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You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW dot past detroit dot com. Before information I Anita I'll only watch. You need good back screen perfume NYCACC about person strange. He's got all the way to your name in ranger intern dolls. Komo influence welcome to the neuner show. Jay DUBB's in rocky or broadcasting live from the podcast guests Detroit Studios in Royal Michigan Fisher to find podcast DETROIT DOT COM notice. I notice a Mirror Hump Day. Wouldn't use it check. Check check check check with as it is it it is someday I'll come background go. I missed is this. We need to get a copy of the schedule from now before or you go anywhere. I have one job on the show just to make sure that was a We didn't know what time okay so they left. I meant to find out it's downloaded center of gravity slash last night. We had hyped up. Live sessions Russians with Jordan Davis bummed. I couldn't be there I want nor had party. I watched was incredible. Credible got a standing ovation. I'm not I one literally not surprised. She didn't want to stop. We're like on one end abandoned. It got her banned. I've seen her play a couple of times. I bought her CD. And I'm like hardcore fan girl. Yeah Davis she's amazing using the after the show the interview incredible interview arc looked amazing eighty. Hey did watch it because at work but she looked amazing things in the house. Hi Guys Look Yes yes so. I came home yesterday. Ready to pass out and John Paul turned twenty one. How did that happen? Yeah they were all standing there with their coastal like go to the fire onto the bar. He's he I'm like Chumpol drink drink here okay. Like a normal person allowed me. I'm like I'll courage. I understand understand what he wanted. When I was twenty one I was like I'm going to the bar and nobody here you don't because you're in bed by nine so you don't understand? Went went to the bar. Yeah Yeah we all we did. Only one is going to say. You need to get out of your pajamas. Didn't get out of my pajamas. It's Lapierre are you kidding me thing about my hometown I can wear my pajamas. Don't care about the judgment. It was fun tomorrow is Rockies for only first year we had we didn't do do like do do over days jump on. I always celebrate because this was a milestone twenty. Why really just thought it was because I gained importance this year? But it's Ed. Apparently no no it does on some counts but not but no not. He's actually sitting with me tomorrow. Some playing the Willis show bar tomorrow night area exciting. I got my ticket spied anything on our tickets. Sell out time for shows at eight inches inches at ten okay so excited but trump wants me sitting in a couple of songs. Each side We're not being the house band. Yep It's with my band so we're actually paired very excited. How do we get to hear center of gravity? Yes we will play Frankie. Thank you be there no no Franken secondly there okay okay. He said I'm sure he's gotTa work That's going to be exciting. It'd be fun so it's going to be some good show and I heard they're going to have food there tomorrow to hear that too. Yeah they have a pop chef coming really. They don't have the. I've done another one of their pop ups before so yes there. POPs are really cool special cast. I can't tell you you can't can't can you hear guest. Somebody said there was a special guest. Can you come on now. You're not I think John Paul him sitting in was like Mar.. Although it's your special special cassette paid five bucks for sitting Dan has. It's my show now. Chumpol High High Young Paul Hangover. New Drink for you CHUMPOL. twenty-one we do we do about that leader so anyway so tomorrow is the big night and our fight it will be can't wait in Congratulations -gratulations again with the Arctic. That's so cool. Thanks feel like you're living in Arctic dogs a little bit. It's Kinda cold as hell out right. No it's not as bad. Yeah no I I left. I didn't get any snow. You got lucked yeah. It snowed a little bit when I was in Nashville Asheville. But I didn't really care 'cause there's hardly anything but down there. They shut down everything. I say everything everything was shut down. Yeah you gotta get changed for your. We'll we'll have to see the movie more. My no you sought New York and then you saw with us just to go see it again. No I have not gone again. Do you want to one more time before leaders. But I don't know I've just been so busy lately with hardy go. CEO and. We're already on to the next day. I'm like yeah I mean that's cut that you're not just sitting there watching that over. No I go see a different movie and then I the movie superman I just you know. Yeah the handle setback. But he did. I'm GonNa see Ya Anyway. Our old. That's rocking tech. Where Dave and chess no comma Game I think that sufficient here that we don't eat this or so we. We knew what you don't start messing around with that. Oh we have an important day week shots to take up. I don't touch it cash. So let's see mark from local scream. Mark you guys are going to want to have this discussed on your show. He's gone yeah he's like. Yeah maybe no are you kidding. Those guys love to party. Oh Guardian any and all. Yeah actually what are you thinking while because your little mind to johnny who is one of the. Dj's is also so it won't distributor. I don't know for who he is. He's GonNa Answer. Are they come. So what do you mean he thinks today. Maybe not okay all right well anyway. Let's let's get on with it than without our music music. Yeah I'll just do. We don't have all day. Yeah we don't have come all right guys. You're listening to the near show. We appreciate your support. We hope you get inspired to take a leap of faith. Don't forget to subscribe to the neuner show. Wherever you listen to podcasts? You can like us on facebook and follow us on instagram. At the neuner show our show. Today is sponsored by the Parlor and Hadley Michigan Music Theme Pizzeria where pizza rocks also check out. Happy days records in more new music and clothing store and so much more located at eighteen. O One West genesee street and Lapeer Michigan and from the makers of dope water. You can be anything. Why not be dope? Sorry little technical difficulty today. Yeah it's okay. I'm just I'm going to read it. This segment is designed to showcase the stories of talented individuals who had a wish and found a way to make it happen. They say goals overcame obstacles because and turn setbacks into comebacks their stories are unique interesting and most of all inspiring. It is said in Mexican folklore that the hummingbird a gorgeous symbol of positive energy strength and courage is also said that the if the hummingbird flies your way you can trust that something extraordinary ordinary will happen our guest today. Don Ferguson. Had something extraordinary happened today. Happened when he created teak Tequila along with his wife and I