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Here. We go people another big day. What is up? What is happening? We've got. Just two days away from Lakers. Clippers unbelievably excited about that. L. AFC beat Seattle last night they advance to the next round of the MLS back tournament, and of course the dodgers are in Houston. Today to face the evil hated trash can bang in Houston Astros in a showdown from the two thousand seventeen world series Ireland. What's up, man? So yeah, a lot to get to and this dodgers, Astros thing would be a really be deal. If the Florida Marlins didn't of set baseball on its ear, right three or four more positive tests now. So we're up to what is it? Fourteen players now and four digital members, which brings the total to seventeen members of the traveling party are now positive for Kobe nineteen, and by the way it gets so confusing. Phillies who the marlins played over the weekend have had zero positive cova tests among players. Apparently, there was a clubby, the tested positive according to Bob. Nightingale but no philly players have tested positive, but because there's an incubation period for corona virus. We won't know if anybody on the fills. Has It until later in the week? So they're not gonNA play until at least Friday meanwhile Miami their games have been postponed at least through the weekend. The Washington nationals were supposed to be in Miami this weekend. They held the team vote and they voted not to go and play that series, so baseball obliged. and. The phillies hormone home series has been postponed. Now with the Marlins and the phillies both shut down for the week the Yankees will go to Baltimore for a series, a surprise series, starting tomorrow and Thursday. It is just a rock and mess while you can do that when there's no fans, and when you're all playing within your division, you yeah just kind of move them around like puzzle pieces. But what will probably develop were on. The air were on from now until six thirty. Is this rumor that is starting to. It's drumbeat starting to get a little bit louder. There's a talk show host in Pittsburgh named Andrew Phillip Pony. He just had Bob Nightingale on her show Bob. Of course, the well respected USA Today baseball writers. Phillip Pony, says Nightingale came on your show and said the marlins outbreak started because Miami players left their hotel. To go have a good time in Atlanta right which is. Not Allowed your? These guys are all supposed sure semi quarantined now. What's interesting about that? Mace is that if you look at the other numbers Yep? Sixty four hundred tests have been conducted by Major League Baseball since Friday. There have been no new positives of Onfield personnel from any of the other twenty nine clubs prior to the Marlins weekend outbreak. Ninety nine of the more than thirty two thousand samples, zero point three percent, while had been positive, so if it turns out. That the Marlins all went out together in Atlanta. And picked up the virus somewhere. They're away from their hotel and away from the ballpark. I would have no problem if they just kneecap the marlins well. Here's a question, John So. They they. Their home base is Miami. The series was in Philadelphia. What the hell were they doing in Atlanta, weren't they there didn't they open in Atlanta and then go to Philadelphia wasn't their first series in Atlanta. That's where they played right before they went to Philadelphia. Maybe that. Maybe that's right. Maybe I'm pretty sure that would that would, then that would then make some sense, yeah, and and so. They? All went out in Atlanta. What is it about Atlanta? Lou Williams now the Marlins. I remember it wants to go out in Atlanta no Orleans were at the phillies for opening weekend. No, no. Would have been. It would have been like dodgers angels. It would have been like preseason. A preseason game, right? Season series I'm assuming yeah. And so if they did that, they've already been taken out this week. They basically said you're not playing until Sunday. MOM At least Sunday I would have zero problem I. Don't Think Baseball, do it. But I would have zero problem if they said you know what we're all in this together. We. How you act affects the rest of the League. We know you have a bad team. You're not gonNA make the playoffs, but this is ridiculously erase. Savior you guys are done your out of the sixty game season, everybody that plays the marlins gets automatic. Win Done Sia! Would you have any problem with that? Problem if it turns out, they all went out together and that's how they picked it up. would. Well okay, so so the the hypothetical is they all went to a strip club and got infected well. I didn't say Strip club. That's out there to. Bob Nightingale. Said went out to have a good time and I. Just I assume a good time in Atlanta. Means that could well, it's not a it's not a ridiculous assumption by you know by the way if it's that. Then, it makes my question even easier. Correct then. It seems really reckless then, aren't we? Isn't that a double standard with Lou, Williams? Players are backing up Lou Williams. They're like he just went to a restaurant where. To be dancing. It. Can't if if this is true that the Marlins went out, why can we? Why should that double standard exists? I am told that there were no dancers in the club. Where Lou Williams was was it was dancer free? It was just open for food. Is there any strip that's