Knockouts and 3 Counts Episode 93 AEW ALL OUT and STARRCAST 3 Preview


You're listening to the podcast detroit visit w._w._w. Dot i'd pass detroit dot com for information what up doe everybody this pile and you are listening to knockouts and three counts <hes> in studio with me. We got cab with me and i'm thinking tony's going to be given a given a call in here in a little bit devon's <hes> kinda laying on getting the lay of the land in texas and figuring out what he's going to be doing down there but <hes> kept. Why don't you throw out your social media and let everybody know where they can find you on. Facebook is kevin d res- <hes> on instagram is underscored. Remain eighties on twitter is unscrupulous gourmet eighties. His mother must still love because his social awesome medias are still the same. Yes definitely it's like a new world record. We ears but you can find me on twitter and instagram at detroit knockout at detroit and okay oh u._t. Make sure you're following the page. Knockouts and three counts podcast on facebook knockouts counts on youtube kale three c. pod on twitter and instagram graham and <hes> at k._a._b._c. dot com. You can see all of our episodes <hes> kev. We got quite a weekend jump into <hes>. Yes yes yes so. Where do you wanna to start you want to start with star cast you want to start with all out we as dark as so first of all <hes> as we announced on our page a little bit ago and if you pay attention schorr social media <hes> we did get credentials for that event so we have access to all the panels the party with joy danila siyam park jon moxley all that so <hes> a lot of stuff to a lot of stuff to get into <hes> cap out of the ones that they've announced. What's what's <hes> one of the panels. You think is either going to be a sleeper or one that you're looking forward to hearing what they say. I think the the wrestling with stereotypes could be the one that's gonna be sleeper like i really think night eagle eagle eagle inspect to see in there in that one so it's funny that you name that one right off the rip because <hes> andreas intel are friends of the show. I've already been in contact with them. We're we're going to be doing in an interview with them and we met with big swell <hes> at the <hes> shine show so she's she's gonna sit down and do an interview with us kale in <hes> andreas and that will be on our youtube channel <hes> facebook all of our usual social media and stuff so so beyond the lookout man. We're going to have all the best content you know we have <hes> we have access to all the panels and with that access. We're going to be able to be bringing you the best best interview so that's definitely one that i personally look forward to <hes> aid to show love to kel- in them but also you're as we mentioned before on the show with my health. I get the whole stereotype right so i'm looking forward to that one <hes> for me. I think one that might be a little bit underrated is <hes> i am interested to see what's going to happen with the milenko one okay oh oh yeah because he just he just left there and now he's with a w in you know i mean <hes> what are what are some things that you want to hear from malingco one or do you have any questions that you would personally wanna. Ask him like out. I probably asked what was his. What was what was what was his mindset. They asked was released. I i was he at the. I wanna release go join aid and then you've gotta wonder was awa kind of already in the as hey right was that already kind of like in the works and it just was something that nobody knew <hes> for me. I i guess my question is going to be around the same line <hes> just in that for him to just go straight from w._w._e. To then go a to a w is quite the jump man so the bow move right so i'd like to hear what goes into that you know. I'd like to hear some of the stories stories. He's probably got that are gonna come out about his time in w._w._e. And like i said that one that one that one's gonna it'd be really it's going to be interesting. I don't even know what to say on that one but for those of you can't see what we're laughing about. It goes down in the group chat <hes> but <hes> the other ones that we obviously got look at <hes>. I'm really excited to go. Check out the c._n._n. Punk one <hes> worse that one's going to be one that i'm definitely i wanna hear everything. He's got to say <hes> especially with it being the first time be spoken in what five years you don't wanna wrestling forum so i'm sure he's going to get all all the questions to be honest with you though like as far as on wall oh no he's not and then well i in so here's the thing because everybody is going to be asking him so much about wrestling mm-hmm. I feel like i wanna ask them about him and me of course got to. I want to ask you about m._m._a. Because but like everybody's going to be asking about wrestling x. my a._j. Now i'm not gonna go. There strikes me as a guy. That might get a little testy that kinda shit so no i'm gonna i. I wanna know i wanna know. I wanna know what's going on as far as you know. Do we see him russell again. Is he going to stick to doing commentary with him as he is. He looking to fighting continue to ernie's goes sleeps running out. Let's see if he actually cops to that. <hes> what do you think about the moxley thing though bro about what's going on with him now well he's got mersa and all that and now who knows actually going to is really bad timing for him like he was gone for six months and w w me nine months nine months and came back had a horrible he'll turn in. They live so the he same thing going right well. I mean that's not his. I mean the mercer thing. I'm thinking is i mean i guess it is is but i mean at the same time. What i mean is like. They didn't know that was going to happen but then here's the thing you've hyped this panel. What happens if so so now. What are you going to have him. Come talk. I hope he does because. I