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Caught Offside with Andrew Gummy. Jj Davani my goodness. Oh my goodness and emergency. Podcast caught off side from the upper west side of Manhattan and from Midtown Manhattan at caught off sides Auxiliary Towers Andrew Gumming. Jj defining what is up brother. Andrew I I am stunned in an office Looking out over midtown office you could say about would fish. L. Mubara see very owner magister city. Who himself I'm sure is pretty stunned today. while you know it's funny because sometimes we like you know we're we're hard on twitter. We mocked twitter. And things like that but I gotta hand it to Well let me find the exact tweet here. I got to hand it to one of our listeners. At Swedish car eight fifty. Who just sent US each a tweet with a link to the article about Manchester City being banned from Champions League play for two seasons and he just wrote Oh my goodness boys emergency pod and I thought what and then I opened the article and thought Oh my God yes. Emergency Pot emergency pot this is. This is madness and it's a thing that's been kind of danced around talked about for really a couple of years now of whether or not Manchester City with all the financial might that comes from Shakhman source. Pockets if they would ever if that financial might would ever find itself outside of the boundaries of what is allowed by the sport And today we have come to find out and there will surely be. Multiple appeals to this. And this isn't going to be necessary decided overnight but we come to find out today that he has gone outside of the boundaries and Manchester City. Have as a whole and they had been banned from Champions League play for two seasons And I guess. Jj the only thing. I can really think of for a club like them to receive a penalty like that. I mean this is essentially like there. Tell me if this is dramatic but it feels like. This is the closest thing Manchester City in today's iteration of the Premier League and Manchester City. Like this is the closest thing they can experienced relegation. I feel like yeah. Of course if you look at the defined ams on the clear aims of this club was not just to win multiple premier leagues but to win the European Champions League and for them to be not in. That competition is a death sentence even for two seasons because this was being built around the vision of of of Pep Guardiola. This club is being tailored over a period of time prior to his arrival so that he could come in and seamlessly or maybe not seamlessly but certainly quickly take city to a position. They've never been in European football and this destroys all of that in one fell swoop. Oh my I mean doesn't ever and we'll get into What this could mean for Manchester City moving forward from the perspective of their roster and from their perspective of their manager. But I guess. What's first and foremost what's most important? I guess is JJ trying to understand? What exactly it is that they did that. Fell Afoul of the rules And I'm going to be honest This is this is complicated stuff. And it's like when you're talking about you know financial fair. Play this. These aren't necessarily the reasons that we love sports like. Oh I look forward to these podcasts. So much right to talk about money and ownership and financial laws of sports like. That's not like the fun part but I mean my God on days like today you can't help but avoid it This all stems from articles that we referenced fairly frequently on this podcast in Der Spiegel. The anonymous footballer where it was essentially just kind of like a dossier of just leaked information pertaining to different clubs around Europe and and you know allegations of this and that and and Manchester City's name came up In this and that that was kind of like the beginning I guess of where we are. Today yes I'm looking right now at the two thousand Nineteen Article by By that was inch Beagle By Rafael Bushman on Kristof winter back and it basically comes out of the football leagues documents and it. Oklahoma City's owners have used this surreptitious company in the Cayman Islands Conceal Player Investment Fund And you know it it even goes but I mean it's been coming down the tracks because in Spiegel Article It's two thousand fourteen. Manchester City reached a settlement which way for to avoid such penalty so like a ban by as far back. As six years ago you had discovered violations and I'm reading from speaker by the way to its for financial fair roots which prevent club owners from investing unlimited sums of money into organizations was not allowed to spend significantly significantly more than at arts since Manchester was bought by Schick months or Ben. Zayed on the hand though. The club hasn't made much of an effort to keep it strategy a secret. It has been trained to buy. Its Way to the top of football world by spending exorbitant sums of money on infrastructure players. No matter what the cost you if investigators didn't believe that clubs assertions that certain sponsors from Abu Dhabi had no connection to the shake. They suspected that these companies were also used utilizing a surreptitious investment vehicle to face the clubs revenues. The trump's boss Khaldoon al Mubarak said at the time that the settlement felt like more than a tiny inch on added that the team would continue continue pursuing it strategy considering the gravity of the accusations facing it. I'm a box had