open? I mean I'm not a strip club guy, but are they open? Yeah I. Don't know the answer to that based on where you are in the country I would imagine in some places the country there are open. And yet I'm places like victor that I mean even if it just turns out that they all went out and went to a party like this is what am with that women's soccer team. DidN'T THEY ALL GO OUT IN ORLANDO? They all went out to dinner together. And yet they all to a bar right to celebrate somebody's birthday, and and eleven of them got coverted, and they said you're done. You're out of the League see. Here's. Here's the thing they're terrible team. They're in a concert rebuilding mode. They've got no talent of note like yesterday I was trying to think of their their star players I mean Sandy Al Qatar is starting Pitcher Form Brian Anderson? Joe Jonathan Vr they don't. They don't have a lot of guys, so the League will survive without the Florida the Miami Marlins. It may be. It may be that you just kneecap. The marlins. At the same way to franchises dropped out of the MLS back tournament right because we've made. This release is just a sixty game tournament. And They've been trying to do things on the cheap in Miami ever. Since Derek Jeeter took over YEP, and now they're acting like idiots, so let we'll see what happens now. That's okay, so that's the big story in baseball. Yes, the dodgers going into Houston. Yeah is a pretty big deal. Could he bellinger came out when the. Penalties were announced and AJ hinch and Jeff Liu now. The manager and the general manager of the Astros were fired for their role in the cheating scandal. Cody bellinger came out and said well now everybody knows they just stole a ring from us. Right and Ross rippling said were never gonNA forget it. Tonight. They meet on the same field for the first time since those comments right. Do you expect your kind of an old school baseball guy? Do you expect. Is it Walker Bueller WHO's pitching? Walker. buehler's on the mound for the dodgers tonight does he put a ball in somebody's ribs? I am going to say. No, he does not. Be Kind of obvious, wouldn't it? Well, we'll be obvious, and I would imagine if I'm an empire there. I'm going to warn both sides before the game. Even start look we're. This is not going to turn into a bean ball war. We recognize what happened before, but what happened happening? This is This is twenty twenty I also think the. The pandemic and what has gone on. In the last six months in this country has to whatever degree dampened some of the rage about what went on during the two thousand seventeen world series well entire voice. Your point now is fair to say it's the Astros of the luckiest team ever. They were going to get booed everywhere. They went. And now there's no fans to boom, right. Now here's the thing if if the dodgers were to get a lead tonight, let's say they get a comfortably. Because Astra's a really good team. The night there are seven to one eight, two one up seven, one eight to one. Plunk Jose Altuve. If you get Jack, you get jacked, just do once. Just to a wedding your, didn't you? Have you always taught me that if you do that? The Astros are required to respond if the dodgers hit, TV then dote. The Astros have to hit bellinger before the end of the series well or bets. What is the the infraction? Here is twenty seventeen wouldn't astro player retaliate for the dodgers retaliating against the cheating in the two thousand seventeen world series. I kind of think it would put the whole thing. I mean as much as possible to bed. Well the old baseball axiom is if they hit your best player you this is. I got this from Tony Larussa. You immediately. Target that an equal player of ability and the other team, so if if Bueller Hits L. Tubay, they're gonna hit bellinger or bets. If not today, they'll hit him on hit him tomorrow. Here's the thing though. If you steal a world series from us. We plunk altuve. That's the way I look at it. Yeah, but they don't think they did. You think they did. They they think that they would yeah. They've all, said it. Korea said it managed. There's. All they all said it. They've that they would have won without the trash cans. That's what they believe. Yeah, they would not have one without the trash cans. You and I think that. By the way you agree with that right I do but I, don't. I don't agree that they think that I think they think that they would have won anyway because they're cocky baseball players. Yeah, they've got no shame. They've got absolutely no shame. Yeah, it would have been well. Here's the thing we at least get to see him play in one hundred sixty two game season the way the schedule came up before the Astros and dodgers didn't meet right. There was no interleague play. The Astros and the so at least we get to see him play for games this year and the best thing you can do is punch him in the mouth and beat them four times. That's the very best thing you can do. Right and then doesn't mean you can't buzz some guys Ka. Some guys against hitting guys on purpose all the time because I. Think you could wreck somebody's career I. Just don't think it's smart, but it's as you've explained to me a million times. You used to work in the minor leagues. Forget what I think. It's the it's the way baseball works. Me a police themselves yeah meets out discipline. It's self. Regulating system is the way now I will say this. I was listening to buster only podcast