think they ANA who's not with us today. We wanted to say hello. Oh to her. This new Michigan Company is taking spirits over by spy the spice storm. It began as a casual cow conversation and ended up turning an idea into the smoothest Blanco Tequila on the planet. They've also created the world's only coconut lime Blanco Tequila tickets now and over. Two hundred and seventy five five Michigan stores and they're planning on expanding nationally every aspect of the development of this. Teak Tequila is intentional. It represents answer core values of the finest elements from the Hummingbird logo to which a staff and they're saying and they're stamped Mont signature mantra which is create creator legacy. And that's on the back of every bottle. Please help us welcomed on Ferguson. As he shares how to change your mind change your world and create your legacy whooping. ooh That was. That was one of the best opening the other thing. Is You read part of the hummingbird story arena and a little fact behind that You can you can view the whole story on TC SPIRITS DOT COM website. But I wrote it. Oh so this is. Yeah Yeah I wrote it I try to fancy myself as somewhat of a writer not really but I try and Yeah I wrote it you know I. I wanted it to capture the essence of what we're trying to do and then draw it back in to explain the significance of the humming bird logo and The hummingbirds just always resonated with me You know who they appoint Flying by your head. I've actually had. It happened several several times. Now in my life wow I was up north and Charlevoix and I heard like a loud buzzing. This was years ago and I looked up and there was a humming humming birds. You staring at me. Yeah your spirit and So you know years later Multan decades later really in creating this Tequila Company. It was. What do we want as a logo because you always wanNA have something powerful something striking and so when you looked at other Tequila brands? You know. They're all sugar. Sugar skulls something. They're all pretty similar and with that it was okay so we have a third partner as well micro. Walt is our third partner He's a little bit more silent. I lint on the business side which y'all need yes I say you need. You can't wear every hat So you know. I didn't know if he'd go for it but he did. He loved it and So when TC Keila took eleven months to come to market and we just happened to have a trip plan to Mexico my wife and I we went to Mexico. Pick up the bottles the day before and we're all excited. Wow this is this is real now but shit. We don't know what we're doing We're going advocation. Figure it out so we went to dinner and up above us. There were two birds flying around. Take a along with really two of them in Mexico and I said this is a sign. Yeah and so fast forward you know with business so you know with being an entrepreneur all of that you go through a lot of ups and downs. A lot of stresses anxieties and I was kind of feeling it. I think maybe in around May and you know I asked the universe. Show me a sign this where I'm supposed to be and the next day when I got up I looked out my back window. I was about five minutes. I haven't slept in three days so I thought I was delusional. There was a hummingbird outside of my window. Wow I'd never saw one in my backyard. I have a feeders and and all this stuff like I'm trying to bring him to. Yes but I never saw one into last for sign and ever since that day it was every week I saw hummingbird in my backyard. So wow that's that's the goosebumps chills. Ask story that we had one recently. Well they migrate for the winner. So so the the latest that I saw one was early September And that was the last time and then they typically go to South America or Mexico so there little wings that flap in infiniti design the only bird that does that. So that's why they're unique to they flew all you know he's there somewhere somewhere but their territorial. Oh that means I'm more than likely yes. See going to see it and it was a female on because it was like gray. Your Salad Brown color in the males are typically bright color because they want to show off and they're inconstant motion constantly correct. Yeah they're never stopping so I it so you're much like a hummingbird absolutely quickly. Company has congratulated. I mean that's it's huge when we were reading it it was like wait a minute. That's just right. Launched really eleven months ago years. Whatever I mean in already two hundred seventy five stores well so we we need to make a correction? Okay Oh so I have some good news. We're closer to three hundred and fifty good news is always again all these locations. You know it's being on TV. Doing podcasts print media And and getting out there and hustling you know. I mean that that's the key thing about is. The work is not going to get done for you. You actually have to swallow your pride. Swallow your ego and like the first time I walked into a store. I didn't know what what I was doing at all. I had no clue and I walked into a store. Nips Lanny I said I I have to sell this. I have to get into stores and the gentlemen working the counter towner. He didn't want to try it but he ordered a bottle in a bottle and I walked out of there like it was my rocky moment. Big Victory Yeah. Well sure it was it. was you know I went from Corporate America Right. You know I was a divisional vice president for the largest finance one of the largest financial institutions in the nation around. That was making amazing. Six figure salary and I. There wasn't wasn't happy I was working sixteen hours a day. And you know at a drop of a hat. Hey you're moving to this division into this division. Did that for how long I was there. Eleven years I was in senior leadership. Roughly about four years on my last four years so I actually put in my two weeks. Notice the day after my eleven year anniversary. So uh-huh what what made you put in. What made you say okay? I'm done did you have this idea already. Yes okay so we had the idea. I was doing another company company at the time to call teak life he Q.. And it was a social media micro influencing platform and. I was just having fun with it reviewing liquors doing blogs facebook. All these different things and I always wanted to create a Tequila Company Yeah where's the worst teak come from teak. Is the couch conversations. Were just land back watching our favorite show diners drive INS and dives no and I said. Hey why doesn't than anybody do this for the Tequila Industry. My wife says well I don't you and I'm like Oh shit always comes from the strong woman. She he just challenge. I got something to do. You love that she said why not you know so I I it. It gets really in depth now so so we're talking about. It's not even happening. And she said what would you call it. And I'm just saying Tequila Tequila. Humility teak rolls off the tongue. It's you know you wanNA remember like say like rocky. That's absolutely