It wasn't a a an exciting line but I think it was ineffective deadline because they didn't have to give give away any other future really either. They've got all the cats face they do. Have that asset. This is the year that even beginning as I've never felt like I can win a Stanley Cup this year. I feel like I can give this. Guy's help them make him well this team and they're by themselves especially with all the injuries that they have right now. I'm not quite sure about the health of Nazem Qadri Matt Calvert. Mika run-ins also out. I'm worried should traded for Taylor Hall seriously. I think what they should have done with straight for Taylor Hall. I think that you know we were talking about mark. Berge event being there for a while. I think they were exploring some bigger things. Look we can talk about mark. Is there you know. His daughter goes to Colorado University University. Colorado you don't bring your assistant. Gm with you to go visit your daughter for a week traveling buddy. That's weird the Saint Louis Blues Get Marcos Candela for the Canadians. We didn't talk about the whole scandal. Draft Pick flippin that Mark Burgess van. Did that was a good piece of business for him. he replaces J Bohm obviously but other than that the blues. Nothing they were looking at Kreider Obviously with Kreider reciting with the Rangers. That didn't happen But as they say. Emily will this trade. They're going to make is Vladimir Tarasenko. Yeah that's right. I look I think that every indication that we have lied. Tarasenko is ahead schedule. I know this can always be fluid but I believe Doug Armstrong when I look out there. Is there any player out there? Better Than Vlad Tarasenko is it worth shoving him for longer than he needs to be shelved just so we can make the cap implications work probably not Like especially with Dallas and Colorado Nipping at their heels right and those Nashville predators. He won't go away with John. Heinz Veritas the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ladies and Gentlemen Patrick Marlowe now a member of the penguins along with a returning connor. Sheree and And Evan Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a player. I like a lot from the sabers. I think he's a classic change of scenery guy. He makes your bottom six better series of fun. I guarantee you. He's playing back with SID. Within what two weeks probably right? Yeah what do we think of the Marlow move thing? It's great for him for one. Ask Ray Boy Cup potential perfect. You know but but I do think adding that element to the penguins with so many guys that have won the Stanley Cup already win one for the Gipper win. One for Patty. Marlow the give them that. Little extra source of motivation You know and Hopefully Jake. Gansel is able to come back from his injury and then all of a sudden you're adding all these pieces and you've got you know. Pat Marlowe still skate? He can still skate. He can still put a stick on the ice and knock pucks into the net. I mean it's not that it's not as hard when you remember the Pittsburgh Penguins but again it's that rallying kind of sense that you get around a guy like that and apparently marlow grew up a penguins fan. This is the kind of added cool. Twitter Account. Amazing Twitter Account Christina marlow Iraq. We love you crazy if you look at Ilya Kovalchuk and Patrick Marlowe. They've combined for one thousand and three Career Goals Zero Stanley Cups. And did they everything they'd be at the point in their career where they're playing sidekick to Alex and Sidney crosby riding on their coattails playing depth rolls third line fourth line to try to win a cup. It's amazing it's a great story. Do we do we underrate the marlow leaving? Toronto thing and it's affecting the leafs. That sounds a really good question that has really been talked about enough the fact that they had the sacrifice him for the money he goes away. Now all of a sudden. It's like the inmates running the asylum. Absolutely and you know what else does get talked enough. Not Not not to turn this into the frigging. Steve Dangled podcast or anything here. But we're John Taveras all this big the big captain the big the big cap is GonNa come in and be like I'm the captain and everybody is going to look at me. Where's he in all this and Sardar listeners who've just enter looked into Toronto sports radio thing they need there it is I think Marlow as a depth player. The penguins is a really really move for them. And and like you said Chris like when the chips are down. And you're looking for a reason to pull your skates Your skates drops up and you. You know you're GONNA. You're a play harder win one for Patty. That's right like how who wouldn't get behind that. I'm already behind it. Speaking of that win one for Ilya Kovalchuk goes to the capital's now. This is a really interesting trade because well one I mean