Conor McGregor, the undeniable force | Tony talks to The Notorious about his unwavering certainty, ruthless mindset and how he became the king of combat sports


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You're going to hear an exclusive interview with someone who will likely go down in history as the greatest mixed martial arts fighter of all time conor McGregor is the first person ever to hold U._F._C. titles in multiple divisions at the same time and the biggest pay per view draw enemy history to call connor confident would be an understatement. He has an unshakable certainty in himself and it's pushed him to overcome incredible odds he was born and raised in a rough working class suburb suburb just outside of Dublin but he refused to let that environment define who he was and who he would become just days after conor announced his retirement from the sport in March of this year he spoke with Tony about his ruthless mindset and the unwavering passion that took him from being plumber's apprentice in Dublin to worldwide fame as the most notorious fighter on the planet and the biggest name in the U._F._C. and for those die hard U._F._C. Fans out there. You're also going to get an inside inside. Look at two of the most anticipated fights in combat sports connors landmark boxing match against eleven time world champion Floyd Mayweather junior and his lightweight anime title fight against Habib New Mogomedov Connor breaks down on what led to his defeat and reveals just what happened in the chaos that ensued afterwards what he refers to in this interview as the real fight. Here's the thing Conor McGregor isn't just a fighter. He's also successful entrepreneur. You're his new whiskey company. Proper twelve is a huge success is a dedicated father of too but you won't catch him in Diogenes. He's got a great sense of fashion which if you seen pictures of him you already know he has a big heart and he gives generously to hospitals and first responders and despite all the trash talking he's humble in both victory and defeat love him or hate him. Conor McGregor is unapologetically Conor McGregor a special note to our audience. This episode does contain language. That may not be appropriate for some listeners. A clean version is available on our website at W._W._W.. Dot Tony Robbins dot com slash podcast. Tell me how the hell do you go to be working as a plumber former not even a plumber yet twelve hours a day tells about those relates to who you are today where you're one of the most. I just saw the other day. I think you recognize the most fifth most recognized athlete on Earth had thirty years old. They must have missed candidate Sam one in it's not me you know it's been just what got me to where where I continue to go and where I will go insane A._M.. Work Ethic and it's an insane work ethic that can only be you can only put in that amount of work if you were doing something that you are passionate about and that's what I have engaged in my entire. Life's work in teams that I am passionate about you. CanNot what you cannot fully commit to something if you're not passionate about it so we must look at your surroundings at at the things you were involved in and ask yourself you truly passionate about these things truly want to put every ounce of your being into these things and I am blessed truly truly blessed by something. I am not sure what it is but I am blessed that I was able to find my passion my passion the fight game the Whiskey game the fashion game the fitness game these on my true passions on I am going down these these these avenues that these these avenues that the fight game as for me. I'm going down them out of wound mile an hour with no brakes and full confidence in what lies ahead and great things are happening so I'm very very blessed very am very motivated. Still you know I'm like you said I'm only told years of as Tony I have gone to times in my in my in my career of lapses in motivation and seeking that energy and you know coming coming into a place like this receiving an invite from yourself a powerful you are a powerful man. We are all powerful people here but we use your power not to boss like I have been thinking we should use our power to lead never to boss and that's what I'm trying to do what my people around to lead and grow and let's see what the next twenty years will bring because it will be more amazing historical sure well. Where the hell is this confidence come from? I mean tells about the earliest earliest days there had to be a time where you didn't have it and where did shift because I know you like the like so many people have thought you have a process of visualizing and conditioning the mind training yourself but tell us what it was like in the early days growing up. What was your life like? I'm not supposed to be here where I come from. It's like it's on my whiskey prop on number twelve. I come from a place Dublin twelve. It is a hard working town. I small little little sobol Bay. It has its good and it has plenty of bad but I always like to focus on the good because the good shines true but where I come from we're not supposed to climb to these heights. We're told that it's instilled in us and I wanted to break that mold and pave the way Albano pats and that's what I'm doing and I'm happy and honored for it and and when it is though you always like that or is there a stage when you start to say I'm GonNa create my fucking life when we're going to be a plumber. I'm sure I've heard you working twelve hour days driving two hours one way you know tell us tell us about those humble beginnings