this morning. As I often do, and the one thing buster says it's surreal being in a ballpark because everybody can hear everything in other words if the dodgers start barking at the Astros. I won't say Taunting, but start barking at the Astros. We're going to hear that and we may hear the Astros respond if I was the dodgers I think in the clubhouse. I would take a trash can and every time and astro step to the plate I would start pounding on that trash can. As a way to signify, we know what you did. You got away with it, but you're not getting away within the future. Just Bang. That trash can what do you think of that as a strategy? kind of like it. It's not against the rules to a trash can. Yeah kind of like it. It's Kinda. snippy enough where? It is it's exactly what it is. It's like it's a little F-, you just a little. You I guess it is. All right so coming up there. There is a couple of different pieces of Laker News Yeah there are. First of all Anthony Davis might not play. Thursday night in the bubble against the clippers. We have Frank Vogel talking about that. And did you see the ESPN expert predictions I did? Surprise surprise. We'll get into that coming up and also Dave McMenamin Lakers be writer for ESPN IS GONNA. Join US at the at three thirty today. He is inside the bubble. A little bit later on in the show Alden Gonzales, who covers the dodgers for? ESPN is going to be with US talk about that big series tonight in Houston and also the unfurling drama of the Miami Marlins and all of those positive tests and then. The L.. AFC won last night and joining us. We'll be Adrian Garcia Marquez. Who Does L. AFC PRE and post? They will play again on Friday. There are three games away from a championship in the MLS is back tournament, so he's going to join us at five o'clock this afternoon, Mason and Ireland thanks for being out there today. Seventeen, ESPN Mason Ireland what is up. It is thank you very much little more Chili pepper sound there and the Lakers and clippers will officially play. About forty eight hours from right now or so it is Thursday night we will have game for you starting at four thirty with Alan Sleep, call it. The game is at six Thursday nights on. Your Michael and I will have the call of the game and there is now. We know that Lou Williams is not gonNA play for the clippers. He's still going to be in quarantine. Yes, there is now some question. As to whether or not. Anthony Davis is going to play for the Lakers now on Saturday morning. Davis played in a scrimmage against Orlando and he was killing it in the first quarter he had twelve points and nine rebounds in the first quarter. And then somebody poked him in the eye. Yeah, so after practice today Frank Vogel was asked. ARE WE GONNA? See Anthony Davis on, Thursday. Here's what Vogel set. Day to day and while he's still dealing with. Discomfort. There is some concern that he could potentially not play. Thursday We're hopeful that he does and We'll see how that plays out. You know he's GonNa. Continue to be evaluated each day. thinking, yeah, go ahead all right so the Lakers have a five and a half game lead. Going into these eight seating games, yes, there is. Nothing more important. If you're running the Lakers. Then the health of Danny Davis Lebron James The up the health of any player but Anthony Davidson Lebron James in particular. If either. One of those guys were to aggravate an injury or have a problem. I don't think you can win the title with them. Both healthy your favorite. If Anthony Davis is not one hundred percent. Don't play them. You, know I would have zero problem with the Lakers saying. Take all the time. You need I mean the whole thing is you want to tune the machine up? But there's no reason to force anybody to play in the first game back in a seating game situation where the Lakers for all intents and purposes have locked up the number one seed in the West. So, it doesn't make sense to push Anthony Davis to play if his I is if he is an injury to his I in some way. Sent them. That's okay. That's okay. These are still there called seating games I mean they don't even count towards team awards or season awards. It's going to be choppy I. Don't think the basketball is going to be especially crisp. I think we're GONNA see kind of a a rocky start to the if Anthony. Davis is already. Don't play him. Right and I'll give you quite. Leonard has played in all three of the clipper scrimmages. Yes, and he was awful. He I think he shed twenty three percent. If I'm a clipper fan. I'm not the least bit worried about that about why. And I think the clippers if I need these. Games to kind of work his way up. Go ahead and play him. If Natalie doesn't WANNA play, all you need is to have him ready and I think that's the way they're looking at. It shows a fascinating thing. ESPN pulled sixteen people who cover basketball for the network. Yes, these are. People like Nick for Dell and Chris Herring and Baxter homes and Tim McMahon and Bobby Marquesa dial the guy in here, yeah! Sixteen guys. So. They ask them all right. Who's going to win the East? That was predictable. Everybody said Milwaukee. Thirteen of the sixteen pick. MILWAUKEE COUPLE! OF TORONTO'S IN THEIR THREE PICK TORONTO. Yeah, all right, but nobody else. No, no other. People when they ask who's going to win the West and this surprise me a little bit. Nine experts say Clippers Yup seven say Lakers so almost fifty fifty, but a slight