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Jay and Silent Bob's New Game - Kinda Funny Games Daily 07.12.19


What's up everybody? Welcome to kind of Funny Games daily for Friday July twelve twenty nineteen. I'm one of her hosts Greg Miller alongside alongside Justin Woodward creative director in Tara Bang Bobbin not much problem with you. Everything's gravy yeah. We've so much talk about Justin. Because of course you're wearing the hat you run mix rock in the media indy exchange media. I always I always when I was called the indie mix which is the thing I talk about a game show totally. Do we had a whole bunch of games there any three you do. The thing are going to be my favorite event of course because it's coming up yeah yeah no no big deal. Here's it's getting around doing anything but that's not what you're here for today. Instead you're here because you're all you are a video game developer. You just run this. Where do you work? What do you run? What is so? I am the Creative Director C._E._O.. Of Interior Being Entertainment <hes> we've been currently working on a game called chronic punch yeah we morgan on that situation for minute. We <hes> it's been great. It's been an amazing experience like Kevin. Smith and Jason Mewes have been amazed chronic and blunt man right <hes>. It's chronic point. We're going to have some reveals in the game okay but yeah that's the whole they are words smash people in the face. It's a it's a beat them up. Versus Capcom meets final fi share juggling all these different kind of COMBOS. It's like is a hand-drawn animation and stuff so it's very much a labor of love and you've been working on that for a while. This isn't it up <music> when I want to video barrel ask for the radio. This is bad as Kevin out understanding email today. It's not that sucks. That's going to segue though so that's the thing is to me. You're here because you've announced yet another other video game so we can't talk too much about it okay but we have an amazing reveal happening pretty soon. We want to reward all the people who've been following us all the people who contributed to our fate campaign which is our crowdfunding campaign sure because for so long and we want to give them something another labor of love so we're going to be I mean this is I mean think bloodstain shh you got some cool stuff coming up so this is like a short little reveal of mall brawl and yeah we got some popping off bear. Show me show me this show me the review what is Kevin do and see here to try to defend the email steph. No L. Crash for some reason. Okay that's fine. Can we play the video for the people I always tell them. If the live thing goes down who cares keep going. This is the trailer we revealed today. Can we take me a offscreen. We don't need to be on the fourth area. Good movie saw good use the movies so there it is James on the Bob Mall brawl teaser trailer the teaser yeah. When did they get the full trailer? Get the full trailer next next week. Okay and we're going to be announcing some really cool stuff when it comes to that so the way is what you just described of course. How long have you been working on the other one so we started we connect so trevor firm and he was a character in clerks? Two you know and I remember good movie. Yeah Lord of the Rings Yeah that's that's the same character and we connected and then he he was working with us on developing the design idea behind chronic blunt panch and then we connected with Kevin. It's green light yeah. Let's get this thing pop in and then I like to say poverty line. Don't worry about that. Yes one hundred percent one hundred zero so we got going and we're like we need to figure out a way to fund this because Kevin was like look. I don't know too much about video games sure I know the movie industry. We're going to let you have the license. Do you want with it and raise the funds however you want so we ended up raising it through a crowd funding platform the thing yeah how long is this. I remember it hasn't he was in two thousand sixteen. We started spend a minute yeah so we we developed a game called super common actually that's that's going limited run today. <hes> version is is going up <hes> for P._S.. Four but anyway we were developing MAG game for P._S.. Four and Xbox one and then at that time we were prepping for the Jay and silent Bob game so we were doing all the back end design work <hes> for that game while we're doing that and then I was working at a so we were working at a double fine. This is like a long story but you know it gets even more deep in there because we've known each other for years. We were doing Super Combo man. You were doing that out of Aegean when I did that. What do they call it? I wasn't incubator but like in the house indio exactly so that's how we met in the incubator and it was like four of us drove up with all our shit from sandy and gist <hes> four of us yeah we rented a place in Emoryville and we were all there working like crazy hours and going Aegean every day you know just rocking out <hes> development of it so we like we gotta deal with Adult Swim Games kind of went from there and then we just kept kept everything just kept going on the up and up right. There's always like ups and downs and that's where I created the indie mix because at that point we were having we're having issues getting visibility and sure so hard to showcase game so that kind of came out of that which is a blessing I met so many people but then you know so we develop we were developed developing it there. We launched with adult Swim Games. It didn't do so hot and then we got another deal another publishing pushing deal and at that time we were working at a double fine so we worked at a double fine Tim Schafer what a piece of garbage yeah yeah such an asshole Hughes fucking cool like in we we're in that space for three years to and it was like so amazing so out out of that space. That's where we were finishing up the P._S.. Four xbox one versions of Superman some other projects running the media and the exchange and then we're really ramping up for this chronic blunt change sound Bob Jamieson Bob chronic blunt punch and that all came about really randomly it was actually you know buddy. Oh Yeah yes so buddy was at L. and we met met each other and then when that kind of collapsed he went to warner brothers and he's like Yo. I got this friend that wants to make this game and it was trevor and he's like can I introduce you and he was like yeah so he hit me up. He's like I was like Oh yeah. I'll give him advice sure he's like yeah. I got this thing or whatever and I'm thinking of making you WanNa meet. I'm in Berkeley and I live in that area and so we met and it was like you know trevor from <hes> I can't remember right now his name in clerks to Elias Yeah a young guy right history phillipines Berkeley Shit really and he he's friends with Kevin and he was like he asked him a long time ago. During that clerks to air maybe two thousand nine two thousand ten like AAC we make. Can I make a game out of your thing so he said yeah sure that's how I like so really re- that's awesome. The ratios how it works right video games just know people and then I know knew for years we did the you know the showcase at at e three really cool and yeah. That's just how how things work but also how it worked was in at double fine I met the C._E._O.. Of Dove Line which is Justin and Justin was he was starting this company called fig and so it was really really interesting thing <hes> where they they took investment and you know pledges all point of it right where kickstarter years giving someone or patriots give somebody the money they do it and they build a business whereas fig lets you if you get to a certain level right become an investor. Were you start getting percentage points yeah exactly so you can you could pledge just for rewards or you can pledge as an investor <hes> but unfortunately we were kind of like early on project share and so it wasn't fully developed at that time so we weren't able all to collect all of the funding that we needed for the yeah because we we wanted to kind of do it on our own without a publisher at that point yeah and so took the money and ran you said money's the fans were ripping you off no but we know we worked really really diligently