that gives you like today and then how'd you make that transition bro You know like drove it on them towards them build and so it's just a young kid. I'm you know for sure apprentice plumber on a building site that the guy who goes to the guy that goes and gets the cup of pipes from the store carries it up. It's the it's the it's the hard work that that's not respected and not not admired are not you know so I was on them. Building sites cold old domino's like looking around at fully fully qualified people on the site and their postures not right in there. That was not me you know. I knew I could do something better. I knew I had something in me. I just wasn't sure even what it was. <hes> obviously I was training for the fight game but no one in Ireland had made it in the fight game the fight game an Irish manning the U._f._c. was literally and I mean literally laughed at we were laughed at. I was laughed at when I when I said we were going. Get to you'll see myself and my team. We're GONNA get to U._C.. Never mind get a whim never mind even get a win in the U._F._c. then when a bill then win the second belt I've continued you. I've just used all that fuel that I'm not supposed posted do it but I'm GonNa do it and I'm going to L.. Work everyone that says I cannot do it and that's what I did and that's how I rose open long may continue. You're just mad for that as well. Thank you thank you. Those are formula for creating like how do you create this yet. How did you do you tell you this? We showed a little video of you when you're just young kids and this is what I'm GonNa do. Here's a little be a young boy my older sister my oldest sister. You know my family is as a great family. My I have a loving family my mother my father my two sisters but my lineage McGregor lineage we are bled on the battlefield. We you can trace my lineage back to the highlands where we fought invaders off of our land with with our with our family saw the claymore more. I saw two saw it in your office just alien. I was wondering where that's orders from. I have my family sort. It's a claim or it's wrapped in sheepskin and I haven't hanging on the banisters of my stairs. Just remind me of where I come from and who I am we are warriors. We are fighters so my sister when I was a young kid around fifteen years of age onshore where I was going came to me with a book the secret and a preaching the law of attraction and I was like stop get away from me. I didn't care about that. I wanted to just go and play. There wasn't interested I was almost laughing at it but then I she kept on me with it and eventually watched a movie on it and read some books on it and then it started to resonate with me to keep positive have belief in where you're going on and you're able to you can almost visually create your entire world. Not Almost you actually can yes you can and then I was like I'm going to do Brad and I will do that and then that's when I began to practice it I practice it. I used to drive. We used to drive and my girlfriend. We used to drive to food place in like a shopping mall in Ireland than it was a very busy shopping mall and I'd like I would practice like little parts parts of it like when when we were driving into the shopping mall the car park I would always visualize that the car park space right at the Dole E._M._t.. For me waiting for the Pope and sometimes I get it and sometimes I get it but I got it. I celebrate it like I just want my goal kept building on that and I got better at it. I became so damn good at it that I was able to go into bouts against undefeated fighters for non not feed it for over ten years. Here's a you know people with insane fighting legacies and I was able to go in front of the wall and tell the world. I'm going to knock this mandate what this exact shot at this exact time and I don't have back to back back and visualizing as you tell oh everybody had everyone. I think that's a very important easy for us to keep it all in but you're not you're not on the line then all in Tampa. I like to use in my ventures. All in we've got to be all in our ventures. I am I am all in on my whiskey. I'm all in on my clothing. My fitness regime McGregor fast program. I am all in on the fight game. I just want my worth. You know we're in. There's a lot of politics in the game to fight game is full of sharks but I'm the fucking whale so why won't what's Mine and that's what I'm going to say the ritual you wanted to be in soccer but even then you visualize understands well again. Yes visualize them before even knew about it all the suckers you in Orland and it was my force. A little of most Stanley I used is to sneak out of the House late at night and used to be a little grasp pass by my home and I would take the football out on play on the grass patch on my own and I would kick the ball against the wall. I'm when I kick the ball against the wall. I would imagine it was a goal. The goal mic I scored a goal and I would run off and I would visualize a screaming arena shooting me on and they want my first visions of selling out arenas and these type of things although although it didn't end up in the football game I ended up in a similar once I it all walked out and there was all true visual visualization so I was just a young kid with a dream you know what I mean. I know my husband people chance but it was still a kid with a dream and a belief in himself and for many times I was laughed laughed not believed in putting on what noting external can can come defeat the internal the only thing that can take someone down a break you down as internal not