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Canelo-Jacobs Fight Week - Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tevin Farmer (Las Vegas)


The arrive early legally podcast on the row, we are still in Las Vegas Ganal Jacobs. Cannella Alvarez will go at it Saturday night at the T mobile arena. You can watch that fight on the design after download an app, and you watch boxing. It is two thousand nineteen you can read all the stories in the LA times printed vision online. But it's also like I said two thousand nineteen you can hear the stories on the podcast. Today's podcast is pretty cool. We're going to speak with Oscar de LA Hoya, the golden boy himself and also Sugar Ray of Leonard. That's right. Arash Markazi lands plug. My are Dylan Hernandez ASTA by getting ready for Saturday night's main between camello and Daniel Jacobs. I am your host bet. The duran. Welcome to the arrive early. Leave me podcast. It's Friday may third. Oscar, the lawyer will will let Oscar, you know, before we start the potty has reading the time. We appreciate it. Do you? Remember, the first time you're in the LA times. I must have been like twelve twelve. Yeah. Would you do I think I want the golden gloves or some local tournament in LA? But it was maybe not even like a word of five letters. It was just like KO OD like they put asking they went. You didn't you cut that out? You're looking at the sports section, and we have a huge coming out on Friday in English and Spanish tissue back to when you're young. It doesn't matter where you're at Oscar. You'll always remember the little things like coming out in the paper the first half when you came back from Barcelona your hometown paper gives you that extra special feeling, right? It does. I remember coming back from the Olympics and being on the front cover of the LA times with that gold medal. I still have many copies of those, and it's special it's special it site that stamp of approval, you know, like you've made it, you know, you're in the Elliott times, and you've made it. So it's pretty cool. It's nice to see our prospect verge Ortiz featured on the papers, pretty cool. Yeah. Lands. Plug Meyer wrote the story about Virgil Ortiz and lances sitting down with us right now. Why Virgil he's Attala? I mean, there's no doubt about it. He trains and riverside. So he's somewhat of a local not quite like Oscar, but you know, he's been elevated as co main event position. I think a lot of people are going to be watching this card, and so we need to let our readers know, what this guy's all about what it's all about. And where disguise going to go from here. The unique fight in the sense that you've been talking for a while pay per view is dead. And I teach a class at USC, my students don't have cable, my students satellite. They have their phone. They have their computer. And they're not the kind of fans who would pay sixty five fifty nine ninety nine ninety nine talk about how this will bring in a younger fan base. Who would not have normally paid sixty five ninety nine for a fight? Well, that's exactly what the zone is banking on. I go back to the days when we used to watch wide world of sports. Oh, I mean sugary Leonard fought there utilize. Yeah. I why we're how believable hot all e also fought on free TV, and then comes this pay per view. Now, you have to pay to watch a big fight and people are like, wow. I mean, we have to get used to this. And eventually people got used to it. And so now comes this digital platform this day age where kids don't wanna pay fifty sixty seventy dollars. And they wanna watch it on their phone. So here comes does own does own net. Flicks. You know, people don't want to be told what to watch when to watch on where to watch. It's always on the go. I wanna see it. Now, I wanna see while I'm walking to the store, whether I'm in my kitchen, whatever. And so the zone is banking on on the future design is banking on the now a lot of people are cutting the cord, I believe is always on to something really good here. They're spending a lot of money. But if you take a look at what net fixed did, and I believe net flicks is still losing money after billions and billions of dollars in revenue, but I believe this long term vision is going to work for them relatively soon. And that the thing that I've been struck by all week just covering this fight and spending a lot of attention talking about does own what they're doing is the complete confidence like Oscar just displayed right there in that. This is the way things are going. This is the way it is. There's full confidence is going to succeed that the Cannella fight is going to bring in a massive amount of subscribers the head of design. John skipper, basically indicated to me that they want the number to be excessive. One million while by the time that naughty Lofton fights on June eighth. But the biggest fight that is going to bring in the most subscribers is going to be Saturday night's fight. So