hope we can still get them. <hes> you know we'll see what happens. I mean we were talking about this on the way over and we'll get more into it once. We get to all out and all that kind of stuff <hes>. I'm looking really forward to seeing just what comes out of those 'cause. Something tells me that i mean punks. Gotta know that everybody's gonna ask them of course they. You know you know he knows what he's getting into okay so maybe he's ready to talk about it. You know i could be off base but but i wouldn't be shocked if because the enemy thing you know is kind of run its course this point at least as it seems and and who knows that he doesn't try to come back to wrestling somebody who was it. Somebody was telling me that there was rumor or or something to be said that w._w._e. Called see punk. I hereby delaware so <hes> i like. I said i'm i'm i'm interested to see what's gonna come out of that and then like the other thing is i'm looking forward to genoa palooza holy. God thing is i don't know what quist beg at the geneva so then they got tone lok doing the semester he yeah yeah so <hes> that's bro. That's it's gonna be interesting. The details of a hardware legend make some stories detail and that's a dream interview for me lord willing dude with those media credentials. Hopefully we'll be able bring him to you here on the show. He's definitely somebody. I'm looking forward to <hes>. I definitely want to know some things. As far as the original original helena sell like like for instance i know he's. He said he's afraid of heights. We still went up there anyway like for you do that. That's took took balls. Look i think he went into that. Fully knowing look dude. This is gonna hurt but it's going to leave me a big <hes> a big impact and then not to mention so here's the other thing and i've said it before if we ever get to if we ever get get to <hes> interview noel foley a have to ask like what was that like for you watching to watch that in like what are your thoughts on it now now that you're older like <hes> i would love to hear stuff like that. I wanna hear about some of his time e._c. W and like all the the whole canedo he thing right allie the air by his talents the commissioner so he's having fun i wanna know was thoughts on his most recent run. It was good linear. There's plenty of things that i could ask them and so oh i'm i'm really looking forward to that one and hoping that <hes> you know it lines up that we can get some footage with him as well. <hes> all star cast star cast got quite a few cool panels <hes> like i said we've got access to all of them. <hes> i personally won't be able to get into friday morning so i won't be there for <hes> undeniable desirable arable <hes> with cody rhodes. That's the one that i'm really bummed about because cody somebody. I'd love to get on the show just like i said to me. He's been one of the most interesting interesting stories ever since he left w._w._e. And i mean the the guy's been hot and now you've got a w. and all this so. I feel like you're going to get some really cool stuff out of that that one but think about this you might you might get interview brandy. Where women are eight of you or brubaker say that again baker or brandy right but i mean wait a minute make that route baker or branded with the women women right so you might give anyway they wanted to do. Oh sure i definitely want to get an interview with them too. I was like wait a minute. What is it got to do with it. 'cause you can't get one rose. Get the other day man i dude. I'm just hoping that we can get good content because like you know what i you know. We're gonna come back with some pretty cool stuff or and <hes>. I just wanna take in the experience enjoy. It was kinda crazy. We got to sit in on the conference all conference call with conrad and sports illustrated and e._s._p._n. I and p._w._i. Insider and all that and <hes> so you know it's cool to even be involved with any of this stuff and <hes> you know you've you've got ring of honor coming up in so many so many big things man so it's it's a great time to be in wrestling right now. You're like look everything you've got going on. You got ring of honor you got n._w._e._a. You've got evolved got shine you've got w._w._e. Annex t is is is is even greater time to be a fan at the moment go man. It's just so so much like me personally. I like the state department. I got choices though i wanted to watch oh yeah dude like that's the thing it's not just one thing and that's it so as a kid when we were rejoices we either those w._w._e. Or w and east the sparingly so is like so. Let's talk about the elephant in the room since you brought it up so obviously we're talking about <hes> things that are on t._v. What do you think with exceed next. He go into <hes> annex t going to two hours then on u._s._a. I've been predicting this for two years but i didn't. I want to thank everybody knew eventually. It was going to happen two years ago. I didn't as big a._w._s. Right but i don't know man my only worry would go onto u._s._a. On one hand like on a surface level two hours annexed he would be great but if it gets to be something to where it becomes so produced do st- like ron smackdown do now that well. That's that's why they've tried to incorporate to five into the innings roster ah five as his own show which will be which will make more sense. I mean like i said i think an x t is great. I just hope that it doesn't take away from the product once it goes to you know u._s._a. And i hope it's not some where vince tries to start changing everything that i mean and i hate to say see that because i'm not one of those guys it's like vinci's this and that but that does scare me a little bit because there was such a handed the n._f._c. so when they go to <hes> get a major in a primetime spot he might one who put his hand in there and debbie wednesday vince stay from n._f._c. literally though but we've talked about