gotten off extremely likely. Well it appears as if the chickens have come home to Roost de continuing investigations have brought us to this point right now. last year Some of our listeners will remember that Manchester City's own social media an old. Oh its own media house at did an interview. A wide-ranging introver- Would Khaldoon Al Mubarak which talked about City the gray football that we're playing the ambition to structure also about the investigations and the on going investigations and it started first with the allegations by heavy Tobias the head of the League On the comments he made about how Manchester City were distorting football. And then it moved forward to the actual right at the end of the interview and you can check it out on Youtube. It's easy to find the actual investigations going on and Calderon Mubarak spoke about how confident he was about. City about what they've been doing about the ongoing investigations away and and I guess no. The worst case scenario for city has has reared its head. Yeah it really is. I think that's something that we need to impress upon people who are kind of just familiarizing themselves with all this. The penalty that Manchester City received today is By financial fair play standards a very severe one the two year ban from Champions League or Europa League competition as well as a thirty million pound fine on top of that a message was clearly being sent to them that I don't think it's just that they broke the rules. I think it's also the way in which they tried to deceive the committee that this was a thing that was happening. I'm reading now from the Guardian from their coverage of this Let's see shake Mansour of the Abu Dhabi ruling family was mostly funding. The huge sixty seven point five million pound annual sponsorship of the city's Shirt Stadium and academy by his country's airline Eddie. Hod One of the leaf email suggested that only eight million of that sponsorship in two thousand fifteen sixteen was funded directly by at you had and the rest was coming from an source owned company vehicle for the ownership of city the Abu Dhabi United Group. you know it's like these are blurred lines when a guy kind of like owns all of these businesses that are now sponsors of the club. You know it's it seems like it's just a situation that is so right with potential pitfalls and for chances to deceive the the governing body and in the end it's you know it's kind of one of those things where this has been long suspected so. I guess no one can like it would be almost disingenuous for us to be completely dumbfounded and shocked. This could have happened but I guess there. There is that like realization of. Oh my God they were doing it like. Oh my God is that you actually stepped up and delivered. What is such an absolute blow to them Because look what we talked about on the podcast for the last few weeks months. Even we've talked about the divide between the haves and the have nots in football and this claim to move towards a Super League in Europe and we've talked regularly. How UEFA placate the big teams just to keep the Champions League together as we know it we know we give they. They try as much as possible to to you know Make sure that the big jobs in the big leagues are satisfied. So they won't blow this whole thing off and the surprise really is that they would do this to magister city. I'm shocked to be honest. Which because it's funny how it's just in the in the last one. I mean Mega Delaney. Mostly absolutely raging. Because he's put out a piece. That's being tweeted and re tweeted by everyone from Gary Lineker to the top journalists in England America talking about money and how football is broken on and here we are right now would would city are rather with UEFA checking back against this effectively and saying that no we will not allow this to stand. We brought in financial fair play for a reason which is something me and you regularly joked about and laughed about. And we know what? How foolish do we look now? No but but the fact that that actually do. It is very very Stunning to me. And I mean the problem I think now is that in one of the football leagues documents on. I don't recall who said it in the Matt who are alleged to have said it in the city archive but that. They said they wouldn't care about this that they would throw lawyer after lawyer did spend a hundred thirty thirty million one hundred million whatever it took to flight on anything that will come up against them. And that's not challenged for you with the quarterback. Yes you're absolutely right and I and I can't help but wonder if this is kind of not. This is the first time that financial fair play has come into play but the severity of it like like I said a message is being sent and Jj don't you just wonder now how many other clubs around. Europe are like shaking in their boots thinking like. Oh my God here. They come like are. Are we going to be next like we've talked? It's unfair to just like throw allegations out there. But like PS must there must be people in those offices. That are just terrified right now. I love the the the the kind of guarded way. We have to be about these things when you know it's obvious. Massive amounts of money injected into a club has to come from somewhere. You don't become Manchester United with their commercial revenue model or Liverpool. Even with. There's overnight when you're not you know so the money coming from