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From Relay FM This is upgrade. Three. Hundred and seven is still the summer fund summer. And today show's brought to you by express UPN mint mobile and paint them. My name is Mike. Kelly I'm am joined by Mr Jason Snow. Hi Jason's now? Hi, Mike Hurley it is the summer of fun and we got something fun today. Because it's the summer front. Of course we do. We're planning. We're we're planning our attack. For some are fun Yup not going to reveal anything yet, but we got ideas. We have plans the summer fun. Planning document is stretching out across the summer. The moment runs until mid August where I think. We're need a lot longer than that. We need more ideas. We. Do ever has small talk question from Arjun. Who wants to know Jason? Where do you start reading a book? Do you look at the cover? And all of the Preamble G go straight to the first word of the first chapter and assists different analog verses e books I don't. I start at the beginning and read to the end and in terms of the front matter i. I always WANNA. Have whatever. I WanNa know what the setup is from the writer, so if there's a quote or something like that I mean if it's like an unlisted. I'm not GonNa read that things that are part of the work. I will absolutely do it and do I. Look at the cover I mean I. I yeah I seen the physical object, or if it's a kindle book I've at least ordered it. What I don't like about reading on the kindle is sometimes it takes you. It always takes you to the first page of the of the text, but you often will miss like the name of the section or a quote that starts it or things like that, so I always sort of backup from the beginning just to see if there's anything else there but mostly it's pretty straightforward. I will also say that I have I have no maps policy. there are a lot of especially fantasy novels that have maps. Or genealogies in the back, sometimes that happens to or even in the front, no maps genealogies I'm not interested in your maps and genealogies. If you. If you can't tell the story without a map, you have failed as a writer I. Don't want your map. I. Know you'RE GONNA you're GonNa this so much i. read the loss line. You Do I. Do you're like Harry? And when Harry met Sally, you gotta read the last line. In case, something happens no. I. I'm like I get. Impatient or whatever and and it's kind of like. The temptations is too strong. To dislike differential privacy where you have you read the first line in the last line, you can use a I to synthesize what happened in the entire novel, and you don't have to read it as me the time reading the books. Yeah, but like frankly. The last line so rarely gives away anything like it. Just you know it doesn't really give anything away. There was a Harry Potter book. One of them were kind of our whoops, but I just. I feel better that way by doing. The real trick is I. Don't read books so I don't have to read the loss lines, so they go. Well, that's all. That's all everything Fans in our chat room who are very angry with me? I I enjoy a fake map i. read the strange maps blog for a long time, a fake map a fantasy map. It's fun like I know. Where more door is okay? I get it for. People angry at you. It's like four times anger at me right now for the well. That's because you're a monster, but I just WANNA. Be Clear to all my fans out there that Matt. Fantasy maps are fun, but they can't be essential and when I haven't started the book yet. I'M NOT GONNA. Look at the map I'm not gonNA I WANNA. Go Right! Wow, there's a map here. I better get some geography lessons of this fantasy world before I. Start So i. know where I am. It's like I don't want to do that. If I want to refer back later to the fantasy map. Okay, I don't, but I could I would anybody read the map before the read the? APPS WITH For Reference Yeah and even then I'm not a huge fan of it because like. If you have to consult a map, it I think you failed as a writer the genealogy of the one that really gets me though where it's I I was a book episode, the incomparable recently where people were talking about how they had read the genealogy in order to understand how all the characters were related to one another, and it was a book, and I enjoyed, but I said no. Are you kidding no? I'm not going to consult like reference material for the novel I'm reading. The storyteller really needs to do their job in the novel and not say oh well, you don't know who this person is. Go look at the at the at the back of the book. Also I read on a kindle, so looking at the back of the book is hard. If you would like to send in a possibly less controversial snow, told questions just to be clear more less controversial. Than where do you start reading a book where the clear answer is at the beginning? And then I go to the end, and we both managed a mess that up, so so thank you, thank you to our smell dot question. Thank you is in Hashtag Snell talk you just send out a tweet and be included in a list, or you could use to come on with a question. Mark Snell talk in the laugh members discord I have. Very short article that I wanted to prefer toward listlessness short point from an article written at Bloomberg. basically just staying apple's current policy for working from home, so as covid nineteen cases continue to spike throughout the world. Apple has been reclosing retail stores is saying that like they opened the bunch in America closed them down again and now apple, a edging their retail employees to work from home wherever possible and you'd say to. To Yourself. How can a retail play work from home? Apples create a kind of thing would retail at home program where they're basically moving the in store retail stuff to online stuff whether it be customer support of a services which related to online, because as you can imagine apples need for online retail was increased right like everybody else. Because if you can't go to the store, you get stuff done somewhere. People doing online so. They're trying to remove people around for that and also. they're not going to be doing a full return for US offices in two thousand twenty, so they do not expect any point in two thousand twenty to bring all of this stuff back to the office. I think this makes sense for many reasons for lots of companies, but I think especially for apple as a company that wants to ensure that some people are able to be at the office. With a lot of these, it's like we you know. We want some people to be back, so we'll bring those in, but for apple we spoke about before with like the secrecy and the product design labs and stuff that stuff has to be done apple Puck, so they wanNA. Keep everybody away to protect small group to be able to be there. And they specifically said in the in three months ago because we're coming up to a new analyst, Call and quarterly results of get ready for that that they some some groups were more efficient remotely in some were less efficient remotely, and if you're trying to bring people back, who are important for your business and are. They you know are less efficient remotely. What you WanNa do is bring them back in one. Give them room to spread out and and separate them perhaps much more than they would have been otherwise, and and to put them in an environment where they're not running into a lot of other people. It's not just the space. It's also like if there are. Eight people in Apple Park or or one hundred fifty people in Apple Park. Versus like a thousand people in Apple Park the the chances of exposure and things like that go way down as well so that actually kind of makes sense I would imagine the people that have to be at Apple Park are GonNa. Come back to apple, Park and be spaced out presumably, and that'll be what it's like for a while. Yeah. I think there's also a benefit to. Launch companies being very upfront with their employees. If they've made these decisions because it allows people to go places. You know if if you like Lisa's being renewed and you only live in this city because you walk in the building, which is close to it. Maybe you could go back home for six months or something right and set and deal with it later on. You know what I mean right like where if you look at some of these like some of the largest city is where a lot of tech companies are. Rents are really high, and if you're only there because you work, the company may be giving you the ability to. Go somewhere else for a bit could be useful so I think it's good for companies to be pretty upfront about this stuff considering where we are. And who knows maybe it will actually change apple's corporate culture in some ways where some groups that were mandatory in person, never go back to being mandatory in person. I think so. The ball right? I hope so because you know as somebody who knows people who work at Apple. and has talked to people who are hiring managers apple. In the past, some of their groups, their insistence on them being in person. Don't make any sense and I do and some of them don't and I'm a big fan of of distributed workplaces and I think you get better people who are happier and more efficient and they can. Handle forcing them to move to an incredibly high cost of living places, not necessarily for a job. That doesn't need to be done. There is is not great, so I hope that they change their tune a little bit. UPSTREAM TIME I have a couple of acquisitions, the apple of made for Apple TV, plus ordeals least they've signed They have signed a first look deal with Interests Elba. So there's not really much more to say than than that so interested. The wire luther he was hidden thal movies, as well and also apple of acquired another movie called Palma starring Justin, Timberlake, Juno Temple Academy, award nominee June, squibb and Alicia wainwright This one was actually announced by apple themselves. They had the the website that I love which is Apple Dash. TV Dash plus. DASH PRESSED APPLE DOT COM, which looks like a fake website, but is a real website. The apple you run the maintain. They announced this one rather than where most of headlines come from sites like deadline all the Hollywood reporter off variety, but this one came up from Apple. The movie stuff is particularly interesting, because it seems to actually be doing pretty well for them, so we've mentioned Greyhound bit recently. a report from deadline is staying from their sources that Greyhound is reportedly apple's largest. Success logic in any of the series or anything else that they've done before with apparently over thirty percent of the views of Greyhound, being new to apple TV plus. Yeah, the how about that? That's really interesting that that it had that appeal, and although I mean this is this was a father's day movie, so this was not like a summer blockbuster per se, but it's got a big name, and it's kind of a potential for broad appeal, and all of that and I think it's interesting that it did well and they have other things in the works that are more likely to be blockbusters down the road. But this is encouraging and we've seen from net flicks and you know and I just watched. Palm, springs on Hulu like films on streaming services is a driver of engagement just as much as TV. Shows are so I think that's interesting? Switching gears to another company, but