the one half of the wednesday wars. What do you think about the other half so we've got all out. That's this weekend you've got takeover. Connect could carve eh takeover carpet but let's get into all out. I so you've got <hes>. Let's see you get to live feed open anyways so <hes> yeah man you've got to start. You've got <hes> kenny omega. They just kenny omega. Just they announced that he's going to be you know now. Facing park okay bastard pock. The idea of seeing pocketing w i think is great because you're going to get the cpac how <unk> should have been when he was doing the he'll run and w._w._e. But they didn't never let it really get off see but my problem with this is that i understand they were there. They were in a bind. Nobody knew that you know moxley was going to have the problem with mersa or and all that but dude that it like that match had a build to it and so that's my thing like. I'm somebody that as i'm getting older. There's more for me to be said about <hes> <hes> there's more for me to be said about the the bill that goes into a match because that's what makes me care or a replacement right so you know what i'm saying like. It's damn good. I mean it was a replacement managed pretty. Damn good replacement match but i mean you know so. Let's start with that one. Who do you got got park or kenny. See with this being a first match in a._w._s. Because for the first match what the have never <unk> happen. I have to say kenny just because 'cause who knows pocket. Were actually stay. Hey there i think he's going to i feel like he's gonna win but also with the way that things went with hangman i could also kind of see it to be where they have some kind of screwed bullshit finish though because you don't wanna you don't want to i mean to have pot not come in and just lose right away it true kenya lost one match already so kenny kenny can't lose another match man like can you. You don't need to go losing another match. That's not what i'm saying but it just makes us when awkward but again it also adds intrigue because you don't know what the hell's going to happen right. What mant you wanna go ahead next brother man the this does go for the tag team match which is actually the match morris is about the best friends versus the dark order okay and who do you got and why and what makes you excited about manche mainly because i i like to smash brothers. I like them. I like them really really like like the new gimme the gimme they get but i got them. Go all the way to become the new awa. Taxing chevy's are are. Are we like like. I like the best because i'm a fan of bread. The entrance trent trench. Read a entrant. Greta is threat not an beretta and i think it's gonna be awesome. H man you know the best friends have been underrated for a real long time. There's no arguing that <hes> but i have to say i'm really kinda intrigued with dark order yeah. I didn't know what the hell thing the first time when they all came out like that. I'm like what in the fuck what what are they doing like and then as i started to see it. It's still not i'm not gonna say. They're like my favorite tag team but it's got me interested but if i gotta pick one i think best friends are the better team but i'm gonna go out. Dr quarter best friends are better team but doug orders being pushed pushed really heavy right now and i just put this out there. The best friend has the best trimbe package. I've seen since eighty a aliens teddy bears and goats in a video package and only thunder call in. I see you're watching right. Wow but <hes> yo you know tony thunders in the building. Give them your social media's real quick yell at me to stony thunder <hes> on on twitter at cowboy hat hat on twitter at kabwe hat facebook at pink cowboy up so there's that eh but so we just started to get into all out and we went over the kenny in <hes> pock match <hes> what's what's your quick thoughts on that and who do you got man <hes> crazy what happened to marginally man <hes> sad to hear. Hopefully he gets back in his <hes> back. In good condition becky shapes only get everything worked out zell tough man but i mean at this point. Can you really bet against kenny omega. Yeah and that's an kev brought up a good point with that too like my first initial thought is like man. What are you doing with this one. Because now you're bringing pock into you want him to lose in his first match but then i thought about it will kenny's already lost too so he can't take too many more losses to and since it's a throw in like that to me it kind of makes it a little more intriguing. Absolutely i mean there's definitely a match who you know who's who's pagan. This man undergoes a bolt could use momentum. I mean don't you heard him. Say wins and losses supposed to matter in here so i mean you're a winner big. Kenny's the best about machine can't lose. Many matches yeah absolutely so. I think we're all on the same page with that one <hes> we the next match we went over was <hes> the dark order verse best friends who you got the best friends now sexy check e._t. He is my guy. I'm big fan of his for a long time and <hes> him insurance is just one of the best things going on in indy wrestling and pro wrestling in general so i'm the only only one took the dark lord of douglas okay so tony's tony's the lone wolf on this one so shout out to our sponsor match stransky who's is in <hes> watching the feed right. Now i see <hes> but matt man next match. We should go into you. Were talking about tag teams. Will why don't we just get into the ladder match. <hes> you've got deluge brothers verses <hes> the young bucks. They're running it back again and i don't know about you guys but holy shit. This matches got fireworks written all over it like this definitely you're this is definitely out of everything on the card is either top one or top two matches that i'm looking forward to <hes> as far as this card <hes> for me man. I think they're going to