edge to the clippers. And now here's what surprised me a little bit. Who's going to win the NBA Finals? Clippers eight. Bucks for Lakers three now Toronto one. I get Dave McMenamin coming on at three thirty. I can't wait till mcmanamon or somebody reads this to Lebron Right. This is like the best thing that ever could have happened if you're a Laker Fan. People are going to tell Lebron that all these experts say he's not even making it to the finals. And I think that he'll look at that and say okay. He's already completely motivated. Yeah, put on board material. Put doubt on his mind and see what happens next. In fact, Lebron did a press conference today Zumur today after practice and Steve I'm going to let you know. We're GONNA do this. And Lebron talked about his process, his emotions before tip off on Thursday I have no idea, obviously different different circumstances different Different I mean that's the twenty twenty people have been asking your Scipio now is the bubble and I said it's twenty twenty. is is different in his You have to be able to adjust to US so I. Don't know as far as. You know it was like a home game. I staple center. They won't have that feeling because our fans just give us so much. Energy are fans. Give us so much supporting. We want to try to give back to him on the floor, but also the same. We are fans back in La and all over California over to world. Want us to our for Santa's play again. So you know it's our job to go out and perform because they're still supporting us honored phones or tablets or TV's or. Laptops case maybe. This is interesting. He was asked What does the team due to keep Kobe close? But every day I mean see what's in our Laker. Dear the Lakers franchises Today without cokes. Presence along the guys wail. Knowing Office. Kobe's present his legacy. Purple and go on a Laker. You Know Carol You'd think about basketball in general before I became. A laker off his. Legacy was. That opportunity to play. With them, not only an all star games, but with an Olympic team multiple times. You're ballplayer. The game. You play the game, even if even if you don't even play the game, just fan, there's no way you can. Take a about Kobe but. Yeah. I mean it's hard to believe now. The the Kobe tragedy happened. It seems like it happened forever ago. Back in in January, in it's been a really long year but that that is still there that that Kobe Bryant sort of the the tragedy hanging over this team and the fact that you know there's some sentiment that this is something that they need to overcome and sort of. In get a ring win a championship kind of four Kobe. That idea is out there. That ideas out there. And it adds pressure but John if you go back to that list. Of of do you think somebody people who pick? Who Pick, the clippers to win the series are. I don't say wrong. It's a legitimate pick right Oh. Sure. They've played three times this year and the Clippers won twice. Clippers beat the Lakers on opening night, and they beat him on Christmas Day now the most recent time they played Yup the Sunday before they shut down the season. I would think would be the best barometer because both teams were one hundred percent healthy. And the Lakers beat them. It was the only lost. The clippers have suffered this year when they've had their full roster. They're nine and one when they have everybody playing and the Lakers. beat him right interesting about that. Is You know who had a huge game for the Lakers that day? Avery Bradley. Twenty, four points yeah so. He's not going to be in the bubble now. Lou Williams won't be. It's nothing that's nothing that dion waiters can't fix or Jr. Sway are Smith can't fix yeah I'm. I'm very confident that the Lakers are going to be ready. I think that their mindsets good. They think that you know the only thing that would. would be a blow to my confidence would be if Anthony, Davis or Lebron got hurt. Oh! Which is why what Frank Vogel said today about well. We may sit Anthony Davis out Thursday. If Anthony. Davis is not one hundred percent. Sit Him out and I think Anthony should call my friend. James Worthy and get the James. Worthy Goggles to play in the BUG member worthy put on those clear goggles. After he stepped, he started getting poacher ended up wearing them. The rest of his career got the idea from Kareem. Who Wore Goggles? and. Anthony protect that I and let's go absolutely is he's the one guy that I don't think the clippers can guard all right coming up next for you. We are going to go live to the bubble with MC ten Dave, McMenamin will join us with the very latest Mason Ireland seven ten espn. ESPN Mason in Ireland. What is up? It is Tuesday. The Astros will be playing. The dodgers tonight. In Houston. We will have more on that coming up for you a little bit later on. This is the first game between the two teams since the twenty seven world series. But I think you, said date McMenamin their. Debut, we. Yep We got her McMenamin joins US day. What's up? Man! Not much man. Just in my twenty four hour here to bubble nineteen I. WE could talk for the rest of the night if you want. What the Hell is a tier to bubble quarantine. Here appear to I will be going to the Games. I will not be interacting with the players, and so they're only making sure. We have a our quarantine so I don't get other folks doing the same sick. Obviously if you're around the players, they care a little bit more, so you gotTa do