very hard on the on the project and it's like I mean everything looks just really amazing and we take pride in the game play mechanics and the artwork like I said it's all what starts off hand drawn from you know that kind of are like pen and paper takes time it takes a lot of effort and so like during that time it was just a little bit difficult because we weren't able to collect on the those investment unsure funds so we were like after that I mean was cool because they they actually find it out of pocket as much as they could of that and then we are just bootstrapping from then on so like folks. Don't really quite grasp that as we're you know developing their like what the fuck is it takes a long what's happening gaming ever coming out but we it is coming out eventually right yeah hell yeah. We're constantly posting to every week. We have an update of the animation and like what were the design is going and we'll do we do bi monthly updates for backers in that kind of thing but like so we have these opportunities <hes> and Marlborough will be another opportunity for folks to jump in this is the bloodstain <hes> allegory rider comparison the ritual the night took so long eventually inti creates came in it was like here's this other blood-stained games so it's kind of yeah exactly that yeah bloodstain was. I think they're they're kickstart was two thousand fifteen right now. They're releasing twenty nine thousand nine hundred and they raised a shit ton of money. Yeah we raised like a sport like a small fraction of the money and we're still grinding on it so it just Kinda goes to show and hopefully like fans will love this our updates and like the thing that we have the mall brawl with. We're GONNA be announcing and what we're going to be doing that. Well sure yeah you know. I'm a huge Kevin. Smith Fan View Ski Fan obviously grew up that way so obviously when you guys announced <hes> Jason Bob Chronic blunt shows like all right cool that sounds awesome seeing this like clearly any eight bit inspired right the thing of them walking through Eden Prairie Mall beaten up these fight movie there right like you already see where it's going to go in terms of all the classic Kevin Smith stuff you stuff we're going to be there better be better recent fighting. You know what I mean like. Oh yeah yeah yeah so. We'll like just to show you like so <hes> chronic blunt punches is basically contemporary share and this this other Paul is going to be going back. See that's what I like and that's where it'll it'll have a lot of referential treatment you know as far as like going back to the old man. I'm like I mean that's why we're doing this like I love. I love Kevin's movies. I love the cast and like I when I was so when we started in San Diego I was grinding out of my apartment starting the business and we're just doing in a mobile games or whatever <unk> asleep on the floor and shit and I remember how we were going through a really rough time and I would watch a watch Jay. Bob Strikes back yeah every day. When I was down I would tell you so like all the things I would watch those movies and it was just Kinda? Give me upper upper got such a high off of it yeah yeah it was just like boosts me up so I really resin those really resonated and also like the whole indie factor of yeah. We're doing this because we love it and we're doing this like you know from our heart one hundred percent yeah <hes> before we get of course into the news of the day I do have one question for patriots dot com slash Kinda Funny Games Ames where Magnus Apeland wrote in and said hey there. I was wondering if Jay and silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch will make its way to the Nintendo switch parentheses and that the FIG backers could change their P._c.. Code for this P._S.. View Askew and review it'd be nice. Thanks for the content Magnus Dennis yes. I'm looking at the Ground Shit Magnus no soul no so yeah for sure. We're we're working on our Nintendo. We're we are. We'll be having kids for Nintendo switch so we will be releasing on that. <hes> I'll say that now I don't know how the everything will work as far as like trading that in <hes> just because like the the logistics of that but we will have like an upgrade your pledge in those kind of things and we'll be announcing more stuff like that <hes> I mean of that nature <hes> next week as well. Oh really okay cool so next week is a big <hes> update on everything the release date for her chronic push the not yet what are you targeting is. It just isn't it when it's done situation. I mean at this point. It's so we're I will just say this. We are going to be opening up a slacker backer. You know which is like <hes> anyone who missed the original campaign never did that at all. They wanted to just make sure that we were moving in the right direction and work with what we have so we'll we will be doing that next week and when we have that we'll have you know we're. We're trying to figure out like how this is going to move forward because like I said we're bootstrapping sure at this point so we need to figure out like it just takes a little bit longer. You don't have a huge publisher that kind of when you have to do all yourself sure fewer resources. I understand that well <hes> yeah. That's right independent true exactly. I'm all brought more information next week kamikaze next week. That's interesting but lazy German. Let's talk about other stuff like what's going on with V._R.. And the future split tuned wound being sunset in the fortnight numbers because this is kind of funny games daily each and every week Dan a variety of platforms we run you through the nerdy video game news need to know about if you like that you can be part of the show Patriot dot com slash trying to funny games with your questions comments it's concerns and everything else under the video game son then tune in to watch us record it live with everything works on twitch dot TV slash kind of funny games if you're watching live you've a special job. Go to Kinda funny dot com slash your wrong. It tells what we screw up as we screwed up so we can set the record straight for everybody watching later on youtube dot com slash kind of funny Games Rooster Teeth Dot Com and listening to podcasts ever since around the globe housekeeping for you. Thank you are patriotic producers Coton Yoder blackjack Mohammed Mohammed today. We're brought to you by hymns but I'll tell you about that later. For now. Let's begin the show with what is and forever will be the rope reports it did it. Did it did it for a dozen. I guess five if you count the fact there's a new stories. Kevin doesn't know how to use email number. A facebook exact says you ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to V._R.. This is David Dini over at Upload V._R.. Head of V._R. and A._R. Design at Facebook John Lack stated on twitter that oculus quest is quote in the end of our first Chapter V._R. and that quote what's next is where things get really interesting. The full tweet reads like this from John Lax again. I appreciate Fred Wilson's measure. Take on building technology over the long haul. Quest is the end of our first chapter of V._R.. What's next is where things get really interesting? Lacks is tweet was liked by two other high level facebook. execs Andrew Andrew boss worth the V._p.. Of A._R. V._R.. And Maria Fernandez Zardo head of Enterprise A._R. V._R.. FACEBOOK considers the quest go rift and rift s to all be first generation V._R.. Headsets the recently released quest is not considered to be a new generation rather it simply brings the first generation experience to a standalone factor. The company has regularly showed glimpses of its research towards next generation V._R.. Carr's jobs listing for reference working on our next generation consumer product platforms that will provide breakthrough simulated reality user experiences Justin. What is the current revere? You're you're out there. You're developing yourself. You run in the mix. You're at their present flesh talking about these etfs what pressing the flesh handshakes yeah sounds hugs hugs all. I'm still in the present flush part. Don't rush me to the babies. What what is the temperature right right now I think I think it's hot right now? I think yeah I mean there. It's a weird it's a it's a