even though, you know, everything kind of precarious, and they're waiting for those numbers to hit Oscar, you're exactly like everyone else full confidence that everyone is going to be buying into this of mellow bream mckrill religious about Daniel Jacobs. Great story, but people are flying in from Mexico right now just for Cannella plan. Their holidays around a canal Oscar when you signed him back when you had him Cavs zone when he was young teenager. Did you envision him getting to this level? I mean, you always sign people because you wanna the chance, but right like this with the Bugatti yet. Right. There's a jewel hidden gem dug into the ground somewhere, and you have to find that you have to search for you have to strategically plan the rounded, and we knew when I saw him when I saw his red headed Mexican. And when I saw him fight you put two into together. And you have ten Cannella is the guy who you either have it or you don't and he's one of those rare fighters that come every twenty years, and it so happened that we were able to discover him at the right time at the right place. And so I I did envision this. I did always feel that Cannella can become something greats. I mean, he's exceeded all expectations. But I always felt that he can be a big superstar in the sport this story. I wrote for Friday's special section was charges had a couple of Cinco de Maya weekend fights. But you are really the first one back in two thousand three. That's when it becomes something that like every year, we know some good Maya weekend. There's going to become a fight. When you first did that did you envision that? This would be a hot. Holiday that. No matter what on the boxing calendar. There's gonna be a big fight this week. Absolutely. Absolutely. And we want to create more life that September sixteen as well as big big major holiday for boxing for Las Vegas people. Expect big major fights on those dates, and you know, we wanna we wanna try and put together in the vents for fourth of July. We want to start that we want to find the right talent. You know, when we discovered Ryan Garcia when I was watching him on my Instagram. Nobody knew who he was I believe he was like one in old to know is finance one. Yeah. He was fighting in Tijuana. I believe he had like eight nine fight Tijuana. And because because he was too young to fight here in the states. And so when we discovered him, you know, I am vision these things happening with a Ryan Garcia because Orion Garcia, for instance, I can possibly make this happen in fourth of July because he's from here of Mexican descent, but he's from here, you know, so you can create something around him here in the US. So I. I here like Apollo creed. In rocky American flag and everything else. It's actually why not. So, you know, with the Irish we have this Irish fighter who were trying to do some nice events around him at Quigley, Irish and Quigley. And so for Saint Patrick's Day may do a big event you're gonna Ryan he's walking. So this is breaking news, by the way, you bring in Ryan to July fourth. There's something about that. Right. You're with your friends your with your family, you're doing hotdogs hamburgers barbecue. And you've got the fight going. I just like a great combo. That's why going. On. But honestly, an Oscar we've talked about this a little bit before does own deal allows you. I mean, you talking about this eye for talent that you have in. It is special. It's separate you from the other promoters, who are mostly businessmen. Right. So did his own deal allows you to really maximize. What that I can see and your ability to go out and land this talent. Right. It does it allows us to travel all over the world if we want we can go across the pond, then stage in the vent their everyone. We can go fly to Mexico and finally stage event for canal in Mexico. If you if so we can go to New York, we can go anywhere in Texas. The zone has given us the freedom really to stage the biggest events possible. And obviously drive the subs to zone and hopefully discover the next big stars as Saturday night on the design AB t mobile Rena expected, sell, of course, it goes. Expected but it's going to sell out come on here. We have probably about a little less than the POWs tickets, which means they're going to be on the walkup is easy. So Cannella Daniel Jacobs, and we talked about this yesterday on the golden boy Facebook show, how Cannella will find anybody anywhere. Just go for his legacy. That's something that you said as a promoter makes it easy for you. And you love that. Could you have the same attitude as a fighter I try to make the best fights possible with what I'm working with what it makes it easy when you have a fighter like canal canal. Oh, you know, he wants to face the toughest challenges, and I sometimes have to slow him down after this all fighters are knocking on his door already. Whether it's Dimitrius on dry d whether it's triple g again, whether it's moving up to