so you know. I WANNA remember this memorable number. A one names aims so that was it but really it kind of came out of we wanted to do investing and my wife used to be a financial planner or financial. You know. She's a day trader so we looked at stocks bonds mutual fund but boring. It's just boring and then it becomes another job where you're managing that right so she Said Hey if you could do anything. Well it'd be onus Akilah company and I said there's no way I could do that and she said why they have that so I really wasn't bought in until it was a couple of weeks later I came home. I was feel good. Was One of those days in corporate America and She didn't look so good. She looked sad and finally Wayne. What's going on? We're getting ready to go out to eat. Life can be good. We're going to be drinking Tequila. Weekend's IT'S GONNA be great and she said well. In ninety days. The financial part of the company is moving back to New Jersey. So I won't have a job. Oh Wow and I said I said well. I'm in senior leadership so ninety days really means about thirty And that's what it was. It was about thirty and then at the same time they they were moving the yet again to another division and so there was no consistency. You know soon as you kinda get comfortable and it's okay being uncomfortable but as soon as you start to make some strides you know like yeah like a sports team you bring in a coach after year Expect right so I told her I go. I'm tired of people dictating our future if we're going to do this as an investment while you're off work let's figure out this Tequila akilah bought in. Yeah I'm just I'm open enough to give it a shot and yeah and She wasn't really oft and at that time too. We were just. He's getting married so we had talked about a whole bunch of life changing at a lot going gone so see now. I would've needed a dozen hummingbirds around Yes packing at your head breath. It was a lot going on. So she's losing her job. You know we we have a daughter So there's there's just so much going on but within two days Sushi found a distillery that we could potentially. She actually found three. Wow but the one of them was the one we we settled a work with. You know we wanted to work with them because they were fantastic. They want a lot of awards so I'm still not bought in so they send us some sample bottles. You know to try their base to Kiel us and it was a horrible night of drinking wanting difference. What it was on the job training business yes development so it was me and my wife and my business partner and he really was never into Keila? He's more of a fine scotch high end wine line type person and we're sitting around and it was. Oh Shit. These are actually pretty good. Now what am I going to do because I really was banking on. These aren't GonNa be good. Yeah so I can just back out wait so let me ask you something. So when they sent you the samples. Did you give them an idea of what you were looking for. Did you create the formula. How did that work so nothing? They were just giving us their base. Oh you go from there because what profile you want you know and and different things like that. So did you know. And you didn't come from that background. No I have no background. Except for the social media micro influencing so with that. I started to have have brand. Send me a lot of product so at one point in my personal barra head over three hundred and fifty different liquors. Wow long some of them I bought than it really started to expand band and I just started giving shit away like happy Tuesday. How do we get on that thing? We're GONNA have. We're opening so yeah so when it came down to the bases it was. This is something that I can work with. And and you're right I I don't have any experience. I'm not a distiller. I'm not a chemist. I don't have any formal training other than I know what I like and I know a lot of difference Akila's so I know what kind of profile I'm looking for. So you were at Sheila Tequila drinker. Prior Hugh yes so you kind of had a little base absolutely at that point like I. I think I was ten years in the game of really only consuming Tequila You know I would drink wine here and there and stuff like that but like I was more focused on Tequila and then with Tequila when we started researching it. You know finding out that it was low in sugar. My wife is a fourteen year. Survivor of pancreatic cancer so three times. She's beaten cancer three times. Congratulations jazz her family. She actually was fourteen years last week. Why aw we celebrate it? Looks like this and then he disappeared Copperfield. Rapper field. Medicinal so many good things coming out this life journey and stuff so you know yeah I just I just knew what I was looking for and then on top of it. This is one of the only spirits that she can really consume on a regular basis. That doing more more research. We found that Tequila. The sales in the last ten years of soared seven hundred percent. Wow Fastest growing market fastest growing spirits sector. And that's why a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. But with that it was I gotta do something different. Because if you do something that everybody else is doing your hustling on a crowded right. So it's like you know Even in the music industry. It's like if you have the same sort of music right. How are you going to get noticed right? And that's Kinda how so. My background was in music. I used to back in the early two thousands I co owned independent record label here and with them an MD was called reality media. It was real entertainment before for We we had so I was in the studio a lot with proof. Five Ella. I've been a video shoot with Eminem so studio Joe See kid rock we now so it was like that. I look at everything now as the music industry. That's just kind of how the business plays out is. Is Your Hustle and a tape you're hustling trying to sell your CD. You have to build the brand before you get the record deal. Absolute like brand before you get shelf shelfspace absolutely so all of that was going into how my going to make this different. And you know the label the story the bottle itself you know we. We talked to roughly fifty bartenders. And this is actually one of the only bottles in the world that that is rounded the top square at the bottom of this particular mold really this particular mold right here is one of only I think maybe two in the world now there's very very similar bottles but of this dimension this is really one of the only ones and what's great about it is it's easy to hold. You can hold it from the neck. You can hold it from the stem. It's it's it's square so it sits really flat. It takes up a very little shelf space in store on. So there's this a lot of great things to at the label is striking is very beautiful. That up label meaning. I love the summit listening and I love the hummingbird very different colors vary. Here's what I know about a little bit