weird space to be in if you're a developer because <hes> with V._R.. There's not a huge audience as far as making the money and I think that's why you don't see triple A.. Companies going in and making these amazing you know comparatively right such a small user base for P._C.. So what what how it helps developers in the spaces that like they're looking for Oculus is look environment and all these companies Samsung they're looking for really cool content so they're willing to shell out a bunch of money to the developers which will help them get to their next project or have something in the pipeline so they could keep eating and <hes> and they're also you know making really cool content really cool games and also helping to build their experience as well so it is very helpful <hes> within <hes> <hes> what is it called like just in the industry and container smaller developers right yeah exactly and and so I think with the the go I have oculus go okay. I'm saying like <hes> oculus goes. I think is great like I'm. It's one of those. Let me show it to my uncle to my you know my mom or my girlfriend. Whatnot check out this V._R.? Checkout Jurassic Park check out this porn or something like that Shit in there. I mean that is definitely. I mean it'll be something that moves it for for definitely a porn machine but like if you look at the the quest it like the capacity for what it can do. It's not as you know. It's not as powerful as the visor or the OCULUS. What does it matter? That's right. We always talk about on this show and like it. It is good enough. It's successful because it was good enough not expensive. The quest is the one where I put it on and yeah sure I know the rift ESA rift or whatever the hell is going to be like weighs yeah it's going to be amazing and way mobile but like having that quest on having no nothing heather's yeah and it's like so fucking light yeah and going around and having that experience Real Chris Yeah. It's like the right direction and people are like when they you try that I was like Oh shit. This is real this is this is a good experience for sure like I you know I do a lot of stuff with playstation V._R.. Because that's my you know what I know and what I love and so I've always used quest or used a five in streams or Demos Camila alright. It's cool not cool enough that I would ever like want this at home when we when I did quest the first time at G._D._p.. Right before I came to the mix I left there like I've seen God where I was like. I want this. I need this right as soon as they got review units and I got it and brought it home. I was challenge about it making her try. It and it's like you see that over and over again now with people getting it on the sub read at every day it seems like more and more people are jumping in with quest and showing their spaces and just the ability to play anywhere in draw the boundaries anywhere and I you know our friend job who worked to tell you probably the his instagram is full of him playing on beaches and out in these giant parks in like yeah vader immortal and beat sabre and all these amazing games that are happening. It's for them to say publicly that that's the end of wave one. I hadn't even thought about it in terms of like how what are we talking about the you know ongoing V._r.. Technology and how fast it's going but for them to be like none of that's the that's that's still jen one like we see what you're about to get like fuck yeah. I can't wait to see I totally the <hes>. I believe him when I think there's a lot of people who you know are doubting where things are going but I think they're exactly they. They hit the nail on the head ever gets mainstream enough where people are making money on it when they have the like my whole thing is you have have to combine A._R.. And V._R.. Together and be able to flip the switch and when they have that it's just going to be totally mainstream when it's like on some like blackbeard's ship but yeah when you have just glasses or yeah and it's it's getting there well that was always my thing when Google glass got announced that sounds awesome and then when I saw you with Google glasses like non you fucking life but I'm glad you're supporting it so that in twenty years I can have a regular pair. Glasses that look like this but I charge at night and do all the suds up to swear yeah. It's going to be minority report or <hes> what it far from home yeah yeah. I think that's where it's going to I. I think it'll be there before we get to the point. Where it's that small yeah it just needs to be a little bit tighter and then you need to be able to flip you know be able to see reality and then I'll show that's even with quest right like that's one of the most exciting two things I have people do with it is okay cool? Draw the boundary and we took it over and you can see the Russo right thank granted. It's black and white like Predator vision but it's like what you're talking about. I think one of the problems with V._R.. Is being isolated so when handy yeah honey and you know what you look over and you can see them and it's not like you're just in another world like I sat next to Jenin played a astronaut this week weekend. Oh this week and so I'm just sitting there with my v._r.. headset on one ear bud out so I can have vague conversation with her. Listen Stranger things listen. I think it's I think the thing is that's. That's the issue. Is that when you when you're playing Mario Odyssey whatever like even if it's a one player game it doesn't matter your significant forget other. Your friends can watch you play. They're entertained by fucking up or whatever but when you're isolated you you don't get to share that experience because you kind of want to Kinda show off right and they don't get to share that experience with you unless you have this crazy display. I can't imagine having kids right because all sit there and punch quarterbacks and my dog right like this thing about like like what if the kid comes on meet someone gets boot in the you know what I mean I can't I can't I can't deal with it or they'll be fucking with you while you're well that's for sure. I think we all know that Barrett progress support. How are we doing on Microphone Justin Lena too far back saying in the right range everything good when he leans back he comes back in progress report card number two fortnight night? Streaming numbers are dropping this Brinson Claire over games industry is stream elements latest quarterly state of the Stream report shows declining streaming viewership across the industry's biggest battle Royale Games the report released by the streamer production platform in conjunction with which stats that's slash analytic sites selling gnome showed declines from April through June for hours washed a fortnight apex legends and player Unknowns Battle <hes> paranoids battlegrounds across streaming platforms twitch you to live facebook gaming and mixer four nights hours. Watch were down three point six six percent to just over three hundred million hours watched. It was the fourth consecutive quarter of declines for the game. Even though it remains the most wash game on streaming platforms for nine is more than double the hours wash them any game outside of the top four and gap between the League of Legends Brucie's the next most watched game actually increase this quarter because of riots hits because of because riots hit saw a larger decline in viewership. E._A.'S APEX legends saw the most precipitous drop of any game in the second quarter going from third place to almost with almost one hundred eighty three million dollars watched in q one two out of the top ten entirely parentheses less than sixty five point four million watched in Q.. Two last battle Royale game in the top ten player unknowns battlegrounds also soclean's quarter over quarter dropping four point three percent to sixty five point four million hours washed and sliding from ninth place tenth where a Super Combo man in the most streamed hours point zero zero zero one percent but we'll we'll get up there. I think this is interesting. Though I think it has two years left Battle Royale for night okay okay around two years before it declines and I think that's why what nothing happens in two years like they're going to have to graduate to something else. Mile thing