on a similar vein. Wanted to just mention this Netflix News they're developing a spy series based on the gray man book series. The reason I thought this is interesting is because of how big they're going with it they're making a movie. It's dead putting over two hundred million dollars into it. They of signed the Russo Brothers to direct. This is the Russo Baba's first movie. Since Adventures, they have Ryan Gosling in the lead role with the hopes of turning this into a franchise where Goslin will star as the. The gray man in multiple movies with Chris Evans as the quote Unquote Villain for this movie. Basically all of the reporting saying. That net flicks trying to build a James Bond like franchise right. I think of it may be more of like born born Graham. Sure now. I think it's an interesting idea. And so we I just mentioned TV and film right, so I look at this I think great I mean Netflix's GonNa spend a huge amount of money. They're gonNA have big stars. They're going to promote the heck out of it. It's going to be a major motion picture action adventure tentpole kind of thing running on Netflix Great. I do have one question, which is when I think about films versus TV. And we're talking about Netflix's, which is both? I look at this and I. Think Okay like I get it you spending two hundred million dollars, and you're gonNA. Make a big blockbuster movie and you're GonNa put it on your service. If, this is a franchise going forward. What's the right way to play it and I don't have an answer here, but I'm just saying what's the right way to play it because you could do another one of these every two or three years, and it would be like a born or a James Bond. Could you do something different? You're on streaming so I also start to think. Could you do something more like? Think about how BBC did Sherlock. With cumberbatch where it was like the all of those are like ninety minute long episodes. They're basically movies. They're basically movies. But shorter than two and a half hours like so many theatrical movies, and they would do a handful of them. And I look at this and I think okay well. If you want this to be a franchise, net flicks is your next step. Wait three years and. Get another movie for two hundred million dollars or is your next step. You know workup, a two or three scripts. And have two or three shorter run time movies. That roll out over time. Because it allows you to and I don't know the answer. Maybe the answer is no making people wait two years, and then having a big blow is the right way to do it and I'm not saying they turn Ryan goslings. Spy. Franchise Net flicks into a TV show but I'm saying with streaming. There's a middle ground right like they could do. They break the rules of like well. No, no, this is a feature. Oh well, this is a TV show you could. If your net flicks try to get a little creative and play with the space that's in between those things because I. see no reason why they couldn't spend. Two, hundred million dollars, or two hundred and fifty million dollars on making you know two and the Russo brothers know about making movies right because they just did it with ventures. But, even if they were stand alone stories like maybe maybe that will give you a better return, or maybe maybe it's all about a huge marketing blitz for a giant thing, and everybody comes to watch that, and then they go away for two years I just wanted to ask the question because I think it's interesting that there are. There are things in between what we think of his film, and TV and if you're ever going to explore that a streaming service like Netflix's where you can do it. I. I say I agree if you'll concept, but I, think for this specific project for some reason like the idea of it being a movie that can big move and being a big like quote, unquote, some blockbuster Netflix's attempt, I some blockbuster, and also I would assume for similar reasons like they may be one at. They're gonNA. Pull this money into. MAYBE THEY WANNA pick up some movie awards right which Netflix's ashore so many of those yeah, but they, but if they again if they structured. If they had to good story ideas, they could make to ninety minute movies with two good story ideas and release them a year apart, and it would be more move. They may do that off to the first one so like if the first one works for sure you know of. Of course I'm not. I'm not talking about the first one. I'm saying sort of like if this is a franchise and you're gonNA continue it. How do you replicate it? Because the James Bond Model, the born model is every few years. You make a big. Hollywood blockbuster your net flicks. You'll have to do it that way if you don't want to. You can release somewhat smaller movies. That were still super big especially. If you need to schedule, Ryan Gosling, right. Schedule Him to shoot two of them back to back in rolling out over successive years, and you've got a new gray man. Movie and you'd call it a movie, but it would be every year instead of every two or three years and is a different model. It's I'm just fascinated by the options that these companies have not. Everything is a TV show. Not Everything is a blockbuster movie, but sometimes those things are the right format I. Just I looked at this and I thought. How do you build a franchise going film franchise on Netflix. And what are your options because I think they've got a lot of different options, and maybe the creators right? Maybe the Russo brothers, and Ryan, Gosling and whoever else is producing this. Maybe it ends up being in their lap of of Where do they go next? And what do they have a big idea that requires two hours or do they have something that has a natural break in where like? Like avengers, then game or and Adventures Infinity War, you could actually like play into the fact that there's a delay between and leave everybody hanging it's up to them creatively to decide, but they've got I like that. They've got the options in a way that the old kind of it has to be a major motion picture release that those rules don't necessarily apply at least as much to Netflix's. Peacock, premium launched to everybody. Oh, has it? Yes, what are your? To experience so far, so this is the streaming service from NBC Universal, which is owned by comcast, which means that it is a streaming service from a cable company, which is interesting because we view. Streaming Service as sort of the future and you can cut. The cord from Your Cable Company Your TV provider traditional, LINEAR LINEAR TV provider and So, what does it look like? If you if it's a streaming service from the LINEAR TV, provider and the answer is I got it free because I have comcast cable Which is I? Think just such a cable company. Move Right. They're like Oh. Yeah, a cord cutters by it and you got our shrink service great. There's a free tier, and then there's like a five dollar a month. Tear that peacock premium, and then there is a ten dollars a month to your cult peacock premium plus Mike. He being serious. Yes. is called premium plus premium, plus and that's the ad free version of peacock premium. Is this peacock feel like we didn't know that right cooling peacock, plus before which was the joke? Yeah, I. I wasn't aware of it it. It may have been out there, but I wasn't aware of it until it launched and I clicked because I have peacock premium. What I found is that. That if I would like to make the ads on Peacock go away as a comcast subscriber I can pay five dollars a month to upgrade to peacock premium, plus and then I don't see the ads for everybody else. It's whatever ten dollars a month without the ads five dollars a month with the ADS. I don't just call it Pico, plus why premium plus silly, it's more. There's some interesting stuff in here. NBC has moved all of their Premier League contents, so NBC has the Premier League in the US. This is this. is football slash soccer everybody British soccer English soccer. More than English it's It's. Full bore than than American football. Just you know no, but it's English football because it's literally. It's the English premier. It's only England and and like like May, sometimes team in Wales, not even. Scotland they have their only. And I assume Northern Ireland only, but I don't know anyway soccer talk. The but in the US embassies got it and what they did a few years ago, is they? I think last year two years ago. They took all the games that were not on their network or on their. Their Cable Channel NBC Sports Network and they put it on a streaming service called NBC sports. which cost sixty five dollars a year? And what what they've done is they put all of that stuff into peacock, so or peacock premium, and so what that means essentially that I get all the all the soccer matches now where I wasn't paying for NBC Sports Gold, so I only got what they chose. And so that's kind interesting, so they're pushing a lot of their sports stuff that they used to have on these like more esoteric niche services, and they're just pushing them into peacock, which I think is the right thing to do right they they're really They want to load up on the content and peacock. Have that's the product? They want to sell to people, so they pushed all their soccer stuff in there. It's got a few features that I really liked that. Other streaming services and other APPs have tried. But I I like that they're giving it a go. They had this thing called channels. That's not like Apple. TV channels are Amazon channels. Television channels so wants to replicate the experience of flipping to a channel and seeing what's on. So with a live livestream channel. I have suspicions that they this technology because they were going to launch with the Olympics the summer, which ended up not happening, but the idea there that they would have these live various livestream channels of different things happening at the Olympics and they don't. They don't have that, but they do think so. There's like there's a Jimmy Fallon channel where it's just different tonight. Show with Jimmy. Fallon shows. Streaming endlessly like there's a Bob Ross channel the painter US good idea. Right so you just flip on. If you want to be calm and relaxed, you flip Bob. Ross. Channel has just endless streaming Bob Ross. there's an eighty three one channel. It's got a bunch of like comedies and detective shows and stuff There's an office channel, so you just flip it to the office and it's episodes of the office forever. the. At Fox did this for a while. With their Simpson's APP, they had a simpsons app where you can just stream, and it was endless stream of the simpsons, too. So I think it's I think it's a clever idea. And it's good for sports like they're using this for the soccer stuff now they use the channel interface for that. That's where you're watching the live soccer matches. You flip to that channel for that showing that match. So that's an interesting idea tries to get to the. Thought of that, maybe sometimes you just WanNa dial in a particular thing and then just not. Fiddle with the interface like there's no auto, play or anything. It's just literally. It just plays forever. That's an interesting thing to try. They have a bunch of early got some original content, but it seems kind of cobbled together from various parts of the universal NBC