about labels the label you often see label and you think Oh my God. That's a beautiful label amazing label and if the label is so detailed like Rockies Cup contents aren't always good you're clean label to and a lot of so a simple clear label you this if this were Weinstein cleanly no this is not cleanly so if we had this wine label beautiful people by the label. They judge the book by Oh but the content and the wind is is not is not not good so you see something simple and clean and it should if you know the the marketing that it typically means the content is going to be quite spectacular. Well I I WANNA I wanNA. He went into the store. You took a couple in. The guy didn't really took so. Did he call you back. Did you go go back in. How did you? I've never I haven't gone back to the store. I don't think they've re ordered I went to another store right after that and the same thing happened. One in one now was. Is it cold calling do you or do you just walked in you just walk. Yeah I I gotTa Lot smarter since then and and learn to call ahead so that you're wasting gas so right now everything's a cost. Write a business on your own dime. You're driving around. You're wasting gas discouraged like from the one store to the next store just in that little amount of time there have been many points and I think for any business owner you have levels of you know ups and downs. You have discouraging times times times where you're anxious and there was one day that I had planned to go out and I can't. I think it was on the east side and I went to five stores and got turned. Turn down all five stores and I mean I was discouraged. Yeah very discouraged and on my way home you know my brain is always thinking being so you know I thought wait a minute. There's at one store It's Roy aloke and I turned around and I went to that store. He bought four cases. Oh Wow so you need to go to the sixth store ban so that's always been my mindset. Is One more one more time along with cocktail right. The cactus no no every last year. My mantra was comfortable being uncomfortable comfortable. So that's I would sign my name. I would put that on there and I wasn't doing it for anybody else other than for myself because if I put it out there than a head to try tried to live by it and so this year it was try one more time right now but it's true and and so you know we we've had some success to where now i. I have a part time salesperson staff and you know I've had to teach her is well in the these lessons that I've learned is she went and through discouraging time and Ashley I was conducting some business right before I came in here. And she she'd text you. I just sold four case and I'm Lacey. Yeah so you gotTa keep pushing and it. You're always going to get a Lotta knows I mean that's just the nature of society you know that's just how it is like people always want to say no. It's it's a default almost and then soon as you start to hear a yes or you say yes. Life opens up it. It really changes. Yeah but we're so compartmentalize right to say no most of the time and I don't understand so if I went back into corporate America I I don't know how I'd function because I understand true business now I look at it as okay. Let me not say no. But how can I adjust it. Tomake it a yes. Because he's not a great idea you know maybe spending a million dollars to sponsor the Detroit Pistons Right Right. That's not a great idea right now right what can we do. That can incorporate the brands. You know how can we and so. It's not a bad idea it will. It just needs to be worked eliminate a work around a little long. Did it take after you guys decided to go ahead and move forward to come up with like what did you who'd you put together like a vision board of what it should look like What the label was going to be the story behind how the Hummingbird was look on? How how long did that take? What was the process so my personality is very aggressive on you? Know I'm a push push push and I was still working at the time so I was still working about fourteen thirteen hours a day. Your drive time So you know it was me and my business partner A Mike and wifey was putting together all the behind the scenes stuff you know the logistics the operational side so the bottle he kind of took the label. I said this is kind of what I want. And we ran with An I love working with entrepreneurs. I love supporting their businesses especially as an early stardom and a- and So we got with somebody and said this is our vision but can you do and You know so tone about the Hummingbird we told him you know what we wanted and she actually came up with the the label design along with my business partner so when I first saw it it took. It took Oakland roughly about a month. I took roughly about a month to come up with this design Just because we push push hard not long doc no not at all. Yeah it is I mean you know it only took us eleven monster come to market so from yes. We're doing this to eleven months later. We're on the couch quickly. I really did and we had we had some pitfalls you know so the government changed you know also the the president and a lot of tariffs came down with Mexico So that actually puts behind. If everything had worked out I we. We would've been on the shelves and nine months. That's fast yeah. I know some Tequila brands. Because I've done the the influencing this one gentleman it took him six years to get us out. Wow we did it small batch. It wasn't like we ordered thousands upon thousands of cases. We wanted to prove concept. I you know you wanna to see what people think about it because it is. What's in the bottle that people talk about? It's the bottle itself might get a sale but it's what's in the bottle that will you right and let's see we want to try first so we have three Russians. Yeah where should we start. I'm going to say stay with the flagship. The world's only coconut Tequila. Yes this is made with all natural flavorings from the meat of the coconut and the lime. Nothing artificial no SYRUPS. No sweeteners. Anything anything else. So it's just one hundred percent blue ever Gabbay and then we got your name all over it healthy one so mad at myself for not having so you put the lime in the coconut. I only down you put the you don't hear that down asked Jimmy Buffett's and I know it's the muppets. I would come on the muppets. We'll we'll just do some games. Sure set okay. Okay down search here we go wait. Are you supposed to act like a shot. So you know this us a premium you can see if you WANNA shoot. Nobody really good. Let's my mouth. Isn't it awesome. So the correct way to drink. Tequila is not shooting winging it really. It's really isn't but how many of us let's be honest. How many of us have gone to the bar? Haddish Shawn why they right I mean. That's that's the stereotype only under. They say it's changing how people think or People's experiences so you know I know that's how take me