is I feel that the kid it's generational share so minecraft kids were jumping into fortnight because they wanted to play you know they wanted to play a battle royale. They wanted to shoot shit build shit at the same time graduated from the block. He you know that kind of thing and then they're going to graduate but then also people are going to get tired. Obviously I mean like just people get tired of the same thing and that is why I feel epoch is snapping up all these studios and stuff. They gotta get ready for the next shift right yeah no that that is right future proofing. They understand that right now. They're making money hand over fist with four night but that can't last forever so yeah. Let's take that money. Turn it around and build it into a business black yeah and then have more games that have that same integrity right now. When you are making your you know an indie developer on your part of the industry? How much attention are you paying the trends like this and what you've seen with not only streaming but then also obviously battle royale and stuff I mean we're I'm paying close attention to all this stuff? I need number one because I have to have my ear to the street because of the the the media and the exchange right and I wanna see what trends are you know are moving forward and also I'm working with a lot of the platform holders themselves you know because they're sponsors and stuff but as a developer I'm paying close attention to see what maybe next but since you know I mean we're indie developers are very agile in being able to make something quick but at the same time mm-hmm we can't compete on the level that these guys like for like fortnight pivoted right the big time it was a completely obviously everyone knows as a totally different game so they already had all the tech there make this thing this amazing using thing move to where things were going right so what I what was interesting with any developers any developers we'll have this cool idea that maybe five or six years out because they don't have the resources to make that happen been and then it takes them eight years and by that time they're not on the leading edge yeah so what I've seen that works a lot more properly as like understanding like serving what's happening seeing what's next and then figuring out what we can build within two years or three years that may not have the fidelity of something crazy like fortnight or battlegrounds or whatever it is the next big thing we've heard of that wave right of like or be ahead of the curve and then maybe you get snapped up yeah. You know what I mean like like. You're saying beat say we're now. There's a thousand you know clones that right <hes> but I definitely think what's happening is. I'm interested to see what the next wave of. I can only imagine that question. People always writing like what's what's what's going to happen in five years. You don't even know yeah yeah what started with daisy right like well yeah kind of funny dot com slash you're wrong. I want to say yeah right but that was that WH- daisy was the army to moderate yeah they got it all going yeah and then rushed was in there too there are so many different weird things that and then it just evolved staying but that was like six years ago I remember Mitch Dyer Aegean playing rust and stuff like that yeah. I remember the first time I walked by Fucking Charles on Desk Guy John and I was like what is this thing called minecraft. I'm like this looks like garbage that was like what is this shit. Look so Jank okay phenomenon you now you mentioned it when we were talking about the epic looking at the next thing and how they're smashing up games doing these exclusive stuff <hes>. Where are you in? What what's the thermometer from India Devos's on what's going on with EPA game store versus steam versus? This seems like a lot of money. Get thrown around. That's I think it's really yeah. I think it's really interesting <hes> right now. Developers have to diversify you have to do it so like because of steam is very complicated. It's very complicated to sell stuff there. The visibility is not they're much right. There's just too much shit there and then like the curation is is kind of odd right now. That's changing but <hes> I think what's what's interesting. Also there's a shift in the you know the major console platforms. They're getting ready ready for the next generation that's obvious so they're going to make probably be making their announcements next year right. So what happens at the beginning of those is a lot of money is thrown around to get content because the AAA content won't be ready. It won't be ready so they need a lot of indie content sent so developers know that and they're they're trying to figure out okay so if if epic gives you a million dollars or two million dollars or something like that and that will cover what you may get on these other platforms. It's worth exclusively deal so they're they're always the desert always looking for that. <hes> looking for those types of just like the oculus deal any type of new platform that comes up. They're going to be tossing around money because they're trying to get content on their their platform to kind of build it out you know for the their investors or whoever disconnect between Gamers I know such a General Maine's whatever swath everything but at least some gamers and the realities of being have because it seems like I signed this deal with epic your fucking sell out. Why would you do like I don't want to? I don't you hear the thing worked out really well for 'EM D. H.. Mortgage Your House to make this game happened great. Does it work out forever. No no I mean I would say ninety percent. I should does not work out. You don't have a house. Eh You know <hes> yet. I think it's the people do not understand. I think people are getting smarter understanding because there are interested in like what what's happening behind the scenes and like there's there's more visibility ready behind the scenes and transparency but yeah I think I mean even with our like I'm just going to use our circumstances for instance like with with our fig campaign like it's shows that we made like four hundred forty seven thousand dollars but like how much did we actually receive the people don't understand. They're like what the fuck is that you know like we have all this money. What do you just be now? It's like we didn't necessarily get all that and we're trying to explain that but they don't understand what it costs to develop. You know like take those kinds of things and then when you have something where like say a developer made three previous games and then this one is better and you get attention from you know epic or whatever and they're gonNA give you a million dollars or five five hundred thousand or whatever it is and you can feed your team. You're going to take that you know what I mean because the studio going right he the studio going because it's a marathon. Not you know what I mean. You're not doing this one. You know I mean you're going one game at a time but you're not I wanted done. Shut down everything with I mean with our with our studio. It's like I know we released a one game. We release super common didn't do super well. We're going to be worth releasing Jane's. That's not where it stops yeah so if I could find. Line different you know things to help us get to that point then. We're going to be partnering with people and if you think it selling out then you don't understand that you know we're people or these developers are people. They need to live. We're not we're not bankrolled like E._A.. Or whatnot term saying good and I think the hope is sometimes like like double fine just got you know snapped up right like contemptuous for l. out definitely but I mean I I feel that they need that support. Were you know creatives need that financial support at times and that you can't say they're selling out if they can still make their dream possible with their creativity with help and then also support others in the creative space as well and there's also the argument suv like right and I think you know not. I don't think it works here because we're supposed to clowns but like I talked about it. I gene right of doing so well my job at I g and that I got promoted to being a manager which