pull out all the stops. It's it's going to be insane. Twenty bucks smelter gives it five stars but what i'm gonna go. I'm gonna go with the young bucks in though it. This is gonna be a car. Crash is gonna be awesome and i'm also go with yamba is because lubar deluce brothers throughout the match so the bus got in wrestling. We put out table you the one who you got tony. You know when i when i when i first started wrestling nothing on the west coast <hes> i heard about ray horse brothers everybody was saying illusion brothers alike lucia version of the young bucks and that's what they were compared to everybody who i've talked to about to lose your brothers and compare them to being the lucia young <music> bucks matches definitely gonna be for those who've seen them work before you. You know you know to expect but me personally. I'm gonna go your brothers on okay okay any specific. I'm going i'm going. I'm going to cover us route and i'm going to cameras route so since it's the next one that just popped up on the screen. I'll go back to back with these to these are when i said those two were the top up to i was looking forward to these ones are probably the other ones so the next match we should look into is going to be darby. The allen versus joey vanilla versus jimmy havoc that match is going to be a fucking car crash man. Somebody's going to the hospital. There's somebody to jimmy having a i'm gonna go with you on this. One man okay nice okay. I'm going to go with darby allen. I think i think it's gonna be. I think i'm gonna go with tony on this. When i think danila i think donell has gotta get him some bag noon so at at at the legal thing it was over. I think i think has got to get him some back but since we didn't talk about it and we were talking about the panels. Let's talk about the official official all out party. That joey is going to have that. We're going to be at with tone. Lok is doing the fuck in emcee for that. That's going to be the same macadamia they got. They got so much like crazy different stuff like tony. Was there any of the panel the crazy <hes> you know. The great thing about that party is that enzo was invited so no i'm joking. I'm joking so are there questions yeah i was gonna say. Are there any of the are there. Any of the panels like in specific that you are looking most forward to. Are there any questions that you wouldn't wouldn't are wanting to ask to them. Necessarily i mean i really haven't looked into panels and was going on as far as so the main ones we got. Are you got see 'em punk. You've got maliki. I'd not obvious ones like the big ones you know i mean and then we're doing something with the stereoty <hes> wrestling with stereotypes <hes> panel we're going to do an interview with <hes> kellen andreas and then <hes> big soul to so we'll be there for that one too to <hes> but i'm really looking forward <hes> we talked about the malingco one <hes>. I think malingco is could be good. You still got moxley. You've still got obviously you've got punk. You've got foley's one foley's is going to be pretty good. Women the women avai w <hes> <hes> <hes> <hes> you got undeniable desirable with cody <hes>. Let's see tony chaban. He's got one and then those are most most of them. Obviously obviously punk is author wrestling questions in the world so you know that's that's really nothing that you can actually actually in punk. There probably won't get asked obviously. That's my car about the box in mid-may question. That's what i planned on the first thing. I said when i heard what we were going to do that as like my questions person's gotta be m._m._a. Related right any thoughts on any of the other panels name personally only man if i could pick demon winkles brain that will be the penalty that i would go too personally because i when i'm going to fucking team lincoln. I mean goddamn plus. I think about this being malingco not to mention think about a thousand think about none of them are on bars where they the three the three family grundel but <hes> you know the thing malingco to you got to remember. I mean he just left w._w._e. You know from being on creative with them in an agent and things like that you know and then he goes straight day w i mean that's that's i mean. There's a plot to dive into with that so <hes>. That's definitely one that i'm interested in. It's actually the first one i'm going to <hes> when i get there friday <hes> back back to the card you know we went through darby allen and <hes> jimmy havoc match. You've got after that one that i'm i'm interested interested in and again as we talked about of why i was kind of bummed the moxley matches in happening because there was actually a build up to that for that same applies as to why i'm excited for this match cody rhodes versus shawn spears with tully blanchard in his corner congratulations shine spirit. Just got got married. Hey that's what's me but <hes> what have you watched have you guys watched <hes> road <hes> all out stuff and seen what they've been doing with <hes> tally in sean. Tony's there kevin what about you. I i think blanchard was a good like a good piece to put with shine like. I'm not sure how here's a promo skills is so blender. It was a good person to put with him. I like the fact that they haven't revealed everything right right and i. It took me a minute because i'm thinking tully blanchard one like really and i thought about it. I'm like dude. He had a dog ask feud with dusty trump so if anyone knows how to be the roads odes makes you know so i think it <hes> it it adds instant credibility for shawn spears. I have tully blanchard endorsement. I don't know i don't know if this is going to be a one and done or were. They go with this one but i think this could be one that steals the show because i feel like there'll be a lot of theatrics senate true for me. I'm gonna go qodian. I'm happy go shine why so because like we're with him by offer like the he'll