external is strong enough. It's just about making sure your internal dialogue and your internal belief in yourself a strong enough that it can withstand the external the external is there. You've got to accept it. You've got to embrace it. You've got to understand and be aware of it but don't let it seep into into your internal dialogue and and as a twenty year old man I am. I don't know what all I am. Only I'm up and down and grown with this. I'm trying to continue to learn. It's a daily daily accorance not to let that external infiltrate infiltrate my internal and that's what I'm trying to do right now because I have let it infiltrated at times. How do you do that? How do you keep it out? What do you do? I think it's a daily team for me. I like a constant over set of rituals. You know I'm figuring out my rituals only reason the only yesterday I was like every time I wake now. I'm put on a song every day with a dance UNFIL- myself. My I know who I am. I am an Irish animal a proper Irish animal. My career is a career of never been done before. No Irishman has done what I have done. I own window pathways for my people so we came steaming through the door. Tanks might thanks to my belief in my book so that's people said you couldn't you couldn't master the game with your own. People come to America but you took your own team. You've been loyal to your tail. Guards brought the game to Ireland violent back at put my people on I put my nation on the map. Although we are known as the fighting Irish in boxing in boxing teams we have a rich history in boxing but not in mixed martial arts true fighting a full fight. We had zero zero history zero impact. We were almost looked down upon the U._K.. Scene had risen up there was there was many stars of course the Brazilians they invent they invented the Sport Valley Tudo no-holds-barred fighting then the Americans took it franchise it into the U._F._C. and build it up toward the was so the Americans under Brazilians dominated the sport and then the U._k.. was resume and the Irish were just the Irish but I do know exactly how now my nation's flag is on a U._F._C. Belt. They released a new belt because what they do is they're crafty. Boone's somewhat respect for the I love the company I Love I love all the people involved but anytime I dip away they try and reignite my interest and get back in there. They do what they want to belts that forced to donate and still the only to do unified. There's been intramural champions but that's not unified the only unify champ champ chomp chomp exactly exactly the O._J.. Champ up but what they do more as they got rid of those old belts and they created this new belt and they put my flag on the new bill playing games and see how it goes you know he's playing with. My buddy is saw from the open we. I have my nutritionist. We may have my doctor. I have my people with me. I I am blessed to be able to do that. You know for so long like in my late twin mid to late twenties when I start to acquire wealth and acquire Mooney I was fascinated with materialistic things I would buy myself cars watches. I know oh I'm speaking about that and a big diamond watch on my this was actually a gift. I switched off that now. I realized I was spending on material items not things on myself on my being on on my fitness on my health I've switched. I completely really like I said my nutritionist traveled full-time. My doctor is my training. My coaches have a whole team and it's all it's all for health fitness peak performance. We've got to be in shape. I think a trait of the successful is is to train early. Wake up and you've got to be successful. Are you've got to be. You've got to be in shape to be you know you've got to be in shape physically to be to be in shape mentally. Go Hand in hand so I'm putting a lot more time into that and I realized I actually actually actually realized that I went. I read on Lebron James. He spent one point five million dollars a year annually on himself therapists masseuse nutritionist hyperbaric oxygen all of that is do you know what I when I seen that I said I spent unsuitable. I spend zero I just WANNA CAM forms when a fight forms got her a team of people we go into the Vegas desert away for ten weeks and do insane insanity walk. If I'm trying to back at home during camp I have fighters locked in in a hotel room waiting on in call to call them to fight me. It's an insane game but it's not it's it's. It's not all in again. I'll go back to that Tam. It's it's halfway in and then you can't be that way and you certainly cannot be that way in the fight game but in reality you can't be that way Leonine game. You're in if you're in the game. Make sure you're in it all the way all in with it and then that game will be your game. That's that's where I am right now and I've only taken this philosophy recently like I said I've had dips lack of motivation dibs in commitment. I'm figuring it all out when I'm feeling Gordon a great place in this meeting this invitation. This is just because I'm seeking inspiration. I'm always looking for inspiration looking to learn grow and honestly thank you and I'm grateful for this and I look forward to continuing this chat. Yeah I'm here to play. You are like yourself completely but if there's any athlete we can relate to is probably Mohammed Ali reports. Did he have an influence on getting to know him. He was just unbelievable. I saw you have little fairs. Submarines place big respect Tony my honestly i. I know what you're interviewing if you own me but I will. I want to interview you as your story is insane. It's crazy