I was not good at and didn't really want to do right like I imagined inside have double fine to some extent that's team. I'm sure he's not like managing the books but in terms of like cool you're in charge of the studio and now you have to worry about all this and all these like share bringing Microsoft have them by you and then they take over all that bullshit work right and put it over here and get back to doing the things you really want to do inside your studio yeah yeah. I think that's that happens quite a bit like people want like they blow up and they want someone else to handle shit. I'm not gonNA say is like necessarily double fine but I think that some other smaller India's fucking blow up and it's like three guys like Oh shit. Look at all this stuff yeah. I don't want to deal with this so like yeah. We'll let you handle it. As long as we get a cut. Yeah you know what I mean and I think it's those are great. Opportunities number number three on the Roper Report ubisoft is banning the X. P. farming assassin's creed Odyssey mission. This is James Bachelor Games Industry Dot Biz UBISOFT has forbidden players from using a new mission making tool to rapidly level up characters and assassin's creed odyssey see the story creator mode was quietly announce during the pre show stream for the publishers e three twenty one thousand nine press conference it released shortly after it enables players to create their own quests in assassin's creed odyssey in share them with other players inevitably. Some players have been using this to exploit the games. He's leveling system creating easy quests that yield significant amounts of X._p.. But you ease off is now banned the tools users from making. Let me try that again has now banned the tools users from something's missing the tools users for making the X._p.. Farming quest is not me in a post on the publisher's official forums assassin's creed team said it is changing the terms of us to prevent such quests from being published and is working on a way to ensure those that exist do not appear in any recommendation system users who quote continually or continue to willingly and intentionally misused the tool will be sanctioned. The team claims that this is to maintain the creative integrity of the original intent of the tool saying quote these exploits risk jeopardizing the overall quality integrity and purpose of story creator and results in less visibility visit ability for the creative interesting and frankly fantastic community stories that have been published we want to focus on rewarding creativity by highlighting quality quests and we are working on fixes and adjustments to reduce the impact of such farming on the player experience back to James However is important to note that you saw ubisoft offers its own solution for accelerating your progress in the form of Permanent X._P.. Boosters these are sold in the in game store alongside a number of other micro transactions they give players in advantage such as extra currency in and stronger weapons come on don't give a shit about essence creed. What Odyssey's great odyssey is fucking fantastic really? I loved it. I plan to me and I have one hundred thirty hours in this great big big game. Maybe I'm I'm Mel after try it. I am not I'm tired of on sequel is sequel. ITIS CASSANDRA CASSANDRA shot by the time the splash screen happens you're not into which is like an hour and a half more though isn't Eh Odyssey fan like come on I the one thing I get is when they're talking about these exploits and less visibility for creative interesting and frankly fantastic stories we'll get so. Can you explain like you told me a little bit earlier but I understand like those extra addy three. They announced base go into the game. You're playing your game. You run over to people you. They give you a quest you run off and get what you kill thirty pigs you come back to your they. They added three announced that hey you can make your own quest now. So you can write your own dialogue. You can put in your own objectives and you go on your computer. You set it all up right the dialogue if this then that you know Blah Blah Blah and then you publish them and then people can download them and go do <unk> in their game and then get the X. P.. I see I've been I want. I've been new right one about how much K. if sucks and I wanted you know make fun of Nick and amy haven't done it yet but I will but it's the idea that people are making really cool things. That's really interesting things. Go Save Socrates okay great and then there's people who are doing the ones that are like cool. Walk over there and get that thing and bring it back. You get a million X._p.. Or whatever okay and so it's like I get I I I off to James. This is a not not accusation at the end. There is important to point out that Yousof again. I always thought the double X. P. The X._p.. Booster thing totally overblown. I did buy with looks or whatever because it's takes more X._p.. From but it doesn't is in effect anyone else's game play one hundred percent right just I if you ask me the same way these don't affect Nabeel cares. If you want to cheat yeah I mean remember Chico's not to mention that I think are we really overlooking the fact that the games been out for how long what year last that's right yeah it was Tober October of last year right so I mean like half a year almost a full year like if you're if you're going to hear assassin's creed great your and you pick it up now and go play awesome. I think we're down to such a small percentage of people who are going to do this like meanwhile me of like they keep adding level caps to it. There's no way in the world I'm ever going to play enough more assassin's creed the new level cap so if I really wanted to why not let me go in there isolated like and there's gotta be a way in terms of share ability of promoting in this is the things you talked about it with steam but at the same P._S._N.. Right for games it's the same thing with xbox live in terms of discover ability. I also can't imagine there's so many being uploaded in the absence creed community right now in Odyssey that it gets such a hot thing that you can't have it be that somebody goes in every day and flags the seven great quests they've seen that they want to put up that would be and then there is it's just like if you want to search for X._p.. You gave them the tools. You let him do it. I don't understand the sanctions business. You're talking about yeah. I was talking Shit but that's pretty intuitive that allowing people to create their own generated content like like infamous really yeah interesting. What do they call it kind of funny dot com slash around you see G user generated user created Yuji U._G._C. User generated content where they let you make little stuff like that interesting yeah? It's a cool idea and I think that again what what I've always said. Even if you don't like offcier assassin's creed period I appreciate that Ubisoft took their foot off the gas and like we're not annualising it's going to be this game's going to breathe an entire year so that's what they say so then continue to support it with D._l._C.. They're still doing the Atlantis deal see they're putting this in there. They do like monthly drops of new things. I like how the how these teams are are lengthening. Yeah told me because it's like I mean yeah. I see such an amazing world that they made for Ancient Greece that yeah I want to I will eventually eventually go back to it. Even I don't. I'm not somebody who sits there and goes man. I need to get more X. P.. I need someone to grind up these stupid missions but in the same breath like the game already I feel is pretty easy when I'm Max level and I have my my poison damage is off the charts and stuff like just let them be. Let it be Ubisoft Barrett. Let him be spared. I've said news for you. It's really sad news for amy but he's not here so it's free number four. It's time to say goodbye S- platoon events Kevin Gamespot ears tuned to final SPLAT fest event will take place next week marking the end of the Games monthly competitions because he can can to allow to contempt to to commemorate amount of water. I can't try to commemorate commemorate. The occasion Nintendo's hosting platoon themed events I in two first party switch games this weekend. First