have to go over sometimes and with the with this few the way the way he started out a few he he got finished up hot. He started high finish. I mean like i said that's definitely one that. I'm looking forward to what else do. We got on this card the twenty one. Let's see we've got a match that they just announced yesterday. You've got loose. Soroush jungle boy marco stunt versus ocalan censored. That's going to be christopher. Daniels frankie syrian scorpio sky the u. s. c. You i'm definitely looking forward to that one. The videos that they do would jungle boy and lucia soroush are just fucking awesome marcus with a leash on dude. It's it's so funny though but that little bastard will get up there and fly off anything. I don't know man that one's going to be a fun match. I feel like there's going to be a lot of it's funny shit in that match. I think that's definitely going to be a match that is definitely going to keep the crowd entertained that might not be the badge bench so you're gonna watch for the most great wrestling although all the guys in that match ken russell but for for some nice hotspots does the best message to have other than the match. I don't know i'm looking forward to that. One that one i think probably could be a match. You might see this past episode of being the league <hes> legit suarez head jungle book boyle his shoulders and job ahead marcus don't his saw within they had was named on john john morrison anti anti prince presley and may so let's see we've got a private party verses and helicopter and jack evans private party. That's fucking fire written over do ally jack evans and an helical but private private parties gonna win. They think they're trying trying to build them. There's going to be them. Eventually them in the young bucks will actually have they match in aid of you so you got the twenty one woman casino battle royal. Will they just announced. You've got eva lease. You've got <hes> brick baker. You've got all the names that we know in the ones that we don't yet <hes> you've you've got you've got awesome. Kong's going to be in their aisha khan i heard kong's out <hes> <hes> but debt match is going to be interesting. You got any thoughts on who you think might be the person to get the you know. The women's title shot katy perry kylie ray highly right whatever i was gonna say wrong company. It'd be a kylie ray. I she she's that she's that bailey daily character that they wanna reach for so she's going to get the win. That'll say i'm trying to think of who i got. <hes> brand apprise interest not a surprise bryce. You know brandy is gonna be in there. If i gotta pick one. I'm going to go neither rose. That's a good pick but <hes> i'm gonna go brit baker mrs nicole. What do you think about the three picks that they added <hes> this couple of weeks ago. You know you've got a eva lisa's coming in. We just saw her this past weekend here in michigan in a great match against adversaries martinez and detroit's own pinkies up ak <hes> but you've got her. You've got jazz is going to be in it yeah. This guy just totally drops out but allison. I heard it. I like the promo for jazz inducer. Tony got any pick <hes> for the twenty. One woman <hes> women's battle royal oh tossup. That's kind of like you know andre or to move about a royal plus. You don't know all who's in it. The other imagine we went over while you were on hiatus. We went on hiatus quintessential without kyle. We can't put those on the screen and work facebook said that it's too much text on the screen so so anyway frame ki ki image gadget so the we were talking about cody rhodes verses mrs shawn spears with telly blanchard first of all what are your thoughts on them putting tully blanchard with shawn spears and do you think that it adds instant credibility. I mean <hes> <hes>. I think the way they're running with. The story is it's dope. You know it's <hes> it's something you want to keep your eye on you know they're trying to get as many eyeballs as they can before we start and the main story lines. Are you know very interesting so <hes> i'm personally. I'm personally leaning towards cody but you never know. It kind of seems like you might lose this one to get help himself. What do you think about <hes>. What do you think about the whole telly blanchard thing. What do you think on the pick to put them. And how do you think it's played out so far. I think so far. I like it. You know i'm not the kinda gotta jump to conclusions like a you know a lot of people got the face pioneered base or whatever you wanna call it when it comes to the character with the scene so you know you gotta get things sounded develop some time so far. I like it. I agree to me at first. I was like why i tully blanchard but then when i thought about it i'm like dude. He had such a dope viewed with dusty. It's a great person to pick. 'cause you can say well if anybody knows how to be. The roads is really. It's totally blanchard so i like it and i liked the way that they cut off j._r. Like that so. I i'm really interested to see what happens with that one and who knows maybe we can get mr spears on the show to talk about it in chicago. That's like charlotte who who is a heart but his i i mean you're right and i can't even i can't even argue that <hes> let's see what are we got next on the card. We also went over private party versus an helicopter and jack evans. We got man. Oh boy helical can man if you can't flip. I'm going to go man we. I think that was a clean sweep for for us on that one yeah. Let's see <hes>. Let's see what we already. Did that match. Did that match well. The looks like the last match we got left left. Is l. grand champion. We've got a who's going to be the first awa champion. We've got the hangman adam page versus versus chris jericho coats so there's so much to unpack on this first of all yeah first of all. What do you think and i think it's fucking brilliant first of all. What do you guys think