how true Paul's of mine the same conviction commitment and big respecting. Your brother is number one committing that you've been off your game at times like some people just fucking bullshit so you talk with such authority that some people assume you just bullshit but you don't tell me about tell me about trash-talk. Tell me how you're intimidated. People and tell me about was Ali and influence of course Ah Ali was one of my forced heroes in combat or I watched documentaries on him. I read books on him even before I actually here's a funny thing even before I actually boxed I've been in my whole life but even before engaged in combat sport I was interested in like the wrestling side of things which is a lot more show and then all the Mohammed. Ali was a different animal because he was doing it for real. Wrestling is not really for me but Mohammed Ali was doing it for real and he was captivated. The audience he was Anna entertaining and he had passionate conviction and I was just a young kid watching this and then what got me into combat sport originally was as I grew older and began venturing outside my home and my estate again like I said Dublin twelve. It's a wild L. Town. You've got to be able to fight. You've got to be able to defend yourself so when I wh when I ventured out conflict began happening and I wanted to be prepared for an M._B._a.. And confident in mind this is this is like early early teens eleventh where did you were you a tough kid to start with or did you become a tough kid. Oh you know what I heard. You say you came out with this but I I needed to I needed to you know that's that's folks toughness that tough guy last in this position I mean that's that's false. Tooth guys back Dan today now no more rain in their motors box room. You know what I'm saying so I was not necessarily a toy of grown-up but I was I was a hard work and I was and I was you know what I was smart. That's that's what I was and wits beat toughness any day of the week always on Sunday so I I knew what I needed to deal. I needed to learn combat sport. I needed to learn martial arts gain confidence in surroundings and then resolve and that's what I don and and your your psychological warfare where you torture these motherfuckers tell me about that did that evolve is that was that a marketing piece for you or was it. Does it really feel like you penetrate trait their mind and fuck with them. What what is your mindset about simply coming up I look at it's not trash? Talk to me although it has in a way become that and what does it really for you. I look at the opponent. I look you know you know yourself and orders. That's a Bruce Lee quote. If you truly know yourself you can no orders so I know what way I feel. I know away dot minefields. I know what I can say to push his. I know I know what he's thinking. I know what he's afraid of. I know his warriors and I and put them on the spotlight. I put them out there. Get them thinking about it. I made a Jose Aldo undefeated champion. The first featherweight champion he was twenty eight years of age at the time. I made him feel like he was an old mind but he was twenty the age of age I went in. I told him what shuttle was gonNA knock him out and I knocked him out with that shot so so how much are the fight game and psychological. How much is it? You know it's it's all psychological to be honest. You've got to be up to control your breathing and control your emotions in there again like I said sometimes sometimes been open down on earth riled up. I'm only Young County and I'm still learning learning the game and I don't claim to know what all but what I do know I know it damn well you know and I'm continuing to learn and continuing to push on and that's where I'm at now so tell some moments winded you like say Holy Fuck. This visualizes become real on my own life. I know there have been certain moments right. Give me a couple of moments fucking just fucking now right now. I'm out your backyard and his big like it was like a big marquee black. This is something else nice cream. Copper on the law is being August McGregor. It's my own line. I Know David August. My business. Partner has addressing offer twenty five hundred twenty four. That's that's insane. Myself and Dave and fashion is a big. I enjoy good close. I I always team to myself out something you had as a kid exactly again Copeland twelve we are known we are known to dress well. We might not have the best the best you know. We can't afford a lot of things but we always address where we'd always be clean and that was up. We are proud of that. People were proud of that and I always think back to where my where my Mooney can't what what what made me interested in Muni my original you know how to my Lou from when he began how what made me want to acquire that when I think about it I wanted to acquire money so I could buy. Clean fresh runners sneakers. We call them rumors back home sure but that's that's where it began so I was always instilled in me and I always talk with my when I get. I'm able to get up and make some money. I'm going to splash boy. The finest silks silks and the finest materials are wear them proudly and David. I met David a couple of years ago and the partnership has been amazing. We've linked to get a now. We have our own line the Aug McGregor line. We're on our second drop now. When it's grown really nice this is in August? I was in the wardrobe just checking it couvert story about David. I remember years ago. I lived in del Mar California on the del Mar Castles. It's possible both the places in Europe and we had a fire house