somewhere and it had to be get got into the KKOB's In some kind of boy some kind of economic vessel. That was maybe not a hundred percent. Kosher it's just you know obvious but we have to. There's gotTa be some clubs who are now i. I'm all over the place with this. Obviously my head is floating with thoughts. But I'm wondering if you wave as a body said you know we can be submissive to degrade her trans of football only for so long. This this This kind of superpower league is coming down the line. Our only option is right now to go on the offensive and city with the you know plethora of of the of allegations against them. You know it was if you a busy. What I'm saying is if you wait for knocked to find city now and to do this now then that's it. There are no world's left to conquer in terms of US Regulatory bodies if they would say if you ever would not say stop a no further note sitting then short then then that would be it. They would have lost the most important bottom. Yeah And You wonder to like it says in the statement that Manchester City also were guilty of failing to cooperate with the investigation. Like if they if they might have been able to avoid the like the level of harshness that they wound up getting had they just kinda played along here But man this is from the Guardian again financial fair play introduced in two thousand eleven with the aim of encouraging football clubs across Europe not to overspend on players wages restricts the amount club owners can put into cover losses sponsorship boost revenues and therefore the amount the clubs have the spender financial fair play so the perception man sewer himself was in fact funding. The Eddie had deal led to the serious allegation. It's city had deceived UEFA C. F. CB which was responsible for ensuring compliance with financial fair play. Yeah I'm reading here from From the Accident Rob Harris. Who is I mean? If there's anything going on football financial wise are are in terms of breaches of financial fair play. Rob Is always on top of these things on the the key sentence for me in. This is that in the twentieth working case. There's a sense not just a sense. It's probably a fact that cities seem to cooperate with you. D- Adjudicator Chamber am reading from. The statement has also found that in breach of the regulations. The club this the point you made under failed to cooperate in the investigation right by the CFC. I mean that that's got to be the key point here like the cover up is almost worse than the crime and say that we say that all the time the fact that I hate talk increases but the fact that they would that they would flow into their faces. Like this shorty. Shorty push away To make to make a decision But now again like we talked about their Spiegel than two thousand nineteen and football leagues. And all that I mean. Rob Is An Associated Press a read from two thousand eighteen. About how much city was facing a Champions League band? This is being in the works. It's just whether those in UEFA had the gut had a to borrow a phrase by Troy Deeney cojones Zia to go ahead and do it man just like. I'm just thinking of like the the ramifications of this because it's already been you know by Manchester City standards. This has not been a good season. They're not GonNa win the League and it's not going to be close. They were on track to qualify for Champions League. But that's now out the window All their eggs now kind of are truly in this basket of like they win the Champions League now because when they come out of this let's just say whatever appeals are now go down Let's say that everything is upheld and what we know to be the case today winds up being the way that it is in Manchester City have disband like in two years time or in three years when they're getting ready to come out of this what will they look like like our. I gotta believe that Pep Guardiola is not gonNa be around through the. They were already rumors that maybe his time at city was growing thin. Well not rumors the way he was talking the other day he did his usual You know kind of veiled commentary about when the it's not as usual but he kind of see the thing off. He's being sarcastic Ardo because he is comfortably one of the most sarcastic people. I've ever seen in action so he was kind of saying well if I if I go You know but I mean the fact that he leaves. I can't overstate how central Guardiola's vision of football has been has been to the academy recruiting The way the team plays every. Don't forget it was. I twenty eleven or twenty twelve that he garish dam was was was charged with setting all this what had traditionally been relegation fodder occasionally in the thirties and in the sixties. An amazing team but generally a floundering club they charge tikki. Burger stand with making them Barcelona. That's what the judge ause. And so this was settled right before pat on his PECs. Not There I mean no. We should say I don't know how this works. While they appeal to the court of Patrician for sports I presume they remain banned. Yes I think so But you know what I don't know I shouldn't pretend to be an authority. The thing I wonder about is this idea of whether or not they can continue being great even while this ban is in existence. And that's kind of a two-pronged thing. 