of jericho's promos leading into this and the reason i ask is if you watch the most in recent episode of the road to <hes> all out jericho cuts about a minute and a half pro like a minute half promo about how so if he loses this match then it's essentially the beginning of the death of christianity <unk> jigger right and he was making evidently really clear that he's why he needs to win this match but so he showed but it shows why jericho so good he makes you believe bro like i have to win this shit because don't zone right. You know what i'm saying so and for him to say look. This is the beginning of the end of my career. I mean that saying something <hes> and i think this is going to be out sago ever since he came back after the g._p._o. Instead like he was rejuvenated. I knew after a while this time would come and it hasn't been that good wow <hes> but at this point you kinda gotta look at a._w._s. What are they going to do. Are they going to try to put prestige with the title genetical or are they going to actually stand there and say we're going looking to the future we are the future only went to future utah actually put the title on page <hes> either way agreed choice me personally the way they think gearing towards being the wrestling promotion of the future i. I think that they were going to hang so for me. Even though i think it wouldn't be a bad move to put the title on jericho jericho just the wade's being set up. Something tells me that they're going to have jericho. Put hangman jerko. W i think that pretty much that pretty much sum set up awesome x and <hes> before we get into the rest of what's going on surrounding this weekend and the impact is going to have on the wrestling business as i mentioned a few minutes ago will our sponsor match stransky was in here watching with us and and if you're in the market for a new home strength gained company is where you need to go you can find him on instagram house. Exactly man like this dude just posted another listing. If you look in our <hes> shows story or not like we got to tell the people that they don't sell houses because they give you homes right. It's a halt. I'm an excuse me randy. Luther vandross say a chair is not a chair unless somebody's sitting there home another home look man. I house is not a whole unless you get it. I just need all i need. You guys to do is just go. Look at our show story. Look at the house bro. They show oh you all the rooms in the house. That house is dope but stransky and stransky and company is a top producing real estate team specializing in individual strategy over the top service and continued success for their clients. They're the real estate easy bucket button as we said if you're looking to buy sell invest call them at two four eight five six three nine four four nine or e mail them at adleman at stransky and company dot com and like i said follow him on their social media's but seriously man we wouldn't have brought these reading that yeah that was from the heart you know i mean i'm just trying to give you all the information but for real though if we would then be in our first sponsor man got all day like like i said they've stepped up to the plate helped us out. If you're a fan of the show man help our sponsors and i mean we wouldn't have brought these guys on here if we didn't believe in them so like i said real. There's stuff out man and i promise you if you even if you're not looking for eric somebody damn oh i mean seriously though absolutely louis but <hes> you know now that we've went through all out and all that stuff what do you think where do you think <hes> <hes> we are with the wrestling business right now and i'm going to put context behind that question so it's also been announced now. That next is going to go to two hours on wednesday on u._s._a. And they're going to go head to head with all not all out all the way tuesday night up yet. No it's the wednesday night right. I can't talk today. I'm lou all out rest but <hes> what are your what are your thoughts on. X._t.'s move to <hes> u._s._a. And do you think do you think it raises any red flags. As far as you know maybe vince ends having a little bit more of a hand to it didn't tell you this man vincent man. Don't give a shit about a e w okay ms mcmahon is a billionaire and he's. He's like getting ready to start to x._s._l. The a._w._s. probably not even on his radar but what is to be alive if you wrestling saying this is the greatest thing that has happened to us since the monday night wars since the attitude era says no. I'm not the biggest fan of what people think the attitude era it. Was you know that's just. I'm not going there but i've ended today man. This is this is huge. This is big for wrestling this big for all of us and it's the start of something great man. I mean it opens the market. It brings them sands from the indies who don't watch t._v. Wrestling to speak to come and enjoy the experience of connects t n e w to to get the feel good feeling of having a remote in your hand and just hitting the last button you know at any given moment to see what's going on. Bat feeling is back like they're not to love about this. I i can't argue that fact at all as far as <hes> the content my only question i think i would say is the real question for awa coming out of all out and heading into t._v. Is are we allow. Russell is a are they read well. That's what i'm getting at you know because when you look at like fighter fest and you look at fight for the fallen there were definitely great matches watches but then the other ones were just kind of like what the fuck but again there are new company so the question is what do you guys think. How do you think think they're gonna fair when they get to weekly t._v. Kev what about you say is going to be a little bumpy. I eventually they go get their strike by the end of the year the eagle okay <music>. I'm not watching this this eagle. You'll have your choice. I'm