empire. They've got this show. Brave new world that sounds very much like it was built for the Scifi Channel, and then kind of re purposed into peacock premium although there is a show that I like ap bio, which was a Sitcom on. NBC and they ran. This is the story we talked about a while ago and got some good laughs out of it, which is that NBC canceled it, and then a peacock saved it. And the real there's a real question of like. Why did you not just come? Hello, like have a conversation about. Maybe we should put this this. Not How they did it. They just canceled it. And then they saved from themselves so weird so I'll watch that because that's coming back this fall, and that's an original that there presumably just producing like they did for the network except it's going to be on peacock instead, and I think a twist that will be fun when it happens, is that? Jimmy Fallon Seth Meyers late night shows, which they record those at like five in the afternoon in New, York City and then the air at night, eleven, Thirty and twelve thirty at night. They are going to be released at eight eastern so in prime time, so if you're a fan of a late night, talk show and you don't want to stay up and watch late night. You Watch A. Much earlier like three and a half hours earlier on peacock however. They're not doing that yet. Because of covid nineteen in fact, fallon just went back to his studio last week, but it's with a skeleton crew, and the production logistics of getting that show ready to go by eight instead of eleven. Thirty is a bit much right now. So that will they say? That will happen in the future, but I think that's an interesting. Interesting idea to the idea that you know they've got this original content that they've. They've built up for linear broadcast, so it's like well. That's gotTa Time Slot. It's eleven thirty and eight o'clock is for you know dramas, or sometimes or reality shows, and with peacock NBC can say, or or it's for Jimmy, fallon, or it's Myers whatever whatever you WanNa Watch. At eight o'clock at night or nine o'clock night, go right ahead. on peacock so. Interesting. We'll see how that goes when they when they try it out. And I got to use the APPS I use the IPAD. App I use the Apple TV APP for Peacock I was frustrated by the TV APP because they're doing that thing so many. Not as much as as before I, think this is. I think every apple. TV APP developer. Has this great idea that they're going to reinvent? How video works on the Apple TV? And then they realized that they probably should stop fighting it and just do what apple does, but here it is again. Peacock like doesn't really use the UI conventions of. Out other apple TV APP, so you Kinda have to learn how to use it? which is super annoying. I did find a funny quirk which is in their movie interface on Apple, TV. They have movies that are available. They show you. The rotten tomatoes score, but only if it's good. I mean you could click through when you can see it for all of them right, but on the top level where it's just the tiles it'll be like. Jurassic Park Eighty Percent Jurassic Park to also movie terrific part three Yup. This is the movie. The Matrix Ninety eight percent. The Matrix to sixty four percent animatrix three is a movie. That's available here. That made me laugh like somebody had no show it. If it's a bad review, we want them to click like all right. Okay. We can do that a bigger. Interface problem is that they don't have dates on the episodes. It doesn't say like when this episode dropped. And that makes it hard to tell this this week's I. is this new? you know or is this? Today's is this today's Jimmy Fallon or yesterday's Jimmy Fallon. Is particularly difficult when they do lean on late night, talk shows. This is this is an example where it's the worst right, but actually, and it's worse than that because they also sort their seasons. With the first episode of the season at the top, which means if you want to get to the if you use that navigation to get to Jimmy, fallon or Seth Meyers you have to. You have to go in and scroll endlessly bottom, because because the most recent episode is at the bottom of the list, it's season whatever episode one hundred and twenty-five or something so the? There's some clear mistakes here where the they you know I. Don't know I. It's not as well thought as as it should be in an again. Corona virus, related stuff and and They were planning on the. They've had to scramble. I get all that, but there's a lot of questionable decisions in here I I. Imagine they work. Working out corona virus isn't the reason you slit your episodes that way. But. I'm saying that they're there, but their development team could have been quite disrupted by it right like and and they ended up having to ship something that was not as far along as they would've liked because they had to send their people home, and and and you know I'm willing to give them a little bit of a break. Because they their entire strategy had to change because the Olympics got moved, and presumably their development team got sent back to their houses but yeah, it's a it's A. It's a great example of somebody making a very simple. You decision saying Oh, yeah. We'll just sort the episodes of this way, and not thinking through what that meant. In terms of something like a talk show where like because I went there, and I was like I want to hear Jimmy Fallon went back to the studio this week. I want to see that episode and I couldn't tell what episode it was. When it was from, and when I went to the to get the definitive answer, which was to look in the list of episodes, it was at the very bottom of very long scrolling list. which you know, this is all fixable, but it's dumb. It's a work in progress, peacock premium, and when If there's a show that I'm actually GonNa Watch on it like AP bio when that comes back I'm GonNa Watch the English soccer on it now, but when ap bio comes back, I might sign up for peacock premium, plus so I'd have to see they're stupid. This episode is brought to you by meant mobile, the folks who can cut your wireless bill to fifteen dollars a month with their futuristic approach to wireless. If you'll still using one of the big providers this year, have you are yourself what you're paying for? Between expensive retail stores, inflate oppresses hidden fees. There's opportunity to take advantage of people like you right. 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Keep your same phone number or your existing contacts, and just ditch all wireless bill and start saving with Mint Mobile Justin I believe that meant sent you a package. That included A. A Sim Oh, yeah softwood that experiences like it actually reminded me of my very nice experience I had when I travel to Ireland or the UK, and I used a a prepaid wireless there and it comes in a little, a little credit card kind of thing, and it's got a Sim Card and the Sim card is perforated at the different sizes of Sim. Card, which for iphone you want, the the smallest of those sides Oh. That's good. Yeah so you can. If you've got an older phone, that's got a bigger one. You perforated at a different place and it goes in that. That trae Trae, so it's very clever. And I put it in an iphone that was actually it's actually my Iowa's fourteen test. IPHONE and so popped it in there, and went to their website, and put in the Little Code that's on the back of the card and it goes great, and then the carrier shows up mobile shows up on the on the IPHONE. Do and they have. They have an APP to, but I actually just used their website, and you put in the code on the card and and that's it now. If you're moving your phone, you do. There's a little bit more to do in order to move your phone number. In this case, they generated. They told me they said. Where are you? And then they generated a phone number based on my area code, and which was super convenient, and that was it. I have a new phone with a new phone number. That's nice that you can just say like Gimme a number with this code. Yeah Yeah and I. I'm now thinking that you know. Should I have made it some? You know like a like new. York, area, code or something so. Yeah. That's right or Hawaii. Yes, right Loa means you're calling me on my mobile phone, but I didn't do that I. 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Oh sorry, it's twenty twenty around twenty stories Poe Week going to be professionally narrated by professional voice actors. Zappala set voice actors. You can switch between reading and listening at any point, so if you're reading an article that has denomination, you can choose to pick it up as audio or vice versa, and go back to where you were in the story, which is just Nice Nice you don't have to do that I. Don't think that was required, but as good functionality you only for the moment, which is peculiar to me because Apple News plus is only available in three markets, four markets, which is US UK, Australia, and Canada. And I don't understand why they haven't made it available. Everywhere I mean I would understand it. There's maybe some publications that they only have in one market but I. Surely there is a crossover for at least some of them and considering everybody's paying the same amount of their grabber. I don't understand why they wouldn't have either a made it available or be. It's only four markets right like you. have an option for every one. So, that's a weird. That's just like a weird wrinkle in this to me. I think that it potentially shows that that may potentially shows apples hesitancy with anything news plus related, because it really seems like it's not going the way they wanted, but Yeah, that's peculiar I find that strange especially because apple news today, the podcast hosted by Shumita Basu and Duarte Gel dino who are named their off work is in the show like, but they came from a WNYC show to this so like they are known as producing Daily News shows hosted by every weekday. We'll talk about that more in a bit, but that is this available everywhere. Except when except, but in the apple news APP, it's only available in the US, but it's on apple podcasts and podcast apps around the world so right so you know I think that this desert. which will get to administer why? That's the case? Apple News also been added to call play which makes sense the support. The audio features. They've added. And then the last component of the apple news stuff is a new focus on local news. It's currently in a half full of major US markets and features a diverse collection of local publishes including a major newspaper in each region covering sports culture dining, whether politics that kind of stuff, which is local to those areas, there is still going to be curation from Apple News Editors, and they'll be an element of customization for everybody. What do you think about the local news pivot? It's an interesting idea I. Have the same concerns I've always had about Apple News, plus which is that? I'm not sure it solves. The problem of how you fund journalism. Modern journalism has lots of issues of how how the money comes in now that they're not getting. The newspapers especially are not getting the money that they used from advertising. In print classified ads and things like that and it's been A. It's a decades long issue for for local