'cause obviously you know you need great players to continue being great and will great players want to go to Manchester City if they know there's no hope of competing in a Champions League however however simple well it depends I say the answer. A lot of people follow the money. I mean you know rubbing Yo ended up with a with before goldmark Mark Hughes you know On the on the steps of the Manchester City ground. How did that happen? That was because of the money. So they'll still attract if the ownership group to back city still. They'll still have the money to be. I mean extremely competitive but it's just the whole structure of the code is bit round pepper. Did have to in in a sense. Start again if pep leaves Miguel Delaney's tweeted again. Another person. Who was you know all over this stuff? All was worth acknowledging and all this problem with financial therapy is not the same as whether the rule should be enforced. If the rules exist it would be a mockery. If they weren't enforced right we. That's we. That was pretty much the point. We made our area. We had thought that this was kind of a toothless threat and now I think we're all realizing today that no this is like this is the wakeup call that a lot of clubs around Europe. Maybe needed to to here is is this. I mean this is a this is the powers that be In UEFA acting to protect what exists now and not let it get further down the line. it's not just enforcing roles from Andrew this could be a a watershed moment for the future of football in the biggest competition in the world. Now one thing that's important. There is obviously another side to this. We've reference Manchester City in their appeals And they are as you would mostly expect. They are vehemently denying that they have broken any rules. David Con has He has tweeted saying Manchester City again. Say They have quote irrefutable evidence? That Sheikh Mansour did not mostly fund the sixty five point million dollar Eddie Hod sponsorship the two year ban and thirty thirty million euro fine shows the UEFA bodies did not believe that and they concluded that the club's deception was very serious So this will this all be heard in court and this will all come to light of whatever this evidence. Is that Manchester City. Say that they have We'll I guess we'll find out what that is and we'll all be left to decide for ourselves whether or not we believe them but UEFA did not and it's why we are where we are today so the other thing. That was interesting. Jj is how this all started with their Spiegel so it it it began with Leaked or so. I guess they were leaked or stolen materials and Manchester City. Said they were taken out of context. Now they're spiegel anonymous their source Just calling him the name John And that was it. That was as far as they're willing to go but over time he was identified as a Portuguese. National Name. Re Pinto. Yes and he has now been charged in Portugal with a hundred and forty seven criminal offenses including hacking and other cybercrimes. He denies that This is what I mean. I wonder in the future. Route will reap Pinto. Be Be seen as something of a of a rebel hero for football because none of this would be as exposed as it is right now except for his. I don't know what you call it. At whistle blowing is is that the term these days. I guess I mean whistle-blowing is usually done by somebody within an organization that would be like if If Pep Guardiola like if he revealed all this this is kind of more of like Julian assange attacking's yeah essentially God unbelievable now the other thing that I'm very curious about and I have not seen anything yet suggesting what is GonNa Happen but Manchester City. This year were GONNA like they're gonNA finish probably second or third in the League what what happens. Now in terms of Champions League qualification. Like will they just now become the? Let's say city finished. Second will now be who finishes first third fourth and fifth that qualify or will be. Will it just be three teams from England that go? I very curious how this will work while I think Considering our conversation this week which everyone should listen to across all forms with the with Sheffield United on blades analytics. I mean Chevy United fans got to be I mean everybody else in the chase for two Japanese spots is now this things just got real for a lot of for like. It's so funny you're right. We just talked about how there are nine teams that feel they have a legitimate or the teams all the way up through knife in the table. All feel like they have a legitimate shot. Will I mean if we felt that way before this? Like if you're an Everton fan wolves are about to play Leicester. Like how much bigger does it feel like that game? Just got now now with all these other clubs feeling like Oh my God like we kind of thought. We had a chance before. But they're waking up today realizing we are in this like this is going to be amazingly compelling battle. Offer those Champions League places I mean. What a headache for the primary now. Water an absolute headache for. They've also well first of all I mean. This is one of their flagship clubs. Isn't that what you mean? Is it in the sense that they've been one of the most successful clubs of of the of the last decade? But but you talk about yourself that this was a floundering club. Flagship clubs you think Liverpool and United Arsenal. Like those are really the ones like. The League is bigger than Manchester City. They will survive this without any issue. I never said they wouldn't but there is a there is an issue for them Concerning Manchester City. I