watch a._w._o._l. N._f._c. so you think people are gonna make that switch and choosing of course because those the eighty three weeks chose here <hes> <hes> let me tell you something about <hes> if you think that the millions and millions upon millions of wrestling fans who don't even know that e w exist it's gonna check it out automo- random wednesday and say fog w._w._e. This is kimberly so go ahead. We see he was a lot of people that don't even watch inexpensive with our that we only watch the main roster so y in c coming through they got to show they never ever seen they go. Pick and choose going to watch them of real. Well you gotta you gotta. Look at it like this. It'd be a production team behind them. That is let's go make eighty. W look like we're like even if you looked at w._w._w. E back in the day the w._b. Have a more live raw. You're you're a fair type of feeling like when the music hits you hear it with great chris claire sales. There's not that weird echoing back. They actually lay the track on on top of the audio. So you hear the music that the commentaries on point the camera angles the the crowd reaction is louder. They enhanced that so you hear eric like w don't things down pack. I don't think from the how how long ago was paper us and how long w w on the blair how long years seven years on home out nitro or w so about seven years so so you're saying about baltin years vince ultra owned by w i don't know man. I don't think i don't think a._w._s. On fences this is radar. I think we as wrestling fan like the so-called <hes> insiders that know the business and watch the indies indies and actually look professional wrestling outside of the w._b._z. We're a small target audience. It's not like w e gets three to four million views every week and that's considered low. That's considered. They're dying three or four million. A week is considered. They're dying versus when impact unpack had their first run against me on a monday and now with their biggest episode with the most viewers one point four million so the question when you was in florida a few weeks ago. Did you stop that please. Did you start with the p._c. Or or the impact zone awesome. I stopped at a stop by ria smash cakes and got some cupcakes me by maria boating and they were delicious. They were the best check her how on facebook and instagram twitter at ria smash case right get you a house. Get you a house. We're finding somebody who own a house here. So what are you guys thoughts on. <hes> w w run in the annex t u k takeover day of of all out in how do you think it's gonna fair. I'm not sure about that. One you know at this point. I i start to get the idea of way. Maybe they're really trying to go e w is not w._w._e. Versus w is really like an x._t. Versus a._w._s. agreeing agreeing to meet that battle is is a better fight because this is a similar style of wrestling stem similar stilo fans and the same target audience data today. You know you're if you if you're looking for the competition. If you're looking for the we're going to me if you're having problems despite inex- t- you're gonna have problems with ron right now. Even bigger problems 'cause runs mcdonald's outdraw out views in every week and the two two. I think the one or two battle they've had really closely number. So of course they're doing it on purpose at this point that i it was kinda like well. Maybe that was a coincidence. Now is is it's obvious you you know that they're trying to compete in x t where they w and like. I say it's a great time to be alive and to see it all come together. I think it's going to be awesome in the fact that we're able to not only be there in attendance you know and be able to bring you. Some this content you know is going to be awesome but for me man the whole oh. It's like tony said to me. There's no mistake at this point like it's clearly they're doing it on purpose worth. I mean like not that anybody. Have you ever thought they weren't in the first place but <hes> for me man i think to a._w._s. Credit they've said from jump that they weren't trying to the defeat w._w. They said the whole time and they've said even now that they wanna be you know the alternative they wanna be. You know the what's different and that seems to be the same thing that they're echoing now <hes> for me. I think they stay in that lane at school but i think i think a._w._s. Knows they're they're not gonna overtake. Ws a whole and you know it's funny because kevin show what kev is showing me for those of you who are watching on the facebook live and my hat's in my cab showing me a tweet young buck saying that they aren't scared about an exte- come into who <hes> wednesdays. I only got anything to be scared about. I think that no i think <hes> i think what tony said is spot on in that sense and net. I don't think it's anything to be worried about if it's just them verse annexed he. I think that's a fair war and i think that that could do well. I don't i think for anybody that thinks they're going to overtake w._w._e. I mean is it. Just good for fans. Have choices had attorney of light of okay. You don't want for those who still watch impac. Jake has always had an alternative but a lot of times. They was always available vary by the watch right but you've got you said for for those who are still watch impact. I mean impact is king is a lot of people don't watch impact because impact. Does that have a t._v. Town everybody has everybody can get twitched though they could but do they. That's fair but everybody got you too. I mean that too. I mean and they wrestling content on youtube shit. Plus impact is like posting like the old t._n._a. Pave us on dude. That alone is fun to watch salah look. That's that's plural t._v. Show they low impact in killing it. They have dude like their story. Their story lines are one hundred times better in my opinion union. <hes> i love what they're doing with jessica havoc and father james