journalism and I think that Apple News plus there are scenarios where Apple News plus can help. I'm not sure if they got it here because it sounds like they're basically like making a partner so bay area. It seems to be that the San Francisco Chronicle as their partner, chronicle is presumably getting money for this. And then they're back filling with other stuff. You know sports blogs for the region sports you know and and other local blogs and things. I don't know like I want I feel like they're that apple news plus there's some aspect of apple news plus that might actually. Benefit local news, but I'm not sure this, is it? I'm not sure that this really solves anything. Because in the end you're getting some curation. That's nice as an apple news user, but in terms of who supporting the reporting. That's going into generating the data sources. For the CURATION, I'm not entirely sure this is something. I joked about half joked about in a previous episode about how if Apple Really cared about? Local journalism it should fund local journalism I'm not sure this is the way you know from based on what we know about. Apple News Plus especially I'm not sure this actually. Does that. And that's the problem like I I would love apple to more actively fund like actively fund local journalism, and then had that result. Pour into apple news plus. They aren't doing that and I understand their business reasons why that may not work for them either but I'm not sure like the San Francisco Chronicle is going to ultimately benefit from being the hub of content at the center of the Bay area. Four Apple News plus I just I. saw file it under the same thing as all the other stuff I'm having a hard time seeing how apple news plus benefits publishers. I think it's at least like something else to to try like in a way that maybe a lot of local news agencies do not have. Good monetization strategies and like this May. This may be a better thing for local news than than the lodge publications the problem. Is that a regional anytime? You've got so. They're talking about like us. Cities here right so you've got the newspaper in the city. I mean probably have a subscription plan for acts probably have a paywall on a subscription plan. I'm not sure getting your local people to sign up for Apple. News plus and get your newspaper. That way is remotely as good as getting them to sign up for you. That's always the like that's and every and Sunset Avenue which is why I've said before, and I actually kind of serious. Here is the solution to. Local, good local news is somebody needs to put money into good local news, and if apple thinks that apple news is a strategic thing, and I would actually argue that apple if apple felt like one of the ways that it wanted to leave the world better than it found, it was by informing. people about what's going on in their regions that this could be a fundamental tenet of apple and apple news where apple is more aggressive about funding. Local news organizations whether it's the existing ones or new ones in order to generate content that feeds into Apple News, plus but what they're doing is they're trying to kind of like have existing organizations subvert their own business model for apple's model, which is really rigged to benefit apple and I don't think it works so that's that's the problem I have with it is that? That there is a solution to be had here, but it doesn't seem like apples actually trying to solve it, and this doesn't feel to me. It feels better than what they were doing before, but I'm not sure it actually solves any of the fundamental problems with apple, being wanting to insert itself as a middleman between the publishers and the readers, so I'll ask though. Is there like a good business case to doing that funding local news. Like what? What will apple out of I well I mean I could say if apple funded local news, it would get content out of it for Apple News and the Apple News content could be very good, local and national and regional news, but it would also be saying we are also improving the quality of journalism in the United States. Let's say because everything they do for Apple. News seems to be just in the United States. But if you're. Kind of a long game kind of a you know we're going to do this because it's right, and we're going to figure it out as we go, and we're going to build a business here and honestly Apple News, plus is not that Apple News plus is a somewhat cynical aggregation play for apple where they wanNA, take a big chunk of money off the top, and that figure that the accumulated glow of being inside an apple. APP is going to benefit these new sources, and while most of these new sources don't have very good apps and don't have very good websites. Apple News isn't a very good APP either so. Just to just to call it what it is. This is apple trying to sneak money out of a market that is dying and desperately trying to find a new business model, and it feels to me and has felt all along a bit like what apple trying to do. Is claim that they're coming in to save journalism? But what they really want to do is pull money out of out of the readers, pockets, and not share much of it with local journalism, and that's why Apple News. That's why I think ultimately unless they really rethink it Apple News as a failure. All Right? Let's talk about today. which is the US because maybe even more interesting to me and you? We've been talking for a long time. What are apple going to do in the podcasting space? We mentioned the Zane Lowe interview series, and that was something they were bringing over, but that was like a half step. This is a full on step. This is a brand new show daily right like it, so this is a big production now. We. Wondering how are we going to do this type of content? Are they gonNA, make exclusive content and be like spotify. They're going to embrace the open web and give it to everybody. Let's say it's a little bit in the middle. Apple are saying this is available on Apple podcasts. That's the only place that they're going to say. That's not a surprise to me right the the even if apple made something that was available everywhere that when they promote when they talk about it, they say it's on Apple podcasts I mean why not, because so much of the podcast ecosystem just says that any way at the moment. Right like I don't have. Any issue personally with them. Choosing to market, their show is saying it's on Apple PODCASTS, but it is not exclusive to apple podcasts. Says stands right now. It's not the only place you can get. It is searchable and subscribe able in every pot. Yap that I've tried pocket costs overcast Castro. You can search apple news today. Find it subscribe you. Get the episodes because it is based on RSS. Apple have done a little work to obscure the feed. It's not unlike the usual places that you would find it when you subscribe in. The podcast apple, itunes, or whatever, but it is based on an opener. Assess feed third party. APPs have been able to add it to the. Directories you can subscribe and you can listen, so they may not want to encourage you to listen into apps the on apple podcasts, but you can. Which I think is a pretty good compromise personally. Because then not. Warping what it is to be a podcast, but they are using them marketing. To promote their own service. I think that's. A fair enough compromise. What do you think? Apple's always gonNA promote apple podcasts. I would say. I don't know to what degree they're hiding the RSS. Feed here, but like they shouldn't. And I've seen reporting from lots of people that like. The IRS feet is not in the typical place in the apple. PODCAST Eric is possible to get the fees out and you kind of can't do that. Okay well I mean that that's my only. My only real complaint is that if they are also making this available to other podcast APPS, there should be some link somewhere. If there is then grade, there should be some link somewhere on their website when they're talking about this. Where maybe it's a footnote, which is you know or any other podcast? APP using this feed, but they're primarily promoting apple podcast. Because you know step one is yeah. It's not just in apple podcast. Great step two is. You should probably not try to hide it in the. In the bathroom. Behind a locked door in a filing cabinet with a sign on the door. That says beware the Leopard. Leopard, that's a reference Right, where it's like no, no, it is on Apple podcasts secretly. It's also elsewhere is. Not a great look. I think they should should like I, said put it in a footnote somewhere. Don't try to hide it. Yeah I would prefer them to do that, but better than than wiring it into apple podcasts, and they're not having it be available in Europe. Yes, absolutely better than that, and that's kind of one of the very conceivable things that we expected them to do right, but I am actually really happy with the fact that they have done whatever work. They needed to do to create a podcast which is delivered virus. They did that now this this didn't happen like within a week like apple not been doing this for a while. They could very easily made the whatever the not. Very well conceivably could have done whatever they need to do to make this exclusive to them, but they didn't do that. I saw a lot of technology outlets reporting on this saying it was exclusive to apple podcasts, which kind of worked me a little bit because like it wasn't hard to do the work to see that that wasn't the case. but people just kind of read the press release, and then just reported on it that way link that kind of. Of stuff frustrates me I find in a lot of technology prester reporting on the podcast industry to be pretty bad on the sly which is just over the unpicking here for no particular reason but there's a lot of like. We got a press release, which is going to say what the pressure Lee said. Move on when I feel like this stuff could be should be covered a little bit of nuance any who I listened to the podcast itself Jason. Actually pretty good like. I enjoyed the various of the topics. It is to US focused for me. Especially, because this is this like isn't region locked? You can get it anywhere. I would love to see them build out a little more but it so far has been pretty US focused. the stories that they get into in detail in Apple News, so they do kind of like a headline rundown the start where they don't particularly talk about any specific news story, but they'll. They'll talk about briefly like what's going on in the world, but then they they link to and talk about the stories that they talk about depth. They linked to news stories, which makes sense. It's like vertical integration You can tell they've hired professionals across the board. It is entertaining. It's informative and is produced while in my opinion, they use a lot of audio clips and they mixed him really well they do that typical like mainstream podcast. Sound design of they're always being music playing, but. I don't like that, but they do a good job of it I think. Like, it's not it's not really in your face, but there is a little bit of that in there where they have music interstitial, and they have sometimes music beds, not constant, but they're. They're right, but I think that the sound design is good I think that