how good drink Tequila in college it is. It's the stereotype is that you just falls into the stereotype but a good Tequila. Like a premiums Akilah or a super premium Tequila you sip and typically what you do is to get all of it and is you take a little sip and just kind of let it rest in your palate and then you sip tip from there so let your it opens your taste. Buds up and then you can really get the flavor so a lot of the times on your second sip or third sip you you get even more so it becomes more. This is really good. Oh my God you taste the coconut coconut. It's not an artificial sweet coconut fan at all. Did you like the whole Malibu Anything Yeah No. I'm not a drinker with absolutely because some of them are so sugary so artificial. That's what it is. You're the never liked Akilah. Made with Corn Syrup Tequila so no so tequila comes from the Blue Weber Gabbay. So Tequila is actually one of the most regulated spirits in the world is Kinda Champagne. Cognac has to come from a particular region so Tequila actually has to come from police go And it his trademarked by the Mexican government. The word Tequila so there's a lot of nuances that that we didn't know that we had to go in. And you learn on the job Bob. Sometimes I didn't know that we picked the hardest spirit. But isn't it interesting the things you don't know you go in blindly. It had you everything. You probably wouldn't agree. One hundred eight hundred sometimes split. Ah Different things but we don't know what you don't know going in. You know we it was. Let's just figure it out. I'm we're smart people and and I always used to tell my friends we'd sit in the back you know and just have a bonfire before any of the start in A. I said we're way too smart and ambitious to work for somebody else. Yeah why and some fortunate because like I one of those friends. I'm the only one that has done this you know. Wow because basically we we get trapped by a job right right you start buying shit and I have to work more shit. It's really bad. I just call it the a trap while the truth is there's no job security. I don't know why there's a false security it is a very false sense. The security is the money that makes us feel good so on the weekend we become weekend warriors. We buy stuff that we don't really have an yeah. That was one of the things when I left Corporate America I purged. I went through shit that I didn't need anymore. Like why. Why do I even have this? Yeah I haven't even broke it out in fifteen years I don't need and then I just started selling stuff and You know it wasn't too. I mean it ended up supplementing a little bit of income of course but you know I mean I. I have now had a paycheck in over two years. Wow I still have a decent amount of in my bank account because I set myself up for this. Yeah and you have to plan for it. You have to understand that. There's going to be a lot of things that you can't plan for but as much as you can then like just to be prepared. Yes that we anything so. When we were doing the Tequila we found out? Wow knock on the door you we have tariffs now now that we never had before when we started this and they weren't little I mean they were in the thousands but my wife actually had a cushion so we could take care of them. Okay so she is a financial planner. She did an amazing job. Yeah Mba in business. She's bilingual so Spanish fluently. So yeah so so. This was all meant to ask you something. Because I I listened to an interview that you did and the get get up okay. Yeah which was great interview And it was a two hour interview and I was only going to listen to like twenty minutes because I already did enough research. Research site the angle. I listened to the whole lower because so good you it. It was just such A. You had such a wealth of knowledge but one of the things that you talked talked about was The universe all we sent sends a signs of some. You talked about You know it's normal to have obstacles when you're enterpreneur. You'RE GONNA have have setbacks. That's normal but one of the things that you know. I find that so many of us struggle with is when you do get to the crossroads and you you do have the obstacle next to Co.. How do you know that that isn't the sign from the universe that you should pivot in? Try something different. So I trust my instinct a lot more Specifically gleaned from that time seeing the humming bird when I asked for a sign that was saying that the universe is going to take over and it put me at ease so so we we still have a ton of obstacles but the way that I look at them now is quite differently and the richest people and I don't do this for money money. I do this because I want to create a legacy. I want something that I can be proud of that. I do forever so when I look at these obstacles. Now it's like the richest people in the world. The most successful are typically problem solvers. So they solve a problem like a laptop Aboul right. You know a fortune cookie. I guess was is a problem. We need a fortune cookie. So that's the way that I look at. It is if it's not meant to be I can't problem solve. I cannot solve solve this problem and now the way that we look at it is we can always solve a problem. There's always a way to actually I. If there's something an obstacle Michael How do I get over it if I figure out. I just can't get over it then it's time to give up and so I haven't yet found that way not to get oversight. We're we're happy that you. What is the problem? That teak is gonNA solve so I think the biggest problem. We're we're going to solve as a company is the perception of Tequila. Land that you know it's very drink you know you're gonNA change the mind. Hey it's just something that you know we've been on TV a couple of times and we've talked about it is it's a healthier spiritus gluten free. It's Kito friendly low when sugar low in carbs you know what a friend of mine show Brian. If he's listening was over the other day and I was telling them you were going to be on the show and what what this was about found. He said that Tequila is the only alcohol alcoholic. Drink that is a non depressant correct. It's an opera. So that's why lights viewed as a party drug You know but it's it is it's it's an upper it's kito friendly so now l.. So the thing about that is it is. It's an upper i. It brings you into a better mood and so I think that's where the stereotype kinda comes in that people feel good. They're out on the dance. Dancefloor you don't feel all the aches and pains you know you're just drinking and drinking and drinking but the next day because you overindulged you get sick back and people typically blame onto Keila. But I've gotten sick off a wine I've got the other thing about. It is mixing so if oh yeah you know. Let's say you have three Shitty Margaritas. And then you have a shot at Tequila and the next day. You're like Oh Tequila. Well No. It's because you have a lot of sugar. Your body will not