seventy quarantine that later on in this time down in Orlando but yeah got tested. This morning gotta stick in the room until tomorrow morning if I get the thumbs up negative. be at their in on Thursday to follow like your clippers, but yeah I I think they're going to put us here to folks up somewhere in the rafters, and and they let the one folks actually be closer to the players Okay Dave so in your opinion does Anthony Davis play against the clippers for the Lakers on Thursday. I've been going back and forth John. He certainly is someone that came to La, knowing that he had a reputation of being a soft player, and he really put himself out there this year to change their reputation, and you know when his elbow was hurting her when his shoulder was hurting supply through it, I think back that game he had in New Orleans. Close to Thanksgiving right the night before giving where it's shoulder was kinda jacked up but he knew there were so many eyeballs about him going back to play the Pelicans that he wasn't gonNA. Allow himself to not fight through it. And he had monster game, and the Lakers had come back with and so to me. He's got another same thing this narrow. There's GonNa be a lot of people like salivating for Thursday night to see this match, coli, and Lebron Ad Paul, George and so. With that context I say yeah I think he plays but I. The caveat of like Frank both open up door that he wouldn't play when Franken have to ran. He normally doesn't playing gamesmanship. Thing, there's the champion quite. Yeah as as you look at that and as we saw with. Jared Smith and dion waiters. How do you see those guys because they both looked really good in these last couple of scrimmages? How do you see them figuring now? Well Dionne in particular because I think he had a pretty consistent Ron on those three games in terms of the stuff he was doing. A frank wants him to be a secondary playmaker for them, and and and really have a ball of his hands, and not just score himself, but get into the paint and spray out the shooter's Jr who obviously he looked fantastic against the wizards, but the wizards aren't an NBA team. They have no money that that are really the level of the playoff competition that the Lakers will expect to be playing so Jay. I WanNa feel more and also the kind of the diversity of skill set the he brings before even though at times, he was a very effective defender in Cleveland and perhaps would bring that more so than Dion does. But I think right now, the will be the person to I would be slotting in for more playing time between the two. Days mcmanamon with us from Orlando where he stuck in the hotel for at least twenty four hours. Dave Kyle. Kuzma. His name keeps coming up. Jared Dudley said been killing it in practice frank. Vogel is mentioned it. You're obviously somebody who covers the team every single day. How much stock should we put in the fact that everybody's talking about how Kouzmines killing it down there? And then he comes out on Saturday and lights it up I think he finished ten for twelve or ten thirteen. Made five or six threes to start. Has Coups. MMA turned a corner or found something in Orlando. Yeah John I was actually watching spectrum at some point during the quarantine and I saw you on one of these laker top ten shows talking about this shack story where he scored sixty on his thirtieth birthday, because clippers didn't leave and tickets right well. This wasn't quite sixty on his thirtieth, but he scored twenty five hundred twenty fifth. That was pretty cool there you go with the guy. Showing out and feeling good about life and I think it's similar. We were hearing so many good things about Couva last summer with USA can't. It was like he was the guy, room ray got hurt is yeah. Yeah, had turn and heads, and then he got hurt, and that lingered into the season, and then he was dealing with a completely new role play ten minutes less per. Per Game Any was last year and I think he was kind of just trying to find himself, but whatever he did over over quarantine over this four-month hiatus is body is right. His confidence is Right Basketball SA- competent game i. can he ride this streak all the way through without having some doldrums? Probably not, that's not realistic but I. Think Keith in a much better. Entry Place Right now that he was back in October when they were starting the coral regular season and I think that's a great thing for the Lakers. As you look at the the clippers and the Lakers the clippers have taken a much different route to being here. multiple players took time away from the bubble to take care of personal business. I, think everybody's back now except Lou will. Who is quarantine because of because he ate chicken wings. The dreaded lemon pepper. Chicken Wing Quarantine. But they've approached it in a in a much different way. Is Doc just operating in a in a looser way than other coaches? How are so many clippers leaving the bubble? Well I. Well some of it. Yeah is even though there are what a handful of guys right. They are individual situation so I. Think it's fair conversation base, but I wouldn't want to necessarily loop into whatever Docs approaches. You guys gotta take. What comes up right I think one thing that definitely has is the long view and he recognizes that. Yeah, we would love to have a large guys. On Thursday the Lakers, but but really we got all guys. Ready to play in what late September in the