they've done an from in my opinion and especially could drop considering I. Bet there's a studio this supposed to be recording in the not right, and so I've I follow of of the hosts on twitter now and they've been posting like pictures of of how of like this ups and stuff which I think is fun. In general I'm I'm kind of just pleased that. They are allowing Shumita Duarte to be. Public figures. That produce the show and they they actually have interactions with each other like not just reading new stories like. It feels like there is an actual personality to the program. Which I think is important and I'm pleased that they are doing that because. I don't think I could have told you. That's exactly what apple would have done. If I would have known this project was going to exist right. Yeah, it's not the apple old apple approach, which would have been nameless faceless. Again kind of extruded from out of Apple. Here's a product and instead it's this product needs. And and that it's GonNa live or die based on that. An apple is the brand, but you know that's not how. A podcast that was not. Driven by personalities like that would not be a successful podcast, so they've hired people who know what they're doing it clearly here. It was really interesting to me that they basically wholesale hired team from WNYC. I find that to be very. Small on a sleigh like. Just just get some people that know what they're doing. If you want to do this, don't rebuild the wheel, right? Let them do this and I can tell you as somebody who has worked in the media for a long time that. Apple coming to you and and the media so economically pressured as we've been saying all along here. Has Been a tough couple of decades in the media, and you have the world's richest company role in and say we want to set this up and we'll hire you like those people are getting probably better jobs better pay better benefits. Better working conditions like. The this is one of those things where. Being hired by giant company to do essentially what you already do. Is, that's pretty. That's a pretty sweet deal. It's kind of hard to turn that down. So it's it's. It's not surprising that they were able to go in and just hire those people way. It's also probably the right thing to you're right because that's the kind of content they want. Yeah, don't just if you can find people already doing it then go for that. I think it makes sense. I'M GONNA. Keep this in my rotation I, and I've been I listened to a couple of episodes. So I could be prepared for the show, but today's all's like I. WanNa hear about that. It was about John Lewis. and. I was like I. Feel like I haven't had much exposure to him as being someone from the United Kingdom but I'm kind of aware of him and some of the stuff that he's done browse like no I would like a little bit more background, and it gave me that so I'm GonNa keep the show around and I I have genuinely been enjoying it so I actually think that they've done a very good job and at least say that. I'm happy that they didn't go for the complete. Like bad time line with how apple would produce a con- like podcasts of their own. So you know like you know what I mean like. This isn't completely lockdown. It's locked down a little bit, but it's locked down in a way. That I'm personally comfortable with like mark. You want but just let me get it the way that I want and don't completely read while opener. Assess is all about and I'm. I'm pleased that they've taken that The taken that that slung on it for now at least. That, they continue that way, yeah! This episode is brought to you by friends over at them. Today's Internet users expect a fast web experience. No matter how good your content is, how good your marketing has been to bring to your page if it's loading slowly on the all that just gonNA, leave with us monitoring from paying them. You're able to discover how website performance issues affect your experiences, so you can take action before your impacted. How people visit your website depends on so many varying factors whether the you're looking at a browser device platform. Platform no matter what they're using. 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Big Sur recently, and we are this time next time actually we're going to talk about big Sur during the summer of thumb, because it's a fun operating system, but along with the vast visual changes in big Sur which we've been talking about, and many of our podcasting colleagues have been talking about apple also completely changed the typical sounds. You hear when using the operating system. Yes, it, considering this is a podcast which is an audio medium Why don't we review those sounds? This would be less useful if I wrote a story about this on six colors. Right s like let me describe. How the sounds of changed, and you can picture it in your mind or listen to it in your mind how you imagine this or We could use a medium like a podcast. And actually play the sounds. So for the record these found in slash system slash sounds and slash systems slash library slash component slash call audio dot component slash support slash system sounds Yep. Yep, so system the slash system slash sounds you're beeps are and then you can do custom beeps like my voice. That says BP from sound master. In I think that's a user directory sound library sounds I, think is where you put those but the the defaults are in slash slash sounds, and then the other sound effects are found in that long chain with its down in components Corrado. Dot Component, and that's where you get things like emptying the trash. Those living there. Now there's been lots and lots of sounds have changed, but I don't think we're GONNA listen to all of them right. Yeah we are Mike all of them. Okay, we go to all of them great then let's go all the ones that I could find. Okay, so we're GONNA to start with the beeps, and then we're going to move onto a few. Not Not a lot of the system sounds change, but some of the most obvious ones have, but they Abbas redone all the beeps. And what's really interesting in my in my research for this is apple has redone the without changing their file names, but they have changed the names in the sound control panel, which is Super Weird right, so you have. So, so I'll give you an example. Okay, so there used to be an alert called pop. If you go to system preferences and Click on sound and choose an alert sound, there used to be an alert called pop. It's now. The file, the corresponding violence slash system slash. Sounds was popped up wave or pop AF I. Don't remember it's pop was the name of it? Now. There is still a file called pop. It has a different sound in it. And the name pop doesn't appear in the system. Sound Control panel anymore. Instead the name bubble plays the sound file called pop. Noah. Yourself why? Why not? Just rename? Why not just rename the files and have those names appear rather than using the old white, rather than changing presumably the system preferences APP somehow to map new names to old file names, and my answer is I. Don't know I guess they had a reason. I can only assume that this is like compatibility thing right away. Right towed it into something somewhere, and it was yeah. If you've got an APP or a script or something that says play the sound file pop. Yeah, it'll play it even though now in the U I, it says bubble that's. I don't know if I write a script and say play bubble. Will it play pop or will it fail? I don't know. Something to check in the Betas I guess. So. Are we gonNA will. We're going to compare the old to the new is how we're. GonNa do this we are. We are going to do that. Thing you ready, yeah! All right. So we're GONNA. We're GONNA start with Catalina and this is. This is a sound called Basso. And it will be followed by big Sur where Basso has been renamed Mezzo. Ready Yeah. HERE'S BASSO! Are that sound. That's my. That's my era sound. Okay get ready for Basso Mezzo. I'll no. No that's right. Now it's not. Because what I like about Basso is in my mind. My computer is going. Right Rhino that's what I was going. To say I don't like that key played at one again for me. Get Basso. That's so. No I. Don't like it. For? Some reason I'm so mezzo sounds like the oldest sounds. That one sounds like it came from like the eighties something. I don't like that one. All right, so we move on Yeah. I mean I I kind of agree with you that the use of Basso is to get. Your attention is like up. Something bad happened in the new ones like aren't like. Sad trombone like a little bit, but yeah, it's not aggressive. Enough. I think all right. Here's a sound called blow except in big Sur it's called breeze. Okay, so they're related there. Some of those some of these are related. Yeah, it looks like they're having fun like Basso and Mezzo. Blow in breeze. Others don't make any sense at all so anyway. Here's blow Catalina. And here's breeze in big Sur. Much Nicer. That chime unless a blowing on the let less blowing on the on a bottle. Blow definitely is yeah. I don't i. don't really like the blow sound very much, but I actually really liked the breeze sound. I think that's just a good sound as a good interface sound. All right, so that's a thumbs up. THUMBS UP! Okay, so they're. They're one for two now one up one down just to confirm. These sounds. Do they all have a place in the operating system, or you just choose your era sound. I think you choose for your error sound. Although they there may be apps that play them as well right, but these are all available to you, and in certain instances you might want to the other I mean, and there are some specific. That will get into lay around, but the era sounds mostly like you can choose them. Okay, that's fine down. That makes sense. All right here we go this. This one is called bottle not to be confused with blow now. Maybe this we understand why they renamed these, although why they renamed them only in one place, and not in the files themselves. This is the Catalina bottle. And then it'll be followed by pebble. With what bottle is now called in Big Sur? Bottle. Pebble! I like that. Because pebble sounds like dropping a stone into the water. And it sounds quite like bottle, but it's better but more yeah, but more more texter more nuance I. Agree I think that's actually a nice thing about it. Can I hit bevill again? Sure, you want to hear it you the new the new Perez. Yeah like that. S A good one. That's a good sound. All right. That's like okay. Apples apples up to two one now in the news and the new sound Derby, this tunnel to a different kind of game than I was. Expecting Enjoying it okay, this is a this is a sound called frog. Except in big Sur, it's called jump. kind of makes sense right so here. Here's frog. This is This is a good one. And here's jump. Oh. No, that's not enough. It's not enough noise. I don't particularly like frog. Right it's it's fine. I don't like I I. I don't particularly it. But there's just not enough noise in jump is to show. I like frog I actually use frog in one of my scripts to say, the script is done. And I've used it in other I. Use it a lot because it's really not obtrusive. I'm worried that jump is so not obtrusive as to have become invisible. I think that that's a similar problem with Mezzo like jump, so they are. You might