light heavyweight and fighting cove enough. Wow. You know, I mean, that's. But that's how ambitious he is. We're pretty lucky to have fighter like camello because in today's day and age these fighters don't wanna take challenges. They don't want to take the risk or seeing them heavyweight division. Just make the fights make the fights happen. Just make them cheeses difficult kind of a fan. Because I am a fan, and I'm being an ex fighter and and being a promoter. But it's like this heavyweight fight with Joshua possible. Ortiz fight just make the fight happen. You're gonna make the most money ever in your career and you pass and you turned it down. Why? It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. So I mean, I don't know what these guys are thinking. I have no idea. No clue. I mean, maybe somebody's just advising in the wrong way. But or tease, for instance, passed up on a huge opportunity huge that he'll never ever see again. Let me ask you this. You are retired. But are there moments retired from what well retired? You're in great shape are there moments during fight week. Whether it's the grand arrival or the way in or when they face off in the ring like their moments, you're like, oh, just one one more time just one more day every single day in my life, really every single post videos on Instagram when you're working out every single day of my life. I love the sport. I love boxing. I love what I do. And that's why I love defending it so much because boxing gave me everything did since I was five years old six years old. It gave me everything literally. So I wanna try and take care of it. I want to try and grow it. You know, I'm gonna defended forever. So when I'm sitting ringside on Saturday night watching and Cannella all be thinking to myself. I can I can take. Yeah. I would have done this. Yeah. Oscar, we appreciate it. They can take down memory lane. When you're twelve years old. We're going to find that editor who should have put off. And this. Saturday night does own Cannella and Daniel Jacobs going at it for the t mobile Rena inside the media center at the rand Dylan Hernandez lands pug Meyer now joined by the legendary special treat them sit down with us Sugar Ray, Leonard sugar how you feel in right now fight week looking at you guys. I'm a bit intimidating intimidating. No now, it's intimidating for me to sit here Gaza buffed up and. Sports writers and people were they have shape. Maybe this week. The Daniel Jacobs can Alvarez going at it. When you look at it in the middleweight division, a lot of belts on the line. You've ever get that sense of man if I was younger right now. Yeah. Every now, and then I get that field that intensity. If I wish I was around air, but I've done my share. I've fought some of the best guys out there and I'm excited like the fans are excited about this fight come to fruition. Are you glad though that you are in the air that you were in. I mean, let's be honest the competition. I don't think it's quite what you used to face. I mean, they're kind of made you. Legacy who you are now without question. I mean, fighting the Durand's and Tommy Hearns Hagler Benitez goes on and on. There was so much talent. But there's telling today what bothers me the most about boxing is the fact that N wants to be a champ this and that and that's great. But to say, you're the best you're the fight the best. Now, though knows that. I mean, I think one of the great things about your was there are a lot of guys at around the same weight. They were all really good, and you guys could all kind of fight each other. Whereas now, it seems like Mike Garcia really to kind of look for that challenge. Right. He had to go up two weight classes spot a guy some weight some inches. Kerris Crawford or eighties price should be at one forty. He's ready gone up to forty seven. I mean, I think he's still the best guy there. But you know, he's going to eventually have to kind of give up wait and or inches to kind of find that challenge. Whereas I think in your guys era, you could just kind of be where you were in prove your great there. Well, because going up one way class, it's okay, it's tough. But it's okay. But going up to classes, and three classes, that's when it really becomes a factor. One question that I have for you. And I spoke to Andre ward about this a couple of years ago when he was preparing to fight Sergei Kovalev, you know, and I think it kind of pertains to this fight to because gay new Jacobs has a tremendous Baxter yet. A lot of America doesn't know years and one thing war tonight talked about a couple years ago was kind of the difficulty. Maybe. Of marketing African American fighters nowadays, especially in this era of Olympic boxing, no longer being shown on time anymore, right? Because you were able to come in to the pro ranked say, you know, as an Olympic hero, whereas guy like Andre ward. Like, nobody saw win that gold medal. And in a sport that now the viewing demographic