mean if you waive up is questioning cities break of fair play then surely when you look at the way. The city team that broke records in the Premier League is view how how then do do do the Premier League as a whole view city you know and they also on a practical point of view. How are they going to re like? We just discussed. How are they going to reallocate? You know the European Places I mean. You've got pep Guardiola Andrew. You've got Sergio Aguayo. You've got like whether we like it or not off the last few years if you want to say the last few years. I'm not calling them in an historically Greg Globe they are. There are flagship of right. Now there's no question about that that is you got to say. That's a problem for the Premier League this elephant in the room. That's that's quite likely going to be in your top one or two positions for the next few years depending on how all this breaks down on the reaction of ownership on the manager granted but a team that could conceivably be this elephant in the room. That is this huge power in English football yet. He's not allowed to compete in Europe because of the way it acts off the field. What did it primarily? Just ignore that. No I'm not saying they need to ignore it but they might feel. They might be happy that you kind of did like did their bidding that they felt like there might have been this dirty club here and like the away. Fa may have just handle this for them and almost done them. A favour in some ways like the premier league so they'll be fine so if Manchester City falter so okay so the clubs that the premier league really wants to prop up like like you've talked about. The historically great clubs like Manchester United may potentially benefit from something. Like this Tottenham may benefit from something like this you know. Chelsea arsenal like a huge. Don't forget the morning. Andrew a huge money member of the elite club of the biggest league in the world has been our is allegedly is alleged by the governing body of European football to have acted in a way that means they must be excluded from European competition. That's a massive problem for primarily a massive problem. I guess I see what you're saying but I really think that they'll I think they're I think they'll be fine. I don't I don't know I don't I don't see it. As just like quite the emergency for the Premier League. It's an emergency for Manchester City. But I I don't know city are They are off this weekend. Their next inaction on Wednesday at home against West Ham Their their Champions League campaign resumes at the end of the month against Rao Madrid. Oh my God the pressure on them now to get this Champions League trophy before the rug is kind of pulled underneath them is. It's just been ratcheted up several lodges. They used if they've booed the Champions League before. What's it going to sound like now? I mean you're right but like and fans will always side with their club. That's kind of like the social contract that you make when you decide to become a fan you always give your own guys the benefit of the doubt but I mean really like. This isn't a UEFA problem it. This is a Manchester City problem. Everyone knows the rules and UEFA is just enforcing them. I like we said. We'll find out if Manchester City have evidence to prove this to be not true but like you know Manchester City fans like we said they can't. You can't be completely stunned. There had to always be this part of you deep down inside where you thought something like this one day could come and essentially I didn't. I mean I'm afraid that kind of awareness and self-awareness certainly in the twitter sphere is is is not evident Manchester City funds. And that's another point if you're if you're somebody it's going to get toxic. I mean the way that they sit. He finds an old granted city fans from around the world. Not just for Manchester have coalesced to defend this team. Are this cold brother. Because I don't think when I got to be careful with the words they use our team I mean. I don't mean writing starring or anybody. Those people you can still love all these players. Yes donated coalesce to defend the hierarchy of the quote from either allegations of war. Crimes are anything has been quite stunning. You can only imagine now what it's going to be like. As Day as they moved to defend them themselves against the ban by UEFA. Yeah I just saw John. Bruin had a tweet. Which Kinda sums up perfectly? What it is that. We're sort of dancing. Around he puts it's a saintly. Giambra tweeted Manchester City. The latest proof of the sporting adage that if it looks too good to be true then it probably is look. I mean. That's the that's the other side to these conversations. They're kind of frustrating. Because you know what happened you know you? Just don't become one of the biggest powers in in European football in a few seasons without a lot of money and the question is how was that money got to the club and did it contravene. You waited flat. Fifpro's and again. I feel bad saying it but like John Bruin. He should just take that tweet and put an his pocket. Because like I mean if you if you replaced Manchester City with PS g like we could be having the exact same conversation right now. It'd be he could be sending that same tweet in a few months time for for them like I. Guess what I wonder is is. Has The quarterback attrition transport that were the case like this before at presuming dot