obviously because seminole are real close so this is Kinda Cool. It happens and as every fan knows a couple truck. Ken Play the right side. If needs be Would not be fun A little a little a little lovie cousy. Covy triple my the the O. K. K. Line. And that's good. I don't know what that acronym is so It's close to being wrong But I found interesting because I think we're Kovalchuk is most valuable right now as an NHL player might be on the power. Play where you don't need them in the Ovi- spot and you already have John Carlson as your as your point man So would he kind of moved his moves way into the top unit? Does he play on the second unit. I think it's a cool trade. I'm excited about it. I think maybe the marlow deal is more impactful for the penguins. but cool trade is excited about it. Yeah like their appointment television for me the next time they go on the ice right absolutely and it's fun and and and like Marla Koba the Guy I would love to see. Get a cup before it's all said and done and the Capitals Wall. Where are we on the caps and the penguins right now? The pay the penguins to me seem like they have the Sturdier Foundation for a cup run but the capitals may be seemed like they've got a higher ceiling than the than the penguins do. I think that's fair. Yeah I think that makes total sense. I mean and and really just you just look at the way the capitals play. It hasn't changed they. They're bigger they're heavier. They did that again. Getting Brenden Dillon as well. Yeah we stop having having some sturdiness on the back end. It was an area that they needed address. Everyone talks about. What a great teammate. Brennan Dylan as you can value that. However you want to but I think that that you you when you're going into a well-established team a team that's won the copy guy. That's not going to rock the boat too much. I do think that adding Kovalchuk adds an element of excitement. I think it's gotTa make out of skin a little more excited. It's gotTa make coups not solve a little more excited. Just because they've they've played with him in these tournaments year after year. They've won with him at the World Championship. They've experienced the joys of that and now to be able to have a chance to give their friend opportunity when the Stanley Cup. I mean I think just lifts everybody in that that emotion will continue to play in there but again it comes back to this cap seem. They're battle hardened we know you know we. They don't have any of those questions anymore about what they're what they're capable of. And then you add in a similar to the Patrick Marlowe situation with the penguins. Now you've got this rallying force on your team There's so many things to like about where the capitals were already and what they've been able to do an add onto Around this deadline emily. Let's play some role playing real quick. You're going to be a Tampa Bay lightning fan in September. Two Thousand Nineteen Okay Oh Okay Oh Hello. Tampa Bay lightning fan set so What if I told you that in a few months your team will have traded Nolan Foot? A first round pick another first round pick and in return you will have gotten. Blake Coleman Berkeley. Good draw in a third round pick. What say you when's Gasparilla Like on paper. This is insane. Yeah favorites insane. But like we know what? Blake Coleman is capable of any addresses Their their penalty killing Great bottom six forward. I like good dro- I think he's. He's got a little bit of upside. Both of them have term It's just a lie man. Lake and and I know it can be a lot when you're Tampa and you're going for it and you're like You already have this sports car and now you're just pouring a little bit more nature and the engine they also get a Zakpa goes in for a song as well. I mean I'm not the biggest guy but sure it's just a lie. It's a lot. It's a lot but it has to be a lot. Stanley cups are expensive. And this is a team that simply has to win a Stanley Cup. They don't there is no other option. I Mean Jeff. Finnick has done a great job as the owner of this team years. He's done so much to grow hockey around the area. They've they've had had this promise about them. They you know they're they're H. L. Team on the CALDER Cup. They go out and they get top top guys in trades. They they go out and they've drafted so well now. It's time if it's not now you're you're the clock is ticking so I think it had to be expensive. Was it too? I think the federal trade is is one that will be Won't look good against history unless they win a Stanley Cup. Because then you're just like oh well. At least there was a cup. But but I do think that Coleman trade is a great stylistic fit for that team as well so I didn't mind that expense as much. I did think it was a bit much again. Stanley cups are expensive. This is a team that has no choice but to go for and go for it as hard as they possibly