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Bio hacker news the latest in taking control of your own biology biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside of you. So they have full control of your own biology. This lets you do the things you want to do better faster with less effort, and you'll probably look better, feel better and maybe live longer too. When you dial in some of these variables that are within your control by backer news is all about how to do that. Big thing, just published news on a study from the university of Iowa that found a link between food allergies and autism. And they found that twice as many kids with autism have food allergies as don't, and they're quoting eight mysterious link between food allergies and autism. They actually said, we don't know which comes first food allergies or autism. And what they stumbled across here is something that's much bigger all cases of autism have chronic immune system, autoimmune inflammation. So the nervous system is attacked by the immune system, whether it's caused by food, other things, the environment or things internally, microbiome, we don't necessarily know, but it's really interesting to see that this thing with inflammation happens and special shout out to the film, the magic pill that tied in the effect of Kito genyk diet, just having key tones in your body and what happens with otics when they get this, it's really phenomenal. What happens? Why? Because keystones turned down inflammation in the nervous system. That's what's going on. Drexel University recently published a study looking at military veterans with PTSD or traumatic brain injury, and they looked at the type of visual art that veterans would create and they found out that if people were drawing pictures of their psychological injuries or other things that were darker and more about what was going on in their emotional system, they were much more likely to have PTSD versus just a brain injury. And this is interesting because they interviewed Mark Gordon on episode, four hundred and thirty one of bulletproof radio who's looking specifically at the link in clinical data between traumatic brain injuries, a concussion whiplash, hitting your head when you fall off your bike as a kid, any of those things and the likelihood of getting PTSD. But it turns out just the kind of art you draw even the kind of doodles you draw can indicate what's going on in there. Is it an emotional psychological injury on top of rain injury, or is it just a brain injury? Because it turns out a lot of us probably more than half have little brain injuries from a long time ago that are affecting how we show up in the world today, and we don't even. Recently, the telegraph had a piece that was recommending that to protect yourself from the aging effects of blue light from your cell phone from LED lights in your office or from your big screen TV, the best protection was sunscreen, which is totally crazy because sunscreen actually blocks ultraviolet radiation, and there are ways to help mitigate the damage from blue light because blood on your skin does one thing. Booed light in your eyes in your brain doesn't other thing to scramble the timing of your brain which itself makes you look older. But if you wanted to protect your skin, you might look at something like the armor supplement from bulletproof which contains asked Zandt. Then this is the red colored compound found in wild salmon found in crabs and marine algae, and it serves as an internal antioxidant for your eyes and your skin. And there's this other amazing piece of technology to protect your skin from the aging effects, the blue light and it's called sleeves. So what you can do when you know you're going to be in a bad light environment have long sleeves, just expose your skin more financial and less to. Unnatural, and you'll find you probably like how you feel you'll like how you look and you don't have to worry about your cell phone making look old because of light. There's other things that does like EMS that are much bigger issues. College just came out with a study about a new molecule they've found called PM forty-three that can target something called stats six in the lungs that is high in people with asthma, it's really cool to see new pharmacological approaches to dealing with something like asthma, which was a major issue for me when I was a kid. It turns out that one of the number one causes Abaza is actually air pollution. So maybe you don't need a new drug. Maybe you need an air filter. And one of the biggest causes of Atma that's just not well known is toxic mold and buildings. If you have a water damage, building of sports floating around, there's a very, very clear correlation between that and asthma. It is very well established and a lot of people suffering from asthma, don't look at the air quality in their bedroom to see what's going on. So maybe we ought to start with the environment around us, and then look at our microbiome which is another trigger to see the environment inside us before we start adding new small molecules and drugs, although I'm all for these new drugs because when you discover a drug, you understand the pathway and then you see how the environment changes the pathway that's. The national study of five thousand two hundred twenty two employees found that they eat at work, at least once a week with food provided by workers and that the food itself was mostly empty calories with things like sugar and process, bats, and things like that. The recommendation from the USDA after that though was so they should all be eating more whole grains. And it's really important when you're looking at advice as a bio hacker to say, well, does this advice come from vested industry interests, like selling the stuff that's cheap and you can store for a long time even if it's not good for you because telling you something that's good for you is different than it actually being good for you and you can tell if you eat something that leaves you full for four to six hours, you don't wanna snack and you feel a ton of energy. That's what you want to eat, whether or not your employer gives it to you for free. It doesn't matter if it makes you feel like crap. It's very expensive to feel like crap. So I look like this as something that we can take with a grain of salt. And by the way, did I mention salt can actually be good for you. If you're stressed, it's not. Not always bad for you. A new study from Uppsala University in Sweden. Just found that drinking green tea can lead to EPA genetic changes in women, and epigenetics is the study of how the environment around us changes our genetic expression, and they found beneficial changes in this which is awesome. But what a lot of people don't know is that if you drink even one or two cups of green tea a day is that it can deplete your levels of folic acid or full late, the natural form of folic acid that's in your body. So if you're pregnant and switching to green tea or just low and folic acid, you might actually want to supplement with that stuff on top of the green tea. But we do know that green tea leaves the positive EPA genetic changes, at least and women, and probably. Recent study of nineteen hundred men aged between sixty and seventy eight found that men with erectile dysfunction or more than twice as likely to die from heart attack stroke or other cardiovascular disease. So what this means is that if you're having problems down under a lack of a better word, you might want actually look at your entire lifestyle and do whatever it takes in your diet, exercise sleep, emotional stress, all the things that are actual stressors for your cardiovascular disease so that you know that that's not gonna be what takes you out. Because if you're seeing this early warning sign, it's not a matter of taking a little pill to fix it. It's a matter of changing everything. You might want to look at the podcast with Amy killin or Cape casts on bulletproof radio, talk about some specific erectile dysfunction hacks that you completely would believe. In order to learn more about this kind of thing, you should have an over to blog dot bulletproof dot com where I write about this or listenable radio, where I interview some of the world's top leaders in performance people who are breaking new ground in science or people who are just very high performance at the very top of their game. So we can all collectively learn what are they doing that works? What are they discovered that is going to impact what we can do to have control their own biology. It's a lot of fun. This podcast may contain paid endorsement and advertisements for products or services. 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