processed sugar. It'll make you sluggish and stuff. So it's a probiotic it's a prebiotics. It helps with digestion. Like there's so many different things from a plane right just a little Tequila. It's the holiday season and so let's talk about from your website. The PUMPKIN Spice Guy So the Pumpkins so I like this. The other thing too is I like really challenging being. Let's do something different and so sitting at home it was. It was actually strategic so it does a lot of these things that we do their strategic marketing in so pumpkin spice Margarita pumpkins Halloween no-brainer. Right but also Thanksgiving so I have the recipe here. That's really you. Can I read it all right here. We go so. What are you pouring? I tell us before I start reading the switch to Keeler we now. We're going to try a little bit of what we've been told the smoothest Blanco Tequila that anybody has tried. And I've gotten this a lot but I'd like your opinion all right so the Pumpkin. I'm can spice. Margarita starts with your response Tequila represent. Oh thank you don't speak Spanish. Just say real quick Merck from local screams just just said I'm going to start drinking warriors liqueur. ooh fresh lime juice a simple Syrup Pumpkin puree. Oh Wow pumpkin spice yes and then you rim the Margarita glass with cinnamon. Sugar shake it all together. Strain it over ice and I know you can finding on the on the website yes which is TC spirits dot com correct. We have a lot of others very simple recipes because purple shooter. The purple shooter is really good. And here's the thing with that. Is We actually do a lot of things with this an a Detroit company called salt flow and they make Artesian flavored favored sea salt. Oh Mom and their British. So they're doing some incredible things. I won't give it away but we're doing something on TV with them very but the purple shooter because it's sweet and then you do a salty ram we did have I think it was a blueberry or a dragon fruit flavored cease. It was amazing. No good salty. Coconut Lime. Yeah so good. That sounds good. Lot of good ones. They're just easy to make it home. Because I'm not a mixologist allergists. I'm an intoxicated. toxicologist Mary Mary for your Catholic population. Very funny he does. He have anything for Baptists Pineapple Margarita. I wanted to ask the question question because you know shark tank is so popular. There's a shark one hold on. I saw that shirt great lake chartres. I may have studied study base. You have you. Are you looking at doing this going on there. So have you had any. I'm a big fan of the show. I really am I. I love love the show because it talks business. One of the things about it is they want to take way too much and so so I literally get this all the time and there's one time I think I broke it down you know. I don't want somebody to take a lot of the house that I built right because I feel organically weakened so we actually are bringing on some investors right now. Okay so we we have opened that like twenty five percent of our company we we opened up on the on the down low but I guess it's not on the mark the perfect number one i. I have a few more than willing show tomorrow. Might do it. So so and I'm a big fan of the profit with Marcus Marcus. I've actually reached out to him to So I would agree to do something with someone. They could take us further But there's there's got to be a give as well as a taste. Can I think I'm more inclined like the Marcus La- Mona's because he you can also get you into a lot of different markets and sectors then than we would even think but We have opened it up. We actually brought on some investors has already And we are in negotiations with a quite a few more and no. It's not the dollars the funding for the crowd. Finders were the the the initial is thousands so because looking at our valuation of what we see within the next five years especially with the Tequila market and we have the world's only coconut lime and we're about to expand to some other markets. So thank you. Yeah Yeah so there's a lot of stuff going on with our company and our growth in one year you know sitting back and thinking about it is and I really. Don't sit and think about it but you have to take moments to applaud yourself. Yes you do. Oh and I'll tell you this crazy it really really is. I mean we're going. And this is for the all all the entrepreneurs out there is. I've heard it all like he's crazy crazy from walking away from his job where he made six figures. Nobody's GONNA buy a coconut Lime Tequila Where are you making your Tequila in your bathtub Like all these different things. I've heard it all and you have to be resilient right. That's it so I've been very resilient of a great structural team. We're building the team deep. So we're working with some fantastic people. You have a good woman by yourself absolutely that that is a key a lot of people honestly I know too many. I was talking to my husband about it. I don't know too many wives that would have said to their six figure out what we what is that. Do you can do this little Tequila thing. I expect I was. I was unhappy the and you know so I'm a big fan of podcast You know Jay Shetty is is a big one breakfast club. I was watching the breakfast rex club and Dr Boyce. Watkins was on an economist and He he was talking to Charlemagne the God and This is where it really resonated is. Dr Boyce said you know when you get fed up and you're so unhappy that you can walk into your boss's office because you have that money. Yeah what is in Charlotte S it was seniors and so my wife she put together the numbers and and we figured out. I had F- you money and so so we looked at it from a from abroad angle. I still you know dove in trying to figure out. Is this what we wanted right. Can we do this and I just kept seeing more things than hearing more things than than than I really was able to take apart like a puzzle my unhappiness. Where did it come from from and so I would sit in an office? You know in the corner of the building looking out the window and I just thought the world was passing me by you. Know what what am I leaving. Where's my mark? What Am I? What impact am I giving to this world and you know it wasn't that wasn't meant to be so? The humming bird is an animal a creature. That isn't supposed to be caged ever not read about it. You don't really see hummingbirds in a cage barricades. She knows. Yeah so they in folklore. They'll die if they're caged because the life essence will will. Yeah so I felt being in an office I was literally dying slowly. And if you're not growing you are dying right so I teach my daughter that with a tree. If the tree stops growing what happens. Bench was dying. How's your daughter? She is eleven now. Okay so we talked to her about business because we stand the fundamentals like one of my proudest moments incident you know. I don't know if any everybody else will agree with this. But one of my