is heavily Latino, it feels almost like what we saw with may whether that if you don't play the heel, if you're an African American fighters really kind of tough to sell and I'll just kind of wondering European how do you fix that situation? Because I think it's unfortunate that again, a guy like Terence Crawford at least in my book is conference on the number one guy again, not widely known Daniel Jacobs here, not widely known guy. And I think you're kind of seeing it in the buzz of his final. What can you do to remedy that situation? You think well, that's a major thing that needs to take place because when I was coming up that was free network. You know, those NBC CBS ABC HBO is all these platforms. So I have the exposure the national TV exposure, that's not the. In the case today in a lot of fighters, they kind of miss out. But once they are able to surprise upset a major champion. It's hard for them to that level. And the other thing that you did sugar. In addition to the Olympic heroism is that you know, you took all these guys you went into Duran Tommy Hearns at his peak and accomplish what you did any reasons for fighting Hagler were only based on an injury, not based on being hesitant about letting the fight marinate or anything that too. So that attitude on top of that also has to be played doesn't it? I don't think that's a black or white issue. I'm just saying. Yeah. She's just just what it is. I mean, I wanted to be the best. So to be the best the fight the best, and I came up in the narrow whereas that like you mentioned Roberto Duran Tommy Hearns mob Manhattan, believable goes on. And I was willing to take on these guys boxing is Boxing Day. No way is bigger than ever especially financially. But for me, I fought a certain way, I went against tough opponents oppositions, and what have you boxing, these fixes going three wrist of opponents? They're just kinda thought like man that guy was scary. Very scary. We scared it all going into scared as necessarily the right word because I know that violence is kind of part of what you guys. Durant was crazy local. No. But the rain was he taught me about the power of the mind. The mental stability he took down my game plan. So he showed me that boxes. More than just physical mental is psychological scripture. Same thing with Tommy hers. Tommy, knockout Powell both hands Markle's. Geraldo, the list goes on Willie Rodriguez who's my second professional fight hurt me, so bad. I mean, I remember these fights vividly. I could smell the breath Durant right now. When you were finding Hearns, obviously. Right. It started off one way. And then right after you heard him, he kind of becomes the boxer. Then you had to kind of go in to win the fight. How do you kind of make that conversation with yourself? I guess what you're saying. Because obviously at the beginning of the fight you were boxing. Let me stay away from his power, right? How do you have that conversation with yourself saying, you know, what I need to go through that fire that was really trying to avoid early on my train, liangelo Dundee. He said you'll blow on his he he had the perfect sound by the right thing at the right time, and it was up to me, and that'll shoe seconds to get up and go for it, and you know, destroy punches dominate, and I did just that. That's when you call upon to be great best that precise moment, you say can I get back to you? You can't say that deal thing. And that's what happened. Let me go back. Let me go back in time. Okay. Yeah. But those moments took place with me and number of Mohammed Ali who's my dear friend, and my mentor idol he said rate when I fought Joe Frazier. The third time was like the closest thing death. And I looked at him like he was crazy. So I'd spirit that I was able to experience it with Durant especially drain one. And the Tommy Hearns I fight again, Marcus, Geraldo, Marvin Hagler, I felt that moment. And that's when you know that you up again. I want to ask you real quick because I had an interesting conversation or we all did last week with Oscar over lunch. And he said when the fight ends, you know, whether you've won or lost. Absolutely, okay. Also say that. Okay. So I wanted to hear from you the Hagler fight. How did you feel when that final bell rang? I didn't care they moment. What happens does know if you want a loss going the distance was victory, right? At that point. 