can and I think that they're they're showing their team and their fan base. They're willing to do whatever it takes. Even if it means overpaying and these moves weren't made out of desperation. Let's not forget that this is a team that since Christmas has been onto double digit win streak has like a crazy plus forty one goal differential. They're playing fantastic hockey right now. These are just luxuries or adding to it. I would've added more luxury. Which would be like make that Robin Lehner Trade? I mean look on during the length gay but do you know what I'm saying though like. Yeah you've set up all this stuff. God forbid he gets hurt. Yeah and you're and now you got Curtis mcelhinney back there in back of this finely tuned team. I mean again. I'm just saying that and this and this was the same position they were in last year to just like that one little extra deal that gets you a little upgrade over the backup might be the trae make well. If everyone knew that was the price for later I think everyone would be better off having Lehner as their backup case. There starter gets hurt. Carolina definitely could have swung that deal to finally the team in the driver's seat for the presidents trophy. That's right Boston. Bruins pick up Andre. Kasha they bring up the pickup Nick Ritchie for Danton Heinen which was a trade that I saw some people kind of Poo pooing. I think it's probably like a wash at best. Yeah Yeah I think so. I mean Ritchie's big and heavy and they wanted to be heavier for the playoffs and then in the concentrated like we said I mean they get the bacchus contract off the books and if Kasha can stay healthy. I think it's a real good movie. I love that I love him as a player like I think I think he's. He's got tremendous upside. You just hope that it's not going to be a situation where he gets injured. And what have you but again the the grant as I wrote last week there are two grand traditions at the trade deadline. The Washington capitals are going to pick up a defenseman and the Boston Bruins GonNa add a top six forward and of ones that were available. I mean the only other rental that you're looking at it. As is the only rental looking at us to fully didn't happen. Cautious got term. He ends up being an RFA. Afterwards you control him pretty well and and obviously with Kreider off the board. That wasn't an option. So talk to you. This is way better and they are apparently offered more chuck and then Berge Van said. I'm going to trade you to the place where your best friend is so I like this. I mean this is a solid for them and if he's healthy Even better so we'll see what happens. Of course. We had the same same scenario Rick Nash. Couple years ago. If you can say healthy he can help. You didn't stale in no so we'll see what happens All right that's the trade deadline folks went through all of it. games now. We'll do the AHL UNDERSTAND. We have a rant line. We don't ever Aunt Line Ryan's like he pastored just went on for like three hours. You'RE NOT GONNA type producers birthday. Did we birthday Ryan Ryan? Who does such a great job Producing the show. We will give them the best gift ever and wrap it up. Yeah all right so thanks. Everybody for listening. I'm Greg Whiskey. Do check out all of the coverage that we did during the day Trade grades were available. You need to be. Espn subscriber to get him for their well worth a subscription hope. Everybody who's a plus subscriber enjoyed the tsn simulcasts. That happened today For Trade deadline You can also read our trade grades or trade deadline winners and losers rather than emily and I did You could watch are pretty faces on some video that we did Also mentioned that there is a Alex Vegetarian seventh goal which we didn't even talk about because so much other stuff happened Sportscenter piece that'll be on a Tuesday that I did So if you enjoy that congrats to lovie and What's up Chris Young? I think you you set it all. Thanks for having me on the show. It's always good to be with you guys especially here in Bristol. Connecticut yes lovely Bristol Lovely Crystal loveliest anything. He wants to pamper. No I just love being with you guys and I'm so excited to get a beer. Yeah it's beer time. Thanks everybody for listening hope. Your team did amazing work or nothing at all at the trade deadline. And we'll see next week by this is ESPN is with you and tablet subscribed show in the ESPN APP. Apple podcasts Sir. I have to go to the gym and untangled my headphones while warming up on the treadmill and I'll finally untangle them for miles later at which point tire motorcycles make everything exciting and when Geico makes it easy to switch and save on motorcycle insurance. It's even more exciting. I put my headphones and I realized dirt geico motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.

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