proudest moments we were talking about college. She goes at eleven. I don't know if I'm going to college and I said Oh. Oh really why. Why not and she goes because I think I want to be an entrepreneur? Write Books No. I didn't do the happy. Dance the room right when when I left the father of the year and stepfather but bonus Bob I'm a bonus dead so it made me feel good because she is not falling into that trap and Rice Society that Ah you know you got a job out. Can't pay it off for in here in that Corner Office looking out the window point. Here's here's what's really crazy about it is. I don't have a college degree I went for. Maybe a half semester. Either to know exactly where you like this lawless as soon as you got you know. Ah Yeah it just wasn't for me what I WANNA do. How do you know it? Nineteen restaurants semester. I was like no I have so many any you know at one point where I was. I had eight hundred people reporting to me and the majority of them had degrees some of them had. Mba's and I'm thinking you're you're making making like forty five grand a year. I'm making this. I don't have a degree but it just proves that sometimes they'll have to write about what you learn and what you know and and you know how you present yourself right so you know for me you would never know That I don't have a degree. Right would never know that Gary v doesn't I'm looking for Richard Branson dropped out of high school. Yeah right yeah. That's a great story. Well that this is you that tells me that. Is My blonde go. So that's just the purest form it's aged it's distilled and then within two months comes out of the the the still goes right into the bottle so we have a little bit more pepper. Yep a little finish that have but this is tempered by the right now. She's not a drinker right. Yeah you really did. We got one more on. Ah I WANNA ask you about curious inception yes so yes so. What did that start? was that after you started. Yeah Doc so actually we started teak and then there was a good six months window where everything was just happening behind the scenes. So what we really wanted to do was further individuals to not be trapped by corporate so a lot of people don't know where to start right so we wanted to create a startup consulting company. Meaning I love that. This is where you begin because most of the time in the start of phase we talk ourselves out of it rang is i. Don't don't have enough money okay. Well how do we solve that problem. Going back to the problem solving is okay. I don't know how to market on social media. Well that's I teach you that. That's not the problem. I don't know how to file. LLC or an S. Corp or what's the difference. Well that's just the problem that we can solve so all of these little things they become you know sort of like a Webinar dinar. And we've had people reach out to us like how can we start. You know this is my idea but I'll also be very raw and honest with them like I. Don't I like your idea on or you know you have a good idea. But here's what's going to have to go into it you know. Are you going to Pat Pat. You know so it's like if if you're creating a product maybe the best way is to just create the product get the patent and license it out and then you can make your money off the licenses so so just trying trying to get people to think in more of a broad scope Of Business and understand what you're going to understand what to expect your the first couple months your first year. You're probably not gonNA make any money right now. But the people see these youtube stars or the Rams Star and they're like. Hey yeah that's an the nominee. I like that you're doing that because you could. Just you know quit your job and start at Your Business and said Hey I started my view. Do it yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah your help change. The world does because you know with that being said is being able to impact one person. Personally who can pay it forward. That's truly what what it's about is creating a legacy that so that's my legacy and who knows where it's GonNa go right. I don't know I have to tell you. I love the packaging and product. I love everything about it but my favorite part is the create your legacy. Because I'm thinking we go to lake book signings signings are CD released parties Grand Openings and I always like to take a bottle of wine but I think that's the perfect gift to give somebody when they're taking that leap of faith and see are absolutely now. Is You know here. Create your legacy. Absolutely I have a friend who is a realtor in when they buy a house he will give about you know so yeah the create your legacy. It was just that was very important for me to have that to get that out there to challenge people that you don't have to do whatever you're doing you do so much more and now I'm in that mindset. Why wouldn't she want one point? Did we point the back of the bottles out. Because that's where it is. Yes so point that out now. Has the story of the Hummingbird. Yeah Yep it has a partial title a part of the story of the humming bird and the other thing about is like. I don't know if that one no so on this one. We changed distributors. Because we're very proud the being michigan-based One of very few but now are importer if you look at this one imported by TC. Spirits can't Michigan. Oh we're our own importer now. Wow so you know that way we never have to change anything You know per bottle so I it's always there and one of the other long-term goals because you always Wanna the thing long-term is bringing other spirits from other countries here to America so that's something that we started to work on. There was a gen- from Switzerland that we were working on bringing on them so it kind of fizzled out because Colman's but springtime we'll start back up with that again. Okay okay fantastic really good. We'll have you back. Yeah Tasty Jim makes you sent so i. It has nothing to do with going you. They were four four. We have. Fortunately Yeah we're not fair. No time for four on we have to have you back. He said okay. You go for okay so if someone was to make a movie of your life who would you cast asked to play you the rock the rock very good choice good. The shooting is there an educator that was influential educator as far as school curriculum or just an someone monette in an educator can be school can be someone that taught you something I I would honestly say reading. Richard Branson's book Losing my virginity virginity was definitely a teaching moment because I learned what he went through. People think it's all GLITZ and glamour. Almost was bankrupt multiple times he had to sell L.. Shit off just to make his company work and his airline started because of a fluke. I love his winter flu. I would say I. I learned a lot from Richard. Branson's book okay. Okay Your Mantra is change your mind. Change your world create your legacy. So what what advice would you give to