Tetris Ninety Nine v Maximus Cup which runs from now until July fifteenth like previous maximums cups the event is points based. You learn a certain a number of points depending on what number you place in the round and if you managed to rack up at least one hundred points before the event ends y'all unlock a SP- cools platoon to for the game you can see the theme in the video game about in addition attendance ninety nine Super Smash Brothers ultimate is is Holding Platoon Team Spirit and board event this weekend which likewise runs from July twelfth through the fifteenth throughout the event various characters from series will appear on the spirits board every hour including the legend class squid sisters wow you also earn twice as many spirit points each time you bet on one of these characters during the event final SPLAT Fest Kicks Off July Eighteenth and runs for an extended seventy two hours concluding on July twenty first the theme this time is apocalyptic one asking players to choose whether they'd like the world to be ruled by order or chaos what what a note to go out on the first forty eight hours of the event all twenty-three shifty station stages from previous flat fest will return to the rotation while a brand new shifty station featuring appearances by Pearl in marina will be featured the final twenty four hours following the final spot. I flew to will receive one more content update patch five point. Oh arrive in late July and ADD SWEAT FEST TURF war option to private battles this mode what you play on any of the stages twenty four shifty station maps and transform other stages into their nighttime version just as they appeared during SPLAT fests rest in peace tune two years that was a good run for like Nintendo and stuff. What do you think about <hes> Nintendo's venture into sports? I think it's pretty cool what they're doing. It's cool but it's still just Nintendo I._B._M.. Nintendo right where they're doing the marsh and their own be doing their own thing. Here's how we're going to do it like I you know their support of the smashed me and he's been great. This platoon supports me great like it's cool to see them out there doing it. I think two years of supports men well enough. You know what I mean. I ain't he doesn't play it anymore and he dressed up as one of these kids for inkling Andy. They're gearing towards another one another. Oh they'll make another team. I think yeah and then they're going to. Ramp it up <hes> yeah what it'll be another probably two years maybe before we get a E. Three logo I dunno micro J.. Exactly two three is coming Justin but it's so far away if I wanted something more immediate say what came to the mom and pop shops where would I go the official lists of upcoming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of Funny Games daily show host each and every weekday Doo Doo do do do do do do out today. Dragon Quest Builders to on P._S.. Four switch lethal league blaze playstation four xbox one switch P._S.. Four and xbox One god eater three on switch streets of rogue xbox one. That's got to be illegal as you know what I mean like it was named pretty much one thousand money sign at the polly mole and Mac neon slashers on royal life hard to be Queen on P._C.. Man Clear Download Turbo Tax and royal live weekend spy tactics and Mac eyeso- tiles to P._C.. and Mac Suber mutant alien assault on switch mad bullets on switch distrust switch new dates for you. A new generation of call off-duty multi player is coming Mark Your calendars for Thursday August first when activision aliens affinity ward will reveal the multi-player universe of call of duty modern warfare then pokemon go this is from gamespot and up there for you like Pokemon goes monthly Community Day events ends the Interior Anti Anti Anti Ray Day. We'll be held around the world but it will only run for three hours from four to seven PM local time Dermot crap Sunday. It's Sunday. What's the date on Sunday I remember today is the twelve fourteen to okay so only run from four to seven PM local time on Sunday the fourteenth during that window you'll be able to encounter anti in five-star AIDS once the event ends however N._T.? Will leave Pokemon go once again so you only have a couple of hours to battle and catch some before the legendary departs parts. We both fucked up. It's an and Tay Yeah. I think this is jen three and I'm my my knowledge of Gen. Three is so very loose. You're a fake pokemon Fan <hes> all right. I'm going to be out there. Jake catching the thing what is it. I don't know one other pokemon decides Pori Gone Homerun off Maki okay all right all right okay chart. What does Pika to evolve into? I'm never gonNA evolve my peekapoos so I don't WanNa know he's too cute. Here's the other thing that a week ago I started playing pokemon. Go really hard with my wife really yeah we were walking talking about. It was very newsy. We've how good pokemon go is in terms of it being here three years later and all the while I was talking about I busted out and started doing it and she busted her is out and started doing it and then we started playing and now here we are a week later we wake up in the morning and walk around and get a cup of coffee. Walk around plan. Yeah okay so let's just a stupid thing to do all right. I fucked up again the chess yelling antigen to fuck off God. What a fake pokemon fan over there? You don't even know how to say Chad and people talking Shit in the Oh yeah. We're GONNA look at it. He only sees the chat okay. This is a Polish new show. You're wrong pops up here and then yeah homeless people are young at when you're on shadow real chill whose all over dome name Neil Grilled Chill Pokemon Fan. I tell you what Barry even barest me for last time. <hes> final new date for you is my craft earth closed Beta invites are going out in the next two weeks you you can go sign up right now. Four at Earth Dot minecraft dot net. That's for the minecraft Earth a our phone game. They're all over the place really stop making all these games. Just make a are mobile games. You make a million dollars. Apparently it's time for reader mail but I am going to tell you about our sponsor. It's hymns you've heard US talking about him and how they're helping guys look their best and if you haven't it's time to see what they're all about naked andy use him because they noticed their hair hair was thinning and so they went to forums dot com a one stop shop for hair loss skin care sexual wellness and more for men thanks to science ball in this can be optional. Hymns is helping guys the best version of themselves with licensed positions in F._D._A.. Approved products to help treat hair loss hames was created. Hi guys that know some men's health conversations are easier online than in person. What I hate about that is right there? That was my best read of it in that. It's the final time I'll do it this week. GotTa hate it when it takes me longer to give no awkward in person doctor visits are Long Pharmacy Lines for hymns can actually with real doctors online which could save you hours completely confidentially discreetly answer a few quick questions a doctor will review it and if they determine it's right for you. They can prescribe your medication to treat hair loss than a ship directly to your door order. Now my listeners can get started with the hymns complete hair kit for for just five dollars today right now while supplies last and subject to a doctor's approval see the website for full details and safety information this could cost hundreds. If you went to a doctor or pharmacy or somewhere else go to four hymns dot com slash games daily. That's F. O.. R. H. I. M. S. Dot Com Slash Games daily for instance dot com slash games daily daily just in where I wanNA take you here we go. We'll start with Fendi Fendi writes in the Patriot dot com slash kind of funny games just like you can't says hey guys every summer. There's a period you have time. We're almost no good games drop and it looks like that's what we're in the middle of right now. I finally found the time to dig into my backlog and start persona five. My question is what are some of the Games in your backlog that you're planning on playing just. Do you ever have time to go to your backlog anymore. There's I don't know I by so many fucking game and they're not