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NPR News: 04-05-2020 11PM ET


Live from NPR. News in Culver City. California I'm do a psycho towel on this Sunday. Cova nineteen outbreaks are now reported in at least one hundred eighty three countries or regions and the number of deaths. Globally is higher than sixty nine thousand. Four hundred the number of confirmed cases is nearing one million. Two hundred seventy four thousand cases. The number of people who've recovered from the corona virus is just over two hundred sixty thousand in New York the hardest hit state in the nation. The death toll there now tops forty one hundred public health officials say there are signs covered. Nine hundred cases there may begin to peak soon. North country public radio man has more. It was a gut wrenching weekend for New York City and its suburbs with more than five hundred people dying each day governor. Andrew Cuomo spoke Sunday at his daily briefing. We pray for each and every one of them and their families and that is up and that is the worst news. The KOMO's has there are signs. The number of hospitalizations and people needing ventilators is plateauing. Which he says could signal the Kobe. Nineteen pandemic here reaching its apex very soon data over the next few days. We'll give clear picture of whether social distancing efforts are starting to turn the tide in New York even his other hotspots develop around the country Brian Man. Npr News New York in California just outside Los Angeles in Riverside County all residents. There are being ordered to wear a face covering when leaving home. Npr's John Ruiz reports. The order is an escalation in the fight to try to slow the spread of Covet Nineteen California was on the first places in the nation to recommend people where face coverings when they go out the order in Riverside takes it to the next level making it. Mandatory and including essential workers like those in healthcare offices grocery stores and Gas Stations Riverside also ordered an end to gatherings of any size unless they're among family members residing together. The orders run through the end of the month and enforceable by police Riverside County covers a wide swath of southern California east of Los Angeles and is home to more than two million people. John Rich. Npr News in the UK. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who has covert nineteen is now hospitalized undergoing tests and prince. Frank Langfitt has this update number ten Downing Street emphasize. This was a precautionary step. Not An emergency. Admission done on the advice of the prime minister's doctor because Johnson has persistent symptoms ten days after testing positive has been widespread concern about the prime minister's condition. Johnson fifty five has not spoken live on television since his diagnosis only sharing short video messages from the cell phone stepping outside his door last week to cheer on British health workers while appearing noticeably unwell the BBC reports. The prime minister has sustained a high fever during his illness. Downing Street says Johnson remains in charge of the British government foreign secretary. Dominic Robb would step in for Johnson if he can't fulfill his duties wheelchair tomorrow morning's corona virus meeting this is NPR news in the Philippines. A man was shot and killed last week after allegedly threatening police at a checkpoint established to slow the spread of covert nineteen in the country. Npr's Julie McCarthy reports. Eight is the first known fatality since the country's president issued. Shoot to kill orders. Police in the town of nauseated told NPR just prior to the shooting of the sixty three year old farmer. A health worker at a Corinthian. Checkpoint had admonished him for not wearing a face mask. The farmer allegedly drew his site and began hacking it staff manning the post a policeman coal to the scene further inflame the man who had allegedly been drinking and he turned his sights on the officer. Police say he tried to back off several steps but the farmer kept attacking prompting the policemen to shoot the farmer who immediately died. The shooting came a day after president. Duterte gave police the green light to defend their own lives and shoot dead citizens who defy cove in one thousand nine lockdowns Julie McCarthy. Npr News Grocery store workers and those making low wage low low wages while working essential jobs nationwide are increasingly worried about possible. Infection of Cova nineteen so pressing for higher pay and better protections from employers. The Grocery Chain Kroger bumped hourly employees up two dollars calling their upgrade. A hero bonus earlier Walmart and target did the same. So far only a handful states have given special classifications to grocery stores allowing employees to place their children in state pay childcare. I'm Ali cycle tell NPR news.

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