Western Conference finals to make the finals and Because of that I it civil posts, they took with Kawhi. Leonard All year on quite frankly you know where. We're not GONNA play in back to back, so we're going to give him rest as we need to. Because we wanted to be able to play his best when the Games matter most and so I, don't think anything's changed on that front You know. It also quiet so good that he could have a three per sixty performance like you had over the weekend and then opening night trump forty, and it wouldn't surprise me so we'll see how it plays out, but I wouldn't judge the clippers. Really based on what you see Thursday. Verse Verse what you see throughout all the season games like the clippers might not. Clicking in the fashion that that they need to be or should be to like the second rap. And quite frankly the Lakers could be similar. Right you know you won't know until this thing starts Dave McMenamin with us from Orlando Dave. They. Ask Sixteen of our ESPN. Colleagues who cover basketball to predict how the Orlando Playoffs would end in in the western conference, nine of them pick the clippers and seven of picked the Lakers, and when they were asked. Who's going to win the NBA Finals? The clippers were the choice of eight of the sixteen four people Milwaukee three pick the Lakers and one pick. Toronto does the. Picking the clippers over the Lakers by a national panel surprise you. It does I usually do these things like ESPN has me on? Did you do this one? I bowed out because I. Just how can you predict an in a pandemic? You predict. Particularly good conscious was happening in baseball. Now I'm not I'm not I'm. GonNa I'm gonNA ballots went out. Yeah, it makes sense I I I think. I can see you know the conference where the team on paper right and is the terminator. Look when he did last year to the postseason, so. I don't. I. Don't smirk anyone for making that call and I guess what directly say well. Was it eight eight, seven or something like? Nine seven. To win the West and then eight people pick the clippers to win an all. But kind of a coin toss, but who's GonNa make the West So. Dave, can you do me a favor? Can you please take the results of that poll and read them to Lebron? Because I think when you do, he will just go really. Kobe used to do that. Used to tell Koby couldn't do something, and he would just go out and torch. People I think Lebron. Has has that inner to think of a bunch of people tell the brand that everybody's picking the clippers that will use it. Oh for sure. Or when? When the the warriors came back to play The The cabs in Cleveland and Steph. Curry said you know that that visiting locker room spells still smells like champagne. Lebron was begging for one of us to ask actually media session ended. Bras about the walkways like other asked about the champagne common. A. All right good well, there's I know they're not letting you close to the players, but Nick Zoom with Lebron ask him what he thinks of of the national media picking the clippers to knock it the Lakers out of the playoffs I. Think I think it might help us. So what are you going to do like? You can order room service, right? Yeah I got I got a breakdown. This room service menu and a little bit I like. Yeah, we're doing a ton of. Preview, content I got a bunch of work to do, but I'll do a room service. I'm not giving these people like is running laps in their room. Right who was it who said they were running laps in the room? Somebody actually said they were running a mile a day in their room, but couple of. My really good President Media Job Arden of the athletic cow and of Orange County Register. Guys I think are guys, but. They're running in the room like. Just running around the room, running in place, running laps and then like. About it! Yeah, come on! Mason that's what you would do basin. You would run a lap and then posted posed about. quit running right away. I just did it for one lap. Just because I want some of that Joe Vardhan? Kyle goons shine. People. Get inside the great term by the way shine shine is like you should patent that. But. People get locked up permanently for doing stuff like that. They don't get out of quarantine. True, it's true. wrote a little well. All right well Dave. Listen to have a good evening and tier two. And? Thank you for doing this. We may call you back since we know you're just sitting around, but thank you for doing this. Thanks man! I can save. Day McMenamin. Goon shine. Heard other people say they're running around the room I. Mean there there are grounds I we don't want you. Run on the ground so again. Bubble can't leave room. For Twenty four hours he's gotta stay in his room. That's that's what he explained is part of the Tier to quarantine for twenty four hours? He M-. He cannot leave the room. Correct cannot have contact with other people. Even though he's getting nowhere near, the players thought tier two meant no, not if he's in quarantine hotel, my understanding is you just he's been tested. Yeah, so now you stay away from others. And then tomorrow is GonNa get an email that says okay. You're good to go, and then you can go to the Games, but he can't go down by where the players are. He's going to be up at the top right, right. He's going to be, but if he were to go do it. You're suggesting like go for a run. Then it would go fishing. Go outside. Go Fish One. is to go. Yeah, once he clears this level. He can do