not even really notice them that she doesn't alert sound work if if you aren't actually alerted by if an alert sound. Falls. In the forest, but there was nobody around to hear it right. Sure yeah data could be. All right this. This is a sound called funk, Yep. However. A big news breaking news here took breaking news in big Sur. It's called. funky! Well okay I'm expecting more if you're going from funk to funky. Saw One letter more at least okay. Here we go here's funk and then funky. Okay, that's too much more too much more okay, funk. I feel like his pretty classic one right like I feel like I hit. Maybe funke's my funk mine. I use funk for one my typical lot sound. I, the one said already that I used for I must use it somewhere else because they hear a lot, but funk look now. That's the sound that I hear and that's a good one is like a dunk that feels pretty pretty like classic the Mac the May. funke's too much I think I think there's too much noise going on there. They've added a little bit. It's sort of a single. Blip versus this like little, little mini music composition, and and as with frog, I kind of just wanted to be a blip. So we gotTA. We gotta dislike for that Oh. Apples down now to three. It's not trending well. Okay, we're moving onto. A sound called glass. which has been renamed crystal? In Big Sur. So from glass crystal. You can see the family resemblance here they are. Good Yeah Yep retains. The good part of glass, but makes it sound more Modin. As Joe Steel in the discord, says more expensive sound and I would agree. More. Saying yeah, we fancied that that glass sound up. It is I never really liked that glass sound, and it's because it's maybe two unpleasant and jarring, but then again I also leave the room. When somebody else's emptying the dishwasher 'cause I find the sounds really unpleasant. and crystal is better because it's a little less of that. A little less jarring I think. And it's more expensive. It's more expensive name right here. Here is one that I, really enjoy. What apple did with the naming system because it's a sound called. And in big, Sur, it's called heroin good. A skit all right? That's okay well. Let's the name naming convention. He did to the sound. Let's see what they did to the sound here they are. Who? Can I hear those again? Okay, all right, so it's basically the same sound, but there's a little prelude to the sound. I didn't know that alert sounds needed a little a little progressive role in yeah I think I like it here we go. Woo bloop-. Like that one I do too. Yeah, it's it's a little saucy. It's a little. Little personality. It's like hey, you know that hero sound well I'm going to jazz it up a little bit. It's got like island. Feel to it, you know, Yep. It's like we're taking the hero to the Caribbean or something. I like it. It's busy heroin now, but yeah, exactly right well I mean like you took hero to the Caribbean and now it's heroin. Yeah. Okay. Our next one is called Morse. Morse Code Yep. And it has been replaced with a sound called Ping. Pong. Oh, sorry sound called Pong. Did that because the next cool. Next one is called, Ping, and there's also well pop. Their names I, mean I don't WanNa be the prison at apple who has to name sounds okay, because it's hard, and then people like us making fun of them, but still is worth making fun of okay, so it's more which becomes pong not to be confused with Ping which became something else and we'll get to that. Here is Morris followed by Peng in big Sur. Okay, play those again. It's a little more poppy I. Actually think better because because you can miss. Morse but pawn. You can hear it. Audible is still not a good for me. It's not great sound, but it is. One, I think that's all we're really measuring here is. Did you improve? These sounds sub for some people a so okay all right now we're GONNA. Move Onto Ping, which is not Peng and has been renamed sonar also by the way sonar not to be confused with submarine. which is a totally different sound this ping? It has become sonar hunt for Red October. Fans might enjoy it here. It is ping followed by Sonar. that's interesting because the ping sound honestly feels like it belongs in the new sounds. Can I. Hit him one more time. Please okay. Oh. Therefore you. Know Memento there was an error. Okay here we go. Yeah, okay. I'm fine with that. I I like it. It's a good sound. I am going to say I dislike it, so we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Make this a split decision right I. Like the purity of the Ping. It is just it's just a tone and I. Don't think you need to bubble it up with like a with. Like I don't. Say then I prefer Ping but I don't dislike. SONAL so maybe we could, but maybe we could call that dislike the because I like the sound that it had perform our. It'll all right, so you prefer the old sound. I prefer all sound, but it's not like with some of them where I dislike the new one but I think that is a regression because I think paying is better sound. So we'll, we'll set what is called that dislike soon enough to create scoring category so now submarines use Ping's and sonar and also can generate bubbles. And they submerge. These are all names of sounds, but this is the sound formerly known as pop which has become bubble. Thing that that the pops so that kind of makes sense. Yep, here they are Bob Bob and no top and bubble go. I prefer bubble. Yeah? Yeah I, think so. I don't really think pop is much of anything. Right I think that's it is that although bubble is showy and I've said it a couple of points that I think. You. Don't need to just dress. Necessarily dress up sound, but sometimes it is either delightful, or like goes from being something. You've missed something you might actually notice. I'm not really sure why anybody would use the pop sound. It's too. That's way to easy to miss not one. Yeah, I don't like that one. Okay so If you're scoring home thank you. It's six to four in favor of apple's new sounds. We're moving on now to per. Which has been renamed pluck. We need to talk about this one. From a cat to a chicken apparently, or is someone doing something terrible to a cat? I'm not sure I. Don't know. Maybe we'll find out in the sounds, but this one volt at the naming ones seems rather peculiar. Right here we go per followed by pluck. No. No. I agree with you. I love. The sound that I didn't even know what's called per. But I I like it. It's like I like PA. Really because they're stera sounds that. Ice Sometimes here on my computer and I. I know somebody sounds so but I. don't know where I'm hearing. Probably you're saying that some some APP US using it as an alert. Yeah, yeah, I think I much prefer. To Pluck Oh. Yeah pluck pluck sounds like somebody hit a golf ball. Plot honestly sounds quite similar to. I think it's pebble. The WOM- rates dropping in the water. That's this one twosome, yeah? No super similar, but they sound. Yeah, they they both sound to me like dropping a ball into something or whatever. Yeah not unlike like that one. Okay! We're GONNA. move onto, so sue me now, so Sumi is a beep sound with a or at least name for a beep sound with a legendary history because there was a lawsuit. From records to Apple Computer. Because when apple was founded, they ended up having to reach an agreement with the Beatles about Apple Records Apple Music. involve basically saying they wouldn't get into music and sound related things, and of course it's the computer evolved they. Did that, and there were some lawsuits, ultimately, apple basically bought them out, and that's why there's apple music and stuff like that now is apple basically wrote? A my understanding is a huge check to the the Beatles estates. An apple records to do this. But the joke was that they put the sound in there as a reference to that by naming it, so sue me. But they spelled it Susumi, so this is a classic very old Mac reference But what are they and they left the name, so sue me continues to be the name, but they changed the sound. So you're gonNA hear, Catalina, Susumi and then. Big Sur Susumi Sue. US assume me. Big Sur Susumi studio here we go. So all Susumi is like. and New Susumi as like tink. It's like to. I, guess yeah, can I get those ones again, please? Yes, here. We go the sumit's. I don't like it. I like the lost Hof which is a like you can hear is a modernized version of the one that it's replacing, but I don't know why it does. That Pau Star I. Don't agree the Star. I feel like just a modernized version of sesame would have been better. Providence change it yet. They put a little too much a little too much. Action on. It was fine All Right? We're GONNA move onto submarine. Which is one that I've used a lot and it been replaced with something called submerge. See what they did there. Here we go. Okay I mean I would say that that was so. Like if I know. I was just as surprised as you that this is what this was submarine. Sometimes, it's a very stereo sound by the way does a left right pan kind of thing that submerged doesn't do so much. I think this is funny. Because they backed off of the like re, verb and stuff. That's in submarine, and they've simplified it with submerge, which I think is funny, since they said Oh that we change the sounds because modern Mac sound systems, and it's a more immersive of thing, but in this case they kind of went away from the like super skew more vic I guess sound to something that's much more almost like a like a very simple alert tone. and I'm not sure I not sure like it. That's why I like it. I'M GONNA. Play it again just so we can ponder. The originals better. I appreciate the simplification there, but I. I like the original. Okay! Apple is tied now six six. Okay. We have one last alert, and then we're going to move onto. Some system sounds we have a handful of system sounds this is tank. which has been renamed in big Sur. BOOP. From to BOOP, everybody from ten. BOOP here we go. I mean there's not a lot to go on. No feels now. It feels like there's some sort of psychological exam that we're going through. I prefer Boop I guess because it's just a more pleasant sound, I agree with you actually that it is less earsplitting and annoying, whereas tink is so high pitched that it makes me, WanNa. You know. Swat, whatever insect just buzz, pass my ear. Yeah, I wouldn't use either of them. No neighborhood I, but but tank suffers from that like you would never hear this problem and boop is at least a little bit more noticeable, but. They didn't really go very far away to carry boop. All right we're going to move on to some system alerts. These don't have names although they do have file names. I find that the file names don't always describe what's actually happening when they're played. We can talk about that if you want, but but I'm GonNa just introduce them by their names. Their file names then you can judge just how they were regardless of how they're used with. The new sound improves on the old town, so the sound is called drag to trash. And a new one. No No, no. No. No. I don't like that. I mean it's so dramatic. Oh trash. It's in the trash I as That's a bad sound like. I actually would say that even the ones that I don't like. They're not necessarily bad. That one is just bad like it doesn't sound good at all, not up for that, yeah! I'm with