'cause they say and now the new got it. But you know, again, what was that like for you can't describe it's it's that moment you just looked up right now. Like, you took yourself bear. I did. I did. I look I mean, he'll even overhearing. I just see two of you. It's amazing. And that's what fighters for the most part missed. That's what I miss I retire. I missed that moment is nothing like you beat the odds. But again getting back to your questions back that I felt that I want. But if they said Hagler, it'd been okay, I know, you moved obviously a lot in that fight. But it seemed like right at once around you would actually stop your feet and flurry and stuff and kind of exchange with him. And again, kind of getting back to that whole thing about fear every time I watch that fight almost like this tough guy. Like, how do you again? Just kind of push it to the side or over commenter coil graph, my fights, I really map them out tapes visualize them before you're in the real without question. And the thing with Hagler we had a number of press compasses and the last thing I will sell plan ac- SO. You know, what this is such a shame. You guys look at hackers being slugger. This has better box. Then you give him credit for and the last thing he said at the last press conference was you know, what I mail box Ray? If you go back and watch the fight modern came out as a altered docs, fight. They didn't come out south pole that gave me a minute to to count regain give bicycle I didn't think I had what I used to have. But the min- through Jesse. Back. Chair. Back in two days. But again, finding Hagler all people, and I hit him still works jab still works it still works now. Wanted to know to how good was Durant like from a technical level. Because I think one of the things he's criminally underrated defensive fighter his balance always kinda seem. But he was always in a position of punch, obviously didn't have your reflexes yet. He kind of seemed to have like. Seems like even like a lot of the things that may whether did going backwards. He could do except while advanced Durant was never given credit to be a boxer Durant was a bet of box of them given credit for no question about that his hands be his nasty. Ran was so quick and get inside. And they call them models. API has stall I say who else in this ring, I looked around. I mean Durant was hitting and hurting me I couldn't believe because he's such a he was a small of the two, but he still hit like a brick. Did you ever did a couple of years ago, the thirty third where you went back to go talk to him about that in again, it wasn't really an answer. There. What have you kind of made? After all these years kind of made sense of what happened on that night. He did this. What does this mean waving the hand done? What does that mean a blackjack dealer done? But the ran was frustrated by movement because the first I I was stationed there, and I did the little the one two punch chin out. Duran. I love a brutal maybe a better fire than I was when I first four degree last wish we're gonna have for you. We're gonna take you back you've been going away. What was the first time you ever in the newspaper where you saw your name? Jesus Christ best the LA times, we ask you. I'm sixty I'll be six three in few days weeks. That's incredible. Remember, the first time you saw your name paper or anything like that? Yet. Washington Post's hours twenty years old house the first time. Yeah. One of the first time Olympics. Okay. Seventy six, but that was I was on the cover your on the cover the Washington, four hours the Prowse little guy around. Great shape. You look like you could still fight. Yeah. He he's throwing these next. Spiting wine. You know what? This is incredible fight canal Jacobs. Someone say fifty fifty I would say the same thing. Because I mean, they both bring a lot into the Ray they both just look like they're ready and I've seen canal. Oh, he gets better. Every fight Jacobs. Always liked him from day one. Don't bet your house Sugar Ray. Much hit anybody right now. Andrew fight week. I got a busy schedule. I'm actually leaving the media center at the MGM because I'm working the golden boy fight at the hard rock hotel that are available on Facebook. And they're telling me that Tevin farmer is on his way. I wanna stay tuned. Former champ at hundred thirty pounds. You know, I gotta go. I'm gonna let arosh and Dylan handle this interview. All right. We're joined right now by Tevin farmer say you are must see like any press conference. Anything? Can you explain? I mean when they said Tevin farmers. I gotta sit down and talk with this man about what happened blew up Twitter, everyone who didn't go to that press conference regretted it because that was the highlight of the weekend far going through. Yes. Down by blowing their tip, and this has been a pretty tame by weekend. No one's trash about each other. Everyone has a lot of respect for one another. But everyone wants to see a fight between two guys who are not going to find on Saturday. Explain what happened put a pass month. He's calling me out. But not only calling me out. He's this respectable respect things. You know? So I'm doing interview he tell the interviewer telling me like you do on my where he is. So I looked over see. All right. Well, I'm gonna go out at him. So Gobert Iran down on, you know, he's try to be my friend of what's up ten shake my hand. I'm like, no. You say Miami donate like been disrespectful. So I'll feel like what you do or you gotta live it in real life. You