burned out data's clothing for like ten years and always replacing it as you well know but literally we burned up like four hundred thousand dollars. The clothing data company goes. I'm so sorry I can't tell me tell me in the fight game where the moments in the fight game where you like Holy Shit man what I visualize Israel would there. It'd be a couple of moments that were the most important you notify the most important one for me. The most significant moment in my career was when I first tasted gold it was at U._F._C. One thousand nine Las Vegas. I faced I was supposed to face the current champion Jose Aldo but he pulled out nine days before the bell would have broken ribs. Someone who spin back kick on him and broke his rib broke Israel it was more like a bruised ripped two and a half weeks before my last fight I kick at a shooting Moldovan wrestler or shooting wrestlers shooting on on your lips when he shot my trudeau phone cake I true without his belly and my toes the baby toe to toe next week bent back like this and stuck in that position my doctor who's here with me now had to communicate stretch it and break it back in the place. My foot swelled like a balloon that that was two and a half. I wanted to come. I wanted to compete and I wanted to get in there. You know one of the things I'm blessed with. I have many shots in my arsenal. Many moves like inbox like cake many different weapons in my in my in my arsenal so I don't that's a blessing and of course a blessing for the obvious I control many mills can stifling opponent of course because if I face us a serious injury where I probably should have just settled it out and reset the mass to a later date but your hunger major go on my my my knowledge also that if if I have one shot that's my wound lame that's gone. I've another seven limbs deactivate so I can utilize strikes in. Tell me about the last night with could be because I'm curious. Were you prepared for that approach. Were you able to fight your fight. Tell me what you found is different about that site. I was there by the way he literally jumped right in front of the final. Burn the night right on his brothers. I go my way to fight. Went my way and trust me when I tell you Tony. This war is not over if this fight does not happen again if it does not get reset. It's on Damn. They're running away. I'm here for to fight and here for the rematch. I not errors I know like I said the lapsing commitment that I've had in that belt. I know my mindset. There was a lot of external teams. Obviously the injury the injury itself led me to. I had to have my work. I couldn't run anymore. I orders forty prepared it wasn't my weight was too high so when you're cutting weight if I if I get my weight down because of injuries or whatnot I have an more intense wait could so I was severely dehydrated. I didn't sleep for forty eight hours before the wait cooler but these are just nonsensical or you can give it to you. That's why I walked in their hands down Ding Ding Ding and walked forward to him and he went running away around the cage. He got lucky with that over. One hundred drop brought me. Well didn't really drop me. I landed on the hand but I kept my vision. My vision was clear the way Jim thome landed shots back and then we engage in a fistfight and he tried to take it took me down again after Landon has such a significant shaw the fights. Let's fight now instead. He was afraid and grabs a hold of the leg so but my whole approach camp the injuries that non commitment or you were you trying to tactics we were I attack attack attack attack defense but in this camp for some reason the entire focus was defend her so it was like every round every round we would start in the training. I would be have my back against the fence. I have my back on the floor. Yeah I would always put myself in opposite vulnerable position and I can't troll as account went on. I just came defensive. Defensive was never been what ideal was like what like it still irritates me to this day because the trainer partners that I would heavy people ninety toge out Moldovan wrestler I broke my foot is like a horse like fucking human horse and then I've got an American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion trains me he was like tuner pounds big big big boys but I was always on the defensive with them and since the fight I've gone back to train with them and went with my internal dialogue. Not The external dialogue the dialogue Ovalles can proper with this man because he's Russian Sambo guy and he's wrestled since he's a kid and all this bullshit that's external. I let the external infiltrate my into internal and it filtered into the fight but after about I went back and train with these people and attacked and I- malt him so I'm just here you're waiting to continue to go and see what we can get get with the situation with the U._F._C. and seek them. We get this fight again. Let's go again and that's that's where my because you wrote the other day on twitter a couple of days ago they were retiring and so bottom line is you're retiring unless they give give you your terms. Is that what it is yeah. I like that. Tell us how you made the deal to fight money mayweather. I mean here's Taunton his ass. How'd you pull that off and tell me what you're thinking was about to start art with wide? You WanNa do it. What was your mindset what five million dollars to take a few more on that book? Give or take look the competitive the competitive aspect of it a new sport the greatest of all time window dot rules again again more external Dell Lovett. Give me give