opened. It's ridiculous the amount of games I have the rap. The rap yeah stacked up laying. I I went back. This is nuts metal. Oh gear solid five. Oh my God really so far back and Oh my God this is amazing. I'm telling everybody I'm playing. I'm playing POKEMON. Go and breaking news every yeah yeah. I'll tell you one though <hes> Mario Maker to yeah. I just got that last week and I can't wait to to fuck around but I think it's slower than it often is but it's still going like you know what I mean like Mar immigrant he just came out right. <hes> ultimate lines three is next week or two that I remember in the old days when I started I g in the story always like it used to be the real dead times where it was like you got to fall and that's when things kicked off and I remember moving here in having just my we in sitting in the spare room when I was renting from Mica playing a paper Maury on the whichever one that was I can't remember and being like nowadays that would never happen because I was like. I got nothing else to play. The seems interesting and I enjoyed it fine. I didn't love it or anything. I can't remember the full name of the game but I remember playing it because it it's like I gotta play something. There's actually nothing to play whereas now it's like every day. There's nine hundred games. We were down here. Yeah Yeah my friend Pedro Yup looking forward to that yeah well see I I'm late but like I played it Edgy D._C.. And I was like I don't know and then Bayer played and he didn't like it and I was like London not even worry about it unfortunate yeah. I'm trying to think of any of the anything else that I mean. That's look forward or them. Somebody tells me about a game like moonlighters. That's from last year and I'm like Oh. That's great. He's awesome. I haven't played blood-stained yea. We jumped. I jumped in tasted it I know and he's been playing a lot of it. Jump in and play that one. I'll put on your radar Catania Zero Zero. I know I know I know yeah. I played it back in the day when they they'll swim games yeah and then now they're at Volver fucking bad ass awesome yeah I got. I got a job with this. This is what we're talking about. The backlog we're talking about is the from two months ago where he's reaching a persona five. At least that should call on. That's so far gone down so much stuff coming out yeah. That's that's that's rough and like you. I mean I don't have tons of time. You're making the Games then making mix happen you going on here comes question from the NATO biologist again Patriots accomplished kind of Funny Games and I want your take on adjusting so google is putting their A._i.. Again starcraft two players soon for some test matches and it reminded me of E._A.'s plan to add a out of their multi-player Games if Ghouls A._I.. Does well and make smart. Play slash passes passes. I'll make sports play slash passes the turing test. Do you think this will become a new feature of stadium as in developers can choose to add Google's a out of their games to match making more full slash compelling to people or will possibly have it added to more than just stadium icky as more of a reality I think it's interesting concept but I think that when so are they like saying that they would have bought like a I bought that you would play against as opposed to players and then they they would basically say that players. I don't think they'd say their players. I think points is our A._I.. So good is so fine tune that can beat real players that makes more calls. I think we'll be really fucking cool. What if they if they utilize it this way like they have they? I you played on Stadia Right. You play through stadium and what stadium basically promising is. You can go back and take snapshots. Go back and play those experiences review it then there's like a tutorial or a strategy placed upon upon that shit that'd be awesome fucking cool. You're you're there you play against a buy and then when you lose or you make a wrong move or whatever it since it has a I knowing what's happening with the best like it'll like have an <unk> overlay after your match and tell you how to beat that opponent because they already have recorded everything seat Audi so much more helpful than how games usually do stuff like that. I was thinking madden. We're like everytime matting it's more and more complex and I play it and I'd run the Satori on. It's like all right well. If you see the defensive offensive in lift his leg like this I mean forget all of that right whereas in also too boring very specific situation than Ueno two hours later when I'm in the Middle Game I don't remember where it would be awesome right if after the fact even after the play like they do in real football that you were looking at film and things were getting circle yeah exactly I mean they have heat maps and all that stuff already where you traveled whereas the best routes if they utilize that it would not only like make it more engaging for the for the player but also make competition addition a lot better for player versus player Hell Yeah the other great answer use fucking knockout apart. That's why we should have developers on this. Show more. You know what I mean. We're out here act like Morons Stadium do you do you believe in streaming. I I know people well. Hey on stadiums so hard but I think the white that's snapshot thing like imagine if you're playing a game right and you're like against the boss or you're in this particular situation and then you could share it with your audience that snapshot <hes> or as. Has a strategy a look. How I I beat this <hes> boss in what is that game called the Oh Dr Yeah yes exactly I didn't get hit once and you're doing crazy shit and then you put that person in that situation Asia or you put them in that situation just as an observer to see how you can do whatever they want? That is such a cool like tool like that's really cool to play around with because a lot of people don't really have the twitch corny twitch muscle fiber they don't. They don't have the reaction time. They're not a NITRO rifle. I understand yeah so they are like if they're able to see in real real time at work. Oh Wow that's that's that's cool. They'll they'll respected more. They could do videos and it's really smart. That kind of stuff is really intriguing yeah. Do you think the actual streaming part of it's GonNa work like in general I mean. Is there a future there. I think I mean they've been trying with <hes> Kokai and with what is it called go <hes>. I can't remember on live. These type of things like I think that they they're gonna hit it but I don't i. It's Kinda like V._R.. Right now like how far is it going to like how much <hes> how many <hes> what is it servers. Do you have to have yeah. It's actually make it make sense and make it make sense and work but I saw <hes>. One of my friends is a techno file so he was playing on his like. What is the Google yeah chromebook playing odyssey on like a fifty inch T._v. and it was it was flawless and I was like wow yeah? It's dope but obviously we're. We're in the bay. So obviously you know saying like I'm excited for it right but I also understand that yeah like the Internet isn't is like that everywhere yeah. If I'm in Ohio I was last week and I'm trying to do that. She's like Ohio says no Sommese. We talked what you're from Cleveland. Columbus Columbus might be cool Cleveland says of Cleveland Fox way you like it you wrap it. Though two and six in doubles era gets a final question of the day says Good Morning Greg and special guests. There's been a lot of talk about how a Games deal sea comes out too far after the game has come out and I will I always felt people were just complaining about nothing but I will be silent. No longer the messenger deal so you came out yesterday and not only did it not remember that I beat the game on the safe so I have I have to do as the kids would say get good again and beat the game again but then in the Diaz hit a brick wall where I feel to win. You have to be some sort of God like command over the controls and mechanics I get this is an indie studio and I offer difficult games but but am I crazy to say maybe a deal see should not be the hardest challenge to the game unless advertised that way or am I just complaining. I am not able to rush through this deal seat