mitchell. I ain't no he was bake. Yeah dude. He's with the it's him and <hes> havoc in. I think sue young's with them should be rosemary so yeah dude. I mean they. They're definitely coming up man. There's there's more people going there brian cage being their world champ and all that man i mean you couldn't really pick much better guy to be. You know your world. Champion got johnny mundo. Oh you got one of those. Oh he left it. Basically they got. They got to underground there. You know you're right though oh 'cause they do bring a lot of guys with triple into so. What do you think about that. Do you think what do you think about partnerships yeah. What do you think about the partnerships that a._w._s. Trying to put together. I mean they've already announced one with <hes> triple a. a. w. n. o._w._i. Dan yeah you know i to me. I think that should smart. I'm surprised ring of honor and n._w._e._a. Already dropped <hes> i to me i think them. Partnering up is the best thing they could do because it's the only chance they got a really making a any type of <unk> against w._w._e. Tony i'm i'm. I'm a fan of the partnership. I've always you know like the cross brand and even when they do it within the themselves themselves with you know <hes> survivor series. You know one of my favorite times where you get to cross brand things back in the nineties when a w._w._f. Went to new japan and all japan pan w._c._w. Did the same thing those are some of the best matches and best times you know four wrestling fans <hes> i wanna personally w e do something with new japan again a ah that'd be dope. You know maybe incorporating the great mood into the hall of fame. You know knowing that he's about to retire. Someone like you know <hes>. I love it. I'm a i'm a big fan of it even if you have those type of promotions where they say you know we're in this town and just twenty miles up the road. This promotion is doing a show so next saturday and they're going to have a showcase match tonight. Come and check out some talent. That kind of stuff is just you know helping hand helping each other goods adopting the more rustling wrestling the better for wrestling fans and you know what's wrong with that. Yes i would love to see that with new japan just because i'm not old enough to be around back when they used. I do like the japan you know. Merge merging shows and stuff like that so i would like to see that <hes>. I don't know that you see that with japan at this point especially ashley now that you've got the whole a._w._o._l. But i mean even at that a._w._s. Not connected with new japan either so i mean i mean new japan still got the thing running on her and i don't know oh if w._b._z.'s like kinda staying away from it because of that or maybe they have a deal where they can't work with other promotions. I don't know the deals of neutrogena ring of honor but new japan is basically the w._w._e. Of the western hemisphere agreed bill you know it's it's it's huge you know it like i said you know vinson's worked with new dependent on japan in the nineties before you know with the hogan vs mood of thing and hogan c. We know mood you know it was it was a dope thing you know. I don't know the terms oughta legal crap. That's preventing gate or what but i would love to see that man. You know there's a lot of dream masses that could happen with you know the versus new japan. Ah talking about ring von herman <hes> stay tuned. You could be seeing some ring of honor stuff coming real soon next week. We've got ring of honor coming coming here to dearborn <hes> what are your thoughts on ring of honor lately man <hes> the home media shane taylor is <hes> make the impact told me your man. He's being killing. If you haven't been watching the the same taylor show and the the cleveland browns round beatdown himself <hes> the cleveland browns beatdown judge just made that up right now com. I'll be right aren't they. Made it up just now and you probably as it but <hes> i'll be seeing him next friday man <hes> he didn't he didn't go well. We we can scrap then we can fight. You know whatever you know but menam astronaut the same taylor man <hes> saint sewed mad. Love your show guest of our show. He came john <hes> two or three times you know before him and asked champ you know he's been holding onto that making it something good having great matches with it as much as people talk doc online about him when you see them in person you know this is a different story. He's a bad as you ever seen but <hes> it's getting to be about that time. They're telling us we gotta go home. Tony let them know komo day. It's randy tony thunder everywhere facebook twitter instagram. Tony founder love your mother fucking couch kicking kickoff date. Hey all saying the one time. I know i'm not allowed to have nothing november. Love jesus you got what about you. <hes> man on facebook facebook kevin de risk on instagram twitter underscoring remain as my mother does love me and make sure like we said make sure you're following the show on all of our social media's at keio three seed pod on twitter and instagram. You get you a house from stransky stransky company realty. You've got a and make sure you're following the knockouts and three counts youtube. Go subscribe to that joint because that's where all of our contents going to become an once. We we go to star cast like i mentioned we've already got the interview setup with the wrestling with stereotypes panel. We're going to have the guys andreas inhale andreas and kellyanne with us. Excuse me boys his and <hes> arrow marian ro <hes> big swale so we're going to do that. We're going to get that done. You got scorpio. Sky is going to be on there to maybe we'll be bringing him. We've got access to punk moxley all that pay attention so check us out kale three c. pod dot com. I'm at detroit knockout on twitter and instagram and <hes> peace mother fuckers.

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