#857 A Desire Fulfilled (Proverbs 13:12)


Pre The word with David. Platt is a resource from radical dot providence chapter thirteen verse twelve hope deferred word makes the heart sick but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. What ahead an awesome glorious advent verse as we prepare to celebrate the coming of Jesus eases at Christmas just think about the longing for Jesus in human history the longing for one who would save us from our sends the longing for one who would give us eternal live reconcile us to God so to read proverbs. Thirteen twelve about how hope deferred makes the heart sick like hope and wait and wait and wait net hope to be deferred word but then the beauty the joy the exhilaration that happens when a desire is fulfilled like a tree of life and this is the good news of Christmas that the hope of God is here that that all our desires for peace and joy that supersede the suffering and circumstances of this world that those desires have have been fulfilled in Jesus that God has come to save us from our sins. God has come to satisfy our souls to restore us to a relationship with him. We are not waiting anymore for Jesus to come. He has come and he has fulfilled. Well filled our desires therefore our hearts are not sick. Instead we are like trees of life we live today in. Jesus we live tomorrow in Jesus. No matter what happens to us we have life and peace and hope and security in. Jesus US oh God we breaks you. We praise you for the hope we have found in the hope we have right now in. Jesus God I just pray this over every single person who's listening to this no matter what they're walking through the day with. No they would know that your he's your security your joy are there's in Christ now and then even as we know that now al God yes we still we still long for more. Lay We long for sin to be no more along for no more suffering and our our hope is in you. We long for the end of sin and suffering and death altogether so God help us to live in this already Rit Not yet kind of picture already having the hope of. Jesus already having the peace of Jesus already having the security that is found in Jesus alone the hope that is found in Jesus alone today and at the same time realizing that we are still not yet to the ultimate commit fulfilment of that. Hope to the day when we will see your face and we will sing praises and we will enjoy your peace and security and intimacy with you for all of eternity in unhindered communion with you. We long for that day so so help us to live faithfully. Help us to live today in the hope and joy and peace and security that you've made possible for us even as we hope in a coming day where all of these things will be brought to full completion. Oh Glory be to your name. Jesus you are our hope. You have fulfilled our daily fulfilling our desires and you make us a tree of life. Yeah in your name we pray Amen.

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