parentheses B._Z._W.. The deal is fantastic and I'm being super nit-picky here. Everyone should go by the Messenger and play it bores and double zero zero sabotage right. You're all over the map there so you love the deal see what you meant and then you like also like his thing here. He's like it didn't remember I beat on this save so I had to get good wait a second. You said you already planned the D._N._C.. So what you were like saved little level before you beat the boss like your buddy all right you come down on you. I bet any bar always free yeah. You have to have a same for the DNC. You have to have already beaten the game because there's all post stuff content yeah yeah and I've heard great things about. It seems like it'd be Love's Messenger Yeah and I love that studio. They worked their asses off as I'm confused about the question I think the main question is something we've talked about before and I always use horizons. Your dawn is my example not really difficulty but kind of of I love games and an deals he'll come months later and jumping and you've played ninety games since then and you're like wait. What the fuck do I do in this game like you know what I mean like like horizon when they dropped frozen wiles from me it was awesome and then immediately I was like getting a thunder jaw was slamming mccaw? Fuck what I it was like fifteen minutes of trying to remember how to play get back to that most breath the wild totally right yeah exactly cook yeah yeah so like there is going to be said for that and I think that's what boards is talking about especially the game like Messenger where you're even before then right it was very much inspired by image guidance or simply unite and stuff like that if like platforming and using all your different skills in mechanics to get through stuff I I can see where that would be jarring to jump back into that world and have the deal C._B.. Super Heart so he's saying like it came out way too late and it's difficult he saying that the game he loved the game when it came out and now jumping back into it and the deal seems harder than the base game in some ways ask kicked because he no longer has that muscle memory or the twitch skills as you were talking about which I love that yeah well I think the thing is they may not have been aware. How difficult is because if you think about it like this small studio? They're playing this shit at it all the time so there'd be like Oh yeah you. Can you see me do this all this bullshit like and then when it comes to the public maybe they tested a certain amount of time and those people are good yeah so the general audience they don't they didn't they. Maybe they didn't get that feet. There's also I think well especially for these Retro Inspired Games that I think there is a yeah we want it to be hard right. That seems to be an audience that does crave repels me from a lot of games but like so many people do want to be on yeah yeah and I I could see that with a message I mean I played Ninja Guidon recently again the O._G.. Won that game is just like punch as our enemies are just keep responding and he the fuck out of you. You don't play this but even like we we. We just did a party mode that isn't up yet for Mario Maker too and it's the same thing on my level in the two clears and five hundred people that's a bad level but people are like no. It's the challenge of it right like the Barrett did Andy's level right of slamming your head into the wall over and over and over and over again so you finally finally get it and I don't know why you do that yourself fair to say to Andy Cortez to his fucking face when he hits home fuck you. I'm on your level. That's why that's why you don't do that to a developer. If you'd be really hard developer game a and you meet them you say hey game. I love it but if you see anti Cortez newbies level you say fuck you andy I beat your lungs man but only three people can say that there's been like seventy clears on no yeah we're. We were just really bad when we AH Justin stem squad up. This is where one of you writes in the Patriot dot com slash kind of funny games. Give me your name username platform choice in why you need help in a video game. I really hear the best friends come and find you and everybody plays games miss together today farmer. Josh and he's helping the playstation four farmer Josh's P._S._N.. Name is the farmer Josh All one word the farmer. Josh Says Hey y'all I've been playing dying lightly and would love to earn the co-op trophies in order to inch closer to the platinum. I'm hoping to get a crew of four people together to play. The game for a few hours earned these trophies. If you WANNA play dying light with the farmer Josh hit up the farmer Josh on E._S._p._N.. All one word and get them Dang trophies. We asked people watching live on twitch dot TV slash kind of games to go to kind of dot com slash. You're wrong and tell us what we screw up. As we screwed up so we can set the record straight for everybody washing later on youtube dot com slash kind of funny games rooster teeth dot com and podcast services around the globe. Ill Chill says the first battle royale mode for Armagh and minecraft in the first battle royale was mods. I'm sorry for arm an minecraft in the early twenty tens. There's also Japanese mobile game called B Tomb online that was inspired by the Japanese movie around Twenty Sixteen <music> Lord of poem writes in and says only thing wrong about today's show has been Greg not asking Justin where he got that cool jacket. I got this cool jacket in Argentina. It was tailored so they did a money. No so people don't know that Argentina is one of the most <hes> they they consume the most cows they love steak right and they have a lot yeah and so what I'm thinking of Brazilian steakhouse fucked well. I mean yes South America but they have they export their their meat also all across South America so I was when I was there I was like yo the got cows the the Eli cows. They must have leather leather so I was like where can I find ways to get a leather jacket and I found this place and I was asking people and they this little hole in the wall shop like were they were <hes> they put together jackets for you know what I went in there got fitted and it was like it was like two hundred bucks yeah wow okay. I was GONNA say right because they have like they and I couldn't. I can't speak Spanish. Worth Shit goes like Google Yar. I like this. I want this side and then this but yeah that's awesome so if anyone goes Argentina look for the whole new washout Yeah Double Zero Zero says also don't forget about the Kebabs Lego. Thank you kebabs email me started. I put an actual the housekeeping remember kinda funny dot com slash Lego. We have the podcast studio in Lego creative right now this whole studio into the legal thing and if it gets enough votes they have to actually look at it and see if they want to go to Kinda funny dot com slash leg vote for kebabs thing you do have to register but it takes two seconds grow chills back to say the paper Mario Game on the was Super Paper Mario thank you very much and then Omni Vision says currently in a suburb of Cleveland getting five hundred megabits down fifty up. See Me Find for stadium there okay. That's all I'm saying you know what the ladies and gentlemen. Let's go onto your host for next week. It's a Banger of a week Monday me and Tricia Hirsch Burger Tuesday. It's me and Jacob Decker from gamespot Wednesday. It's me and Gary Thursday. I had to COMECON so was injury and Fran Friday then it's free and Andrea Justin boom going to be a big week for you next week. Jay Silent Bob Marlborough Mall is happening on the foot. Maybe a full announcement something happen next week. Some things some other stuff with the other game to bionic one punch where can people keep up with you. <hes> you could follow us at <hes> at Interior Banging T. on instagram and twitter what other platforms are pretty much facebook. If you're like thirty six is plus. There's no kinda funny games daily each and every weekday antibiotic platforms we run you through the video game news. You need to know about if you like that. Be Part of the show Patriot Dot com slash kinda funny game watch twitch dot TV slash kind of Funny Games Watch.

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