you. On that track trash sound is like feels iconic. I know well. They did something to the icon. By the way if they change any of these sounds before it goes final, we are taking full credit. Okay, yeah, close. Packed! This is going to do this. No one else now. We got that I i. think nobody else is ever going to do this, but definitely we got there i. it's only the kind of thing ridiculous thing. Find in the upgrade. Some are a fun. Here is empty trash ready. and. So so empty trash used to be like the rustling of trash, or like crumbling a a piece of paper. The new empty trash seems to be opening a door or something. I don't know what that no. I don't want that one either. I don't I. Don't appreciate that I feel and I appreciate that I've been hearing this one for like a couple of decades now But it does have a kind of crumpled up garbage. Feel to it and this. It's like there's some crumpling there, but also like what is that clunk? What is your trash? Is it a door to the trash bin? How come from one to the other right because they've removed the like this sounds like it's going into a trash like wastepaper basket. But the problem is the crumple and the door closed are happening simultaneously. Which wouldn't happen right? You can't crumple up your trash. An enclosed the been door simultaneously, or your trash won't go in the been. So I have some logic. Problems with the sound is what I'm saying of. Course is about continuity. I don't like it. Yeah, no, I don't like it I. Don't like. Okay, WE'RE GONNA move on to. Something this is this is a little weird, so there's a sound called grab. which is named after the utility that I think no longer exists. That was the screen shot utility in ten for a very long time. That nobody used, but it was there from the very beginning, and then there's a sound called screen shot, and this is basically the new default sound. When you take a screen shot, so the files are actually different files, but this is. We're going for the old default to the new default. Ready, yeah. and. So. How do you feel about skill morphism? I'll just point out the sound of a film camera winding its film. After, taking a shot lost lost on younger users right, what's happened to us? I don't. I'm, GONNA I haven't tried. They changed the sound on Iowa. Let me find out. No they haven't. So. Why did they do that? I think you've asked a very important question, which is, why would you change the screen shot sound on one and not the other. Yeah, like I have no problem with that sound, and honestly like the screen shot sounds it's like what's the point at the screen shows sound like sounding like a photo being taken from film camera like this point in the same. I know why what else is I know why the camera has that noise like? The cameras are supposed to make that noise in certain of the world like you said legal requirement, but a screen shot is in the camera. Exactly. I mean a needed, really you. The I don't think the the camera has to make that exact sound. Right can make any sound. I like the noise if that's what we're judging on, yeah, I think I prefer it. I'm I'm torn about this. As a as a media computer tech media person, I take a lot of screen shots, and so that that that sounds like an old friend to me at the same time, it doesn't make any sense, and it's kind of unpleasant, and the new sound indicates that you've taken a screen shot. So I'm going to say I like it. Change is hard, but I'm going to go with it. I think that they're okay and changing that one. Yeah Yeah and Mike that brings us to our last sound. This this finally was called volume mount, but I think of it is the volume rem network volume dismount sound. Maybe I'm getting that wrong, but anyway this is a sound that changed. That involves external drives on your Mac. Right away. Okay. Yeah. Hit that noise along. Yeah I think that's the when I drag. My external drive to the trash ended ejects. I get this. That, all like when you drag something somewhere else in the system. Yes, James isn't saying the chat room. Just a copy finished sound. US copy share well. It's called volume mount. Okay so I. Don't know why, but it changed and now it sounds like this. Can I get those again like one of the other? Sure and I again there may be some confusion here where they've. They've kept the name the same in changed where you hear it, but this is these volume out sound. I like that one more. Yeah the the old one is like you shot your file with a laser and it's dead now. Yeah, and the new. The new one is like in the. Its moved transport at itself. You know yeah I like that one well I have some good news for apple sound designers, because like has beaten dislike, but it was ninety eight so half of your new sounds. We like the good news. Is You one the bad news? Is? It was by one point? okay, so I think overall like even though we're pretty close to like dislike, I would say that I think overall the sounds of good but I. Think the problem is that sometimes the replacements are not good right like I think that's something we can agree on that like they're actually more good sounds. Then there are bad sounds may even nine to eight, but in some places the sound that it. The new sound isn't a good replacement for the old sound right? You think that is. That is more of a an issue arrogance. That's what we're measuring is. Was it an improvement? And because I agree. I think that there are a bunch of these sounds that are fine, but We felt like eight of them were not improvements on the old sound. Yes yeah, it's. It's tricky because change I mean. That's one of the things I'm trying to fight. Here is like I took a screen shot on on big Sur and heard that sound and I thought Oh. No, no, what did you do? What did you do and I've had to think about it? And like okay do I really like the old sounder is the old sound familiar and the answer is? It's familiar and I don't like it and I'm okay with the change, and likewise that volume mount sound I think the new one is better. The old one is very familiar, and but then the empty trash southbound. I don't think the new one is a better sound, so, but it is hard to unravel our our history with the with using the MAC from being. From seeing these new sounds, but that didn't stop us, did it? Definitely didn't. This episode is brought to you by express VPN. It's fair to say we want to browse the Internet without everyone in the world being able to know what we're doing. We can use incognito mode, but even in incognito mode your online tippety could still be traced. It doesn't matter where you get your Internet from your Internet service. Provider can't see every single website you visited. That's why. Why you need. Express VPN express. VPN Is the APP that reroute so Internet connection through that Secure Service, so your Internet service provider can't see the sites that you visit. It's available on all your devices phones computers. Even your smart TV, so there's no excuse for you not to be using it. I use express VPN myself. It's so easy to connect as one of the things that. That I, love about it. It just lives on my devices, and I can connect in one tap, and I can also change wear. My traffic is being routed through so I can maybe look like somewhere where I'm not, which can be really useful in certain instances, gives that peace of mind as well which I really love is it's a great tool to have in my toolkit protect. Protect your online activity today with the VPN rated number one by C net wide go to express VPN. Dot Com slash upgrade, and you can get an extra three months free on the one year package as E. X. P. R. E. S., S., VPN, dot, com slash upgrade to love more our thanks to express VPN for their support of this show and all of relay FM. Should do some Hashtag. Oscar, great questions Hashtag ask upgrade. Hostile lasers. So that was yeah, that was trying very nice. I like to I. Don't know if we're GONNA make opponent stay, but now we're not redundantly not good good. I cash and comes from Paul. Do you think of apple silicon hardware updates? Do you think that we're GONNA? See more frequent old regular updates than we've seen for the MAC in the past few years. I think they're not going to have to wait forever for Intel right so that's good. My guess is that we're going to see an annual cycle for most apple products, and maybe some of them will be eighteen months or two years just like with the iphone. Look the IPHONE and the IPAD. There's a new iphone every year. There's a new ipad sort of their different ipad models throughout the year. IPAD prose seems to be on an eighteen month cycle I would imagine there will be some regular cycle like that and the ones that apple feels the need to revise. They will revise, I think the real question is if they? They come out with a new processor in the fall on the IPHONE. When as it hit the other products in? Is it right away or do? They choose to roll those out? They can't release every new product at the same time right they have to. They have to stretch it out because they can't release all their products in the fall it will. They can't do it, but I imagine we're going to be in a scenario where the new processor year starts in the fall with the IPHONE, and then for the next year you're going to see variants of that chip in all of their other devices so in the end. I mean some of these products have gotten to the point where they're sort of annual updates already and I imagine that will continue, and then there are some lower priority products that won't be, but for the ones where it matters. Yeah I think if they're already releasing a new chip for the IPHONE every year. Why would they not use that opportunity in that cycle to have a version of that for all of their other products, too, so I think I think it will be more regular. And it may or may not be more frequent, but it will be more regular because apple controls and Intel. Apple couldn't control. Yeah I think I pretty much everything you said the right like I. think that we will seem more frequent updates and it, but no matter what we do say it will at least be on a schedule that apple of decided for themselves by and large right. The may be one of the biggest. Things was the fact that they needed to wait for Intel or they even had features that they wanted to add, but they couldn't. Because of Intel as well right so. I think that we're going to see a more maybe more consistent for apple shed your than what we've seen over the last years especially. Yeah. Rajiv asks does Iowa's fourteen include a fine? My widget like the one in Iowa, twelve or Iowa's twelve I checked and there isn't a new. Find my widget. On us which I thought was. Peculiar. I don't remember if this as big. Sur have a fine my APP. I think it does yes. Oh, if I my well Catalina a find my APP Catalina okay because I remember like Mohave and before the only way that you could use find. My friends was through the widget in the. Center. But I find not having a fine my widget to be peculiar. It may be that like a find my widget. Isn't that US four with the way that widgets built like I. Quickly enough I think that's exactly it is that. Is that the you know? They could add a fine. My widget that like showed people's faces and HAP- tap to launch it and it will show you that, and maybe they will in