me all that they'll tell me I can't do tell me I'm not gonNA. I'm not GonNa Cross over and make that jump into a completely new sport not only against him some not some random guy down best so it was just competitive my competitive nature of course the financial benefits and the notoriety was great and to do it because it was your idea right. We just continue to poke poke out. It just happened. You know it happened naturally sleet. I went down on his Tammy. I fought him under his rules and originally the promise was I'll fight him his game. He fights me Mike am I haven't heard of him since then so we'll see what happens but I would love undergo. Boxing Arena Lego we spoke briefly about Floyd Mayweather is known for his phillies Shale defensive style of fighting he has he has his right arm. Took in as left is an orthodox so it's the. Opposite but he has one arm took down on his belly when I'm kept oh by his ear and it's uses a shoulder to deflect shorts. He's a back footed fighter. He fights on the back foot. That's what I prepare for because that's what I that's all I had seen of him. My sparring partners are fighters on the back foot food fighters defensive line against the ropes and then when I went into the fight in the early rounds I was whooping him in the early rounds it was actually I went back to my corner. After the four sound said this is easy I literally set up in my corner mind. This is easy and then he had to switch opus style so now you've got the respect that because that's what a crafty veteran can do we can switch up a style. He switched to that all Mexicans boxing style the Mexican boxing styles where you put your elbows in tight the knuckle you put just above the forehead hit and connected and walk forward heavy pressure. He'd never fought like that in his entire career but he was forced to fight that way because he was getting beating beaten when he was fighting his own way and the approach caught me off guard. I was not prepared for it. I I wasn't used to it and he walked me down end up getting getting to stop the referee. I felt like the C._D._N.. Around get my get my breeding back a little bit more comfortable. I know he's not gonNA come into my game but I would love to remind him boxing rules again and an and have that knowledge and have have my sparring partners. Come forward with that style so and see where we go and I believe I could. I believe I would win. Actually there. I go again with a fake homeless awesome. Also what was your long fight of your career to right. I mean you were incredible. Shay Yeah Twenty twenty two twenty two minutes. It was so that was another is focused on the camp to go from five five minute rounds was just twenty twenty five minutes to twelve twelve treatment around which is twenty six minutes quite a big jump so my my my entire camp was almost a switch my time and my energy and help to develop more stamina and to go and you know we didn't get there and Deandra had a ten week period and that brings me back at it all in and that before the Floyd Floyd. I was late world champion. I don't it in the in mixed martial arts. I had done it. I wasn't as committed as I could. It be and I wasn't I didn't have my team around me. I didn't have my nutritionist my coaches my swamp honors and then the fight got made the fight. It was ten weeks out so no I had ten weeks to adjust from five five minute rounds to twelve treatment you know and again tightly. I have my McGrath program that we that we have. I said I truly believe this. In this program. It has gone the shape by cutting in that ten weeks on that program. Tom was insane. It was phenomenal shape and it was one of the reasons why I got ten round on that are pressure on on that that new experience and experience that I had not felt before so I'm very confident now on my engine is keep building as long as I keep on it and entre- not not slip and keep keep motivated. I think like if you if your lack of commitment is almost an insult to the people who believe in you and that's what I'm trying to tell myself up as people in those people who believe in me so this what I'm telling us right right now today those people that believe in me and me having this half commitment. It's it's the fuck you are. It's not it's not a folk. I am people. Do you believe in me deserve and I want you know I want to I want to give back to the people who believe in me and and give them that believe and prove that belief correct so that's where we're at now. Let's see where it goes. That's let's I was I was talking about you know you wanna take the fucking island you burn your boats because if there's a way back the mind will give you their right and I heard you you say sometimes. I want to fucking die in that arena. Is that really your mindset. Yes it has to be it has to be I have I have seen a Monday in this game. I was winning side. I Call I call it. A man who killed them on. I call it a man who killed him on on the Irish soil they only debt in mixed martial arts history in Ireland. It was everywhere and a couple of days after it was a couple of days after that they wanted he wanted me to fly all over the United States of America that promote the next belt and I was like I can't do this. I need to get away. Just my head needs to be in the in the correct spot. It's a rootless rootless game. You have to be willing because you can go in there and when you come out. You're a different person. If I describe it to people it's like entering a car crash. You're going into a car-crash the Shins bare feet bear. You can strike with the elbows Giannis. It's a vicious