it, but I don't think he can do that yet, okay? supposedly I was listening to Zach Lowe. Today Zach access there's a way to. GET BUBBLE AD J. for credited. Media you stay off the bubble site. You come in only to go to the Games, and you sit way up high, and you get no access to players, and then you leave, so you have no contact with anybody, but you do get to see the games from way up high in the arena. That's what the baseball writers are doing. Member Bill Plunkett told us that he writes he's the only way he's asking. Questions of Dave Roberts and cody bellinger, and those guys is via zoom, but strangely he's watching them from the press box, but he never goes into the clubhouse. Yes, it's strange. It's a whole new world we're living in. Yeah, it really is and and by the way and I don't know when it's going to go back. I. Don't know when it's GonNa. Go bad like life. Save that for later in the show is going to was going to do something right there, okay? Well, I don't want one thing we should at some point circle back to is. What's the next move for the MARLINS? Yeah, because I of the MARLINS and for Major League Baseball because I think it affects the whole league. I think whenever they decide to do with the MARLINS, it sets the tone for the rest of the baseball season. So. We'll update people next on what the latest on the on the Miami Marlins is. It's not good. It's not good. It's gotten worse in fact, Mason and Ireland seven ten espn. Your ass. Dodgers Astros tonight. They did a lot of cheating. In the 2017 world series and tonight. It's a rematch between the two teams in Houston member when cody. BELLINGER reported spring training. He said that Jose altuve ace stole the MVP from Aaron Judge and that the Astros stole a world series ring from the dodgers. He also said he lost all respect for the Astros as players dodger closer Kenley Jansen. Publicly suspicious about a slider, he threw Alex Bregman who hit for a home run in game. Four of the twenty seventeen world series called signed stealing worse than steroids and Justin Turner furious when Houston owner Jim Crane said that signs stealing didn't impact the Games. I would say this is the most critical I have seen one team of another team in modern baseball ver-very. Yeah, and do you think in modern sports history? has there ever been this level of criticism in other words there, not just criticizing what happened in the game. They're criticizing their personal integrity. Right, the and blatantly accusing them of cheating, which which makes tonight's game interesting, and by the way too late I pitch it six ten Los Angeles time, which is yeah ten in Houston. I'm not sure why it starting so late. It probably has something to do with TV but But you can watch the game on Sports Net L. A. and. And we're going to. We're going to be on right up until. Almost first pitch. Soccer Buehler's debut for the dodgers. He didn't feel. He was ramped up her ready to pitch in the opening series against the giant, even by the way. He's only expected I mean he's going to be on a strict pitch count. We may see him. Only go three or four innings. based on how things go tonight. So meanwhile the the Miami Marlins disaster that that rob Manfred says is not one. Continues to unfold. There were more positive tests seventeen now members of the marlins traveling party have tested positive for Co. vid the Phillies who the marlins played over the weekend so far have had zero positive covid tests, but remember there's an incubation period for corona virus, so we won't really know if anybody in the fills has until later on this week, and that's why the phillies. Play until at least Friday. The MARLINS AREN'T GONNA play until at least Monday. So these teams are being shut down and now you now you wonder. What are they doing with the schedule? All of a sudden the MARLINS lose a week. philly loses four dame's. This is what we said yesterday. I think the in this extraordinary year. We've never seen anything like it. We're going to be in a situation where some teams play. Fifty five and some teams play fifty-seven. Maybe a few. Get a full sixty in, but we're GONNA. have to decide the playoffs. Sixteen teams now based on winning percentage because not everybody. It's sixty games and sixty six days, and now we've got postponements. Not Everybody is going to get to that magic sixty number for total games this year, and that's okay. You can do it based on winning percentage, but let me. Let me, ask you something. Is it fair? To accuse the Marlins of what basically everyone is now accusing them of I think it is and here's why. Well. Let's let's just point out that this is hung on. It's not hung on a bunch of tweets John. Hold on. No positive test since last Friday, correct, not one. Among any of the other twenty nine clubs, just the MARLINS. Mace common sense would suggest that means the MARLINS. Did something stupid. Now it's not for sure could. Could it have been a clubhouse guy who lives in Miami travels with the team. Had it was on the plane gave it to all of them sure. But there are rumor after room after room, including one from Bob Nightingale very reputable USA Today reporter that says the overwhelming trend is that the marlins players went out in Atlanta before they went to Philadelphia. They went out as a group. And they picked this up someplace. Where I to be careful with this John only because Bob. Nightingale didn't tweet it. It somebody