can't be acting tough or social media. Then when you see a relief, you don't keep this entity. And that's what hap- I Iran down on them. And that's what it was. He he smoke. Now. Here's the thing though. You're the guy with the belt. Right. If you guys fight you're kind of offering him something. Yeah. Absolutely. Why take the bait though? Is that like he called me out? He's disrespecting if someone bit vote to y'all going back and forth. We you see if you've got to confront as a man. That's what it is. You have to like, you ain't going. This is spec. Me social media. Not see you and let you walk by like, no, I'm going to go Holly. So is that the guy you want next? He not getting let them starve nobody gave me a shot when I was down to now, I was seven four one nobody giving opportunity every time. I wanted to find the big named. They always say well. Are you you started your career? I believe to two in one right after. Find out. How did you kind of get things will change after that was about trainings death onto a manager or promoter? Only sixty I need nothing about the box of business. I was learning on the job eggplant for losses. Finally, click like, yo you got a a move from Philadelphia. Moving dirty. I had got a managers of front of the family. I don't have them now. But at the time of the family he wanted to help me he has the resources the money. I swat team. I just start eating right and start doing everything. Probably and says history. That's actually surprised to hear you descend from boxing. Royalty. Right. Yeah. So Joe Gans. Yeah. Is your great. Uncle is correct. Great great. Yeah. Great. Great uncle, I was into boxing tonight eighteen okay about it. I was just a regular kid playing football basketball w will wash sport a box. So for the people that don't know Joe Gans, arguably the one of the greatest light weights of all time, probably you look at the modern era. Be duran. I believe the first African American right to. So you know, had significance that went beyond the boxing ring. Even despite all that history. You weren't into the sport at all. I mean, did you were you? Were you aware that I didn't find that out later, and there was still no? No. I wanted to meet my own name in boxing, anti made a good name. Then I started putting it out there. It's a little bit like that creed movie. Right. He didn't want to be associated with this kind of wanted to see. Yeah. He kind of did the same thing. He he at the beginning. He was trying to hide it because he wanted to make his own name down. Yeah. So obviously next week in Tucson is a big big fight at your way class for shelter. And Vargas, how do you see that fight in? The would you be interested in taking on the winter? There is going win. The fight a bargain is on the way out, you know, still young and strong big different. We got a guy out. No older. Yeah. Do you at some point you looking up at all way know, because obviously one way class mckrill won't put his oh, really? Okay. Terms. I'm not because someone caught miata add higher we or right because you look like you're carrying the weight pretty comfortably. Okay. All right. So you walking around at that. I'm a move ready. You know, I'm not gonna be forced to move up a flight. I'm ready enough. Like I'd be enough thirty or made enough money. What have affiliated Tom? I'm gonna decided. And even like, you know, you talked about the way your career started. But even like winning the title was kind of an ordeal, right? Where you the first title challenge lose a split decision guy tests positive how much of that piss you off just it was crazy. No. But you gotta focus. You know was for you for you. And that's what it is. What do you feel like when you get that news though, that hey, I was like, wow. I gotta take Jay's. All right. I think and I'm like, wow. I got a second chance. I got the opportunity. I can't on. Then you have to go to Australia to fight Billy Gibbs in his hometown hometown. Still everything's still stacked against me. Right there blow him out shut him. Now. He's just four knockout IBM, Australia, October, stop this guy date tennis. He wants stop me. Then I go fight a second IBM December on Coleman event. Canelo. Come back and fight on March dominate Giancarlo undefeated fighter going back in July. So what kind of the big dream fight for you. If you could put together any fight, and I'm gonna really beat the odds, again, what fight is that for you. I'm like, no more is to be I died. I mean, I will be career. I love eighty about fire big big name. But our as no more is the be beat. The biggest is already. I was seven four one. No one laws in boxing, you're done and is in the recent era. One loss in boxing. You're done. I have four damn straight. Yeah. I have four asked Oba became the world tour is out of a fight. I going hill the first round four nine ten rounds. Wooded a Mexican somebody tough is still win. You didn't decisions then like two months later shot in the head that