the decay of of AC? Milan was taken to the Court of Arbitration for Sport for their European Bat. I would just defer to you on that. I don't know I have no idea. Well I mean they were stroke with de last year they were stroke that with a year long banned from the Europa League. Which I guess I mean I kind of absorbable but Yeah no it's It's going to be a few months of of Every the again another problem with the world we live in. Everyone's going to be a lawyer like there's lots there's lots. I won't be able to understand about about this process and and and I presume that cast is ruling will be binding so here we go. Yeah it begins. Oh man and you just know like look. This is something that needs to be handled by the board and and lawyers. But like no no microphones are gonNA be shoved and Kevin. Debroy knows face to talk about this. I don't know what do you want me to say? Just kick a ball like these guys. Don't understand like what just happened here. They're probably feeling the shockwaves of this. Certainly and wondering what this means for their futures. But like it's just funny because you know these guys are going to be asked to comment and what do you expect? Kevin Debris or Sergio Aguayo to talk about when we're ask them questions about financial fair play. Yeah I mean Kevin. Lebron's looks really annoyed when he's interviewed anyway as the best of times so like when you're when when he better get ready to have a whole load of that legal jargon thrown at them yeah. I'm sure that's what he wants to do. Now Oh let me just study up so I can make sure to answer all these questions that I'm going to be asked about F F P. That's what he wants this. This is crazy man. I from seeing that tweet getting that message. That was Just not obviously not something. We expected to To see today and I'm sure boy like we're talking about it from our perspective Manchester City Fan. Oh this is. I'm sorry I don't know what to say to you. Yeah and you know what like I met so many genuine not tim? Floyd hot conspiracy theory Manchester United or Manchester City fans who don't believe the entirety of Of European football is against them and who are genuine supporters from who remembered a penalty shootout is to get into the championship against Gillingham on And I feel for them more than anything because they've been on this amazing right. David enjoyed the good times the last few years. There's no question on. Why wouldn't they from just a purely sporting standpoint but You know there's these things. There's always some kind of reckoning or usually but It's it's never usually administrators in sports. Who Step Up to do it. And you don't yeah unbelievable man. We will obviously continue to monitor this and talk about this and and have experts on The show with us who can like really shed light on what it means. And what happens next Because like where this goes from here I mean I can only assume that what we learned today is the way it's going to be but who knows man like honestly who the hell knows how appeals will go and if the timeframe on any of this will shift fascinating. Oh my God fascinating. That's about it for me. Got Anything left. I don't really. I'm kind of a by the way as Liverpool fine hit doing again. Another twitter thing that's just crept into my life of qualifying every comment by telling people. The team that I support is if people don't know who listening to this podcast book. I don't take any huge amount of joy in this. Don't think I think it's it's too full and I think that Football wasn't is at a tipping point and that the rules should be enforced but Cheese I don't I if you're a Manchester City I can understand why Why this doesn't feel good at all. I'm defied and I take no joint. Well there you go enjoy the game this afternoon. Enjoy the games this weekend. We should say also Monday Chelsea versus Manchester United Again like all these teams outside of the top four united like these games all that much more interesting for everyone involved. Everyone's feeling that little bit larger glimmer of hope that there's now an avenue for them into the Champions League when they may not necessarily have felt that way before and since we spoke last on the podcast Andrew. A player that we've long load wondered how they'd stay how he'd stayed and ex Hopkins. Asia is on his way to the Chelsea so on what I would have to say considering like how good he is and his age like on a great deal for Channel Superb do in this inflated football it's They've got him for nothing. I really honestly Brilliant what like half are not half but like considerably less than they paid. Pulitzer the Pulitzer was what seventy and Zaire was forty three? I mean bargain. We Love Christian. But Oh my God you can only imagine what. Go Rhino will be going for. Boy Oh this was. I don't WanNa even say fun. This was interesting. This was an experience we all have. Were all living together now. We're in this This world where financial fair play suddenly means. Something I up is is down black white. I no longer know what things around me mean anymore. I'm I'm being birthed for the first time. This is all very new and different. Jj Andrews Andrew's Placenta of innocence is being wiped from his is. There's an image. What a metaphor. That's beautiful. Hey have a good weekend man to you. I say the phone Bossia thicker listening to caught. Off-side soccer podcast.

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