else who tweeted what? They heard Bob. Nightingale say, but Bob has not tweeted this. Okay, so bob was on the sky show and this guy just just basically. Here's what Bob just said on the show. Yeah, but but if you just google. MARLINS ATLANTA. You'll read everything that's out there and it is. To me, it is staggering that one team if they did, this would put the other twenty nine teams at risk like this. You know especially after that women's soccer team made the mistake last month. Well, wait a minute. Let me ask you why. Why is what? The marlins did different than what Lou Williams did? Because Lou, Williams is one guy they went out eleven or two and Lou Williams is quarantined they that you can well. He is now but nobody would have known that. He went to that place unless Jack Harlow. Hadn't tagged them in a in an instagram post. I'm here in the NBA. Security was kind of. Oh. They knew Louis going out. Maybe maybe I'm not I'm not harbors. Which I think Jack Harlow had the proof. If you don't want, but you can't say the MARLINS are is there? Can you see the difference between one player going to a Strip club and eleven or twelve guys going out on the town together? It's more people right, but they're still going out on the town and more contact and contact. It's more it multiplies the risk. Yeah, if if in fact they did and by the way they've got a very young team, not expected to contend no big stars on that team. Probably viewing this as having little to lose, maybe they did go out. Maybe maybe they went out and partied, and they all came back with this thing. Or maybe one guy we still don't know the answer this. Maybe a couple of guys did and it spread to everybody else. 'cause remember four guys tested positive I next thing you know there are seventeen guys. Testing positive for coronavirus could be that a couple of guys went out spread. It ever could be. Everybody went out. Spread it to everybody I mean you know in in the end what they did in the in the MLS is they just said. Nashville thanks for playing right, not gonNA work out with you guys too many positive tests. There was a team that basically took themselves out of the tournament, because eleven of them went out and they all got it. which is what I think, the Marlins may have done here. Yeah, yeah, they did that if it can be determined that the Marlins went out on the town. To a bar. Or a club to have a good time and they caught it. If I'm rob Manfred I say you know what you guys don't get it. We're all in this together. We're GONNA. Play with twenty, nine, hundred thirty. Every game scheduled Bu- against the Marlins is now a win. It's a forfeit and maize. You can use those games. Damn I wish. We were in the east. You can use those games to a makeup other games. Sure sure because you're GONNA you as you've talked about a lot, you're jamming sixty six. Sixty and sixty six days now this would buy you a little wiggle room. But. Let's wait and see what comes out, but it s. they did something. These marlins did something caught by. No means is baseball. I mean I've heard people go on. ESPN all data to baseball zero percent it's it's never going on there. They got up. Disagree right now. Totally disagree I. Think we're going right through the playoffs. And I think one right through the plan I think unique cap, the marlins and basically cut out the problem that way. Yeah, and by the way the other thing baseball needs to do, and they may have done this already, but they should not be testing every other day. They should be testing every. The MARLINS announced today that they're obviously moving to a daily testing schedule, but you don't miss the Marco you think everybody should be tested every. Mar. the Marlins, are you know? They're not competitive that Derek jeeter traces. Sell this crap that he doesn't need any star players. He Trades Christian Yelich Giancarlo, stanton for a bag of beans. They don't give a crap about winning. They don't give a crap about the other teams. If Major League baseball came out to. If it turns out, they went out to a club and I realize I'm speculating. And if I am, I'll take it back, but if they went out to a club. If they went out into it. If if you're wrong, you will take it back. No, no because. There is no, it's. You're eating a hypothetical I am, but it's A. It's an informed hypothetical. It's being it's out there. And if again, ask yourself this mace. Twenty nine teams. Zero Positive Bryce zero. Will you know how Ireland's eighteen positive tests? You know how I feel about it. Anybody that goes out from any of these sports whether it's a bubble or not. And picks, this up is selfish. And irresponsible everybody is they're only going to be as strong as their weakest link, and if the marlins happened to be the weakest link if they can't keep themselves from partying again hypothetically. then. I see no reason why. Here's what I don't understand John. You've got actually will hold this well this because we and we gotta get to the scoop, but we got the scoop coming up next and Gonzales is coming up to. We'll keep. We'll keep an eye on this Marlin story if they got this as a result of all going out and partying, they don't get it and I wouldn't have any sympathy for whatever the baseball commissioner death's doom. Shut down. The scoop is coming up next all the stuff. We haven't talked about yet. Mason Ireland seven ten ESPN.

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