say, I would no box again four. Can you Joe gala three months later after that? Hey, you got shot you fought three months later. It was what happened isn't that talk about right now. July twenty nine base the August afford December. My hey, wasn't hill at all. But you know, opportunity, I turn them. You know, I had to go do the best. I could I went out. There was hand and still be them. And that's your lead handwrite. So no, no jams. They'll still be to right would stay and then gear up. It did steroids later and then get our unity defining dryer. Like like, this is crazy. Yeah. That was a movie it almost two ridiculous is a lot stand to be in my situation in boxing. I it'd been over for how do you see the fight on Saturday Jacobs canot almost before the best man will win the best man will win. I mean, I think it is enough predictions given out, you know, we only two days, and you don't think they'll bring back the judges from that Ogawa fight. Oh my goodness. Oh, no must be going. Oh, no. Actually, you know, the judges are the judges from the second Cannella Gluskin fight. Yeah. Did you think? So you my take on this. You get a jaw in the close fight. Right. The first fire, right? Then you fight the guy get so prior to that the first fight is all Cannella rank another ran this is that he was day, ROY, right? Yes. There ROY z ran they you come back and fight him. The second time you stand in front of you look better than you did the first time you make him run. So to go for four or five he come push for you get draw. So you can plan Cannella running all ran just third. So now, you come and get a fighter a small fighter that move. Love. It waiting fights you push a you back and being you like hockey, you give them the fight. Like just don't make sense. Honestly, I scored both fights for the boxer. I I actually gave the first second second. A draw wasn't bad. But the second town that'll dominated dominated. And what would they see he dominated dizzy, don't watch boxing, more domination, Connecticut, fancy looked stronger than Wade better than he did the first time way better. And like I said we got a four or five. They're gonna only punch will you go back to fight Wookey. You really weren't going. All you can do we got an flooded. Like, tell them former Colonel Floyd we switched our game plan multiple times. But we could do a lot of different things. And that's why I'm arguing pick a boxer puncher not only that you can make something out of a fairly Monday press conference. So as loon. Listening to this bother me or Instagram and Twitter at ten former twenty two T V, I N F A R M E R twenty two. And when they go subscribe to my YouTube channel might you? Detain basely is about ten former outside of boxing. I'm a very private person. I really don't post about my life or social media only most of boxing. I'm just starting the post things nine boxes. Do get to see all types of stuff, you know, boxing pranks challenges. All this me as a person family, man. So subscribes to the life is former he as a seven former you'll be crazy. All right. Well, thank you so much really getting to know you. Thank you pretty cool to hear some boxing hall of famers, some big Matarese people that have created so many memories for fight fans, and what's gonna go on on Friday in Las Vegas the way in at T mobile arena. Okay. What's the way in? It's really weird to kind of explain. But essentially the fighters step on the scale for about five seconds do a face off. And then they walk away. But it's a party arosh the way ins become a party for the fans if at T mobile they line up super early and they get there. You have the mighty cheese. You have the music. You have the flags be waived around, you know, wait a minute. It's noon, and we still gonna eat three more hours. It's crazy to see how fans lineup for this thing. I love about the way in is that if you don't have a ticket for the fight in the majority of people who descend upon Las Vegas for fight week. And don't have a ticket. It's free. You can. Go to t mobile arena, you're gonna see Cannella you're gonna see Daniel Jacobs. You're gonna to see all the dignitaries in it's free. It's really cool. So you save your money for your Margaritas, and you're Mitch Alattas and your service. Good time you're apart of fight weekend, and that'll be at the T mobile arena. And if you're in Las Vegas a quota for you by the clock immediately after the get on the scales by the clock. At the loser's lounge at the end GM the LA times arrive early legally podcast is going to do a show. From the loser's lounge. We've asked a bunch of different fighters come on through. We are expecting good crowd. Respecting good fighters in be around table. It's the arriver leeway podcast coming to you live later on tonight for everybody involved. Mike Heflin engineering day wine producing I'm your host up the grand, thanks for listening derive early. Leave me podcast.

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