vicious game and you've got to be fully committed and you've got to be willing to go all the way and that's what I am and that's what I have. Even I make correct decisions even in there even in defeat. I know I know when when it's if there is an and it's time to get out I know I know when to to live to fight another day so you have to be intelligent in there as well order was you won't live to fight another day and that's what happened to my last bell. It did not come my way but then the fight broke out afterwards balanced by in two total because it all happened so fast little happened right in front of me what the fuck up and so his his his when he runs into him to Egypt door saw that he jumped it was his state jumped in and look. I was punching U._S.. On no no no no you must ryan to what happened was the fight was done. The match was done. He climbed over the fence and jumped into the crowd to make up it annoys but as soon as he jumped into the crowd coward away they call it scoot away away because he's a little rats. He scooted away as I get my respect congrats you when the Matt. Let's see what happens next time. I'll company will get it again. Let's go again whom Belinda I am humble in victory or defeat no matter what it's a sport at the end of the day gruesome sport but it's it's a sport so I respected. I was defeated on the night he jumped in and causes case. I went to attack but really it was just what was trying to do. I don't know exactly he was trying to just hide away when he jumped in so we didn't really do anything but I saw take place I got up off the ground and said okay now. I'm back in the mix on top of the cage as I jumped on top of the case his broader sprinting across and jumped up on complicates also to climb in and help him and join the fight boy. I seen them there. It was like a Christmas present smack talk it and we started fighting on top of the cage at got broken up we ended up in indicates and he was trying to break capacity security and I was just going to watch and everything I I am very self. Defense mind that I have been true growing. I I know where my engines is on my exits out. I know I'm very aware of my surroundings so when the fight was breaking breaking out and I knew Lewis People in and out that there was a lot of ro people that I wasn't aware who was who who's with him who's with security. WHO's Hugh Yeah so I backed myself up against the cage wall where I thought I was good and what happened was two of his teammates ran over right behind me and for me when my mindset it was fascinating from me to watch that back because I got to a safe place I was good? I I got to a place where I was aware that I could see any oncoming threat and deal with it. They kept right over my black my but one of them the Force One Chechen Mine Ren Fund of me and went over to the to the prototype got smacked and was like what happened. You're GonNa what he was saying but then he tune back and saw me but I had already saw him so he toned back Boma smacked him he wobbled and as I smacked him on Rock Tim and Nora win jumping from over the back back and he's a sleigh hoop from Cova dope separated and then the final one was the original broader who was on topic he broke free from the security ran out of hundred mile an hour towards we chew right hand as he. Alexa left town boom and there's an image an aerial image of the Roy hundreds whipping boy me face and we left hand you flush down the pipe the final blow of a win you describe and we're all there with you. Describe it as good as being at the fight say this say watching black. Now you can lose detailed breakdowns with the whole after fight. It's awesome so tell me something. Tell me like you've become this fucking amazing entrepreneur unbelievable fighter. You know how to get everybody WANNA watch you know how to play psychological warfare. You know how to win. You're going to be humble undefeated and learn and come back and kick it and nothing stops then but tell me what the entrepreneur side like. Where's that coming from for you and tell us about your Irish whiskey what it means because I know the name itself has meaning for you? Yeah well my my whiskey by twelve. We've PAT an unprecedented launch. It has it has gone to exactly where I knew it would go. You know we we ran out of stock. We had a certain amount of liquid and it was like supposed to do is for the year that's not going to do for the year we had to. We had to ruffle awful a few feathers and make it happen and we made it happen but the launch itself has been unprecedented whiskey Irish whiskey you know growing up my grandfather would always he he was you know when we have master distillers and master drinkers GRANDPA drinker and he would always instill pride in me of Irish whiskey that we as Irish man Irish people at a world champions at creating this liquid George Bernard Shaw said Whiskey is liquid liquid sunshine and I believe him. It's really early says you've got to respect though no doubt you've got the liquid but I care more with pride in my nation that we were the greatest whiskey makers will champions of whiskey and Jameson has been an untested the on the untested King of Irish whiskey until now we burst onto the scene I brought new Democrats demographics with me they yawn and then the old the old whiskey drinkers. They're trying it as well. I'm GONNA continue to grow grow to brand and also grow grow too bland. It's it's only a four year age liquid that we are ageing in barrels. We're going to experiment put the liquid in different barrels way. Look at six years eight years twelve years. You know