somebody who wants to start that process. Be Open. you know there's going to be a lot of people that right off the bat you're going to be discouraged. Yeah so because people people don't believe in their own dreams. So how are they going to believe in yours right right and so keep it close to you. Don't tell everybody that was going out. That is that something that you don't share with people So so at first. I'm very open now. I'm I'm extremely open you. You asked me a question. You're going to get an answer. Might might like it. You might not like the answer but I'm completely transparent But at the beginning I think you know had I not told everybody because when we didn't come out with Tequila right away it was all he's on some bullshit. It's it's not happening but then when it came out like we sold doubt in our first store in hours people were like. Oh Wow he really did it. Best friends it was a busy busy day that then it just kind of went from there but you know keep keep it close because there's GonNa be a lot of people that that are very negative and they can talk you out of your dream. They came right and it happens. All you need some selective hearing. Okay would you rather have one dream come true or give that chance to your significant other a significant other. Yeah already knew is that actually gave me chills because visit you know she. She made my dream come true so now everything I do is for her to be able to live the life that she deserves. So that's All right rocky that cookies lane fortune cookies and this is how we make our business probably better the most yet I ask so we toss cookies. And whatever the prongs face it means that fortunate was free. Okay and let's end it when we read it. Let's put the Quila. Yeah Yup thank you. That's more than that one's yours. My name I I don't need to make all right. Go ahead. Gina Humid start all right. Yes here we go. What are we any with? Not Long. He He Li- Keila. Ooh Your determination will bring you much success with with Teak Tequila. Okay mine is you will travel all too excited exotic places on your next trip teak Tequila take you will make a sudden rise in life teen baptist. Upper date good news. We'll be brought to you by mail. Tequila the delivery before we can sell online. Can you guess some. Alcohol is coming in January nine. Yeah very true so this is actually very interesting. You'll soon receive an offer you cannot refuse. All we'll say fourteen to keep very. We should introduce quick before Asia Asia Mitchell. Yes from from founder of. Im publishing in branding. Yes so my fortune says your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you. Ah after you get that offer that. Yeah that's how it's GonNa Happen here in An rocky in mind says bide your time for successes near Win Tig to kill your available on social media platforms facebook okay and two TC spirits dot com and the other social media at Tequila and if you google us. Teak Tequila T. E. Q.. A lot of stuff will come easy for US holiday recipes and where people can get it right absolutely. Yeah and we have I you know what I'll just make an announcement right now so this is going to be a big announce. New Website will be up in running on Friday. And it'll have a store locator. Oh cater so you just put in your Zip Code Growth. We have one more to try before we have a reference. Aw He's already. Buddies ranking at home along the babies are rep Assad. Oh it's aged eight months in in second generation Tennessee whiskey barrels. Most tequilas are agent White American Oak. We get more of a flavor profile adept of like caramels and Bonilla's finishes almost like a whiskey. Oh Wow so yeah. We'll pass these. My husband's listening is going to be like you'd better be bringing one of each and what about curious inception how can people get a hold of me of just go to that website or Yep so we do have a website for curious inception A lot of people just contact Jessica facebook if you go on facebook messages via curious inception real easy to get to so okay and who can Like what are they need to come to you. You know without team so we we like to take a half hour with somebody and just come with an idea like beasts so two things idea and be serious and how good when you walked in the stores. How how long was your pitch? Oh man how much did I shake in squirm worm Because I didn't know what I was doing now. It's down to a science so I can tell if a store is going to bring us on just by looking at their selection. So there's been many times where I'll walk in and walk out because you know I mean I save time you know. I don't WanNA waste their time. Iraq exactly my pitches roughly about one and a half of two to three minutes. And you should you know if they wanNA taste and then open up The tasty makes the difference because we do have a premium product. And you know our sales in in the first year has shown that and so we prove the concept. And what I'm most proud about is. We proved a lot of people wrong. Yeah not that I'm rubbing shift. Yeah we're glad you did yes. Absolute thanks for joining us today. This is fun. We'll see in the fall and the spring definitely have to have neat name as Anna man bring my partner row. That'll be a fun show. WHOA that would be nice to sarcastic and try to write a good time so we're going to close the show all right? Thank you guys so much for listening to the neuner show. We appreciate your support. We hope you can inspire to take a leap of faith. Don't forget to subscribe to the newness show. Wherever you listen to podcasts? You can find us on facebook and follow us on Instagram Anthony. Weiner show our show today. Sponsored by the Parlor in Hadley Michigan Music Pizzeria where pizza rocks. Also checkout got happy days records and more a new music store clothing store and so much more located at eighteen. O One West genesee street in pure Michigan and from the makers of dope water. If you can be anything anything why not be dope and remember sometimes the only mode of transportation available is the leap of faith. Thanks for taking a leap of faith. Thank you Tequila then. Then happy one. Thank you so much. Nice to meet you -gratulations success success. Thank you you know. It's always about growth and I'm GONNA you sell it in here. Holiday market on holiday mark yet again the holiday market on Main Street so that's your big supporter over there. Man You can't go home with Iraqis can I want their product with the probiotic. That was a that was listening. Ah Promo by US. Do we have center of gravity to close with great so I was GONNA sing it off Thanksgiving driving grand happy birthday tomorrow. Raqi ice does Willis carry. Teak nope the Willis show bar does not carry Keri Bar. We're all GONNA ask for ever since Joe have have ice water the glass right okay. All right congratulations to you. Tomorrow the Willis Center of Gravity Live Tomorrow Shaw uh-huh.

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