a in a future Beta I bet you could make a shortcut did that maybe but so thank you say. Say like a fine my, which it might be really nice. When they have their own devices or that API for devices to to tie in, so you could have a little icon of a device in you. Tap It, and it will make a sound or go to the APP, the little tag right that's being for but yeah, but is A. Peculiar mission to have nothing Because now there will be no, which anymore where there was one before nat feels change. Maybe, it'll come back. Samos. Do you think Mac developers who getting on board with the new design for big Sur as well as the work needed to support apple silicon. Sample occasion here is if they're busy doing apple silicon support. Will they prioritize that over the design? They inherited a lot of the design It's not quite the same, but like there is a default like the default window of old looks different in big Sur. It also looks wrong like it's centered instead of left aligned, and like it's not, it clearly is not. Right. For the big Sur design I I do think that apple silicon support is gonNA come first. And then you I, support will come after that, and it depends on how easy it is this summer for them to convert their APPs out apple silicon. If it's easy, then that gives them more time to support other features or make it look good using the new design but I think that will always come second, and you know it's going to be your typical thing where some apps come out with new design support immediately and others kind of lag behind, and that's that's the way of things but there will be. You'll be able to tell because the the new design is different enough that it's not again not like the old one will look like old windows. It'll just look like. The more generic version. That isn't you know that it's sort of center and the toolbar is below and things like that, whereas the new ones will feel very very new, but everybody will get on board. Eventually I think. I think though apple silicon the priority. They're the designs GONNA wait. You gotta you gotTa make sure. Your APP runs and runs natively before you worry about you. I- conventions. As important it. You know I do hope that. Developers will do the additional work at some point so the APPS look. I mean that's that's always the case you wanna you WANNA fit the platform design. Right so you always want to do that. I think maybe more so than. Though I think there will be APPs that people will use frequently on big Sur that will take a long time if ever you know just because there are maybe more legacy is not the right word, but applications that are maybe just in maintenance mode on the Mac because it's an older platform. I don't know I, I. Hope that we'll see a lot of of applications. Do what they need to do. To make that work to feel good. Charlie asked. Do you think that Microsoft will create original TV content like apple and Amazon? So my initial thought to this, is that Microsoft seen to be playing a different game and then I realized that was a good pun, because like quite literally, Microsoft's entertainment stuff is xbox right? They are yeah. They make games and I. I think that that is a big enough business for them that requires a lot of focus and is already on the outside of the rest of their company to a degree. Imagine we'll see Microsoft in this. This business for a long time, if ever, because they have a whole entertainment thing, they tried and failed to take some of their content and turn it into TV shows before they were gonNA. Do a Halo TV show and stuff and they pull the plug on all that, so I think they've I think they've been there They didn't do it right like they've learned their lesson. I don't think that's going to happen I. THINK THAT'S A. That's a focus for them. I think there was like a Microsoft TV product thing. to Oh sure I mean. They tried all sorts of different things there, but in the streaming world it seems pretty far out of what Microsoft would be interested in doing. Good point mats made in the Chat Room. They do own the minecraft since. You? Know this stuff you can do that. And I think they have done some stuff, but anyway. It's not a case of like what apple's doing now and that's over I. Think they've regretted everything they've done and aren't going to do it going forward. I would say it's highly unlikely. Kushciak asks. Would you personally prefer a watered down version of logic on the IPAD or a full catalyst version of variety on the MAC? I prefer right on the Mac, because fair right, which is the apple us or I used to edit some podcasts I think it is everything it has every feature that I need is a podcast editor. Logics a music, APP and my my guess would be that if logic went on the IPAD instead of garage band, which is sort of based on logic, but if they did logic on the IPAD pro, their primary focus will be music features, so we might be able to use it, and that might be nice, but my guess is that any place where it's? It's falling down on the IPAD. Versus the MAC is going to be on things that podcasters us because their goal is going to be to make it a music, composition and editing tool for you know for musicians to build and produce songs, so we might be able to use it, whereas ferret is a podcasting at right, just does exactly what I need. And so a Mac version of that is going to be exactly what I need. So I would choose the product that is designed for people like me over the product that is designed for people who are not like me, but that I occasionally can use sneakily because it's better than the other alternatives if that makes any sense like. Right Apple Apple is aware the podcasters use logic, but it doesn't care. I think would be the way I. Put it whereas fair. That's what it's about. Yeah I I would prefer to have the logic experience that I'm used to on my IPAD so I didn't have to your who tool, but I I agree of you. Made for the IPAD. They would probably. Be Best, if they they streamlined the project like the products in some way which could remove things that I'm used to. Even I'm exact surface level. Use a bit anyway. I think that because you're not the priority rights, so they could remove some things that are like not big deals to their audience that kill your use of it because they can get rid of Marcus or something. But what what I? What I think is that when if and when? Pharaoh comes to the MAC. That's probably when I will try to move to right so then I have the experience across all devices I. Hope I'm not stepping out of out of turn here but I think the developer of Ferret has said that they are the. He's investigating catalyst and the MAC and wants to do it, but I think there have been no statements beyond that and it hasn't happened yet. which would lead me to believe? Believe that since it hasn't happened yet. It probably won't happen until the big Sur era right because if it had been something that could have been done for the version of catalysts and Catalina. We would have it now, so I suspect it's going to be if we get that much hoped for Mac version affair I'd probably be this fall at the earliest, and maybe later than that but I I'm with you I feel like. The value of being able to round trip between. IPAD and Mac for podcast editing is. Is a big deal so for me too because I'm used to logic and use logic on the Mac all the time now. But if I can take my projects and move them just move them to the IPAD. That's that's a reason enough for me to switch to have the same on both. And this isn't an application. I want to experience the Iowa's version of on my Mac. I for a tool like this. I would want personally to have a at least catalyst version of it. Right, so like when apple silicon comes over. Don't think that for me I want my audio editor to be an is port running like I i. don't know I don't know how I feel about that. I would need to see a lot more about exactly. How that's GONNA work? You know what I mean. Yeah, but I feel like. I would prefer something built for the platform that it's on if I'm going to be producing my shows in. Yeah there are keyboard things, but you know you got It's got A. Project based approach where it's like all in there the at Bundle, and so there's going to be questions of. How do you get things in I'm sure I'm sure it will run on apple silicon right under ipad version. It'll just run. I'm not sure that's I'm with you I I think that that's the of catalysts and I. Honestly I think that developer is so. Careful and considerate when it when when they're building features that. They wouldn't be satisfied with just checking out the ipad version, so I would hope that may also be a motivator like no. No, no, no, please don't run the IPAD version on your Mac. Run this catalyst version. Instead also a lot of us are still using computers are not going to be able to run. Those apps because we're on Intel for a while, especially PICA senators. We've got our you know I I R- AMAC, pros and stuff so. Yeah Yeah Yeah but I. I do think that it's less likely I would get anything out of logic on the IPAD although I would like to see it then cattle than a catalyst version of Ferret. And lastly this question comes from stitch does summer. Come with. Notions I guess will most in like a muppet like fashion for me. It is just leaning back shouting in the upward direction so I don't share my microphone in your is in the process I think part of the fun of the summer of fun. Shout is that it's at a distance because we're shouting up into the rafters, and I similarly I'm sort of thing and shouting upward and. That's what it is, so I I I just did it, and you just did it and I didn't I didn't wave my arms, so that might happen occasionally, but it's mostly just the the act of turning away from the microphone and shouting. It's fun. If you would like to send in a question for future episodes of the show to send a tweet with the Hashtag, ask upgrade or use the command, the question mark, and then ask upgrade in the relief fem members, dischord, which you get access to if you are an upgrade plus subscriber. If, you an upgrade plus subscribe us, and you support the show to stay tuned after the theme song because it's going to be more upgrade for you if you're not going to get upgrade plus dot, com and you can sign up. And you get bonus segments and no ads and thank you so much to everybody that has signed up. M remained as subscriber because upgrade plus has been around for over a month now Jason. So, hurry, thank you. Everybody done it. Yes, Oh, thank you everybody for that. We really really appreciate your support. If you? WanNa find shots for this week's episode. You can go to relate that Hash upgrade such three, zero seven. You can find them in your APP of choice. And I would also like to thank express VPN pinged them and mobile for the support of this week. Show by sponsoring US If you want to find Jason's welcome line, you can go to six colors dot com, the incomparable dot com Jason, also how a show here! We fan like I. Do go to relate that FM saw shows to find more, you may find a new podcast to add to your queue also. I would recommend that you follow US online. At I Mike? I M Y and Jason is at J. now and we'll be back next time until then goodbye Jason Snow. Go. Nice Nice.

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