Trader Joes Platinum Reserve Pinot Noir 2019


And the stem from cheap wine bar, again. And again, I was always another one. And shouldn't drop your flute. And this one is a Trader Joe's Platinum a reserve Pinot Noir from Santa Rita Hills 2019 Lot 19 sales and Trader Joe's simply pushing the Platinum Reserve wines lately and it's kind of like it off. Our fearless Flyers says that they are equal to wines at twice the price and Beyond and the price range for these things have been fourteen ninety-nine. I think in the past they've been up and down but because I had Okawville Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, that was really nice and the house speaks Hillsong. So your game in its your seem to be getting a wine that you don't normally find for 1499. In a wine shop or in a civil Market 1499 for one isn't you know anything unusual but a Trader Joe's were you know, that's you know, everything is 999 or less for the most part. Yeah. And they do such a good you know, you get a Russian River Pinot Noir or Chardonnay for ten bucks, you know making you jump up another five bucks wage, you know, they have to give you incentive. Something that you probably can't get elsewhere and that's what this kind of is. It's a little Santa Rita Hills is in Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is hundred miles north of Los Angeles. It's in you know, it's you can be under degrees in Los Angeles in the summer time. But the part where the The Vineyards are jets out. I could strangle kind of into the ocean. So there is water to the north of South in the west. So the cool breezes make this area from for the most part off in many cases cooler than Northern California all the grooming regions up there. And this is Santa Rita Hills. The hills are black the cold air. So it keeps it's a great place and plus the the soil is just so fascinated estimated shock, which is kind of like what you get in Champagne region. So, it's Catholic it's correct. At the school European stuff so oil it's got this cold long cool growing region. It's a great place to be in the wire and off a senator. I don't know if you you're up on all the trendy wines which see smoke which is like, you know, you gotta get a list against you smoke that's from Santa Rita Hills, you know, it's not that big a reason the page where that came from where within a couple of Miles rather grateful. This one came from, you know, the a custom line producer made it for Trader Joe's it's not like this is probably off its, you know, it's a really expensive wine that was left over. They got it. Someone bought grapes and made this wind but it's from a really good pinot noir growing region, but it's 4 a.m. To or alcohol which is a little stiff for Pinot Noir. So we're going to have more body. If you're in the class of Pinot Noir, you know, you might not be all that crazy about it. But if you're don't mind a glass of yummy every so often in this might be your boss know. It's not that much that there has been no hassle Petite Sirah added to it a couple other things but not that there's anything wrong with that. This one's got somebody to it. It's got a little bit of dead. It's a little heavier in the pallet put still continue are not class have been an alarm but it still tastes great. I don't think it slipped because I'm talking about I got glasses. I had I've got no self-control. It feels good on your palate. It's got its got the flavors. It's got some like little sharper image biases and Scott Scott Tana. The channels are sweet, but they're they're yeah, I'm really inexpensive wine nowadays tannins are kind of missing in action. They take them out you know it off. Easier to Angel I'm at this is 2019. If you got you don't deal with the channel until they reduce them as much as they can but here they're there but they don't buy it or they don't do anything other than just let you know. They're they're home. It's kind of nice to see you know, yeah, it's five bucks more than their typical lies. And yeah, it's not classic. You know, it's a little heavier. It's a little more a little little little more vulgar on your pal, but it's not over the top taste great interesting mean. How often do you get a Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2019 little young. There are some $50 119 is out there, but they usually a little bit older. So what happened to get on Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir for 1499 that's interesting. And this one's got interested got personality the classic no taste good. Yeah off. And so there we are. We're going to o n that's good for Thanksgiving too. So I will be doing that kind of stuff and I do next one adios and keep a cheap, bye-bye.

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