when I when I force ended the Whiskey business the business itself I used to after he's fired fight. I used to have a tradition with Mr Lorenzo petita former owner we would toast a whiskey after every fight and it became synonymous in the fight game and at that time I start getting approach by whiskey companies to do adverts and things like that as like no no no no. I'm going to go in on that field. Come from that you want your own whiskey company as opposed like most guys will be an endorsement because I want the instilled in me. You know we champions C._B._S.. I can do this if they can do what I can do about it and that's it. I have acreage now where we have crops of barley. Party is the main ingredient in my in my in my proper twelve and my risky we take the barley and we bring it down to the distillery Andrew Anthem anthem's a lovely a lovely area of Ireland on the island of Ireland. The finest spring water of beautiful soil. It's a seventy seven acre plot of land is the oldest whiskey distillery on the land. I sought we saw that. It was a dream him to get that distillery that distillery create the wiz He created there and we have created animate an amazing liquid. We are dominating dominating Jameson in the sales category. Speak Grow. Let's keep going and that's it. I'm the most people you get so much press for notorious which is great as part of your brand but you're fucking giver man. That's one of the reasons I wanted to meet you. I know you the real fucking and tell people what you do the hospitals there and I know I've seen things you've done online lawyer for kids. I mean you're just you're like people know that side yeah well like in Dublin twelve proper proper twas the name Dylan Twas where I come from the largest children's hospital in the country is in Dublin twelve so everyone in Ireland has has a relationship hip with Dublin twelve. It's only a small area but we all have a relationship with it so I have donated tha that hospital many times. My Son has visited there. I flew to New York for dinner and we raised close to a million for the hospital. As well spoken funded. I would hope for the homeless they're too. I've helped I've helped the homeless charities. Of course I've also donated to 'em the cume which is the Maternity Hospital where my son and my daughter were born. I donate treatment. They gave me the tree I was actually he inspired by the nurses on amid was and the work that they put in. I wanted to give back to them and we've done that now. Corley when my whiskey we have we have a program where we're each case sold in each district it sold in we give back five dollars off of each case to respond to the first responders in that district. That's awesome writes in the first responders there. They don't want that need back in their wants to support us. You know they're the ones that burst into buildings when we need Dan when everyone's running out there in I wanted to give back. I have a history with with the children's hospital with the hospital's I've seen enforced the firemen. The firemen like imagine imagine sprinted upstairs and this flames every we don't know Milton what's going to happen. What's through the door? You not these are heroic. People traumatic see traumatic teams and and do it to save us and helpless. I wanted to give back you know what better way to my whiskey and with my donation and it's been it's been it's been phenomenal. It's been received very it's a great feeling. I'm very happy and proud to do. It should be beautiful yeah. One of the things I love about you. Too is like people look at someone who's extraordinary and they assume that it just like a gift that shows up and they don't realize some things were awarded republic for the ship. They've done in private over and over again and you have incredible discipline but I read somewhere. I don't even know where you heard about that that the homeless teens aren't even because I know I was gonNA say about you. Know what I love about you is you don't always tell people like yeah. I know you went to one the places. The only reason I was there is somebody who knew their child there so I was like I was touched by that. You're the biggest promoter of the world. You're fucking promoting. You're just there to help. People don't know that about this yeah and I go home now. I'm eager to get home to my island as well to the island of Ireland. We'll have many great things planned visit the Boxing Club in Dublin twelve and I am going to visit my estrogen as well. I'm GONNA put on shows sort of people to meet people because I think it's easy look where all we're all powerful people here. It's easy for Richmond H minor that's not exactly I need to be in the flesh and I want to be in the place. I want to give back. I WANNA give time more than more than I want to give money. That's more powerful as more shit. Presence Inspires Inspires Apple. That's again as I've learned as I'm getting older. I commit time time is tell me something I read a quote not not paraphrasing it right but essence. You said it's all fucking practicing discipline. Tell us what do you think is really major successful because people look at a guy like you and he goes. He's so gifted you are gifted. You developed your fucking gifts but tell us what's the essence of what makes that success happen the the same way the same essence in any hard work. It's any success. It's hard work. That's it hard fucking woke. You put it in you. Believe in it you will succeed and that's it. I am living proof. If you want to look at a man who has.

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